Goddess of Victory Nikke – Experience Epic Battles and Immersive Storytelling

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is an exciting new gacha RPG game developed and published by Victory Games. Set in a fantasy world on the brink of destruction, Nikke thrusts players into an epic fight for humanity’s survival.

At the heart of the game is Nikke, the eponymous Goddess of Victory. Nikke is a powerful warrior goddess who leads humanity’s final stand against a mysterious alien threat intent on wiping out all human life. As Nikke, players must recruit and command a force of elite warriors known as “Nikkes” to turn the tide of battle.

With its blend of strategic combat, extensive character collection, and gripping storyline, Goddess of Victory: Nikke provides gacha and RPG fans an addictive new experience. Stunning next-gen visuals and effects immerse players in a war for the very fate of humanity.

Why is Goddess of Victory: Nikke popular?

There are several key reasons why Goddess of Victory: Nikke has attracted a dedicated player base:

  • Satisfying combat: The game features challenging real-time battles that test players’ skill in commanding teams of unique Nikkes. Careful strategy is required to counter enemies and unlock each Nikke’s potential.
  • Gacha collection: Collecting and upgrading a roster of 50+ gorgeously designed Nikkes is an engaging long-term goal. Rates for top-tier characters are fair for a gacha game.
  • Great progression: There are always new gear, skills, modes, and story chapters to unlock, providing a constant drip-feed of meaningful upgrades.
  • Compelling story: Cutscenes and dialog bring Nikke’s war-torn world to life. The story expands greatly in later chapters, unveiling twists and raising the narrative stakes.
  • Multiplayer: Players can join guilds and clash against others in competitive PvP leagues for prestige and prizes.
  • Premium quality: From the stylish anime aesthetic to the sweeping musical score, Nikke clearly had a lavish production budget. Top-notch presentation values enhance the experience.

With its polished design and wealth of content, Goddess of Victory: Nikke has emerged as a gacha fan favorite and a benchmark for the genre.

Who are the developers and publishers of Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is developed and published by Victory Games, a relatively new but ambitious studio founded in 2019.

Based in Tokyo, Victory Games was established by a group of veteran developers led by CEO Haruki Yamada. Many previously worked at major Japanese game companies like Square Enix, Nintendo, and Bandai Namco.

According to Yamada, the team wanted to create a gacha RPG that delivered an exciting story and strategic gameplay in an eye-popping package. After a lengthy development process, Goddess of Victory: Nikke launched to critical and commercial success worldwide.

Published globally, Nikke represents Victory Games’ breakout hit. The company has promised continued long-term support for the game in the form of new story chapters, Nikkes, modes, and events.

What are the key features of Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Goddess of Victory: Nikke provides gacha fans an engrossing experience with these core features:

  • Gacha collection – The main appeal of Nikke lies in collecting a diverse array of 50+ anthropomorphized Nikkes, each representing abstract concepts like Victory, Honor, Joy, Fear, and more. Nikkes have unique designs, skills, and personalities.
  • Strategic battles – Plan wisely to defeat enemies in challenging turn-based battles. Combat has layers of depth that reward clever use of your Nikkes’ powers and team synergy. Later levels put tactics to the test.
  • Progression system – Upgrade your headquarters, Nikkes, gear, skills, and more to increase your battle rating. Progression is always rewarding.
  • Compelling story – Gorgeous cutscenes help unfold an epic story about Nikke rallying humanity against cosmic invaders. Lore expands as you meet more Nikkes.
  • PvP & Co-op – Battle other players in competitive PvP matches. Join guilds to cooperate in dungeon raids against colossal bosses.

With satisfying core gameplay loops and plenty of style, Goddess of Victory: Nikke engrosses players in an addictive gacha experience.



How does combat work in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Combat in Goddess of Victory: Nikke takes place in turn-based battles against invading enemies. You assemble a team of up to 6 Nikkes, then take turns against the enemy team. The goal is to defeat all enemies by wisely using your Nikkes’ abilities and tactics.

Each Nikke has a set of skills with unique effects. Some skills do direct damage, while others heal, buff allies, or debuff foes. Between turns, you can swap Nikkes in and out of combat to best counter the remaining enemies. With 50+ Nikkes to recruit, you have tons of options for building an optimal team.

During a turn, you simply tap each Nikke to use their Basic Attack or tap a skill icon to use it. Skills have cooldown periods before you can reuse them, adding strategy. You can also reposition Nikkes around the battlefield for tactical advantage.

