Clash Royale Goblins – How To Master the Most Versatile Cards in the Game

The Goblin is one of the most iconic and versatile troops in Clash Royale. First introduced in the initial release of the game in 2016, this sneaky melee fighter has become a staple in many players’ decks and strategies.

What is the Clash Royale Goblin?

The standard Goblin is a single-target, ground melee troop with moderate hitpoints and damage output. It moves at a fast speed and costs only 2 Elixir to deploy. The Goblin’s fast movement allows it to quickly swarm enemies or objectives. Its low cost makes it an ideal choice for cycle decks that aim to outpace opponents.

Clash Royale Goblins

Despite their fast speed, Goblins have low hitpoints. Area damage spells like Fireball can eliminate a swarm of Goblins with ease. Still, single Goblins can be useful to distract enemy troops and buy time. Their speed allows them to outrun slower ground troops.

Goblins commonly appear in groups of two or three as Spear Goblins or in a pack of five as Goblin Gang. Certain cards like Goblin Barrel and Goblin Giant feature Goblins as part of their design. There is even a ranged Goblin variant called the Dart Goblin.

Its history and significance in the game

Goblins have been part of Clash Royale since its launch. They embody the chaotic, manic energy of the Goblin race in the Clash universe. Their early adoption and continued presence highlight their importance as a kiting and distracting tool.

Despite receiving minor stat changes over the years, Goblins have retained their major role in cycle and bait decks. Their quick movement and low cost perfectly fit the fast cycle playstyle. Goblins are useful for their strategic value rather than raw power. A key strategy is to pressure opponents and force them to waste spells or time defending small units.

Its role in different decks and strategies

Goblins shine in cycle and bait decks that aim to outpace and predict opponents. They can quickly pressure towers with minimal investment. Cycle decks use cheap units like Goblins to rapidly cycle through the deck.

Bait decks use Goblins to force opponents to waste spells. After depleting a spell, they can overwhelm opponents with swarms. Goblins also feature in bridge spam decks for their speed and damage potential.

On defense, Goblins can distract and damage hefty tanks or glass cannons. Their sheer speed allows them to divert Prince charges or Pekka swings. A pair of Goblins provides just enough of a nuisance to halt a major push.

Goblins work in beatdown pushes by furthering ground attacks. They offer DPS support for Giants, Golems, and more. Goblins round out bridge spam with other fast, spammy troops like Ram Rider.

Its strengths and weaknesses

The Goblin’s strengths lie in its speed, low cost, and moderate DPS. It can quickly strike across the arena or whittle down tanks. Goblins only cost 2 Elixir, making them extremely expendable. This facilitates positive trades versus costlier troops. Their damage stacks up when attacking in groups.

However, Goblins have glaring weaknesses. Any area damage spell easily counters them. Additionally, anti-swarm units like Valkyrie and Bowler ruin Goblins. Slow but hard-hitting units like PEKKA can eliminate Goblins before taking major damage. Overall, Goblins fill a specific niche but counterplay exists.

In summary, the iconic Goblin fills a unique niche in Clash Royale. Its long-term viability highlights the inherent value of low-cost, high-speed swarm troops. Goblins enable a variety of playstyles and serve key strategic roles. Despite obvious flaws, the crafty Goblin persists as a cycle and distraction tool. No Clash Royale card collection is complete without this chaos-loving creature!

Types of Clash Royale Goblins

The Goblin card comes in many forms in Clash Royale. While the standard Goblin establishes the attributes of the unit, numerous variants exist with their own unique traits. Let’s examine the key Goblin troops and how they diversify this iconic card.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins consist of two standard Goblins equipped with ranged spears. They have lower HP than standard Goblins but boast increased range. This allows them to chip away at enemies from a safer distance.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins serve a distinct role from their melee counterparts. They specialize in pressuring from range and finishing off low HP buildings. Their long range lets them stealthily snipe enemies distracted by tankier troops.

Spear Goblins work well behind Tanks to boost their push. The range means they avoid splash units while dealing damage. Spear Goblins complement ground tanks like Giants and Hog Riders particularly well.

However, Spear Goblins are still vulnerable to spells and anti-air units. Additionally, their lower HP makes them easier to kill with splash compared to standard Goblins. Proper placement and timing is key to maximizing Spear Goblin effectiveness.

Goblin Gang

The Goblin Gang consists of three standard Goblins and two Spear Goblins in one 5-Elixir card. This provides an ideal mix of melee and ranged Goblins.

