Pokemon Masters EX – Everything You Need to Know to Win

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play mobile game developed by DeNA for iOS and Android devices. The game was first released in August 2019 and has since gained immense popularity among Pokemon fans.

What is Pokemon Masters EX?

Pokemon Masters EX is a real-time battle game featuring characters and Pokemon from across the Pokemon universe. The game takes place on the artificial island of Pasio, where the Pokemon Masters League tournament is held. Players take on the role of a Pokemon trainer and aim to team up with famous trainers and their partner Pokemon to compete in 3-on-3 battles.

Pokemon Masters EX

The main appeal of Pokemon Masters EX is the ability to team up with iconic Pokemon trainers from past games and anime series. From series mascots like Red & Charizard to fan favorites like Cynthia & Garchomp, players can recruit dozens of sync pairs to their roster. The game features both single player and co-op multiplayer modes for players to test their skills.

What are the features of Pokemon Masters EX?

Some key features of Pokemon Masters EX include:

  • Real-time 3v3 battles: Take part in real-time battles using a team of 3 sync pairs. Strategize to defeat opponents.
  • Recruit famous sync pairs: Add iconic duos like Leon & Charizard to your roster. Collect sync pairs to strengthen your team.
  • Local and online co-op battles: Team up with friends or get matched with players around the world for co-op play.
  • Single player story mode: Play through the story to battle team leaders and earn rewards.
  • Strategic team building: Create teams with synergy by pairing trainers and Pokemon with bonuses.
  • Regular events: Special themed events featuring exclusive rewards occur frequently.

Why is Pokemon Masters EX so popular?

There are a few key reasons why Pokemon Masters EX has become such a popular mobile game:

  • Strong Pokemon brand appeal: The game capitalizes on the globally popular Pokemon franchise.
  • High quality visuals: The game features detailed 3D graphics and animations that look great.
  • Accessible gameplay: The battle system is easy to pick up yet has depth for advanced players.
  • Multiplayer integration: Co-op play adds replayability and social engagement.
  • Nostalgia factor: Playing as classic characters tickles the nostalgia bone for long-time fans.
  • Frequent updates: Regular events and new sync pairs keep the game feeling fresh.

With its strategic 3v3 battles, extensive roster of fan favorite characters, and real-time PvP, Pokemon Masters EX offers an addictive and polished gaming experience for Pokemon fans of all ages. Its nostalgic appeal and frequent updates help cement its position as one of the most popular mobile titles in the franchise.

Pokemon Masters EX features accessible yet strategic real-time battle gameplay. Here is an overview of how to play the game, the different battle formats, types of Pokemon, and how to progress your Pokemon teams.

How to play Pokemon Masters EX

The basic gameplay loop of Pokemon Masters EX involves:

  • Assembling a sync pair team
  • Participating in battles
  • Earning and upgrading sync pairs
  • Completing story modes and events

To start battling, players choose 3 sync pairs to form their team. Each sync pair consists of a Pokemon trainer and their partner Pokemon.

In battle, players use move cards to command their sync pairs. The goal is to defeat the opponent’s team by depleting their HP. Players can also trigger sync moves, which unleash powerful attacks. Defeating trainers earns experience to level up sync pairs.

The main single player mode features story chapters on Pasio island. Players battle team leaders to progress the story. The multiplayer mode allows 1-on-1 co-op battles.

Overall, the game distills the Pokemon battle experience into an accessible yet strategic mobile game.

What are the different types of battles in Pokemon Masters EX?

There are a few key battle formats in the game:

  • Story battles – Battle team leaders in the single player story mode.
  • Co-op battles – Team up with another player online and battle AI opponents.
  • Legendary Arena – Take on Legendary Pokemon with stat boosts and type advantages.
  • Champion Stadium – Challenge elite trainers with type-based themes.
  • Prestige Events – Special co-op events with unique rules and challenges.
  • Full Force Battles – Single player only battles against powered up opponents.

Each battle format provides different rewards and challenges. Story and co-op battles are the most accessible, while Champion Stadium and Legendary Arena require strategy and powered up sync pairs to overcome difficult opponents.