Overall, the combat starts simple but ramps up in later chapters as enemies gain new powers. Having a deep bench of upgraded Nikkes becomes critical to counter rivals’ abilities and enhance your own. With the right Nikkes and smart coordination, you can devastate foes.

What are the different types of enemies in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Nikke will battle diverse enemy types throughout the game. Here are some of the key enemies you’ll encounter:

  • Hynox Warriors – The basic grunts of the invaders. They have high HP but low damage. Best countered with Nikkes that have penetrating attacks.
  • Ibyn Spellcasters – Squishy but deadly magic users. Take them out fast with melee Nikkes before they cast devastating spells.
  • Xion Berserkers – Heavily armored tanks who taunt your Nikkes. Use armor-piercing, true damage, or status effects.
  • Zicyn Assassins – Strike from the shadows, delivering lethal backstab damage. Use Nikkes with preemptive attacks.
  • Valkyr Angels – Winged soldiers with balanced offense and defense. Prioritize them early.
  • Hydra Swarms – Multiple weaker foes that merge when defeated. AoE and multi-target skills work best.

There are over 25 distinct enemy classes, each with weaknesses to exploit. Pay attention to their attributes and tailor your Nikke team to counter them.

What are the different skills and abilities of the Nikkes?

Every Nikke has a set of up to 6 combat skills that give them unique strengths in battle:

  • Burst – Deal heavy damage to a single target. Great for nuking bosses or elite enemies.
  • Artes – Stylish techniques with bonus effects like healing or boosting stats.
  • Strike – Basic damage skill that charges faster. Good filler between harder hits.
  • Support – Skills that heal, shield, or empower allies. Essential for tougher battles.
  • Debuff – Weaken enemies by reducing damage, speed, and more. Helpful in drawn-out fights.
  • AoE – Damage or affect all enemies at once. Fantastic against swarms of foes.

Nikkes also have passive traits that provide bonuses like increasing action speed or elemental damage. Leveling up Nikkes boosts their skills and unlocks new ones. You’ll constantly unlock exciting new capabilities for your roster.


How do you progress in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

There are a few key ways you’ll grow stronger in Nikke:

  • New Nikkes – Recruiting more Nikkes expands your tactical options and overall power.
  • Leveling Up – Grinding battles levels up both your account and individual Nikkes.
  • Ascension – Special late-game progression system that lets you break level caps.
  • Gear – Equip Nikkes with weapons, armor, accessories, and cores to improve stats.
  • Facilities – Upgrade your headquarters to enable new gear crafting and bonuses.
  • Skills – Level up skills to reduce cooldown and boost effectiveness.
  • Stars – Increase a Nikke’s rarity from 1-6 stars to unlock their full potential.

Progression is steady early on through story chapters. The late game opens up more varied avenues for growth, like challenging new game modes. Maxing out a roster of 6-star, max-level Nikkes will keep even seasoned gacha vets busy for months.

What are the different ways to upgrade your Nikkes?

You can strengthen your Nikkes in a variety of ways:

  • Leveling: Grind XP through missions to increase overall stats
  • Ascension: Break level caps to reach max level 100
  • Skills: Upgrade skills using items to boost power
  • Gear: Equip weapons, armor, accessories, and cores found through gameplay
  • Awakening: Unlock extra skill and stat boosts using rare items
  • Limit Breaking: Increase max level caps using duplicate Nikkes
  • Affinity: Boost stats by improving relationship levels with Nikkes
  • Star Upgrading: Use special items to increase a Nikke’s rarity tier

Finding rare materials is key to maxing out Nikkes. Participating in events, daily missions, the Astral Tower climb, and optimization dungeons will allow dedicated players to fully realize their Nikke collection.

What are the different types of content available in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Nikke enjoys plenty of content variety:

  • Main Story – Multi-chapter story unfolding Nikke’s war against the invaders.
  • Side Stories – Vignettes focusing on individual Nikkes’ backgrounds and adventures.
  • Astral Tower – Massive dungeon with 100+ floors of challenges to test your skills.
  • Arena – PvP matches to climb the competitive ranks for glory.
  • Guild Raids – epic co-op boss battles requiring teamwork. Join guilds!
  • Optimization – Special instanced stages that drop essential progression items.
  • Supply Run – Endless battle mode to grind for equipment, currencies, and XP.
  • Events – Limited-time activities with exclusive stories and rewards.

With both singleplayer and multiplayer options, there’s no shortage of content to enjoy. Regular updates add new story chapters, Nikkes, modes, cosmetics, and more to keep you playing for months on end.

