Clash of Clans Goblins – The Complete Guide 2023

Goblins are one of the most iconic troop types in Clash of Clans. These small, fast moving creatures are known for their ability to quickly loot resources from enemy villages.

Goblins are unlocked at Town Hall level 5 and can be trained in the Barracks. They have low hitpoints but make up for it with their high movement speed and damage output. When attacking, Goblins will prioritize targeting resource buildings like Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills.

The main advantage of using Goblins is that they can swiftly take out resource buildings and pillage supplies. A large group of Goblins can shred through Collectors and Mines in seconds. However, their low hitpoints make them vulnerable to splash damaging defenses like Mortars and Wizard Towers.

clash of clans goblin

Goblins work best when used in large numbers to swarm over bases. A popular strategy is to deploy Wall Breakers first to break open compartments, then send in waves of Goblins to gut all the resources inside. Spells like Jump, Haste and Rage can be used to boost Goblins and help them quickly maneuver into the core of bases.

Many players enjoy using Goblins for farming raids in the lower leagues where the focus is on grabbing loot. Goblin armies are cheap to build and train fast. You can raid continuously with them while turning a nice profit on your return on investment.

The agile Goblins fill the niche of cheap, fast moving raiders that can tear down bases to steal their resources. Their speed and damage against buildings make them a useful addition to a well-balanced army. While Goblins will not win battles alone, they are excellent support troops for picking apart weaknesses in enemy villages. Unleash the chaos and mayhem of the Goblins on your foes!

Goblin Statistics


Goblins have very low hitpoints compared to other troops, at just 60 hitpoints at level 1. This makes them extremely fragile and vulnerable to all damage sources. Even a single hit from a powerful defense like an Inferno Tower or Eagle Artillery can one-shot a Goblin.

As you upgrade Goblins, their hitpoints increase slightly:

  • Level 1 – 60 HP
  • Level 2 – 66 HP
  • Level 3 – 72 HP
  • Level 4 – 79 HP
  • Level 5 – 86 HP
  • Level 6 – 94 HP
  • Level 7 – 102 HP

However, they remain low HP troops that rely on their speed and numbers rather than durability. A key Goblin strategy is overwhelming defenses before they can inflict major damage. Proper use of Heal Spells is also important to mitigate splash damage and keep Goblins alive longer.


Goblins may have low HP, but they make up for it with their high damage output. At level 1, Goblins do 20 damage per second. This damage increases substantially as you upgrade them:

  • Level 1 – 20 DPS
  • Level 2 – 22 DPS
  • Level 3 – 24 DPS
  • Level 4 – 26 DPS
  • Level 5 – 28 DPS
  • Level 6 – 30 DPS
  • Level 7 – 32 DPS

A key advantage of Goblins is they deal double damage to resource buildings like Collectors, Mines, Drills and Storages. This allows them to shred these buildings very quickly.

When used en masse, Goblins can overwhelm defenses with their sheer damage. Under a Rage Spell, high level Goblins do insane damage that can crush Resource buildings and Town Halls rapidly.

Movement Speed

One of the major assets of Goblins is their very fast movement speed of 32 tiles per second. This is faster than a Raged Hog Rider!

The fast speed allows Goblins to swiftly move between buildings and dodge slow-moving defenses. When raiding Collectors spread far apart, Goblins can race through the base rapidly.

Their speed combined with Jump Spells gives them great mobility to access the internal compartments of bases. You can send Goblins directly into the core without having to break through successive layers of walls.

Attack Speed

Goblins attack rapidly at a speed of 1.5 seconds per attack. This means they can dish out high damage quickly when attacking buildings.

Under the effect of a Rage Spell, Goblins attack even faster. This allows them to shred buildings, especially resource collectors, at an insane pace.

The fast attack speed combines well with their high movement speed – Goblins can sprint around taking down buildings rapidly.

Training Time & Housing Space

Goblins have a very fast training time of just 10 seconds per Goblin. This is on par with Barbarians.

You can quickly train up large Goblin armies in your Barracks to attack repeatedly. The fast train time helps offset their fragility – if you lose your Goblins, you can recruit more and attack again without much downtime.

Goblins take up 1 housing space in your Army Camps. This means you can have an army composed entirely of Goblins. A max size Goblin army of 220 will fit in a level 7 Army Camp.


