Teamfight Tactics Best Champions – A Complete Guide

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler game mode within League of Legends. In TFT, eight players face off on an arena called the Convergence, building team compositions of champions from the League universe to defeat each other.

The goal of TFT is to be the last player standing by eliminating all other opponents. To do this, you’ll recruit champions, position them tactically on your gameboard, equip them with items to make them stronger, and adapt your strategy based on opponents’ team comps.

How to Play Teamfight Tactics

To start, you are given a random selection of champions. You’ll purchase additional champions from the shop using gold to build your comp. Each round, your champions will move and attack automatically, battling enemy champions.

Choosing Your Champions

It’s important to pay attention to synergies between champions. For example, collecting three Yordles will activate their trait to gain additional gold. Or six Dragons will gain bonus health.

Teamfight Tactics champion

As the game progresses, you’ll want to pivot your comp around the champions and synergies you are offered. Maintaining flexibility is key to adapting your strategy.

Positioning Your Champions

The placement of your champions on the battlefield matters. You’ll want to position tankier champions up front to soak up damage and protect backline damage-dealers.

Assassins jump behind the front lines, so keep them away from your damage carries. Try spreading out champions to avoid AOE abilities hitting multiple targets.

Using Items and Abilities

Items can be combined to grant champions bonus stats and powerful effects. Placing items strategically is important. Give damage items to your carries and defensive items to tanks.

Many champions also have ability effects that can turn the tide of battle if used properly. Understand your champions’ abilities and when best to deploy them.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on building early game synergies at first. Strong starts set you up for the late game.
  • Manage your economy by balancing spending gold vs saving interest. Don’t overspend and bleed out.
  • Position your strongest champions furthest from the enemy’s strongest to avoid losing early.
  • Build defensive and utility items before pure damage. Survival first!
  • Focus on playing a few comps really well instead of trying to do everything.

There’s a ton of strategic depth to TFT. Learn the basics first and you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time! Let me know if you would like me to expand on any part of the introduction.


There are over 60 unique champions in Teamfight Tactics, each with their own abilities, traits, and playstyles. Let’s take a look at some of the key champions for each trait.

A. Yordles

Yordles are small, furry creatures with a mischievous nature. The Yordle trait reduces incoming damage from all sources. At 3 Yordles, you gain additional gold per round.

Tristana – A 3-cost Ranger carry. She gains attack speed with her ability Rapid Fire, great for shredding through enemy frontlines with Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

Heimerdinger – A 5-cost Innovator whose turrets provide heavy backline damage. Items like Blue Buff let him constantly spam turrets. Place him opposite the enemy’s carry.

Corki – A 4-cost Yordle pilot. His Missile Barrage deals AOE damage in a large cone, making him perfect for Blight Crystal builds.

Lulu – A 2-cost Enchanter who shields and polymorphs enemies. She enables your team’s primary carry by keeping them alive and active.

Poppy – A 1-cost Knight. Her ability Hammer Shock knocks up enemies in an AOE. Use her to buy time for your damage to ramp up.

B. Dragons

Dragons gain bonus health based on their trait level. They thrive in long fights, so healing and shielding keeps them going.

Shyvana – A 4-cost Shapeshifter who gains bonus AD and range while in Dragon form. Items like Bloodthirster have great synergy with her kit.

Idas – A 5-cost Colossus whose size increases with his dragon soul stacks. Use him as an unkillable frontline once he transforms.

Ao Shin – A 5-cost Evoker. His ability knocks up enemies in a wide line, buying time for your team to clean up. Use Spear of Shojin to cast faster.

Sohm – A 3-cost Bruiser with high sustained damage if he sticks to targets. Provide Sohm mobility with Shroud of Stillness or Zephyr for optimal damage.

Sy’fen – A 4-cost Assassin who leaps behind the furthest enemy, shredding their backline. Build Sy’fen as a secondary carry alongside AD items.

C. Shapeshifters

Shapeshifters gain maximum health and transform after combat begins. Timed well, their transformation can turn a losing fight.

Gnar – A 2-cost tanky Shapeshifter. Position him opposite the enemy’s primary carry so he jumps on them at the start of combat.

Nidalee – A 3-cost Striker whose Javelin Toss deals more damage the lower she is on health. Build her with defensive items and heal reduction.

Swain – A 5-cost Dragonmancer whose demon form drains health from all enemies in range. Swain needs to ramp up, so buy him time to transform.

Olaf – A 4-cost Berserker who gains attack speed and lifesteal as he loses health. Olaf wrecks low-health clumped enemies – pair him with Talon or Qiyana.

Shyvana – A 4-cost mentioned above. Her flame breath while transformed incinerates enemies in a cone in front of her.

D. Assassins

Assassins jump to the enemy’s furthest champion at the start of combat. Their burst damage can blow up unsuspecting squishies.

Talon – A 4-cost Assassin who unleashes a flurry of blades, shredding groups of enemies. Use Last Whisper to cut through tanky frontlines.

Pyke – A 2-cost Assassin executing low health enemies and sharing kill gold with his team. Use Hand of Justice to maximize Pyke’s execute potential.

