How to Level Up Fast in Hay Day- 8 Proven Tips

Hay Day is one of the most popular farming simulation games available today. With its vibrant graphics, relaxing gameplay, and deep mechanics, it’s easy to see why so many players get hooked on building up their own virtual farm. One of the most satisfying parts of Hay Day is levelling up your farmer, which unlocks new buildings, crops, animals, and crafting recipes. Leveling up fast allows you to experience more of what this charming game has to offer. If you’re looking to gain experience points quickly, read on for some tips on how to level up fast in Hay Day.

To start, it’s important to understand how experience points (XP) work in Hay Day. As you complete activities on your farm like harvesting crops, filling boat orders, and crafting items, you’ll earn XP. Earning enough XP will cause your farmer’s level to increase. Each new level unlocks something new, whether it’s the ability to grow a new crop or harvest honey from beehives.

The amount of XP earned per activity depends on a few factors. Higher value crops award more XP compared to common crops. Fulfilling boat orders with expensive items nets more experience than cheaper orders. The key is to optimize your farm for high value crops, animals goods, and manufacturing items.

Now let’s get into some proven tips and strategies for maximizing your XP gain.

First, plant the highest value crops you can. As soon as new crops unlock, clear your fields and plant the new seed. Higher value crops take longer to mature but give far more XP compared to common crops. Corn, wheat, and carrots may grow quickly, but they offer little XP. Focus on planting high XP crops like pumpkin, soybean, sugarcane, and indigo.

Next, invest in production buildings that make valuable items. Bakeries, sugar mills, and delis produce items needed for high level boat orders and town requests. Upgrade these buildings first to start crafting and selling expensive goods. Production buildings give excellent XP over time as you manufacture and sell items.

Raise animals for maximum production. Chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs all generate valuable animal products. Feed your animals often to keep them producing milk, eggs, wool, and bacon that you can sell for gold and XP. Upgrade your barns and coops to raise more animals.

Fill boat orders regularly. The boat brings pickup orders for items every few hours. Fulfilling orders with expensive items gives tremendous XP. Check the newspaper frequently for boat orders and produce what you need to fill them.

Serve visitors and friends when they request items. Visitors will come to your farm seeking items to purchase. Fill these orders with high value products for bonus XP. Friends can also request help with truck orders which give good XP.

Take advantage of XP boosting items. Some items like the farmer’s hat and Apple Day cake boost your XP gain for a time. Use these items when planning to do major farming tasks to maximize your earnings.

Complete achievements. The achievement list offers goals that reward you with XP when finished. Achievements range from simple goals like gathering eggs to more advanced tasks like crafting 100 apple pies. Go through the achievements and complete what you can.

Follow these tips to propel your Hay Day farmer up through the levels quickly. Optimize your farm for XP earning potential and take advantage of every opportunity the game provides. With a bit of focus and planning, you’ll be unlocking new content and activities in no time. The journey from novice to expert farmer will fly by. Before you know it, you’ll have the farm of your dreams!

Harvesting Crops and Animal Goods

One of the core mechanics in Hay Day is harvesting crops and animal goods. This activity forms the foundation of your farm’s production and is a major source of experience points. To level up quickly, you need to maximize your crop and animal harvesting.

Wheat, corn, and carrot crops offer low XP per harvest. Instead, focus on leveling up and unlocking more valuable crops like tomatoes, potatoes, and cotton. Build additional farm plots to grow multiple high XP crops. Harvest each crop as soon as it reaches maturity for a steady stream of experience points.

Upgrade your fruit trees and berry bushes regularly. Higher level trees and bushes produce valuable fruit and berries that can be used to fill boat orders. Raspberry and blackberry bushes in particular give very good XP.

Plant fruit trees in all available tree slots on your farm. Trees take time to mature but give excellent recurring XP. Shake each fruit tree after the visual maturity timer ends. For maximum XP, harvest trees immediately when fruit appears.

Utilize crop boosters like fertilizer and boosters. These can accelerate crop growth allowing you to harvest more frequently. Time boosters are also very useful for fruit trees, shortening the growth cycle dramatically.

Rotate different types of crops in your fields based on harvest times. For example, grow potatoes with a long 6 hour harvest time along with faster wheat and corn. This allows you to harvest a field continuously.

