One Piece Treasure Cruise – Guide to Sailing the Seas with Luffy and the Straw Hats

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a popular mobile game based on the iconic anime and manga series One Piece. As a gacha game, players summon characters from the One Piece universe to form teams and battle enemies. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, One Piece Treasure Cruise has found great success among fans of the franchise.

What is One Piece Treasure Cruise?

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game launches players into the vibrant world of One Piece as a young pirate setting sail for adventure. Throughout their journey, players assemble crews of characters from the One Piece anime by “summoning” them through a gacha system. The goal is to create powerful teams to take down menacing foes.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

The game features a massive roster of over 1000 characters to collect from across the entirety of the One Piece story. Players can build crews with popular protagonists like Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro as well as villains such as Marshall D. Teach and Donquixote Doflamingo. With regular updates, the list of obtainable characters continues to grow.

One Piece Treasure Cruise owes much of its popularity to its source material. As one of the “Big Three” anime franchises alongside Naruto and Bleach, One Piece has cultivated a massive global fanbase over its 20+ year run. For longtime fans, Treasure Cruise represents a fun way to revisit the series and use their favorite characters in strategic combat.

Part of the appeal also comes from forming dream teams of characters who never met in the original story. Fans can have Luffy team up with Portgas D. Ace or finally settle the score between Zoro and Mihawk. This allows for creative new storytelling possibilities.

Beyond the One Piece connection, Treasure Cruise also succeeds as a well-designed gacha game. The gameplay remains engaging even for non-fans with a steady drip of new events and characters to chase. Overall, the combination of a beloved franchise with polished gacha mechanics has led to the continued success of One Piece Treasure Cruise.

What makes it unique compared to other gacha games?

While One Piece Treasure Cruise shares many similarities with other popular gacha games, it stands out in a few key ways:

  • Faithfulness to source material – As an official game, Treasure Cruise takes care to accurately represent characters and story elements from One Piece. This attention to detail delights fans.
  • Strategic team-building – With over 30 distinct classes, players must think carefully about building synergistic teams instead of just chasing individual powerful characters.
  • Involved combat – The tap-timing based combat requires more active participation compared to the automatic battle systems of many gachas.
  • Clear progression – With the story mode, evolving characters, and limit breaking, players always have goals to work towards.

Overall, One Piece Treasure Cruise distinguishes itself through its strategic gameplay and sheer wealth of content from the One Piece universe. For fans and non-fans alike, it stands tall amongst its gacha game peers.


One Piece Treasure Cruise has addictive, strategic gameplay that allows players to fully experience the One Piece world. By summoning characters, building powerful teams, and competing in exciting battles, there is endless fun to be had on the high seas.

How to play

Treasure Cruise is easy to pick up but with enough complexity to keep gameplay interesting in the long run. Here are the basics:

1. Summoning characters

The foundation of Treasure Cruise is its gacha system for obtaining new characters. By spending Beli and Rainbow Gems earned in-game, players can summon random characters from a rotating roster of available units.

Rareity ranges from common to super rare. Higher rarity units have better stats and abilities. Special Sugo-Fest banners feature rate-boosted chances for iconic characters and popular fan-favorites. With over 1000 units, building your dream crew requires luck and perseverance.

2. Building your team

Team building is a key strategic element. A crew can contain up to 5 characters, each with a unique class that grants them certain strengths. Classes include Fighters, Strikers, Slashers, Shooters, and more. Balancing classes to form a cohesive team is important.

In addition, each unit has a Captain Ability that activates if set as the crew’s captain. Captain Abilities range from boosting HP to enhancing attack power for specific classes. Picking a unit with a Captain Ability that synergizes with your team is crucial.

3. Fighting battles

Once your crew is ready, it’s time to set sail! Story mode features over 50 islands to conquer. Event islands also appear for limited times with special rewards to earn.

Battles play out in turn-based fashion. Tapping characters at the right time boosts attack power while misses result in weaker hits. Characters have unique Special Attacks that deal heavy damage when their special meter fills up. Defeat all enemies to clear a stage and move to the next.

