How To Get The 6th Builder In Clash Of Clans In 2023 (FAST)

The 6th builder is one of the most coveted unlocks in Clash of Clans. It provides a major boost to players’ ability to progress faster by allowing them to upgrade or build 6 items simultaneously rather than just 5. For many players, the road to obtaining this game-changing 6th builder is a long and challenging one. This article will explore what the 6th builder is, why it’s so important, how to get it, and the challenges players face along the way.

What is the 6th Builder in Clash of Clans?

The 6th builder is an additional Master Builder that can be unlocked in the Builder Base section of Clash of Clans. Under normal circumstances, players are limited to 5 total builders – 4 in the Home Village and 1 in the Builder Base. By meeting certain requirements and completing specific tasks, it’s possible to recruit a 2nd Master Builder for the Builder Base.

This provides the ability to upgrade or build 6 items at once, speeding up progress dramatically. The 6th builder only works in the Builder Base and cannot be utilized in the Home Village. Nonetheless, it still delivers a major advantage by doubling the building or upgrading capacity in the Builder Base.

Why is the 6th Builder Important?

There are a few key reasons why the 6th builder is so highly coveted:

  • It doubles the building/upgrading speed in the Builder Base, allowing players to max out buildings, troops, and the Battle Machine much faster. This makes it easier to reach the higher Builder Hall levels quicker.
  • It helps players optimize their loot and resources in the Builder Base more efficiently. Rather than wasting loot from attacks because all 5 builders are busy, the 6th builder gives more flexibility to spend resources right away.
  • Two master builders in the Builder Base allow players to take on more complex upgrade strategies. For example, some upgrades have prerequisites that require another building or troop to be upgraded first. The 6th builder makes juggling these prerequisites simpler.
  • It shows off a player’s dedication and progression in the game. The 6th builder is difficult to obtain, so unlocking it represents a major accomplishment.
  • The earlier it’s unlocked, the more value players get from having double the building speed for a longer period of time. Unlocking the 6th builder as soon as possible maximizes its impact.

Overall, the 6th builder simply speeds up advancement and provides strategic advantages in the Builder Base. For devoted players aiming to max out everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, the 6th builder is an incredibly valuable prize.

How to Get the 6th Builder in Clash of Clans

The process of unlocking the 6th builder is lengthy but straightforward. It involves the following key steps:

1. Upgrade the O.T.T.O Hut to Level 5 in the Builder Base

The O.T.T.O Hut is a special building unlocked at Builder Hall level 5. It must be upgraded to level 5 before the tasks to get the 6th builder become available. Upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut costs a sizable amount of Builder Gold and Elixir.

2. Complete the Four Tasks in the B.O.B. Control Hut

Once the O.T.T.O Hut reaches level 5, the B.O.B. Control Hut appears. This building presents four tasks:

  • Gear Up a Home Village defense using Builder Gold
  • Upgrade the Battle Machine to level 30
  • Upgrade Cannon Carts to level 18
  • Upgrade Mega Tesla to level 9

Completing all four tasks fully checks them off in the B.O.B. Control Hut.

3. Build the B.O.B. Hut in the Home Village

The final step is to construct the B.O.B. Hut in the Home Village, which requires additional Builder Gold. Once built, the B.O.B. Hut activates the 6th Master Builder in the Builder Base.

Completing this entire process requires meeting all Builder Hall level prerequisites, collecting massive amounts of Builder Resources, and investing significant time to upgrade buildings and troops to max level. It’s a lengthy journey, but the payoff is huge.

6th Builder Challenges

While the process to get the 6th builder is straightforward on paper, executing it requires overcoming some difficult challenges:

  • Upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut itself to level 5 is expensive and time-consuming. Players must diligently collect Builder Gold and Elixir through attacking and clearing obstacles.
  • The four tasks in the B.O.B. Control Hut require maxing out defenses and troops that players may not have focused on before. Cannon Carts and the Battle Machine, for example, now become top priorities.
  • Farming the enormous amount of Builder Gold needed to gear up a Home Village defense and build the B.O.B. Hut demands consistent raiding and wise investing of raid medals. Players cannot slack on their Builder Base attacks.
  • There are some prerequisite upgrades that must be done before tackling certain 6th builder tasks, like getting the Battle Machine to level 5 before unlocking Cannon Carts. This delays starting certain tasks.
  • Maximizing loot rewards before completing an upgrade is key. Having a blocked 6th builder while loot sits uncollected is wasteful.

