Pokémon Unite – The Complete Guide

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studios and published by The Pokemon Company for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It brings classic Pokemon gameplay into a 5v5 team battle format.

In Pokemon Unite, two teams of 5 players face off with the goal of scoring points by getting Pokemon to dunk Aeos energy into scoring zones. Players start each match by choosing one of several Pokemon, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Teams aim to defeat opposing Pokemon, level up their own Pokemon by defeating wild Pokemon across the map, and score goals to accumulate points and win the match.

Matches take place on a three-lane map with a jungle area in between. Each match lasts 10 minutes, with the team having the most points at the end winning. There are also major objectives like Zapdos that can swing the tide of battle. With familiar Pokemon and easy to learn controls, Pokemon Unite aims to appeal to veteran MOBA players and newcomers alike.

How to play Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite gameplay revolves around controlling your Pokemon using simple controls. You move around the map using a joystick and attack enemies by pressing the basic attack button. You’ll also have special abilities that provide utility or deal damage. Managing cooldowns on abilities is key.

As you defeat enemies, your Pokemon gains EXP and levels up, learning an enhanced basic attack or a powerful Unite Move ultimate ability. You’ll need to evolve your Pokemon by scoring goals to unlock their full potential. Proper timing on evolutions and Unite Moves can turn the tide of battle.

Outside of matches, you can acquire items like Assault Vest to boost stats, as well as emblems that provide bonus effects. Customizing held items and emblems allows you to tailor your Pokemon’s playstyle. Overall, expect dynamic teamfights where you’ll need to maximize your Pokemon’s strengths while exploiting the opposition’s weaknesses.

What are the different game modes in Pokemon Unite?

There are several ways to enjoy Pokemon Unite matches:

  • Standard – The normal 5v5 mode with a 10 minute time limit. First to score the most points wins. Great for practice.
  • Quick – Faster version of standard with a 5 minute duration. Good for quicker matches.
  • Ranked – Competitive mode with skill tiers and seasons. Matches affect your ranking and reward performance.
  • Rematch – Challenge a player you previously matched with to a rematch.
  • Event – Special limited-time modes with unique rules and maps. Provides fresh experiences.
  • Practice – Lets you test Pokemon against AI bots. Useful for testing builds.

There are also daily and weekly quests that provide rewards for playing matches and completing certain objectives. Overall, lots of variety to suit different levels of commitment.

What are the different Pokemon in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite features a growing roster covering many different playstyles:

  • All-Rounders like Lucario have balanced offense and defense.
  • Attackers like Pikachu deal ranged damage with abilities.
  • Speedsters like Gengar specialize in mobility and bursts.
  • Defenders like Snorlax can take hits and control areas.
  • Supporters like Eldegoss heal allies and provide utility.

There are also powerful legendary Pokemon like Zeraora and Mewtwo to unlock. New additions arrive regularly, so there’s plenty of team variety. Each Pokemon has a different difficulty rating, letting newcomers start with easier to play options.

Tips and tricks for playing Pokemon Unite

Here are some useful tips to get started in Pokemon Unite:

  • Learn your Pokemon’s role and focus on mastery. Stick to simpler Pokemon at first.
  • Upgrade your held items to match your playstyle. Movement speed, cooldown reduction, and defense are all viable.
  • Learn the fundamentals like farming, securing objectives, and not overextending. Work with your team.
  • Keep an eye on the minimap to track opponents. Call missing enemies.
  • Time key evolutions and Unite Moves properly for maximum impact in fights.
  • Focus on scoring goals consistently. Points win matches, not just defeats.
  • Review your own replays to improve decision making and awareness.

With practice and the right mindset, you’ll be executing advanced plays and dominating the Unite battlefield in no time!

A. Basics of Pokemon Unite

How to move around the map

Movement is key in Pokemon Unite. Here are some tips for navigating the map effectively:

Pokemon Unite map
  • Use the joystick to move around. You can also set movement to follow your thumb instead.
  • Hold the sprint button to move faster at the cost of endurance. Manage your endurance carefully.
  • Press jump to hop over small obstacles. Some Pokemon like Talonflame can jump quite far.
  • Learn the layout of key areas like the three lanes, jungle, and central objectives. Knowledge of the terrain is vital.
  • Stick to the lanes early on to gain EXP from minion Pokemon. Leaving a lane uncontested lets the enemy team farm freely.
  • Head to the central area to secure major objectives like Drednaw which provides your team bonuses. Time these spawned properly.
  • Overextend past the halfway point at your own risk – you can get ganked by the enemy team! Fall back and heal when low on health.
  • Use bushes to conceal your movement and set up ambushes. Control of vision is important.

Overall, keep moving with purpose around the map. Coordinate with allies to control territory and take objectives.

How to attack

Attacking is obviously essential to defeat the opposing team. Here are tips on dishing out damage effectively:

  • Use your Pokemon’s basic attack whenever possible, whether last-hitting minions or harassing enemies. Build up muscle memory with your chosen Pokemon’s auto attack timing and range.
  • Weave in your Pokemon’s abilities between basic attacks to maximize damage. Many abilities combo with basic attacks. Conserve mana when needed.
  • If you have a dash or gap closer, use it to chase fleeing low health enemies and secure kills for your team.
  • Focus on overextended or out of position enemies. Punish mistakes severely.
  • In teamfights, try to focus the same targets as teammates to quickly eliminate threats. Call out focus targets when possible.
  • Use area of effect skills and long range poke to dish out damage onto grouped up opponents.
  • Time devastating Unite Moves properly to swing teamfights massively in your favor.
  • Upgrade your held items to boost offensive stats like attack speed and cooldown reduction as needed.

Mastering both last-hitting basics and ability usage will let you maximize damage in Pokemon Unite’s fast-paced battles.

How to defend

While attacking is important, so is defense in Pokemon Unite. Here are useful tips on holding your own:

  • If low on health, fall back and let your natural health regeneration kick in before re-engaging. Stay alive!
  • Use area of effect crowd control moves like Slowbro’s Surf to disengage from losing fights. Creating space to flee is key.
  • If you’re a Defender, try to bodily block opponents from reaching squishier allied Attackers and Supporters. Absorb hits with your superior health pools.
  • Dodge enemy abilities by carefully watching their animations and using mobility skills. Getting hit by avoidable damage adds up.
  • Face check bushes carefully with long range attacks in case enemies are laying in ambush. Don’t face check alone!
  • Upgrade your defensive items like Buddy Barrier for added bulk against burst damage. Health is invaluable.
  • Use eject buttons to quickly reposition yourself a short distance if caught off guard. Better to burn an ability than die.
  • Stick closer to your allied Supports and team to receive healing and shields. Supports keep you in the fight longer.

