Wizard101 – The Ultimate Guide For New And Experienced Players

Wizard101 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) designed for children, teens, and families. Created by KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard101 takes players on a journey through magical worlds as they enroll at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts to become master wizards.

With its kid-friendly chat system, easy-to-grasp card combat system, and whimsical worlds, Wizard101 provides the perfect introduction to MMORPGs for young gamers. At the same time, its deep lore, complex questlines, and multitude of secrets offer challenges and rewards for older, more experienced players.

Who is the target audience for Wizard101?

Wizard101 is designed primarily for children between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. However, the game appeals to a broad demographic including teens, adults, and families thanks to its lighthearted magical atmosphere and systems designed to be both simple and deep.

Wizard101 game

Younger audiences enjoy the kid-safe chat, easy-to-understand gameplay, and immersive worlds filled with humor and adventure. Teens and adults appreciate the nostalgia, card combat strategy, and community engagement. Overall, Wizard101 offers fun for the whole family.

What are the key features of Wizard101?

Some of the key features that make Wizard101 stand out include:

  • Kid-safe chat system that uses a menu of pre-approved phrases for younger players
  • Turn-based card combat system that is easy to learn but challenging to master
  • 7 unique wizard schools – Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, Myth, and Balance
  • Whimsical magical world designs with humor, mystery, and depth
  • Tons of collectible items, clothing, housing decorations and more
  • Pets that can battle alongside you and lend bonuses
  • Multiplayer dungeons and boss battles
  • Player vs Player arenas for competitive matches
  • Regular special events and promotions
  • Free-to-play model with option for premium subscription

With these features, Wizard101 creates a magical online playground for people of all ages to explore dangers untold and enchantments unbroken. The worlds are deeply immersive places where imagination rules.

How to create a character in Wizard101

When first starting Wizard101, players must create a character to represent themselves in the Spiral. Customizing your wizard’s appearance is the first step in bringing your magical alter-ego to life.

You can choose your wizard’s gender, select from a variety of face and hair styles, and outfit them in starting gear befitting a budding magician. Each school of magic has its own signature look, so picking your wizard’s outfit is an important part of aligning with the school you want to master.

wizard101 character

Once you’ve created your wizard’s look, you must give them a unique name and choose their magical origin. There are 7 originating worlds to choose from:

  • Wizard City – The hub world where young wizards from across the Spiral come to learn the mystical arts at Ravenwood School. Wizards from Wizard City have a balanced understanding of all schools of magic but have not yet mastered any.
  • Krokotopia – An ancient desert world ruled by Kroks and balanced by the Manders. Wizards from Krokotopia have an affinity for Death magic.
  • Marleybone – A world of talking dogs and proper gentledogs. Wizards from Marleybone are skilled with Ice magic.
  • MooShu – An ancient world populated by wise pandas and noble dragons. MooShu wizards naturally grasp the Balance school.
  • Dragonspyre – A world ravaged by the Dragon Titan War where dragons and drakes battle endlessly. Wizards from Dragonspyre wield powerful Fire spells.
  • Grizzleheim – A magical Nordic world embroiled in a conflict between ravens and bears. Wizards from Grizzleheim have gifts with Life magic.
  • Wysteria – A whimsical world of storybook logic and colorful characters. Wizards from Wysteria are attuned to Myth magic.

Your originating world determines your wizard’s predisposition for certain schools of magic. But ultimately you can choose any school to master as your wizard adventures through the Spiral!

The different wizard schools in Wizard101

There are 7 schools of magic to master in Wizard101, each with its own unique identity and spell style:

wizard schools
  • Fire – Pyromancers who unleash blasts of flame and fury upon foes. Fire spells deal high damage but can be inaccurate.
  • Ice – Thaumaturges that freeze and impede enemies with chilling spells. Ice magic has low damage but high resistances.
  • Storm – Conjurors who call down shocks and surges of lightning and thunder. Storm wizards dish out damage fast but have weaker defense.
  • Life – Theurgists who heal and protect allies with renewal magic. Life spells aid friends but have limited attack power.
  • Death – Necromancers who steal health and wield undead servants. Death is weak against Life but strong against all others.
  • Myth – Sorcerers who summon minions and unleash mythological creatures upon enemies. Myth attacks are unpredictable but powerful.
  • Balance – Wizards who achieve equilibrium between all the schools. Balance is the most well-rounded school but master of none.

Every school has strengths and weaknesses. Smart wizards use summons and gear to compensate for their school’s shortcomings.

