What is the Best Army in Clash of Clans? (2023 Guide)

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games available today. In this epic combat game, players build their own villages, raise clans, and engage in epic Clan Wars against millions of other players around the world. An integral part of the Clash of Clans gameplay is assembling your army and attacking enemy villages to earn resources and trophies. But with so many troop types and army compositions to choose from, what is truly the best army in Clash of Clans?

When examining the armies available in Clash of Clans, there are a few key factors to consider. Your Town Hall level is hugely important, as higher Town Hall levels unlock more powerful troops and siege machines. The amount of resources (gold, elixir, dark elixir) at your disposal also impacts which units you can train and how many. You’ll also want to think about your personal playstyle and preferences – do you prefer air attacks or ground attacks? Do you like to use sneaky tactics or overwhelming force?

The layout of the enemy base is another critical element. You’ll want to tailor your army composition to exploit weaknesses in the enemy base design. Certain builds fare better against compact bases with centralized Town Halls, while others excel at picking apart spread out bases. The league you are playing in also matters. Lower leagues allow for more expensive armies, while competitive leagues require leaner, more efficient units and strategies.

Given all these factors, there is no definitive “best army” that works in every scenario. However, through research and community consensus, expert players have narrowed down some of the strongest, most reliable army compositions in Clash of Clans. In this article, we will take a look at some of the current top contenders for best army and discuss when you may want to use each.

One of the most powerful and popular armies is the Golem-Witch-Bowler combo. This infantry-heavy army tears through bases with high hitpoints across multiple units. Golems serve as the tanks, soaking up damage on the frontlines. Behind them, witches and bowlers deal area damage from relative safety.

Golem-Witch-Bowler armies are strong for several reasons. Their high hitpoints allow them to withstand a lot of damage from defenses. Once the Golems engage defenses, the backline units are relatively protected. The combination of area damage, high DPS, and ranged attacks means this army excels at clearing out bases methodically.

The tradeoff is that Golem-Witch-Bowler armies are relatively slow moving. Once deployed, the action unfolds slowly as the troops march through the base. This army struggles against bases with concentrated high DPS defenses like Inferno Towers. It is also quite expensive in terms of dark elixir.

For players who prefer air assaults, Electro Dragon-Lava Hound-Balloon armies are excellent choices. The heavy Lava Hounds absorb damage and protect the fragile damage dealers behind them. Electro Dragons and Balloons tear through defenses with high DPS, especially Versus clustered buildings.

The main advantages of this air army are mobility and the ability to bypass walls. Electro Dragons, Lava Hounds, and Balloons can access any part of the base regardless of walls. Their combined high damage output demolishes defenses quickly. Bases with defenses spread far apart struggle against this swarming aerial attack.

However, air armies are vulnerable to air bombs, air sweepers, and anti-air defenses like Wizard Towers. Too many of these defenses can cripple an Electro Dragon-Lava Hound-Balloon army. It also requires significant elixir and dark elixir investment, so may not be sustainable for all players.

For fast-paced attacks focused on resource raids, Miner-Hog Rider-Wall Breaker armies are excellent. The Miners and Hog Riders quickly target key defenses and resources, while Wall Breakers open up compartments. Together, they rapidly press through bases.

The speed and surgical strikes of Miner-Hog Rider-Wall Breaker armies overwhelm many defenses. Their ability to bypass or destroy walls and attack from any angle makes them hard to stop. When used properly, this army can snipe Town Halls and Dark Elixir drills with precision.

However, this army lacks good synergy between units. Miners, Hog Riders, and Wall Breakers do not provide combined offensive power. Splash defenses demolish the swarms of individual units. It also requires heavy elixir investment, limiting raid frequency.

The final type of top-tier army is the hybrid approach. By combining ground and air troops, or cheap and expensive units, hybrid armies provide versatility and customization. For example, pairing Golems with Dragons covers both ground and air weaknesses. Adding Wizards provides ranged damage.

Hybrid armies allow for infinite innovation based on the specific enemy base. Their diversity makes them less predictable and adaptable on the fly. In the hands of a skilled attacker, hybrid armies can be extremely potent.

Of course, designing a hybrid army requires thorough understanding of troop interactions. They can be expensive to train and complex to execute properly. But the sheer potential of hybrid armies keeps them popular at high-level play.

Now that we’ve covered some of the current contenders for the best army in Clash of Clans, how do you actually go about choosing which one to use? First, you must consider your Town Hall level, as that determines troop availability. As a general rule, higher Town Hall levels unlock stronger troops and siege machines that make top armies viable.