With good positioning and survival ability, you’ll be able to outlast your foes and come out on top in close battles of attrition.

How to score goals

Scoring goals is how you rack up points to win matches in Pokemon Unite. Here are tips on effective scoring:

  • Carry Aeos energy you gather by defeating wild and player-controlled Pokemon. Deposit at least a small amount whenever possible rather than wasting it.
  • Dunk energy into one of the goal zones. Goals closer to your side are safer early on. Rushing into enemy territory is risky.
  • Each goal zone requires a certain amount of dunked energy before being destroyed and scoring additional points. So dunk in small amounts repeatedly to quickly break a goal.
  • Hide in bushes near goals while waiting for the right timing to score. Ideally after defeating enemies or forcing them back.
  • Coordinate with allies to overwhelm goals. Quick successive dunks from multiple directions can break heavily defended goals.
  • Items like Score Shield help you score by reducing interruptions while dunking. Equip as needed per match.
  • Use scoring enhancer items to double the value of your dunks for a short duration, allowing quick massive point gains.
  • Keep an eye on your total goal score at the top of the screen! First team to 500 points wins when time expires.

Consistent scoring early and often is the key to victory in Pokemon Unite. Master dunk timing and pile up the points.

Advanced Gameplay Tips

How to choose the right Pokemon for your team

Picking the right Pokemon is crucial in Unite. Here are tips on making ideal choices:

  • Study the current meta to know which Pokemon excel in roles like jungling, laning, and objective securing.
  • Choose Pokemon that complement your team composition rather than just going with comfort picks. Filling needed roles takes priority.
  • Consider your Pokemon’s matchup against popular enemies. Counterpicking to shore up weaknesses is beneficial.
  • Weigh early, mid, and late game strengths when choosing. Some Pokemon excel at different time periods.
  • If unsure, go with straightforward All-Rounders like Charizard or Lucario who can contribute in nearly any team.
  • Ensure your team has a decent amount of both physical and special damage rather than overloading on one damage type.
  • Try to have at least one Frontliner tank, one Jungler, one Laner, and one Supporter rather than too many of one role.
  • Evaluate your available items, emblems, and Unite license levels when picking. They all factor into Pokemon strength.

By taking team synergy, opponents, and your own ability into account, you’ll choose the best Pokemon and perform much better.

How to build a strong team composition

Building a cohesive team composition is vital for success in Pokemon Unite. Here are tips:

  • Generally you’ll want at least one All-Rounder or Defender to serve as Frontliner, one Attacker or Speedster as Jungler, one Attacker or Supporter as Laner, and one Supporter as…well, Support. This covers all your bases.
  • Make sure you have enough bulk and crowd control between Supports and Defenders. Too little and you’ll get run over.
  • Ensure you have sufficient damage from Attackers, Speedsters, and All-Rounders. Not enough damage means you can’t secure objectives or eliminate enemies.
  • Try to balance physical and special damage rather than over-indexing into one damage type. Enemies can otherwise stack resistance against an imbalanced composition.
  • Make sure that auto-attack vs ability-reliant Pokemon are balanced as well. This provides steady dps versus burst potential.
  • Include a mix of early game bullies and late game monsters. This gives you a strong start and finish.
  • Factor in difficulty of execution. Include straightforward Pokemon for new players alongside complex ones for veterans.

A balanced team tailor made to cover all bases will be far greater than the sum of its parts. Careful composition is key!

How to use Unite Moves effectively

Unite Moves are the devastating ultimate abilities in Pokemon Unite. Using them properly can completely swing fights. Here are tips:

  • Look for grouped up enemies or low health targets to maximize damage and elimination potential. Big game changing hits on multiple foes wins games.
  • Time Unite Moves to secure key objectives like Zapdos, Drednaw, or Rotom. Steal these objectives out from under the enemy team with proper timing.
  • Use Unite Moves to disengage from losing teamfights. Buying your team time to regroup can be invaluable later on.
  • Combo your Unite with ally Unite Moves when feasible. Chaining multiple big ultimates together will wipe out entire teams.
  • Consider your Unite mechanics and range/shape when picking engagement spots. Hitting the maximum number of enemies is ideal. Flanking is effective.
  • Weave Unite Moves between your other abilities during longer ultimates to maximize damage. Basic attacks also combo well during channel times.
  • Upgrade your Unite Moves as soon as possible! Reduced cooldowns and greater effects make them even more impactful.

With practice, proper Unite Move timing will let you consistently snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Pokemon Unite’s crunch moments!

How to counter different Pokemon teams

Being able to counter popular Pokemon and team comps is crucial in Unite. Here are some tips:

  • Bring Pokemon with type advantage against predicted popular enemies, like Cinderace against Trevenant. Type matchups still matter!
  • Counter highly mobile enemies with targeted stuns and roots like Slowbro’s Telekinesis that rob them of their agility. Shut down their win condition.
  • Eliminate glass cannon carries and juggernauts quickly with focused burst before they take over. Know priority targets.
  • Disrupt combo reliant enemies with displacement skills like Lucario’s Extreme Speed to split them from allies.
  • Bring healing reduction against sustain comps to cut off their life force when trading damage.
  • Pick long range poke damage versus teams lacking engage to whittle them down safely.
  • Cleave down AoE wombo teams before they group up and obliterate your team. Isolate and pick them off.
  • Play conservative against early game bullies and wait for your powerspikes to outscale them later on.

With enough game knowledge, you can correctly predict popular picks and counter team comps for maximum strategic advantage.

What are items?