How to cast spells in Wizard101

Casting spells is essential to mastering the magical arts of the Spiral. During battles, players use a hand of 7 cards drawn from their spell deck to take action each turn. To cast a spell:

  1. Select a spell card – Choose an available spell from your hand that you wish to cast. Pay attention to its pip cost, school type, and effects.
  2. Spend magic pips – You generate new pips each round based on your level. Spend pips equal to the spell’s cost to power it.
  3. Target – Pick a target for your spell if applicable, either an enemy or ally. Some spells affect all targets.
  4. Cast – Double-click your selected spell card or drag it onto its target to release the spell!
  5. Discard – Spells that you don’t cast can be discarded at the end of your turn to draw new cards next round.
  6. Shuffle – If your deck runs out, all your discard pile cards shuffle back in to redraw.
  7. Pass – If you can’t or don’t want to cast, you can pass your turn to gain extra pips next round.

Mastering timing and strategy around casting your best spells each turn is key to prevailing in all battles!

How to battle enemies in Wizard101

Battling varied monsters and villains is essential to a wizard’s journey. Combat in Wizard101 uses turn-based gameplay with a deck of spell cards for each player. Battles play out in the following phases each round:

  • Pip Generation – Both sides gain pips based on levels that power spell cards of matching cost.
  • Action – Players take turns selecting and casting spells, discarding, passing, or using abilities.
  • Damage Calculation – Spells resolve, hitting targets and applying damage and effects.
  • Healing Calculation – Any healing abilities take effect.
  • Defeat Check – If any side is reduced to 0 health, they are defeated.
  • Mana Burn – Each player loses unused pips.
  • Discard & Draw – Players discard unused cards and draw back up to 7 cards.
  • Cleanup – Temporary effects wear off and the next round begins!

Combat is over when one side wins. Defeating tough foes earns experience, lets you advance quests, and provides rewards!

How to complete quests in Wizard101

Quests guide your wizard through their journey of discovery and growth in the Spiral. These are the basic steps to complete story quests in Wizard101:

  1. Get Quest – Talk to NPCs with exclamation marks above their heads to get the next quest. Read carefully!
  2. Navigate – Check your map and quest helper arrow to find the right zone and location to adventure to.
  3. Explore – Battle enemies, uncover secrets, and find key objects or people related to the quest goal.
  4. Complete – Return to the quest giver once your objective is fulfilled to complete the quest and get your reward!
  5. Turn In – Hand in the completed quest to advance the story, gain experience, and often unlock the next quest in the chain.

Side quests provide additional challenges to take on between main story beats. Completing quests unlocks new worlds to explore and progresses the overarching narrative!

The different worlds in Wizard101

The Spiral is made up of dozens of wildly varied worlds, each overflowing with magic, mysteries, and adventure. Here are some of the main worlds wizards can explore:

Wizard City

The bustling hub world where young wizards start their journey. Wizard City features:

  • Unicorn Way – A once-safe road now beset by undead.
  • Triton Avenue – The undersea-themed streets of Wizard City.
  • Cyclops Lane – Home to the infamous Fire-Eyed cyclops.
  • Colossus Boulevard – A haven turned battleground by the undead.
  • Firecat Alley – Inhabited by fierce fire elves.
  • Dragonspyre – A war-torn city beset by drakes.


Ancient pyramids shrouded in mysterious sands. Notable Krokotopia locations include:

  • Krokosphinx – Home of the giant sphinx Krokopatra.
  • Pyramid of the Sun – Ra’s temples glow with power here.
  • Manders Walls – Seat of power of the Manders folk.
  • Krokotopia Tomb – Tombs hide mummified mercantilists.


A world ruled by highly-proper dogs. Marleybone features:

  • Regent’s Square – The commercial heart of Marleybone high society.
  • Hyde Park – A park turned battlefield during terrorist plots.
  • Chelsea Court – Home of upper class dogs and snobby horses.
  • Big Ben – The iconic clock tower of Marleybone.


Lands of legend inspired by ancient China and its mythos. MooShu includes:

  • The Jade Palace – An imperial palace once corrupted by Gunghap.
  • Shirataki Temple – Serene mountain temple and home of monks.
  • Village of Sorrow – Town cursed into stone by evil Oni.
  • Tree of Life – Ancient tree holding powerful secrets.


A world torn by the Dragon Titan War. Noteworty Dragonspyre areas include:

  • The Basilica – Once a glorious cathedral, now haunted.
  • The Necropolis – Catacombs and crypts beneath the city.
  • The Forum – Fallen academy where professors linger as undead.
  • The Atheneum – Archive tower filled with titanic secrets.

