Hay Day Tips for Advanced Players – How to Take Your Farm to the Next Level

Hay Day is a popular farming simulation game developed by Supercell where players manage their own farm. With its cute graphics, relaxing gameplay, and social features, it’s easy to see why Hay Day has become one of the most popular mobile games in recent years. If you’re new to Hay Day or looking to take your farming skills to the next level, this article will provide useful tips and strategies to help you succeed.

First, let’s cover the basics of what Hay Day is all about. When you start the game, you’re given an empty farm with some coins and diamonds to get you going. Your job is to plant and harvest crops, raise animals like chickens and cows, and complete orders to earn more coins. As you level up, you can expand your farm, unlock new machines like bakeries and sugar mills, and decorate your farm with buildings and decorations. The game operates in real-time, so crops take actual hours or days to grow. You need to check back frequently to harvest and replant.

One of the key appeals of Hay Day is the social features. You can visit friends’ farms, help them fill orders, and trade goods through your roadside shop. You can also join a neighborhood to chat, trade, and compete in derby events as a team. The game allows you to play casually on your own schedule, or engage deeply with the community side.

Who is this guide tailored for? If you’ve just downloaded Hay Day and feel overwhelmed with all there is to do, don’t worry – this guide will give you some direction. You’ll learn efficient ways to structure your farm, make money, and progress quickly. If you’ve been playing Hay Day for a while but feel stuck in a rut, the tips here will maximize your profits and enjoyment. You’ll discover strategies the pros use to master Hay Day and get the most out of every element of the game. Whether you play solo or love the social aspects, you’ll find helpful advice to succeed.

Table of Contents

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:

  • The optimal way to layout your farm for efficiency
  • How to make smart decisions about what crops and animals to invest in
  • Tricks for making money faster through orders and the roadside shop
  • How to strategize with your neighborhood to win derby events
  • Time-saving tips to speed production and growth
  • When to harvest, produce, and sell goods for maximum profit
  • Fun decorative secrets to customize your farm’s look
  • Advanced tips used by long-time players to master the game

With the knowledge you gain here, you’ll be able to accomplish more in Hay Day in less time. You’ll unlock new content faster, make heaps of virtual coins, and get your farm thriving quicker than you ever thought possible. So read on for the best Hay Day tips, strategies, and secrets to become a farming pro!

Hay Day Basics

Hay Day starts you off with a basic farm with some coins and resources to get going. Here are the key things you need to know to start playing:

How to start a Hay Day farm

When you first load up Hay Day, you’ll get a short tutorial on the basics. After naming your farm, you’ll start with:

  • A farmhouse
  • A wheat field
  • A corn field
  • A roadside shop
  • Some coins and diamonds

You’ll immediately be guided to harvest your first wheat crop. Tapping the crop collects coins and wheat. Next, you’ll feed wheat to the chickens in their coop to collect eggs.

From there, you’re free to expand and develop your farm at your own pace. Here are some good first steps:

  • Plant more wheat and corn to keep producing coins
  • Build a bakery to start turning wheat into bread for more money
  • Build more chicken coops to increase egg production
  • Clear land to expand your farm and unlock new buildings

Make sure to regularly harvest and replant your crops. Over time, you’ll level up and unlock more buildings, machines, crops, and animals.

Different types of crops and animals

The variety of crops and animals is part of what makes Hay Day so fun. Here are some you may want to focus on early:


  • Wheat – Quick to harvest, used to make bread
  • Corn – Quick growth, used to make popcorn
  • Carrots – Used for carrot cake
  • Sugarcane – Used for sugar and other goods


  • Chicken – Produce eggs used for many goods
  • Cow – Produce milk used for many goods
  • Sheep – Produce wool used for clothing
  • Pig – Produce bacon, sausages, and other pork

Crops have different growth times, from minutes to hours to days. Animals also produce at different rates depending on the type.

Over time, you’ll want to plant higher value crops like coffee, cotton, and grapes. These take longer to grow but sell for more. Try to maximize your profit per crop space.

