Clash of Clans Troop Training – From Beginner To Pro

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games, with millions of active players around the world. In Clash of Clans, training troops is essential for success. You’ll need to build a strong army to raid for resources, defend your village, and conquer opponents in clan wars. This guide will provide an overview of troop training, tips for training your troops effectively, and strategies for using different troop compositions.

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Players build their home village, defend against raids, and attack other players to earn gold, elixir, and dark elixir. These resources are used to build defenses, train troops, and upgrade buildings and heroes. The goal is to have the strongest village and army.

You can join clans and participate in clan wars against other players. Donating and receiving troops with clanmates is a great way to try out new armies. There are also challenging single player missions that provide loot bonuses. Overall, smart troop training is key for advancing in Clash of Clans.

Why is Training Troops Important?

Training a strong army of troops is perhaps the most important aspect of Clash of Clans. Troops are needed for raiding resources, defending against attacks, and completing the challenging single player missions.

Having a variety of troop types and knowing how to use them effectively lets you tailor your army for specific objectives. For example, cheap troops like Barbarians can be massed for farming, while more expensive troops like Dragons are better for war attacks. Upgrading your troops increases their power, which directly translates to greater offensive and defensive capabilities.

Different Types of Troops

There are over a dozen different troops in Clash of Clans, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Infantry troops like Barbarians have high numbers but low durability, while Giants can absorb tons of damage. Hybrid troops like Hog Riders deal high damage to defenses, and Balloons target defenses from the air. Spellcasters like Witches summon extra units, and Dragons deal heavy area damage.

Understanding how to combine troop types into well-balanced armies is an art form. We’ll cover tips on troop selection, how to unlock and upgrade troops, and using the right combinations of forces for different battle strategies. Training the perfect army takes time, resources, and experience.

How to Train Troops

Training troops is the foundation of everything you do in Clash of Clans. Your army allows you to farm resources, defend your village, and win clan wars. This section will cover how to build and upgrade your barracks, select troops to train, and best practices for keeping your army ready for battle.

Building the Right Barracks

Barracks are the buildings that produce all ground troops in Clash of Clans. There are several types of barracks, each unlocking different troops:

  • The standard Barracks unlocks tier 1 troops like Barbarians, Archers, and Giants.
  • The Dark Barracks unlocks tier 2 troops like Minions, Hog Riders, and Valkyries using Dark Elixir.
  • The Barracks unlocks tier 1 and 2 troops.
  • The Dark Barracks unlocks powerful tier 3 troops like Golems, Witches, and Lava Hounds with Dark Elixir.

You start with one Barracks, but it’s ideal to build one of each barracks type. This gives you access to every troop in the game for training. Prioritize building at least one Dark Barracks, as Dark Elixir troops are some of the strongest for war attacks.

clash of clans barracks

Barracks have a production speed that determines how fast they create troops. Standard Barracks produce 1 troop every 2 minutes, while Dark Barracks are slower at 1 troop every 10 minutes. Upgrading to level 10 brings them all to 1 troop per minute.

Build all your Barracks near your Army Camps so troops can reach them quickly when training. Separate them with a few buildings in between to avoid mass destruction from an enemy attack. Offense is the best defense, so focus on upgrading your Barracks before defensive buildings.

Upgrading Your Barracks

Upgrading Barracks reduces training times and unlocks new troop levels at each upgrade. The max level is 14 for the standard Barracks and 11 for Dark Barracks.

Always upgrade your Army Camps first, as camp capacity limits how many troops you can have regardless of Barracks level. Once camps are maxed, prioritize upgrading Barracks for your most used troops first.

For example, upgrade the standard Barracks for fast farming troops like Barbarians. Or upgrade Dark Barracks for powerful war units like Hog Riders. If your clan donates Wizards often, upgrade those Barracks next.

The most important Barracks upgrade is getting them all to level 10 for the 1 troop per minute production. This maximizes how quickly you can train new armies. Use a training potion or gem boost if needed.

Selecting the Right Troops

Choosing which troops to train depends on your immediate objectives. Here are the best troops for common goals:

Farming: Cheap, fast troops like Barbarians, Archers, and Giants are ideal for raiding resources. Mix in Wall Breakers and Minions as support.