Your available resources are also key. Very expensive armies like Golem-Witch-Bowler or LavaLoonion require significant elixir, dark elixir, and time to train. Make sure you can sustain the troop production needed. Sometimes simpler, cheaper armies are more reliable.

Analyzing your personal playstyle can steer you toward ideal armies. If you are patient and methodical, ground-based armies play to those strengths. If you prefer overwhelming force, look to expensive air armies. And those who enjoy intricacy may thrive with hybrid builds.

But often, the enemy base design itself dictates the best army composition. Study the layout for weaknesses and defense placements. Look for openings in walls, gaps between defenses, concentrated damage sources, and unprotected resources. Tailoring your army to exploit the specific base is key.

Finally, keep in mind the league you are playing in. Lower leagues allow for more versatility, as weaker defenses permit unconventional approaches. Higher leagues demand optimal, fine-tuned armies to emerge victorious against the tough bases. Make sure to adjust your army composition to the competition level.

Golem, Witch, and Bowler

The Golem, Witch, and Bowler army composition has been a staple high-level attack strategy for years. This potent combination of ground forces exerts relentless pressure through multiple waves of summoned troops. When executed properly, this army overwhelms defenses through attrition and accumulates a crushing advantage over time.

Golem, Witch, and Bowler


  • High hitpoint troops act as tanks – Golems have very high hitpoints, allowing them to absorb damage from defenses. This enables the Witches and Bowlers behind to attack freely. Placing Golems strategically as initial deployments is key.
  • Powerful area damage behind tanks – Once the Golems engage defenses, the Witches and Bowlers deal devastating area damage unimpeded. Their combined DPS clears out large sections of the base.
  • Self-sustaining troop production – A key advantage of this army is the continuously spawning skeletons from Witches. This self-sustaining troop production overwhelms many bases.
  • Ability to push deep into bases – The layered nature of tanks, damage dealers, and spawned troops enables this army to penetrate deep into bases through multiple defensive layers.
  • Remains potent throughout battle – Even if the initial Golems are defeated, the spawned Skeletons and remaining Witches/Bowlers maintain offensive pressure. This staying power is immense.


  • Slow troop movement – With no fast-moving troops, the Golem-Witch-Bowler army is relatively slow paced. This gives defenses substantial time to inflict damage as it plodsthrough the base.
  • Vulnerable to concentrated defenses – Multi-target Inferno Towers can quickly defeat Golem tanks. Scattershots and Wizard Towers also demolish grouped up Skeleton hordes. Some base designs hard-counter this army.
  • High dark elixir cost – Golems and Bowlers are expensive in terms of dark elixir. Mass producing this army consumes substantial resources, limiting raid frequency.
  • Weak against flying Clan Castle troops – Most ground armies struggle against mass Dragon or Balloon Clan Castle troops. Timely lures and kills of enemy Clan Castle troops are essential.

Viability by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 11

Golem-Witch-Bowler armies gain major power spikes at Town Hall 11 with Bowlers and the Grand Warden. Excellent for pushing to Champions League and beyond. Use Stone Slammers to break compartments.

Town Hall 12

Remains very potent at Town Hall 12, especially with the addition of Siege Barracks. Ice Golems provide even more tanking and stalling power. Can overwhelm maxed Town Hall 11 bases.

Town Hall 13

Still viable but starts to struggle against Scattershots and higher level Giga Tesla bombs. Requires very good planning and executions to triple maxed Town Hall 13 bases. Weakens at high Legend League.

Town Hall 14

Significantly declines at Town Hall 14 as new defenses like Scattershots shut down massed Skeletons. Still usable but Hybrid and LavaLoon are generally stronger TH14 attack options.

Steps to Implement Effectively

  1. Lure and eliminate enemy Clan Castle troops – Use a few expendable troops to lure out the CC. Eliminate enemy CC with Poison Spells, Witches, Archer Queen, etc.
  2. Funnel troops – Use Baby Dragons, Wizards, or your Battle Blimp to create a funnel to steer Golems, Witches, Bowlers into the base. Proper funneling prevents flanking.
  3. Deploy Golems – Place 1-2 Golems at an angle where they will engage key defenses like Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers. Avoid point defenses like Cannons initially.
  4. Deploy Witches and Bowlers behind Golems – Give a few seconds for Golems to absorb fire, then deploy Witches and Bowlers in a line behind them. Witches first to summon Skeletons.
  5. Rage through core defenses – Use Rage Spells to boost DPS of Golems, Witches, Bowlers to overwhelm central defenses like X-Bows, Infernos, Town Hall.
  6. Heal through remaining defenses – As troops push to backend of the base, use Heal Spells to counter Wizard Towers, Giant Bombs, and other remaining defenses.
  7. Warden ability for key damage moments – Use Grand Warden ability to protect troops from Eagle Artillery shots, Giga Tesla explosions, and Multi-Inferno beams. Time it well!