Battle system

While simple on the surface, Treasure Cruise battles require skill and strategy to master:

1. Turn-based combat

During your turn, tap each crew member for a normal attack. Tapping perfectly times the strike for increased damage. Misses and “Good” hits deal less damage. Planning the tap order to build combos is key.

The enemy then attacks, dealing damage based on type weaknesses and defense stats. Manage damage by setting up safeguards like damage reduction specials.

2. Special attacks

Each unit possesses a unique Special Attack that unleashes powerful moves from the source material. For example, Luffy’s Gum-Gum Elephant Gun pummels foes.

Special Attacks become available when a unit’s special meter fills up over time. Smartly using them to deal burst damage or exploit enemy weaknesses can turn the tide of battle.

3. Chain combos

By tapping units in sequence, you build chain combos for boosts. Gaining a 2x, 3x, 4x etc. combo multiplier increases tap damage. Starting a combo with units that have high combo hit counts extends it longer.

Chaining combos properly to amplify damage is essential, especially against tanky bosses. But don’t break the chain by tapping out of order! Maximizing combos takes practice.


Stronger enemies await on the horizon, but various progression systems allow you to meet their challenge:

1. Leveling up

Using turtles and other leveling materials, you can increase each unit’s max level cap. Higher levels grant stats boosts to improve survivability and damage.

Evolving a unit (see next section) also raises their level cap while retaining existing levels. So a level 50 unit evolved to 5-star rarity can now reach level 70.

2. Evolving characters

Evolving units into higher star grades raises their max stats and unlocks new abilities. For example, gearless Usopp evolves into his timeskip version with a powerful new special attack.

Evolution requires special materials, Beli, and reaching the unit’s current max level. Planning evolutions carefully to avoid wasting limited materials is key.

3. Awakening characters

Limit Breaking (or awakening) units past their limit cap further boosts stats and abilities. Special tomes acquired from events are needed to raise the limit break level.

Fully limit breaking a 6-star character unlocks their Super Evolution. This ultimate form’s super-powered Captain and Special Abilities make them a true terror of the seas.


Regular events keep the action fresh and provide valuable rewards:

1. Limited-time events

Fortnights are biweekly events themed after story arcs. They drop useful units and books for raising special levels. Ambushes after bosses offer rare characters.

Raids feature tough boss battles with rare characters as top prizes. You must defeat them multiple times to fully limit break them.

2. Collaboration events

Fun crossover events bring in limited-time units from other series like Hunter x Hunter and Final Fantasy. These rare units have cool designs and abilities.

3. Special challenge events

Treasure Map tests endurance in a board game style battle gauntlet. Rank high for exclusive rewards. Blitz battles challenge you to defeat event bosses under special conditions.

With so much lively content, there’s always a new adventure waiting on the tides!


The expansive cast of One Piece shines in Treasure Cruise through detailed representations of all your favorite characters. With accurate designs, signature moves, and abilities tailored to their personality, collecting every character is an absolute joy for fans. Here are some of the most notable figures you’ll recruit:

Main characters

The original Straw Hat crew are featured prominently. Assemble the iconic heroes who started it all:

1. Monkey D. Luffy

The protagonistic captain of the Straw Hats seeks to become King of the Pirates. With a body of rubber and iron will, Luffy’s refusal to ever give up makes him a tenacious fighter.

His Gum-Gum abilities like Gum-Gum Pistol and Gum-Gum Bazooka devastate foes with explosive impacts. Bouncing back from defeat, Luffy unveils new techniques and gears to crush tougher enemies.

2. Roronoa Zoro

The fiercely loyal swordsman lives to fulfill his ambition of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman. With three katana wielded in his unique Santoryu style, Zoro’s iaijutsu strikes cut down hordes of enemies.

His multi-sword techniques like Oni Giri and 1080 Pound Phoenix are beautiful displays of masterful swordsmanship. Never one to back down, Zoro pushes his limits to protect his friends no matter the odds.

3. Nami

This wily thief has a knack for stealing treasure and hearts alike. While not a frontline fighter, Nami supports the crew with her weather-manipulating Clima-Tact and navigator skills.

