The Callisto Protocol: Sci-Fi Horror Survival Game

I love survival horror games. So, I’m super excited for The Callisto Protocol. It’s a new sci-fi thriller from Glen Schofield, who made Dead Space. The game is made by Striking Distance Studios, a team from Krafton, the PUBG company. It’s going to be scary and look amazing.

The game takes place in a scary prison on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. You play as Jacob, a cargo hauler who gets trapped. A virus turns the prisoners into monsters called Biophages. You’ll have to fight and solve puzzles to survive.

Key Takeaways

  • Developed by Striking Distance Studios, a team from PUBG developer Krafton, led by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield
  • Set in a maximum security prison on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter, with a focus on survival horror and atmospheric storytelling
  • Offers a mix of melee combat, upgradable weapons, and unique interactions using a high-tech glove
  • Features various enemy types, including evolving zombies and explosive enemies, with a balance of exploration, storytelling, and combat
  • Noted for its lifelike visuals, sound design, and gruesome creature deaths that enhance the horror elements

Introducing The Callisto Protocol

A Terrifying Sci-Fi Horror Experience

The Callisto Protocol is a thrilling sci-fi horror game. It takes us to the dark Black Iron Prison on Callisto. Here, a virus turns inmates into scary Biophage creatures. As Jacob, a delivery man, we must survive against these monsters.

The game has great storytelling, looks real, and plays like classic survival horror. We’ll move through dark prison halls. We’ll fight off many Biophages and find the prison’s secrets.

We have a C.O.R.E. Device to keep track of our health. We’ll use our weapons, melee attacks, and the environment to beat the enemies. Aim for their heads or body parts to win.

The Callisto Protocol is a scary and interesting game. It tests our will to survive in the Black Iron Prison. With its great story, real visuals, and intense gameplay, it’s a must-play horror game.

“The Callisto Protocol takes players on a thrilling and gruesome sci-fi horror journey.”

The Callisto Protocol’s Relentless Horror

The Callisto Protocol is a top game in survival horror. It has a scary survival horror atmosphere. The game’s scary enemies and sound design make you feel always on edge.

Classic horror tricks like dim lighting, fog, and jump scares keep you tense. Even when it’s quiet, you feel the danger is always near. This keeps you fully in the game’s scary world.

The way the game tells its story through the environment is amazing. You’ll walk through tight spaces, like small gaps and sewers. This makes you feel very vulnerable and scared.

“The Callisto Protocol’s presentation is a stark testament to the game’s commitment to creating a truly terrifying survival horror experience. From the moment you set foot on the abandoned Callisto, the dread and unease never let up.”

The game’s scary atmosphere is seen in its detailed characters and visuals. You’ll always be worried about what’s coming next. The game’s horror will stick with you.

Sometimes, the game’s scares can be too much and get frustrating. But overall, it’s a thrilling experience. The Callisto Protocol is a must-play for horror fans. It offers a deep and scary journey on the moon of Callisto.

Survival of the Fittest

Surviving in The Callisto Protocol is tough. Players must manage their limited resources and fight hard. They need to dodge and counter enemy attacks with skill.

The game’s combat is tough. Players must use their timing and skills to hit enemies and find their weak spots.

As the game goes on, enemies get harder. Players must use different weapons and abilities to beat them. These battles are very tense. One wrong move can lead to death, testing players’ survival skills.

The Callisto Protocol is all about surviving. Players must use their resources wisely, learn combat, and adapt to new threats. This makes the game exciting and keeps players on their toes.

Every fight in The Callisto Protocol tests a player’s skills. Facing many enemies or a tough boss is a big challenge. Every choice and action matters, as one mistake can end the game early. This makes the game exciting and keeps players fully engaged.

A Brutal and Thrilling Combat System

The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay has a tough and exciting combat system. It makes players adapt and get better at fighting. Players can use melee attacks, guns, and a special “GRP” ability to move things and enemies around.

Being good at dodging is key. It helps players avoid attacks and hit enemies where it hurts the most. The fighting is quick and intense. Players must stay sharp to beat the many Biophages they face.

Dodging, Countering, and Skill Shots

Players need to learn how to fight well. They use melee combat, firearms, and telekinetic abilities together. Dodging is very important. It lets players dodge attacks and then hit back hard.

  1. Learning when and how to dodge is key. It helps players avoid getting hurt and then attack back.
  2. The “GRP” ability makes fighting more interesting. Players can move things and enemies around to help them.
  3. Shooting carefully can stun or kill tough enemies. Players get rewarded for aiming well.
PlatformStandard Edition PriceDigital Deluxe Edition Price
PlayStation 4$17.99 (70% off)$79.99
PlayStation 5$20.99 (70% off)$89.99

The Callisto Protocol’s fighting is a mix of melee, guns, and special powers. It challenges players to be good at dodging and using skills to beat the tough enemies. The fighting is all about timing, positioning, and hitting the mark. It’s both tough and very fun.

“The combat in The Callisto Protocol is a brutal and white-knuckle experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

The Callisto Protocol’s Punishing Encounters

The Callisto Protocol has exciting and fast-paced fights most of the time. But, it also has some really tough parts that can get very frustrating. These tough parts include fighting lots of challenging enemy waves and big boss battles that need perfect skills to win. The game’s design and checkpoint system can make these tough parts even harder, as you might have to redo long parts after a single difficulty spike or checkpoint frustration.

