MARVEL Strike Force – Guide To Becoming a Super Hero Master

MARVEL Strike Force is a turn-based role-playing mobile game developed by FoxNext for iOS and Android devices. Based on the Marvel comic book universe, players collect Marvel superheroes and villains to form teams and battle in various game modes.

As a squad-based RPG, players assemble teams of up to 5 characters from an ever-growing roster of over 100 playable Marvel characters. You can recruit popular heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man, as well as infamous villains like Loki, Doctor Octopus, and Kingpin.

MARVEL Strike Force brings together characters and storylines from across the Marvel universe into one epic gameplay experience. Both obscure and iconic Marvel characters are available, letting you create teams with your favorite superheroes and supervillains.

Why is it so popular?

MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force has garnered huge popularity due to its strategic character-driven gameplay and strong Marvel brand. As of 2022, the game has over 80 million downloads worldwide.

Fans love MARVEL Strike Force for the ability to collect and battle with their favorite Marvel superheroes and villains. Unlocking characters like Thor, Black Panther, and Deadpool is hugely appealing for Marvel fans.

The game also features stunning 3D character models and animations that bring the characters to life on mobile devices. Iconic moves and abilities from the comics are visually translated into fun in-game mechanics.

Strong role-playing game elements like gear, levels, abilities, and team synergies also appeal to RPG fans who want to fully customize their squads. There is great depth in strategizing the perfect team with synergistic abilities.

Regular updates that introduce new playable characters and story campaigns keep the game feeling fresh for players both new and old.

What makes it different from other mobile RPGs?

MARVEL Strike Force stands out from other mobile RPGs in a few key ways:

  • Massive Marvel character roster – With over 100 characters from across Marvel lore, MARVEL Strike Force has one of the largest rosters among RPGs. Both mainstream and obscure characters are included.
  • Strategic turn-based combat – Battles involve strategically using character abilities and attacks to overpower the enemy team. Winning requires skill rather than just high stats.
  • Detailed 3D character models – MARVEL Strike Force features detailed 3D models and environments that fully realize the Marvel universe. Character animations and moves are fluid and cinematic.
  • Team synergies – Forming a team with complementary abilities and strengths is key. Synergies like Avengers team bonuses further encourage strategic rosters.
  • Frequent new content – The addition of new limited-time events, campaigns, and playable heroes keeps the game dynamic. The meta is constantly evolving.
  • Social alliances – Joining forces with others in alliances allows for collaborative play, knowledge sharing, and social interaction.

Overall, MARVEL Strike Force offers a deep Marvel-themed RPG experience tailored uniquely for mobile. For Marvel fans seeking an engaging role-playing experience, MARVEL Strike Force stands out as one of the best on mobile devices.

How To Play MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force has players assembling a squad of Marvel characters to battle against enemy teams in turn-based combat. Here is an overview of how to play:

  • Recruit characters – You recruit heroes and villains by collecting character shards. Certain campaign missions award specific character shards when completed. Character orbs containing random shards can also be earned through events, rewards, and in-game purchases.
  • Assemble your squad – Form a squad of up to 5 characters. Aim for synergistic characters that cover different roles like damage, tanking, support, and control. Build teams focused on traits like Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Supernatural, etc.
  • Gear and level up characters – Improve characters by equipping gear pieces and increasing their level caps through promotion. Higher gear tiers and levels increase stats and unlock ability upgrades.
  • Use training modules – Earn training modules as rewards and use them to upgrade character abilities. Prioritize upgrading key damage and utility abilities first.
  • Battle in campaigns – Progress through story-based campaign missions to earn shards, gear, and other rewards. Campaigns feature iconic Marvel locations and come in a variety of difficulties.
  • Compete in Raids – Alliance raids pit your entire roster against a series of powerful bosses. Inflict as much damage as possible before your characters are knocked out to earn alliance-wide rewards.
  • Dominate in Arena – Battle player-controlled teams in the Arena using your top five characters. Earning a high rank provides premium currency and exclusive hero shards.
  • Triumph in Real-Time Arena – Assemble a large roster to battle against other players’ defenses simultaneously. Choosing counters and efficiently attacking can maximize your points.
  • Vanquish challenges – Limited-time challenges feature special objectives like using trait-based teams or defeating overpowered enemies. They offer rare resources and characters for completion.
  • Complete events – Temporary events feature special modes and exclusive character/resource rewards. Blitz events have you battle for high scores within a limited time period.
  • Join alliances – Join forces with up to 24 other players in alliances for collaborative play and shared benefits. Coordinate in Raids, donate resources, and chat in-game.

