MARVEL Future Fight – How to Build the Strongest Team

MARVEL Future Fight is a popular mobile action RPG developed by Netmarble for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to assemble teams of beloved Marvel superheroes and supervillains and engage in strategic combat.

MARVEL Future Fight brings together an expansive cast of over 200 playable characters from across the Marvel Universe. You can play as iconic heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Thor. Notable villains like Loki, Red Skull, Ultron, and Thanos are also available. Beyond the classic Avengers and X-Men, MARVEL Future Fight includes characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, and more.

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The game features stunning 3D graphics and animations that bring these legendary Marvel characters to life on your mobile device. Environments are highly-detailed and every hero and villain has their signature moves and abilities realized with visual flare. MARVEL Future Fight really makes you feel like you are in an epic Marvel comic book crossover event.

What are the key features of MARVEL Future Fight?

  • Strategic real-time combat: Position your heroes on the battlefield for maximum effectiveness against enemies. Combos, dodging, and skills must be timed well.
  • Team building: Assemble your dream Marvel superhero team. Synergies between characters can maximize your squad’s potential.
  • Progression system: Level up your heroes, enhance their gear, upgrade their skills and abilities over time.
  • Variety of game modes: Story Mode, Special Missions, World Bosses, PvP and more. Both PvE and PvP modes.
  • Regular updates: New content and characters added frequently to keep the game fresh.
  • Stunning visuals: Beautiful graphics and animations bring the Marvel Universe to life.

MARVEL Future Fight captures what makes the Marvel Universe so appealing – the iconic superheroes, over-the-top abilities and powers, compelling rivalries and partnerships between characters, and thrilling combat scenarios. The game brings together this diverse cast of Marvel icons into one action-packed experience.

While the graphics and production values are polished, the gameplay has depth beyond the surface. Team building, hero upgrades, and mastering skills and combos takes real strategy. The progression from rookie to superhero feels rewarding.

Regular updates add both fan favorite and more obscure characters, giving players reasons to come back. Varied game modes provide new challenges to tackle.

For Marvel fans and gamers alike, MARVEL Future Fight hits that sweet spot between instantly enjoyable action and ongoing engrossment. Assembling your dream team of heroes and villains is a compelling fantasy fulfilled.

How to download and install MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight is available on both iOS and Android devices.

For iOS:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for “MARVEL Future Fight”. The game should be the first result.
  3. Tap on the MARVEL Future Fight icon.
  4. Tap “Get” to download the game for free.
  5. Once downloaded, you can find the game on your device’s home screen and tap to open.

For Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Search for “MARVEL Future Fight”.
  3. Tap on the MARVEL Future Fight icon.
  4. Tap “Install” to download the game for free.
  5. After downloading, you can find the game in your Apps menu and tap to launch.

The initial download is fairly sizable at over 1GB, so make sure you have enough free storage space on your device. Also, connect to WiFi if possible for faster downloads.

Once installed, the game will need to download additional game data and assets, which may take some time depending on your connection speed. Be patient – the wait is worth it!

Creating an Account

After launching MARVEL Future Fight for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create an account. This can be done in several ways:

  • Facebook – Tap the Facebook icon and log into your account to link the game.
  • Google Play – Android users can link via their Google Play account.
  • Apple ID – iOS users can utilize their Apple ID.
  • Guest – You can play as a guest without linking an external account. However, you can’t transfer guest progress across devices.

Linking to Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID allows you to sync your save data across multiple devices. This way you can play on your phone and tablet with the same account.

Once your account is created, you can customize your Agent profile by choosing a name, look, and gender. Your Agent is a unique character who participates in certain game modes.

Choosing a Character

After customizing your Agent, you get to select your first character!

The starter heroes available are:

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Black Widow
  • Thor
  • Hulk

Each has their own combat style and abilities. Captain America uses his shield for defense and area control. Iron Man blasts foes with his repulsors. Hulk smashes everything in sight with pure brute strength.

We recommend new players start with Captain America or Iron Man as they are well-rounded fighters appropriate for beginners. Black Widow utilizes quick agility but dies easily. Thor and Hulk hit hard but are slow.

