How to Get Vouchers in Hay Day – Fast and Easy

Vouchers are an important part of the popular farming game Hay Day. For those unfamiliar with the game, Hay Day is a mobile game by Supercell where players manage their own farm. Activities include growing crops, raising animals, running production buildings, and filling orders to earn coins.

What Are Vouchers in Hay Day?

Vouchers in Hay Day are coupons that can be exchanged for special items and rewards. There are several different types of vouchers:

  • Mystery Voucher: Can be redeemed for random decoration and production items. This is the most common voucher.
  • Boat Voucher: Used to instantly finish building or repairing a boat. Very useful for completing boat orders faster.
  • Truck Voucher: Used to instantly complete orders on the truck delivery board. Helpful for quickly filling tricky orders.
  • Tom Voucher: Redeems for a random bush or tree for your farm. Provides a free way to decorate.
  • Fishing Voucher: Redeems for a random fish for your fishing book collection. Allows you to complete the collection faster.
  • Derby Voucher: Provides a free task completion in the derby. Helpful for finishing extra tasks.
  • Diamond Voucher: Awards the player with free diamonds. Extremely valuable and rare.

Vouchers provide players with free rewards and a way to skip long wait times. They make accessing special items easier without spending real money.

Why Are Vouchers Important in Hay Day?

There are several reasons why vouchers are so important in Hay Day:

  • Saves time: Vouchers like the boat and truck vouchers allow you to instantly finish time-consuming production tasks. This speeds up important order fulfillment.
  • Provides free items: Vouchers give you free access to items you’d normally have to purchase with in-game currency like coins or diamonds. This allows faster progress.
  • Encourages activity: Earning vouchers motivates players to engage in activities like filling orders and participating in events. This increases overall engagement.
  • Creates exclusivity: Some vouchers provide exclusive prizes you can’t buy, like rare fish and decorations. This makes vouchers more exciting to earn.
  • Avoids real money: For non-spending players, vouchers provide a way to gain advantages and speed up progress without spending real money on diamonds.
  • Powers up your farm: Vouchers can provide production and decoration building supplies to upgrade your farm faster. A more powerful farm earns coins quicker.

Overall, vouchers give every player, whether they spend money or not, opportunities to shortcut some of the game’s slowest grinds and access exclusive rewards.

How to Use Vouchers in Hay Day

When you earn a voucher in Hay Day, it will appear in your vouchers tab at the top of the screen. Tap the tab to see your available vouchers.


To use a voucher, tap the redeem button on the specific voucher you want to exchange. You will then be shown the prize window for that voucher.

For example, tapping a mystery voucher allows you to pick one of three mystery prize boxes. Picking a box will give you a random production or decoration item.

The boat and truck vouchers instantly complete those order boards when tapped. And tapping a Tom voucher simply adds a random bush or tree to your farm.

Each voucher can only be used once, so redeem them wisely! Also note that vouchers expire after a certain amount of time, usually several weeks. So make sure to use them before they vanish.

Some key tips:

  • Check the vouchers tab often so you don’t miss any expiring soon.
  • Try to use vouchers that have short expiration times first.
  • Save rare vouchers like diamond vouchers until you really need them.
  • Make sure your production and decoration builds are queued up before using a mystery voucher.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your vouchers!

And that covers the basics of what vouchers are, why they are important, and how to use them efficiently in Hay Day. Let’s move on to the many different ways you can get vouchers.

How to Get Vouchers in Hay Day

There are many different ways to obtain vouchers in Hay Day. Being strategic about earning vouchers will give you a big advantage in progressing faster in the game.

This section will cover all the main methods to get your hands on vouchers, including:

Completing Boat and Truck Orders

One of the most reliable ways to earn vouchers is by filling boat and truck orders for your friends. These are a great way to rack up vouchers over time.