Trophy Pushing: Mass Dragon or Balloon armies can easily 3-star bases for trophies. Add Rages to strength them further.

Clan Wars: Strong but expensive troops like Lava Hounds, Valkyries, and Bowlers excel at crushing enemy bases.

Defense: Wizards and Dragons in Clan Castle defend well against many attacks. Healers and Headhunters are surprise CC troops.

Make sure to train an entire army and not just one troop type. Good combinations like Giants and Wizards balance tanks and damage. Lightning Spells help handle air defenses when using air troops.

Train extra Wall Breakers as needed; they’re weak on their own but essential for funneling troops into the base core. Don’t forget to retrain Clan Castle troops after donating.

Training Your Troops

Select which troops to train in the Barracks user interface. You can queue multiple troop types for balanced armies. The total training time depends on the speed of your Barracks and the housing space of troops.

For example, training 100 Barbarians (1 housing space each) takes 50 minutes with level 10 Barracks. But 8 Giants (8 housing each) only takes 8 minutes. Click the green Train button when ready; you don’t have to wait in the training screen.

Troops automatically march into your Army Camps when complete until they reach camp capacity. You can boost Barracks training speed for faster armies by using Gems, Magic Items, or Potions.

Monitor training times and log back on before your Army Camps get empty. An exposed village without an army is vulnerable to attack.

Ways to speed up training:

  • Upgrade to max level Barracks for the fastest production.
  • Use multiple Barracks to train large armies faster.
  • Boost training speed by gems or potions.
  • Donate troops for XP;clanmates will cover army retraining.
  • Keep Laboratory upgrading so troops get stronger.

Best Practices for Training

Follow these tips to boost your troop training efficiency:

Prioritize offense over defense. Focus on upgrading Barracks, Army Camps, and troops before defensive buildings. A strong offense lets you farm resources faster for future upgrades.

Keep all Barracks busy. When you log off, queue up long trainings for expensive troops so they’ll be ready when you return. Avoid letting Barracks sit idle.

Monitor training times. Check back to retrain before Army Camps empty. An exposed village is vulnerable to defeat.

Request troops when shielding. Clanmate donations help you save Elixir and Dark Elixir for expensive unit upgrades.

Use training potions. These potions temporarily boost Barracks production speed to build armies faster. Save them as a backup when you need troops quickly.

Max camps first. Upgrading Army Camps increases troop capacity, allowing you to train bigger and stronger armies. Max camps as fast as possible.

Learn attack strategies. There are many ways to use troops combinations in combat. Study raid strategies to get the most out of your army.

Upgrade offense first. Prioritize Barracks, Army Camps, and troops over defensive buildings. A stronger attack gets more resources faster.

Raid with cheap troops. Use fast training Barbarians, Archers, and Giants to farm resources and save expensive units like P.E.K.K.As for war.

Bring full armies. Don’t attack with partial strength; it will weaken your chances even if outnumbering defenses.

Use Barracks boosts wisely. Boosts are best used for expensive troop upgrades or when you have lots of time to play and raid.

Recover between Wars. After War battles, focus on resource farming to rebuild Elixir and Dark Elixir for the next war.

Training the ideal army takes planning, resources, and time. But the investment is worth it for climbing trophies, dominating clan wars, and smashing enemy villages. Follow these guidelines on buildings Barracks, upgrading them, choosing troops, and keeping your army trained for victory.

Next we’ll cover useful tips and strategies for training troops effectively as you progress in Clash of Clans.

Tips for Training Troops

You now understand the fundamentals of training troops in Clash of Clans – building Barracks, upgrading them, choosing troops, and proper training techniques. In this section, we’ll explore useful tips and strategies to take your troop training to the next level.

Prioritize Your Troops

With limited resources, you can’t upgrade everything at once. Prioritizing the right troops for your goals is key.

Farming: Focus on Tier 1 troops – Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Wall Breakers. Cheap, fast to train, and strong enough to overpower unconcentrated defenses on dead bases. Upgrade Barch (Barbs and Archers) first.

Clan Wars: Prioritize powerful but expensive Tier 2 and 3 troops – Dragons, P.E.K.K.As, Witches, Lava Hounds, Golems. Essential for crushing maxed war bases. Upgrade Dragons first, then Hogs and Valkyries.