Wheat is a low XP crop but matures the fastest. Use spare plot space to grow wheat you can harvest while waiting for higher XP crops to mature. This optimizes the frequency of harvesting.

Grow the highest level crops you can even if they take a long time to harvest. Level 76 raspberries take 12 hours to mature but give excellent XP. Use boosters to reduce their harvest time.

Animal goods are the other major XP source on your farm. To maximize production, fully upgrade your dairy, chicken coops, barns, and other animal housing. Higher level buildings let you raise more animals.

Cows, chickens, sheep, and goats all produce goods that can be harvested. Have a diversity of animal types to generate a variety of goods for orders. Cows and goats for milk, chickens for eggs, sheep for wool.

Feed your animals frequently to keep them producing goods. Well fed animals fill the production bars faster. Harvest animal goods the instant full production bars complete. Happy, well fed animals give more XP than neglected ones.

As with crops, use animal boosters. Treats boost production speed allowing you to harvest faster. Use horseshoes and hats to double XP earned from animal goods. Combining boosters maximizes your XP harvesting potential.

Pets like dogs, cats, and parrots also give XP when fed treats. Purchase pets houses to unlock pets, then feed them treats regularly. Wake your pets whenever they fall asleep for extra experience points.

The key is to develop a frequent crop harvesting and animal goods harvesting rhythm. Crops, fruit trees, bushes, and animal goods are reliable, recurring sources of XP. Maximizing your production, speed, and capacity is the foundation for rapid leveling up.

Crafting Items in Production Buildings

Running production buildings to craft valuable items is another essential Hay Day activity. The goods you produce will stock your roadside shop and fill boat orders. Different production buildings give varying amounts of XP over time as you manufacture items.

Upgrading to higher level production buildings unlocks the ability to craft new goods. Higher level buildings also produce more XP than lower levels when actively manufacturing.

The bakery is a good production building to focus on early. Baking bread, cakes, and pies fills orders for town visitors. Keep your ovens busy baking in batches for continuous XP.

For restaurants and diners, craft pizza, popcorn, coffee, and other customer favorites. Restaurants create food items needed for town visitor orders which give good XP.

Invest in sugar mills, candy factories, and ice cream makers. These generate high value sweets and desserts like candy, chocolate, and ice cream. Items made here are needed for boat orders.

Make and sell fruit juices, honey, jams, and other artisan goods. Use your crops and bees to provide the raw ingredients for production. Upgraded juice presses give the most XP.

Set alarms on your devices to collect production items as they finish. This notification lets you restart production and continue earning XP consistently. Don’t let goods sit uncollected.

If you have surplus raw materials, keep your production buildings continuously running by starting new batches immediately after collecting the previous batch. Nonstop production equals more XP.

Balance your production across different buildings to meet boat order requirements. Check what boat orders need made and ensure your buildings are crafting those items.

Occasionally boats will request specific themes of items like “breakfast foods” or “sweet treats.” Pay attention to these special requests and adjust production accordingly.

Study town visitors walking around your farm. Click them to see what items they want to purchase. Produce those goods in your buildings to quickly fulfill requests for bonus XP.

Upgrade warehouse and silo storage so you can stockpile excess materials. Use reserves of crops, honey, sugar, dairy and other supplies to keep your production buildings always busy.

Rearrange your production buildings to find the most efficient layout. Group similar buildings together and position them close to required materials to minimize walking time.

Clear obstructions like fences and decorations around production buildings to optimize worker access. Your builders need quick access to storage and town to deliver finished goods faster.

Invest in hiring Tom to supply and restock production materials. This will ensure your buildings don’t sit idle due to lack of ingredients. Keeping your builders continuously crafting maximizes XP.

The key with production buildings is keeping them actively running on high value items. Prioritize buildings that make the most expensive goods. Maintain reserves of supplies so you can queue up back-to-back production cycles. With optimized buildings you’ll manufacture XP all day long.

Filling Truck, Boat, and Town Visitors Orders

Filling orders for customers is a hugely important Hay Day activity. Truck orders, boat orders, and town visitor orders provide big bursts of XP each time you complete them. Actively pursuing all types of orders will let you level up faster.

