How To Get League Medals In Clash Of Clans FAST

What are League Medals? League Medals are a special currency in Clash of Clans that can be earned by participating in Clan War Leagues. They allow you to purchase some of the most exclusive items in the game from the League Shop.

Why are League Medals important? League Medals are very valuable as they are the only way to unlock certain hero skins, sceneries, and other exclusive items. The higher your clan ranks in Clan War Leagues, the more bonus League Medals you’ll earn at the end of the season.

How to get League Medals? The main way to earn League Medals is by participating in Clan War Leagues and earning stars from your attacks. You’ll also get a chunk of bonus League Medals at the end of each Clan War League season based on your clan’s final ranking. The higher you rank, the bigger the bonus.

Clan War Leagues are week-long wars between clans that take place monthly. Each clan is matched against 7 other clans of similar strength and battle it out to see who can earn the most stars from their attacks.

To participate, you first need to join an active clan that takes part in Clan War Leagues. Make sure your heroes, spells, and troops are upgraded to decent levels so you can perform well in war. When Clan War Leagues kick off, members of the clan take turns attacking assigned enemy bases to earn stars.

Each attack you successfully complete will earn stars and League Medals for your clan. The more attacks you do and the more total stars your clan earns, the more League Medals you’ll receive at the end of the season.

clash of Clan War Leagues

League Medals are precious as they are the exclusive currency at the League Shop. Here you can buy items like hero skins, sceneries, magic items, and more. It’s the only way to unlock these cool cosmetics and powerups.

For example, the Warrior Queen and Champion King hero skins can only be purchased with League Medals. You can also use medals to buy Magic Items like Research Potions and Builder Potions which boost your progress.

The earlier you focus on earning League Medals, the better. As you upgrade your town hall level, the League Shop will unlock more items to purchase with your medals.

Joining a clan that constantly participates in Clan War Leagues is the best way to start racking up medals. Contribute by using both of your war attacks each time. Maximize your stars by attacking targets you can easily 2- or 3-star.

Upgrade your war troops, spells, heroes, and clan castle to make your attacks stronger. Having better armies will help you earn more stars per attack. Don’t forget to request high level Clan Castle troops from your clanmates.

Saving a Book of Fighting or Spells and using it right before Clan War Leagues starts is a great way to boost your attack power for war. This will help you earn stars against tougher bases.

Learn useful attack strategies like GoWiPe, LaLoon, Hog Riders, Hybrid, Yeti Smash, and DragBat. Practicing and perfecting these strategies will turn you into a feared war attacker.

Defense is also important. Upgrade walls, traps, and defenses to make your war base tougher to 3-star. This denies the enemy clan stars and medals.

At the end of each Clan War League season, your clan will earn a medal bonus based on where you ranked. Coming in 1st place nets the biggest bonus, while 8th place still gets a nice boost.

So push for the top ranks by winning wars and earning stars each season. The higher you place, the more extra medals you’ll receive on top of what you already earned from attacking. This bonus can help you unlock more items from the League Shop.

Participating in Clan War Leagues

What are Clan War Leagues?

Clan War Leagues (CWL) are huge weekly wars between clans that take place over 7 days. Each clan is matched up against 7 other clans of similar strength and battle it out to see who can earn the most stars from their attacks.

There are 8 leagues – Champion, Master, Crystal, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Titan, and Legend. Your clan is placed into a league based on its strength and war performance. The top clans compete in Champion while beginner clans start in Bronze or Silver.

Winning wars in CWL will promote your clan into a higher ranked league with tougher opponents. Excelling in the top leagues requires masterful attacking skills, high level troops, hero upgrades, and skillful base building.

How to join a Clan War League

  • Join an active clan that regularly participates in CWL. Look for one that is in a league appropriate for your Town Hall and skill level.
  • Make sure you are opted into clan wars before the next CWL season begins. Speak with your clan leadership if unclear.
  • Download the latest game update so you can participate when CWL starts.
  • Have your top war troops, spells, heroes, and clan castle ready for battle day. Upgrade what you can beforehand.

Attacking in Clan War Leagues

  • Use both of your assigned attacks each CWL war day. Go for the 3-star whenever possible.
  • Before attacking, scout the enemy base thoroughly to plan your attack strategy.
  • Lure and defeat the Clan Castle troops before main attack. Use Poison Spells on them.
  • Funnel troops toward the Town Hall. Securing the Town Hall star is crucial.
  • Save high level Clan Castle troops like Bowlers, Ice Golems for key attacks.
  • Time hero, troop, and spell deployment well. Don’t release everything at once.
  • Carry multiple Rage Spells to boost DPS of troops through tough areas.
  • Use Jump Spells to breach large gaps within a base and access core defenses.