Items are equipment in Pokemon Unite that provide major buffs to your in-game Pokemon. Here’s an overview:

A Pokemon Unite team
  • Items boost stats like health, attack damage, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and more. This allows you to tailor builds.
  • Many items enhance abilities like improving healing or shielding effects. Or adding bonus effects to moves.
  • Activate items grant powerful short term buffs with cooldowns, like movement speed bursts. Using these actives at the right time is crucial.
  • Items have grades from 1-30. Upgrade them to increase effects. Max out key items first.
  • Held items give persistent bonuses. Battle items provide activate effects. You equip both types before matches.
  • Complete missions to earn item enhancers for upgrading. You can also buy enhancers in the shop using Aeos coins earned from games.

Properly equipping the right held and battle items to complement your Pokemon and playstyle is vital for success!

How to get items

Here are the main methods to acquire items in Pokemon Unite:

  • Levelling your account rewards items including grades 1-10 of key gear like Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, Muscle Band, etc. Check the level up rewards.
  • The item shop allows purchasing many items using the Aeos coins earned from battles. More expensive items come later.
  • The energy reward tank provides items on certain levels. You fill it by playing games daily.
  • Events and energy rewards may give out level 30 item enhancers, which are very useful.
  • Battle pass completion rewards higher grade items the more you play during each season.
  • Trainer level ups also grant item enhancers and coins for buying items. Keep gaining XP.
  • And of course, buying gems lets you directly purchase items, coins, enhancers, energy, etc from the shop.

Building up a diverse item inventory takes time, but essential items are readily available to get you started. Play diligently!

How to use items

Using items effectively is key to maximizing your potential in Pokemon Unite. Here are some tips:

  • Read item effects closely so you understand what they provide. Bonuses like crit rate or cooldown reduction are very helpful.
  • Equip items that sync with your Pokemon’s playstyle. For example, melee auto-attackers benefit heavily from damage boosting Muscle Band.
  • Aim for complimentary item combinations instead of randomly equipping whatever. Items that boost weaknesses are great.
  • Held items like Buddy Barrier and Score Shield are nearly universally useful. Prioritize upgrading them first.
  • Remember to manually activate your Battle Item during fights when needed. Things like Eject Button have clutch outplay potential.
  • Use offensive actives like X Attack to burst down enemies, or defensive ones like Slow Smoke to escape. Consider matchups.
  • Manage cooldowns on activate items properly. You generally want to use them more than once per match when feasible.
  • Adjust items if enemies are building counters. For example, more healing reduction if they have massive sustain. Adapt!

Optimizing your held items and properly activating battle items will greatly amplify your Pokemon’s capabilities. Itemization is hugely impactful!

Best items for each Pokemon

Certain items synergize extremely well with specific Pokemon. Here are some best in slot recommendations:


  • Lucario – Muscle Band, Razor Claw, Focus Band
  • Machamp – Attack Weight, Scope Lens, Float Stone
  • Garchomp – Rocky Helmet, Razor Claw, Focus Band


  • Snorlax – Buddy Barrier, Assault Vest, Focus Band
  • Slowbro – Buddy Barrier, Rock Helmet, Leftovers
  • Mamoswine – Attack Weight, Rocky Helmet, Focus Band


  • Eldegoss – Buddy Barrier, Exp. Share, Wise Glasses
  • Blissey – Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, Leftovers
  • Mr. Mime – Buddy Barrier, Wise Glasses, Shell Bell


  • Gengar – Wise Glasses, Shell Bell, Choice Specs
  • Absol – Razor Claw, Muscle Band, Float Stone
  • Talonflame – Attack Weight, Scope Lens, Float Stone


  • Cinderace – Muscle Band, Scope Lens, Razor Claw
  • Greninja – Wise Glasses, Shell Bell, Energy Amplifier
  • Decidueye – Razor Claw, Attack Weight, Buddy Barrier

Of course, feel free to experiment! But those items are tried and tested staples that are rarely steered wrong.


What are abilities?

In Pokemon Unite, abilities are your Pokemon’s special moves beyond just standard attacks. Here’s an overview:

  • Each Pokemon has 2 abilities that unlock as they level up. These range from damage, to crowd control, to mobility, to ally buffs, and much more.
  • Abilities have cooldowns that must be managed properly for best effectiveness. Using them at the right time is key!
  • Many abilities can be upgraded at level 11 and again at level 13 to increase stats like damage or cooldown reduction.
  • Abilities should be woven between basic attacks smoothly to maximize your damage combos.
  • Some abilities also interact with your basic attacks, like boosting the next hit or applying effects.
  • Proper ability usage separates the best players. These moves have huge playmaking and outplay potential.

Mastering your Pokemon’s abilities is vital to utilizing their full potential in the thick of battle!

How to get abilities

Abilities are unlocked naturally as your Pokemon levels up by gaining EXP:

  • Each Pokemon learns their first ability at level 5. This is a great early game power spike.
  • The second ability is learned at level 7, rounding out your Pokemon’s base kit.
  • At levels 11 and 13, each ability can be upgraded to an enhanced version with Amp upgrade items. These strengthen effects.
  • Your Pokemon’s Unite Move ultimate is also considered a third ability unlocked at level 9. This can be upgraded similarly.
  • Levelling happens automatically by defeating enemy Pokemon and scoring goals. Stay active in matches to hit level thresholds!
  • Earning energy rewards may also grant Amp upgrade items directly to boost abilities. Check the energy center.

Maximizing your abilities is integral to success. Make levelling up quickly and upgrading top priorities.

How to use abilities

Using abilities effectively takes practice. Here are some tips:

  • Read ability descriptions closely to understand what they do. Many have complex effects or just take experience to master.
  • Weave abilities between basic attacks to maximize your damage combos. Don’t just spam skills off cooldown.
  • Consider ability synergy with allies. For example, wait for crowd control effects to chain your own for guaranteed hits.
  • Look for opportunities to surprise enemies with abilities. Using them from bushes or over walls has tactical advantage.
  • Track opponent cooldowns and punish if they waste crucial moves. Bait them out and force errors.
  • Time disables and escapes properly. Generally best to save an eject button to avoid a final hit rather than panic use abilities.
  • Abilities like Unite Moves can turn or swing entire teamfights. Look for key moments to change the tide.
  • Be unpredictable. Vary ability usage to keep enemies guessing.

With enough practice, you’ll be executing clutch outplays and highlight reel combos in no time!