CC Troop Options

Yetis – Strong melee DPS and tanking makes Yetis excellent additions to the army. Rage them with the main force.

Witches – More Witches simply enhances the main army, providing more Skeletons and damage output. Great choice.

Ice Golems – Ice Golems create slowed areas to make the push easier. Can substitute regular Golems.

Bowlers – More Bowlers add more damage behind the tanks. Crucial for high DPS on the core.

Electro Dragon, Lava Hound, and Balloon

If high-flying air assaults are more your speed, the Electro Dragon, Lava Hound, and Balloon army should be your go-to choice. With overwhelming damage and the ability to bypass ground defenses, this composition wrecks bases. Excellent for players who like fast-paced attacks.

Electro Dragon, Lava Hound, and Balloon


  • Lava Hounds tank for other air troops – Lava Hounds have very high health, enabling them to soak up air defense fire while Balloons and Electro Dragons deal damage behind them.
  • Electro Dragons and Balloons target defenses – These troops prioritize targeting defenses, allowing them to cripple key buildings quickly during their rapid movement.
  • Ability to destroy air defenses – Once locked onto air defenses, Balloons and Electro Dragons make short work of them. This removes a key threat to the army.
  • Devastating damage to clustered buildings – The chaining lightning zap of Electro Dragons demolishes closely grouped buildings and defenses. Excellent against compact base layouts.
  • Minimal ground threats – With no ground troops, just a handful of well-placed freezes or rages neutralize ground Expos and Sweepers. Very manageable.


  • Vulnerable to air bombs and traps – Seeking Air Mines, Air Bombs, and Teslas can quickly damage fragile air troops. Proper Scouting and pathing is imperative.
  • Weak against spread out bases – Compact base designs allow for massive chaining damage. But spread out layouts limit Electro Dragon chaining potential.
  • Lava Hounds divert damage from key defenses – Defenses targeting tanking Lava Hounds delays destruction of more threatening buildings like Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers.
  • Earthquake spells mandatory – Lightning spells are ineffective against air troops. Earthquakes are required to soften up clan castle troops and destroy Inferno Towers.
  • Weak against Queen Walks – An Archer Queen walk with healers can shred a scattered LavaLoon army if not dealt with promptly. Always carry cleanup options.

Viability by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 11

Gains major boost with Electro Dragons at Town Hall 11. Devastating with Grand Warden support spells. Solid 3 star capability through Town Hall 11.

Town Hall 12

Still very strong at Town Hall 12. Improved freezes help a lot against Giga Tesla and Scattershots. Remains excellent for pushing trophies in Titans league.

Town Hall 13

Drops off versus maxed Town Hall 13s with boosted Scattershots and high DPS Giga Inferno blasts. Requires excellent planning and reactions to consistently triple.

Town Hall 14

Quite weak at Town Hall 14 – best as cleanup army or for 2 stars. Skelly Spam, Hybrid, and other metas are far stronger. Can still snipe dead Town Halls.

Steps to Implement Effectively

  1. Use test Balloon to trigger potential Seeking Air Mines – Protect your army by sending one Balloon to draw out mines. Search expected trap locations near air defenses.
  2. Lure and eliminate enemy Clan Castle troops – Lure out CC troops with flying troop. Kill anchor troops like Hounds first, then cleanup troops with poison.
  3. Make funnel with heroes – Use Royal Champion, Archer Queen, and/or Battle Blimp to create a funnel. This concentrates Lalo into the core of the base.
  4. Zapquake enemy Queen and Inferno Towers – Use Lightning and Earthquakes to take out Inferno Towers and enemy Archer Queen. Softens up the core significantly.
  5. Deploy Lava Hounds – Place Lava Hounds spaced apart at the start of your Lalo push to tank air bombs and air defense fire from multiple angles.
  6. Deploy Balloons and Electro Dragons behind – Give Lava Hounds a few seconds to tank, then deploy Balloons/Electro Dragons behind. Warden ability here if needed.
  7. Rage and Freeze core defenses – Rage through core Wizard Towers, Eagle Artillery, and remaining Infernos. Freeze them when they lock onto your troops.
  8. Protect troops with Warden -Use Grand Warden ability again if needed as Lalo encircles the base counterclockwise. Keep threats off your damage dealers.