Qiyana – A 5-cost Empress of Elements whose ultimate stuns in an AOE. The perfect follow up after Talon’s opening burst.

Khazix – A 4-cost Evolved Assassin who evolves his abilities through kills, gaining increased range and damage. Items like Bloodthirster keep him going.

Ekko – A 3-cost Scrap Assassin who rewinds after casting, shielding himself and firing a chronobreak blast. Ekko needs mana, so items like Spear work well.

E. Skirmishers

Skirmishers gain a shield and bonus attacks speed after casting abilities, allowing them to thrive in drawn-out fights.

Yone – A 5-cost Wandering Emperor who sweeps across the enemy formation, knocking them up. Use Hand of Justice and Titan’s Resolve to keep him alive.

Jax – A 2-cost Skirmisher with rapid attack speed growth when dodging incoming attacks. Build Jax early with Fist of Justice and Guinsoo’s.

Lee Sin – A 3-cost Dragonmancer who kicks the furthest enemy behind him, displacing priority targets. Use Spear of Shojin for rapid kicks.

Xayah – A 4-cost Swiftshot who recalls her feathers, striking through enemies in a line. She needs attack speed to maximize her feather damage.

Pantheon – A 1-cost Dragonmancer whose AOE spear slam disables enemies hit. Use him to stall enemy frontlines as your damage ramps up.

F. Brawlers

Brawlers gain bonus health for each trait ally on your team, making them sturdy front line tanks.

Vi – A 2-cost Enforcer who knocks up enemies in an AOE circle. Use Hextech Gunblade to repeatedly stun clumped enemies.

Sejuani – A 4-cost Cavalier who freezes enemies on cast. Combine with enchanters like Taric to disable enemies for long durations.

Rek’Sai – A 3-cost Lurker who burrows beneath low health enemies, executing them. Use Last Whisper to help finish off weakened foes.

Blitzcrank – A 2-cost Scrap who pulls the furthest enemy to him at the start of combat. Place him opposite the enemy’s primary carry.

Cho’Gath – A 4-cost Colossus who immobilizes enemies within his rupture before eating them, permanently gaining health.

G. Mages

Mages gain ability power based on their trait level, enhancing their spell damage output. They aim to burst down enemies before they can respond.

Ryze – A 5-cost Mage Guardian with an AOE rune prison that spreads flux to enemies hit. Use Morellonomicon to cut healing on fluxed enemies.

Sylas – A 3-cost Steelshaper who steals enemy ultimates, copying their effects. Use him to steal impactful enemy ults like Idas, Shi Oh Yu, or Swain.

Lillia – A 3-cost Dreamweaver whose abilities apply sleep, stunning targets who accumulate enough stacks. Use Luden’s Echo to spread her damage and CC.

Lux – A 3-cost Evoker who fires off a prismatic barrage, damaging enemies in a line. Lux works well with mana-boosting items like Spear of Shojin.

Heimerdinger – The 5-cost Yordle Innovator mentioned above who excels with high mana generation.

H. Warlocks

Warlocks are masters of dark magic. They sacrifice their health to gain spell power, unleashing devastating nukes.

Morgana – A 3-cost Enchanter who tethers to nearby enemies, damaging and healing herself. Morgana works well with healing synergies to sustain her health costs.

Vladimir – A 4-cost Arcanist famous for his devastating AOE ultimate. Use Morellonomicon and Hextech Gunblade to maximize his damage and sustain.

Zyra – A 2-cost Thorned Abomination who summons killer plants. She works well with Cho’Gath for the Abomination buff, supercharging her plants.

Malzahar – A 2-cost Arcanist whose voidlings help distract and tank damage. Stack Malz with damage items to maximize his primary target burst potential.

Lissandra – A 5-cost Frozen Thrall who encases enemies in ice, providing CC. Lissandra needs mana, so items like Spear of Shojin work well on her.

I. Guardians

Guardians provide a supportive frontline who soak damage for the rest of your team. Their traits also reduce incoming magic damage.

Braum – A 1-cost Guardian whose shield blocks damage. Use Zeke’s Herald on Braum to provide buffs after jumping in front of allies.

Leona – A 2-cost Vanguard who stuns enemies in a circular area around her. Leona makes an excellent item holder for crowd control items like Spear of Shojin.

Rell – A 4-cost Ironclad Guardian who grants armour to adjacent allies. Build Rell with Zeke’s and Frozen Heart to buff your team’s defences.

Taric – A 2-cost Healer who provides invulnerability to allies in an area around himself. Taric enables your team to survive devastating AOE ultimates.

Ryze – The 5-cost rune mage mentioned above who gains a protective rune prison, buying your team time.

J. Rangers

Rangers deal increased damage from range. Placing them safely on the backline allows them to cut through enemies from afar.

Ashe – A 4-cost Imperial Ranger whose volley of arrows strike through enemies in a line. Ashe works well with the Imperial trait and EoN for mana generation.

Twitch – A 3-cost Chemtech Assassin who gains attack speed while camouflaged. The element of surprise allows him to shred unaware enemies.

Varus – A 2-cost Swiftshot who cripples enemies, reducing healing and spreading Blight stacks. Varus works well with other Blight carriers.