Don’t worry about your initial choice too much though – you’ll quickly build a large roster of heroes to switch between.

Once selected, you can dive into some tutorial stages and get a feel for the combat mechanics while playing as your chosen hero.

Understanding the Basics of Gameplay

Here are the basic controls and gameplay:

  • Virtual joystick – On the left side to move your character.
  • Skill buttons – On the right side to activate abilities.
  • Tap enemies – Tap targets to attack them.
  • Dodging – Swipe to dodge enemy attacks. Timing is key!
  • Combos – Button mashing isn’t effective! Chaining your skills efficiently is the key to high damage.
  • Positioning – Where you place your heroes on the battlefield matters. Flank enemies and avoid being surrounded.
  • Teamwork – Learn how your heroes complement each other. The right team composition is important.

Take it slowly at first and get accustomed to controlling your chosen hero. Learn their skill rotations for optimum damage output. Doge telegraphed attacks from enemies.

Soon you’ll be executing impressive combos and dominating Marvel supervillains in no time! But it takes practice, so be patient with yourself as you improve.

Different types of heroes and villains

MARVEL Future Fight includes a vast array of heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe. Here are some of the major character types you’ll encounter:


The famous Avengers are core heroes in the game. Play as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and many more of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Assemble your ultimate Avengers squad.


Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Deadpool, and the rest of the mutant superteam provide plenty of options for your roster. Build the perfect X-Men strike force.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Take out enemies across the cosmos with Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, and other cosmic heroes. This ragtag group packs a punch.

Fantastic Four

Recruit Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing, and allies like Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer from Marvel’s First Family.


There’s a spider hero for everyone – from classic Amazing Spider-Man to Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Silk, and more. Swing into action with these arachnid adventurers.

Marvel Knights

Street level heroes like Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Cloak & Dagger bring gritty action. Defend New York’s streets.


Unleash exotic powers with Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, and other descendants of Kree experiments. This royal family packs unique abilities.

Masters of Evil

Villains like Loki, Red Skull, Ultron, Green Goblin, and Doctor Doom lead the charge of bad guys aiming to destroy your heroes. Take on these nefarious baddies.

Brotherhood of Mutants

Evil mutants like Magneto, Juggernaut, Pyro, and Sabertooth seek mutant supremacy. Battle against their radical agenda.

Sinister Six

Spider-Man’s deadliest foes Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Kraven, and Mysterio unite to take down the wall-crawler and his allies.

This is just a sample of the 200+ characters available in MARVEL Future Fight. From iconic mainstream heroes to obscure ones, you’ll find tons of options to assemble the ultimate crew.

How to unlock new characters

There are various ways to recruit new heroes and villains to your side in MARVEL Future Fight:

Story Mode

Progressing through Story Mode and completing chapters grants you access to many characters like Black Widow, Hulk, Ultron, Venom, Green Goblin, and more.

Dimension Rifts

Special rifts that randomly appear allow you to recruit heroes like Groot, Wasp, and M.O.D.O.K upon completion. Check often for new rifts.

Special Missions

Finishing missions unlocks characters such as Human Torch, Mysterio, and Elektra. Rotate through all mission types for chances at new fighters.


Earn tokens such as New Avenger Tokens, X-Gene Tokens, Inhuman Tokens by playing certain game modes. You can then redeem tokens to unlock associated heroes.

Ultimate Chest

The Ultimate Chest has a chance to drop any hero or premium comic card. You can purchase chests with Crystals.

Epic Quests

Completing the lengthy Epic Quest chapter unlocks that hero, such as Wolverine, Doctor Strange, or Deadpool.

Alliance Store

Use Alliance Tokens earned from Alliance Battles to purchase heroes from the Alliance Store like Coulson, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.

Lab Processor

Breaking down items in the Lab Processor can produce X-Genes for recruiting mutants like Storm, Magneto, Nightcrawler.

There are so many paths to recruiting all your Marvel favorites. Check events, shops, chests, and ally gifts for character unlocks too.

Building a strong team

Team composition is critical in MARVEL Future Fight. Here are some tips:

Cover all classes

You want a mix of Blast Types (range damage dealers), Speed Types (fast melee attackers), Combat Types (strong brawlers), and Universal Types (flexible all-arounders) on your team. This gives you both offensive and defensive balance.