Other Features

What are the different gacha systems in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

There are two main Gachas in Nikke for recruiting new characters:

War Table Gacha:

  • Uses Saint Quartz currency (SQ).
  • Contains most standard pool Nikkes.
  • Guarantees a 4-Star+ Nikke every 10 pulls.
  • 1% chance for top-tier SSR Nikkes per pull.

Trinity Temple Gacha:

  • Uses Trinity Tickets (paid currency).
  • Contains powerful limited Nikkes.
  • Guarantees a featured SSR Nikke every 90 pulls.
  • Only available during special events.
  • Past limited Nikkes get rerun banners.

Various types of War Table Gacha:

  • Standard – Contains full lineup of available Nikkes.
  • Event – Specific new Nikkes featured temporarily.
  • Weapon – Provides rare gears instead of Nikkes.

Occasionally special non-character Gachas appear, like mech suits and turret companions to assist in battle.

What are the different types of currency in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

There are a multitude of currencies used in Goddess of Victory: Nikke:

  • Saint Quartz (SQ) – Premium gacha currency used for the War Table summons. Can be purchased or earned in-game.
  • Trinity Tickets (TT) – Ultra premium currency for the Trinity Temple limited gacha. Purchase-only.
  • Gold – Common currency earned from battles. Used for basic progression.
  • Astroliths – Uncommon material for skill upgrades and crafting gear.
  • Stardust – Rare late-game material used to ascend Nikkes. Harder to obtain.
  • Battle Seals – Earned weekly from Guild Raids. Used to purchase fragments.
  • Friendship Points – Given for using allies. Used to purchase consumables.
  • Guild Coins – Contribute to your guild to earn these. Used in guild shops.
  • Arena Medals – Rewarded for PvP. Used to purchase PvP items.

There are also many types of upgrade material items, like Nikke Awakening Crystals and Limit Break Stones. Currencies provide many avenues for progression.

What are the different social features in Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Nikke contains online social features common to gacha RPGs:

  • Friends – Add allies to use their Nikkes and exchange gifts.
  • Guilds – Join guilds for cooperative play, guild raids, and member buffs.
  • Chat – Built-in chat rooms to easily discuss the game with others.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your progression and rankings with other players.
  • Replays – Download recordings of PvP matches from top arena players.
  • Events – Limited-time co-op events encourage working with others.
  • Alliances – Temporary teams of guilds join forces during guild tournaments.

A healthy community has grown around Nikke, led by fan wikis, Discords, and influencers producing character & strategy guides. The social features make Nikke more engaging.

Main Characters

Nikke: The main character of the game. She is a goddess of victory who is tasked with leading humanity to victory against the invaders.

Nikke is the powerful Goddess of Victory who serves as the central heroine of the story. Once worshipped by ancient human civilizations, Nikke has awoken from a millennia-long slumber to defend humanity from annihilation once again.

As a goddess, Nikke has an elegant, larger-than-life design clad in ornate golden armor. Her long, flowing hair appears to be made of a divine energy. Nikke wields a massive two-handed sword as her weapon, and can summon ethereal wings for flight.

Despite her regal appearance, Nikke has a spirited, upbeat personality. She treats her battle against the invaders as an exciting adventure. However, Nikke hides the loneliness she feels from being one of the last surviving deities. She’ll come to depend greatly on the player’s support and friendship.

In combat, Nikke serves as the ultimate leader of your party. She is strongest against single targets, capable of delivering devastating bursts of damage. Her divine powers also allow her to empower nearby allies and weaken groups of enemies with lightning storms. With her aid, victory is assured.

Commander: The player character. You will be responsible for commanding the Nikkes in battle.

The Commander is the player’s own customizable character. As the Commander overseeing Origin City, humanity’s last haven, you are tasked with organizing the Nikke forces to repel the invaders.

At the start, you play as a promising but inexperienced recruit recently promoted to lead the city’s defense. However, with Nikke’s guidance, you’ll grow into a master strategist capable of leading the Nikkes to turn the tides of war.

The Commander does not participate directly in battle. Instead, you arrange the squad of Nikkes before and during combat. Key responsibilities as Commander include:

  • Recruiting new Nikkes to your cause
  • Leveling up and outfitting Nikkes with the best gear
  • Unlocking new skills and abilities for Nikkes
  • Coordinating teams of Nikkes and tactical Reserves
  • Advising Nikkes with strategic Commands mid-battle
  • Boosting Nikkes’ morale and rapport through Affinity

While the Nikkes will fight on the front lines, victory is ultimately in the hands of you, the Commander.