Trophy Pushing: Strong area damage troops like Balloons and Wizard work well, supported by Rage spells. Upgrade Balloons first, then Dragons.

Defense: Max your Clan Castle so you can receive max troop donations like Dragons. Upgrade Troops like Valkyries, Wizards, and Lava Hounds that defend well.

Find out what troops your clan donates often and upgrade those Barracks accordingly. If challenged to friendly battles, upgrade troops you need to practice new strategies with.

Focus on 1-2 troop upgrades at a time. Better to have a few powerhouse units than a bunch of mediocre ones. Review stats to see biggest bang for your buck.

Use Your Dark Elixir Wisely

Dark Elixir is one of the most valuable resources, used to train powerful troops like Minions, Hogs, Golems, and unlock Heroes like the Barbarian King.

Earning Dark Elixir requires drilling to the core of bases with storage-targeting troops like Goblins and Minions. Use Jump Spells to access inner compartments.

Save Dark Elixir for priority upgrades:

Heroes: Barbarian King and Archer Queen heroes add immense value in combat. Getting them both to Level 40 is a top goal.

War Troops: Hog Riders, Minions, Valkyries, Golems, Witches. Essential for high level war attacks.

Dark Barracks: Upgrade to unlock new troops like Lava Hounds and Bowlers.

Dark Spell Factory: Unlocks crucial spells like Poison and Earthquake.

Dark Elixir Drills: More passive income, just like Gold and Elixir Collectors. Upgrade to max.

Be selective in using Dark Elixir for troop training. Use cheaper Elixir troops like Giants when farming. Time Dark Barracks upgrades to finish right before a War battle day.

Take Advantage of Troop Training Boosts

Occasionally you can boost troop training speed for a period of time by using special items:

Training Potion: Accelerates Barracks production x4 for 1 hour. Excellent for training new attack strategies or expensive armies.

Power Potion: Boosts all Elixir and Dark Elixir production by x2 for 1 hour. Useful when you need to train many troops quickly.

Clock Tower Potion: Speeds all buildings 3x-5x for a short time. Great for churning troops if timed well.

Event Boosts: Special events like Clan Games often include 1-hour Barracks boost as a reward tier.

Gems: Spending Gems gives 1-hour boosts to individual Barracks production speed. Useful but expensive.

Time boosts wisely when you can play for the duration to maximize value. Barracks boost when sleeping is ineffective. Plan to use potions when requesting big war troop donations from clanmates as well.

Keep Your Barracks Busy

Having all your Barracks constantly producing troops optimizes your army strength over time. Avoid leaving Barracks idle.

Train full armies – Don’t queue just 5 Barbarians; train a full 200 if possible so Camps stay maxed. Even if loot caps, you can practice attacks.

Queue multiple troop types – Train 4 Barracks with 1 troop each so new armies mix troop types automatically.

Check back often – Monitor training end times and retrain new troops before camps empty.

Load before logging – Start lengthy upgrades like 14 Dragons before logging off so they’ll be ready at next login.

Request when shielded – Clanmate donations help you save Elixir for expensive troop upgrades.

Gem boost when active – Boost Barracks while playing actively to churn through more battles per play session.

Stagger upgrades – When doing multiple Barracks upgrades, do them in sequence so some remain active for training.

Buy training potions – Use League Shop tokens earned through multiplayer battles to purchase Training Potions and Power Potions.

Keep your builders busy upgrading, and keep your Barracks busy training. Efficient troop production keeps your offense strong for farming and war attacks.

Now let’s shift focus to tailoring your army composition for different battle strategies. The right troops make all the difference between winning and losing.

Farming Army Composition

Farming focuses on raiding inactive bases for gold, elixir, and dark elixir. The goal is to train cheap troops for maximum profit.

Tier 1 Troops – Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Wall Breakers, Minions. Fast, inexpensive, and strong enough to overpower dormant defenses.

Spells – Heal and Rage. Keep troops alive longer as they plow through bases.

Key Units – Barbarians and Archers (Barch) should be core farming troops. Evenly balanced, quick to train, and able to raid at low trophy ranges.

Giants – Meat shield to distract defenses. Also destroys Walls so cheaper troops can access the core.

Wall Breakers – Create access points to the interior of bases. Essential support unit.