Consider team bonuses

Many characters have Team Bonuses if paired together, granting extra stat boosts. For example, placing members of the Avengers or X-Men together.

Mix hero types

Having some premium characters who excel in all modes alongside easily farmed heroes can give you an advantage.

Factor in leaderships

Leadership skills that buff certain character types, classes, or teams should influence who else you place on your roster.

Enable team attacks

Team attacks occur when you have heroes who trigger support attacks from certain allies on your team. For example, pairing Cable and Deadpool.

Build around metas

Follow the meta by including notoriously powerful characters like Silver Surfer, Sentry, and Moonstone on competitive teams.

Max synergies

Strive for maximum synergy between skills, leadership, team bonuses, and how characters complement each other.

Adapt team to mode

The optimal team for Alliance Raids differs from Alliance Battle or Timeline PvP. Build your roster to enable ideal teams for all modes.

Team building takes experimentation and adjustments. As your roster expands, continue tweaking your squads to discover the most formidable combinations.

Game Modes

MARVEL Future Fight features a wide variety of game modes to provide diverse forms of gameplay and new challenges to tackle.

Story Mode

The expansive Story Mode takes you through an original narrative that brings together heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe.

Story Mode consists of 13 Chapters and several Hundred stages. Each chapter focuses on a specific faction like the Avengers, Inhumans, or Sinister Six. Completing a chapter grants you that faction’s characters.

Difficulty ranges from easy early stages to extremely challenging end game boss battles that will test your skills and require strong, well-developed rosters.

Bringing the right heroes and villains for their special story interactions and team bonuses makes a big difference too.

While advancing the main story, be sure to complete side challenges on each stage. These grant items and bios to strengthen your characters.

Story Mode is the core PvE campaign of MARVEL Future Fight and a must to progress your agents and heroes.

Special Missions

Special Missions provide rapid fire PvE combat challenges spread across 10 different sub-modes:

MARVEL Future Fight Special Missions
  • Memory Missions – Replay story chapters on higher difficulties.
  • Tracking Missions – Find and defeat the Wanted villain.
  • Event Missions – Limited time challenges during events.
  • Epic Quest Missions – Stages related to Epic Quest progress.
  • Dimension Rift Missions – Earn items to access Dimension Rifts.
  • Giant Boss Raid – Daily battles against massive monsters.
  • Co-Op Missions – Replay story stages cooperatively.
  • Extreme Battles – Amped up boss fights.
  • Alliance Battle Warm Up – Practice for Alliance Battles.
  • Timeline Survival – Endless battles against player-created teams.

Special Missions pack lots of combat variety into short bursts perfectly suited for on-the-go mobile play. They are rich sources of resources, unlockable characters, costumes, experience, and more.

Be sure to complete all available Special Missions daily for bonuses. The challenges rotate frequently so there is always something new.

Dimension Rift

Dimensional Rifts randomly open up during play which you can enter for intense fights against Dimension Invaders and potent rewards.

Rifts feature special mutators that affect the battle. For example, reducing skill cooldowns, health drain auras, or meteor strikes. Adapt your strategy to counter the effects.

Defeating Invaders may reward rare items, comic cards, obelisks, stones, uniforms, and even hero biometrics. The final Invader drops the best loot.

You can manually generate dimension rifts using Dimension Debris obtained from Dimension Rift Missions. This lets you target farm specific heroes.

Dimension Rifts provide valuable resources and require your heroes to be versatile and overcome chaos. Check back often so you can jump into any rifts that appear.

Alliance Battle

Alliance Battle is a competitive PvE mode that unlocks after clearing Chapter 10 in Story Mode.

In Alliance Battle, you and allies in your Alliance take turns attempting to clear stages under certain restrictions and scoring points based on how far you get.

There are different brackets each day requiring different hero types:

  • Combat Hero day
  • Blast Hero day
  • Universal Hero day
  • Speed Hero day
  • Female Hero day
  • Villain day
  • Free day

The aim is to strategically build teams for maximum effectiveness under restrictions. Striving for high scores earns Alliance Battle rewards.