How to harvest crops and feed animals

Harvesting crops and feeding animals are your main daily tasks. Make sure to log in frequently to:

  • Tap mature crops to harvest and collect coins
  • Replant the crop immediately to start the next growth cycle
  • Feed your animals to collect produce like eggs and milk
  • Pet animals once fed to keep their mood up

Animals won’t produce goods if not fed regularly. Letting crops wilt will stunt their growth.

To maximize production:

  • Prioritize feeds that boost production like corn for chickens
  • Fully expand animal pens and upgrade for higher capacity
  • Use farmhands to harvest and replant crops overnight

With routine harvesting and replanting, you’ll steadily accumulate more coins and raw goods.

How to build and upgrade buildings

To progress in Hay Day, you need to build and upgrade your farm buildings, machines, and structures.

You start with a farmhouse, roadside shop, wheat and corn fields. Early buildings to save up for include:

  • Chicken coops for eggs
  • Dairy for milk
  • Bakery to bake bread
  • Sugar mill to process sugarcane

Each building has upgrade levels to increase production. Upgrade priorities:

  • Roadside shop to sell more goods
  • Production buildings like bakeries to make goods faster
  • Animal pens to hold more animals

Buildings require coins and materials to build. Complete truck orders to earn more building materials.

Clear land to make room for more buildings. Move buildings anytime needed. Organize your farm for efficiency.

How to trade with other players

One fun element of Hay Day is the ability to trade with other players. You can:

  • Sell goods in your roadside shop for coins
  • Request and trade materials and items through the paper
  • Help friends harvest crops and complete truck orders
  • Visually sell goods to visitors on your farm through the roadside shop

Trading is vital to progress quickly in Hay Day. You can buy materials you’re lacking and sell excess goods. Visitors may buy upgraded goods for more money.

Make sure to:

  • Keep your shop well stocked with items to sell
  • Check the paper frequently for good deals
  • Visit friends daily to help and earn rewards
  • Upgrade your shop to increase selling capacity

The more you trade, the faster you can grow your farm. It’s an essential Hay Day activity.

Hay Day Tips and Strategies

Now that you know the basics of playing Hay Day, let’s get into some pro tips and strategies to help you succeed. Whether you want to make more money, level up faster, or master the game, these tips will elevate your Hay Day skills.

Tips for managing your farm

Careful farm management is key to success in Hay Day. Here are some tips:

Plan your farm layout carefully

  • Place production buildings close to crop fields to minimize travel time
  • Group buildings making similar goods together for efficiency
  • Leave open spaces to expand and move buildings later
  • Organize farms into sections (fields, pastures, orchards, production areas)

With a well-planned farm, you can boost productivity and make the best use of space.

Use your resources efficiently

  • Only plant as many crops as you can regularly harvest
  • Prioritize crops and animals with short harvest times as you progress
  • Balance crop types based on production buildings (e.g. wheat for bakeries)
  • Upgrade animal pens fully before getting more animals

Making the most of your coins, diamonds, and supplies will speed growth.

Keep your buildings and machines upgraded

  • Upgrade barn and silo for more material storage
  • Upgrade chicken coops, dairies, and other production buildings first
  • Upgrade machines like bakeries to boost output
  • Expand your town to unlock additional upgrade levels

Maxing out upgrades results in better output and higher profits.

Take advantage of seasonal events and promotions

  • Plant event crops for limited time coin bonuses and prizes
  • Craft event machines to make special event goods
  • Take advantage of seasonal diamond discounts to boost upgrades
  • Focus on Supply Derby tasks during the event for big point rewards

Events add fun new elements and let you earn rewards faster.

Tips for making money

Coins are needed to buy new items and upgrades in Hay Day. Here are some tips for making money fast:

Sell your crops and animal goods for maximum profit

  • Check the newspaper regularly for price trends
  • Plant crops that are selling at high prices in the paper
  • Upgrade your shop to sell goods at higher markups
  • Sell rare event goods at maximum price when available

Optimizing pricing will significantly boost your coin earnings.