Minions – Help clean up buildings behind Giants. Excellent for picking off outlying buildings.

Goblins – Rush the Town Hall for the 1-star. Can also quickly snipe full Collectors.

General Tips

  • Use Barbarians to check for traps first before deploying all troops.
  • Look for inactive bases with full Collectors.
  • Raid 2-3 times your total army cost to turn a profit.
  • Lightning unused Air Defenses to open airspace for Minions.

Trophy Pushing Army Composition

The goal in trophy pushing is completely crushing bases to gain maximum stars. Use the strongest troops and power them up with Rage spells.

clash of clans dragons

Tier 2-3 Troops – Dragons, Balloons, Wizards, P.E.K.K.As, Healers. Essential for decimating high level bases.

Spells – Rage, Heal. Make troops invincible to demolish defenses. Jump gets full access.

Key Units

  • Dragons – Devastating area damage, excellent funneling. The core trophy pushing troop.
  • Balloons – Destroy defenses and wipe out buildings with overwhelming force.
  • Wizards – Enormous group damage to support other troops.
  • P.E.K.K.As – Tanky and deal massive single target damage against defenses and the Town Hall.
  • Healers – Make P.E.K.K.As nearly invincible with constant healing.

General Tips

  • Use Heroes to set a funnel, then send mass Dragons through the middle.
  • Rage stacked Balloons near Wizard Towers to demolish them quickly.
  • Heal and Rage P.E.K.K.As as they approach key defenses like Inferno Towers.
  • Always attack with a full army and spells – no partial attacks.

War Army Composition

War battles require specialized, strategic armies to reliably demolish maxed enemy bases. Proper troop selection and spell support is key.

Tier 3 Troops – Dragons, P.E.K.K.As, Lava Hounds, Bowlers. Essential foundation for most war attacks. Deals overwhelming damage.

Tier 2 Troops – Hogs, Valkyries, Witches. Vital support units that distract and destroy defenses so heavier troops progress deeper into the base.

Spells – Jump, Rage, Heal are core. Freeze, Poison help immensely. Earthquake and Haste have special uses.

Key Units

  • Dragons – Funnel and devastate multiple defenses with flames.
  • Balloons – Annihilate air defenses and defenses clumped in compartments.
  • Lava Hounds – Tank air bombs for following Balloons. Raged Pups demolish buildings.
  • Golems – Tank to shield glass cannon troops like Wizards and Bowlers.
  • Witches – Skeletons distract single target Infernos and Eagle Artillery so other troops can advance.
  • Bowlers – Wreck chunks of base at a time with massive bouncing boulders.
  • Ice Golem – Freeze effect helps Queen Walks immensly.
  • Headhunters – Shred enemy Heroes and high HP troops like Lava Hounds.

General Tips

  • Funnel properly with Heroes, then send main force through the breach.
  • Use Jump to connect compartments so troops don’t walk around walls.
  • Target Inferno Towers fast with Freeze or Raged Balloons so Healers don’t get roasted.
  • Heal Hogs after Giant Bombs and Wizard Towers wipe them out.
  • Learn many strategies – GoBoLaLoon, Stoned Hobo, Queen Charge Miners, etc. The more you know, the more bases you can consistently 3 star.

Training versatile armies with the right troops, upgrades, spells, and skill determines victory or defeat in Clan Wars. Study the enemy base, formulate a plan, then train the exact army to execute it.

Defensive Army Composition

Your Clan Castle troops are key defenders, so optimize donations for protection.

Strong Defenders – Dragons, Lava Hounds, Balloons, Wizards, Valkyries, P.E.K.K.As, Inferno Dragons. Deal heavy damage to multiple units.

Versatile Troops – Archers, Minions. Can target air or ground troops as needed.

Swarm Units – Skeletons, Goblins, Minions. Distract attackers with sheer numbers.

Tanky Troops – Giants, Golems, Ice Golems. Absorb tons of damage with high HP. Wizards and Bowlers protected behind them thrive.

Anti-Air Units – Dragons, Minions, Lava Hounds, Electro Dragons. Destroy air raids by Balloons or Dragons.

Anti-Ground Units – Valkyries, Bowlers, P.E.K.K.As. Annihilate ground melee swarms like Barbarians.

Surprise Troops – Headhunters, Super Minions, Rocket Balloons. Attackers may underestimate unknown troops.