The different creatures in Wizard101

Wizard101 brims with a wide array of magical beasts, undead horrors, mythological creatures, and sinister monsters. Just some of the many creatures you’ll encounter include:

  • Imps – Mischievous minor devils up to no good.
  • Skeletons – Risen bony undead clacking into battle.
  • Kraken – Massive oceanic cephalopods.
  • Gobblers – Plump turkey-like nuisances gobbling coins.
  • Trolls – Large, grotesque humanoids who regenerate health.
  • Ghouls – Restless spirits hungry for the living.
  • Minotaurs – Fierce bull-headed monsters with battleaxes.
  • Medusas – Petrifying snake-haired ladies.
  • Wraiths – Insubstantial spirits drained of life.
  • Cyclopes – Giant one-eyed monsters.
  • Dragons – Ancient flying reptiles that breathe fire.
  • Spectral Minions – Ghosts bound into servitude by necromancy.
  • Living Statues – Animated stone golems enchanted to fight.

The different bosses in Wizard101

The worlds of the Spiral are full of dangerous arch-villains and power-hungry bosses. Some of the deadliest foes a young wizard may face include:

  • Malistaire Drake – Obsessed with undeath and revenge against Wizard City.
  • Morganthe – Scheming sorceress seeking the power of the shadow web.
  • Grandfather Spider – Ancient spirit revered by the Azteca.
  • Queen Blackhope – Pirate ruler of Skull Island with ties to El Dorado.
  • King Detritus – Consumed by finding the Krokonomicon to raise a death army.
  • Jade Oni – Corrupted guardian turned monster by dark magics in MooShu.
  • Old Cob – Undead pirate returned from Davy Jones’ locker.
  • Meowiarty – Criminal mastermind cat capo bent on controlling Marleybone’s underworld.
  • Lord Nightshade – Vampiric creature of darkness commanding legions of the undead.
  • Sylster Glowstorm – Insane storm sphinx enveloped in deadly tempests.
  • Qismah Shasa – Last of the ancient Djinn freed for a final wrathful rampage.
  • Shadow Trickster – Devious shadow entity corrupting Dragonspyre academy from within.

The different dungeons in Wizard101

Dungeons in Wizard101 are dangerous labyrinths guarded by bosses and filled with unique challenges:

  • Dark Cave – Winding caverns riddled with undead minions under Lord Nightshade’s control.
  • Pyramid of the Sun – Traps and mummified guardians defend the treasures of Ra.
  • Tree of Life – A sanctuary corrupted by ninja pigs twisted by dark magics.
  • Grand Chasm – Massive chasms within Dragonspyre haunted by Malistaire’s forces.
  • Eclipse Tower – Once a respected institution of learning, now lost to Morganthe’s shadows.
  • Waterworks – The flooded halls of an ancient aqueduct overrun by mechanical menaces.
  • Crimson Fields – Scarlet poppy fields haunted by undead Santa Muerte.
  • Sands of Time – Shifting chambers hiding the Scorpion’s deadly puzzles and traps.
  • The Arcanum – Tests of wisdom and battle skill await within theScrollarium halls.
  • Darkmoor – An eerie graveyard twisted by the Shadow Queen’s evil power.

Navigating dungeons and besting the bosses within is key to acquiring new spells, gear, and loot!

How to PvP in Wizard101

Player vs Player (PvP) combat allows wizards to test their skills against other players. PvP unlocks at level 5, and there are a few ways to enter PvP:

  • Talk to Diego the Duelmaster in the Unicorn Way Commons to queue for matches or view rankings.
  • Join a player-made arena inside the Wizard City Commons or other hub areas.
  • War kiosks in the Commons provide quests for practice and ranked PvP matches.
  • Enter from anywhere using the Triangle menu’s PvP option.

PvP matches pit teams of 1 to 4 wizards against each other using modified spell decks. Winning earns Arena Tickets to buy special gear and mounts!

The different PvP modes in Wizard101

There are a few formats for competitive PvP in Wizard101:


  • Player Arenas – Informal duels against other players in player-made battle rings. Great for practice and experimenting with new strategies without risk.
  • Practice PvP – Queue up to be matched against other players for casual matches with nothing on the line. Lets you preview ranked format.


  • Ranked PvP – Formal 1v1 matches in the ranked queue, where wins and losses affect your leaderboard rank.
  • Tournament PvP – Bracketed tournaments for teams and individuals with eliminate rounds. Requires tickets or crowns to enter. Prizes awarded to top finishers!

Ranked PvP is the most challenging test of a wizard’s true skill – do you have what it takes to become a top contender?