With signature Arts like Thunderbolt Tempo and Heat Ball, Nami disables groups of grunts from a distance. Don’t underestimate her wit and clever tactics either.

4. Sanji

The chivalrous chef’s formidable kick-based martial arts pummel foes while his cooking nourishes his crew. Beneath a exterior of kindness lies a raging inferno ready to ignite against those who threaten his friends.

His blazing Diable Jambe techniques like Flambage Shot roast adversaries thoroughly. No matter how hot a situation gets, Sanji is ready to serve up victory.

5. Usopp

Starting as an ordinary human, Usopp grew into a brave warrior of the sea. He primarily provides long-range support via his trusty slingshot and diverse arsenal of pellets and projectile weapons.

His special attacks like Firebird Star burn encroaching enemies while his sure shot sniping picks off priority targets. With courage and clever gadgets, Usopp always rises to the occasion.

Supporting characters

Once enemies, these fan favorites became trusted comrades. Add their might to your crew:

1. Nico Robin

Thestoic archaeologist possesses the Flower-Flower Fruit power to sprout limbs anywhere. She excels at clutch Clutch techniques like Clutch and Double Clutch to snap spines.

Robin also can grasp groups with Giant’s Grip and tickle them into submission with Tickle Trip. Her vast knowledge makes her an invaluable ally.

2. Franky

The super robotics genius builds his own body into a powerful weapon. Incinerating foes with laser beams and pummeling them with Strong Hammer and Coup de Vent are just the start of Franky’s destructive potential.

His radical hairstyles and penchant for speedos complements his loud personality. Franky’s mechanical expertise constantly improves the Straw Hat’s odds.

3. Brook

This polite undead skeleton pairs fencing mastery with musical talent. Disarming foes with freezing blade techniques like Song of Scratches and paralyzing them with his violin are his preferred methods.

Soul King Brook then finishes them off with bone-chilling Soul Solid strikes. His infectious laughter and cheery songs encourage allies even on the brink of doom.

4. Chopper

A reindeer gifted human intelligence through the Human-Human Fruit. Despite his fear, Chopper’s medical expertise patches up the team while his monstrous transformations like Kung Fu Point clobber villains.

His Arm Point and Horn Point excel at tossing large groups while Guard Point’s thick fur deflects attacks. Chopper’s kindness heals souls as well as bodies.

5. Jinbe

A whale shark Fishman karate master who left the Warlords to join the Straw Hats. Jinbe manipulates water as a weapon via Fishman Jujutsu techniques like Arabesque Brick Fist to smash crowds of foes.

His mastery of Fishman Karate also empowers his martial art strikes with the force of the sea. The wise Jinbe guides the crew towards their destinies.


Powerful villains stand in the way of becoming King of the Pirates. These scourges of the sea seek only to conquer:

1. Marshall D. Teach

The traitorous Blackbeard schemed his way to obtaining Whitebeard’s Quake-Quake powers, making him a serious threat. He devastates foes by generating quakes and shockwaves then absorbs their abilities with his Dark-Dark Fruit power.

Blackbeard aims to destroy the old era and usher in a new age of piracy under his rule. Beware his underhanded tactics and corrosive evil.

2. Akainu

Leading the Navy as Fleet Admiral, Akainu’s magma powers from the Magma-Magma Fruit enable him to rain molten death upon enemies and purge pirates without mercy.

His volcanic fists melt flesh and bone instantly. Known for his ruthless extremism and belief in Absolute Justice, Akainu seeks to obliterate all traces of piracy.

3. Kaido

The nigh-invincible Beast King crushes all in his path underfoot as he strives to ignite the greatest war ever seen. With monstrous strength and endurance thanks to his Mythical Zoan fruit, Kaido is a living force of nature.

His divine flames and wind blades decimate crowds while his Kanabo club shatters the toughest defenses. Defeating this seeming immortal represents Luffy’s greatest challenge.

4. Big Mom

Once one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom uses the power of the Soul-Soul Fruit to manifest the soul of objects into homies and even steal lifespan from foes. She crushes enemies under the weight of her own fat body and immense sword Napolean.