General Tips

  • Request max troops like Level 8 Dragons or Level 7 Minions for strongest defense.
  • Mix troops that cover air and ground attacks.
  • Include a tanky troop to shield damage dealers like Wizards.
  • Refresh war base and clan castle troops to surprise attackers.

With so many possible army combinations, being flexible is a huge advantage. Know which troops counter the popular raid strategies and train accordingly.

Training Troops for Specific Strategies

Up to this point we’ve covered training a general army, tips for upgrading troops efficiently, and how to compose armies for broad objectives like farming, war, and trophies. In this section, we’ll drill down into training troops for specific combat strategies and scenarios.

Training for Farming

Farming focuses on raiding inactive bases for resources using fast, inexpensive armies. Here are tips on training troops for efficient farming.

clash of clans gobbins

Barch: Barbarians and Archers, evenly mixed. Your core farming army. Fast to train, cheap, and strong enough to plow through dormant defenses. Max them before all other troops.

Wall Breakers: Essential for breaking Walls to access inside of bases. Bring 4-8 to help Barch reach cores.

Giants: Shield your Barch by distracting and absorbing damage from defenses like Cannons and Mortars. Bring 4-6 Giants to tank.

Minions: Help clean up external buildings behind your Giants. Use them sparingly since they cost Dark Elixir.

Lightning Spells: Eliminate Air Defenses covering exposed Town Halls or Collectors you want to snipe. Open the airspace for Minions.

Goblins: Rush Town Hall for the 1-star victory. Also quickly snipe fully loaded, unprotected external Collectors.

Heal and Rage Spells: Keep Barch and Wall Breakers alive longer as they chew through bases. Rage them into the core once breached.

Jump Spell: Grants access deep into the core if Funneling troops didn’t clear a path. Place on inner Walls near Town Hall.

** heroes:** Help clean up buildings behind your main force. Use Hero abilities like Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome to protect Barch waves from Mortars and Wizard Towers.

Mixing Troops: Try unusual but effective farming mixes like Giant-Wizard or Giant-Archer. Lure Clan Castle troops away from defenses first.

Training for Trophy Pushing

Pushing to higher leagues requires training powerful 3-star armies through creative tactics and spell support.

** tier 3 Troops:** The core of your pushing army. Dragons, Lava Hounds, Balloons, P.E.K.K.As all excel here. Train your highest level troop.

Support Troops: Wizards for area damage. Wall Breakers to access the core. Archer Queen’s ranged attack clears trash buildings.

Rage Spells: Make your Dragons or Balloons invincible. Rage them toward priority defenses like Air Defenses and Wizard Towers for quick demolitions.

Freeze Spells: Freeze Inferno Towers melting your Balloons. Also freeze Eagle Artillery blasting your Heroes.

Lightning Spells: Take out tightly packed Air Defenses or Mortars near the perimeter. Opens the base for your main force.

Earthquake Spells: Destroy walls throughout bases so troops can access anywhere. Also damage clustered buildings.

Jump Spells: Create access directly into compartmentalized core. Place them wisely to steer troops toward Town Hall.

Heal Spells: Keep troops alive longer as they push to the core. Heal Dragons under Wizard Towers, or P.E.K.K.As under multi-target Infernos.

Invisibility Spells: Sneak troops like Balloons past overwhelming defenses. Also conceal Heroes ability regeneration.

Clan Castle Troops: Powerful reinforcements like Electro Dragons or Siege Machines that blast inner Walls with area damage or loads of troops.

Heroes: Help set a proper funnel for your main force to enter the base core. Use abilities to crush enemy Heroes and CC troops.

Training for Clan Wars

Crafting the perfect army to demolish war bases requires precision troop selection, upgrades,Hero levels, and spell support.

High DPS Troops: Lava Hounds and Balloons crush Air Defenses. Bowlers and Valkyries dominate ground defenses. Critical for overwhelming firepower.

Tank Troops: Golems and Ice Golems shield damage dealers like Wizards. Giants distract Mortars and Wizard Towers. Essential meat shields.

Support Troops: Witches summon hordes of Skeletons to distract defenses. Hog Riders target defenses and trigger Traps. Wall Breakers breach walls.