Earning League Medals in Clan War Leagues

You earn League Medals primarily by performing attacks and earning stars during the 7 days of war. The rules are:

  • Earn 1 League Medal for each star your attack secures, up to a maximum of 100 medals per attack.
  • Only your main village attacks in CWL count. Builder base does not earn medals.
  • The more attacks you do and total stars you earn, the more medals you win.
  • Your clan’s final ranking also boosts your medals. Higher ranked clans earn larger league medal bonuses.

So to maximize medals, use both attacks each war day and aim for 3 stars against lower bases. With 8 wars in a CWL season, that’s potentially up to 1600 medals just from your attacks!

Then collect a big medal bonus when your clan secures a high rank. This can yield thousands more medals on top of what you earned from attacking.

Winning medals requires skill, planning, upgraded troops, and teamwork. But it’s worth it for the awesome hero skins, sceneries, magic items, and other exclusives you can unlock in the League Shop.

Other ways to get League Medals

In addition to the primary method of earning League Medals through Clan War League participation and attacks, there are some other creative ways to collect additional medals.

clash of Clan League Medals

Bonus League Medals

One of the best sources of bonus League Medals comes from Clan Games. Clan Games are held regularly and involve the entire clan completing challenges like raiding bases, donating troops, and more.

For reaching certain tiers of total clan points, your clan will be awarded bonus League Medals along with the other normal prizes. The rewards ladder for each Clan Games will specify the medal bonuses for each tier.

Make sure to max out your own personal points in Clan Games. This helps the clan reach those crucial medal tiers for bigger payouts. If your clan regularly smashes the top tiers, you can count on a steady stream of extra medals from Clan Games.

Events like the Lunar New Year Challenge, Summer Challenge, and Winter Challenge also offer juicy League Medal rewards for completing certain in-game tasks. Keep an eye out for the next event and participate actively to claim the medal prizes.

Season Challenges are another great way to win bonus League Medals by completing objectives like upgrading walls, heroes, and buildings or donating troops. Advanced players can rack up lots of extra medals this way.

Finally, make sure you have a Gold Pass active before collecting any seasonal bonuses. Having the Gold Pass boosts the amount of bonus League Medals you receive from each source.

Special events and promotions

The Clash of Clans team occasionally runs special events and contests on their social media that award free League Medals. Some examples:

  • Retweet campaigns on Twitter for a chance to win thousands of medals
  • Instagram contests where commenting enters you into a medal prize draw
  • Special Creator codes that grant medals when used
  • In-game challenges that provide medals as rewards
  • Live streams with medal giveaways in the chat
  • Promotional videos by content creators sponsored by Supercell
  • Holiday events on occasions like Christmas that unlock free medals through in-game events

Keep up to date by following Clash of Clans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and joining their Discord server. Turn on notifications so you never miss a medal giveaway opportunity.

Also follow top content creators like Kenny Jo, Clash with Eric, Carbon Fin, Clash with Cory, and Lexnos on YouTube and social media. They often promote special limited events, creator codes, live streams, and videos with free League Medal rewards, so you can pounce and collect those medals.

Setting your info correctly on your Supercell ID also helps Supercell target you with medal reward campaigns. Keep your location, age, name all filled in. You can opt-in to promotional emails on your Supercell ID settings to receive news of contests and events.

Finally, share your UID in the official Clash of Clans Discord server and say you want medals. Kind players sometimes donate medals to those who request. It’s not guaranteed, but can yield some free medals with a bit of luck.

Every medal counts, so take advantage of bonus medals from every source you can. It will get you those coveted hero skins and magic items faster.

Tips for getting more League Medals

To maximize the amount of League Medals you can earn, here are some tips and strategies to employ:

Join a competitive clan

Joining an established, competitive clan that excels in Clan War Leagues is the single best way to rapidly accumulate medals.

Look for clans that compete in Champion or Master League. Their high ranking means earning tons of bonus medals. Avoid clans still grinding in low leagues like Bronze and Silver.

Seek clans with histories of 1st place wins and packed trophy rooms. Visit their clan profile and see if many members have over 10,000+ medals earned. This is a positive indicator of an organized, skilled clan earning big rewards.