Different types of missions and events

MARVEL Strike Force provides a variety of recurring and limited-time mission types to put your skills to the test:

  • Campaign missions – Story-driven stages unlocked by progressing through the game. Grant character shards, gear, and XP. Feature iconic Marvel locations and scenarios.
  • Daily objectives – Rotating daily goals that award gold, resources, energy refills when completed. Daily login calendars also provide bonuses.
  • Challenges – Specialized missions that change weekly and have unique objectives or handicaps. Can limit your team or abilities.
  • Raids – PvE alliance-based game mode where players battle a series of ultrapowerful raid bosses using their entire roster. Requires coordination.
  • Arena – Competitive PvP where you battle player-controlled teams for rankings. Uses your top team. Awards premium resources and unobtainable character shards.
  • Blitz – Time-limited PvP event where you engage in quick battles against AI-controlled squads from other players for points and milestones rewards.
  • Real-Time Arena – PvP mode where you attack player-controlled teams simultaneously. Managing your attacks is key to maximize points.
  • Events – Temporary limited-time events with exclusive rewards. Can feature special PvE or PvP gameplay modes. Examples include new character events, double reward events, etc.
  • Dark Dimension – Special event-based single-player mode focused on strategic roster-building. Requires specific gearing to progress through exponentially increasing difficulty.

Building your team and roster

Effectively building your MARVEL Strike Force roster is key. Here are some tips:

  • Cover class roles – Have characters that can tank damage, deal damage, heal/support, and control enemies. Teams need balance.
  • Think ahead for events – Many events require specific traits or characters. Slowly build up teams like Avengers, Sinister Six, etc. in advance.
  • Focus resources – Concentrate gear and ability materials on your main team first before spreading out. A wide but underpowered roster will struggle.
  • Target farmable characters – It’s best to focus on characters that can be farmed through nodes and stores to accelerate their progression.
  • Synergize abilities – Look for characters with abilities that complement each other for powerful combos. Example: Black Bolt’s passive giving bonus damage after Inhumans assist.
  • Counter the meta – When building teams, consider the popular Arena and Raid meta teams you need to counter like Axmen or Darkhold.
  • Mix damage types – Have a blend of damage types like Physical, Energy, Mystic, etc. so your damage isn’t mitigated by enemies with high resistance.
  • Invest in powerhouses – Prioritize indispensable characters with flexible utility like Kestrel, Silver Surfer, and Doom that can fit into multiple team archetypes.

Building a well-rounded roster covering all bases takes patience and strategy in MARVEL Strike Force. Keep expanding your roster outward after getting your primary team established first and foremost.

Combat mechanics and tips

Here are some key combat mechanics and tips for MARVEL Strike Force battles:

  • Turn meter – Taking actions fills your turn meter.Characters with full turn meter take a turn. Manipulate speed through abilities/buffs.
  • Positioning – Character placement impacts combat greatly. Put tanks on outer edges and damage dealers adjacent to support characters for assisting.
  • Primarily target – Focus fire vulnerable threats with high damage, avoiding accidentally spreading damage and feeding turn meter.
  • Manage crowd control – Stun and slow key targets to lock them down. Time and sequence them to prevent enemy chaining of abilities.
  • Watch buff/debuff timers – Factor if buffs/debuffs will expire soon into decision-making to maximize their impact.
  • Beware AoEs – When multiple grouped enemies have AoE abilities, consider spacing your team out to limit their damage potential.
  • Cleanse wisely – Cleanse debuffs from your damage dealers first so they can keep acting. Cleanse tanks second to keep them alive.
  • Ability sequence – Optimize sequences. Example: If a damaging ability grants evade, use it before another ability that requires evade to trigger bonus damage.
  • Don’t overheal – Heal until a character is just above 50% health to conserve overall heal charges unless a major AoE attack is incoming.
  • Retreat when needed – Abandoning a close match that is going south can be better than losing characters. Minimize losses when victory seems uncertain.