Power Spells: Rage, Heal, and Jump are staples. Freeze disables Infernos. Poison kills enemy CC troops. Haste speeds Balloons.

Cleanup Troops: Minions, Archers, Wizards wipe out trash buildings behind main force. Barbarians distract leftover defenses.

Siege Machines: Wall Wreckers and Battle Blimps to either funnel or directly strike the core with troops or spells.

Powerful CC Troops: Bowlers, Valkyries, Dragons, or Electro Dragons to supplement your army with another overwhelming offensive wave.

Max Heroes: High level Heroes make funneling and cleanup much easier. Use Iron Fist, Royal Cloak, and Eternal Tome abilities to tip close battles.

Scouting: Review the enemy base layout and troops in Clan Castle and Heroes. Train specific counters as needed.

Spell Factory: Boost this so you can bring extra spells into battle. Proper spell timing and placement wins wars.

Dark Barracks: Prioritize heavy Dark Elixir troops like Hogs, Minions, Bowlers, Valkyries. Essential support units.

With so much on the line per attack, meticulous planning and preparation is crucial. Analyze the base, formulate a strategy, then train the troops and spells to perfectly execute that attack plan.

Training for Legend League Defenses

Reaching Legend League means facing the world’s top players attacking your base daily. Training versatile defensive Clan Castle troops is vital.


  • Inferno Dragon – massive ranged area damage to roast packed armies like Valkyries.
  • Electro Dragon – annihilates DragLoon and mass Dragon attacks. Also avoids triggering Clan Castle early.
  • Lava Hound – tanks immense damage from air attacks and floods the field with dangerous Lava Pups when defeated.
  • Dragon – durable melee unit that deals heavy area damage to swarms of ground troops.
  • Ice Golem – tanks hits while freezing attackers to disable momentum. Works against most army compositions.
  • Headhunter – shreds enemy Heroes, slowing attacks. Also demolishes heavy tanks like Golems and Lava Hounds.
  • Super Minion – avoids bullets while locking onto targets with rapid melee strikes. Withstands most ground assaults.
  • Inferno Minion – melts even max Heroes quickly with %HP based damage. Stops early funneling.
  • Mega Tesla – hides and appears on its own to shred tanks, evade lures, and ruin attack plans.

Variety – rotate different Clan Castle troops to surprise opponents expecting standard Stoneslammers. Forces them to re-plan attacks.

Levels – upgrade troops like Electro Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Lava Hound for increased damage and HP against maxed armies.

Repairs – if defeated in battle, your War base reloads the Clan Castle troops. Make sure to repay donors promptly.

With endless battles against the best of the best, creativity and diligence in training defensive reinforcements can make the difference between protecting your trophies or getting crushed. Never let guard down.

Advanced Troop Training Techniques

So far we’ve covered fundamentals of training troops, efficient upgrading strategies, army compositions, and troops for specific scenarios. In this final section, we’ll explore truly advanced techniques that tap into the full potential of your forces through skill and strategy.

Minion Stacking

Minions can overwhelm Air Defenses when deployed in a concentrated stack. The basics:

  • Stage 1: Destroy perimeter Air Defenses with Lightning Spells. Clear ground defenses like Archer Towers using handfuls of Giants.
  • Stage 2: Deploy all Minions in one tight spot, ideally away from remaining Air Defenses initially. Rage as needed.
  • Stage 3: As defenses focus on Minions, Heal the stack to keep their momentum crushing through the base. Don’t stagger deployment.

Proper spell timing is critical. Rage boosts DPS as they close in on priority defenses like Air Defenses and Wizard Towers. Heal them after massive damage.

Upgraded Minions are ideal, but even Level 1 stacks can demolish maxed TH10 and some TH11 bases with good spell support. This cheap army trains fast with just Dark Elixir.

Queen Walk

The Archer Queen can demolish 30% or more of many bases single-handedly with the Queen Walk strategy. How to train supporting troops:

  • Healers: 4-6 to keep your Queen constantly healed through defenses
  • Wall Breakers: At least 4 to open compartments for the Queen
  • Rage Spell: Enhance Queen DPS and keep Healers out of range of Air Defenses
  • Poison Spell: Destroy enemy Queen or Clan Castle troops
  • Backup Troops: ~12 Wizards to help assist Queen when needed

Execute the Queen Walk correctly, and she’ll keep your Healers safe while shredding defenses across an entire side of the base. This sets up an easy crush by your remaining forces like Valkyries, Miners, or Hogs.