Tips for winning PvP matches in Wizard101

Here are some key tips to defeat your foes in Wizard101 PvP:

  • Build your deck strategically using Treasure Cards that complement your school and cover weaknesses. Flasks boost stats.
  • Balance offense and defense. Prioritize spells, resistances, and health according to your playstyle and strategy.
  • Master PvP techniques like Volley, Mana Burn, Stun Block, and more that top players utilize.
  • Analyze opponents quickly to learn their school, strategy, and adjust your plays accordingly.
  • Control the tempo of matches with Stuns, Weakness, Dispels and drains to counter or slow enemy momentum.
  • Bait opponents into wasting spells and overcommitting to a strategy you can counter.
  • Learn combo spells that combine different spell effects or multiple hits for huge burst potential.
  • Use team coordination to focus fire threats and support teammates with heals, blades and feints.
  • Stay calm under pressure. PvP often comes down to focus and decision making in clutch moments.

With practice, skill and the right gear, you too can become a PvP champion! Dueling fellow wizards teaches key lessons about tactics and having the courage of your convictions.

PvP for each Wizard School

Each school of magic in Wizard101 has their own style and strategies tailored to PvP combat.


Fire’s big damage and aggressive dueling style excels in quickly overwhelming foes. Key PvP tactics for Fire wizards include:

  • Blast opponents with Enfeeble and offensive combos before they can react.
  • Carry Elemental and Spirit Shields to offset Fire’s weaknesses.
  • Pressure enemies with Burning Rampage and Fiery giant hits.
  • Use traps like Fireblade strategically before landing Fire Dragon or other heavy attacks.
  • Feint into a devastating Fire From Above or Efreet for instant KOs.


With strong health and defense, Ice wizards outlast opponents until they can land the perfect freeze. Ice PvP is about being patient and wearing the enemy down.

  • Absorb damage with Tower Shield and Ice Armor while charging pips for lethal attacks.
  • Punish aggressors with Frostbite and harsh stuns like Freeze or Ice Wyvern.
  • Play a slow game utilizing weaknesses to waste enemy attacks.
  • Unleash the Frost Giant or Snow Angel for huge freezing smackdowns.
  • Ice minions like Khrulhu and Evil Snowman can defend you until ready to strike.


Storm PvP is about rapid maneuvers and quickly outmaneuvering your opponent. Key strategies include:

  • Overwhelm foes with Chain Lightning, Insane Bolt, and constant lightning strikes before they can react.
  • Pierce resistances with Glowbugs and Shatter to devastate any target.
  • Consume health with Blood Bats to offset dependency on Storm shields.
  • Go for the quick kill with Kraken or Storm Owl finisher.
  • Tempest to clear shields and build pressure through sheer damage numbers.


Myth excels at controlling the flow of battle with minion swarm and disruption. Myth PvP revolves around these techniques:

  • Swarm the field with minions who soak damage and retaliate each turn.
  • Remove enemy resources with shatter effects and converting charms.
  • Drain health with spells like Power Leech to offset fragility.
  • Disrupt opponents with Stuns and shattering their combos.
  • Unleash Medusa or Orthrus as the arena support petrifies and destroys the competition.


Life sustains its team and outlasts the enemy. Top Life PvP tips include:

  • Group Healing and wards keep allies in the fight. Purges remove enemy buffs.
  • Life can tank with high health gear and constant healing.
  • Lifeblade and Helping Hands buffs boost damage capabilities.
  • Infect enemies with DoTs like Pestilence which become lethal over time.
  • unicorn and Rebirth control fights by clearing debuffs and resetting allies.
  • Finish off weakened foes at the right moment with Gnomes or Ratatoskr’s Spin.


Necromancy gives Death powerful drains and minion abilities ideal for PvP. The keys to Death PvP are:

  • Animate legions of undead each turn to control the field.
  • Life stealing attacks like Dr. Von’s and Scarecrow offset low health gear.
  • Survive using Death Shields and healing spells like Sacrifice.
  • Curse opponents and reverse heal for steady Decay damage.
  • Feint into massive hits from Skeletal Dragon or Headless Horseman.


Jack of all trades Balance utilizes every tool at their disposal, including:

  • Maintaining constant Bladestorms and traps to set up for the win.
  • Reduce enemy damage output with a barrage of Weaknesses.
  • Heal, shield and remove debuffs to outlast opponents.
  • Unpredictability and disruption with Balance stuns, mana burns, and shatters.
  • Counterspell enemy win conditions.
  • Judgement and Hydra for flexible powerful attacks.

No matter your school, mastering both offense and defense is key to PvP victory!

Other PvP Activities

Beyond duels, there are other fun competitive activities in Wizard101 including:

  • Spiral Cup – A racing event where players compete to finish special courses first while sabotaging opponents.
  • Pet Derby – Race pets against other players for unique prizes.
  • Fishing Tourneys – See who can catch the most fish and rarest species in a limited time.
  • Dance Offs – Show off choreography against others with dance battle minigames.
  • Castle Tours – Players judge each other’s creativity in decorating their castle homes.
  • Trivia – Quiz time competitions where wizards test their knowledge for rewards.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Using clues to track down hidden items around the Spiral before other players.