MARVEL Strike Force has deep strategic combat that rewards clever use of your characters’ kits and exploiting opponent weaknesses. Practice makes perfect!


Overview of the different character types

MARVEL Strike Force features a wide array of characters that serve different combat roles:

  • Blasters – Ranged damage dealers that target single enemies or all enemies. Example: Rescue, Rocket Raccoon.
  • Brawlers – Melee damage dealers that specialize in AoE attacks. Example: Captain America, Wolverine.
  • Controllers – Utility disruptors that apply negative effects on enemies. Example: Loki, Doctor Strange.
  • Protectors – Tanks that draw fire and protect allies. Example: Luke Cage, Drax.
  • Support – Healers and boosters that assist allies. Example: Night Nurse, Nick Fury.

Characters are further categorized by additional traits like Global, Cosmic, City, etc. that are often required for events. There are also unique hero traits like Avengers, X-Men, etc. with team synergies.

How to unlock and recruit new characters

There are a few primary methods to obtain new playable characters in MARVEL Strike Force:

  • Campaigns – Certain heroes like Captain America and villains like Crossbones can be unlocked through starring up in their campaign stages. Campaigns will specify the unlock requirements.
  • Orbs – Various orbs containing random character shards can be earned in events, challenges, raids, and certain milestones. Premium/gold orbs guarantee minimum drop rarities.
  • Stores – Shards for select characters like Daredevil and Punisher can be bought in stores using currencies like Raid Credits and Arena Credits earned in their respective modes.
  • Events – Recurring monthly events for newer heroes like Morbius provide guaranteed shard drops for unlocking them by replaying their event campaign stages.
  • Blitz rewards – Top Blitz ranking tier rewards contain premium shards for newer exclusive heroes and villains.
  • Objectives – Characters like Wolverine and Domino are unlocked by completing their specific recruitment objectives that take time.

With over 150 characters now in MARVEL Strike Force, acquiring all your favorites takes patience, persistence, and strategy. Completing campaigns and events is the most reliable path to recruitment.

Upgrading and ranking up your characters

There are a few key ways to strengthen your characters in MARVEL Strike Force:

  • Level – Earn XP through missions to increase your character’s level, up to the current level cap of 90. Higher levels boost all stats.
  • Gear Tier – Equip gear pieces found in Raids, stores, and orbs to increase gear tier, currently up to Tier 16. Higher tiers bolster stats and unlock ability levels.
  • Promote Stars – Increase star ranks from 1-7 red stars by earning specific promotion credits. More red stars provide sizable stat boosts.
  • Ability levels – Use training ability materials obtained through events and challenges to upgrade each ability up to max level. Level 7 is strongest.
  • Iso-8 – Align characters with color-coded Iso-8 classes using crystals earned in later campaigns and events. Bonuses tailor characters’ strengths.
  • Costumes – Alternate costumes offer new visual flair. Some special event costumes boost stats and synergies.

Regularly equipping new gear pieces, achieving the next star promotion rank, and maxing your most impactful abilities should be your priority for progression.

Team synergies and strategies

Capitalizing on team synergies by forming themed MARVEL Strike Force squads can amplify your capabilities:

  • Avengers – Heroes like Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk gain bonuses from Iron Man and Captain Marvel leadership abilities. High utility.
  • Asgardians – Thor, Loki, Heimdall and allies gain increased Armor, Resistance, and Damage. Improves survivability.
  • Black Order – Thanos and his generals Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, etc. have strong offensive synergies. High damage output.
  • Darkhold – Doctor Strange (L) grants boosts relating to Darkhold members’ self-debuffs. High sustain.
  • Heroes for Hire – Luke Cage (L) and Iron Fist profit from Heroes for Hire members assisting and countering. Offense and control.
  • Infinity Watch – Adam Warlock (L) provides this cosmic team offense up, revive chances, and immunity. Great survivability.
  • X-Factor – Polaris (L) enables this mutant team to control enemies and dish out heavy special damage. Lockdown.

Leverage team synergies whenever possible. An average team well-synergized often beats a team of individually strong but randomly assembled characters lacking cohesion.


What are alliances and why join one?