Best abilities for each Pokemon

While both abilities are useful for every Pokemon, often one outshines the other. Here are some of the must-upgrade priority abilities per Pokemon:


  • Lucario – Extreme Speed
  • Machamp – Submission
  • Dragonite – Hyper Beam


  • Snorlax – Heavy Slam
  • Slowbro – Surf
  • Mamoswine – High Horsepower


  • Eldegoss – Cotton Guard
  • Blissey – Helping Hand
  • Mr. Mime – Confusion


  • Gengar – Hex
  • Absol – Pursuit
  • Talonflame – Fly


  • Cinderace – Blaze Kick
  • Greninja – Surf
  • Decidueye – Spirit Shackle

Of course, both abilities are important to level up. But make sure to really maximize these particular high impact moves first and foremost. They give the biggest bang for the buck on each Pokemon.

A. Early Game Strategies

The early game in Pokemon Unite is crucial for setting the stage for victory. Here are some key tips for the opening moves:

How to get a good start

  • Buy starting items quickly. Essentials like Float Stone or Attack Weight excel early.
  • Call your preferred lane quickly to avoid conflicting with allies. Communicate roles clearly.
  • Hear toward middle Aipom cream puffs quickly. Last hitting them gives big EXP.
  • Try stealing the enemy team’s first Aipoms if possible by intercepting them. Deny the EXP.
  • Skill your first ability at level 5 for an immediate power spike. Look for early takedown chances.
  • Keep an eye on map objectives like first Drednaw spawn time. Ping it early so allies prepare to contest.
  • Help junglers by absorbing some damage from jungle creeps. But don’t steal last hits from them.
  • Stay even in levels with the enemy laner. Falling behind is tough to recover from.
  • Return to base to heal once low on health so you don’t risk dying and missing out on EXP.

A strong start earns levels anditems before opponents. You want to accelerate ahead early!

How to farm efficiently

Farming levels and resources quickly is a key skill. Here are some farming tips:

  • Last hit lane Aipoms for maximum experience gain. Don’t just mindlessly damage them.
  • Draw wild Pokemon away from the safety of their spawn area so enemies can’t steal last hits as easily.
  • Use area of effect attacks and abilities to rapidly clear wild Pokemon groups. But again, don’t steal jungle farm from allies.
  • Keep an eye on respawn timers of wild Pokemon. Return to clear them again as soon as they pop for continuous farming.
  • Eliminate enemy player Pokemon whenever possible for big EXP gains. But avoid reckless overextensions just for kills.
  • Secure every major objective like Drednaw on cooldown for the team bonuses. Deny opponents.
  • Rotate to less occupied lanes to gain solo EXP once your lane is pushed. Don’t cluster stack teammates.
  • Upgrade Eject Button early to escape bad situations and limit deaths and lost farming time.

Efficient movement and resource acquisition results in a major level and item lead entering the mid game phase.

How to secure early Drednaw and Rotom spawns

Drednaw and Rotom provide vital team bonuses. Here are tips on taking these early objectives:

  • Mark their initial spawn timers so allies are ready to move into position around 15-20 seconds beforehand.
  • Ward bushes around the objective spawn to gain vision and catch enemies rotating towards it. Vision wins fights.
  • Engage the objective as soon as it spawns to start damaging it faster before enemies arrive. Get a head start.
  • Use displacement moves like Slowbro Surf when enemies contest to disrupt and scatter them. Separate their team.
  • Unite Move the objective immediately if needed to secure it faster. Better to guarantee it than save Unite.
  • Area denial moves like Charizard Fire Spin can zone enemies away while securing objectives.
  • Eliminate key enemy damage threats who can steal objectives at low health. Fragile Speedsters are risky.
  • Have your jungler Smite secure the objective at the last second if contested. The burst damage and execute secures it.

Take every early Drednaw and Rotom possible. These lead to monumental stat differences that snowball the mid game.

Mid Game Strategies

The mid game is when matches truly start to take shape. Execute proper strategies here:

How to take control of the map

Map control is vital. Here are tips on dominating territory:

  • After a successful teamfight, quickly push to take objectives while enemies are still respawning. Seize opportunities.
  • Clear vision by eliminating enemy wards. Leave them blind to your movements and plans.
  • Ward up contested areas like Drednaw or Zapdos pits. This gives you the jump on rotations.
  • Push lanes all the way to the last outer tower. This pressures side lanes and limits enemy farming.
  • Take every possible objective on cooldown like Rotom or bees. Denying the enemy team gets you ahead.
  • Hide in jungle bushes to threaten ambushes. Enemies will be wary of facechecking brush and cede area control.
  • Shove the minion waves fully into the enemy towers. They lose EXP if their waves die to towers.
  • Trapping enemies under tower with wave pressure enables aggressive dives. Coordinate dives carefully.

Incremental map pressure gains lead to total dominance and free objectives by the late game phase.

How to gank and teamfight effectively

Ganks and teamfights are inescapable. Master them with these tips:

  • If a lane ally is pushed up far, consider hiding in the closest bush to surprise gank if the enemy overextends for them. This quickly swings lane advantage.
  • Time enemy eject buttons and mobility moves. Engage the instant they are down for easy kills since they cannot escape. Bait them out and track cooldowns.
  • Use pings to coordinate target focus in teamfights. Concentrated fire eliminates threats much faster. Spread damage is weak.
  • Layer crowd control effects to chain stun dangerous enemies. A sitting duck is a dead duck.
  • Cut off chokepoints and flank enemies from multiple angles to divide them. Scattered teams get demolished.
  • Hide key abilities until after disruption moves whiff. Hold Unite moves to counter the enemy’s. Psychology wins.
  • Focus the damage carries first. Eliminating Glass Cannons like Cinderace or Greninja cripples the enemy team DPS.

Successful ganks snowball leads. Winning teamfights secures major objectives that accelerate victory.

How to rotate objectives efficiently

Quickly rotating between objectives is paramount. Here are tips on keeping tempo:

  • Shove lanes out fully, then immediately move as 5 towards major objectives spawning like Drednaw or Rotom. Arrive together before the enemy rotates.
  • Prioritize Drednaw over Rotom due to teamwide bonuses. But take uncontested Rotoms when available. Some bonus is better than nothing.
  • Ward ahead of objectives to spot enemy movements. Catch them rotating late for easy fights.
  • Use pings to call which direction to rotate towards next after securing an objective. Swift coordinated movement is key.
  • Disable lone enemies left behind split pushing while you secure objectives as a team. Numbers advantage wins fights.
  • Consider trading some objectives if you cannot contest both. For example, pushing top as they take Drednaw. Minimize all losses.
  • Teleport back to base with yourRecall move when low on health/mana after taking an objective. No time wasted walking lets you rotate again faster.