Complete truck and boat orders

  • Fill truck orders as soon as possible for big coin rewards
  • Only take boat orders you can complete quickly for diamonds
  • Make and store goods ahead of time based on common orders
  • Upgrade your town to receive more truck and boat orders daily

Completing orders is integral to earning coins quickly.

Produce and sell high-value goods

  • Build bakeries early to produce and sell bread
  • Upgrade cheese and dairy goods production for big profits
  • Make jewelry, cake, and coffee once unlocked for top dollar
  • Check the paper for the most profitable goods to produce

Processing goods ups the selling price so you make way more per raw material.

Build and upgrade your roadside shop

  • Upgrade your shop early to increase selling capacity
  • Expand it with shelves to display more goods
  • decorate it nicely to attract buyer visits
  • Make it visible from the farm entrance to drive sales

An upgraded shop lets you sell a high volume of goods to make serious coin.

Tips for leveling up

Leveling up expands your farm and unlocks new content. Here are tips to progress faster:

Complete daily tasks and challenges

  • Check the daily dirt task list for bonuses
  • Aim to complete all daily tasks if possible
  • Take on daily challenges like collecting wax and honey
  • don’t let unfinished tasks rollover if you can avoid it

Doing daily tasks consistently will get you leveled up in no time.

Earn experience points by harvesting crops and feeding animals

  • Mass harvest crops when you log in for big XP gains
  • Feed all animals daily for more XP boosts
  • Plant high XP crops like pumpkin, corn, and carrots
  • Level animals fully using treats for maximum XP

Harvesting and feeding are key to fast leveling.

Expand your town to unlock new buildings and machines

  • Clear land expansions as soon as you can afford them
  • Build the next town expansion to unlock it
  • Save up materials needed to immediately build new unlocked content
  • Move buildings if needed to optimize space for new unlocks

Expanding gives you room to grow and critical new crafting stations.

Tips for social features

Hay Day is much more fun with friends! Maximize the social aspects with these tips:

Join an active, English-speaking neighborhood

  • Browse neighborhoods in the paper and chat before joining
  • Avoid neighborhoods with lots of vacant farm spots
  • Leave neighborhoods that are inactive in derby tasks

The right neighborhood makes a huge difference.

Help neighbors daily to earn rewards

  • Look for help requests and fill them as able
  • Post helps when you log off so friends can assist
  • Share surplus building materials and expansion tools
  • You’ll get free gifts, XP points, and relationship boosts for helping

Helping out is a win-win for you and your friends.

Participate fully in derby tasks

  • Always opt in to derbies and do as many tasks as possible
  • Save production materials specifically for derby tasks
  • Delete and redo tasks liberally to maximize points
  • Communicate with your team to avoid duplicate tasks

Derbies offer big rewards but need coordination.

Tips for production chains and factories

To maximize profits, you need to master producing and selling processed goods.

Invest in production buildings early

  • Build bakeries, dairies, sugar mills, etc. as soon as possible
  • Producing goods makes way more than just selling raw materials

Don’t wait too long to start processing materials into goods.

  • Place raw material producers next to processing buildings (e.g. wheat fields next to bakeries)
  • Connect outputs of one building to inputs of the next (e.g. sugar mill to cake oven)
  • Build clusters around related goods like dairy products

Smooth flows between buildings boosts overall production.

Keep factory output moving

  • Always collect finished goods quickly
  • Turn around goods for sale or the next production step
  • Store limited inventory and sell the rest
  • Upgrade factories to produce goods faster

Bottlenecks in moving goods reduce your profit potential.

Balance production across different goods

  • Track the paper for trends on most profitable items
  • Avoid overflowing any one good while lacking others
  • Diversify across production chains to utilize all buildings

Matching production to demand ensures constant revenue.

Tips for crop rotation

Rotating crops helps maintain soil health and gives variety.

Plant short harvest crops between longer ones

  • Use wheat between corn or carrot harvests
  • Fill space with beans or celery when waiting on pumpkins

Maximizes harvests from your crop spaces.