Check for new truck orders frequently, at minimum once an hour. Trucks bring multiple orders from town visitors requesting different amounts of specific items.

Evaluate truck orders to identify high XP orders. Typically orders with more expensive items or large quantities give more XP. Fulfill these first if possible.

Tap helpers like Rose and Ernest to have them automatically fill modest truck orders. This allows you to focus only on high XP truck orders.

Fulfill all truck orders within the time limit for bonus coins and XP. Set a timer on your device to remind you when truck orders will expire. Don’t let good orders vanish.

Boat orders arrive a couple times per day delivering large requests for many different items. Completing boat orders gives tremendous XP, especially higher level orders.

Read boat orders carefully to determine if you currently have the resources to fill the order. Assess what items and quantities are needed.

If lacking needed goods, determine the fastest way to produce those goods before the boat timer expires. Use diamonds to speed production if needed.

Fill lower level boat orders first since they are faster to complete. You can then spend more time filling high level boat orders for big XP rewards.

Occasionally boats bring puzzle piece derby tasks that require specific items. Be ready to supply these items quickly if you want to help your neighborhood.

Check the newspaper frequently for new boat orders. Set a timer to alert you when current boat orders will expire so you don’t miss out on XP.

Fulfilling town visitor orders also provides good XP boosts. Visitors arrive on your farm periodically wanting to purchase items. Tap visitors to see requested items and fulfill orders promptly.

If lacking an item a visitor wants, see if you can quickly produce it in a production building. Visitors wait a limited time so fast production is key.

rabbits, and wolves roaming around occasionally bring requests too. Fulfill their orders for XP and unique expansion materials.

Keeping truck, boat, and town visitor orders flowing on your farm generates a steady stream of XP to help you level. Make the most of each order opportunity. Plan production to anticipate needed goods and fulfill orders swiftly. You’ll be leveling up in no time.

Selling Goods to Visitors

Another great way to earn Hay Day XP is selling your farmed goods directly to visitors when they stop by your shop. Visitors looking to purchase crops, materials, and crafted items appear regularly. Taking advantage of these sales opportunities maximizes your earnings.

Visitors will float speech bubbles above their heads indicating what they want to buy, or tap on them to see details of their request. Quickly reviewing what visitors want to purchase allows you to respond appropriately to each sale opportunity.

Always check your barn inventory and silos to confirm you have enough of requested goods in stock to make a sale. If inventory is low, quickly harvest crops, collect production items, or craft goods to restock.

Higher value items like blackberries, cotton fabric, chili popcorn, and apple pie fetch higher sale prices. Prioritize fulfilling requests for expensive items to maximize XP.

Occasionally visitors ask for processed goods like apple juice, wheat bread, and pumpkin tarts. Keep production buildings running to be ready to supply these items on demand.

If you have surplus crops in your silos, sell off excess by feeding unwanted crops to farm animals. This converts crops to coins so you can profit from oversupply.

Pre-craft and warehouse items that visitors commonly request so you can instantly serve visitors. Stock bakery goods, juices, jams, spices, and other popular purchases.

Edit your newspaper advertisement to promise goods visitors want. This increases the chances those visitors will frequent your farm shop looking to buy those items.

If visitors request a product you lack, politely decline the sale by tapping the red button. Don’t fulfill requests if doing so would leave you short of important materials.

Occasionally offer discounts or meet special visitor requests. This boosts your reputation and increases return customer visits and sales opportunities.

Upgrade your farmhouse to expand your truck and boat order queues. This allows you to regularly process orders and have ample goods to sell to visitors.

Decorating your shop and roadside stand attracts more visitors and potential buyers. Create an inviting sales space to encourage visitors to linger and browse wares.

Selling directly to customers who arrive on your farm seeking goods provides a nice XP income. Be prepared for these surprise opportunities by keeping popular items stocked and ready for purchase. Sales plus satisfied visitors equals fast leveling up!

Reviving Trees and Bushes

Over time the fruit and berry trees and bushes on your farm will become less vibrant and stop producing. But reviving these dormant trees and bushes offers nice XP rewards! It takes just a few taps to restore production and gain levels.