Her unquenchable thirst for unique souls and sweets is infamous. Surviving her powerful lightning, fire, and sword techniques while avoiding her life-draining soul powers proves extremely difficult.

5. Donquixote Doflamingo

The flamboyant Heavenly Demon once ruled Dressrosa from the shadows by manipulating people like puppets using his String-String Fruit powers. By slicing foes apart with deadly strings and controlling their movements, he fears no enemy.

Doflamingo dreams endlessly of a world under his control. His maniacal personality makes him wildly unpredictable to fight yet dangerously cunning all the same.

With such an expansive list of unique characters from across the One Piece story, the true treasure is collecting them all. Each one faithfully represents their original counterparts while adding strategic depth to the game. Building your ultimate combination of heroes and villains is a treat for any fan.


Team building is the key to success in One Piece Treasure Cruise. Forming a cohesive crew from your collection requires understanding character roles, planning synergistic combinations, and maintaining balance. Here are tips to assemble an unbeatable force:

How to build a team

Keep these guidelines in mind when forging your squad:

1. Consider the character’s role

Each unit serves a strategic niche, so build around their strengths:

  • Captain – The captain boosts the whole team, so pick one that complements your overall strategy.
  • Striker – Deal big single target damage to bosses.
  • Slasher – Slice up crowds of grunts with AoE attacks.
  • Shooter – Snipe high priority threats from a distance.
  • Fighter – Absorb hits while punching holes in enemy formations.
  • Cerebral – Tactically exploit enemy weaknesses through effects.

2. Choose characters with good synergy

Units that work well together make a team greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Match captain and special abilities to your team’s class composition.
  • Ensure special attacks chain together for huge burst damage.
  • Duplicate classes stack their class-based attack bonuses.
  • Add utility units that provide healing, damage reduction, etc.

3. Make sure your team has a good balance

  • Strike a mix of offensive power, survivability, and utility.
  • Vary short and long-range attackers to adapt to any situation.
  • Cover each others’ weaknesses by combining different classes.
  • Balance tap timing combos between fast and slow units.

With practice, you’ll master how to craft cohesive crews ready to conquer the Grand Line. Now let’s examine some staple team types worth considering:

While many team varieties exist, these tried-and-true lineups provide a good starting point:

1. Striker team

Key units: Kid, Law, X Drake, Killer

Strategy: Decimate bosses with heavy single target damage.

Strikers specialize in concentrating firepower on one foe at a time. Their captains grant bonuses to strikers while their specials deliver burst potential. Suitable for clearing clashes and raids.

2. Slasher team

Key units: Mihawk, Zoro, Rayleigh, Cavendish

Strategy: Rip through mobs with multi-target attacks.

Slasher teams shred generic enemies en masse. Their wide sweeping attacks clear stages quickly. Captains enhance slasher effects while specials hit multiple targets. Great for speed running fortnights.

3. Shooter team

Key units: Ace, Van Augur, Yasopp, Urouge

Strategy: Pick off priority targets from a distance.

Shooters snipe high threats from a safe distance. Captains improve shooting damage while specials hit without being hit back. The range advantage gives you breathing room against tricky enemies.

4. Cerebral team

Key units: Crocodile, Law, Caesar, Monet

Strategy: Outsmart enemies through debilitating effects.

Cerebrals win through intelligence rather than brute strength. Specialsflict paralyze, poison, increased damage taken, and more to disable enemies. More prepwork, but safest way to tackle challenges.

5. Free Spirit team

Key units: Luffy, Sabo, Jinbe, TS Luffy

Strategy: Adapt to anything and hit hard with few constraints.

Free Spirit teams feature well-rounded units with abilities unhindered by class restrictions. Easy to build beginner teams with. Strong flexible captains boost the efficacy of any combination.

While many more team varieties exist, these fundamental squads illustrate how to combine captain abilities, class synergy, and utility to make cohesive crews greater than the sum of their parts. Theorycraft to invent unique teams to overcome any obstacle!