Rotate crop types seasonally

  • Swap corn for carrots after multiple corn cycles
  • Alternate peas and lettuce patches
  • Track previous crops planted in each field

Varying crops prevents depleting the virtual soil.

Reserve fields for event crops

  • Keep some empty crop spaces for seasonal events
  • Rotate event crops like peppers through your fields
  • Use remaining space for your standard crop rotation

Lets you take advantage of limited-time plantings.

Adjust rotations based on production needs

  • Temporarily plant more of a crop if needed for production
  • Shift rotations to prepare fields for upcoming derby tasks
  • Modify rotations when new crops unlock

Balancing rotations and production needs maximizes profit.

Tips for optimizing your town

Your town is key for storage and production. Optimize it with these tips:

Upgrade storage buildings first

  • Prioritize upgrading your barn and silo early
  • Increase warehouse capacity to stockpile more goods
  • Build additional barns and silos as soon as possible

More storage means less time wasted with full inventories.

Fill all production slots in your town

  • Craft and place one of every production building you unlock
  • Upgrade lower level buildings before placing higher ones
  • Move buildings around to optimize adjacencies and space

Organize your town thoughtfully

  • Cluster related production buildings together
  • Leave main roads accessible since visitors walk there
  • Place event buildings near your farm’s entrance
  • Move and rearrange as needed; it’s free!

A well-organized town looks nice and functions better.

Make your town attractive

  • Dress it up with paths, hedges, flowers, and decor
  • Use themes in different areas like zen gardens
  • Hide production buildings behind decorations
  • Show off limited edition event buildings

A great-looking town keeps the game fun and engaging!

Tips for managing machines

Machines like loom sheds and sugar mills are key for processing goods. Use these tips to optimize them:

Upgrade machines fully

  • Max out a machine before placing a second one
  • Prioritize upgrading machines over other buildings
  • Go through and review upgrade levels periodically

Upgraded machines produce goods much faster.

Collect products frequently

  • Set timers to collect goods as soon as ready
  • Empty out machines before shutting down for the day
  • Avoid letting goods stack up to the max whenever possible

Full machines can’t produce more goods, slowing you down.

Load machines efficiently

  • Evenly distribute product types across similar machines
  • Load same ingredients together for simpler collection
  • Funnel inputs from connected buildings

Smart loading reduces production bottlenecks.

Sell most products right away

  • Sell machine output immediately unless needed for orders
  • Check the newspaper to see what’s selling at high price
  • Hold some goods for pending truck orders

Fast turnover equals more coins sooner.

Maintain sufficient input materials

  • Plant crops used for machine inputs in large quantities
  • Keep extra supplies in your barn
  • Request materials from neighbors when stock is low

Consistent materials means consistent production.

Tips for managing your farmhands

Farmhands help harvest and plant so you don’t have to do everything.

Hire farmhands as soon as possible

  • Farmhands are invaluable for automating crop maintenance
  • Make hiring additional farmhands an early priority
  • Upgrade house to get more farmhand slots quicker

More farmhands means more help.

Set farmhands to harvest overnight

  • Configure farmhands to harvest ready crops while you sleep
  • Have them replant crops right after harvesting overnight
  • Adjust sleep schedules to maximize coverage

No wasted crops wilting overnight.

Deploy farmhands strategically

  • Assign farmhands to high XP crops like corn and carrots
  • Have them maintain crops used heavily for machine inputs
  • Direct farmhands away from crops you want to harvest personally

Optimizing farmhand crop assignments speeds progress.

Maintain tools farmhands need

  • Check tool inventory level and restock as needed
  • Prioritize acquiring additional tools through truck orders
  • Upgrade tool storage sheds when full

Farmhands can’t work without the right tools on hand.

Customize farmhand appearance

  • Give each farmhand a unique look
  • Dress them to match different themed farm areas
  • Rotate through options to vary their outfits

Fun customization adds personality!

Tips for fishing and boating

Fishing and boating provide useful rewards if utilized well.

Fish during events for big rewards

  • Major fishing events temporarily offer high value fish
  • Use Tom to double event fish and earn vouchers
  • Save lures and nets for events specifically

It’s by far the best time to fish.