Wizard101 offers plenty of ways to go head-to-head against friends for bragging rights and rewards!

How to level up in Wizard101

Gaining power and advancing levels is core to progression in Wizard101. Here are the main ways to gain XP and level up your wizard:

  • Complete Quests – Finishing quest chains provides big boosts of XP. Main story quests give the most XP.
  • Defeat Enemies – Killing monsters, minions and bosses grants combat experience. Tougher enemies are worth more XP.
  • Explore – Discovering new areas and revealing sections of your map grants exploration experience.
  • Crafting – Assembling reagents into new gear, housing items and talents using recipes grants crafting XP.
  • Gardening – Planting seeds, nurturing plants and harvesting rewards gardening proficiency experience.
  • Fishing – Catching fish with the fishing mini-game provides fishing XP. Rarer fish are worth more.
  • PvP – Earning Arena Tickets through ranked PvP matches grants PvP experience.

As your XP bar fills, you’ll reach new character levels. With each level gained, you unlock abilities, access new gear, and become more powerful!

How to get new gear in Wizard101

Acquiring new and better gear is vital for increasing your wizard’s combat stats and unlocking new spells and abilities. There are a few main ways to obtain gear:

  • Quest Rewards – Many main story quests reward powerful new spell robes, boots, hats and more.
  • Enemy Drops – Defeating enemies has a chance to drop gear pieces and reagents. Bosses drop the best loot.
  • Crafting – Wizards can craft gear from reagents through recipes learned from trainers. Crafting allows customization.
  • Shopping – Shops sell basic starter gear, packs with random loot, and some rarer items for gold or crowns.
  • Farming – Repeatedly battling enemies in key locations hoping for rare targeted item drops.
  • Crown Shop – Special bundles, hoard packs and item cards are sold for premium Crowns currency.

Having the right gear for your level and school is crucial. Combining farmed, quested and crafted gear sets makes you a mighty wizard!

How to learn new spells in Wizard101

Gaining access to new and stronger spells is key for wizard progression. Here is how to expand your magical repertoire:

  • Train Spells – Speak to teachers in Ravenwood to train new spells in your school upon reaching certain levels.
  • Level Up – Advancing character levels grants access to new ranks of spells automatically.
  • Quest Rewards – Some quests reward spells directly upon completion as part of the story.
  • Hoard Packs – Rare drops from hoard packs include spell recipes to permanently learn new spells.
  • Bundle Rewards – Special crown store bundles may come with spells or recipes.
  • Craft Spells – Craft spells using reagents, treasure cards, and recipes gained from packs or quests.
  • Shop Spells – Some basic spells can be purchased from vendors for gold or crowns.
  • Treasure Cards – Looted cards allow you to temporarily use spells not in your deck.

Building your spellbook with more powerful magic makes you a force to be reckoned with!

How to unlock new worlds in Wizard101

New worlds to explore open up as you progress your wizard through their journey. Here is how to gain access to new worlds:

  • Reach Target Level – Advancing to key levels unlocks new worlds. A message appears upon reaching the required level.
  • Complete Predecessor – Finish the main questline in the preceding world to open the next one in sequence.
  • Purchase Access – Some worlds require purchase with crowns or bundles to unlock.
  • Be Invited – Visiting a member-only world requires a member to team up with you and travel there.
  • Promotion Access – Special worlds may unlock for free temporarily during promotions.
  • Spiral Door – Late game, this door in Wizard City allows quick travel to many worlds.

New worlds introduce new story arcs, environments, creatures, gear, and challenges to master! Unlocking them provides tons of new content to explore.

Alternative Advancement

Beyond leveling, wizards can progress horizontally by developing their spellbook, gear, and abilities in key ways:

  • Crafting – Unlocking new crafting tiers, recipes, reagents and decorations.
  • Gardening – Obtaining seeds, planting plots and harvesting reagents.
  • Fishing – Upgrading poles and earning new fish types to catch.
  • Monstrology – Collecting creature cards to summon monsters as minions.
  • Badges – Earning hundreds of challenge badges by completing special feats.
  • Pets – Raising pets from eggs to adult and gaining talents.
  • Housing – Purchasing homes and decorating them with furniture.
  • Titles – Gaining titles from achievements that display under your name.
  • Vaults – Expanding vault space to hold more inventory items.
  • Spell Customization – Using different spell versions to specialize playstyle.

No matter what level you are, there are always new milestones to achieve!

