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Temtem is an online multiplayer creature collection adventure game inspired by Pokemon. It was developed by Spanish studio Crema and released on PC in early access in January 2020. Temtem aims to reinvent the monster taming genre by introducing new gameplay features and online components.

How is it different from other monster-catching games?

While clearly influenced by Pokemon, Temtem sets itself apart in a few key ways. The battles are 2v2 instead of 1v1, adding more strategic depth. There is a greater emphasis on online cooperative and competitive multiplayer. Breeding has more complexity with the addition of SV and TV training. The world is a seamless open-world MMO instead of separate locations. Overall, Temtem aims for a more hardcore and social experience than traditional monster collectors.

What makes it special?

Temtem’s main selling points are the online multiplayer integration, strategic 2v2 battles, and in-depth breeding/training. The MMO world and social features create a sense of community. The art style mixes Pokemon’s cuteness with a more mature vibe. Frequent updates demonstrate the developers’ commitment. It’s an ambitious evolution of the creature collecting formula.

Who should play Temtem?

Temtem appeals most to fans of monster collectors like Pokemon who want a deeper competitive experience. The challenging battles and breeding mechanics cater to hardcore players. The MMO world suits those who enjoy cooperative play. Temtem is also great for players craving an active online community. Overall, it’s perfect for genre fans looking for a fresh take on creature collecting.


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 Basics of gameplay

Temtem’s core gameplay loop will feel familiar to fans of Pokemon and other monster collectors. You play as a Temtem tamer exploring the Airborne Archipelago, capturing Temtem, and battling other tamers. The main goal is to defeat all eight Dojo Leaders and become the ultimate Temtem tamer.

Along the way, you’ll visit each island, catch new Temtem, train your creatures, fight battles, and take on challenges and side quests. Temtem offers traditional monster taming gameplay with some fresh twists.

Capturing Temtem

Capturing Temtem is a key part of the game. While exploring, you’ll encounter Temtem roaming the environments. You can engage them in battle and attempt to capture them with Temcards. The catch rate depends on factors like Temtem type, health, and status conditions.

Capturing multiple Temtem of the same species allows you to breed them later. Filling out your Temdex by catching every Temtem is also an important meta-goal. Unique Luma Temtem with special coloring are highly prized catches. Finding rare spawns takes exploration, skill, and a bit of luck.

Battling Temtem

Battles in Temtem take place 2v2 between two Tamers with teams of up to six Temtem each. This strategic format allows for more complex battles than traditional 1v1 fights. You must consider positioning, synergy between Temtem, and attacks that affect multiple targets.

Temtem have a stamina stat that limits use of powerful moves. Managing your Temtem’s stamina and Antithetic Field zones that limit certain move types adds to the strategy. Proper team balance, movesets, and battle tactics are required to defeat tough Dojo and online battles.

Training Temtem

Battling rewards your Temtem with XP to level up. You can also boost your Temtem’s SVs for better stats through proper breeding. Each Temtem has different TVs for you to train as well, determining stat bonuses gained on level up.

Training areas and items are used to maximize TVs efficiently. However, TV training also requires careful planning to develop specialized Temtem with ideal stat spreads. It’s an in-depth process to train competitive Temtem.

Evolving Temtem

Many Temtem can evolve into new forms, gaining improved stats and moves. Evolution levels are fixed rather than based on leveling. But special items or meeting other conditions are often needed to trigger evolutions.

Planning your Temtem’s evolution stages is important for strength and moveset considerations. For instance, you may want to delay evolution to learn certain moves first. Managing your Temtem’s evolution is key to their development.

Breeding Temtem

Breeding is how you produce Eggs holding new Temtem, including mutations with different traits. Selecting parents from specific Egg Groups passes down moves, genes, and 50% of base SVs. Proper breeding over generations can create competitive Temtem.

It’s an in-depth system requiring knowledge of inheritance mechanics and planning. You can breed for better SVs, moves, egg techniques, Luma chance, and more. Breeding perfect Temtem takes time and dedication but gives you an advantage.

Temtem Cards

Temtem Cards are equipped for cosmetic flair during battles. Catching Temtem unlocks more Cards to customize your battle style. From holographic variants tomotion Cards with animation, there are tons of ways to stand out.

Cards don’t offer gameplay perks, just bragging rights. Rarer Cards require completing challenging feats. Trading Cards with other players enables further customization too. Cards showcase your accomplishments as a tamer.

Luma Temtem

Luma Temtem are exceptionally rare variants with unique color schemes, animated textures, and a glowing aura in battle. They have no stat boosts but their cosmetic effects make them coveted collector’s items.

The Luma chance of 1/6000 when breeding makes them very uncommon. Finding a Luma randomly in the wild is even more unlikely. Owning Lumas represents dedication and good fortune as a Temtem tamer. Show them off in battle!

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Co-operative multiplayer

Unlike most monster tamers, Temtem is an MMO focused on cooperative play. You can team up with friends or random players seamlessly. Progress, quests, trading, and battles all work co-op. You can explore the world and develop strategies together.

Playing with others enables taking on challenging content and endgame activities as a group. Helping friends level up and gear up creates a sense of community. Grouping up makesgrinding more fun and social. Seeing other tamers in the world makes it feel alive.

Competitive multiplayer

Temtem facilitates competitive multiplayer battles and tournaments. Matchmaking lets you quickly find opponents based on ranking and format. You can have friendly battles or climb the ladder for prestige.