Kindred – A 3-cost Mystic Ranger who marks enemies, dealing additional % health damage to them. Kindred shreds high health targets like Dragonmancers.

Jinx – A 4-cost Anarchist whose Fishbones rocket grants massive AOE range. Jinx works well with enablers like Lulu to protect her.

K. Knights

Knights gain bonus armor and damage reduction. Proper positioning allows them to guard your backline from being assailed.

Kayle – A 5-cost Paragon who ascends, gaining ranged attacks and flight. Kayle positioned correctly can single-handedly carry teamfights.

Morgana – A 3-cost Enchanter Knight whose spell shield grants CC immunity. Blackthorn Morgana with EoN stalls opponents indefinitely.

Shen – A 2-cost Jade Knight who taunts enemies around him. Shen positioned opposite the enemy’s carry forces them to focus him.

Darius – A 1-cost Warlord who gains AD with his repeatedaxe strikes, dealing true damage. Darius wrecks low armour targets, so protect him with Knights.

Garen – A 1-cost Vanguard who spins through the enemy formation, shredding their frontline defenses early.

L. Ninjas

Ninjas gain bonus AD and ability power when you have exactly 1 or 4 on your team. Their elusive nature makes them difficult to target.

Akali – A 3-cost Assassin who throws shuriken before diving her target, executing them. Position Akali to quickly eliminate the enemy’s damage threats.

Shen – The 2-cost Jade Knight mentioned above. His dash provides disruption, forcing enemies to reposition.

Zed – A 2-cost Assassin who seeks out low health enemies and unleashes a cyclone of shadows. Use Last Whisper to counter clumped healers.

Yone – The 5-cost Wandering Emperor who knocks up clumped enemies repeatedly. Yone MUST be paired with a secondary damage carry.

Kennen – A 3-cost Tempest Ninja who stuns enemies surrounding him. Groups of 2/4 Ninjas maximise his AOE crowd control potential.

M. Elementalists

Elementalists gain bonus ability power and their spells summon elemental effects after a cast chain. Extended fights allow their effects to wreak havoc.

Qiyana – The 5-cost Empress mentioned earlier whose ultimate summons an elemental rift, damaging enemies standing in it.

Anivia – A 4-cost Evoker who deals AOE damage and stuns enemies after a few seconds when she casts her ult. Use Spear of Shojin for repeated stuns.

Lillia – The 3-cost Dreamweaver who summons a damaging dream zone that puts enemies to sleep.

Brand – A 2-cost Evoker who bounces between nearby enemies when he Overloads. Brand loves mana generation and AOE damage boosts.

Zyra – The 2-cost Thorned Abomination who summons deadly plants after casting.

N. Hextech

The scrappy inventors of Hextech specialize in using items to amplify their abilities. Their traits provide free item components to craft powerful synergies.

Ekko – The 3-cost Assassin/Scrap mentioned earlier who thrives with mana generation and cooldown reduction.

Vi – The 2-cost Enforcer also mentioned above who stuns tightly clumped enemies repeatedly.

Senna – A 4-cost Sniper whose global ultimate shield and damage allies. Use Spear of Shojin and buff supports like Taric to maximize Senna’s utility.

Jayce – A 2-cost Hextech Bruiser who shreds the enemy frontline defenses with his ranged hammer attacks.

Nocturne – A 1-cost Assassin who rockets through the battlefield, applying Fear to enemies in the path. Use Luden’s Echo to spread damage and disruption.

O. Imperials

The Imperial trait buffs your team each time you win combat, granting bonus effects like attack speed, ability power, and life steal.

Darius – The dunking 1-cost Warlord mentioned earlier who wrecks low armor enemies once buffed.

Camille – A 2-cost Challenger who hooks onto enemies, isolating and shredding them. Use attack speed items like Guinsoo’s to maximize Camille’s single target DPS.

Sivir – A 3-cost Duelist whose ricocheting blade bounces between enemies. Sivir provides AOE damage to cut through clumped Imperial comps.

Swain – The 5-cost shapeshifting Dragonmancer earlier who sustains himself draining enemies dry.

Ashe – The 4-cost Imperial Ranger carrying fights with her long range arrow volleys.

P. Voids

Void champs gain bonus true damage from their traits, allowing them to shred through enemy frontlines and high-health champions.

Cho’Gath – The 4-cost Colossus mentioned earlier who grows with each feast kill. Cho’Gath will devour entire teams once he scales up.

Vel’Koz – A 2-cost Arcanist who disintegrates enemies in a frontal beam. Use Spear of Shojin for rapid beam casts.

Kai’Sa – A 5-cost Evolved Void Assassin who gains extra range and missiles with her evolves. Kai’Sa positioned properly can wipe teams before they can even move.

Kha’Zix – A 4-cost Evolved Assassin who adapts to enemies, executing isolated targets. Kha’Zix provides single target burst to compliment AOE void compositions.

Malzahar – The 2-cost Arcanist Warlock with voidlings that exist to tank shots and apply Morellonomicon.

Q. Syndicates

The Syndicate trait produces gold shards when Syndicate allies die or get takedowns. Their risky, aggressive playstyle accelerates your team’s item power spikes.