Membership Benefits

Wizard101 offers a premium subscription called a membership. Members gain benefits including:

  • Access to exclusive zones and many more worlds.
  • Ability to craft essentially all gear, items and spells.
  • Techniques like Teleport and Portable Vendors.
  • Doubled pet energy for training and questing.
  • Double Gardening rewards and more plant space.
  • Unlimited chat capabilities.
  • The ability to trade items with other wizards.
  • Special challenges and events.
  • A monthly allowance of premium Crowns currency.
  • Packs, bundles and sales exclusive to members.

Members get the full Wizard101 experience and extra tools for rapid progression!

No matter your membership status, with patience and passion you can develop your wizard far beyond a fledgling novice into a master of the Spiral!

The different types of events in Wizard101

Wizard101 has regular in-game events that provide unique adventures and bonuses. Major recurring event types include:

Seasonal Events

Events themed around real-world holidays and seasons. Examples:

  • Spring Fest – April event with springtime theme. Collects eggs for rare loot.
  • Adventure Sweeps – Multi-part summer event with beach and sailing theme. Earn points for rewards.
  • Harvest Fest – Fall harvest and Halloween themed event. Trick-or-treating for rare goodies.
  • Winter Fest – Holiday event with winter and Christmas themes. Caroling and gift rewards.

Story Events

Major narrative events that further the main storyline. For instance:

  • Morganthe’s Return – Stop Morganthe’s next plot across multiple worlds.
  • Lemuria – Uncover mysteries of the elusive world of Lemuria.
  • Karamelle – The Candy King calls for help protecting his realm.
  • Empyrea – Journey to thwart evil and restore the World Tree.

World Events

Events centered around specific worlds. Some examples:

  • Kraken Skulls Invasion – Defeat undead pirate krakens flooding Wizard City.
  • Marleybone Royal Wedding – Experience a royal wedding celebration.
  • Dragonspyre Time Vaults – Repair Time Vaults to fix Dragonspyre history.
  • MooShu Red and Blue Wizards – Choose a side in a spirit war within MooShu.

Promotional Events

Limited-time events tied to new releases, promotions or partnerships. Like:

  • Test Realm Early Access – Play content pre-release and provide feedback.
  • Scroll of Fortune – Limited-time special daily reward system.
  • Beastmoon – Event promoting Wizard101’s sister game Pirate101.
  • Avengers – Battle supervillains during the Avengers partnership.

How to participate in events in Wizard101

When an event is active, there are typical ways for players to participate:

  • Event notifier – The game notifies you when new events start and details appear in the events window.
  • Quest starter – Talk to a special NPC to get a quest sending you to the event.
  • Teleport button – A button in the Spiral Map menu provides quick transportation to the event area.
  • Portals – Some events have portals in the Commons that teleport you directly to event zones.
  • Notifications – Other players, social media, or Wizard101’s website announce event details.
  • Instant access – Occasionally event activities are accessible immediately just by logging in.

Once engaged with an active event, be sure to read the section in your Quest Log outlining event activities, rules, and rewards!

Rewards for participating in events in Wizard101

Events offer fun new adventures plus tons of rewards for participating! Some example rewards include:

  • Exclusive gear sets – Often themed armor, robes, wands, boots only available from that event.
  • Housing items – Special holiday decorations, furniture, and interactives.
  • Pets – Unique pets or reskins of pets themed to the event.
  • Mounts – Mount skins, variations or brand new mounts tied to the event theme.
  • Spells – Spells you can’t get anywhere else, ideal for collectors.
  • Titles – Special title badges to show off your event accomplishments.
  • Crafting Recipes – Recipes allowing you to craft event gear long after the event ends.
  • Seed Packets – Rare plant seeds usable in gardening.
  • Snack Packs – Themed snack loot bags to feed pets.
  • Crowns Rewards – Some events give crown trivia quizzes or contests.
  • Gold and Reagents – Event activities provide gold, pet snacks, reagents and more!

Events are a great way to pick up rare loot and collector’s items while enjoying fresh content!

Yearly Events Calendar

Wizard101 has new events constantly, but some major ones recur yearly. Here’s a general calendar:

  • January: New Year’s Countdown, Winter Wonderpack
  • February: Valentine’s Day Ball, Sweetheart Pack
  • March: Luck of the Leprechaun, St. Patrick’s Day Pack
  • April: Springtime Egg Hunt, Professor’s Hoard Pack
  • May: May Day, Mareggadon Pack
  • June: Sun Serpent Summer Kickoff
  • July: 4th of July Celebration, Odyssey of the Stars
  • August: Summer Beach Bundle
  • September: Harvest Festival, Halloween Pack
  • October: Halloween, Nightmare Pack, Transylvania Quest
  • November: Thanksgiving Feast, Black Friday Specials
  • December: Winterfest, Holiday Pack, New Year’s Countdown

Of course surprise events also happen, but you can expect most of these yearly traditions!