What are the different types of Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX?

Pokemon in the game fulfill different roles:

  • Strikers – Damage dealers that aim to knock out opponents. Example: Cynthia & Garchomp
  • Supports – Provide buffs, healing, and utility. Example: Skyla & Swanna
  • Tech – Utility Pokemon with unique effects. Example: Janine & Ariados

Teams need a balance of offense, defense, and utility to succeed. Pay attention to type advantages and team synergy when assembling your sync pair squads.

How to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX

To strengthen your Pokemon, you need to:

  • Earn experience – Battling grants EXP to level up sync pairs.
  • Upgrade moves – Use training machines to boost move levels.
  • Expand Sync Grid – Unlock grid tiles to gain bonuses. Requires Sync Orbs.
  • Equip gear – Gears add stat boosts and bonus effects.

In addition, promoting potential boosts max stats. Overall, improving moves, potential, and Sync Grid give the biggest improvements for battle performance.

How to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters EX

Unlike core Pokemon games, sync pairs in Pokemon Masters EX do not evolve. Their star rank indicates their strength instead:

  • 1-3 star – Easily obtainable from story mode.
  • 4-5 star – Stronger sync pairs that benefit from promotion and grid expansion.

To get sync pairs to higher potential and star ranking:

  • Acquire duplicates to increase potential and max level
  • Use promotion tickets to boost potential tiers
  • Complete Sync Grid using Sync Orbs
  • Upgrade level cap with Champion Spirits

Evolving and powering up sync pairs require patience and grinding. Focus on your favorites for the best results.

Pokemon Masters EX provides a streamlined yet strategic Pokemon battle experience. While accessible at first, mastering team building and tactics requires time invested. The game provides regular events, co-op modes, and endgame content for continued progression for both casual and hardcore players alike.


The expansive roster of iconic Pokemon trainers is a major highlight in Pokemon Masters EX. Here’s an overview of how to recruit, upgrade, and equip your sync pairs.

How to unlock characters in Pokemon Masters EX

There are several ways to add new sync pairs to your roster:

  • Scout sync pairs – Use gems or scout tickets to acquire random sync pairs from scout banners.
  • Complete story – Earn sync pairs like Misty and Brock through single player chapters.
  • Special events – Limited events grant sync pairs like N, Silver, and Jessie & James.
  • PokeFair banners – Featured limited banners with strong Pokemon like Red & Charizard.
  • Victory Road – Earn sync orbs to redeem strong pairs via Victory Road rewards.
  • Legendary Events – Defeat Legendary Pokemon to recruit them to your team.

With over 300 sync pairs available, collecting them all takes luck and investing in good scout banners.

What are the different types of characters in Pokemon Masters EX?

Sync pairs in Pokemon Masters EX fulfill different battle roles:


Strikers excel at dealing damage through standard attacks and sync moves. They aim to KO opponents quickly.

Examples: Red & Charizard, Cynthia & Garchomp, Olivia & Lycanroc


Supports provide utility through buffs, healing, stat boosts, and other effects. They enable strikers.

Examples: Skyla & Swanna, SS Blue & Blastoise, Sabrina & Alakazam


Tech sync pairs inflict status conditions, weather effects, stat penalties, and other tactical debuffs on foes.

Examples: Janine & Ariados, Clemont & Heliolisk, Burgh & Leavanny

Assembling a team with balance and synergy between these roles is key to success in difficult battles.

How to level up your characters in Pokemon Masters EX

To strengthen sync pairs, you need to increase their:

  • Level – Earn EXP through battles to increase level up to the current cap.
  • Potential – Potential tiers start at 1/5 up to 5/5. Increases max level.
  • Sync Move – Upgrade the sync move level with sync orbs. Strengthens sync damage.
  • Sync Grid – Unlock grid tiles with energy gained from sync orbs. Provides bonuses.
  • Gear – Equip gear for stat boosts and bonus effects. Upgrade gear to level 5.

Getting sync pairs to level 130+ with expanded grids and max gear is ideal for endgame content.