The 6th builder challenges require chess-like strategizing, optimal upgrading order, and immense grinding. But overcoming these hurdles results in a highly rewarding 2nd Master Builder!

How to Get the 6th Builder in Clash of Clans

Obtaining the valuable 6th builder in Clash of Clans requires methodical planning and execution. The multi-step process involves meeting requirements, completing upgrades, and building structures across both the Home Village and Builder Base. We will explore the key steps:

Upgrade the O.T.T.O Hut to Level 5 in the Builder Base

The first major task is upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut building to level 5 in the Builder Base.

What is the O.T.T.O Hut?

  • The One True Task Of Builder Hall
  • Unlocks at Builder Hall level 5 for 20,000 Builder Gold
  • Has 9 total upgrade levels
  • Level 5 unlocks the 6th builder quest line

Upgrade Details

  • Takes 14 days to upgrade to level 5
  • Costs 4,000,000 Builder Gold and 2,500,000 Builder Elixir
  • Requires Builder Hall level 9
  • Stores up to 240,000 Gold and Elixir

Upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut is no small feat. The combined 6,500,000 resource cost demands good attacking skills to loot efficiently. Players should have multiple resource collectors at high levels to boost passive income.

Completing this upgrade also requires reaching Builder Hall 9, itself an arduous process. But it’s a necessary investment to kickstart the 6th builder quest.

Complete the Four Tasks in the B.O.B. Control Hut

After the O.T.T.O Hut hits level 5, the real work begins in the B.O.B Control Hut. This building houses the four key tasks to complete:

Task 1: Gear Up a Home Village Defense

  • Uses Builder Gold to gear up Archer Tower, Mortar, Cannon, or Wizard Tower
  • Gear up adds damage and new abilities to the defense
  • Costs 3,000,000 Builder Gold

This requires having a leveled up Home Village defense that is ready to gear up. It’s smart to plan this gear up in advance while working on the O.T.T.O Hut.

Task 2: Upgrade Battle Machine to Level 30

  • Requires Laboratory level 9 to access Battle Machine
  • Takes 4d 12h to upgrade to each new level
  • Reaching level 30 takes around 160 days cumulative
  • Strategic ability unlocks every 5 levels

This is a long grind to maximize the Battle Machine. Offense is critical in Versus Battles to complete this quickly. Clock Tower Boosts help speed it up.

Task 3: Upgrade Cannon Carts to Level 18

  • Carts unlock at Battle Machine level 5
  • Each upgrade takes 3d 12h
  • Reaching level 18 takes around 84 days
  • Having multiple Cart level upgrades going simultaneously will accelerate the process

Cannon Carts become a top priority once unlocked. Their high DPS makes leveling them up essential.

Task 4: Upgrade Mega Tesla to Level 9

  • Defensive structure with high damage to multiple targets
  • 14d 12h (350 hours) to reach level 9 from level 1
  • Strategic ability unlocks every 4 levels

The Mega Tesla’s firepower grows tremendously after each lengthy upgrade. Players should start this early.

Completing all four tasks fully checks them off in the B.O.B. Control Hut.

Build the B.O.B. Hut in the Home Village

After finishing the four tasks, just one final step remains – constructing the B.O.B. Hut building in the Home Village:

Clash of Clans home village
  • Requires 3,000,000 Builder Gold
  • Unlocks the 6th Master Builder in Builder Base
  • Has high hitpoints and disables enemy Hero abilities

With the tasks done, focus shifts to raiding this huge amount of Gold. Once built, the 6th builder officially arrives!

Maxing out the O.T.T.O Hut, completing the four difficult tasks, and building the B.O.B. Hut are the milestones to finally unlock the 6th builder. It takes tremendous planning, resources, time, and effort. But the impact it has on Builder Base progression makes the ambitious grind well worth it for dedicated players.