Alliances in MARVEL Strike Force are guilds of up to 24 players who team up for collaborative play and shared benefits. There are many good reasons to join an alliance:

  • Participate in high-level Raids requiring multiple players attacking cooperatively. Earn rare gear for your roster.
  • Coordinate assigned lanes in Greek Raids for big rewards from the three alternating chapters.
  • Alliance War leagues and matchmaking coming soon.
  • Get alliance milestone rewards from the shared contributions of every member. Accelerates progress.
  • Get advice from and socialize with fellow players in-game or using third-party chat apps.
  • Buy desired character shards from other members using alliance credits.
  • Request hard-to-farm gear pieces from teammates.

Joining an active, organized alliance catapults your progress and enjoyment. Tackling challenges cooperatively is more rewarding and less demanding than playing solo.

How to find and join an alliance

To join an alliance in MARVEL Strike Force:

  • Check the recommended list of alliances within the game. View each one’s stats and requirements.
  • Visit /r/MarvelStrikeForce and search for alliance recruitment posts that appeal to you.
  • Join the MARVEL Strike Force Discord and peruse the alliance recruitment channels. Discuss what you seek.
  • Ask for an invite from an alliance you see constantly ranking near the top of Raid season leaderboards if you meet their criteria.

Ideally, join an alliance with enough players and power to attempt 60-100% of ultimus raids daily. Member participation and coordination in Raids is vital.

As a new player, aim for a more casual alliance first that doesn’t require heavy donations. Then keep progressing to more hardcore, competitive alliances with tougher membership standards.

Alliance activities and benefits

Member contributions are key to maximizing alliance rewards and progress:

  • Log in daily – Daily participation is required to hit max rank milestones. Even just logging in helps.
  • Complete daily objectives – 100% participation in completing daily alliance objectives speeds up rewards.
  • Donate gear – Donate excess gear and currency to allies up to the daily limits. Request shards from them in return.
  • Coordinate Raids – Communicate in Raids via chat markers. Stick to assigned lanes and teams to progress steadily without wasted attacks.
  • Follow War instructions – When Alliance War arrives, follow the leader’s directions to maximize points from your attacks.

Being an active, communicative alliance member ensures you reap all the rewards and growth benefits from coordinating Raids and more.

Tips for being a successful alliance member

Here are some tips to excel as an alliance teammate in MARVEL Strike Force:

  • Communicate – Chat in-game often, especially for coordination. Download external apps like Discord if required.
  • Learn and follow Raid lanes – Stick to assigned sections and ask for advice to become an expert on your lane’s quirks.
  • Build a deep roster – Develop teams strong enough to contribute meaningful damage in your lane at your alliance’s current Raid difficulty.
  • Save top teams – Conserve at least your 2-3 best teams for Raids exclusively. Don’t waste them elsewhere.
  • Know the daily reset time – Maximize rewards by timing important activities like Raids and donations right before daily reset.
  • Request shards wisely – Only use alliance currency to request shards you urgently need to unlock/upgrade key characters.
  • Don’t hoard excessively – Find a balance between saving and spending currencies/resources to gain strength at a steady pace.

Being a reliable team player willing to learn and improve makes you an invaluable ally. With enough participation, coordination, and growth, your alliance can take on any challenge MARVEL Strike Force throws your way!


In-game currency and how to earn it

MARVEL Strike Force features various currencies used to strengthen your roster:

Gold – Universal currency earned from almost all activities. Used to level up characters, upgrade abilities, equip gear.

Campaign Energy – Consumed to play campaign stages. Slowly regenerates over time up to a cap or refill using Power Cores.

Blitz Charges – Used for Blitz battles. Earned from daily objectives, leveling characters, events, and more.

Power Cores – Premium currency for energy refreshes, store purchases, and accelerating activities. Obtained from objectives, Arena rankings, etc.

War Credits – Won for completing Alliance War battles. Used to purchase character shards and gear in the War Store.

Arena Credits – Awarded for high Arena ranking. Used to acquire shards of select characters in Arena Store.

Raid Credits – Earned for completing Raid nodes. Used to purchase character shards and gear orbs in Raid Store.

Alliance Credits – Contribute to receive credits and spend them to request character shards from allies.

Event Campaign Energy – Special energy for limited-time legendary/character events. Slow regeneration up to a cap.

Premium Orbs – Contain a wide variety of shards and gear. Earn them from daily objectives, events, and offers.

Be strategic about which activities you spend limited currencies like Power Cores and Alliance Credits on. They are the most valuable and scarce.