The Spear Goblins lend extra range power. Meanwhile, the standard Goblins absorb damage and quickly shred nearby foes. Together, they form a dangerous offensive and defensive combination.

Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang shines as a powerful bait card in logbait decks. The threat of five Goblins pressures the opponent to respond. If they lack their small spell, the Goblins can heavily damage their tower.

Defensively, a well-timed Gang swarms approaching enemies. The mix of melee and ranged allows them to counter a variety of troops. However, their reliance on numbers leaves them weak to splash units and spells.

Goblin Barrel

The Goblin Barrel launches three Goblins directly onto the opponent’s tower. This provides unparalleled tower pressure for just 3 Elixir.

Goblin Barrel is a premier win condition for logbait and chip cycle decks. The surprise factor of Goblins landing on the tower makes it tricky to fully counter. Even without tower damage, Goblin Barrel forces a response from the opponent.

Goblin Barrel

Skilled players can launch predictive Goblin Barrels to sneak them past opposing small spells. A Goblin Barrel left ignored can shred over half a tower’s HP. However, it demands backup like Princess or Dart Goblin to apply pressure.

Overall, Goblin Barrel is a high-risk, high-reward card. Mastering its fast movement and predictive placement is key. When used properly, Goblin Barrel can single-handedly take towers.

Dart Goblin

The Dart Goblin is a single-target ranged Goblin with higher DPS but lower HP. It deals major damage from long range with its blowgun but perishes easily to spells.

Dart Goblin specializes in supporting tanks and pressuring from afar. It provides excellent DPS for just 3 Elixir. A Giant backed by Dart Goblin can obliterate towers if ignored.

Unfortunately, Dart Goblin’s low HP makes it vulnerable to spells. Additionally, its average movement speed hinders its ability to pressure opposite lanes. Proper positioning is vital to protect Dart Goblin until it unleashes maximum damage.

Royal Recruits

Royal Recruits feature six armor-clad Goblins with high HP but below-average damage. They specialize in survivability over raw strength.

Their high HP enables them to absorb major damage, often requiring multiple spells to eliminate. They shine against swarm troops like Skeleton Army which they can mow down without losing Recruits.

Royal Recruits

Behind a tank is where Royal Recruits thrive. They reinforce pushes with their sheer HP and numbers. Once they reach a tower, it’s difficult to stop their combined DPS.

However, Royal Recruits lack major offensive power alone. They’re easily distracted and struggle to deal damage without tank support. Additionally, their slow movement speed hinders their versatility.

Goblin Giant

The Goblin Giant is a massive Goblin riding a lumbering Giant. He has huge HP and deals major damage but moves slowly.

Goblin Giant serves as a powerful win condition in beatdown decks. His towering HP enables him to absorb massive damage as he crashes into buildings. Meanwhile, the Spear Goblins on his back provide supplementary ranged DPS.

Goblin Giant

Once a Goblin Giant connects to a tower, it’s difficult to halt his relentless pounding. The Goblins on his back also pelt the tower from safety.

However, the Goblin Giant’s sluggish movement speed makes him easy to distract and pull. He’s also vulnerable to swarms due to his single-target damage. Proper support is vital to help him reach his destructive potential.

In summary, the broad Goblin archetype houses a diverse cast in Clash Royale. While they share basic Goblin traits like fast speed and low HP, each variant brings unique capabilities to the arena. Together, they demonstrate the flexibility of the iconic Goblin troop.

How to Use Clash Royale Goblins Effectively

Goblins require finesse to use properly in Clash Royale. Their low HP and singular abilities demand careful thought to maximize value. Let’s explore key strategies and placement tips to master these tricky troops.


Ideal Goblin positioning depends on the variant. However, a few general principles apply:

  • Place Goblins away from the tower and Crown Tower range. Use them in the center for kiting.
  • Plant ranged Goblins (Spear, Dart, Giant) far behind tanks. This provides cover while enabling long-range damage.
  • Deploy melee Goblins on the sides of the arena to pressure Princess Towers. Their speed allows them to dive deeply.
  • Toss Goblin Barrels directly on Princess Towers. Vary barrel placement to bypass opponent spell locations.
  • Use bridge planting with Goblin Gang or Recruits. This hides the squishier Spears behind tankier standard Goblins.
  • Plant Dart Goblin and Spear Goblins in the middle but off-center. This makes them trickier to spell down.

Proper positioning minimizes counterplay while letting Goblins apply their unique offensive pressure. Think about pathing and hide ranged Goblins behind tanks or structures.