Find Orders on the Boards

  • The boat order board can be accessed by tapping the anchor icon at your dock.
  • The truck order board is located by tapping the truck parked near your roadside shop.
  • You will see orders requesting different amounts of items from your friends.

Fill the Orders

  • Tap an order to see the materials requested and a timer counting down until the order expires.
  • Fill the order by harvesting crops, collecting animal products, or making items in your production buildings.
  • Made a mistake? You can trash items from orders to replace them.

Send Off the Order

  • When finished, tap the check mark to send off the order.
  • This gives you coins, XP, and the chance for a random voucher as a reward!
  • If you don’t have enough materials, you can request them from your friends.

Tips for Success

  • Check the order boards frequently for new orders.
  • Prioritize orders about to expire first.
  • Grow a variety of crops and raise different animals to have ingredients on hand.
  • Upgrade production buildings to fill orders faster.

Repeatedly filling boat and truck orders will earn you vouchers over time. It just requires patience and dedication.

Opening Mystery Boxes

Another good way to randomly find vouchers is by opening mystery boxes that appear on your farm. You can also buy additional mystery boxes with diamonds.

Hay day Mystery Boxes

Find Mystery Boxes

  • Mystery boxes randomly spawn on your farm, marked with a question mark icon.
  • You can tap them right away for free, or wait 2 hours for them to become a diamond box.
  • Diamond boxes cost 10-20 diamonds but have better prizes.

Purchase Diamond Boxes

  • You can skip the wait and directly buy mystery diamond boxes with diamonds.
  • Tap the + symbol in the shop menu and select a mystery box option.
  • The Deluxe Box gives the best voucher odds for 50 diamonds.

Open the Boxes

  • Tap a mystery box to open it. This will take you to the prize window.
  • Select one of the mystery prizes to reveal a random reward!
  • Possible rewards include coins, diamonds, boosters, and vouchers.

Increase Your Odds

  • Open as many free mystery boxes as possible.
  • Save diamonds specifically for purchasing deluxe mystery boxes.
  • Open your daily free mystery box reward to have more chances.

With some luck, mystery boxes can yield vouchers alongside other great prizes. Opening them frequently improves your voucher finding odds.

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a free daily mini-game in Hay Day that can award vouchers. Give it a spin once per day for a chance to win big!

Locate the Wheel

  • You can find the Wheel of Fortune by opening the newspaper.
  • Scroll through the newspaper tabs until you reach the “Luck” section.
  • The colorful wheel will be waiting for you to spin it.

Spin the Wheel

  • Tap the spin button in the middle to give the wheel a spin.
  • The wheel will cycle through the different prize slices, including vouchers.
  • Where it lands determines what prize you win that day!

Win Vouchers

  • The wheel has a small chance of landing on voucher slices:
    • Mystery Voucher
    • Boat Voucher
    • Tom Voucher
  • These voucher prizes are rare, but very rewarding when won!

Increase Your Oddges

  • Make sure to spin the wheel every single day. More spins equals more chances.
  • Watch the daily ads after spinning to earn a free re-spin.
  • Once won, vouchers will be placed in your voucher tab for redemption.

Spinning the wheel daily gives you more opportunities to randomly win lucrative voucher prizes.

Winning Derby and Event Rewards

Participating in the derby and other Hay Day events is another voucher earning strategy. Special event and derby task rewards include vouchers.

Complete Derby Tasks

  • Opt into the weekly derby by joining a neighborhood.
  • Help complete derby tasks like growing crops, collecting items, and trading.
  • At 320 tasks, all neighbors earn derby reward chests.

Open Derby Chests

  • Derby chests contain random prizes for your neighborhood’s efforts.
  • Possible rewards include expansion materials, coins, diamonds, and vouchers!
  • The better your neighborhood placing, the better potential voucher rewards.

Compete in Events

  • Hay Day regularly hosts special in-game events like Fishing Derby.
  • Earn event points by completing certain tasks, like catching rare fish.
  • Event reward tiers based on your points can award vouchers.