Alliance Battle encourages building a wide roster and mastering skill rotations. Push your heroes to the limit and outscore your Alliance rivals!

World Boss Ultimate

World Boss Ultimate provides epic PvE boss battles against superpowered Marvel villains like Dormammu, Knull, Mephisto and Gorr the God Butcher.

These are some of the most visually impressive spectacles in MARVEL Future Fight as you battle gigantic foes in multi-stage battles.

You and allies work together to deal as much damage as possible to the World Boss within the time limit. The more you play, the higher your raid level rises for increased difficulty and rewards.

Strategy revolves around using specific strikers and support characters to counter each World Boss. With the right mix, even new players can contribute.

Victories over these grand-scale battles reward T3 materials, artifacts, awakening crystals, comic cards, and more top-tier gear to grow your forces.

Rally your Alliance and unleash full power in coordinated attacks against the most dangerous threats the Marvel Universe has to offer!

Competitive Modes

Beyond PvE content, MARVEL Future Fight offers intense PvP modes to test your mettle against other players and alliances.

Timeline Battle

Timeline Battle is the 1 on 1 PvP mode where you can fight against another player’s team.

You first select 3 teams of 3 characters each to defend. Then you attack enemy defenses with your best heroes. Winning earns Timeline Battle Tokens to purchase PvP exclusive rewards.

Strategy comes from building teams with synergy and equipping PvP oriented builds on your heroes. Timeline meta characters with regeneration or reflect skills are ideal for defense.

Make sure to participate at least 5 times daily for Timeline Battle participation rewards. And spend Tokens before weekly reset to buy supplies.

Dominating Timeline Battle requires strong characters and smart team building. Outwit your PvP opponents!

Alliance Tournament

Alliance Tournament pits Alliances against each other in large scale PvP warfare.

In Tournament, Alliances are divided into groups for the season. You battle opposing Alliances within your group each week.

Each phase, you select teams to attack specific enemy bases. There are various base layouts and strategies needed for each.

Earning more victories than the opposing Alliance progresses your Alliance to the next phase. Win enough to advance further into higher bracket tournaments for better rewards.

Communicate tactics with your Alliance and coordinate attacks. Tournament encourages building a deep bench of heroes suited for the challenges ahead.

Teamwork is key! Work together to best intense raids and climb the competitive Alliance Tournament ranks.


Shadowland is a tower dungeon mode with 100+ randomly generated floors of various challenges to overcome.

Each floor has certain requirements like only Villain characters or physical damage dealers. Identifying the restrictions is key to success.

Floors start out easy but quickly ramp up requiring tactical use of your entire roster as you progress upwards. Manage hero health and abilities carefully.

Completing floors earns tokens to open Shadowland Chests containing bios, obelisks, comic cards, Uniform Upgrade Kits, and more valuable prizes.

See how high you can climb each week before Shadowland resets. It takes resourceful use of different heroes to reach the pinnacle!


MARVEL Future Fight features deep progression systems for developing your roster over time. Here are some key methods:

Leveling Up Characters

As you play with characters, they earn experience points to reach higher levels up to the current cap of 70.

Higher levels provide stat increases to make your heroes stronger. Leveling up also boosts their gear enhancement cap and unlocks additional skills.

Use EXP chips earned from events and game modes to accelerate leveling if needed. But normal playing organically grows your Agent level and hero levels.

Also equip EXP boosting ISOs and Comic Cards to further speed up leveling when grinding Experience.

Upgrading Skills

Each hero has a set of skills that can be enhanced by spending gold.

Enhancing skills increases their damage/healing values and often adds extra effects like increasing buff durations.

Level up your most used skills first. Getting key skills to max level dramatically boosts a hero’s power.

Make sure to regularly develop your hero skills alongside their level. Combine skill upgrading with gear and ISO boosts to maximize heroes.

Enhancing Gear

Gear refers to aspects like armor, weapons, and accessories equipped on each character.

Using resources like gold, gear upgrade kits, and enhancements, you can boost each gear piece to higher ranks.

Enhancing gear increases the main offensive and defensive stats of a hero. Taking gear to +20 raises these attributes substantially.

So investing in gear ranks is critical to making your heroes battle ready. High gear levels really separate the elite from the weak!