Timing is critical to maximizing Goblin surprise factor and evading counters. Follow these tips on when to play them:

  • Deploy Goblins just before a tank crosses the bridge. This shields them from enemy splash units.
  • Wait until low Elixir moments to play Goblin Barrel.Aim them where opponents lack spell counters ready.
  • Use Spear Goblins to snipe wounded enemies right before a tower shot finishes them off.
  • Drop Goblin Gang to intercept approaching glass cannons like Musketeers.
  • Distract big tanks with Goblins when they lock onto your tower. Each second of distraction counts.
  • Surprise opponents with a Goblin Barrel following a Goblin Giant push. They may lack Elixir to counter both.

Ideal timing enhances positive trades and sneak attacks. Wait for tanks to engage, then deploy Goblins to maximize their distraction power.

Combining with other troops

Goblins truly shine when combined with complementary troops that cover their weaknesses:

  • Pair Goblin Giant with ranged troops like Musketeer. This provides anti-air and splash protection.
  • Use Miner and Goblin Barrel together. Miner tanks tower shots so the Goblins deal uncontested damage.
  • Add swarm troops like Skeletons to distract enemy splash units targeting your Goblins.
  • Have Zap ready to wipe out swarms that counter your Goblin Barrel. This leaves the Goblins free to shred towers.
  • Back up Royal Recruits with Fireball. If needed, use Fireball to clear out enemy swarms attacking your Recruits.
  • Use Dart Goblin with Tornado. Tornado pulls enemies into Dart Goblin’s range so he shreds them.

Combinations that cover Goblin weaknesses radically boost their offensive power. Coordinate lane pressure and spell sequences to enable unhindered Goblin DPS.

Using their special abilities

Each Goblin has certain special traits that make them unique. Capitalize on these assets:

  • Use standard and Spear Goblins to kite units with their fast move speeds. Waste opponent time and damage.
  • Leverage Dart Goblin range to snipe buildings. He outranges even Princess Towers if placed correctly.
  • Distract enemies with Royal Recruits’ high HP. They buy a ton of time with their survivability.
  • Apply pressure with Goblin Barrel. Even without tower damage, forcing reactions provides inherent value.
  • Spear Goblins’ long range lets them safely damage distracted targets. Hide them behind tanks.
  • Goblin Giant has huge HP for a win condition. Use it to absorb massive damage.

Every Goblin fills a special niche. Use their unique attributes to open opportunities and catch opponents off guard. Capitalize on niche strengths rather than relying on raw power.

In summary, mastering Goblin positioning, timing, combinations, and special traits elevates their capabilities. Take advantage of their speed, surprise factor, and specialty roles. Clever Goblin players exert pressure and force reactions without overcommitting Elixir. Learn their nuances, and these sneaky creatures will reward you.

Counters to Clash Royale Goblins

While Goblins boast significant offensive power, they have glaring weaknesses. A wide variety of counters keep these fragile creatures in check. Let’s explore popular responses to suppress sneaky Goblins.

Splash damage troops

Splash units excel at demolishing swarms of low HP Goblins. They wipe out entire stacks with their wide-ranging attacks. Popular anti-Goblin splash troops include:


The Wizard boasts high area damage that disintegrates Goblin swarms. His moderate range also lets him blast ranged Goblins behind tanks. Wizard’s high damage melts through all types of Goblins with ease.

However, he is vulnerable to beatdown tanks that can quickly demolish him. Additionally, his 5 Elixir cost is substantial. Spell protection is vital to enable Wizard to maximize his area damage versus Goblins.


A low-cost splasher, Bomber shreds packs of Goblins for just 2 Elixir. His fast hit speed lets him eliminate swarms before they overwhelm him.

Bomber lacks the damage and range of Wizard, but his cheap cost makes him readily available to counter threats. Play him reactively near your towers to clear approaching Goblins. Just watch out for ranged Goblins that can snipe him from afar.


The Bowler boasts impressive splash range that wipes out entire lines of Goblins. His rolling boulder pushes back Goblins while crushing them, denying all melee damage.

A major downside is his slow move and attack speed. While strong versus grounded swarms, ranged Goblins can sneak by Bowler. Additionally, his 6 Elixir cost is steep. Pair Bowler with a faster-attacking splasher to cover his vulnerabilities.


With his lengthy axe, Executioner dominates with extended splash reach. His boomerang axe lets him wipe out entire Goblin formations in one throw.