Tips and Tricks

Mastering One Piece Treasure Cruise requires learning strategies to maximize your characters, win battles with skill, and progress quickly. Follow these tips from veteran players:

A. How to get the most out of your characters

Your characters are only as strong as you make them. Boost their potential with:

1. Use the right equipment

Equipping characters with items that complement their abilities and class is vital:

  • Swords for slashers
  • Guns for shooters
  • Fists for fighters
  • Orbs and shields for cerebral

Matching equipment types grant significant stat bonuses. Evolve gear for greater effects.

2. Enhance your characters

Using items like power-up manuals and skill books raises level caps and special attack levels respectively. Don’t neglect farming these essential materials.

Evolving and limit breaking characters also enhances stats and unlocks new powers. A fully powered crew dominates.

3. Choose the right skills

Set each unit’s skill slots with abilities that accentuate their role:

  • Damage boosters for heavy hitters
  • Cooldown reducers for support units
  • Damage reducers for tanks
  • Orbs matchers for captains

Customize skills to fill gaps or double down on strengths.

How to win battles

Vanquishing foes takes the right strategy:

1. Exploit the enemy’s weaknesses

Check their details to see class, type, and behavior. Then tailor your team to counter them.

For example, bring hard-hitting INT slashers against weak QCK bosses. It makes winning much easier.

2. Use your special attacks wisely

Special attacks should be used at key moments for maximum impact:

  • Finish off bosses
  • Stall enemy dangerous attacks
  • Extend combo chains
  • Burst down mobs

Timing them properly can clinch victory from the jaws of defeat.

3. Chain combos to deal massive damage

Mastering combos is required to crank up damage:

  • Tap Perfects to sustain chains.
  • Plan tap order to optimize multipliers.
  • Weave in specials to boost chain counts higher.
  • Restart chains before breaking them.

High combos will wreck any enemy, especially with color advantage.

How to progress quickly

Advancing steadily through One Piece Treasure Cruise keeps it exciting:

1. Complete the story mode

Playing through the main story unlocks new features while providing bounties of gems, EXP, and Beli. Knock it out to open up events and extra islands.

2. Participate in events

Special events offer rare units and resources. Farm them vigorously to strengthen your crew faster. Monthly Blitz Battle and Treasure Maps are particularly rewarding.

3. Use your gems wisely

It’s tempting to spend gems on continues, but better to save them for refills during big events and good Sugo-Fest banners. Resist splurging them recklessly.

Patience and focus allows you to optimize progression speed. Set milestone goals, seize resources from events, and avoid wasting stamina. Keep advancing and your ultimate One Piece dream team will come together steadily.

With addictive gameplay, colorful graphics, and over 1000 playable characters from the iconic franchise, One Piece Treasure Cruise stands as a must-play gacha game for any fan. Players can re-experience their favorite moments from the anime while building creative dream teams mixing heroes and villains from across the sprawling story. The strategic combat packed with signature attacks immerses you directly into the vibrant world of One Piece.

While harnessing the series’ massive popularity, Treasure Cruise also succeeds at being an excellently designed gacha game in its own right. There is endless content to conquer ranging from the substantial main story mode to constantly updating events and challenges. The strategic depth of team building ensures gameplay remains engaging in the long term. Fully limit breaking and powering up characters always provides goals to strive for.

Looking ahead, One Piece Treasure Cruise shows no signs of slowing down. With the anime series continuing onwards, newer story arcs and characters will get implemented into the game. More big collaborations with other major franchises are also on the horizon. And there will certainly be many more exciting in-game events and features planned to expand the experience.

For One Piece fans who want to sail the seas with their favorite characters, Treasure Cruise is a must-play mobile adventure. The game’s sheer content and faithfulness to Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece allows anyone to enjoy an all-encompassing One Piece journey at their fingertips. Going fromrecruiting young Luffy all the way to battling menacing Emperors encapsulates the series’ grand sense of adventure and scope. If this legendary saga has captured your imagination, then set sail for the Treasure Cruise to create new memories with the Straw Hats that you’ll treasure forever.

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