Fluidly moving as a unit secures more objectives than the fumbling enemy team. Map tempo fuels the win.

Late Game Strategies

The volatile late game decides the victor. Employ these strategies to close out and claim glory:

How to secure Zapdos

Zapdos is the ultra-powerful late game objective. Taking it often determines the winning team. Here are tips to capture it:

  • Always buy and place a Vision Plant to monitor Zapdos’ pit around 2 minutes before it spawns. See enemy movements.
  • Hide in the bushes or alcoves around Zapdos ahead of time for the element of surprise against opponents face checking.
  • Use displacement moves like Wigglytuff Sing or Blastoise Surf to disrupt enemies and scatter them when contesting Zapdos. Isolating targets wins teamfights.
  • Unite Move Zapdos immediately if both teams are still contesting when it spawns. Better to secure it 100% than risk a coinflip Smite fight.
  • Eliminate enemy Crustles before Zapdos – their moveset excels at stealing it! Other burst damagers like Cinderace are threats too.
  • Have your jungler hold their Smite to secure Zapdos at the last second if contested. The execute damage guarantees it.
  • Some compositions with bad secure can look to block enemies from even reaching Zapdos rather than killing it. As long as they don’t take it, you still win.

Smart positioning and focus wins this crucial teamfight and objective. Lack of preparation here costs countless matches.

How to score goals quickly and efficiently

With Zapdos buff in hand, quickly scoring goals wins games. Here are tips on rapid dunking:

  • Always hold enough points pre-Zapdos to have a sizable dunk ready when the time comes. Don’t waste all your points earlier.
  • Split up lanes and dunk simultaneously to overwhelm the defense. Coordinated directional pings enable this.
  • Use your Movespeed boost from Zapdos to rapidly rotate between top and bottom lanes dunking goals before enemies respawn.
  • Activate Movespeed items like Eject Button or X Speed to blitz dunk exposed inner goals before the defense recovers.
  • Equip Score Shield or have shielding supports to tank tower shots while dunking. Dying halfway through loses precious time.
  • Coordinate stacking teamwide shields and healing to dive even defended goals. Combined you can power through.
  • Dash/jump move sets like Lucario, Talonflame, or Zeraora can score and escape quickly. Use their mobility to exploit openings.

Quick math summoning and insta-dunking the Zapdos rewards defines ideal late game execution.

How to finish the game strong

The finale of a match requires calm and calculated play. Here are tips on ending correctly:

  • After a successful Zapdos takedown, do not get caught chasing random kills! Ignore enemies and solely focus objectives. Kills mean nothing, only goals.
  • Always send someone back to defend home base, preferably a tanky Defender. Assassins like Zeraora can backdoor dunk and lose you the game.
  • Do not try to solo hunt enemies in their jungle while exposed. Only move as a team between scoring goals for safety. Stay together.
  • Be willing to give up some goals if needed to solidify a lead. Retreat and regroup instead of suiciding 1 by 1 trickling in.
  • If ahead on points, there is no need to take unnecessary risks. Play conservatively and avoid throws. Only take easy objectives.
  • Even with a lead, do not get complacent! Focus on what needs to be done to definitively close out the victory.

Staying composed under pressure results in a well-executed final stretch to emerge victorious. Avoid the throw at all costs!

How to Play Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is the competitive playlist where skill matters. Here is an overview:

  • Ranked Mode is unlocked at trainer level 6. You’ll need at least 3 unlocked Pokemon to participate.
  • 10 placement matches are required each ranked season to assign your initial skill tier. Performance in these is crucial.
  • Wins and losses will make you climb or drop across 6 tiers: Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra, and Masters.
  • Each tier requires reaching enough “Performance Points”. This involves win rate as well as in-game metrics.
  • At the end of each season, rewards are handed out based on your peak tier reached. These include items, fashion tickets, Holowear, and Aeos coins.
  • Parties can only queue together if players are within certain skill tiers of each other to maintain competitive integrity.
  • Losses hurt less and wins award more Performance Points early on, so grind rank as soon as you unlock it!

Take Ranked Mode seriously, as it offers the ultimate test to prove your skill in Pokemon Unite. Ready to climb the tiers?

Ranked Mode Tiers and Rewards

Progressing up the tiers earns exciting rewards. Here are the ranks and what reaching each offers:

Beginner Tier

  • The starting rank for new players. Beginner offers lenient matchmaking as you learn.
  • Climb out just by playing initial placement matches. Does not offer season rewards.

Great Tier

  • The first full skill rank. Reaching Great proves basic knowledge. Will match against higher tiers.
  • Rewards Great holowear outfit and 100 Aeos tickets for first time.

Expert Tier

  • Surviving here means understanding team compositions and objectives.
  • Rewards Expert holowear outfit and 300 Aeos tickets first time.

Veteran Tier

  • Starts facing coordinated teams. Tests mechanically outplaying opponents.
  • Rewards Veteran holowear outfit and 500 Aeos tickets first time.

Ultra Tier

  • Very high skill bracket with seasoned players who will punish mistakes.
  • Rewards Ultra holowear outfit and 700 Aeos tickets first time.

Master Tier

  • The pinnacle rank where only the best of the best compete. Expect extremely challenging matches.
  • Rewards Master holowear outfit, 1000 Aeos Tickets, and 10 Holowear Tickets first time reaching.

Keep climbing to collect all the bragging rights rewards across these tiers each season!

Tips for Success in Ranked Mode

Follow these tips to maximize your ranked performance:

  • Stick to a smaller pool of Pokemon you know inside and out rather than filling random roles. Mastery matters.
  • Study the current ranked meta so you understand strong team comps and counterpicks.
  • Do not autopilot! Stay focused on best plays each game, whether ahead or behind.
  • Remain untiltted in the face of adversity. Raging or blaming teammates never helps.
  • Communicate plans and strategies with pings and quick chat. Coordinate with allies.
  • Review losses to learn from mistakes and improve decision making. Identify gaps in gameplay knowledge.
  • Maintain good mental between games. Just focus on what you can control each match.
  • Take breaks if on major losing streaks to reset mental. Frustration breeds more losses.
  • Party up with reliable allies that play often around your skill level. Having dependable teammates helps immensely.