Fulfill boat orders promptly

  • Check boats frequently and fill orders quickly
  • Produce requested goods ahead of time if possible
  • Don’t start orders you won’t finish in time

Reliable order fulfillment means more diamonds.

Use lobster pools strategically

  • Place lobster pools near production buildings initially
  • Move pools closer to shore to catch event lobsters
  • Exchange lobsters for vouchers during lobster events

You can earn vouchers, pearls, and other rewards.

Collect treasure from sunken crates

  • Bring up all treasure chests you find while boating
  • Open treasures chests immediately for premium rewards
  • Upgrade your boat for access to lower chests

Sunk treasure contains rare items you can’t get elsewhere.

Make your harbor look amazing

  • Decorate around your boat and beach attractions
  • Build a boardwalk lined with tropical plants and trees
  • Use paths, hedges, and decor to create focal points

An eye-catching harbor makes boating more enjoyable!

Advanced Hay Day Tips and Strategies

You’ve mastered the basics – now let’s dive into advanced tips and strategies used by long-time players to take Hay Day skills to the next level.

Tips for maximizing your profits

Profit is essential for rapid expansion and progress. Use these methods to maximize your Hay Day earning potential:

Produce and sell high-value goods

  • Prioritize goods that sell for top dollar like jewelry and coffee
  • Check the newspaper for most profitable items
  • Stock your roadside shop with the highest gold star goods

Premium goods mean premium profits.

Focus on crops and animals with short harvest times

  • Wheat and chickens are excellent for quick coin generation
  • Plant wheat in every open plot when starting out
  • Upgrade chicken coops before other animal buildings

Frequent harvesting means frequent income.

Upgrade your machines to process goods faster

  • Fully upgrade processing buildings as soon as possible
  • Install multiple machines like saws and looms to produce faster
  • Avoid getting overloaded on orders by producing too slowly

Improved processing speed compounds your earnings.

Take advantage of the market to sell goods at higher prices

  • Watch the newspaper for price spikes on different goods
  • Plant crops destined for sale during high-price periods
  • Withhold selling goods until you see desirable pricing

Perfect timing maximizes the coins you collect.

Tips for competing in derby tasks

Derbies offer big rewards but require skillful play.

Strategize with your neighborhood to maximize points

  • Communicate to avoid duplicate tasks
  • Have each player specialize in different task types
  • Help each other with materials and goods as needed

Coordination is key to placing high.

Focus on tasks that will earn you the most points

  • Prioritize big point rewarding production tasks
  • Delete low point tasks unless you can do them instantly
  • Don’t start multi-stage tasks you can’t finish

Be selective to maximize your personal contribution.

Use Tom to double specific derby tasks

  • Save Tom helpers for tasks you are strong at
  • Avoid wasting helpers on low point or easy tasks
  • Work Tom into your wider derby strategy

Doubling the right tasks gives your score a big boost.

Stockpile materials specifically for derbies

  • Review task lists to know what supplies you’ll need
  • Plant crops ahead of time that are frequently requested
  • Save machine products like blankets for upcoming derbies

Having materials on hand lets you complete tasks faster.

Tips for mastering the game

Here are some final tips and strategies for getting the most out of Hay Day long-term:

Experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you

  • Try different farm layouts and production methods
  • Track your results to see what generates the most profit
  • Find a style that fits your playtime and enjoyment

Part of the fun is discovering your optimal approaches.

Join a Hay Day online community to learn from other players

  • Read forums and watch videos to gather new tips
  • Join Discord channels or groups to ask questions
  • Get insights from seasoned farmers

Learn from experienced players worldwide.

Stay up-to-date on the latest Hay Day updates and changes

  • Bookmark the Hay Day blog and social media
  • Read update notes closely with each new version
  • Adapt your strategies to match new features and economies

Evolving along with the game is key for continued success.

Tips for managing your diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in Hay Day. Use them wisely with these tips:

Use diamonds to speed key actions

  • Speed crafting of important machine upgrades
  • Instantly finish high point derby tasks
  • Complete boat orders for diamonds

Strategic speeding accelerates progress.

