Monopoly Go Strategies – Outplay Your Opponents and Win Big

Monopoly Go is a mobile app version of the classic Monopoly board game published by Marmalade Game Studio. It brings the iconic property trading game to iOS and Android devices, with new twists like auctions and deals.

How Monopoly Go is Different from the Board Game

While Monopoly Go sticks to the core gameplay of rolling dice, moving around the board, and buying properties, it makes some changes to adapt Monopoly to a mobile format. Instead of taking turns rolling physical dice, dice rolls are automated. The game is played in real-time with short 2-5 minute play sessions. There is no banker – all monetary transactions are handled automatically.

Monopoly Go mobile game

Some other differences include:

  • The board is more compact with just 20 properties instead of 40.
  • There are no Chance or Community Chest cards. Instead there are just Chance spaces that provide rent discounts and other benefits.
  • No paper money is used. All money is tracked digitally.
  • Auctions allow players to bid on unowned properties.
  • Deals let you collect rent or make trades with offline opponents.

How to Play Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is easy to pick up. When it’s your turn, tap the dice to roll and move your token around the board. If you land on an unowned property, you can buy it. Buy as many properties as you can to build houses and hotels and charge higher rent to opponents who land on them.

When an opponent lands on a property you own, you earn rent based on the number of houses/hotels on it. Build hotels as soon as possible to charge the highest rent. If you run low on money, you can mortgage properties or make a deal with offline opponents to get cash quickly.

The goal is to bankrupt all your opponents by draining their cash reserves. Keep an eye on your opponents’ money levels. When an opponent has little cash left, avoid their properties so you don’t give them rent that lets them recover. Be the last player standing to win!

Tips and Strategies for Winning at Monopoly Go

Here are some tips to improve your Monopoly Go game:

  • Roll doubles to get out of jail quickly.
  • Buy as many properties early on as possible. Don’t wait to build houses/hotels.
  • Mortgage properties temporarily if you need more cash.
  • Make deals for rent and trades with offline opponents.
  • Bid aggressively at auctions to block opponents from getting key properties.
  • Save Chance card perks like extra rolls and free jails to use later in the game.
  • Watch opponents’ cash levels and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • If an opponent is low on cash, avoid landing on their properties.

Using smart building, trading, and deal-making strategies is key to winning at Monopoly Go. Master them to bankrupt opponents and stand victorious.

Monopoly Go Features

Monopoly Go provides a digital version of the Monopoly board game optimized for mobile devices. It includes classic Monopoly features along with new mechanics like auctions and deals.

The Monopoly Go Board

The Monopoly Go board is a streamlined version of the classic Monopoly board. It has 20 properties grouped into 6 color sets instead of 40 properties in 8 sets. This tighter board is designed to allow for faster Monopoly Go gameplay.

The 6 property color groups are:

  • Brown – Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue
  • Light Blue – Oriental Avenue, Vermont Avenue
  • Pink – St. Charles Place, States Avenue
  • Orange – New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue
  • Red – Kentucky Avenue, Indiana Avenue
  • Yellow – Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor Avenue

The 4 corner squares are Go, Jail/Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. There are also 2 Chance squares that provide rent discounts, extra dice rolls, and other perks.

Having fewer properties allows games to finish faster. With only 20 properties, players are able to buy and build houses/hotels quicker. This increased pace requires adjusted strategies compared to standard Monopoly.

Monopoly Go Properties

Properties work similarly to the board game. Players buy unowned properties they land on. They collect rent from opponents who land on their properties based on the number of houses/hotels built.

Property groups have fixed rent prices:

  • Brown – $2 base rent, $20 with 1 house, $100 with hotel
  • Light Blue – $3 base rent, $30 with 1 house, $150 with hotel
  • Pink – $4 base rent, $40 with 1 house, $200 with hotel
  • Orange – $6 base rent, $60 with 1 house, $300 with hotel
  • Red – $8 base rent, $80 with 1 house, $400 with hotel
  • Yellow – $10 base rent, $100 with 1 house, $500 with hotel

Building evenly across a group unlocks higher rent prices. Strategic building is important to charge opponents higher rents.

Monopoly Go Chance and Community Chest Cards

Monopoly Go does not use Chance or Community Chest cards. Instead it has 2 Chance spaces on the board that provide a variety of perks.

Landing on a Chance space can give you benefits like:

  • Get out of jail free card
  • Free property repairs
  • Rent break by collecting only $1 rent from opponents
  • Extra dice roll
  • Random amount of cash

These Chance perks replace the luck-based card mechanics from standard Monopoly. You have to land on Chance spaces at key points in the game to utilize them.

Monopoly Go Auctions

When a player lands on an unowned property but chooses not to buy it, an auction is triggered. All players can bid on the property until the highest bidder wins.

Auctions add a big strategic element, allowing players to value properties differently. For example, a player might pay more to block opponents from getting a key monopoly.

You can bid any amount – you don’t need cash on hand. But winning an auction reduces your starting cash reserves, which are limited.