Other Nikkes

There are many other Nikkes that the player can recruit and use in battle. Each Nikke has their own unique skills and abilities, so it is important to choose the right team for each battle.

The 50+ recruitable Nikkes beyond Nikke herself are anthropomorphized gods, demons, and spirits representing different facets of human nature and existence. Here are some examples:

Valkyrie: A noble warrior Nikke clad in winged azure armor. Excels as a tank who draws enemy fire with defensive auras. Her shield can also reflect damage back at attackers.

Grim: A cheeky prankster Nikke wielding a giant scythe. Inflicts Death statuses on foes which tick away health over time. Can harvest Soul Energy from defeated enemies to enhance attacks.

Ifrit: A blazing hot-headed Nikke specializing in explosive Pyro techniques that inflict Burning. Ifrit is a bit arrogant, but he’s dependable in a fight.

Neptune: An aloof dreamer Nikke who uses tridents and water magic to Heal allies. Neptune space out sometimes, but her imagination gives her unique insights.

Titan: A straight-laced lawful Nikke who’s a stone wall in defense. As a Guardian, Titan uses unbreakable shields and defensive buffs to outlast any assault.

Freyja: A gentle motherly Nikke who nurtures plants and life itself. As a Druid, Freyja can rejuvenate allies and decay foes with vines and natural magic.

Each Nikke has fleshed-out personalities and backgrounds told through voice-acted story cutscenes. Part of the fun is assembling your favorite Nikkes into the ultimate dream team!

How to Get Nikkes

There are a few different ways to get Nikkes in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. You can recruit them from the gacha system, or you can obtain them from various events and missions.

The main way to acquire new Nikkes is by using Saint Quartz in the War Table Gacha. This randomness means getting your favorite Nikkes comes down to luck!

However, the game provides some ways to obtain specific Nikkes:

  • Main Story Rewards – Some Nikkes like Titan, Valkyrie and Ifrit are given for free by progressing through the first 10 chapters.
  • Side Story Rewards – Each Nikke has unlock missions in their personal Side Stories. Great way to recruit them!
  • Special Events – Limited-time events will offer new Nikkes like collab characters for exchange using event currencies.
  • Arena & Guild Shops – Use PvP medals and other currencies to buy shards you can redeem for specific Nikkes.
  • Battle Pass – Premium pass with 100 levels of Nikke shards and tons of rewards.
  • Choosing Shard Chests – Some chest rewards let you pick shards for the Nikke you want.

The game provides a steady stream of free Saint Quartz, so patience and saving for your desired Nikkes is key. With enough effort, you can recruit an all-star roster without spending!



The story of Goddess of Victory: Nikke is set in a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction. A mysterious race of invaders has appeared and is wiping out humanity one by one. The player takes on the role of the Commander, who is tasked with leading the Nikkes in battle against the invaders.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke presents a sprawling fantasy sci-fi epic. In the grip of a sudden invasion, humanity finds itself driven to the brink of annihilation by the Gnosis, a mysterious race of super-powered aliens.

With civilization in ruins, the few million human survivors take refuge in Origin City, a fortified bastion and the last beacon of hope. As a fledgling Commander, you are thrust into a leadership role defending the city with squads of Nikkes – goddesses and spirits reawakened to fight.

The campaign unfolds over dozens of levels and story chapters. Between turn-based combat missions, beautifully animated cutscenes reveal more about Nikke’s past, the Gnosis threat, and your Nikke allies’ personalities and hidden potentials while the stakes keep escalating.

Over 50+ hours of gameplay, you’ll experience an enthralling story packed with twists, memorable characters, and themes exploring the human spirit when confronted by cosmic horrors. Can humanity prevail against impossible odds?


The story of Goddess of Victory: Nikke is divided into several chapters. Each chapter tells a different part of the story and introduces new characters and challenges.

The main story chronicles the escalating war against the Gnosis invasion across over 30 story chapters:

Ch 1-5 – The early chapters focus on Nikke awakening and the defense of Origin City as the Gnosis first arrive. Nikke rescues the fledgling Commander and begins recruiting fellow deities.

Ch 6-10 – Nikke leads counterattacks against Gnosis bases, meeting demon Nikkes like Ifrit. A tragic loss teaches Nikke the costs of war.

Ch 11-15 – The united Nikke forces go on the offensive, attacking a Gnosis mothership. A deception is revealed that shakes Nikke’s convictions.