Check your trees and bushes regularly for any that have turned brown and appear dead. Tap on them to pull up the revive button. Reviving gives XP and allows harvesting again.

You can also examine trees and bushes through the store menu. The store shows their status and any that need reviving. Use this to monitor for dormancy.

Occasionally brown trees and bushes display ZZs indicating they are sleeping, not dead. Let sleeping trees/bushes rest – they revive automatically after a while. No XP is gained for waking them.

Revive fruit trees as soon as they become inactive. Fruit trees give very good XP when harvested, so get them producing again quickly.

Make reviving dormant blackberry and raspberry bushes a priority too. These give excellent XP when harvested. Quick revival means faster yields.

Focus on reviving higher level trees and bushes first as they give more XP. Let lower level ones stay dormant until you need spare time.

If several trees or bushes require reviving, do highest level ones first, then work downward by level. This nets the most XP for the time spent.

On derby task days, prioritize reviving trees and bushes that will help complete tasks. For example, revive blackberry bushes to fulfill a blackberry jam task.

Occasionally town visitors requestreviving trees and bushes. Take these opportunities to earn extra coins and XP.

Utilize Tom to purchase revival tools so you can mass revive large orchards and berry gardens. Tom’s revival tools offer time savings.

Pre-craft bolt cutters and axes in your tool shop to have revival equipment ready to go. Stockpiling these allows instant revival when needed.

Clear any obstructions like fences around dormant trees and bushes. Your farmer needs full access to walk up and tap to revive them.

Keep expanding your orchards, gardens, and animal pastures as you level up. More crops, trees, bushes, and animals means more to harvest and more XP.

Be diligent about monitoring and reviving dormant trees and bushes across your farm. Quickly returning them to active production keeps the XP flowing.

Summary of Main Points

To quickly recap, here are the key strategies covered for leveling up fast in Hay Day:

  • Harvest high value crops and fruit trees continuously for XP. Prioritize the highest XP crops like blackberries and cotton. Use crop boosters to increase harvest speed.
  • Keep animals housed and fed. Harvest animal goods like eggs and milk for recurring XP. Use animal boosters to boost production. Expand animal enclosures to raise more at once.
  • Run production buildings nonstop crafting valuable items. Bakeries, sugar mills, juice presses, and delis offer great XP over time. Upgrade to highest level buildings first.
  • Fill every truck, boat, and town visitor order with high value items. Set timers to avoid missing truck and boat orders. Check newspapers frequently.
  • Always sell requested items to visitors for profits and XP. Pre-craft and stock popular visitor purchase items to instantly serve visitors.
  • Revive dead trees and bushes for XP rewards. Prioritize higher level trees/bushes first. Use Tom’s tools for rapid mass revival.
  • Take advantage of XP boosting items like hats, horseshoes, and cakes. Use boosters during major farming activities.
  • Complete achievements to earn piles of XP rewards. Focus first on easy achievements.
  • Populate every bit of land with high XP crops, trees, bushes, and animals. More production equals more XP.

Mastering this core set of high efficiency techniques is the key to blazing through Hay Day levels. Optimizing your farm for nonstop harvesting, production, sales, and achievements maximizes XP gain.

Concluding Thoughts

Leveling up quickly in Hay Day takes careful planning, strategizing, and dedication. But the effort is well worth it to experience all this charming game offers. A thriving, fully upgraded farm and town are truly a joy.

Don’t worry if progress seems slow at first. Farming simulations are meant to be played and enjoyed over time. Be patient, focus on expanding production, and the XP will come.

If progress stalls, take an hour to rearrange buildings and production for efficiency. Step back and optimize workflows. Invest time into upgrading key buildings and animals.

Manage crops and production efficiently so you have goods ready to fulfill lucrative boat orders. These give tremendous XP but require preparation.

Have fun growing and developing your farm. The satisfaction of building a prosperous virtual farm and town makes the effort rewarding. Before you know it, you’ll be a high level farmer!

Hay Day is a special game that captures the pleasures of farming life. Follow this guide, enjoy the journey, and you’ll be leveling up faster than a pig gobbles corn! Your patience and hard work will transform your fledgling farm into a farming masterpiece. So get out there and start harvesting! Your farm fortune awaits.

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