Monopoly Go Deals

Deals allow you to engage with offline AI opponents to collect rent or make trades. Through deals you can:

  • Collect full rent owed from offline players
  • Negotiate trades of properties and cash
  • Mortgage your properties to receive cash immediately

The AI will make offers and counteroffers as you negotiate deals. Make deals to get cash when low or trade properties to complete monopolies.

Monopoly Go Bankruptcy

If you run out of cash and can’t generate more through deals, you’ll lose the game by going bankrupt. Opponents will get all your properties and any buildings on them.

Carefully manage your expenses and cash flow to avoid suddenly going bankrupt. Make deals before you run out of reserves or mortgage properties to get temporary cash injections when needed.

Monopoly Go In-App Purchases

You can progress in Monopoly Go for free, but there are options to speed up progress with in-app purchases. You can unlock:

  • Ticket packs to play more games per hour
  • Account boosts to increase cash reserves and building speed
  • Board skins with unique property themes
  • Tokens based on Monopoly pieces like the cat, car, and battleship

These optional purchases let you play longer sessions and progress faster. But competitive play is still possible without paying anything.

Monopoly Go Gameplay

Monopoly Go delivers the full experience of Monopoly in quick 2-5 minute sessions optimized for mobile play. Games progress rapidly as players buy properties, build houses, make deals, and collect rents to bankrupt opponents.

Taking Your Turn

On your turn, tap the dice icon to automatically roll and move your token around the board. If you land on an unowned property, you can buy it or put it up for auction.

When landing on an opponent’s property, your cash decreases automatically as you pay them rent. If you run out of cash, you lose immediately.

Once done moving, play passes to the next opponent. Turns go quickly thanks to the automation of dice rolling and monetary transactions.

Buying and Selling Properties

A key part of Monopoly Go is buying and selling properties strategically. Properties that are part of color groups are more valuable for completing monopolies.

When capital is low, consider mortgaging weaker properties to get quick funds. Trading properties through deals can help complete monopolies. Having complete monopolies with houses/hotels allows you to charge higher rent.

Look for any opportunities to acquire particularly strong properties like the oranges and reds. Use auctions to win properties at lower prices or block opponents.

Building Houses and Hotels

Building houses and hotels on your properties increases rent prices. As soon as you have the funds available, start building evenly across property groups.

Building early is important, as once all houses run out no more can be built. Click on a property and select “Build” to construct houses for that group.

Be strategic about timing. Delay building until just before an opponent’s turn to maximize their rent. Build hotels once all properties in a group have houses for the highest rent.

Landing on Chance and Community Chest Spaces

Instead of drawing cards, landing on the two Chance spaces in Monopoly Go provides random perks and bonuses. This can give you advantages like:

  • Free property repairs – Houses and hotels fixed for free
  • Extra dice rolls – Roll again for free after your turn
  • Rent discounts – Opponents only pay $1 rent on properties
  • Jail free card – Get out of jail without paying
  • Cash bonuses – Receive random cash amounts

Use these perks wisely when they come up to swing the game in your favor.

Going to Jail

Landing on Go to Jail or rolling triples sends you to jail. Escape by:

  • Rolling doubles on your next rolls while in jail
  • Using a “Get out of jail free” Chance card
  • Paying $50 bail on your next turn

Staying in jail is safer when opponents have expensive monopolies. But you’ll want to get out quickly if you have key monopolies to collect rent from opponents.

Declaring Bankruptcy

If your cash balance hits $0 and you can’t raise funds through deals, you immediately lose the game by going bankrupt. This ends your session quickly.

Before declaring bankruptcy, mortgage properties or make deal trades to get last-minute cash. Bankruptcy should be avoided at all costs.

Winning the Game

The goal is to bankrupt all your opponents by draining their cash reserves. Keep a close eye on their balances.

As opponents get low on funds, avoid landing on their properties. This prevents giving them rent that lets them recover.

When the last opponent goes bankrupt, you emerge victorious! You’ll also win automatically if all other players leave the game before going bankrupt.

Monopoly Go Tips and Strategies

Monopoly Go moves fast, so you need to use the right strategies to buy properties, make deals, and bankrupt opponents before they do the same to you. Here are some top tips for winning:

Choose Your Starting Piece Wisely

Pick a token like the car or top hat that lands on key property groups early. This allows you to buy and develop powerful monopolies first.

Avoid pieces that get stuck in jail often. The wheelbarrow in particular seems to roll triples and get jailed frequently.

Focus On Buying Properties Early On

Use your starting cash to buy as many properties as possible right away. Don’t save up too long waiting for monopolies.

Owning properties, even spread across groups, lets you start collecting rent immediately. Trading properties later to complete monopolies is easy through deals.

Don’t Be Afraid to Trade Properties

Don’t get too attached to properties you own. Smart trades through deals can complete monopolies and increase your rents.

Trade weaker properties with low rent for a competitor’s property you need to complete a group. Improving rent potential outweighs losing properties.

Build Houses and Hotels as Soon as You Can

Develop properties with houses and hotels quickly. Higher rents will cripple opponents.

Don’t wait too long to build or you may miss the chance once houses run out. Construct evenly across property groups.

Use Chance and Community Chest Cards to Your Advantage

Chance spaces give great benefits, so use them wisely. Try to save “Get out of jail free” cards until really needed.