However, Executioner struggles against air troops, exposing him to swarms like Minion Horde. Additionally, his slow speed makes it tricky for him to keep up with faster Goblins. Protect him with Tornado to enable his deadly long-range axe throws.

Air troops

Air units bypass Goblins’ ground-only attacks. They can snipe vulnerable ranged Goblins while avoiding retaliation. Anti-Goblin air troops include:

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon’s splash attacks make quick work of clumped Goblin swarms. It deals substantial area damage while remaining immune to ground assaults.

However, Baby Dragon lacks major damage versus tanky units. It thrives cleaning up Goblins, but other troops overwhelm it. Additionally, its slow move speed allows Spear Goblins to gradually wear it down.


As a high DPS swarm unit, Minions tear through Goblins before they can fight back. Their numbers and damage output shred Goblins rapidly.

Still, Minions are fragile against area damage. Plus, they require a 3 Elixir investment that can be exploited. Have a spell ready to clear counters so your Minions can feast on Goblins undisturbed.

Mega Minion

With its substantial HP, Mega Minion withstands Goblin stabs while fighting back with its mighty claw. It deals impressive single-target damage.

However, Mega Minion lacks any splash capability. It focuses down individual Goblins rapidly but leaves itself open to being surrounded and overwhelmed. Support Mega Minion with lighter units to handle swarm scenarios.

Inferno Dragon

Though slow-starting, an Inferno Dragon’s burning beam utterly melts even the bulkiest Goblin tanks like Goblin Giant. Inferno Dragon boasts immense single-target damage.

Its reliance on charging up makes it vulnerable to resets and distractions, however. Swarming the Inferno Dragon with Goblins while protecting the tank can shut it down. Still, once fully charged, no Goblin survives its wrath.


Spells offer an efficient way to clear masses of weak Goblins. Low-cost spells in particular gain immense positive Elixir trades against them. Common anti-Goblin spells include:


As the quintessential anti-swarm spell, Zap eliminates Goblins equal to its level +1. A high-level Zap completely wipes basic Goblins and cripples tougher variants like Gang.

Zap’s low 2 Elixir cost makes it endlessly spammable. However, it only stuns and damages, so a secondary spell often finishes Goblins off. Zap also lacks area, allowing spaced Goblins to avoid damage.


Comparable to Zap, Snowball deals light damage and freeze to Goblins in its radius. This halts melee Goblins while executing fragile ranged ones.

However, Snowball lacks Zap’s instant damage. Goblins briefly survive Snowball before perishing. This makes Snowball less reliable against Spear Goblins and Barrel. Still, it’s a cheap option to halt Goblin advances.

The Log

The Log deals huge damage to all ground units in its path. It instantly eliminates standard Goblins and cripples most Goblin variants.

The Log struggles against air threats, however. Its horizontal pathing also fails against widely spaced Goblins. Tricky positioning makes Log ineffective versus Spear and Dart Goblins sometimes. But in tight spaces, Log devastates ground swarms.


Arrows deal high damage to all air and ground units in a medium area of effect. They counter mixed Goblin pushes with air support like Minions.

Arrows travel slowly, so tricky Goblin Barrel placement avoids them. Plus, their 3 Elixir cost undermines positive trades versus cheap Goblins. Still, Arrows’ air and ground impact makes them a versatile answer to Goblin offenses.

Building placement

Proper building placement blocks approaching Goblins from reaching your towers. Ideal structures to break Goblin momentum include:

Goblin Cage

This building houses a relentless melee Goblin Brawler. When it spawns, the Brawler’s zap pulses damages and slows nearby enemies.

Goblin Cage struggles against air troops, however. And without troop distraction, Goblins quickly demolish the Cage. Pair it with air support units to cover vulnerabilities.


Tombstone constantly leaks Skeletons when destroyed. This distracts and damages Goblins, diverting them away from your tower.

However, Tombstone lacks major stopping power. Once the Skeletons are cleared, Goblins rush the tower. Have backup responses ready even when using Tombstone.


Furnace endlessly spawns Fire Spirits, devastating swarms of Goblins. The ranged Fire Spirits evade Goblin stabs while burning them down.

Furnace is helpless against air assailants, though. Additionally, tanks protect Goblins against Furnace’s Fire Spirits. Combine Furnace with anti-air units to fully shut down mixed Goblin pushes.

Barbarian Hut

This spawner produces waves of sturdy Barbarians. Their huge HP and moderate DPS lets them annihilate Goblins with ease.

However, it costs a hefty 7 Elixir. Goblin Barrel and other fast threats arrive well before Hut spawns troops. You must react to the initial push until your Barbarians emerge. But once available, Barbarians heavily counter Goblins.