Different types of resources and how to use them

Here are the key resources you need to manage to strengthen your MARVEL Strike Force rosters:

Gold – Universal resource for leveling, gearing, and ranking up characters. Don’t overstockpile.

Training Modules – Used for upgrading character abilities. Prioritize damage abilities first. Conserve for key characters.

Gear – Craft gear pieces to improve character tier. Request them from allies to acquire rare gear faster.

Character Shards – Obtained and used to recruit new heroes and promote their star ranks for stat boosts.

Ability Materials – Different types like Advanced Phosphates used to level up character skills. Focus on main team first.

Catalysts – Required in large amounts to gear up characters to higher tiers. Raid rewards provide a lot.

Superior Items – Special items like Palladium and Nanites needed for final gear tier upgrades. Very scarce.

Gold and Training Orbs – Provides influxes of Gold and Training Modules when opened. Don’t open hastily.

Power Cores – Valuable premium currency. Use wisely for energy refreshes and farming hard nodes only.

Be selective in allocating rare resources like gold gear and ability materials. Funnel them to your primary team and avoid spreading yourself thin early on.

Tips for managing your resources effectively

Managing resources is crucial in MARVEL Strike Force to advance at a steady pace. Here are some tips:

  • Prioritize – Focus on leveling, gearing, and ability upgrades for your top Arena team first before expanding roster.
  • Upgrade selectively – Only spend to level characters to the extent needed for events and campaigns, no further. Save excess gold.
  • Log in often – Don’t let energy and other replenishing resources cap out. Check in frequently.
  • Raid wisely – 100% Ultimus Raids daily provide the most resources. Don’t waste Raid energy.
  • Buy supplies – Use excess Arena Credits and Raid Credits to purchase useful gear, orbs, and character shards from stores.
  • Monitor monthly events– Use events like Payday to target farm characters that generate important resources when their events roll around.
  • Watch weekly events – Don’t overspend early in the week. Conserve resources for later event milestone rewards.
  • Keep 3-6M gold reserve – Have a safety net of gold for sudden rank ups needed for events, campaigns, or Arena.

Planning ahead on what characters you want to develop and farming gear needed for the next gear tier upgrade will prevent wasted resources. Patience and self-control is required.

Tips and Tricks

General tips for new and experienced players alike

Here are some helpful MARVEL Strike Force tips for players of all experience levels:

  • Use cores for energy – Prioritize spending power cores on energy refreshes over character/gear offers in store. Accelerates farming.
  • Join an active alliance ASAP – Don’t wait to find an alliance. The benefits are too good. Lower strength alliances will accept new players.
  • Complete objectives – Never miss daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. They provide important resources and shards needed for progress.
  • Blitz intelligently – Use saved squads to quickly repeat optimal counter-team combinations. Refresh characters starting with lowest team power.
  • Buy gear from stores – Raid Credits and Arena Credits are best spent purchasing scarce gear from stores when you need it.
  • Follow a plan – Have a roadmap for which characters you want to pursue and why. Don’t randomly upgrade characters you won’t use long-term.
  • Save resources before events – Stockpile training mats, gold, gear, and energy ahead of legendary events to quickly upgrade new unlocked characters.
  • Target farm characters – Focus efforts daily on campaigns nodes that drop shards for characters you need rather than spreading attempts randomly.
  • Raid efficiently – In Alliance Raids, learn your lane intricately, build teams tailored for it, and don’t deviate from your lane until checking with team.
  • Monitor metas – Keep aware of emerging squads and reworks that gain prominence in Arena and Raids, and farm characters accordingly.

Advanced strategies for competitive play

Here are some advanced tips to take your MARVEL Strike Force skills to the next level:

  • Ability T4 planning – Plot out best order to spend scarce orange ability materials for your Arena and Raid teams. Follow guides online.
  • Focus STP farming– Dedicate free campaign energy solely to continuing to farm shards for your top 5 characters until they hit at least 5 stars for big stat boosts.
  • Optimize synergies – Study teams that maximize synergies like full Axmen and Shadowlands. A cohesive team > one with individually strong characters.
  • Counter the meta – Analyze the current Arena defense meta and build teams specifically designed to counter it through matchups.
  • Modular characters first – Prioritize gearing versatile characters that strengthen multiple top teams like Cloak, Kestrel and Doom over one-dimensional characters.
  • Match Iso-8 – Check top player advice to match obscure Iso-8 classes perfectly to each character rather than just their broad traits.
  • Sim smartly – Turn on auto-sim after developing saved multi-win Blitz and campaign teams to speed through them without wasting time.
  • Time spending – Delay using valuable resources until as late as possible in the day in case new events get announced. Avoid missed opportunities.
  • Watch envoys – Follow credible envoys on YouTube and Twitch for early insight into unlocked upcoming characters and events to prepare.