How to equip your characters in Pokemon Masters EX

Equipping gear gives significant stat boosts and bonus effects:

  • Gear types – Strike gear boosts Attack. Tech gear boosts Sp. Atk. Support gear boosts HP.
  • Gear rarity – Higher rarity gear starts with better bonuses. 5 star gear is ideal.
  • Level up – Upgrade gear to max level 5 to unlock all bonuses.
  • Unlock bonuses – Upgrade gear using gear coins to open up bonus nodes.

Try to obtain multiple copies of 5 star gear through events and scouts. Match gear type to the role of sync pairs for optimal boosts.

How to sync pair your characters in Pokemon Masters EX

Sync pairs are pairs of trainers and Pokemon with unique abilities:

  • Match trainers & Pokemon – Trainers only pair with their signature partner.
  • Role & Type – Pairs have set roles and types that work together.
  • Sync Moves – Special moves show off combo attacks between pairs.
  • Passives – Trainer abilities boost the whole team in unique ways.
  • Sync Grid – Bonus grid tiles enhance the strengths of the duo.

Sync pairs are designed to synergize together. Building teams that bring out the full potential of both trainer and Pokemon is key to success.

With hundreds of sync pairs to collect, each with their own signature styles and strengths, Pokemon Masters EX allows you to create countless team combinations. Strategic team building and upgrading your favorites is vital to tackle the toughest battles.


Assembling the right mix of sync pairs into effective teams is crucial for success in Pokemon Masters EX. Here are tips on managing your teams, leaders, and team slots.

How to create a team in Pokemon Masters EX

Follow these tips when creating a battle team:

  • Include 1-2 Strikers – Strikers are your main damage dealers.
  • Add Support sync pairs – Supports enable Strikers through buffs, healing, etc.
  • Consider a Tech – Techs provide tactical debuffs against opponents.
  • Mix and match roles – Balance different roles to cover weaknesses.
  • Vary types – Ensure type coverage against potential counters.
  • Note effects – Check Passives, Sync Grids, Gears for useful bonuses.
  • Check stages – Counter the stage’s specific challenges.

Take your time editing and testing teams to find combinations that work.

What are the different types of teams in Pokemon Masters EX?

There are a few major team archetypes:

  • Strike teams – Focused on dealing big damage quickly. Example: Red, Cynthia, Olivia.
  • Weather teams – Boost damage of certain types via weather. Example: Rain dance, sun boosts.
  • Status teams – Inflict special conditions on foes. Example: Poison, trap, flinch.
  • Stall teams – Drag out battles using healing and buffs. Example: Supports like Skyla.
  • Type-based – Boost a specific type. Example: Fire, water, dragon teams.
  • Sync nuke – Max sync move damage for single target KO’s. Requires setup.

Mix and match different strategies to cover any battle situation.

How to manage your team in Pokemon Masters EX

Managing teams allows quick swapping for events and battles:

  • Name teams – Use descriptive names to identify team strategies.
  • Set default – Choose a default team for normal gameplay.
  • Organize slots – Keep relevant teams in your active slots.
  • Lock slots – Lock slots to avoid accidental changes.
  • Change on the fly – Edit teams right before battles if needed.

Staying organized helps you swap teams and adapt your strategy as required.

How to change your team leader in Pokemon Masters EX

During team selection:

  • Tap any member – Tap a sync pair to make them the new leader.
  • Consider bonuses – Some Leader Skills only activate from the 1st slot.
  • Swap strikers – Change Striker as needed for type advantage.

Your team leader provides Leader Skills so choose them based on the bonuses you need.

How to delete a team in Pokemon Masters EX

To delete an unwanted team:

  • Go to team slots – Tap the Teams button from the Poryphone.
  • Edit team – Select the team you want to delete.
  • Choose Disband – Tap the Disband button.
  • Confirm deletion – Tap Yes to permanently delete the team.

Deleting teams clears up team slots if you’ve maxed out. Remove unused teams to make space.

Careful team management is vital for optimizing your roster of sync pairs. Making the effort to create specialized teams for each battle situation will give you a tactical edge.


Pokemon Masters EX regularly introduces new events and challenges. Here’s an overview of the event types, how to participate, and strategies to maximize event rewards.