Carefully placed buildings limit Goblins’ tower access. Choose structures with abilities that actively counter Goblins. Pair them with supporting troops or spells to erase approaching Goblin swarms.

In summary, a wide range of responses keep Goblins in check. From area damage to air troops, buildings to spells, many options counteract these fragile creatures. Think about positive trades and combinations to efficiently wipe Goblins off the map. Know when to invest more Elixir to fully shut them down versus using light counters. Properly answering Goblins is critical to halting their insane pressure.

Best Clash Royale Goblin Decks

Goblins fit into a variety of strong Clash Royale decks. Let’s break down top-tier archetypes that leverage Goblins to apply intense pressure:

Goblin Barrel Cycle Deck

This lean cycle deck relies on Goblin Barrel chip damage to whittle down towers:

  • Win Condition: Goblin Barrel
  • Win Condition Support: Dart Goblin, Princess, Log
  • Defense: Knight, Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower
  • Spells: Rocket, Log


The goal is to constantly pressure with Goblin Barrel, baiting opponent counters like Log and Zap. Dart Goblin and Princess assist the chip damage.

On defense, use Knight and swarms to counter beefy tanks and threats. Save Log to clear the path for your Goblin Barrel. Rocket towers once within kill range.

Fast cycle lets you outpace opponents and always have Goblin Barrel ready. Sacrifice tower HP to build massive spell damage advantages in double elixir.


  • Relentless Goblin Barrel chip pressure
  • Bait mechanics to land uncountered Barrels
  • Fast cycle to outpace opponents


  • No major tank killer outside Inferno Tower
  • Overreliance on Goblin Barrel reaching towers
  • Vulnerable to spell bait of its own

Overall, this cheap chip deck rewards mastery of Goblin Barrel placement and timing. Pressure opponents relentlessly and seize every barrel damage opportunity.

Goblin Giant Sparky Beatdown

This heavy deck leverages Goblin Giant and Sparky’s insane synergy:

  • Win Condition: Goblin Giant
  • Win Condition Support: Sparky, Baby Dragon, Barbarian Barrel
  • Defense: Hunter, Guards, Dark Prince
  • Spell: Zap


Build massive pushes with Goblin Giant tanking for Sparky. Baby Dragon handles swarms while Barbarian Barrel picks off key threats.

On defense, use Hunter and Guards to counter a wide variety of win conditions. Dark Prince wrecks glass cannons and swarms.

Manage your Elixir efficiently. Don’t overcommit into bad trades or overspend defending. Wait for ideal times to build overwhelming pushes.


  • Goblin Giant tanks while Sparky obliterates towers
  • Numerous anti-swarm options to protect Sparky
  • Barbarian Barrel enables positive Elixir trades


  • No big spell to finish towers
  • Lacks major anti-air capability
  • Slow cycle hinders comebacks if you fall behind

Punish opponents who lack proper counters to your Goblin Giant and Sparky. Steamroll towers before they assemble the tools to stop you.

Classic Logbait

This deck leverages cheap units to bait spells then punish opponents:

  • Win Condition: Goblin Barrel
  • Win Condition Support: Princess, Dart Goblin
  • Defense: Goblin Gang, Knight, Inferno Tower, Skeleton Army
  • Spells: Log, Rocket


Constantly apply pressure with Goblin Barrel to force Log and small spell usage from the opponent. Punish spent spells with swarms like Gang and Skarmy.

Princess and Dart Goblin chip from range. On defense, swarm beefy tanks to distract them. Save Log to clear the way for your Goblin Barrel.


  • Fierce spell bait pressure
  • Cheap yet powerful defense
  • Swarms overwhelm tanks


  • Vulnerable to splash units
  • Lacks major anti-air
  • Tower damage relies heavily on Goblin Barrel

Punish improper spell usage and predict your opponent’s patterns. Out-cycle their counters to land elusive Goblin Barrels.

In summary, Goblins boost a wide variety of viable decks. Their speed, damage, and pressure fit into many archetypes and combinations. Master their finesse, and Goblins will carry you to victory through sheer chaos and trickery.