Awakening Characters

Awakening uses Mutant Genesis, Awakening Crystals and other rare materials to unlock buffs and bonuses on native T2 characters.

Awakened abilities include increases to all attributes, extra skill effects, passive buffs, stat boosts, and more.

Maximizing Awakening levels requires substantial investment but significantly empowers your best heroes.

Awakening crystals can be earned from Dimension Missions, Alliance Store, and WBU. Make Awakening key heroes a priority.

Leveling, gear, skills and Awakening all combine to take your characters from zeroes to heroes. Properly enhancing your roster makes all the difference!


Progress in MARVEL Future Fight requires acquiring and managing key resources. Here are some of the most important ones:


Gold is used to upgrade skills, enhance gear, improve uniforms, craft cards/obelisks, and more. It’s constantly in high demand.

Daily gold income comes from challenges, Co-Op play rewards, and Alliance chests. Special events provide gold boosts too.

Make sure to upgrade Story Mode stages to Advanced Difficulty for more gold per clear. Fully running Dimension Rifts, World Boss, and Shadowland gives useful gold hauls.

Allocation of gold requires prioritizing certain heroes and areas of progress. Spreading gold too thin will slow overall advancement.


Crystals are premium currency purchased with real money or acquired from free daily rewards/objectives.

Crystals allow purchasing unequippable uniforms, unlocking heroes, refilling Dimension Rift entries, and acquiring additional gold.

Using Crystals to unlock paywall characters like Namor, Nick Fury, and Ghost Panther is recommended. Save Crystals for occasional uniform sales too.

Monthly subscriptions that provide major Crystal income are extremely beneficial investments toward faster progression.


ISO-8 gives heroes additional attributes and boosts their performance. Matching ISO-8 Sets provide extra effects.

Always be combining and upgrading ISO-8 through the Convert and Enhance menus using gold. This creates stronger ISO-8 to equip.

Good ISO-8 sets like Power of Angry Hulk or Overdrive should be sought for your main characters. Custom tailor sets to each hero.

Leveling equipped ISO-8 to 6 stars takes substantial resources but significantly buffs heroes. ISO-8 management is perpetual.

Chaos Norn Stones

Chaos Norn Stones and types like Debris, Essence, and Dust are used to upgrade potential which improves stats.

Potential goes from 1 star to 6 stars. Higher potential plus levels within each provide big stat effects.

Daily Dimension Missions and Shield Lab give Norn Stones. Combine them through the Processor to create higher tier Norns.

Unlocking a hero’s potential is a priority early on. Keep accumulating Norn Stones to maximize characters’ potential over time.

Collect and leverage these resources wisely on your path to gaining ultimate power!

Tips and Tricks

Use these MARVEL Future Fight tips and tricks to get the most out of your roster and gameplay:

How to get the most out of your characters

  • Skill rotation mastery maximizes your damage output. Practice chaining skills smoothly.
  • Strive to cap stats like Skill Cooldown Reduction, Ignore Defense, Critical Rate/Damage.
  • Uniforms add new skills and boosts. Acquire key uniforms to empower top heroes.
  • Custom gear like CTPs and premium comic cards further enhance heroes. Slowly accumulate over time.
  • Max out characters’ gear, ISO sets, potential, uniform upgrades, and uru amplification.
  • Awaken top-tier native T2s for substantial attributes and damage increases from awakened skills.
  • Support characters grant boosts via team-up bonuses, leaderships, and passives. Build and utilize supports.

With meticulous enhancement of gear, skill levels, uniforms, stats and more, you can push each hero to their peak.

How to defeat difficult bosses

  • Bring the proper heroes to counter troublesome boss mechanics. Learn boss patterns.
  • Strikers can be selected for additional damage and effects against World Bosses. Choose ideal strikers.
  • Increase Raid Level gradually to get access to CTPs and premium comic cards from World Bosses.
  • Freeze obelisks help render World Bosses vulnerable by freezing them momentarily during attacks.
  • Debuffs and crowd control can impede devastating boss attacks. Apply liberal weakness exposures.
  • Dodge well and avoid getting trapped against bosses with corner collision skills and attacks.
  • For Giant Boss Raid, collect medals to purchase artifacts that provide major buffs.