Maximize Winnings

  • Join a championship league Hay Day neighborhood for better derby rewards.
  • Make sure to complete all available event tasks before the deadline.
  • Hay Day anniversary events have boosted voucher rewards.

Derbies and limited-time events give dedicated players more chances at winning exclusive vouchers through achievement rewards.

Other Ways to Get Vouchers

Beyond the main methods above, there are a few other miscellaneous ways to earn vouchers in Hay Day:

Watch Ad Videos

  • Check the newspaper daily for the “Night at the Movies” video.
  • Watch the advertisement trailer to receive a random voucher or other reward.

Open Daily Shop Rewards

  • The shop has a free daily reward box that can be opened every 24 hours.
  • Tap it to reveal a random prize, which can sometimes be vouchers.

Purchase Farm Pass Rewards

  • The seasonal Farm Pass has voucher rewards on certain road tiers.
  • Collect enough Farm Pass XP through tasks to earn checkpoints with vouchers.

Get Lucky in Valley Games

  • Playing the lucky bonus game in the valley has a small chance of voucher prizes.
  • Also opens mystery boxes from daily valley quests for random rewards.

Help Friends

  • Friends can gift each other mystery boxes that may contain vouchers.
  • Neighbors can request voucher help on town boards if desperate.

Staying vigilant across all areas of Hay Day is key to finding vouchers through more obscure means.

Tips for Getting More Vouchers

Beyond the main voucher sources covered already, there are some additional tips and strategies to increase your voucher earnings in Hay Day:

Join an Active Neighborhood

  • Being in a neighborhood gives more opportunities for filling boat/truck orders.
  • Good neighborhoods will coordinate derbies for more success and rewards.

Watch All Ad Videos

  • Make sure to watch the daily Night at the Movies trailer.
  • Watch any other available video ads for chances at vouchers.

Buy Voucher Farm Passes

  • Monitor the Farm Pass rewards to see if they offer vouchers you need.
  • Purchase Farm Passes that align with your current voucher goals.

Open Mystery Boxes Daily

  • Make opening free mystery boxes on your farm part of your daily routine.
  • Save diamonds for deluxe mystery box voucher opportunities.

Participate in All Events

  • Play every limited-time event fully to earn the maximum amount of vouchers from rewards.
  • Set calendar reminders if needed to remember event start dates.

Team Up on Difficult Orders

  • Collaborate with friends to fill difficult boat or truck orders requiring rare items.
  • You’ll both earn rewards and vouchers from teamwork.

With smart effort across Hay Day’s many features, your voucher income can increase dramatically over time.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Vouchers in Hay Day

You’ve earned hard-won vouchers, so you’ll want to use them strategically. Follow these tips to maximize the value you get from each voucher.

Prioritize Your Goals and Needs

Evaluate Your Farm Status

  • Take stock of your current progress. What are your most pressing farm needs right now?
  • For example, maybe you need more production buildings, land expansions, or truck upgrades.

Identify Goal Vouchers

  • Determine which voucher types will be most useful for your current goals.
  • Boat vouchers help complete urgent boat orders faster for coins.
  • Mystery vouchers provide free production buildings and construction materials.

Use Vouchers Selectively

  • Be patient and use vouchers only when they align with immediate farm improvements.
  • Wasting vouchers on impulse could deny you bigger future benefits.

Matching vouchers to your most important goals will maximize their impact. Don’t worry about using vouchers up quickly.

Optimize Value from Mystery Vouchers

Mystery vouchers give random building materials, production buildings, and decorations. You can optimize them.

Queue Up Buildings

  • Check which production buildings you need upgraded next.
  • Queue their upgrades in advance so materials are ready to finish instantly when won from vouchers.

Clear Land First

  • If you need more space for new production buildings, clear land first.
  • This ensures room for any new buildings you get from vouchers.