Surgical Strikes

Surgical Hog Rider deployments can demolish many bases by precision strikes on defenses, avoiding giant bombs with surgical strikes:

  • Scout Traps: Draw out Giant Bombs and Bomb Towers with handfuls of expendable troops first.
  • Strike Wave 1: Send ~5 Hogs from different angles to eliminate nearby defenses while avoiding suspected traps.
  • Heal: Quickly Heal the wounded Hog packs after clearing initial defenses so they’re ready for the next stage. Timing is key.
  • Strike Wave 2: Repeat surgical packs at the next layer while Healing, steadily tightening the noose until the base defenses collapse.

Surgical Strikes rely on números waves of small Hog Rider teams to accomplish more together than one giant massed force ever could. Proper training, deployment angles, and spell timing determine success or tragic failure.

Mass Attacks

“Spam” attacks can demolish bases through raw overwhelming force when correctly supported:

  • Funneling: Use Heroes, Sieges, or Wall Breakers to guide troops into the base core. Never deploy blindly.
  • Overpowering Troops: Dragons, Valkyries, Bowlers, Witches. Concentrated into the breach to unleash devastation.
  • Rage: Boost DPS of your main force as it gutpunches the core, shredding defenses before they can inflict lasting damage.
  • Heal: Keep damaged troops alive and raged longer to complete demolishing the core under fire. Timing is key.
  • Jump: Access core compartments behind walls so troops stay inside the base rather than wandering around the edges.

Freeze: Disable Inferno Towers melting your forces. Also freeze Eagle Artillery blasting your main wave.

Mass attacks rely on overwhelming power, proper pathing, and well-timed spells to crush bases in under a minute. Train a maxed army and approach like a tidal wave rather than with surgical precision.

While these techniques require mastery, they showcase the heights you can reach in Clash of Clans through advanced troop training strategies and tactics. There is always room to improve and evolve.

I hope this guide has helped explain the fundamentals of training troops and provided useful tips to build powerful armies for any objective. Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate or expand on any sections.

We’ve covered many facets of training troops in Clash of Clans – the importance of troop training, how to build and upgrade Barracks, choosing which troops to train, best practices for training, useful tips for efficiency, tailoring army composition for different strategies, and advanced techniques. In this conclusion, let’s summarize the key lessons.

Summary of Key Points

  • Upgrade offensive buildings like Barracks, Army Camps, and troops before defenses. Offense is the best defense.
  • Keep all Barracks constantly producing troops to maximize your army strength over time. Avoid leaving them idle.
  • Prioritize upgrading Barracks that unlock your most used and important troops like Dragons and Hog Riders.
  • Max out Army Camps first so you can train bigger armies. Troop capacity is a huge offensive advantage.
  • Use cheap troops like Barbarians and Archers to farm resources. Save expensive Elixir and Dark Elixir units for wars.
  • Take advantage of boosts like Training Potions to quickly build powerful armies when needed.
  • Tailor your army composition to the task at hand like farming, trophy pushing, clan wars, or Legend League defense.
  • Use spell support like Heal, Rage, and Jump to give your troops the edge over defenses. Proper timing is key.
  • Practice advanced techniques like Queen Walks, Minion stacking, and surgical Hog Rider strikes to demolish bases with strategy.

Tips for Further Improvement

Here are final tips to continue improving your troop training and combat skills:

  • Experiment with novel troop combinations to attack bases in creative new ways.
  • Observe what troop types defeat your village the most and practice counter-armies.
  • Save replay videos of your best attacks to analyze decision making and spell timing.
  • Study videos of top players using strategies you want to learn.
  • Max your Heroes first above all else. Their abilities are game-changing.
  • Join a high level clan to receive strong troop donations for wars and defense.
  • Analyze your losses to improve. Don’t get discouraged; we all lose battles sometimes.
  • Practice friendly challenges with clanmates to test new strategies.

With the right troop compositions, upgrades, spells, and techniques, you can accomplish any goal in Clash of Clans. Keep learning and improving your skills. The journey of training your forces never truly ends. You can read more about clash of clans strategy here.

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