What are the different types of events in Pokemon Masters EX?

The game features rotating events on weekly and monthly schedules:

  • Story events – Limited events continuing the main story.
  • Legendary events – Battles against Legendary Pokemon.
  • Prestige events – Special co-op battles.
  • Training events – Provide training items and level up manuals.
  • Gear events – Obtain event-exclusive gear.
  • Exchange events – Earn vouchers to exchange for items.
  • Log-in bonuses – Special log-in gifts for events.

Events keep the game feeling fresh with new battles and rewards.

How to participate in events in Pokemon Masters EX

To optimize events:

  • Log in daily – Don’t miss limited daily bonuses.
  • Assess challenges – Review rules, stages, and opponents.
  • Set goals – Aim for specific reward tiers.
  • Build teams – Tailor teams for the event type and foes.
  • Use boosts – Equip appropriate type skill boosts.
  • Co-op when possible – Take advantage of co-op multiplier bonuses.
  • Claim milestones – Remember to collect all milestone rewards before the event ends.

Checking event details helps maximize your effort for the limited time they’re active.

What are the rewards for completing events in Pokemon Masters EX?

Event rewards include:

  • Gems – The premium currency. Save for scouts.
  • Sync orbs – Upgrade Sync Grids.
  • Level up manuals – Quickly max level sync pairs.
  • Star-up items – Promote potential.
  • Gears – Useful gear not obtainable otherwise.
  • Power-ups – Aid training like scrolls and tarts.
  • Sync pairs – New sync pairs from story events.

The variety of valuable limited rewards make events well worth the effort to complete.

How to get the best rewards from events in Pokemon Masters EX

A few tips:

  • Complete all difficulties – Play on Very Hard when possible for max rewards.
  • Use bonus sync pairs – Check details for bonus sync pairs that boost event item drops.
  • Replay past tiers – Farm previous stages for event currencies.
  • Log in daily – Don’t miss daily log-in bonuses.
  • Co-op when possible – Take advantage of co-op multiplier bonuses.

Maximizing event participation through replays and using bonuses results in the best exchange for your time.

How to stay up-to-date on the latest events in Pokemon Masters EX

Some methods to follow upcoming events include:

  • In-game notices – Check the Notice Board for news on upcoming events.
  • Official social media – Follow their Twitter, Facebook for event teasers and details.
  • Content creators – YouTube and Twitch streamers may preview future events.
  • Online databases – Sites like Serebii provide future event schedules.
  • Reddit – The PMEX subreddit shares event hype and info.

Staying updated on what events are coming helps plan gem saving and team preparation for success.

With substantial rewards up for grabs, events are the best avenues for progression in Pokemon Masters EX. Making time to fully participate, especially in limited Legendary and story events, is key to powering up your sync pairs and advancing further.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Pokemon Masters EX requires learning various tips and strategies. Here are some key things to know ranging from getting started to endgame tactics.

How to get started in Pokemon Masters EX

For new players, focus on:

  • Complete story mode – Unlocks sync pairs, items, and game features.
  • Strengthen story pairs – Upgrade starters like Rosa and Barry first.
  • Pull selectively – Save gems for limited PokeFair banners with strong sync pairs.
  • Complete events – Participate in every event for gems and limited rewards.
  • Join co-op – Unlock co-op early to multiply event rewards.
  • Upgrade gears – Obtain gear for major stat boosts.

Follow the story, strengthen free characters, and save to build a solid roster for the endgame.

How to progress quickly in Pokemon Masters EX

To accelerate your progression:

  • Replay training events – Max level pairs and earn potential tickets.
  • Auto battle Supercourses – Farm upgrade resources on auto repeat.
  • Exchange energy daily – Convert stamina coins to replay battles.
  • Use skip tickets – Skip battles to spend stamina faster.
  • Co-op sync orbs – Earn Sync orbs quickly through co-op.
  • Unlock Boosts – Level up Sync Grids to boost sync moves.

Work smart by utilizing replays, converters, and co-op multiplier bonuses to maximize growth.