How to avoid common mistakes

Avoid these common new player MARVEL Strike Force pitfalls:

  • Wasting cores – Cores should go towards energy refreshes, not blind pulls. Use cores judiciously, they are the rarest currency.
  • Spreading yourself thin – Don’t build up a wide roster at the expense of your top team. Focus on Arena first team before going wide.
  • Upgrading everyone equally – Resources are finite. Be selective in leveling up characters based on long term usage rather than boosting everyone.
  • Random farming – Farming character shard nodes should follow a prioritized plan, not randomly attacking nodes daily.
  • Not preserving energy – Make sure energy doesn’t cap out by checking in frequently. Don’t let any energy regeneration go to waste.
  • Forgetting monthly events – Key events for resource generation only occur monthly. Prepare your needed characters ahead of time.
  • Ignoring objectives – Objectives should be completed daily without exception for the rewards and consistent progress they provide.
  • Not monitoring bottlenecks – Identify your current limiting gear piece and make sure you are actively farming it from nodes and stores.
  • Quitting Raids prematurely – Don’t let Raid energy go to waste. Make sure to do as many optimized Raid attacks as possible daily.
  • Upgrading prematurely – Save precious ability materials and gold in case better characters get unlocked. Only upgrade characters you plan to use long-term.

Careful planning, patience, and self-control will help avoid derailing your MARVEL Strike Force progression. You will reap the benefits of steady advancement in Arena ranks and Raids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with MARVEL Strike Force

To get started effectively in MARVEL Strike Force:

  • Complete the tutorial – Pay close attention the introductory tutorial missions detailing core gameplay mechanics.
  • Join an alliance ASAP – Browse alliances in-game and join one accepting newcomers. Alliances accelerate progress tremendously.
  • Level Defenders team – Early on focus resources on the easily farmable Defenders like Luke Cage. They can carry you through campaigns.
  • Follow objectives – Don’t ignore daily and recurring objectives. Completing them provides major rewards.
  • Conserve resources – Avoid overspending early. Be patient saving ability materials, gold, and energy for when you unlock stronger characters.
  • Learn combat intricacies – Read ability descriptions carefully to tailor ideal character matchups and turn sequences to gain an edge in battles.
  • Work on Arena team – Build up your top 5 characters of different roles that work well together to climb Arena ranks for cores.
  • Have fun! – The Marvel IP and large character roster are meant to be enjoyed. Follow and develop your personal favorite characters and teams first and foremost.

Starting strong by optimizing your daily objectives, early progression, and resource utilization will propel you in the long run. But make sure to enjoy the Marvel experience!

How to progress quickly

To accelerate your MARVEL Strike Force progress:

  • Min/max energy – Check in frequently to have energy always regenerating. Core refresh up to max level (100 cores) when needed.
  • Raid attentively – Raid as much as possible each day. Improve at assigned lanes to help alliance push to 60-100% Ultimus VII raids daily.
  • Focus arena team – Funnel all gear, levels, and abilities into your arena offense team of 5 characters to improve ranking rewards.
  • Buy raid orbs – Spend excess raid credits on raid orbs for random character shards and gear for steady progression.
  • Monitor events – Read blogs and envoy videos for upcoming events and new characters. Farm and prepare accordingly.
  • Save resources before events – Stockpile training mats, gold, gear, power cores, and energy for leveling up new characters quickly.
  • Target farm shards – Prioritize campaigns that reward shards you urgently need rather than randomly farming. Knock out daily 50 core refreshes.
  • Develop versatile toons – Focus on broadly useful toons for raids and events instead of niche characters like Ravagers.

Execute objectives efficiently, optimize energy use, build the right characters, and conserve resources for when needed to accelerate your MARVEL Strike Force progress.