Put your skills to the test and see how high you can climb against the best in Ranked Mode! It takes both talent and a focused mindset.

What are Pokemon Unite tournaments?

Pokemon Unite tournaments are competitive events where teams battle for glory, bragging rights, and real-world prizes. Here’s an overview:

  • Tournaments feature brackets of teams competing in structured best-of matchups with rules and schedules.
  • The two major tournament types are open entry, where anyone can sign up, or invitational, where only selected teams participate.
  • Tournaments are hosted by organizations like prominent esports teams, major events, or by Pokemon Unite developers themselves.
  • The scale ranges from small community tournaments online to massive global championship events at live venues.
  • Prizes span in-game items, Unite licenses, Holowear, Aeos coins, and gems to cash payouts, travel compensation, and hardware.
  • Tournaments evaluate team strategies, mechanics, communication, mental fortitude, adaptability, and clutch factor in high pressure matches.

Pokemon Unite’s tournament scene offers exciting competition and valuable experience against elite opposition on the big stage.

How to find and participate in Pokemon Unite tournaments

If interested in competing, here are tips on getting started with tournaments:

  • Check the in-game events page, official Unite social media, and known community hubs for upcoming tournaments. These will have links to register.
  • Search for organizations and groups dedicated to hosting Unite events. Discords like United City and CGU are good places to find regular tournaments.
  • Follow prominent Pokemon Unite players and influencers. They often tweet or stream upcoming events.
  • Join the Pokemon Unite Championship Series when signups open. This is the official global tournament culminating in live finals.
  • Assemble a team of 5 players total. Have some substitutes, communication methods, assigned positions and roles.
  • Study the meta intricately leading up to tournaments. You must craft top tier strategies and comps.
  • Enter any open entry tournaments possible for experience competing in an organized setting before larger events.

Seeking out competitive tournaments tests your mettle and unlocks room for massive growth as a team. Get registered!

Tips for success in Pokemon Unite tournaments

Excel in tournaments by utilizing these tips:

  • Know tournament rulesets inside and out including restricted items, maps, Pokemon, and anything else prohibited. Never violate rules and risk disqualification.
  • Extensively scout opponents through their public history of games, VOD reviews, known strategies, and roster tendencies. Look for weaknesses to exploit.
  • Expand team champ pools with pocket counterpick options in case enemies reveal niche strategies you must adapt to.
  • Refine just 2-3 top team comps focused on your strengths rather than trying to master everything suboptimally. Better to be elite on a few comps than mediocre across many.
  • Reflect on scrims to adjust strategies and improve communication, coordination, and technical play. Scrims are where most growth happens.
  • Prioritize objective trading, counterengage, and counterstrikes rather than blind aggression. Methodically dismantle opponents.
  • Design multiple contingency game plans depending on how early stages develop. Adapt drafting and tactics based on enemy adjustments.
  • Stay focused, calm, and supportive within the team even in high pressure moments. Mentality influences gameplay.

With rigorous preparation and a championship mentality, your team can conquer the tournament brackets. Stay hungry and continue improving each event. The sky is the limit!


Attackers deal devastating damage from range. Here are the top tier picks:


With unmatched late game scaling damage, Cinderace dominates as the premier ranged carry. Master this fiery bunny with:

  • Enormous basic attack crit damage when passive Blaze is activated. Cinderace can shred even tanks.
  • Long range poke and waveclear with Pyro Ball. Scoop enemies together for combos.
  • Blaze Kick dashes through enemies while empowering next basic attack. Great mobility and burst.
  • Insane objective secure between Pyro Ball and Feint empowered attacks. Instantly erase objects.
  • One of the strongest scaling Unite Moves in the game – Pyro Meteor wipes teams.

Cinderace dominates late game teamfights through raw crit power. A menace if left unchecked!


Boasting insane burst potential, Decidueye deletes foes from fog of war. Unlock this owl’s strength with:

  • Massive execute damage on low health targets with Leaf Storm. 50% is enormous.
  • Spirit Shackle for long duration crowd control and solid damage. Locks down priority threats.
  • Excellent mobility between Shadow Sneak teleport and Soar speed boost. Ideal assassin baiting and escape.
  • Razor Leaf for wide area of effect damage to shred teams combined with Unite Move.
  • Sky high single target burst potential with unused attack Unite upgrades. Delete any squishy.

Decidueye brings unique long range lockdown and pick potential. Catch enemies unaware!



A swift hybrid assassin, Greninja dominates skirmishes with mixed damage. Harness the ninja with:

  • High skill cap kits rewards mechanical mastery. Dash cancels and resets enable highlight reel outplays.
  • Surf and Smokescreen provide excellent area control and escape. Juggle enemies cleverly.
  • Bubble into Water Shuriken deals strong mixed damage for last hitting and harass.
  • Water Spout Unite pierces terrain for long range sniping potential. Dash in and out for picks.
  • Strong objective secure through Smite and triple dash empowered attacks with Water Spout buff.

In skilled hands, Greninja devasates teamfights through sheer mobility and constant outmaneuvering. Embrace the challenge!


Sturdy frontliners that thrive in the fray. Here are the mighty Defenders:


A true juggernaut, Snorlax charges fearlessly into the thick of combat. Utilize this tank with:

  • Massive disruption potential through Heavy Slam and Block crowd control effects. Scatter enemies offensively or defensively.
  • High durability between hefty health pool, defenses, passive Unite healing, and considerable sustain from Flail. Withstand immense punishment.
  • Bodyslam offers surprising burst damage in an area around Snorlax and sets up combos off knockups.
  • Powerful laner that bullies melees with zoning tools. Shines late when teamfighting breaks out.

An unstoppable force in the mid to late game. Where Snorlax goes, victory often follows.