The Elixir cost per Goblin is 4 Elixir. This makes them one of the cheapest troops available.

You can train an entire max size 220 Goblin army for just 880 Elixir. This is an extremely low cost army, making Goblins great for farming. The cheap price means you can raid continuously without running out of Elixir.

In summary, Goblins have:

  • Low hitpoints
  • High damage, especially against resources
  • Very fast movement speed
  • Fast attack speed
  • Quick training time
  • Low Elixir cost

These attributes make them ideal as a farming troop. Their speed and damage allows them to swiftly extract resources from bases when used properly. Focus on protecting them with Spells and you can reap big rewards!

Goblin Abilities

Goblins in Clash of Clans have some unique abilities that make them stand out from other ground troops. Their abilities allow them to function as nimble raiders that can tear apart villages to steal resources. Let’s take a look at the key abilities of Goblins.

Target Priority

Goblins differ from many troops in that they will always prioritize targeting resource buildings over defensive structures. When deployed, Goblins will head straight for the closest Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills or Storages they can access.

This ability makes them excellent farmers. You don’t need to micromanage Goblin pathing – they will naturally seek out the most valuable loot buildings.

Goblins will only target defensive buildings if there are no resource buildings left standing. This does make them vulnerable to defenses like Wizard Towers if not properly supported.

Pay attention to openings in Walls or gaps in defenses when sending Goblins to raid. They can access resource buildings quickly if given a clear path.

Double Damage to Resources

The signature ability of Goblins is dealing double damage to resource buildings, including:

  • Gold Mines
  • Elixir Collectors
  • Dark Elixir Drills
  • Gold Storages
  • Elixir Storages
  • Dark Elixir Storage

This double damage allows Goblins to shred these buildings very rapidly. Under a Rage Spell, Goblins can demolish high hitpoint Storages in seconds.

When using Goblins, look for bases with lots of exposed Collectors and Drills. Goblins chew through them blazingly fast with their double damage.

Try to clear a path to Storages early on so your Goblins can access them quickly. The double damage really adds up, especially as you upgrade to higher level Goblins.

Time deployment of Heal Spells so that the effect covers your Goblins while they’re hitting key resources. This will drastically increase the amount of loot you can steal.

Synergies with Other Troops

Goblins synergize extremely well with certain other troops that can support them:

Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers are the perfect complement to Goblins. Breakers blast open Walls, allowing Goblins easy access to the interior of bases.

Stagger a few Breakers ahead of your Goblins so that the Walls open up just before the Goblins arrive. Time it so they can stream through unimpeded into the core.


Tanky Giants can soak up damage while Goblins ransack a base. Deploy Giants first to distract defenses, then Goblins to loot everything behind the Giant meatshields.

Giants are especially helpful against Mortars and Wizard Towers – two of the biggest Goblin killers.


Long range Archers can chip away at outside buildings and begin funneling. This helps guide Goblins into the core once deployed.

Archers are also handy for picking off outlying Collectors that Goblins might otherwise miss.


Certain Spells really amplify the effectiveness of Goblins:

Jump Spell

Use Jump Spells to give Goblins quick access to the core of bases. Place them to speed Goblins past multiple layers of Walls obstructing the path to juicy center loot.

Rage Spell

Rage Spells make Goblins insane damage dealers. Under Rage, Goblins shred through even the thickest Storages rapidly. Rage also speeds up their movement and attack rate.

Heal Spell

Keep Goblins alive longer with the healing effect of Heal Spells. Use them to counter splash damage from Mortars and Wizard Towers.

Heal Spells are especially critical when Goblins are attacking high hitpoint Storages. The healing gives them more time to chew through the thick HP.

Goblins are one of the most ability-dependent troops. You need to capitalize on their strengths like target selection and resource damage to get results. Clever use of Spells and synergy with other troops will enable the capabilities of Goblins to bear fruit as you pillage enemies for profit!

How to Use Goblins in Clash of Clans

Goblins can be highly effective troops if you utilize them correctly. Here are some strategies, army compositions, and tips for using Goblins to their full devastating potential.

Goblin Attack Strategies

Smart use of Goblins involves more than just dropping them randomly on a base. Here are some of the most effective strategic ways to deploy them.