How to Upgrade Clash Royale Goblins

Upgrading your Goblins is critical for competitive play. Higher levels enable them to survive more hits while dealing extra damage. Let’s overview methods to upgrade Goblins:

Card levels

Naturally collecting and donating Goblins raises their card levels. Follow these tips:

  • Request Goblins often from your clan.
  • Prioritize leveling Goblin cards you use in your battle deck. Get your win condition Goblins to level 13 first.
  • If close to the next level threshold, consider buying Goblins from the shop using gold. This is especially worthwhile for key Legendary and Epic Goblins.
  • Use Trade Tokens to acquire Goblin cards you need. Token trades permit bypassing the normal rarity upgrade order.
  • Participate in Clan Wars. Goblin cards won in War bounties and the River Race provide upgrades.
  • Complete Goblin-related Special Challenges. The one-time reward often contains stack of the featured Goblin card.
  • Advance in Leagues to earn more Goblin chests. Higher Leagues improve quantity and rarity of earned chests.

With time and effort, you can max out the Goblin cards critical for your chosen deck.

Star levels

Star levels provide a way to upgrade cards beyond max level 13. Each star gives a small stat boost.

  • Earn Star Points by completing Clan Wars. Use these to purchase Star levels for your Goblins.
  • Focus on maxing your win condition Goblin first. A level 13 Goblin Barrel with 3 stars is terrifying.
  • Star levels persist even when cards are changed and balanced. They remain a safe long-term investment.
  • High star levels intimidate opponents and show your mastery of that card. Flex your elite Goblins!
  • Star level bonuses are minor, but every tiny edge counts at top play. That sliver of extra health or damage makes a difference.

Star levels indicate true Goblin mastery. They require incredible dedication and time invested into your favorite sneaky troops.

Clan perks

Joining an advanced clan unlocks perks that accelerate upgrade progress:

  • Higher tier clans possess more daily/weekly donation limits. This translates into faster upgrades from extra copies.
  • The reduced upgrade cost perk saves millions of gold over time. This discount is invaluable for pricy high-level upgrades.
  • Bonus gold per chest significantly boosts your income. More gold means buying more Goblins from the shop.
  • Extra legendaries in chest cycles helps acquire more copies of Legendary Goblin cards like Royal Ghost.
  • The tower damage boost perk makes underleveled Goblins more viable. They survive longer against enemy towers.

Seek an established, high-level clan to take advantage of every perk possible. The cumulative bonuses speed your upgrade progress.

In summary, a mix of smart tactics, patience, and teamwork allows upgrading your Goblins to maximum power. Funnel all resources toward the Goblin cards essential for your battle deck. Find an active clan to donate and receive Goblins rapidly. Take advantage of every upgrade opportunity, and your Sneaky Goblins will reach their terrifying potential.

Clash Royale Goblin Tips and Tricks

Mastering Goblins requires learning niche tactics and techniques. Let’s overview advanced plays to truly dominate with your favorite goblins:

Using Goblins to scout

Send a lone Goblin to stealthily scout at the bridge. This provides valuable intel:

  • Reveals their hand if the opponent reacts. Now you know what they just cycled back to.
  • Checks if buildings are out of cycle. If no immediate response, their building is likely out of hand.
  • Tests if a spell is available. Lack of instant reaction suggests that spell is still rotating into their hand.
  • Spots ambush troops hiding right at the bridge. Any hidden defenders will be forced to reveal.
  • Helps track their cycle and elixir. Based on their reaction, you can calculate their resources.

Just make sure to follow up instantly before the lone Goblin gets diced! Turn that intel into an informed assault.

Using Goblins to cycle through your deck

Plop Goblins at the back just to cycle your deck faster. This rotates you to the cards you need:

  • Cycling to your win condition faster is often critical. Ditch that useless spell for your Goblin Barrel!
  • Cycle away from a bad starting hand. Throw down some Goblins to find your real troops.
  • Weave cheap Goblins into your rotation to enable rapid punishes. Have Log ready after their clumsy Mega Knight!
  • When low on elixir, cycling to cheaper cards lets you build back up safely.
  • Keep pressure on with light Goblins as you cycle back to your tank and support troops.

Just make sure to track what cards they cycle to. Don’t blindly cycle Goblins into an inevitable counter push.

Using Goblins to defend against pushes

Goblins distract enemies and delay their assault just long enough:

  • Tie up chunky tanks with swarms of Goblins. Surround them to stall their approach.
  • Kite them around with quick Goblins to waste their time. Every second of distraction counts when your towers are low.
  • Let them lock onto a tower, then deploy Goblins to draw the tank’s focus. Their damage shifts away from your tower.
  • Fake a misplay, then surprise counter with Goblins. Opponents often ignore lone Goblins until too late.
  • Chip down supports with Spears while your own towers finish the tank. Divide and conquer!

