Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: The Complete Guide for Beginners and Advanced Players

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for mobile devices. Developed and published by Moonton, it was first released in 2016 and is now available for free download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 MOBA game where two teams battle it out to destroy the enemy’s base. Just like other games in the MOBA genre like League of Legends and Dota 2, players control individual characters called “heroes” with unique abilities.

The aim of the game is to work with your team to push through the three lanes on the map, destroy the enemy turrets and inhibitors, and eventually demolish their base. Matches usually last around 15-20 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced 5v5 team battles
  • Intuitive virtual joystick controls optimized for mobile
  • Over 100 unique heroes to choose from
  • Regular updates adding new heroes, skins, and features
  • Multiple game modes including ranked, classic, and special modes
  • Item shop to upgrade your hero’s abilities during matches
  • Convenient matchmaking and social systems

With over 1 billion downloads globally, Mobile Legends has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Here are some of the key reasons behind its massive success:

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

One of the reasons Mobile Legends appeals to casual and hardcore gamers alike is that it’s easy to pick up and play, but has incredible depth for those looking to master it. The controls are simple and intuitive, and matches are short enough that you can play a few rounds in your free time.

However, there are tons of strategies, combos, and techniques to learn if you want to climb the ranked ladder. The high skill ceiling gives the game longevity even for the most dedicated players.

Exciting and Fast-Paced Gameplay

The action in Mobile Legends is constant. Matches feature nonstop 5v5 team fights, ganks, chases, and objectives that keep you on your toes. The average match length being 15-20 minutes also means you get right into heart-pumping action without any lulls.

Diverse Heroes and Strategies

With over 100 unique heroes in Mobile Legends, you have an enormous selection of characters with varied abilities and playstyles. Ranged marksmen, powerful mages, unkillable tanks, stealthy assassins, and more – you’ll never get bored finding a hero that suits you.

You also get to counter enemies and synergize with allies by creating team compositions. The game is constantly changing thanks to regular hero releases and rebalancing updates.

Vibrant Competitive Community

Mobile Legends features multiple tiers and divisions for ranked play, along with special modes and in-game events. There are also professional teams, tournaments, and a robust esports scene. The competitive environment breeds dedication among hardcore players.

Regular Content Updates

Moonton frequently rolls out updates for Mobile Legends adding new heroes, skins, game modes, and quality-of-life changes. This keeps the game feeling fresh for both new and seasoned players alike. No update is bigger than the recent ‘Project NEXT’ overhaul bringing graphics improvements, balance changes, and more.

With its accessibility, depth, fast pacing, and lively community, it’s easy to see why Mobile Legends is arguably the king of mobile MOBAs. The game continues to go from strength to strength as Moonton refines the formula and expands the content.


Mobile Legends features classic MOBA gameplay centered around 5v5 team battles. Here’s an overview of how the game works, the different modes available, and some tips for new players.

How to Play Mobile Legends

The core gameplay loop of Mobile Legends revolves around destroying the enemy base by teaming up with 4 other players. Here are the basics:

Mobile Legends heros

Choose a Hero

  • There are over 100 heroes in Mobile Legends, categorized as Fighters, Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, Supports and Tanks.
  • Each hero has 4 unique abilities, plus a passive skill. You need to understand your hero’s strengths and role.
  • Try out different heroes to find one whose playstyle suits you. Heroes are rotated weekly for free.

Destroy the Enemy Base

  • Two teams of 5 face off on a three lane map. Creeps spawn and march down the lanes periodically.
  • To win, you need to push past towers, destroy inhibitors, and demolish the enemy’s base.
  • Work with your team to ambush enemies, push lanes, and take objectives like Lord and Turtle.

Work With Your Team

  • Communication and teamwork are essential to victory. Help each other secure kills, avoid deaths, and reach objectives.
  • Adjust your item builds to counter enemy heroes. Support allies with heals, shields, and boosts.
  • Use the in-game chat and pings to plan ganks, warn of dangers, or signal attack/retreat.