How to build a strong team in Pokemon Masters EX

Team building tips:

  • Scout strategically – Save gems for strong limited sync pairs.
  • Mix roles – Have strikers, supports, and techs.
  • Build Sync Grids – Unlock offensive and defensive bonuses.
  • Upgrade gears – Equip 5* gear and unlock gear bonuses.
  • Max potential – Increase potential and level caps.
  • Max levels – Take key pairs to level 130+.

Getting multiples of strong sync pairs to high potential is key for assembling endgame-viable teams.

How to defeat difficult opponents in Pokemon Masters EX

For challenging fights:

  • Review stage info – Check opponent weaknesses, gimmicks, and tactics.
  • Tailor your team – Change members to counter the stage.
  • Use type bonuses – Equip type skill boosts if possible.
  • Manage buffs – Time stat boosts to align with enemy weaknesses.
  • Heal when needed – Use potions or heals before HP gets too low.
  • Reset if struggling – Don’t be afraid to restart with an adjusted tactic.

Adapting your roster and battle tactics to counter each challenge is necessary late game.

How to get the most out of your Pokemon Masters EX experience

General tips for enjoyment:

  • Favorite over meta – Invest in pairs you personally like over just the strongest.
  • Vary your play – Switch between single player, co-op, and events.
  • Take breaks – Stamina limits play so don’t burn out.
  • Set goals – Work towards a target pair or milestone.
  • Interact online – Discuss strategies and share your accomplishments.
  • Have patience – Progress takes time as a free-to-play game.

Pokemon Masters EX is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the experience along the way.

Pokemon Masters EX has a surprising amount of depth once you dive into the meta. But don’t forget to have fun while you master its strategy. Following these tips will help you on the road towards becoming a true Pokemon Master.

With its robust roster of iconic characters, strategic real-time battles, and regular events, Pokemon Masters EX provides an addictive gameplay loop for Pokemon fans. If you’re new to the game or looking to improve, these tips will set you on the path to excellence.

What is the future of Pokemon Masters EX?

Pokemon Masters EX has strong potential for continued growth and new content. Here are some possible future additions:

  • New regions & characters – Tap into later generations with Galar, Unova, and Sinnoh sync pairs.
  • Mega Evolutions – Introduce fan favorite Mega Evolutions into battle.
  • New story chapters – Continue the story on Pasio with fresh narrative challenges.
  • Trading & PvP – Add social features like trading and real-time PvP battles.
  • More battle modes – Expand battle formats like Champions Arena, Gauntlet challenges.
  • Difficulty settings – Cater to veterans with higher challenge mode options.

With the Pokemon franchise continuing to expand, Pokemon Masters EX has plenty of room to grow and build upon its solid foundations.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Masters EX?

Pokemon Masters EX delivers a polished, strategic Pokemon battle experience:

  • Satisfying gameplay – The loop of growing your sync pairs and teams is highly addictive.
  • Great production value – Detailed 3D graphics, icons, music, and effects bring battles to life.
  • Ideal fit for mobile – Streamlined battles work perfectly on mobile.
  • Does Pokemon battles well – Real-time combat captures the essence of Pokemon strategically.
  • Respects the franchise – It leverages all generations and stays true to characters.
  • Regular new content – Frequent events, story updates, and sync pairs prevent burnout.

While the stamina system limits grind sessions, it remains enjoyable whether playing casually or seriously. Pokemon Masters EX is a must-try for franchise fans and stands out as one of the most well-executed Pokemon mobile adaptations to date.

Concluding Thoughts

Pokemon Masters EX leverages the globally beloved brand remarkably well. There’s immense satisfaction in collecting and growing iconic sync pairs and testing teams against challenging foes.

While the game has room to build upon its features and endgame, the current state provides a deep well of content for both casual and hardcore players. The strategy gameplay remains consistently engaging, while charming visuals and music enhance the experience.

For Pokemon lovers, Pokemon Masters EX is an easy recommendation to at least try, if not outright dive into. Especially for long-time fans, it tickles the nostalgia bone in the best possible way. Here’s hoping the game continues to improve and expand its offerings for years to come.

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