Meat Shield

Use Goblins as a meat shield for higher value troops like Giants, Golems or P.E.K.K.As. Deploy the Goblins first so they absorb the initial blast from defenses.

The Goblins will act as a buffer protecting the heavier tanks. They’ll clear out perimeter buildings and set off Traps ahead of the main force.

This strategy works especially well with Giants. The Goblins clear a safe path for the Giants to the core.

Resource Raiding

Goblins are ideal for stealing Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir from bases. Use them to pick apart exposed Collectors and Drills around the exterior.

Once outer resources are cleared, focus on breaching the interior to access Storages. Strike quickly before defenses overwhelm the Goblins.

Bring Wall Breakers and Jump Spells to open pathways to interior loot buildings. Rage and Heal Spells will enable Goblins to gut Storages before being destroyed.

Defense Distraction

Goblins can act as decoys to divert defensive fire away from other troops. Swarm them directly at key defenses to draw fire.

Mortars, Wizard Towers and Air Defenses can lock onto Goblins, allowing your stronger forces to advance safely. This works well when deploying air attacks.

Time deployment so the Goblins arrive shortly before the main troops to pulls defenses. Be ready with Rage and Heal to quickly reinforce the Goblins.

Goblin Army Compositions

How you mix Goblins with other troops makes a major difference. Here are sample armies:

Goblin Flood

A simple all-Goblin army relies on overwhelming numbers. Bring max Goblins plus Wall Breakers to access the core. Jump, Heal and Rage Spells support the mass assault.

Swarm quickly for the Town Hall and center Storages. This army is cheap, trains fast, and ideal for lower level farming.

Goblin Knife

The Goblin Knife cleverly combines Goblins with Giants and Wall Breakers. The Giants act as tanks while Wall Breakers and Jump Spells open the core for Goblins to loot.

Monitor pathing and use Rages/Heals to keep Goblins alive. This strategy is great for raiding dead bases in Crystal and Masters league.


Build on the Goblin Knife by adding a few Hog Riders. The Hogs pick off defenses threatening Goblins. Bring Heals to keep both troops up.

The mixture of speedy Goblins and Hogs is deadly for tearing bases apart to get at Dark Elixir. This army works well at Town Hall 10 and above.

Goblin Base Designs

Designing bases to defend against Goblins involves some specific considerations:

  • Use lots of compartments to slow down Goblin swarms.
  • Spring Traps inside compartments will shred packed Goblins.
  • Place Mortars and Wizard Towers centrally to hit Goblins from multiple angles.
  • Protect Storages and Collectors with extra layers of Walls.
  • Use small gaps in Walls to force Wall Breakers to cluster.

Goblin Attack Tips

Follow these tips to get the most out of your Goblins:

  • Swarm Goblins quickly in a tight group, don’t spread them out. Raging packs do maximum damage.
  • Use Goblins early when farming. Let them gut outside Collectors first to funnel the rest of your army into the core.
  • Time Heals to activate right as Goblins reach key defensive targets like Wizard Towers. Keep them alive while destroying threats.
  • Drop a Giant or two first to absorb Mortar and Wizard Tower fire. Deploy Goblins under their cover.
  • Use Haste Spells to speed Goblins between multi-layered compartments. This prevents clumping and splitting.

Goblins are a strategic troop that require planning and precision to utilize correctly. Follow these guidelines on troop combinations, Spell use and luring defenses to maximize profits when raiding bases with your Goblin swarm!

Goblin King

The Goblin King is a powerful hero unit that can be unlocked at Town Hall level 11. He brings some unique abilities to Goblin attacks and can help you reap even more resources.

clash of clans Goblin King

Goblin King Statistics

Here are the key stats for the Goblin King hero:

Hitpoints: 3000

Damage Per Second: 200

Damage Type: Melee Swing

Target Preference: Resources

Movement Speed: 24 tiles per second

Training Cost: 10,000 Dark Elixir


  • Iron Fist
  • Rage
  • Eternal Tome

Specialty: Massive damage to resources

Goblin King Abilities

The Goblin King has three mighty abilities that make him a fearsome offensive hero:

Iron Fist

When activated, the Goblin King will leap up and smash down with his fists, causing area damage like the Grand Warden’s ability. This helps clear out swarms of lower hitpoint buildings.