6th Builder Challenges

The road to unlocking the 6th builder in Clash of Clans is paved with difficult challenges. Upgrading the necessary buildings and troops to meet the prerequisites tests players’ skills and commitment. Let’s explore the core obstacles blocking the path to that coveted 2nd Master Builder:

Upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut to Level 5

  • Loot Cost: The combined 6,500,000 Builder Gold and Elixir required is steep. Frequent raiding and wise investing of raid medals is key.
  • Build Time: With each level taking 14 days, the total build time reaches 98 days cumulatively. Planning upgrades between levels is crucial.
  • Resource Management: Players must diligently collect from collectors and win raids to afford such expensive upgrades. Storage capacities limits how much loot is available.
  • Builder Hall Level 9: Reaching the prerequisites can take months for casual players. But Builder Hall 9 is required just to start O.T.T.O Hut upgrades.
  • Upgrade Strategy: Upgrading other buildings and troops is also important. Players must balance when to invest loot into the O.T.T.O Hut versus other priorities.

Upgrading this single building to Level 5 takes incredible amounts of precious resources and time. It tests players’ resource management and patience. But maxing it out unlocks the real challenges…

Completing the Four Tasks in the B.O.B. Control Hut

  • Gear Up Home Village Defense: Earning 3,000,000 Builder Gold and selecting which defense to upgrade requires its own strategy.
  • Battle Machine Level 30: Getting all those upgrades to max level takes tuning the whole attacking strategy around elixir and trophies.
  • Cannon Carts to Level 18: Their upgrades compete for limited builder elixir with other important buildings and troops.
  • Mega Tesla to Level 9: As a key defensive structure, investing builder gold into it delays other buildings.
  • Managing Builders: With only 5 builders, players must juggle major upgrades across both villages to make optimal progress.
  • Prerequisites: Certain tasks can’t be started until other buildings or troops reach certain levels first.

Completing these four challenging tasks demands excellent attacking skills, strategic planning of upgrades, resource management, and patience. But they are the final trials before the 6th builder.

Farming Resources to Upgrade Buildings and Troops

  • Loot Limit: Battle wins earn limited loot based on league level and bonuses. Players must attack frequently to collect the millions of gold and elixir needed.
  • Trophy Pushing: Climbing to higher leagues unlocks better bonuses and loot. But competition gets tougher the higher you rise.
  • Active Raiding: Passive income from collectors won’t cut it. Players must actively raid in multiplayer battles to get enough resources.
  • Raid Medals:¬†These limited currency used in the Clan Games shop offers an important boost. Prioritizing purchases wisely is key.
  • Clock Tower Boosts: Strategically timing boosts to line up with major upgrades enhances speed. But boosts are themselves limited.
  • Magic Items: Potions, books, hammers, and shovels greatly accelerate upgrades and construction. Using them at critical points optimizes value.
  • Gems: These premium Speed Ups should be reserved for only the most important bottlenecks. Gem expenditure requires careful thought.

The sheer amount of resources required demands masterful raiding skills, optimal troop compositions, trophy pushing, clan games rewards, and boost management. Even then, farming millions of gold and elixir remains challenging.

Unlocking the 6th builder stretches Clash talents and resources to their limits. But overcoming these hurdles offers a sense of immense satisfaction and victory. The trials forge expertise and push players to the edge of what’s possible, preparing them for the challenges yet to come. The 6th builder awaits those who endure.


The 6th builder in Clash of Clans is a highly coveted prize, but the journey to obtain it often raises many questions for players. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this special Master Builder.

What are the requirements to unlock the 6th builder?

The requirements to unlock the 6th builder include:

  • Upgrade O.T.T.O Hut to Level 5
    • Requires Builder Hall level 9
    • Costs 4,000,000 Builder Gold and 2,500,000 Builder Elixir
    • Takes 98 days cumulative upgrade time
  • Complete 4 Tasks in B.O.B. Control Hut
    • Gear Up a Home Village defense with 3,000,000 Builder Gold
    • Upgrade Battle Machine to level 30
    • Upgrade Cannon Carts to level 18
    • Upgrade Mega Tesla to level 9
  • Build the B.O.B. Hut in Home Village
    • Costs 3,000,000 Builder Gold
    • Unlocks the 2nd Master Builder

In total, the resources required exceed 16,000,000 gold/elixir across both villages. The lengthy upgrade and build times also demand great patience. But meeting all these tough requirements pays off with a powerful 6th builder!

How long does it take to get the 6th builder?