Earn Gold and XP

  • Last hit enemy creeps and heroes to earn gold. Destroying objectives also gives gold. Use gold to buy items and gear up.
  • Earning XP through kills, creeps, etc allows you to level up abilities and become stronger.

That covers the absolute fundamentals – choose a hero, cooperate with your team, slay enemies and creeps to get fed, destroy towers and push to win. But there’s more nuance and strategy beyond that…

Different Game Modes

Mobile Legends offers a variety of game modes to suit your mood.

Classic Mode

  • The standard 5v5 3 lane MOBA format. First team to destroy the enemy base wins.
  • Quick to find a match. Ideal for casual gaming or testing heroes/builds.

Ranked Mode

  • Competitive mode featuring draft picks and ranked tiers/divisions.
  • Higher intensity matches. Good for more serious players looking to climb ranks.
  • Draft pick allows counter-picking heroes and planning team comps.

Brawl Mode

  • Special mode with unique rules and mechanics.
  • More casual and fun – lets you try crazy new hero builds.
  • Rotates between different popular variants like Mirror Battle, Brawl Ball, etc.

Custom Mode

  • Create custom matches and tweak the rules how you see fit.
  • Invite friends for fun custom 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 battles.
  • Good for hosting private tournaments or community events.

There are also special limited time modes added occasionally like URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) and Survival: Evoground. This variety keeps gameplay feeling fresh.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re just starting out in Mobile Legends, here are some tips to quickly grasp the basics:

Learn the Fundamentals First

  • Stick to 1 or 2 easy heroes like Layla, Miya, Eudora or Zilong initially. Get familiar with laning, skills, etc.
  • Learn how to last hit minions properly to earn gold. Don’t push lanes recklessly.
  • Focus on not dying before getting kills. Surviving and farming is better than reckless fights.

Find Your Playstyle

  • Do you prefer ranged damage dealers? Tanky initiators? Mobile assassins? Healing supports?
  • Try both mage and physical damage heroes to understand their strengths.
  • Identify the heroes and roles best suited to your gameplay preferences. This will help you excel.

Analyze Matches and Learn Builds

  • Read hero skill descriptions carefully to optimize builds. See which work well together.
  • Review after matches to see what went right/wrong. Learn from victories and losses alike.
  • Follow builds from high ranked players until you’re skilled enough to experiment.

Play With Friends

  • Playing solo can be challenging. Having even one trusted ally improves coordination tremendously.
  • Ask experienced friends for advice. Their guidance will help you progress faster.
  • Eventually try Ranked Matches as a coordinated duo or trio for best results.

Mastering a MOBA takes time, but follow these tips and you’ll be controlling your lane like a pro before you know it. Focus on improving a bit each match and you’ll climb up the tiers in no time. Most importantly, have fun!


With over 100 unique heroes in Mobile Legends, there is an enormous amount of variety in terms of playstyle, role, and complexity. Here’s an overview of the main hero categories, how to select the right hero for you, and some of the most popular hero picks.

Different Types of Heroes

Heroes in Mobile Legends are categorized into six main roles:


  • Extremely durable heroes that can absorb tons of damage
  • Initiators that lead the charge into teamfights
  • Disrupt enemies with crowd control skills like stuns, knockups, etc
  • Examples: Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Atlas, Tigreal


  • Versatile semi-tanks that excel at brawling
  • Deal sustained melee damage while being tankier than pure damage dealers
  • Examples: Chou, Lapu-Lapu, Silvanna, Yu Zhong


  • Specialize in ambushing vulnerable enemies
  • Extremely high burst damage and mobility
  • Can quickly strike and take out targets
  • Examples: Gusion, Selena, Lancelot, Hayabusa


  • Ranged magic damage dealers
  • Powerful spells and area-of-effect attacks
  • Usually fragile without escapes
  • Examples: Pharsa, Valir, Cecilion, Lunox


  • Ranged physical damage dealers
  • Attack speed and critical chance reliant
  • Continuous high DPS from a safe distance
  • Examples: Miya, Layla, Claude, Beatrix


  • Heroes with heals, shields, and utility for allies
  • Boost team strength rather than directly dealing damage
  • Some can also amplify damage
  • Examples: Angela, Estes, Rafaela, Mathilda