CC Troop Options

Electro Dragon – More chain lightning damage. Helps overwhelm core defenses like Inferno Towers faster.

Balloons – Extra Balloons reinforce the main army. Use for cleanup or a thicker push.

Lava Hound – Adds more tanking and pulls air bombs. Better for more spread out bases.

Dragon – Strong ground defense cleanup. Broader aerial coverage than Balloons.

Miner, Hog Rider, and Wall Breaker

Speed and precision are the hallmarks of expertly executed Miner-Hog Rider-Wall Breaker armies. When your priority is lightning fast attacks and sniping key defenses, this composition is ideal. Let’s examine the unique benefits of this army.

Miner, Hog Rider, and Wall Breaker


  • Extremely fast troop movement – Miners, Hog Riders, and Wall Breakers move at very high speed. This enables them to overwhelm defenses before more damage can accrue.
  • Snipe buildings from any angle – The defining feature of Miners and Hogs is their ability to target buildings from any side, ignoring walls. This allows surgical strikes.
  • Wall Breakers enable access – Quick access to inner compartments comes via Wall Breakers. This facilitates surgically eliminating high value targets.
  • Ability to split into multiple fingers – Sending Miners, Hogs, Wall Breakers in separate streams divides damage intake and multi-tasks.
  • Spells augment damage – Heals allow Miners and Hogs to negate Giant Bombs. Rages drastically boost DPS onto defenses. Time them well!


  • Vulnerable to splash damage – Wizard Towers, Bomb Towers, and Multi-target Infernos shred the swarms of individual Miners and Hogs. Good base designs exploit this.
  • Lacks synergy between units – Miners, Hogs, and Wall Breakers have minimal synergistic benefits. Each works independently, unlike combo armies.
  • Major weakness to Skeleton Traps – Giant Skeleton bombs absolutely ruin Miner and Hog swarm attacks. Always scout and trigger them beforehand.
  • High skill cap – This army has a very high skill ceiling. Knowing when and where to deploy each element at the right time requires immense game knowledge.
  • Not sustainable as primary army – The heavy elixir cost makes this army difficult to use repeatedly. Best reserved as an alternative attack.

Viability by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 11

Quite viable at Town Hall 11. Improved Wall Breakers help a lot. Bring Jump Spells as backup. Excellent with Grand Warden support.

Town Hall 12

Still works well at Town Hall 12, but starts to struggle versus Giga Tesla bombs and Scattershots. Funneling becomes more important.

Town Hall 13

Very weak versus maxed Town Hall 13s. Scattershots, Skeleton Traps, and high DPS from all defenses overwhelms. Not recommended.

Town Hall 14

Fares terribly against the firepower and traps of Town Hall 14. Splash damage shuts down Miners and Hogs easily. Don’t attempt this strategy.

Steps to Implement Effectively

  1. Test for Skeleton Traps with flares – Flare one Miner into each compartment to safely trigger potential Skeleton Traps. Losing one is better than the whole swarm.
  2. Funnel Miners with Queen – Use Archer Queen and a few Miners to create a funnel to the core. This guides the mass Miner deployment to the center.
  3. Break initial layers with Wall Breakers – Use Wall Breakers (and Jump if needed) to open up the first layer of walls leading inside the base.
  4. Deploy mass Miners into the base – All at once, deploy your 30+ Miners into the funneled opening. Warden ability here if needed.
  5. Surgical Hog deployment on defenses – As defenses distract Miners in the core, deploy surgical Hogs 3-4 at a time to snipe positioned defenses.
  6. Heal through Wizard Towers and bombs – When Miners and Hogs engage Wizard Towers and run into Giant Bombs, use Heals to negate the damage.
  7. Freeze and Haste as needed – Use Freezes on Inferno Towers locking your troops. Use Haste to speed through compartments.

CC Troop Options

Yetis – Tanky melee DPS helps immensely behind tank Miners. Rage Yetis into key compartments.

Hogs – More Hogs means faster destruction on outer defenses leading to the core.

Ice Golems – Ice Golems freeze defenses, protecting Wall Breaker entry and Hog/Miner approach.