Favorite Special Events

Some of players’ favorite recurring Wizard101 events include:

Grub Guardian

  • Tower defense minigame battling food enemies in Grub Guardian restaurants.
  • Unlock cool gear and decorations by defeating bosses.
  • Provides a refreshing break from regular questing combat.

Beastmoon Monster Mash

  • Battle as iconic Wizard101 creatures like War Oni, Fire Dragon, and more!
  • Morph into a menagerie of beasts with cool abilities.
  • Pit monster hordes against each other for seasonal Fame and rewards.

Scroll of Fortune

  • Provides special daily rewards from spinning for a month.
  • Chance at exclusive items, reagents, gear, housing items and more!
  • Guaranteed rewards increase each day you log in to spin.

Test Realm

  • Play pre-release content and give feedback to developers!
  • Be the first to experience new worlds and expansions.
  • Keep Test Realm-only items and progress when content goes live.

Festival of Fishing

  • Fish up loads of loot and earn awesome rewards!
  • Teeming fish schools make catching rare ones easier.
  • Relaxing event for those who enjoy the fishing side activity.

Events shake up the standard loop with seasonal fun and exclusive goodies!

Tips and Tricks

General tips and tricks for Wizard101

Here are some general top tips and tricks for success in Wizard101:

  • Have fun! Don’t be afraid to take detours and enjoy side activities you find rewarding beyond just progressing.
  • Train pets. Having a loyal pet who can lend buffs in battle, fetch loot, and offer company is extremely useful.
  • Develop a garden. Gardening provides helpful resources and lets you crossbreed new plants.
  • Join teams for dungeons. Matchmaking with teams makes group content smoother and more rewarding.
  • Don’t neglect side quests. Side quests provide significant additional XP, story tidbits and useful rewards.
  • Learn enemy weaknesses. Pay attention to effective spell schools against each monster for efficient battling.
  • Flee from losing battles. Don’t waste resources or time trying to force unwinnable fights – flee and return stronger.
  • Build a balanced deck. Include a mix of damage, buffs, heals, and utility across schools customized for your playstyle.
  • Upgrade your wand. Prioritize keeping your wand close to your level so your spells stay impactful.
  • Try crafting. Crafting your own gear lets you get just the bonuses and stats you want!
  • Store items in your bank. Your bank offers more storage so you don’t have to discard valuable items.
  • Learn farming techniques. Farming certain bosses for rare loot takes patience – watch TV or chat with friends to pass time.
  • Take breaks to replenish energy. Log off for a bit when your energy or enthusiasm runs low to avoid frustration.
  • Set short term goals. Having smaller milestones along the way to your long-term goals keeps things fun and engaging.
  • coordinating gear stats across pieces is essential./coords sacrifices short term gains for greater overall output.

Tips and tricks for specific wizard schools

Each school of magic has specialized strategies to master based on their unique style and strengths:


  • Go on the offensive ASAP – don’t let enemies set up.
  • Creature weaknesses help patches Fire’s low accuracy.
  • Invest heavily in damage boosting gear.
  • Burn first, ask questions later.
  • Stack damage over time effects like DoT and Burning Rampage.
  • Have shields ready to offset Fire’s poor defense.


  • Play patiently – win the long game with resilience.
  • Stack health and resist gear over damage.
  • Absorb hits with towers while charging big attacks.
  • Control the battlefield with stuns and slowed movement.
  • Freezing enemies stops them from acting at all.
  • Stack Weaknesses to severely reduce incoming damage.


  • Strike fast and decisively – rush enemies down.
  • Conserve little mana – spend Storm’s pips quickly for pressure.
  • Pierce enemy shields and resistances with Glowbugs, Tempest, etc.
  • Pass turn occasionally to build more pips – less is more!
  • Insulate Bolt and Sirens can strike multiple spread out foes.
  • Bring health enchants – Storm needs every bit of health it can get!


  • Swarm the field early with disposable minions to tank hits.
  • Disruption abilities remove enemy resources.
  • Medusa combos delete enemies by turning them to stone.
  • Taunt with minions to absorb attacks while supporting with spells.
  • Crit-focused gear helps land swingy Myth RNG attacks.
  • Shatter enemy shields and wards to enable big attacks.


  • Support allies with heals, wards, and purges.
  • Tank with huge health pools from gear.
  • Spread DoT infections to multiple enemies then sustain.
  • Utilize mastery amulets to get off-school attacks.
  • Fortify the team against specific schools as needed.
  • Fill gaps in team composition with versatile Life magic.