The $1 rent discount is also powerful. Use it just before an opponent rolls to avoid giving them high rent payments when they land on your developed properties.

Avoid Landing on Opponents’ Properties

Analyze the board to see where opponents have key monopolies. Do your best to avoid landing on those properties.

Roll conservatively if you see landing risks ahead. With good chance, you can skip over dangerous properties this turn.

Manage Your Money Carefully

Don’t spend too freely early on or you may go bankrupt fast. Have $500+ before building houses/hotels.

Mortgage properties temporarily when cash gets low. Make deals to raise funds quickly before you go bankrupt.

Monopoly Go Beginner Mistakes

Monopoly Go rewards aggressive building, trading, and deal making. Beginners often play too passively, missing opportunities that let experienced opponents bankrupt them. Here are common new player mistakes:

Buying Too Many Properties Too Early

Don’t buy every property you land on at the start. You will run out of cash to build houses and hotels.

Prioritize certain color groups and save to develop those key properties first.

Not Building Houses and Hotels

A big mistake is not developing properties with houses and hotels once able. Building as soon as possible maximizes rent collection.

Don’t save up cash endlessly without building. Opponents will develop faster and charge higher rents.

Landing on Opponents’ Properties Too Often

Analyze the board and see where opponents have positioned key monopolies. Avoid landing on those properties if possible.

Don’t take unnecessary risks just to get a favored property. Remaining solvent is more important.

Not Managing Your Money Carefully

You start with limited reserves. Spend too much early on properties and you may go bankrupt.

Carefully mortgage properties or make deals when cash gets low. Don’t wait until you are completely broke.

Not Trading Properties

Many beginners refusal to trade any properties. But good trades through deals can let you complete monopolies.

Don’t get too attached to properties you own. Trading weaker ones can greatly increase overall rent collection.

Not Using Chance and Community Chest Cards to Your Advantage

Many newcomers forget to utilize Chance space perks at key moments.

Use cards like $1 rent and extra rolls to outmaneuver opponents at critical junctures. Time them for maximum impact.

Monopoly Go Advanced Strategies

Once you grasp the basics, there are advanced tactics that experienced players use to dominate games. Here are some of the most effective:

Using Leverage to Your Advantage

Savvy players mortgage properties early, even if not always needed, to create artificial cash scarcity. This forces opponents to make desperate deals favorable to you.

By presenting the image you might go bankrupt soon, you can often acquire properties and deals. Then unmortgage properties once in a stronger position.

Forcing Opponents Into Bankruptcy

Aim to acquire a particularly strong monopoly like the oranges. Develop it with houses/hotels quickly.

Opponents landing on it will rapidly go bankrupt as you drain their reserves through massive rent. They have little counterplay options once you have a developed orange monopoly.

Making Strategic Deals

The best players think many turns ahead when making property trades. They analyze planned building and foresee future rent potentials.

Propose deals favoring you in the long-term. Opponents focused on their current position will accept one-sided trades.

Reading Opponents’ Strategies

Study what properties opponents are buying and developing to predict their strategy.

Use this insight to counter effectively. If an opponent is pursuing oranges, sell them a weaker orange property to block the monopoly.

Outthink and outmaneuver opponents by understanding their game plan and acting to counter it.

Monopoly Go Tournaments

Monopoly Go has competitive ranked matches along with single player games versus AI. You can participate in daily and seasonal tournaments to test your skills and win exclusive rewards.

How to Participate in a Monopoly Go Tournament

  • Tournaments have entry fees ranging from $1 to $10 which contribute to the prize pool.
  • Schedule times when you can play full tournament games uninterrupted. They can last 1-2 hours.
  • Build your ranking by winning games against skilled opponents first. You are matched versus players of similar rank.
  • Play aggressively and quickly. Use advanced tactics to gain advantages over opponents.
  • Analyze opponents’ play styles and capitalize on any common mistakes you notice.

Tips for Winning a Monopoly Go Tournament

Succeeding in competitive tournaments requires utilizing the best strategies:

  • Learn each board and start position thoroughly to optimize early turns.
  • Make quick decisions. Don’t waste time debating deals.
  • Leverage mortgages and desperate opponents to get favorable deals.
  • Hoard Chance cards like Free Parking and extra dice rolls for late game.
  • Develop key monopolies early even if it requires overpaying.
  • Drain remaining opponents’ cash rapidly once they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Think quickly, spend efficiently, negotiate aggressively, and defeat all who stand in your path to victory!

Monopoly Go skillfully adapts the famous Monopoly board game into a fast-paced mobile app. It streamlines gameplay elements like the board and cash transactions to create quick, compelling sessions.

The classic formula of buying properties, building monopolies, and charging rent remains intact. New additions like auctions and deals add more strategic options.

Fast competitive matches test your skills at efficiently bankrupting opponents. Mastering practices like making optimal trades and targeting properties amplifies your domination.

Monopoly Go is an addictive digital version of the timeless real estate game. Compact and focused, it provides enjoyable bite-sized gameplay on iOS and Android devices for both casual fans and hardcore strategists.

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