How to Choose a Hero

With so many options, choose a hero based on your playstyle and team composition:

Consider Your Playstyle

  • New players should pick simple heroes like Layla and Zilong
  • Choose assassins like Fanny and Hayabusa for technical styles
  • Tanks like Tigreal if you prefer initiating teamfights
  • Marksmen like Beatrix if you have great positioning
  • Supports like Rafaela if you enjoy helping teammates

Think About Team Composition

  • Have at least one tank, marksman, mage, etc for a balanced team
  • Pick heroes that synergize well with allies
  • Counter the enemy team’s heroes if possible

Read the Hero’s Skills

  • Carefully review the hero’s passive, skills, cooldowns, etc
  • Assess if you understand their playstyle and can utilize them
  • See if you have heroes that counter them

With so many factors to consider, try out different heroes until you find one truly suited to you. Having a diverse pool is also beneficial.

These are some of the most common and powerful hero picks in Mobile Legends right now:


  • Extremely mobile assassin with deadly combos
  • High skill cap but can instantly delete squishy heroes
  • Banned frequently in ranked so mastering him is rewarding


  • New overpowered meta hero
  • Incredible mobility to jump walls and evade attacks
  • Can wipe teams rapidly with area-of-effect (AoE) skills


  • One of the hardest heroes to master
  • Zips around constantly on cables with immense outplay potential
  • Requires quick fingers and map awareness


  • Magician assassin that deals rapid burst damage
  • Hard to lock down between blinks, teleports, and shields


  • Legendary ninja assassin
  • Deals single target and AoE damage
  • Ultimate allows escaping sticky situations
  • Needs good aim on shurikens to maximize damage

There are many other strong and popular picks like Lancelot, Silvanna, Beatrix, etc that have their own unique playstyles. Finding the right heroes that you genuinely enjoy playing as is key.


Items are a vital part of succeeding in Mobile Legends. Here is an introduction to the in-game item system – different types of items, how to build them effectively, and strategies around gearing up your hero.

Mobile Legends items

What are Items?

Items are equipable objects that can be purchased from the in-match shop menu using gold earned by killing creeps, heroes, and objectives. They give your hero improved stats and new bonuses.

  • Over 200 items in the game, categorized by function
  • Buy items to strengthen offense, defense, utility depending on needs
  • Six item slots, plus boots – plan full builds ahead of time

Proper itemization is crucial because even a fed hero can be countered by the right defensive gear. Look to build items synergizing with your hero and counter the enemy.

Different Types of Items

Items are divided into offense, defense, support (utility) and movement categories. Here are some examples:

Offensive Items

  • Provide damage, critical chance, attack speed, etc.
  • Blade of Despair – raw physical damage
  • Feather of Heaven – magical damage
  • Demon Hunter Sword – percent health damage

Defensive Items

  • Give health, magic/physical defense, shields, etc.
  • Athena’s Shield – magic defense
  • Antique Cuirass – physical defense
  • Immortality – revive effect

Utility Items

  • Offer cooldown reduction, lifesteal, mana regeneration, etc.
  • Ice Queen Wand – slowing effect
  • Dominance Ice – cooldown reduction
  • Dreadnought Armor – armor and health regen

Movement Items

  • Rapid Boots – out of combat speed boost
  • Windtalker – increased movement and attack speed

How to Build Items

Optimizing builds involves understanding your win conditions and how to counter enemies:

Consider Your Hero’s Role

  • Tanks want defense – prioritize health and resistances
  • Mages need magic power so buy items like Divine Glaive
  • Marksmen require crit chance/attack speed – Berserker’s Fury

Counter Enemy Heroes

  • Armor against physical damage heroes like Zilong
  • Magic resist against mages like Pharsa
  • Necklace of Durance against healers like Estes

Synergize With Allies

  • Boost allies as a support with items like Fleeting Time
  • Amp damage for your marksman with Ice Queen Wand

Adapt Mid-Match

  • See which opponents are becoming fed and counter them
  • Shift gears from damage to defense if falling behind

Learning how items interact with heroes, allies and enemies is key. You can create multiple preset builds and adapt as the situation demands.