Use Building Boosts

  • Apply building cost reduction boosters you’ve saved up before redeeming a mystery voucher.
  • This will discount any new buildings won, saving you huge amounts of coins.

Planning ahead around mystery vouchers sets you up for the biggest rewards.

Leverage Boat and Truck Vouchers

Boat and truck vouchers can be used to instantly finish orders. But timing is important.

Hold for Big Orders

  • Don’t waste boat or truck vouchers on small orders with common items.
  • Save them for large orders with expensive or rare items to maximize value.

Finish Complex Orders

  • Look for orders needing many different machines. Use vouchers to avoid lengthy production.
  • Or use them for orders requiring rare items you don’t have stocked.

Meet Derby Tasks

  • In derbies, use vouchers to quickly finish tough boat or truck orders that align with tasks.
  • This optimizes points while saving you precious time.

Patience paying off big orders with boat and truck vouchers provides the biggest payout.

Take Advantage of Diamond Vouchers

Diamond vouchers are the most coveted since they give piles of diamonds. Never miss a chance to use them.

Spend Wisely

  • Don’t blow a diamond voucher on single decorations or small purchases.
  • Save for a big-ticket purchase like a really expensive building upgrade.

Use for Farm Pass

  • The Farm Pass offers exclusive rewards, so diamonds from vouchers let you unlock them all.
  • Having the full pass boosts your leveling speed.

Buy Deluxe Boxes

  • Spend the diamonds on purchasing deluxe mystery boxes for more chances at rare prizes.
  • This can lead to a positive feedback loop of rewards.

Diamond vouchers are rare, so put thought into the best high-value redemption.

Maximize Value from Event and Derby Rewards

It takes effort to earn event and derby vouchers. Make sure that effort pays off.

Complete All Tasks

  • Never let event or derby voucher rewards tempt you into quitting early.
  • Finish out all tasks to guarantee you receive the voucher prizes.

Check Reward Requirements

  • Events and derbies have tiered rewards at certain point thresholds.
  • Make sure you’ve crossed the threshold needed to actually win the vouchers.

Use Derby Helps

  • If you fall short on a derby task with a voucher reward, use neighborhood helps.
  • Having members finish tasks for you ensures you get the voucher.

It takes dedication to earn event and derby vouchers. See it through fully to claim them without issue.

Develop a Voucher Strategy

Crafting an overall voucher strategy will lead to more success.

Track Expirations

  • Note expiration dates so you can use vouchers before they vanish. Prioritize short times first.

Specialize Your Farm

  • Tailor your farm to produce high volumes of certain items. This powers through boat/truck orders faster.

Buy Voucher Farm Passes

  • If a Farm Pass contains a voucher you need, buy it as soon as possible to start reaping rewards.

Save Diamonds

  • Have a stash of diamonds ready for deluxe mystery boxes and finishing derby tasks. Patience pays off.

Join Voucher Giveaway Neighborhoods

  • Some neighborhoods advertise voucher giveaways. This can be a nice source of free vouchers.

With the right strategy, your voucher income will snowball over time.

In summary, vouchers are extremely useful items in Hay Day that can give you huge advantages. There are many ways to obtain vouchers, including filling boat and truck orders, spinning the wheel, competing in events, opening mystery boxes, and finding other hidden voucher sources.

Once acquired, you’ll want to use vouchers strategically, like saving boat and truck vouchers for valuable orders or spending diamond vouchers on most-needed upgrades. Proper timing and planning helps maximize the benefits you extract from each voucher.

Implementing an overall voucher strategy will cause your voucher income to compound over time. Track expiration dates, specialize your farm, and join a voucher-friendly neighborhood. With more vouchers, you can speed up all areas of Hay Day progress.

Vouchers provide great power to advance and accomplish more in Hay Day. Earn them relentlessly through all available means. But more importantly, expend them with purpose at the opportune times. Use the wisdom in this guide to become a voucher master!

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