Darius – The 1-cost Warlord menace who really snowballs with early Syndicate gold income.

Zed – The ever-deadly 2-cost Assassin who scales into a late game monster with Syndicate item components.

Braum – The reliable 1-cost Frontline Guardian who enables aggressive positioning and playmaking with his barrier.

Senna – The 4-cost Sniper who buffs your team with shields and global damage. Use her ult to secure takedowns anywhere.

Akali – The elusive 3-cost Assassin who picks off isolated priority targets, generating economy momentum.


Items are a critical part of success in Teamfight Tactics. Combining components together creates powerful items that can make or break your composition. Let’s explore some of the most impactful items in TFT.

Teamfight Tactics items

A. Offensive Items

Offensive items boost your champions’ damage output, allowing them to rapidly eliminate enemies.

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge grants +100% critical strike chance and +100% critical strike damage. It’s the premier damage amplification item for auto-attack focused carries like Xayah, Jinx, and Kayle.

Place Infinity Edge on your main damage dealer and combine with other crit items like Last Whisper and Giant Slayer. The massive crits will allow them to mow down even the tankiest foes.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Guinsoo’s Rageblade grants +35% attack speed and causes attacks to grant +12% bonus attack speed, stacking up to 100%. With enough attacks, champions like Varus and Ashe will achieve max attack speed.

Attack speed is excellent on Swiftshot and Ranger champions who have abilities that scale with their attack speed or on-hit effects. The attack speed amplification also accelerates the power spike of spellcasters like Ryze and Kai’Sa.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap grants +75 ability power and increases ability power by 50%. It is the premier scaling damage item for spellcasters like Zyra, Lillia, and Heimerdinger.

Stacking Rabadon’s Deathcap with items like Spear of Shojin and Hextech Gunblade will allow spellcasters to unleash devastating nuke damage – often oneshotting entire teams if uncontested.

Hand of Justice

Hand of Justice has a 50% chance on hit to either deal bonus physical and magic damage or grant an enrichment, giving bonus attack damage, ability power, or health.

The enrichment effect and bonus damage scale with the wearer’s stats, making Hand of Justice good on both auto-attackers with AD and spellcasters with AP. It adds a fun randomness that can completely swing fights.

Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer grants bonus damage that scales up to 20% of the target’s maximum health against enemies with higher health. This effect helps counter tanky champions.

Giant Slayer is best on AD carries like Xayah and Yone so their basic attacks and abilities shred down beefy frontliners. It counters the meta Dragonmancer and Colossus compositions.

Last Whisper

Last Whisper reduces the target’s armor by 85% for 5 seconds with each hit, allowing you to cut through high armor targets.

Shredding tank stats makes Last Whisper excellent on physical damage dealers facing clumped melee champions like Idas, Terra, and Pantheon. The armor shred also boosts the damage of your whole team.


Morellonomicon deals 25% of the wearer’s AP as burn damage over 10 seconds and reduces healing by 80% for the duration. This counters healing compositions.

Put Morellonomicons on AOE spellcasters like Ryze and Soraka. When they tag multiple enemies, the healing reduction and burn damage quickly stacks up to cripple enemies dependent on sustain.

Hextech Gunblade

Hextech Gunblade deals 175 – 250 magic damage and heals for the same amount on hit. This adds sustain and survivability for your carriers.

The Hextech Gunblade active deals extra burst damage while the healing offsets damage taken. It works well on champions like Swain, Ekko, and Vladimir who can maximize the healing component.

B. Defensive Items

Defensive items help your champions survive longer in battle to keep dishing out damage or providing utility.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel revives the wearer after 2 seconds the first time they die with 500 health. This allows fragile carries to get a second life.

Place Guardian Angel on your primary damage dealers like Sivir and Kai’Sa to allow them to survive being focused down and give them a chance to turn the fight around.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Gargoyle Stoneplate grants +40 armor and magic resist. On falling below 40% health, it gains a shield equal to 300% of the wearer’s total health.

The shield effect makes Gargoyle Stoneplate powerful on frontline champions you position opposite the enemy’s carry like Wukong, Soraka, and Idas.

Dragon’s Claw

Dragon’s Claw grants +80 magic resist and reduces magic damage taken by 50%. This counters spell-heavy comps and champions like Ryze, Zyra, Aurelion Sol.

Placing Dragon’s Claw on a tanky champion adjacent to your primary carry will allow them to soak devastating magic nukes. Great holders include Soraka, Nasus, and Lee Sin.

Bramble Vest

Bramble Vest reflects 25% of all incoming physical damage back to the attacker and negates bonus critical strike damage. It deters auto-attackers.

Bramble Vest punishes physical damage carries like Xayah, Yasuo, and Jinx who build up attack speed and crit chance. Frontline champions like Rell and Sejuani can hold Bramble to reflect damage.


Quicksilver grants immunity to the next enemy crowd control effect. Having a Quicksilver ready can completely counter an enemy’s win condition.

Put Quicksilver on your carry when facing comps built around crowd control combos such as Ashe, Sejuani, Swain, Sona, and Shi Oh Yu. The spell immunity turns the fight.