With the right heroes and strategy tailored to each mighty boss, even new players can emerge victorious.

How to progress quickly

  • Log in daily for free rewards, boost points, events, and game mode entries.
  • Join an active, supportive Alliance for daily perks, bonuses, and team play help.
  • Always repeat highest available Story chapters and Special Missions for most experience and items.
  • Manual repeat Dimension Rifts daily for exclusive material farming.
  • Do X-Gene Subscriptions and Stark Stash for premium resources. Spend Crystals during sales.
  • Initially focus resources on just 1-2 characters to maximize their power for carrying.
  • Participate in all Alliance content like Raid, Conquest, and Battle for valuable rewards.
  • Check stores frequently for rare resources. Always combine and craft items when possible.
  • Buy uniform and T2 optimization discounts to strengthen key heroes cheaper and faster.

Efficient resource management, team guidance, and focus will accelerate your Marvel Future Fight journey.

Advanced Mechanics

MARVEL Future Fight has several advanced battle mechanics to master:

Team Synergies

Dig deeper into hero synergies beyond just team bonuses.

  • Leadership skills that complement certain characters. Example: Beast leading X-Men.
  • Passive support effects that activate from an ally. Example: Weapon Hex boosting leadership allies.
  • Buffs that enable certain skills. Example: Valkyrie enabling Ignore Dodge.
  • Team attacks triggering assist attacks. Example: Cable chaining to Deadpool.
  • Shared buff effects between multiple skills. Example: Doctor Strange’s shared buff with Wong and Ancient One.

Look at the whole picture of how skills interact beyond just damage numbers. Building synergistic teams makes them more than the sum of their parts.

Leader Skills

Leader skills are passive abilities that provide bonuses to certain other characters on a team.

Leader skills come in various types:

  • Class based: Boosting Blast, Speed, Combat, or Universal types.
  • Team based: Boosting Avengers, X-Men, Asgardians, etc.
  • Attribute based: Increasing damage, dodge, HP, etc.
  • Character based: Boosting specific heroes like Star-Lord leading Guardians.

Factor in leaderships when assembling your squad for maximum effect. A leadership can make a big impact.

Also equip leader ISO sets like Power of Angry Hulk and Overdrive to further enhance leaderships.

Passive Skills

Many characters have passive skills that automatically trigger benefits. Some examples:

  • Increased damage to certain types like villains or heroes.
  • Chance to revive when defeated.
  • Reflecting a portion of damage taken back at the attacker.
  • Removing debuffs periodically.
  • Auto-heal over time.
  • Increased damage based on lost HP.
  • Entering modes with full skill cooldowns ready.

Passives don’t require activation. But reading each hero’s passives is key to understanding their playstyle and team role.

Active Skills

Carefully reading active skill descriptions reveals intricacies:

  • damage types: physical, energy, elemental damage
  • crowd control effects: bind, stun, fracture, paralysis, fear
  • situational boosts: vs airborne, vs slowed enemies, etc.
  • buffs applied: super armor, damage increase, crit rate up
  • debuffs applied: decrease defense, remove active buffs, silence
  • animations and ranges: frontal cone, radial AoE, ranged beam, melee, i-frames

Analyze skills and use them tactically. Your skill rotation and targeting matters immensely. Master skill synergies across your full roster.

MARVEL Future Fight brings the action-packed world of Marvel superheroes and villains to life through polished combat and progression systems. Whether you want to live out Avengers movie fantasies, assemble artistic Altuniform teams, or push PvP rankings, the game delivers an enjoyable experience.

With over 200 playable characters, each customizable in abilities, uniforms, and gear, you have endless options to battle through game modes like Dimension Rifts, Giant Boss Raids, and Alliance Tournaments. The strategic depth beyond the eye-catching graphics and animations will engage players for the long term.

For Marvel fans or anyone looking for fulfilling RPG combat on mobile, MARVEL Future Fight is easy to recommend. Expand your Marvel knowledge even further by taking a deep dive into the massive universe this game has adapted so impressively. If you want to command an elite force of heroes against the most dangerous threats, this Future Fight is yours for the taking.

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