Careful Goblin deployment transforms even the mightiest push into a stalled mess. Buy yourself the time needed to assemble a winning counter.

Using Goblins to bait out counters

Force opponents to play spells and troops they’d rather save:

  • Throw standalone Goblins to draw Arrows or Fireball. This denies that spell versus your real troops.
  • Plant a sneaky Goblin Barrel to bait their Log. Now their swarms are vulnerable to your Arrows next push.
  • Rush a lone Spear to pull splash units like Wizard to the wrong lane. Your real push now avoids that AoE threat.
  • Feint a tank push at one bridge. When they defend, drive a lone Goblin at the opposite lane. Their distraction opens a tower.
  • Save real win conditions until you force the hard counters like Mega Knight. Goblins act as sacrificial lambs.

Make opponents waste counters on cheap Goblins. That opens the floodgates for your actual deadly offenses.

In summary, crafty Goblin players have many tricks up their sleeves. Scout, cycle, defend, bait and more with these clever creatures. Master niche Goblin tactics to outwit and outmaneuver overwhelmed opponents. Your Goblins enable plays they won’t see coming.

Clash Royale Goblin Synergy

Certain card combinations enable Goblins to inflict immense damage. Let’s break down key synergies that amplify sneaky Goblins:

Goblin Barrel + Log

This classic combo baits cheap spells then punishes:

  • Play Goblin Barrel early to force out their Log or Zap.
  • Once their small spell is spent, immediately throw your Goblin Barrel. It lands unopposed for massive damage.
  • Follow up with Log as soon as the Goblin Barrel strikes. Log finishes weakend defenders and crown towers.
  • Goblin Barrel keeps pressure on while Log resets and cripples enemies. Together they shred objectives.
  • This combo forms the core of logbait decks. Manage your spells and threats to force maximum value from Goblin Barrel.

Spell sequencing is crucial. Bait their counters, then deliver a deadly one-two punch.

Goblin Giant + Sparky

This duo overwhelms enemies with an unstoppable assault:

  • Goblin Giant tanks hits thanks to his enormous HP. He secures time for Sparky to power up.
  • Sparky vaporizes swarms and tanks trying to halt the Goblin Giant. Her blast also shreds towers.
  • Her long range lets Sparky demolish ranged supports and buildings attacking your Giant.
  • The Spear Goblins on his back chip away and apply pressure even if Sparky falls.
  • Zap resets pesky Infernos and stuns units, allowing Sparky free shots.

With the Giant tanking and Sparky obliterating, no defense endures their combined might.

Goblin Gang + Skeleton Army

This nasty surprise shreds approaching threats:

  • Place Goblin Gang at the bridge to bait small spells like Zap or Log.
  • As soon as their spell hits, drop a Skeleton Army immediately on top.
  • With their spell still rotating, they have no good counter to your mass skeleton swarm.
  • Enemy tanks and troops get shredded by dozens of stabbers they can’t stop.
  • Their spell likely only disabled the Gang briefly. It returns to join the Skarmy in mauling enemies.

The spell bait double swarm melts tanks and forces ugly overcommitments. Your ideal punish window opens if they take the bait.

Dart Goblin + Ice Spirit

This frigid combo freezes foes for Dart Goblin dominance:

  • Plant Dart Goblin centered behind your tower where it’s harder to spell down.
  • Drop Ice Spirit in the opposite lane when an enemy approaches Dart Goblin.
  • Ice Spirit jumps to freeze the assailant right as it approaches Dart Goblin’s range.
  • With the threat frozen, Dart Goblin shreds it with impunity thanks to his insane DPS.
  • Ice Spirit tanks any swings at Dart Goblin, often sacrificing itself to protect the Goblin.

Freeze even the toughest enemies in place for Dart Goblin target practice. This combo preserves your goblin while crushing foes.

Royal Recruits + Giant Skeleton

The Raw Recruits beef up punishing Giant Skeleton pushes:

  • Royal Recruits’ bulk tanks for the deadly Giant Skeleton.
  • They surround him with meaty HP bars, protecting the bomb-toting skeleton.
  • Their DPS supplements Giant Skeleton’s modest single-target damage. Together they quickly overwhelm buildings.
  • Once Giant Skeleton reaches a tower, the Recruits pressure adjacent structures and units.
  • His devastating bomb wipe swarms trying to distract the Recruits, allowing them to continue pressuring.

The Recruits enable Giant Skeleton’s tower dive. Once he connects, the bomb seals the tower’s fate while Recruits chip elsewhere with impunity.