Warmog’s Armor

Warmog’s Armor grants +800 health and heals for 3% max health per second after being out of combat for 8 seconds. This enables repeated skirmishing.

Warmog’s sustains champions through repeated poke damage and minion waves. Frontliners like Wukong, Soraka, and Ornn stay healthy for the next fight with Warmog’s ticking healing.

C. Utility Items

Utility items provide powerful effects like mana generation, crowd control, and champion disruption that enable unique strategies.

Spear of Shojin

Spear of Shojin grants +20% damage and on cast, recovers 15 mana per attack. This enables rapid spellcasting for mages and healers.

Champions like Karma, Sona, Zyra, and Sylas can constantly spam abilities with their mana bar perpetually refilled by Spear of Shojin.

Seraph’s Embrace

Seraph’s Embrace grants +20 mana per attack and when the wearer drops below 50% health, deploys a shield equal to 50% of their maximum mana.

Seraph’s Embrace allows spellcasters to quickly recharge their mana pools while having a lifesaving shield in case they get focused down. Excellent for sustained casters like Lillia, Heimerdinger and Anivia.

Statikk Shiv

Statikk Shiv deals magic damage to 3 enemies on every third attack, bouncing off to additional targets. This allows spreading AOE poke.

Statikk Shiv pokes down clumped enemies with splash magic damage. It works well on auto-attackers like Yone, Sivir and Twitch who can proc the effect often.


Zephyr banishes an enemy champion for 5 seconds at the start of combat. This displaces and splits up enemy formations.

Use Zephyr to counter key champions the enemy is relying on like Swain, Idas, Shi Oh Yu. Removing them from the start of the fight hands you a major advantage.

Shroud of Stillness

Shroud of Stillness immobilizes a champion for 2.5 seconds at the start of combat. Their mana generation is disabled for 5 seconds as well.

Shut down a primary enemy carry by hindering their mana generation and preventing them from casting immediately. Excellent targets include Sylas, Aurelion Sol, Zoe.

Zeke’s Herald

Zeke’s Herald grants +15% attack speed, +10% critical chance, and empowers the Champion’s ally on their left at the start of combat, giving those same bonuses for 8 seconds.

Position Zeke’s Herald on supports like Taric, Soraka, and Sona to empower a primary carry to their left like Sivir, Kai’Sa, Xayah at the start of each fight.


Crafting a strong team composition is key to success in TFT. Combining champions synergistically and countering the lobby’s meta comps will take you to the top. Let’s explore some of the most powerful comps to play.

A. Yordle Comps

Yordles provide early game power and economy. Look to stabilize and transition later.

  • Openers – Tristana, Twitch, Corki + Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Lulu
  • Late Game – Pivot based onaugments into Dragons, Mages, or Arcanists
  • Items – Needlessly Large Rods for Corki/Heimerdinger, attack speed for Tristana
  • Positioning – Corner clump with Corki hitting frontlines and Tristana attacking from range

B. Dragon Comps

Dragons are tanky and thrive in long fights. Stack healing, shields, and invulnerability.

  • Openers – Syfen, Shyvana, Sohm, Ashe for tempo
  • Late Game – Add Idas, Bard, Yasuo, Soraka, Swain
  • Items – Guardian Angel, Warmog’s Armor, Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade
  • Positioning – Front to back, keep Shyvana opposite the carry. Ball up once transformations come online.

C. Shapeshifter Comps

Shapeshifters start squishy then become juggernauts. Play for their transformation spike.

  • Openers – Gnar, Nidalee + Sylas, Xayah, Sivir
  • Late Game – Swain, Olaf, Shi Oh Yu. Terra if high rolled.
  • Items – Swain carries with AP. Gnar tanks with Dragon’s Claw.
  • Positioning – Adapt based on transformation timers. Ball on Swain once he’s online.

D. Assassin Comps

Burst down isolated carries before they can respond. Position Assassins opposite vulnerable targets.

  • Openers – Talon, Kha’zix, Pyke, Diana, Qiyana if hit
  • Late Game – Ekko, Akali, Blue Buff Kai’Sa
  • Items – Blue Buff/Shroud on Diana. AD and sustain for Talon/Kha’zix.
  • Positioning – Hide one Assassin in the corner away from clumped allies to jump farthest.

E. Skirmisher Comps

Constant shielding makes Skirmishers obnoxious in drawn out fights. Maximize shields.

  • Openers – Pantheon, Shen or Yone paired with Jax, Lee Sin, Olaf
  • Late Game – Add Yasuo, Illaoi, Bard for shields. Swain for Dragon synergy.
  • Items – Lee Sin casts often with Blue Buff. Jax scales with Guinsoo’s.
  • Positioning – Corner clump with Jax shredding from behind Pantheon.

F. Brawler Comps

Brawlers become walls of meat and CC. Ball up to soak damage.

  • Openers – Blitzcrank, Darius, Vi + Cho’Gath, Illaoi, Sejuani
  • Late Game – Add Ornn and Braum for Guardian buffs. Taric to sustain.
  • Items – Stack Cho’Gath with tank items. Blue Buff on Blitz/Vi for pulls.
  • Positioning – Clump in a corner and run at opponents. Collapse on clumped enemies.