Locking down opponents with potent disruption, Slowbro dictates the flow of battle. Control the tide with:

  • Telekinesis offering game changing pick potential. Removing a carry from combat outright wins fights.
  • Surf shoves enemies while dealing hefty damage. Disengage or set up ambushes masterfully.
  • Scald burns nearby enemies, excellently zoning objectives or shutting down melees.
  • Reliable ranged basic attacks make Slowbro deceptively damaging if left alone to free fire.

Slowbro provides the tools to surgically dismantle enemy gameplans. Frustrate and divide any opposition.


Earthshaking initiation and area control cement Mamoswine as an engagement maestro. Lead the charge with:

  • High Horsepower crashes through enemies to start fights while stunning. Destructive engage.
  • Ice Fang drags faraway targets backward toward Mamoswine. Splits groups vulnerably.
  • Twin auto-attack enhanced slams following High Horsepower devastate grouped up enemies.
  • Ice spikes from Unite Move zone control objectives heavily. Freezes clump together.

Mamoswine’s seismic presence demands respect. Cleave through teams with relentless force and crowd control punishes.


Elusive disruptors specializing in flanking and picks. Here are the lethal Speedsters:


A ghostly assassin, Gengar’s explosive burst annihilates low health targets. Haunt enemies by:

  • Chasing with unparalleled mobility between jumps, Shadow Sneak teleport, and passive Phasing. Stick relentlessly until killed.
  • Dream Eater for both initiation and finisher burst potential. High damage secured by sleep.
  • Hex resets let Gengar dance between targets using boosted basic attacks.
  • Unite Move horrifically executes low HP foes. One of the most lethal executes in the game.

Gengar crushes isolated targets through sheer burst potential and chasing power. Leave no escape!


Zeraora weaves lightning fast mayhem through the backlines. Unleash this electric threat with:

  • Spark provides huge movement speed to dive the backlines and assassinate. Close gaps instantly.
  • Lunge teleports forward past the frontliners straight to the damage dealers in the back.
  • Discharge deals substantial area of effect damage, great for farming and teamfighting.
  • Wild Charge Unite tears across the whole enemy team. Ideally timed hitting clumped targets.

Zeraora’s explosive electrical speed collapses teams before they can even react. A true blur of destruction.


Ruthlessly ganking and isolating targets, Absol snowballs off early kills. Claim domination with:

  • Razor sharp basic attack damage that shreds anyone in range. Stack Attack Weight to amplify this.
  • Pursuit and Sucker Punch offer options to burst fleeing weak enemies. No escape!
  • Night Slash slows to cripple enemies attempting to disengage from you.
  • Unite Move swings teamfights massively with well-timed executes on low health carries.

Absol mercilessly hunts wounded targets across the map to build momentum. Cut them down before they can group up.


Selfless aides that empower the team. Here are impactful Supporters:


Protecting vulnerable allies from certain doom, Eldegoss enables team success through:

  • Cotton Guard shields and Leaf Tornado healing sustain teammates through immense punishment. Keep allies healthy.
  • Cotton Spore roots groups together for focused fire while Pollen Puff spreads healing allies. Coordinate combos off these disables.
  • Unite Move Cotton Cloud rains healing and disruption over a wide area. A defensive and offensive powerhouse.
  • Strong passive grants Eldegoss enhanced basic attack range. Poke safely while supporting.

Eldegoss’ selfless support shifts fights far in your favor. Near immortal allies demolish unprotected enemies.


Buffing allies beyond limits, Blissey enables her team to achieve their maximum potential via:

  • Healing allies and enhancing next attack through Helping Hand. Empowers dueling and all-ins tremendously.
  • Soft-Boiled tosses an egg that heals substantially over time in an area. Clutch self or team save.
  • Egg Bomb discourages enemies from approaching objectives or lanes. Damage and pushback zone control.
  • Unite Move energizes nearby allies granting a huge power spike for teamfights.

Blissey’s peerless supportive power pumps up vulnerable allies to overwhelming levels of strength. An essential force multiplier.

Mr. Mime

Controlling the battlefield with walls and confusion, Mr. Mime outsmarts any adversaries through:

  • Confusion that forces enemies to walk away from Mime uncontrollably. Set up denies and ganks perfectly.
  • Barrier walls that block paths, disrupt channels, zone, and enable plays creatively.
  • Guard Swap teleports Mime and designated ally to each other’s spot. Clever repositioning tool.
  • Massive teamfight potential with Unite Move putting up walls while enlarging and copying Confusion. Chaos!

Mr. Mime’s cerebral playmaking ability concocts winning opportunities from thin air. Think outside the box with this maddening mime!

Early Game Team Compositions

The opening stages demand strong laners and jungle control. Effective early game comps include:

Lucario, Greninja, Cinderace, Eldegoss, Snorlax

  • Lucario dominates top lane through sustain, mobility, and all-in threat. Hard to push out.
  • Greninja speeds up jungle clear with ranged last hitting then threatens early ganks with mobility.
  • Cinderace secures objectives like Drednaw with Feint execute damage when spawning.
  • Eldegoss patching up early poke damage and enabling aggressive Lucario fights with Cotton Guard shielding.
  • Snorlax charges in with heavy disruption for early fights over bees and buffs.

This composition excels in skirmishes and controlling the map early on. Great all around capabilities.

Machamp, Talonflame, Pikachu, Blissey, Slowbro

  • Machamp outpaces most top laners with heavy damage and sustain. Bullies melee matchups.
  • Talonflame quickly farms jungle then rotates to surprise gank overextended enemies with Fly ambushes.
  • Pikachu continually harasses bot lane with long range poke damage from Thunderbolt volleys. Wears down enemies.
  • Blissey sustains Machamp in longer top lane brawls with Helping Hand healing and empowered attacks.
  • Slowbro threatens Telekinesis picks on bot lane and can secure early Drednaw with Unite Move.

This well-rounded composition dominates the laning phase and converts it into major objective control.

Gengar, Zeraora, Decidueye, Mr. Mime, Crustle

  • Gengar bounces between jungle and lane ganks with unrivaled early mobility and burst on overextended targets.
  • Zeraora zooms bot lane for surprise drive-by last hits with Spark to build huge early lead.
  • Decidueye secures objectives from fog of war with Spirit Shackle and snipes low enemies fleeing fights.
  • Mr. Mime sets up early kills with Confusion onto disabled targets and Barrier walls to trap enemies.
  • Crustle claims bottom lane exp quickly then provides vision and defense for risky early invading plays.