One of Mobile Legends’ most popular features is its wide range of skins that provide cosmetic changes and upgrades to heroes. Read on for an overview of the various skin types, rarity levels, how to obtain them, and strategies around collecting skins.

Mobile Legends skins

What are Skins?

Skins allow you to customize the appearance of heroes with new models, effects, animations, voices, and more. They are cosmetic only and do not affect gameplay.

  • Change how both you and others see your hero
  • Let you stand out and express yourself
  • 500+ skins in game across all heroes
  • Rarity indicates value from common to mythical

Different Types of Skins

There are 5 main skin tiers in Mobile Legends indicating rarity:

Basic Skins

  • Default skin every hero has
  • Simple recolors and minor model changes
  • Common tier – easy to obtain from hero fragments

Elite Skins

  • New model, textures, effects, etc
  • Improves on default skin significantly
  • Rare tier – available in skin shops

Special Skins

  • Completely revamped model and theme
  • Unique skill effects and animations
  • Shows mastery of that hero
  • Epic tier – harder to acquire and expensive

Epic Skins

  • Premium-quality model changes and VFX
  • Custom theme music and voice-overs
  • Mythic tier – very difficult to obtain

Legendary Skins

  • Highest tier skins in the game
  • Drastic transformation with new models, animations, SFX
  • Introduces brand new lore for heroes
  • Mythical tier – extremely rare and valuable

How to Get Skins

There are various ways to acquire skins:

Purchase with Diamonds

  • Buy them directly from the skins shop
  • Higher tiers cost more diamonds
  • Can unlock some from Premium subscription

Events and Giveaways

  • Earn from skin events through draws and tasks
  • Giveaways on livestreams and social media
  • Login rewards also offer free skins

Fragment Shop

  • Trade hero fragments earned from duplicates to buy specific skins
  • Only some basic skins available this way

Lucky Treasure and Spin Wheels

  • Try your luck on treasure/wheel spins
  • Chance to win epic/legendary skins and other loot

Ranked Rewards

  • Receive a special skin at end of season for reaching certain ranks

Dedicating time to daily quests, events, etc can help expand your skin collection. Getting rare skins shows off your devotion and skill with a hero!

Competitive Scene

Beyond casual play, Mobile Legends has a thriving professional esports scene featuring teams sponsored by major organizations. Here’s an overview of the championships, tournaments, top teams, and star players that comprise the competitive landscape.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL)

The MPL is Moonton’s official global league for Mobile Legends esports. It is divided into regional leagues across SEA, NA, and more.

  • 10 week regular season of matches per split
  • Top teams advance to playoffs and finals
  • Hundreds of thousands in prize money each season
  • Feeds into the world championship

MPL showcases the highest level of competitive Mobile Legends, with pros displaying immaculate teamwork, mechanics, and strategies.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M3)

The iconic M3 World Championship is held annually to determine the top Mobile Legends team on the planet.

  • 16 teams compete from regional leagues
  • Record-breaking prize pool of $800,000
  • Watched by millions of fans globally
  • Most recent M3 crowned Indonesian team RRQ Hoshi

The world championship features unforgettable moments and cements players as legends. Every pro aims to qualify for a shot at the M3 crown.

Other Major Tournaments

Aside from MPL and M3, Moonton and third parties organize various other competitive events.

  • M1 and M2 World Championships: Early editions of the world finals
  • MSC: Mid-season championships between top regional teams
  • All-Star Games: For-fun events featuring fan voted pros
  • Campus Championships: Tournament series for college teams
  • Exhibition Matches: Special crossover matches between top teams

These tournaments allow more opportunities for pro teams to shine and grow their fanbase.