In summary, Goblins become exponentially more deadly when combined with the right cards. Coordinate spells, synergize abilities, and multiply strengths to assemble an unstoppable offensive force. Master these key Goblin combos and outplay even the most prepared opponents.

Clash Royale Goblin Counters

While potent on offense, Goblins have glaring weaknesses which are easily exploited. Here are ideal units to counter sneaky Goblins:


The versatile Wizard dominates Goblins with his circular AoE attacks:

  • Wizard outranges every Goblin, allowing him to blast them from safety.
  • His moderate hit speed lets him quickly wipe out swarms before they reach him.
  • His area damage shreds through massed Goblins while avoiding wasting shots on lone ones.
  • His substantial HP lets him survive being swarmed by Goblins for a while.
  • Pairs exceptionally well with Executioner. Together their extended range and area damage decimates entire Goblin formations.

Wizard’s well-rounded kit enables him to counter every Goblin troop with ease. Support him, and he single-handedly suppresses Goblin mayhem.


Executioner dominates fights with his lengthy axe:

  • His boomerang axe attack deals huge area damage across an enormous range.
  • He wipes out entire lines of Goblins in a single axe toss. His pierced damage hits everything.
  • The boomerang allows follow-up attacks once his axe returns to finish weak Goblins off.
  • His substantial HP prevents swarms from quickly overcoming him.
  • Tornado synergizes perfectly by grouping Goblins together for Executioner to obliterate.

Executioner’s range and piercing damage overwhelms Goblin swarms. Cripple mass Goblin rushes with a single devastating axe swing.


Arrows offer cheap, reliable area damage:

  • As an unblockable spell, Arrows always hit their mark and damage Goblins.
  • They wipe out swarms of fragile ranged Goblins like Spears and Dart.
  • Their knockback briefly denies melee Goblins from dealing additional damage after struck.
  • Only 3 Elixir, allowing them to gain positive trades against most Goblins.
  • Arrows strike air and ground, allowing them to erase mixed Goblin rushes containing Air units.

Always ready at hand, Arrows break up Goblin momentum for a low cost whenever they come knocking.


The fiery Fireball obliterates dense Goblin mobs:

  • Fireball’s high damage instantly eliminates entire stacks of Goblins.
  • Its area effect damages ranged Goblins hiding behind tanks.
  • Striking both air and ground allows Fireball to counter hybrid Goblin rushes.
  • For just 4 Elixir, it gains immensely positive trades against Goblin swarms.
  • Combo Fireball with Zap to completely erase Goblins. Zap finishes off weakened survivors.

Aim Fireball at centralized clumps to roast as many Goblins as possible. Incinerate their feeble HP in flames.


As the premier anti-swarm card, Zap is ideal for disabling Goblins:

  • Zap instantly kills Goblins equal to its level. Higher levels one-shot entire stacks.
  • Striking air and ground allows Zap to counter any Goblin configuration.
  • Its brief stun and knockup delays surviving Goblins from continuing their assault.
  • Only 2 Elixir, so it can reliably gain positive Elixir trades against Goblins.
  • Pair Zap with area damage units or spells to fully finish off stunned Goblins.

Zap’s low cost and ubiquity makes it the ever-present threat keeping Goblins in check. It reliably thins their ranks while opening them to further counters.

Together these cards comprise a rock-solid anti-Goblin core. Area damage, range, and affordability enable them to decisively shut down these fragile but dangerous creatures. Include proper counters, and the Goblin menace becomes highly manageable.

Goblins exemplify the essence of Clash Royale gameplay. These cheap, fragile troops thrive through intricate strategy and finesse. Their low Elixir costs and specialized utility grant them unmatched versatility within the chaos of battle.

A deep mastery of placement, timing, combinations, and counters is required to maximize Goblins’ potential. Their strengths are potent but narrow. Clever moves and prediction separate great Goblin players from good ones. When skillfully utilized, however, Goblins apply immense pressure across varied deck archetypes.

These mischievous creatures unleash their true power through synergies and spell sequences. Coordinating Goblins with complementary cards like Giant Snowball and Dart Goblin devastates unprepared opponents. Yet precision counters like Executioner and Hunter keep them in check.

Overall, sneaky Goblins encapsulate the thrill of outplaying enemies through both cunning offense and calculated defense. Their specialized roles provide creative players the tools for both destruction and deception. Learn the intricacies of all the Goblin troops to enable these mechanically simple but strategically deep units to overwhelm anyone who underestimates them.

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