How to build a strong team

Tips for assembling powerful MARVEL Strike Force teams:

  • Cover class roles – Make sure to have damage, tank, support, and control covered in a team. You need balance.
  • Take traits into account – Build teams around useful traits like Global, Cosmic, Mystic that are often event requirements.
  • Include powerhouses – Prioritize must-have characters like Kestrel and Silver Surfer who dominate in any mode.
  • Max gear tier – Make sure to keep pushing each team member to their next gear tier. Higher tiers add major stat boosts.
  • Ability focus – Upgrade key damage and utility abilities first. Leave basic abilities until after you’ve maxed specials.
  • Stars matter – Don’t neglect promoting characters to higher star ranks for stat increases. Focus on your arena team first.
  • Optimize Iso-8 – Match obscure Iso-8 classes to each character for bonuses rather than just basic ones.
  • Leverage synergies – Build teams with innate synergies like Wave-1 Avengers and astonishing X-Men when possible.

Building a formidable team takes time, resources, ability upgrades, and gear. But the investment is well worth pushing your arena rank and raid contribution to the next level.

How to defeat challenging enemies

Tips for overcoming difficult MARVEL Strike Force enemies:

  • Ability block disruptors – Shut down priority enemies like scientists and controllers with ability block so they can’t use specials.
  • Focus fire – Concentrate damage on one enemy at a time rather than spreading damage and feeding enemy health pools.
  • Check enemy bonuses – Read what squad bonuses enemies are getting. Break them up or counter them when possible.
  • Time cooldowns – Note dangerous enemy abilities on cooldown and wait for them to refresh before striking so they miss a turn using them.
  • Dispel wisely – Dispel taunts on protectors first so you can target priority damage dealers.
  • Manage speed – Use slows to prevent enemies from acting. Use speed up on your damage dealers to take multiple turns.
  • Heal and revive – Bring back fallen characters and heal them to just above 50% health to preserve overall life pool as long as possible.
  • Control positioning – Make sure damage dealers are protected but adjacent to supports for assists. Tanks go on outer edge.

Studying enemy team composition, planning turn order, and tailoring your squad counter to their weaknesses is key to overcoming challenging opponents.

How to get the most out of your alliance

Tips for maximizing the benefits from your MARVEL Strike Force alliance:

  • Find a high level, active one – Aim to join an alliance running 60-100% daily Ultimus VII raids so you can earn Tier 15 gear.
  • Communicate – Chat in-game and use external apps to coordinate with allies. Call out areas that need more damage during raids.
  • Learn everything about your lane – Become an expert on the node types, enemies, and ideal counters in your assigned raid lane.
  • Grow your roster strategically – Expand your roster specifically to contribute more in your assigned raid lane at the difficulty your alliance is currently tackling.
  • Save multipower teams for raids – Make sure to have your best teams on standby purely for alliance raids. Don’t waste them elsewhere before raiding daily.
  • Time everything before daily reset – Manage raid attacks, energy expenditures, donations, and other alliance activities for right before reset to maximize daily rankings.
  • Request shards and uniques only – Use alliance currency to request character shards or unique gear from teammates to accelerate progression.

An active, organized alliance provides you resources, collaborative play, and growth you simply can’t get solo. Make sure to contribute daily and build the teams needed to push your alliance progress even further.

Why MARVEL Strike Force is the best mobile RPG on the market

There are many reasons why MARVEL Strike Force stands out as the premier mobile RPG today:

  • Massive and growing cast of iconic Marvel superheroes and villains
  • Strategic turn-based squad combat
  • Frequent events, new content, reworks, and characters
  • Social dynamics of alliances
  • Challenge of raids requiring coordination
  • Competitive player vs player Arena
  • RPG elements of gearing, leveling, ranking, and abilities
  • Detailed 3D character models and animations bringing Marvel to life
  • Endless team compositions and synergies to discover

For Marvel fans seeking an engaging turn-based RPG on mobile filled with countless heroes to collect, MARVEL Strike Force is simply unrivaled. The game does a masterful job blending RPG progression with squad building strategy in iconic Marvel settings.

With three years of steady improvements and new content under its belt, MARVEL Strike Force only continues to get better over time. The future looks bright for MARVEL’s premier mobile RPG, with even more characters, events, and features yet to come.

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