The total time to unlock the 6th builder can take 6-12 months for most players. This factors in:

  • Reaching Builder Hall level 9 to start O.T.T.O Hut upgrades
    • At least 2-3 months for casual players
  • 98 days to fully upgrade O.T.T.O Hut to level 5
  • 160 days to upgrade Battle Machine from level 1 to 30
  • 84 days to upgrade Cannon Carts from level 1 to 18
  • 350 hours (over 14 days) to upgrade Mega Tesla to level 9
  • Time to farm millions of gold and elixir through raiding
  • Build time for B.O.B. Hut and gear up defense

Exact time varies based on activity level. More active raiding, smart investing of resources, and using magic items strategically will accelerate the process. But nonetheless, the 6th builder is designed to take significant long-term dedication. The earlier it’s unlocked, the more it benefits players over the course of months.

What are the benefits of having the 6th builder?

The key benefits of the 6th builder include:

  • Double the building/upgrading capacity in the Builder Base from 1 to 2 simultaneous projects.
  • Speeds up reaching max level buildings, troops, and Battle Machine.
  • More flexibility and efficiency with Builder Base resources and loot.
  • Ability to better juggle upgrade dependencies and prerequisites.
  • Displays dedication through the skill and grind required to unlock it.
  • Provides long-term advantage by getting it at an early stage.
  • Allows more complex builder strategies by having a 2nd Master Builder to assign.
  • Effectively halves upgrade times in the Builder Base when both builders are active.

There are no direct downsides – only a major boost in Builder Base progression speed and efficiency. It’s a game changer.

Can I buy the 6th builder with gems?

Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase the 6th builder directly with gems. It can only be obtained by fully completing the lengthy unlocking process.

Gems can help speed up parts of the process:

  • Buying resources to upgrade buildings faster
  • Speeding up upgrade/build timers
  • Boosting collectors to farm resources quicker

But all requirements must still be done to get the 6th builder. It reflects true accomplishment earned through skill and effort. Fast tracking everything with gems would undermine the value.

Are there any glitches to get the 6th builder faster?

There are no known glitches or exploits that can reliably award the 6th builder without fulfilling the requirements properly. Attempting questionable shortcuts could risk account penalties.

The only proven strategies to unlock the 6th builder faster involve:

  • Having an optimized attacking strategy to earn loot quickly
  • Keeping all five builders busy at all times
  • Having multiple resource collectors upgraded
  • Using raid medals wisely for magic items
  • Activating Clock Tower Boosts and magic potions during key upgrades
  • Taking advantage of seasonal special events
  • Careful planning of upgrade priority and order
  • Starting the process early in the game

But realistically, dedication and persistence over many months are most key. The 6th builder fundamentally takes a long time – but the massive benefits are well worth the wait!

What are the requirements to unlock the 7th builder?

There is no 7th builder in the game! The 6th builder is the maximum, only available by mastering the Builder Base. Enjoy the perks of your hard-earned 2nd Master Builder.

The 6th builder represents the pinnacle of progress in Clash of Clans’ Builder Base. Unlocking this elite 2nd Master Builder is no easy feat, but brings huge benefits for dedicated players.

This guide has covered everything you need to know about getting that coveted extra builder:

  • The Importance – Why the 6th builder is so valuable for faster upgrades and better resource efficiency
  • The Process – Step-by-step what must be done to earn the 6th builder, including the O.T.T.O Hut, B.O.B. tasks, and B.O.B. Hut
  • The Challenges – The obstacles of resources, prerequisites, build times, and planning standing in the way
  • FAQs – Answers to common questions players have about the requirements, benefits, speed, and strategies

Obtaining the 6th builder requires tremendous dedication, skill, and months of grinding. But the impact on Builder Base progression makes it all worthwhile.

Always keep the 6th builder in sight as your long-term goal. Upgrade priority and attack strategies should factor in moving towards it. Have patience, take it step-by-step, and savor the major achievement when you finally unlock the 2nd Master Builder.

With the 6th builder in your army, you’ll be construction upgrades and dominating Versus Battles faster than ever. Enjoy the well-deserved edge over your competition on the path to maxing out Builder Hall. The journey to get there shapes you into a better Clasher.

Now go out there and clash on to victory! The 6th builder awaits.

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