Join their Discord server before applying. Get a feel for the culture. Look for active donations, base-sharing, experienced players willing to teach, and constant war strategy discussions. This fuels improvement and leads to more medals long-term.

Once in a competitive clan, donate often to show your activity. Absorb attack strategy guides and consistently use both your war attacks with skill. Earning a reputation as a reliable attacker will get you a permanent spot on the CWL team each month.

Attack your best

Perfect your own attack skills and strategies to maximize the stars from every raid. Practicing and studying videos of expert attackers is key.

Strategies like Hybrid, Laloon, Witch Slap, Yeti Smash, DragBat and their variations are strong in the current meta. Learn them inside-out with various troop, spell, siege machine, and hero combinations.

Obsess over replay videos and player attack guides on YouTube and Reddit looking for any extra tip that boosts your triple star rate. Join the subreddits and Discord servers of top players and clans to directly ask questions.

Study opponent war bases thoroughly before attacking. Note weak points, trap placements, CC location. Draw a detailed plan to secure 50% or 100%. Execute your plan flawlessly.

Time hero abilities and spells correctly. Try to eliminate enemy CC and heroes before main assault. Carry multiple freezes to neutralize deadly Inferno Towers during approach. Rage up attackers near core.

Attacking early nets more medals as you have time to refine strategies for remaining bases. Use both attacks every war day. Don’t leave any medals on the table by missing attacks.

Use the right troops and spells

Having max troops, spells, heroes for your TH level makes crushing bases for 3 stars much easier.

Focus on upgrading versatile attacking units like Bowlers, Witches, Hog Riders, Miners, Lava Hounds that excel in war. Avoid over-upgrading situational troops you rarely use.

Brew max level Rage, Heal, Jump, Poison, Freeze spells. Learn the optimal spells to penetrate any base layout for your army. Bring extras of essential spells.

Upgrade your clan castle early at each town hall level. Receiving max reinforcements like Bowlers or Siege Machines from clanmates boosts attack potency tremendously.

Upgrade your army and heroes

Continuously upgrade your laboratory, barracks, dark barracks, spell factory and dark spell factory. This unlocks new attack options and higher troop levels.

Having stronger troops and spells is imperative for dominating tougher war bases as you advance through the leagues. Upgrade power units like Yetis, Headhunters, Ice Golems, Lava Hounds first.

Keep heroes upgrading nonstop. The combined might of a Grand Warden, Royal Champion, Archer Queen and Barbarian King can demolish any base.

Book of Heroes and Hammers are essential for slashing hero upgrade times. Save magic items earned through clan games and season pass specifically for heroes.

Time a Book of Building before Clan War Leagues so key offensive buildings like Army Camps, Barracks, and Spell Factories all finish upgrading for battle day.

Run training potions during war week to queue mass troop donations and requests. Receiving max troop reinforcements from your clanmates will fuel more 3 stars.

Following these tips consistently will lead to far more medals earned each CWL season. Soon you’ll have enough to purchase all the power potions, hero skins, sceneries and magic items you could ever want!

How to spend League Medals

With the hard-earned League Medals you’ve accumulated through all your Clan War League efforts, you’ll want to spend them wisely in the League Shop:

  • Magic Items – Research Potions, Builder Potions, Power Potions, and Hero Potions are extremely valuable magic items that speed up upgrades and give a major advantage over time. Focus on buying these first.
  • Hero Skins – These awesome skin sets can completely transform the look of your heroes like Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Royal Champion. However they are expensive, so save up!
  • Sceneries – Sceneries add visual flair to your village. The Oasis, Tree, and Ice sceneries are beautiful upgrades over the default look.
  • Clan Capital Gold – You can convert some excess medals into Capital Gold for upgrading your Clan Capital. Use this as supplemental income on top of regular raiding.
  • Wall Rings – Each Wall Ring finished upgrading a wall segment. These can rapidly finish off walls, but often better to just farm the gold/elixir instead.
  • Magic Items – Shovels, Hammers, Books, and Potions can also be purchased with medals. Use judiciously when you have extra medals to spare.

The earlier you focus on earning medals, the better. As you reach higher Town Hall levels, the League Shop unlocks more items to purchase with the medals you’ve saved up.

Patience and perseverance will earn you the quantity of medals needed for your desired hero skins and power potions. Spend them on items that will help you progress faster or show off your accomplishments.

With strategic effort, skill, and a competitive clan, you’ll be drowning in so many League Medals that you won’t know what to do with them all! You can read our clash of clans guide to improve your gaming.

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