Valkyries – Valkyries under Rage can shred outer compartments with Miner support.

Hybrid Armies

The ultimate display of skill and creativity is executing hybrid armies that combine multiple troop types. By merging ground, air, tank, and support units, limitless possibilities open up. Tailoring a hybrid army to specifically exploit weaknesses in the enemy base demonstrates master class technique and game knowledge.


  • Highly adaptable to any base – Any troop combinations are possible, allowing complete customization to the base. Hybrids have immense flexibility.
  • Provides strategic element of surprise – Since hybrid armies are so customizable, opponents can’t predict your exact troop composition or deployment strategy. This provides the advantage of unpredictability.
  • Enables creative innovations – Pioneering a unique hybrid army that no one has seen before allows you to demolish bases designed to counter standard attacks. Innovation pays off.
  • Covers individual troop weaknesses – Meld air and ground units to negate the weaknesses of each. Or add support troops to cover tank vulnerabilities. Hybridization patches holes.
  • Maximum offensive map coverage – The wider variety of deployment angles from multiple troop types spreads damage across the whole base. This diffuses defensive power.


  • High skill cap required – Designing effective hybrid armies requires immense game knowledge and experience. Knowing interactions between every troop is crucial.
  • Often resource intensive – Combining many troop types inevitably costs large amounts of elixir and dark elixir. Hybrids quickly drain coffers. Budget accordingly.
  • Spell composition dilemmas – With divergent troops, should you bring Rages? Heals? Freezes? Pick the wrong spells and attacks fall flat. Understanding when and where to support each element.
  • Hard to master executions – Deploying some troops too early and others too late leads to defeat. Perfectly timing every component of a complex hybrid attack is extremely challenging.
  • Sometimes overcomplicated – In some cases, simpler or more focused armies work better than complex hybrids. Don’t overengineer an army unnecessarily.

Viability by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 11

Gains significant potential with siege machines and Grand Warden at TH11. Excellent for pushing into Champions league. Consider Bowler-Miner and Govape hybrids.

Town Hall 12

Opening up possibilities like Hog-Miner-Laloon hybrids. Still very powerful in the hands of experts. Big boost from Siege Barracks troop donations.

Town Hall 13

Close to the peak viability for hybrid armies. Diverse siege machines and super troops enable highly innovative combinations against TH13s.

Town Hall 14

Remains strong but faces stiffer competition from emerging metas like Skelly Spam. Still a top choice for legends league tournament play.

Steps to Implement Effectively

  1. Determine enemy base weak points – Study the base layout and defenses to identify which areas and troop types to focus on cracking.
  2. Select 2-4 main army elements – Pick the key troops types for ground, air, tanks, and support. Too many elements overcomplicates attacks.
  3. Lure and eliminate CC troops – Don’t neglect this basic step! Draw out and defeat enemy CC early with your heroes or other units.
  4. Funnel hero(es) and siege machine – Use heroes like an Archer Queen and a Battle Blimp to funnel your troop push into the base interior.
  5. Deploy secondary element – Send the earlier trigger troops like Wall Breakers to open walls or Miners to set off.

How to Choose the Best Army for You

Picking the right army is crucial to achieving consistent success in Clash of Clans attacks. Beyond just assessing the strengths of individual compositions, you need to factor in your own profile and gameplay situation. Choosing an army that complements your town hall level, playstyle, and resources will optimize your results.

Consider Your Town Hall Level

The single biggest factor determining viable armies is your town hall level. Higher town hall levels unlock more troops, spells, heroes, and siege machines. At each new town hall, new dominant attack metas emerge while old strategies fade.

For example, Mass Dragons reign supreme at Town Hall 7 and 8 but become obsolete at higher levels. Once you unlock Lava Hounds at Town Hall 9, Lavaloonion eclipses Dragons as the premier air assault army. Golem-based ground armies need the Bowler unlocked at Town Hall 10 to reach top tier status.

So check which troops, spells, and heroes you have available at your current town hall level. Reference the popular meta compositions for that TH level. Focus on practicing the established powerful armies for your town hall to find success.

As you advance to new town hall levels, be prepared to adapt your armies to take advantage of the newest additions. Don’t stick to old strategies past their prime. Evolve your attacks along with your growing arsenal.

Evaluate Your Preferred Playstyle

Clash of Clans supports many different playstyles and preferences. How you like to play should steer your army selection process.

Some players enjoy methodical, high HP troop armies that grind through bases. Others prefer fast-paced attacks and lightning raids. Certain players excel with intricate tactics, while some just want simple overwhelming force.