G. Mage Comps

Overwhelm enemies with massive AOE burst potential. Position opposite vulnerable backlines.

  • Openers – Ryze, Sylas, Vlad + Zoe, Lillia, Heimerdinger
  • Late Game – Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Sona. Swain for Dragon buff.
  • Items – Mass Rods for deathcap, archangel’s on Ryze/Syndra. Blue Buff amazing.
  • Positioning – Spread formation to avoid AOE overlaps but keep synergies active.

H. Warlock Comps

Sacrifice health for immense spell power. Use healing and shields to offset costs.

  • Openers – Zyra, Vladimir, Morgana + Lissandra, Malzahar
  • Late Game – Add Soraka, Bard for sustain. Swain for frontline.
  • Items – Vladimir carries. Rods for Deathcap, Archangel’s, Gunblade.
  • Positioning – Corner clump. Keep Vlad safe behind frontline.

I. Guardian Comps

Repeatedly taunt and heal to delay the enemy’s advance. Maximize stalling potential.

  • Openers – Leona, Rell, Taric + Braum.
  • Late Game – Add Ornn for EoN immunity. Idas for invulnerability.
  • Items – Taric with shroud. Stack armor and MR on Leona and Rell.
  • Positioning – Check positioning to cover Taric with Braum and Rell. Tight clump.

J. Ranger Comps

Shred from afar before melee can reach you. Items boost attack speed and range.

  • Openers – Twitch, Varus + Ashe, Kindred, Jinx
  • Late Game – Add Bard and Yasuo for evasion. Lulu to protect Jinx.
  • Items – Guinsoo’s, Statikk, Last Whisper on Twitch and Varus. Jinx carries late.
  • Positioning – Twitch surprises backline. Front to back formation.

K. Knight Comps

Nearly unkillable with stacked armor and healing. Advance slowly as a unit.

  • Openers – Darius, Garen + Kayle, Morgana, Poppy
  • Late Game – Add Taric, Soraka for sustain. Yasuo and Ornn for buffs.
  • Items – Stack armor and sustain. Warmog’s, Bramble, Dragon’s Claw.
  • Positioning – Advance as a deathball. Knights in front protecting Soraka/Kayle.

L. Ninja Comps

Elusive damage that aims to negate retaliation. Maximize survival tools.

  • Openers – Shen, Zed + Akali, Kha’zix. Kennen amazing if hit.
  • Late Game – Add Yone and lifesteal for Zed if Shadows. Jade spat good.
  • Items – Akali carries with Gunblade, Titans, Bloodthirster.
  • Positioning – Split up Ninjas so one jumps farthest. Protect Akali’s isolation.

M. Elementalist Comps

Repeated AOE spells summon elemental rifts for extra damage. Clump enemies together.

  • Openers – Lillia, Brand, Anivia, Qiyana
  • Late Game – Lux to chain cast. Malphite clumps enemies. Ornn and Bard for buffs.
  • Items – Seraph’s and Spear on Brand. Rods to boost rift damage.
  • Positioning – Check positioning to maximize AOE overlaps. Clump once online.

N. Hextech Comps

Free item components provide immense flexibility. Slam early, transition as needed.

  • Openers – Ezreal, Sejuani + Camille, Vi
  • Late Game – Pivot. Jinx, Kai’Sa, Sivir with items enabled by components.
  • Items – Slam early game power like Statikk’s, Sunfire, Zephyr.
  • Positioning – Adapt positioning based on transitional carry. Front to back once set.

O. Imperial Comps

Snowballing trait buffs make Imperials exponentially stronger over time. Close out fights quickly.

  • Openers – Darius, Camille + Swain, Sivir, Talon
  • Late Game – Ashe deletes teams once buffed. Kat for Assassin synergy.
  • Items – Swain and Sivir carry. Ashe cleans up once online. AD, AP, mana.
  • Positioning – Box formation to start. Collapse once buffed to overwhelm.

P. Void Comps

True damage shreds everything. Pick off low armor targets first then collapse onto clumped teams.

  • Openers – Kha’zix, Kai’sa, Cho’gath
  • Late Game – Stack Vel’koz with tears and rods. Position him opposite enemies.
  • Items – Spear of Shojin insane on Vel’koz. AP and mana elsewhere. AD on Kha’Zix.
  • Positioning – Kha’Zix assassinates early. Pivot to Vel’koz carry by end game.

Q. Syndicate Comps

Massive economy generation powers spikes and high rolling. All in aggression.

  • Openers – Darius, Zed, Braum
  • Late Game – Akali and Talon carry. Jayce holding AD items.
  • Items – Akali loves Gunblade, HoJ, IE. AD and tears on Zed and Talon.
  • Positioning – Split Assassins from frontline. Try to cash in on takedowns.

Experiment and find what works for you! Comps change every patch so stay flexible and adapt your strategy each game.


To consistently top 4, you need to understand how to navigate early, mid, and late game in TFT. Let’s explore strategies for each stage.

A. Early Game Strategies

The early game is rounds 1-3. This is where you stabilize your board and health total.