This setup prioritizes snowballing the early game by forcing skirmishes and improperly positioned enemies. High aggression and tempo.

Mid Game Team Compositions

The mid game is about map control and securing Drednaw. Strong mid game comps include:

Lucario, Greninja, Dragonite, Blissey, Mamoswine

  • Lucario rotates quickly using Extreme Speed to crush mid game fights away from lanes. Spikes massively off kills.
  • Greninja helps shred objectives while threatening picks with Bubble into Smokescreen combos on priority targets.
  • Dragonite overwhelms mid game fights through raw stats and ranged damage between Hyper Beam and basic attacks.
  • Blissey enables winning fights through Helping Hand attack buffs and Soft-Boiled emergency healing.
  • Mamoswine claims every Drednaw with disruptive High Horsepower to scatter enemies for secure damage dealers.

This team dominates the mid game through superior teamfighting around major objectives. Win decisively in the pit.

Cinderace, Absol, Aegislash, Eldegoss, Snorlax

  • Cinderace incinerates opposition players and objectives like Drednaw through scaling Pyro Ball damage and attack speed steroid.
  • Absol picks off isolated squishy targets with Pursuit and Sucker Punch burst combos. Removes threats before fights.
  • Aegislash tanks with Shield Stance then delivers massive damage in Blade Stance switching off. Adaptable frontline.
  • Eldegoss sustains poke damage and shields allies diving the backlines to assassinate priority damage dealers.
  • Snorlax disrupts clumped enemies with Heavy Slam into Bodyslam combos. Sets up Aegislash to cleave or Cinderace Pyro Balls.

This team systematically dismantles enemies through ideal target selection and layered crowd control into massive damage. Surgical picks into teamfight dominance.

Talonflame, Venusaur, Pikachu, Mr. Mime, Blastoise

  • Talonflame shoehorns enemies grouped for objectives with Fly crowd control combos. Isolates targets.
  • Venusaur chunks grouped enemies on objectives with Sludge Bomb and Petal Dance while sustaining eternally.
  • Pikachu provides continuous ranged damage poking from maximum range before unloading burst potential on vulnerable enemies.
  • Mr. Mime confuses enemies already reeling from displacement so the damage dealers secure kills.
  • Blastoise forcibly separates low health targets with Surf and Hydro Pump. Prevents disengage and escape.

This composition overwhelms enemies pinned against objectives like Drednaw with relentless layered area of effect damage and crowd control. Utter deletion potential.

Late Game Team Compositions

Closing out the match requires winning Zapdos fights and scoring. Ideal late game comps include:

Charizard, Cinderace, Lucario, Blissey, Crustle

  • Charizard secures Zapdos with seismic Slash damage and zone control through Fire Spin. Also dashes in scoring goals.
  • Cinderace deletes low health Zapdos threats like Crustle trying to Smite steal with Feint execute damage.
  • Lucario picks off enemies trying to contest isolated with Power-Up Punch into Extreme Speed burst and chase potential.
  • Blissey energizes scoring with Unite Move attack speed boost. Heals diving allies.
  • Crustle cuts off chasing enemies with Stealth Rock and X-Scissor to buy time setting up goals. Can also mask scores with Shell Smash stealth.

This well-rounded comp shines securing Zapdos through raw power then overwhelm enemies securing exposed goals before they can react.

Gardevoir, Decidueye, Garchomp, Eldegoss, Slowbro

  • Gardevoir obliterates grouped enemies in Zapdos pit with Moonblast into Psychic combo. Also bursts down goals.
  • Decidueye executes Smite steal attempts from outside vision range with Spirit Shackle and Razor Leaf poke.
  • Garchomp shreds goals with Dragon Rush damage reduction tankiness and passive healing between scores.
  • Eldegoss sustains poke pre-Zapdos and keeps diving allies healthy with Cotton Guard shields and Cotton Cloud healing.
  • Slowbro denies enemy engages with Surf and Telekinesis pick potential. Locks down critical threats.

Punishing enemy mistakes around Zapdos and surgically preventing comeback attempts through vision control and denial underpins this composition. Masterfully closes out games.

Gengar, Zeraora, Greninja, Wigglytuff, Snorlax

  • Gengar systematically executes low health targets trying to defend goals with Dream Eater and Unite Move. Resets to chase down multiple.
  • Zeraora blitzes undefended side lane goals with Wild Charge and Spark movespeed before enemies can respond.
  • Greninja dashes in for rapid scores then uses Smokescreen to hide escape and cooldown reset potential.
  • Wigglytuff denies enemy engages with Sing into Rollout disruption. Pushes enemies away from goals.
  • Snorlax zones chasing enemies away with Heavy Slam disruption after scores. His bulk stalls counterattacks.

Perfect for aggressively overwhelming the map post-Zapdos through raw movement speed and evasive scoring while preventing enemies from responding in time. Chaotic and oppressive.

The Future of Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite continues evolving at a rapid pace. Here is what the future may hold:

  • Expect a constant stream of new Pokemon added over time, keeping rosters and strategies fresh.
  • New maps could arise offering different strategies, like three lane variants seen in other MOBAs.
  • Interesting limited time modes may get introduced for variety, like capture the flag or PVE co-op.
  • The esports scene will expand with more high profile tournaments, fueling competition.
  • More ways to customize Pokemon with new held items, emblems, skins, and holowear coming regularly.
  • Quality of life improvements and balance changes will continue smoothing gameplay.
  • With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launching this year, related crossover content seems very likely.

Pokemon Unite has great foundations but much still lies ahead. The future looks bright as the game keeps evolving!

Tips for New Players

If just starting out in Pokemon Unite, here are some tips:

  • Complete the tutorial and practice matches fully to grasp fundamentals first. No need to rush.
  • Stick to simpler Pokemon like Snorlax while learning. Avoid high skill cap options early.
  • Focus on improving core mechanics like farming, map awareness, objective coordination, and teamfighting.
  • Don’t worry about ranked yet. Take time learning the game in standard matches first.
  • Find some friends around your skill level to play with. Much easier to learn together.
  • Mute toxic players immediately. Don’t let them ruin your experience.

Take the time to properly learn the basics and Pokemon Unite will greatly reward your dedication!

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