The combat is slow and careful, which makes it hard to handle the intense unforgiving combat parts. This can make you feel overwhelmed and disrupt the game’s flow. But, The Callisto Protocol is still a gripping survival horror game, even with its tough parts.

In the sixth chapter, players meet a new kind of Biophage in an old colony’s ruins. These Biophages can’t see but hunt by sound. So, you’ll need to be quiet or use your GRP to stay alive.

  • Players can earn an Achievement/Trophy for getting five stealth kills in this chapter.
  • The game introduces annoying Biophages that can grab players and draw attention from nearby Biophages, requiring players to react quickly to avoid detection.
  • The chapter includes a mine-like area with a locked door that needs a Keycard for access.
  • Players navigate through a large open area with roaming Biophages, requiring them to stealth kill to avoid alerting the enemies.
  • The chapter features the search for a Power Reactor and the resetting of three breakers while avoiding detection by blind Biophages.
  • There are secret areas that players can discover, offering additional challenges and possibly unlocking Achievements/Trophies.
  • The chapter culminates in a boss fight against a two-headed Biophage that provides a very punishing and challenging encounter.
  • The boss fight requires precise gameplay mechanics, efficient use of weapons, and mastery over dodging to defeat the formidable enemy.

The chapter ends with the platform taking players to the station, ending this intense part of the game. Even with its tough parts, The Callisto Protocol is a thrilling and scary survival horror game. It challenges your skills and keeps you going.

A Gripping Narrative and Impressive Visuals

The Callisto Protocol has amazing storytelling and visuals. Players take on the role of Jacob, a cargo hauler stuck in Black Iron Prison. This place is a nightmare. The story pulls you in with a sense of urgency and fear.

Stars like Josh Duhamel and Sam Witwer make the game feel real. The prison’s design is brutal and cold. It stands out against Callisto’s icy landscape.

Cinematic Storytelling and Gruesome Designs

The Biophage creatures are the game’s highlight. They are scary and look awful. Their attacks and deaths add to the game’s scary feel.

The game has great cutscenes and visuals. The Biophage’s attacks are shocking. The Callisto Protocol is unforgettable.

“The Callisto Protocol is a gory successor to Dead Space, but it doesn’t offer significant innovation compared to its inspirations.”

Next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S run the game smoothly. They keep a steady 60fps rate. Ray Traced Mode makes graphics better but lowers the framerate a bit.

The Callisto Protocol is a hit for sci-fi horror fans. It has great storytelling, characters, and visuals. The game’s focus on visuals and story makes it unforgettable.

The Callisto Protocol’s Lasting Impact

The Callisto Protocol is a big step forward for survival horror games. It takes inspiration from the classic Dead Space series. Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, leads the team at Striking Distance Studios. They’ve made a game that’s full of tension, atmosphere, and scary moments.

Some parts of the game can be hard, but overall, it’s a big hit. It offers a deep and scary sci-fi horror experience. The game’s story, looks, and fight scenes set a new bar for horror games. Players are excited to see what comes next for this new series.

Recently, the game saw a big jump in popularity, with a 219.9% increase in players in just one day. This is thanks to a big sale on Steam. The deluxe edition is also cheaper, at $19.99 / £17.49.

A review gave the game a top score of 9/10. It praised the game’s story and scary designs. But, some players didn’t like the gameplay, finding it clunky and old-fashioned.

Even with its flaws, the Callisto Protocol has made a mark on survival horror games. It’s the first game from Striking Distance Studios. Its success or failure will guide the future of this new series. It could lead to more exciting and scary games ahead.

“The Callisto Protocol delivers one of the most engrossing and terrifying sci-fi horror experiences in recent memory.”


The Callisto Protocol is a big hit in the survival horror world. It mixes old-school elements with new tech for a scary sci-fi adventure. Sometimes, it gets really hard, but it’s still a great game.

This game has amazing visuals, a strong story, and tough fights. It sets a new standard for survival horror. I think it shows what Striking Distance Studios can do. I’m excited to see what they do next with this game.

The Callisto Protocol is a big deal for survival horror. It blends old and new in a way that grabs players. Even with some tough parts, it’s a game worth checking out for horror fans.


What is The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol is a new sci-fi horror game. It’s made by Striking Distance Studios and Glen Schofield, who made Dead Space. The game takes place in a prison on a moon of Jupiter. Jacob, a cargo hauler, gets trapped there as a virus turns inmates into zombies.

What makes the game’s atmosphere and storytelling so compelling?

The game mixes classic horror with modern graphics for a scary feel. It has great storytelling, visuals, and enemy designs. This makes players feel always on edge and scared.

How does the game focus on the core element of survival?

Survival is key in The Callisto Protocol. Players must use what they have wisely against deadly zombies. The combat is tough and requires smart moves to beat enemies.

What makes the combat system so thrilling and challenging?

The combat is fast and intense, keeping players busy fighting zombies. Players can use a special “GRP” power to move things and enemies around.

Does the game have any notable difficulty spikes or frustrations?

Most fights in The Callisto Protocol are exciting, but some parts are very hard. Players might find long battles and tough bosses frustrating.

What are the game’s strengths in terms of narrative and visuals?

The game’s story, looks, and combat are top-notch. The setting, characters, and zombie-like creatures make it very scary.

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