  • Prioritize 2-star units over synergies. The extra stats are more important early.
  • Hold pairs whenever possible. Having pairs provides direction and gives you an out if you don’t hit the units you need.
  • Slam early game items like Zephyr, Statikk’s, Sunfire Cape, and Bramble Vest to win streak.
  • Play flexible. Don’t get married to a composition this early. Build the strongest board possible with each shop.
  • Scout opponents to see what units are contested. Avoid fighting over carries unless you’re gifted them.
  • Preserve health above all else. Letting your health drop too low early will ruin your chances even if you econ up.
  • If you’re struggling to stabilize, level aggressively to increase your chances of hitting key units.

B. Mid Game Strategies

The mid game starts at round 4 and lasts until level 7. Here you want to maintain economy and begin transitioning towards your end game composition.

  • Level to 6 on 2-5 or 3-1 and roll down to around 30 gold stabilizing your board.
  • Build items slammable early game items first, then start stockpiling components for your ideal late game items.
  • Once stable, fast 8 to preserve health and increase shop options. Stop rolling by 4-1 unless you’re still bleeding out.
  • Look for direction based on your items, augments, and wins. What carries make the best use of your items?
  • Play what the game gives you. Don’t force comps unless you hit multiple copies of key 4 and 5 costs early.
  • Position opposite the player you’re likely to fight next round. Counter their board specifically.
  • If you’re dominating early, keep winning to maximize your item, gold, and HP lead.

C. Late Game Strategies

The late game starts on level 8 after wolves. Play for top 4 here, not 1st place.

  • Decide on your end game carries based on items, augments and what you’ve hit. Don’t waver after committing.
  • Roll down at 8 to hit your key champions. Be willing to sacrifice econ for vital upgrades.
  • Position intelligently every round, especially versus higher ranked opponents. Counter their win conditions.
  • Use utility items like Zephyr and Shroud to counter enemy champions you can’t beat heads up.
  • Focus items on your main carry, then support. Don’t spread items too thin trying to make everyone a carry.
  • Eliminate low value synergies as you upgrade your board. Trading a 1-star for a 2-star is almost always correct.
  • Play it safe. You want to preserve life total above all else, not first place. Aim for consistent top 4s.
  • Level 9 is bait unless you’re loaded on gold and need to hit a key 5-cost for your comp.

Staying flexible within these frameworks is key. No single approach will work every game – you have to adapt. Consistency comes from making the most of what each game gives you.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering the intricacies of TFT takes time and experience. Here are some tips and tricks to skill up faster.

A. How to Counter Different Compositions

  • Dragons – Use Last Whisper to shred resistances. Knock up Idas before he revives.
  • Mages – Build Dragon’s Claw on frontline tanks. Position carries away from clumps to avoid AOE.
  • Assassins – Bodyguard your backline with Knights and Bramble Vests. Play protectors like Soraka.
  • Rangers – Advance together as a ball to close distance. Use Zephyr on their main DPS threat.
  • Yordles – Don’t clump against Corki. Eliminate Tristana quickly before she gets attack speed.
  • Skirmishers – Delay their transformation spike with CC. Burst them once shield drops.
  • Knights – Bring Giant Slayer to cut health bars. Knock up Kayle to delay ascension.
  • Swiftshots – Position opposite their clump to minimize ricochet bounces.
  • Guardians – Bait out Taric ult before unloading your combo. Spread out to minimize AOE CC.
  • Warlocks – Anti-heal with Morellonomicon. Focus fire them before their health costs ramp up.

B. How to Use Your Economy Efficiently

  • Open Fortress if given weak options. Preserve HP and econ up over establishing a board.
  • Loss streak intentionally if you have strong future direction but a weak board currently. This preserves econ.
  • Spend just enough to stabilize, not to maximize power. The goal is to save gold.
  • Roll at 2-1 or 2-5 to stabilize, not whenever you can. Follow leveling breakpoints.
  • Don’t hyper-roll chasing 3-stars until level 8. Trade 1-stars for 2-stars instead. The stat jump is more significant early.
  • Slow roll at 8 if you hit a chosen carry you can 3-star like Swain, Karma, Ashe.
  • Be willing to sacrifice econ pushing levels to preserve life total. Nothing is worse than bleeding out with 50 gold.

C. How to Position Your Champions Effectively

  • Scout opponents boards and position to counter their win condition specifically.
  • Make sure your primary carry has a frontline and is protected by utility like Zephyr and Shroud.
  • Separate your secondary damage threats from your main carry to split enemy focus.
  • Sandwich your damage dealers between multiple tanks to force enemies to chew through them.
  • Place tanks opposite the largest cluster of enemies to soak up AOE.
  • Position Assassins away from your team’s clump so they jump farthest.
  • Angle AOE ults like Swain, Viktor, Jhin diagonally to hit a maximum number of enemies.
  • Switch up positioning every round, especially vs Assassins. Keep them guessing.
  • Adapt positions each fight to counter evolving enemy boards. What they played last round won’t work again.

Advanced Mechanics

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to master advanced techniques that separate the best from the rest.

A. Item Slamming

Slamming items refers to aggressively combining components early to create complete items, even if they aren’t ideal. This gives you an immediate power spike.