Take advantage of diamond deals

  • Watch for discounts on specific farm expansions
  • Only buy animals on diamond sale events
  • Track newspaper price trends to get the best deals

Maximize value by buying at the lowest cost.

Generate additional diamonds through achievements

  • Review achievement categories frequently
  • Set goals to complete high diamond rewards
  • Focus play toward achievements you are close to unlocking

Achievements provide a steady diamond income.

Be selective about using Tom

  • Reserve Tom for doubling big point derby tasks
  • Avoid using helpers speed small actions like crop harvesting
  • Only use Tom if the payoff outweighs the diamond cost

Getting the most bang for your Tom bucks.

Spend diamonds on long-term investments

  • New farm plots provide permanent expansion
  • Additional machines boost ongoing production
  • Farmhand slots ease play indefinitely

One-time spend for lasting benefits.

Tips for selling and pricing strategies

Optimizing pricing and sales channels boosts your profits.

Watch the newspaper closely

  • Track the trends for product pricing fluctuations
  • Buy low priced goods to resell when prices spike
  • Don’t sell products when newspaper prices dip

Buying and selling at the right times maximizes coins earned.

Price goods competitively in your roadside shop

  • Match prices to current newspaper ranges
  • Avoid drastically under or overpricing vs market
  • Price rare event goods at a premium

Reasonable shop prices keep goods moving.

Refresh shop often to attract buyers

  • Refill sold out goods frequently
  • Shift newly produced goods into selling slots quickly
  • Upgrade shop size to display more variety

More goods and frequent refreshes drives more sales.

Promote special buyer deals

  • Discount shop prices temporarily to drive sales
  • Advertise specials in your newspaper post
  • Offer package deals or flash sales

Special promotions incentivize buyers to purchase.

Sell upgraded goods for maximum profit

  • Make goods like apple pies instead of raw apples
  • Craft jewelry from ores to increase value
  • Turn bacon into sandwiches to upsell

Processing multiplies the selling price.

Summary of key tips and strategies

Hay Day is a complex game with many different strategies and techniques that can help you succeed. However, there are a few key tips and strategies that every player should keep in mind:

  • Plan your farm layout carefully. Place buildings and machines in close proximity to each other to save time and energy. Group similar buildings together to make it easier to manage your farm. Leave enough space between buildings and machines so that you can easily move around your farm.
  • Use your resources efficiently. Plant crops and raise animals that are in high demand. Use tools and machines to help you complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. Upgrade your buildings and machines to increase their production capacity.
  • Keep your buildings and machines upgraded. Spend your coins and diamonds wisely on upgrading your buildings and machines. Prioritize upgrading the buildings and machines that you use most often. Take advantage of seasonal events and promotions to get discounts on upgrades.
  • Take advantage of seasonal events and promotions. Participate in seasonal events to earn exclusive rewards. Take advantage of promotions to get discounts on coins, diamonds, and other items.

Advanced tips and strategies

Once you have mastered the basics of Hay Day, you can start to implement more advanced tips and strategies to maximize your profits and success. Here are a few tips:

  • Focus on producing and selling high-value goods. High-value goods, such as dairy products, baked goods, and processed meats, will sell for more coins than crops and animals. To produce high-value goods, you will need to upgrade your buildings and machines.
  • Focus on crops and animals with short harvest times. This will allow you to generate income more quickly. You can also plant multiple crops of the same type to increase your harvest.
  • Upgrade your machines to process goods more quickly. This will allow you to produce more high-value goods in a shorter period of time.
  • Take advantage of the market to sell goods at higher prices. Check the market prices regularly to see which goods are in high demand. Sell your goods when the prices are high. You can also use price boosts to increase the selling price of your goods.
  • Strategize with your neighbors to maximize your points in neighborhood derbies. Communicate with your neighbors to develop a strategy for completing tasks efficiently. Focus on completing tasks that are in line with your neighborhood’s strategy. Use power-ups to boost your points for specific tasks.

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