  • Raise an army of undead for lots of self-sustaining damage.
  • Constantly life drain enemies to refuel your own HP.
  • Focus on damage over time effects to circumvent Death resistance.
  • Feint into massive attacks when the enemy is vulnerable.
  • Carry Spirit and Death shields to patch up low HP.
  • Discard liberally – redrawing cards activates key Death talents.


  • Maintain constant Bladestorms to juice damage from any school.
  • Weaken enemy attacks with a barrage of different class Weaknesses.
  • Jack of all trades – dip into every school as the situation demands.
  • Judgement summon provides strong consistent single target dps.
  • Ra and Rebirth undo enemy combos while creating value for you.
  • Mana Burn at key moments to disrupt enemy win conditions.

Tips and tricks for specific bosses and dungeons

Here are some top tips for tackling Wizard101’s most infamous bosses and dungeons:

Malistaire Drake (Final Battle)

  • Come with full deck, high accuracy, and critical block.
  • Have potent life dispels ready for his cheat heals.
  • Time Sun Serpent and Balance Nova to clear his traps and steal his blade.
  • Watch for cheating extra action and earthquake into total hit kill combos.
  • Have a mastery life/ice amulet – his cheats make him near-invulnerable to everything else.

Cronus (Aquila)

  • Bring pierce, shatter, and death resist – his myth shields and traps are brutal.
  • Have potent single hits ready once you remove his protections.
  • Dispel his Infection when low on health.
  • Don’t waste casts trying to hit through his 90% universal block – strip it.
  • Myth minions can clear his weaknesses and shields from afar.

Jade Oni (MooShu)

  • On first encounter, flee immediately – you can’t win.
  • Return after gaining much higher level and resist gear.
  • Use earthquake or potent single hits since his shield reflects multiple hits.
  • Life and Myth are advised for high health and minion tanks.
  • Have Spirit Armors ready for when he screams for massive damage.
  • Dispel his Deathblade cheat before it can power an insta-kill Plague.

Scorpion (Krokopatra)

  • Check guide to learn the correct order to defeat his Scorpion Idolstrap puzzle.
  • Use single hit attacks – multi-target triggers his dangerous reprisal spin attack.
  • Have potent spirit shields ready for when his idols trigger Vengeance Auras.
  • Bring health enchants to withstand massive incoming damage.
  • Flee immediately if you fail the idol puzzle early and reset – don’t waste time.

Waterworks Gear Runs

  • Craft team keys since having to find and duel for keys wastes time.
  • Coordinate sufficient team synergy – two storms will struggle with final boss.
  • Mark the map to avoid getting lost in maze-like dungeon.
  • Flee and restart if early fight shipwrecks your run.
  • Patiently farm for full set – can take dozens of runs over days.

Planning your approach is key to tackling Wizard101’s toughest challenges!

Wizard101 offers a magical journey for wizards of all ages and skill levels. With its charming worlds, deep systems, and endless adventures, the possibilities are truly endless in this family-friendly online RPG.

For new wizards just enrolled at Ravenwood, the journey begins in Wizard City – battling street thugs, foul ghosts, and menacing cyclopes while learning the fundamentals of spellcasting and magical combat. Young adepts must stay sharp, as greater threats loom ahead in mysterious lands like Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim, and Marleybone.

Yet the lessons learned in Wizard City provide the foundation to rise to every challenge. With courage, creativity, and loyal friends, no quest is insurmountable. With each new spell mastered, each legendary creature bested in combat, and each puzzle unraveled, wizards gain experience and power.

At the higher levels, wizards gain access to ancient worlds with archaic secrets waiting to be uncovered. Monsters become fierce dragons, sly medusas, and grotesque trolls. Apprentices become masters, ready to take on the great villains behind the looming dark forces putting the Spiral in peril.

For those who enjoy relaxing diversion between epic adventures, Wizard101 offers plenty of fun distractions. Wizards can decorate their castle home, adopt magical pets, compete in fishing and racing contests, swap snacks with friends, and show off their style with dazzling clothes and gear.

While the journey is perilous, it need not be walked alone. Joining up with other wizards makes the road smoother and more enjoyable. Friendly alliances grow stronger by conquering dungeons and besting bosses together. More experienced wizards pass down lessons and gifts to young newcomers to aid their journey.

At the end of the day, Wizard101 promises a place of lightheartedness, imagination, courage, friendship and wonder. There will always be evil afoot in the Spiral, but good will rise up to meet it as long as the wizarding spirit endures. So rest easy heroes, and prepare for adventure – a new day dawns!

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