Benefits of slamming:

  • Win streaks preserve health and generate extra gold.
  • Complete items let you win fights you otherwise wouldn’t.
  • The components may not combine into your ideal late game items anyways.
  • It provides direction by committing to an item holder to transition around later.
  • Extra components from creeps allow reforging slam items later.

When slamming:

  • Prioritize early game power like Bramble Vest, Sunfire Cape, Zephyr.
  • Ensure components combine into generically useful items like Statikk’s, Chalice, Zeke’s.
  • Only slam if it benefits your board immediately. Don’t combine just for the sake of combining.

B. Leveling and Rolling

Knowing when to level up and roll down is crucial. Follow these power spikes:

Level 4 – After minions on 2-1 or 2-5 to find your strongest board. Roll down to 10-30 gold.

Level 5 – On stage 3-1 to stabilize. Look for frontline champions and pairs. Roll down if weak.

Level 6 – Either on 2-5 if healthy or stage 3-1 if bleeding. Find 4-cost carries if gifted.

Level 7 – On stage 4-1 or 4-2. Slow roll if you already have a strong chosen carry.

Level 8 – Stage 4-5 or 5-1. Roll down here to hit your end game. Stay above 20 gold.

Level 9 – Only go 9 if you’re loaded on gold and need a specific 5-cost. Generally not worth it.

C. Positioning for Specific Comps

  • Assassins – Isolate them from your team so they jump farthest backline.
  • Bodyguards – Ball up team and bodyguards around your primary carry.
  • Bruisers – Carefully position to maximize spell damage onto clustered enemies.
  • Dragons – Front to back. Flip Shyvana and SOY to dive the backline.
  • Mages – Spread out team to overlap AOE spells onto enemies.

That covers the major positioning strategies. Scouting opponents and adapting each round is critical – static formations won’t cut it.


The meta in Teamfight Tactics refers to which compositions and champions are strongest in the current patch. Adaptability is key to excelling in a constantly evolving meta. Let’s explore how to identify and adapt to meta shifts.

A. What is the Current Meta?

The meta evolves each patch, but there are some comps that remain strong staples:

  • Dragons – Shyvana, Idas, and Soraka enable tanky frontlines that thrive in long fights.
  • Shapeshifters – Swain and Olaf spike hard once transformed, while Gnar disrupts backlines.
  • Swiftshots – Xayah and Sivir pair VIP status with ricocheting AOE damage.
  • ** Guild Xayah** – The premier Swiftshot carry that enables backline access and attack speed.

Other comps rise and fall each patch. Stay updated on trends by following sites like Metatft and reading patch notes.

B. How to Adapt to the Meta

  • Scout opponents – See what others are playing early and avoid contesting meta units.
  • Stay flexible – Build early game strength, not married to a comp. Use what the game gives you.
  • Play to outs – Hold pairs as pivot options. Items also provide direction.
  • Adjust your playstyle – If games go late, prioritize scaling champions. Early damage if games end on Stage 4.
  • Tech in counters – Add Zephyrs, Dragon’s Claws, Mystics to counter lobby trends.
  • Prioritize contested units – Overpay if needed to hit meta carries like Xayah, Swain, and Soraka.
  • Watch high-ranked streams – See what the top players are innovating with each patch.
  • Follow multiple build paths – Have a primary composition in mind but backup options based on what you hit.
  • Trust the data – Use statistical sites to see objective strength ratings tailored to the current patch.
  • Stay ahead of the curve – Experiment with off-meta innovations before they gain popularity.

Adapting quickly as the meta shifts between patches and even over the course of a single game is an essential skill on the climb to the top. React intelligently based on scouting, experience, and data.


Teamfight Tactics is still a relatively new auto-battler but already boasts over 80 million players worldwide. With regular content updates, tournaments, and new sets releasing biannually – the future looks bright for Riot’s popular autobattler.

The Future of Teamfight Tactics

  • More frequent set releases – Riot has committed to shipping new sets twice per year, keeping the meta and mechanics fresh.
  • New mechanic introductions – Each set brings exciting new mechanics like Hextech Augments, Dragons, and Hero Augments that evolve gameplay.
  • Unique themes and champions – TFT leverages the rich League of Legends IP to explore new thematic realms like demons, monsters, darkin, and void creatures.
  • Expanded competitive scene – The TFT Championship Series continues to grow, now with 4 seasonal tournaments featuring a prize pool topping $250,000 each. Regional leagues also showcase top national talent.
  • Celebrity collaborations – TFT has partnered with brands like Monster Hunter to bring iconic characters like Rathalos into the Convergence. More collabs are likely.
  • Potential mobile release – A standalone mobile app would make TFT even more accessible to casual players on the go looking to test their tactics.
  • New player on-boarding – Tutorial improvements and AI battles will help smooth the learning curve for newcomers looking to get into TFT.
  • Social features – Clubs, clans, guilds, and better friend spectating provide community building tools for the highly social TFT playerbase.

After dominating the auto-battler genre over the last few years, TFT shows no signs of stagnating. The future is bright for Riot’s hit strategic team builder as it continues innovating and expanding to thrill tacticians worldwide.

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