The king will Rage himself and nearby Goblins for a period of time. Raged Goblins do insane damage to resources. Use this when attacking key Storages.

Eternal Tome

When activated, this ability summons extra Goblins who will follow and fight alongside him. Use it to quickly bolster your numbers for the final attack push.

How to Use the Goblin King

The Goblin King thrives when supporting mass Goblin raids:

  • Use him as a tank for Goblins, soaking up splash damage with his high HP.
  • Bring multiple Rages to combine with his Rage for double damage amplfication on Goblins.
  • Time his Iron Fist to clear dense compartments of trash buildings before Goblins arrive.
  • Trigger his Eternal Tome when you need a second wave of Goblins to finish destroying the base.
  • Swarm him with Goblins so they benefit from his Rage and vice versa.

Goblin King Attack Strategies

The Goblin King supercharges proven Goblin attacking strategies:

Goblin Knife on Steroids

Add the Goblin King to a Goblin Knife army. He tanks, shreds buildings with Iron Fist, and splashes Rage bonuses to knife deeper into bases.

Mass Goblin Swarm

Stack as many Goblins as possible with the King supporting them. Rage everything as the tidal wave of Goblins washes over the helpless base.

Goblin Blitz

Use Jump and Haste Spells to rapidly blitz Goblins and the King into the core. Rage them once centralized and watch them utterly melt bases in seconds.

Goblin King Base Designs

Build your base to counter the Goblin King’s power:

  • Use multi-stage internal compartments to slow down Goblins.
  • Put Storages in layered central chambers protected by Traps and Heroes.
  • Limit exterior collector exposure – force Goblins deeper through layers of walls.
  • Place Wizard Towers and Mortars to overlap fire zones in the core.
  • Upgrade Traps to increased damage levels to counter dense Goblin packs.

Goblin King Attack Tips

  • Swarm the King tightly with Goblins so they all benefit from each other’s Rages.
  • Use the King’s abilities sequentially – Iron Fist to open up, then Rage Goblins through.
  • Time a late stage Eternal Tome for critical moments like breaching the last layer to the Town Hall.
  • Heal the King + Goblins when under fire from Wizard Towers. Keep them at max strength.

The Goblin King takes resource raiding to another level! Embrace the chaos and mayhem as the King leads the Goblins to eviscerate bases and steal every last drop of their loot!

Goblins are a versatile troop in Clash of Clans that can serve multiple roles. While low in hitpoints, their high speed, resource damage and quick training time makes them ideal for farming. With the right strategies and army combinations, Goblins can demolish bases and haul in mountains of loot.

The key with Goblins is using them in purposeful attacks that play to their strengths. Send mass swarms directly at resources protected by Rage/Heal Spells. Use Wall Breakers and Jump Spells to open pathways so Goblins can reach the loot. Deploy them in conjunction with tank troops like Giants who soak up defenses. Careful luring and distraction of splash damage buildings helps keep Goblins alive longer.

When using Goblins:

  • Swarm them quickly and use Rage when destroying buildings and raiding storages. Their speed and damage melts buildings in seconds when amplified.
  • Funnel them into the core between layers of walls. Time Wall Breakers and Jump Spells so that openings appear just as the Goblins arrive.
  • Heal them when under fire from Wizard Towers and Mortars. This nullifies the splash damage that decimates Goblins.
  • Deploy Giants or Golems first to tank damage. Then send Goblins to loot while defenses are distracted.
  • Bring an overwhelming number of Goblins. Quantity can overcome their fragility, flooding over bases before defenses recover.

Goblins can be used by players of all Town Hall levels. Early on, simple mass Goblin raids are very effective for farming. Later, more complex strategies like Goblin Knife emerge using other troops like Giants to support Goblins. At the highest levels, the Goblin King hero amplifies the power of Goblin armies to their full devastating potential.

With some practice and skill, Goblins can be a lucrative troop. Their ability to shred resources and get in and out quickly with loot makes them a staple farming army. Unlock the power of the Goblins to consistently lift huge hauls of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir from enemy bases. You’ll progress much faster when you master the chaotic arts of the Goblin horde!

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