Some of the standout pro teams and players currently include:

Blacklist International

  • Arguably the best team right now
  • Won back-to-back M3 world championships
  • Led by superstar jungler “Wise”

Bren Esports

  • Filipino fan-favorites
  • Excel at teamfights and adaptation
  • Feature legendary marksman Ribo

RRQ Hoshi

  • Indonesian champions of M3 2021
  • Aggressive early game and skirmishing
  • Star player Lemon is a masterful mage

EVOS Legends

  • Leading Vietnamese representatives
  • Unpredictable drafts and strategies
  • Led by CDC prodigy and mid laner Giaj

Falcon Esports

  • Myanmar’s top dogs
  • Great at playing from behind
  • Jungler Unite instrumental in their success

There are many other talented teams and players that make the Mobile Legends scene so competitive and exciting to follow!

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Players

Once you have a solid grasp of Mobile Legends fundamentals, here are some more in-depth tips and techniques to refine your skills and start dominating like the pros:

Master Your Hero

Playing one hero extensively lets you exploit every advantage and outplay enemies through sheer experience.

  • Know your damage combos and power spikes perfectly
  • Maximize usage of skills and cooldowns
  • Learn every match-up to win lane
  • Be unpredictable by utilizing lesser-known tricks

Choose a high skill cap hero you enjoy that can carry if mastered. For example, optimizing Fanny’s cable usage lets you fly all over the map unfettered. Mastering Selena’s arrows can completely zone enemies.

Learn the Map Intimately

MOBAs are games of inches where map knowledge is key.

  • Memorize jungle camp positions to optimize farming routes
  • Understand ganking paths and ambush spots for teamfights
  • Learn minion wave control techniques like freezing
  • Use vision hacks by abusing grass and line of sight

Practice in Custom Mode to internalize the map. Having superior awareness and positioning converts to tangible advantages.

Communicate and Work With Your Team

MOBAs are team games – collaboration is mandatory at higher tiers.

  • Use map pings extensively to signal intentions
  • Provide reminders of objectives, dangers, enemy positions, etc
  • Build team synergy through shot calling and planning
  • Keep morale high and prevent tilting during setbacks

Pay attention to allies’ builds, cooldowns, power spikes etc and play around them. Enable carries to pop off with good initiation and peeling.

Watch Professional Matches

Learn from the best – pro matches contain a treasure trove of high level ideas.

  • Study rotation timings, positioning, vision control
  • See how pros optimize farm, push waves, control objectives
  • Analyze team compositions and counter matchups
  • Note pro itemization adaptations mid-game

Reverse engineer their successful strategies into your own gameplay. Stay updated on the meta by following leagues.

Practice Consistently

Improving mechanically requires focused, mindful training.

  • Drill your combos and techniques in AI matches
  • Work on weaknesses specifically in Custom Mode
  • Review matches and identify areas needing improvement
  • Warm up properly before competitive matches

Measurable skill growth comes through regular, quality practice. Maintain motivation and stay hungry to climb ranks.

Implement these next level skills into your matches and watch your win rate skyrocket. But ultimately, remember to have fun in Mobile Legends – that’s what gaming is all about!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has cemented itself as one of the most popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, with over 1 billion downloads globally. While newcomers may be overwhelmed by its depth, there are great reasons why Mobile Legends is so beloved by casual and competitive players alike.

At its core, Mobile Legends delivers heart-pumping 5v5 action that is easy to pick up, yet hard to master. Matches distill the excitement of classic MOBAs into bite-sized 10-15 minute rounds perfect for mobile. With roles like mages, marksmen, tanks, and assassins, there is a hero for every playstyle. The vast selection of fighters, dazzling skills, and satisfying progression system keeps gameplay feeling fresh.

Beyond the basics, Mobile Legends really shines in its advanced modes, systems, and thriving esports ecosystem. Classic and ranked matches evolve your skills, while special modes like Brawl provide wackier fun. Elite tier competitive play rewards dedicated practice, and the Professional Leagues and World Championships highlight the peak of pro teamwork and strategy. Events, skins, and frequent updates give players, both new and old, reasons to keep coming back.

At the end of the day, Mobile Legends manages to bottle the rush of tightly contested teamplay, the delight of outmaneuvering opponents, and sense of achievement as you improve – all in quick, satisfying doses. That special sauce of a compelling competitive game fused seamlessly into mobile is why Mobile Legends will keep cementing its status as an online multiplayer juggernaut for years to come.

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