Ch 16-20 – Internal divisions form among the Nikkes as the Gnosis exploit tensions. A Nikke betrayal pits the Commander against former allies.

Ch 21-25 – Humanity is forced into hiding underground after a crushing defeat. While regrouping, Nikke begins to learn the Gnosis’ secrets.

Ch 26-30 – Nikke leads a final desperate assault into the heart of the Gnosis homeland among the stars themselves for humanity’s last hope.

Each chapter expands the worldbuilding, character development, and scope of the conflict exponentially. By the climax, the story exceeds even epic anime proportions!

How to Progress the Story

To progress the story, you need to complete the various missions and stages that are available. As you progress, you will unlock new chapters in the story.

Advancing through the main story of Goddess of Victory: Nikke requires spending Action Points (AP) to play story stages tied to each chapter.

Completing stages will grant you Story Keys to unlock the next stage or chapter. Main stages feature significant story cutscenes and challenging turn-based combat against the Gnosis.

Side stages within each chapter offer additional story details and a chance to recruit that chapter’s featured Nikke. Hard and Hell difficulties later unlock to replay chapters and earn more rewards.

The story can be played solo or multiplayer with friends. If you run out of AP, you either wait for it to recharge over time, level up to restore AP, or use premium items to refill it instantly.

Additional story content opens up by building Affinity with Nikkes through special story stages and activities. Higher Affinity unlocks each Nikke’s full backstory and unique abilities.

With over 600 story stages available, Commanders have plenty of lore and adventures to explore with Nikke and humanity’s heroes!

Graphics and Sound


Goddess of Victory: Nikke features high-quality graphics that are sure to impress even the most discerning gamers. The characters and environments are beautifully rendered, and the animations are fluid and lifelike.

Goddess of Victory utilizes gorgeous console-quality 3D graphics that really make the Nikkes and world shine. The game was built using Unity’s Adam tech for state-of-the-art visuals.

Nikke and her fellow goddesses are brought to life through intricately detailed character models. Expressive anime-inspired facial animations add personality. Battles feature flashy effects and ultimates that fully realize the Nikkes’ divine powers.

Environments are likewise rendered with great care – from the gothic architecture of Origin City to abandoned alien母 bases to otherworldly vistas among the stars. Real-time lighting and weather effects make scenes truly cinematic.

While Nikke was clearly designed foremost with mobile specs in mind, it could easily pass for a console JRPG. The graphical fidelity really enhances the immersion and attachment players feel for the characters and story.


The sound design in Goddess of Victory: Nikke is also top-notch. The voice acting is excellent, and the music and sound effects are all very well done.

Goddess of Victory stands out from other mobile gachas thanks to superb Japanese voice acting featuring popular anime VO talent. Every line of dialogue is fully voiced, making characters feel alive.

Epic orchestral music befitting the high fantasy setting accompanies your adventures. Tense, driving themes play during combat. Triumphant victory fanfares celebrate winning battles. Quieter, emotional pieces underscore the story’s drama.

Sounds effects add satisfying impact to battles – the clang of blades, the cackle of dark magic, the thunderous crash of Nikke punching the earth. The audio sells the supernatural abilities on display.

Tight integration between animation, voice-over, and sound effects rewards players with an engaging feast for both eyes and ears. Nikke shows off production values on par with AAA JRPG titles.

Overall Thoughts

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a well-made game with excellent graphics, sound, and gameplay. It is a great choice for fans of gacha games, RPGs, and action games.

For gacha and anime game fans, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is easily a must-play title and benchmark for the genre. Nikke hits all the right notes:

  • Beautiful Graphics – Console-quality 3D visuals perfectly realize the stylish anime aesthetic.
  • Engaging Story – A sweeping sci-fi fantasy epic with twists to keep players motivated.
  • Great Characters – 50+ unique, memorable Nikkes to meet and unlock.
  • Fun Combat – Fast-paced action that requires strategizing to build winning teams.
  • Tons of Content – Hundreds of hours of story, co-op play, PvP, events, progression.
  • Good Gacha – Fair drop rates and ways to target specific desired Nikkes.
  • Top Production Values – Superb voice acting and soundtrack fully immerse players.

For RPG fans craving deep turn-based combat and party customization, Nikke delivers tactical fun while making you care about the personalities you command.

With so many gacha games flooding the market, it’s rare to find one crafted so lovingly and ambitiously across the board. Goddess of Victory: Nikke is easy to recommend to all gamers – a divine experience!

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