Also consider if you like ground swarms, air assaults, ranged support troops, tank and spank compositions, etc. Identify your personal playstyle strengths and preferences. Choose complementary armies that allow you to leverage your playstyle and have fun.

Don’t just blindly copy a top army if your playstyle doesn’t mesh well that troop composition. You will have much more success using an army that fits your mentality as an attacker.

Assess Your Available Resources

Resources guide how frequently and expensively you can train armies. The cost in elixir and dark elixir will vary considerably between compositions.

Make sure you have the resource income and reserves necessary to sustain training the army you choose. For example, expensive armies like heavy Lavaloonion or Giants-Witches-Bowlers require large elixir and dark elixir outlays.

On the other hand, cheaper spam armies like Mass Miners or Hog Riders may better suit players on a budget. The ability to train armies repeatedly allows you to gain more attacking experience.

Also factor in how much time you have to train. Some armies like Mass Dragon take very little training time compared to multi-troop compositions. Set yourself up for victory by picking armies that align with your resources.

Scout the Enemy Base Layout

Perhaps the most important army selection factor is the actual layout of the enemy base you are attacking. Certain base designs are prone to specific attack strategies.

Do they have lots of compartmentalization and multiple layers? Troop synergies and siege machines help dramatically. Are defenses clustered near the town hall? Look for high damage combinations like Lavaloon.

See an opening trajectory to the Eagle Artillery and Town Hall? Plan a Queen Charge entry point. Just a few exposed air defenses? Send Minions and Dragons.

Make it a habit to analyze each base for weaknesses against certain armies. Then tailor your army specifically to exploit the flaws and openings in that particular layout.

Adapt to Different Attack Scenarios

The context around an attack can also influence the ideal army composition. There are big differences between farming sessions, pushing trophies, and clan wars.

When farming, cheaper armies train faster to maximize raids per hour. Trophy pushing rewards versatile “three star” compositions that can demolish maxed bases. Clan wars require precision Execution to triple bases on the first attempt.

You may want one default army for farming, another go-to composition for trophy pushing, and finely tuned clan war armies adapted to each base. Remaining flexible with your army based on the attack scenario sets you up for the highest chance of victory.

In summary, picking the right attacking army has multiple considerations beyond just perceived power level. Factor in your current town hall level and its available troop options. Ensure your playstyle matches the army. Check that you have the resources and training time to sustain it. Study enemy base layouts for army weaknesses. And tailor based on the overall context like farming, pushing, or clan wars.

Weigh all these elements together when evaluating the best army for you. This holistic approach will maximize your attacking success in Clash of Clans.

Determining the single best army in Clash of Clans is an endless debate amongst players, as there are dozens of viable compositions and always new tactics emerging. However, based on the current town hall 14 metagame, a few compositions stand out as top-tier strategies.

The Ground archetype of Golem, Witch, Bowler remains potent years later due to the raw power and longevity of high hitpoint troops complemented by area damage backlines. Electro Dragon and Lava Hound air armies feature overwhelming damage potential and the ability to circumvent ground defenses. Miner and Hog Rider compositions provide surgical precision and speed to snipe key defenses. And hybrid mixes enable ultimate customization against specific bases.

Yet there is no army that dominates every possible situation. The ideal attack strategy in Clash of Clans depends heavily on factors like your town hall level, available resources, personal playstyle, the enemy base design, and whether farming, pushing trophies, or conducting clan wars.

Players with lower town hall levels must utilize the limited troops available to them, while higher town halls unlock powerful options like Royal Champions and Super Witches. Gold and elixir reserves determine training capacity for expensive units like Electro Dragons. And a clan war attack on a spread out island base warrants a very different approach than raiding a tightly packed farming village.

Ultimately, experienced players end up developing a repertoire of reliable armies that cover ground, air, hybrid, spam, and precision strategies. They selectively apply the right composition that exploits the inherent weaknesses of each unique enemy base they encounter.

This knowledge comes from continuous experimentation and a willingness to learn from failures. Keep trying out new army compositions, tweak them based on results, and constantly expand your knowledge of troop interactions. Stay up to date on the evolving meta by studying Clash of Clans esports tournaments for army innovation ideas.

With deep experience across armies, you gain an instinct for the right composition to demolish any base. This flexibility and adaptation to each attack scenario will serve you well in all facets of Clash of Clans. Master multiple top-tier strategies on your journey to become the ultimate attacker.

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