There are scheduled online events and contests to enter. Players duel for glory using the teams they’ve trained. Official tournaments demonstrate who the top tamers are. Trading strategy tips and spectating matches is also popular.

Trading Temtem

The PlayTem auction house allows buying and selling Temtem with other players. Trading gives you access to foreign Temtem not in your version. It’s also the main way to get Lumas without excessive grinding.

Auctioning rare or meta Temtem can earn you a lot of Pansun. Or you can shop for specific Temtem to complete your collection and breeding needs. Trading smartly helps build your ideal squad. An active market keeps the economy thriving.


Forming or joining a clan lets you communicate and collaborate with other tamers in Discord. Clans can organize group battles, develop strategies, trade Temtem, discuss the meta, and hang out together.

Representing your clan gives you an identity beyond just your character. Clans allow newer players to get mentored by veterans. The social aspect helps keep the game lively past the main story. Clans reflect the Temtem community.

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Airborne Archipelago

The Temtem world is a chain of floating islands called the Airborne Archipelago. There are currently five major islands, each with several zones and biomes to explore. The islands have their own culture and lore.

Travel between islands is done by airship once you progress far enough. The fragmented nature allows diverse environments like snowy mountains, sweeping plains, active volcanoes, and more across the islands. Discovering new areas keeps exploration exciting.


Deniz is the starting tropical island where you get your first Temtem and learn the ropes. With beaches, forests, and villages, it eases you into the world. Deniz features areas like the Anak Volcano dungeon and the seaside towns of Arissola and Turquesa.

Early quests have you exploring Deniz while building your skills as a novice tamer. The island sets up lore about the Temtem gods and the Eight Paths philosophy. Your journey begins on the shores of Deniz.


Tucma is a large island with Aztec and Mayan influences. Biomes range from jungle to desert to misty vales. The volcanic peaks around Quetzal harbor fire Temtem. Tucma introduces new story threads and tough battles.

Areas here include the mysterious Temalcrum, the bustling port of Quetzal, and the secluded shrine of the Labyrinth. Tucma ramps up the challenge as you battle Dojo masters Kisiwa and Sophia. It tests your skills as a tamer.


Heavily inspired by East Asian regions like Japan, Cipanku features pagodas and sakura forests. There are hot springs, bamboo thickets, and sweeping hills. Unique electric and digital Temtem originate here.

Cipanku’s culture values knowledge and technology over brute force. Locations include the peaceful hillside village of Nanto and the futuristic metropolis of Prodigy City. Cipanku introduces advanced battle techniques to learn.


Loosely African-themed, Kisiwa has arid deserts, savannas, and jungles. The Gifted Bridges region challenges you with clockwork contraptions. Kisiwa lore speaks of ancient deities.

You’ll find new Temtem like earth types in the packed streets of Arbury and the shifting sands of Thalassian. Kisiwa tests your mastery with tough Dojo battles. Its mythos reveals more about the Temtem world.

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Temtem Types

There are 12 elemental types that determine Temtem strengths, weaknesses, and moves. You need to understand these types to succeed in battle. Types also breeding and cosmetic themes. Mastering type matchups is crucial.

A. Fire

The fire type excels at dealing big damage. Fire Temtem like Raiber, Mastione, and Pigepic utilize potent fire attacks. They dwell in volcanoes and heated areas.

Weak to water, fire types can still overwhelm opponents with explosive offense. Fire represents passion and inner strength. Leaders Max and Akran use fire teams. Fire decimates nature Temtem.

B. Water

Water Temtem like Saipat, Nessla, and Kalabyss specialize in dealing water damage. They thrive near rivers, lakes, and oceans. Water Temtem play defensively, healing themselves and wearing down foes.

Though weak to electric moves, water types can counter fire Temtem. Their fluidity represents adaptability. Omninesia stands out as a water/crystal hybrid. Leader Yusuf utilizes water types like Umishi.

C. Nature

Nature Temtem such as Mudrid, Mastione, and Tuvine command plant-based techniques. They populate forests and jungles. With heals and status techniques, they play a support role.

Earth moves crush nature types, but they resist water well. Their connection to flora and fauna represents life itself. Leader Pia focuses on nature Temtem like Babawa and Pigepic. Nature Temtem keep your team going.

D. Earth

Earth types like Pigepic, Skunch, and Valash wall physical attacks. These durable Temtem have high defenses. They come from mountains and canyons. Their brute force wears down foes.

Water techniques are super effective against them. But their sturdiness lets them outlast other types. Earth symbolizes stability and stubbornness. Leaders Sophia and Konstantinos train rugged earth teams. Use them as tanks.

E. Mental

Mental types like Umishi, Locatara, and Smazee confuse and debilitate opponents with psychic moves. They favor enlightenment over brawn. Many are quiet but intelligent.

Mental prowess cracks earth Temtem. But weaknesses to crystal and toxic moves check them. Their minds represent willpower. Dojo masters use psychic teams. Mental Temtem turn battles cerebral.

F. Electric

Speedy electric Temtem like Tuvine, Volarend, and Nidrasil chain lightning techniques to overpower foes. They thrive in places like Cipanku. Paralysis hampers enemies.

Ground attacks counter electricity. But electric types can outpace other Temtem with ease. Their energetic nature embodies innovation. Leaders Yusuf and Zoe utilize electric creatures like Tuvine. Their speed is unmatched.

G. Melee

Hard-hitting melee Temtem like Smazee, Wiplump, and Saku specialize in hand-to-hand combat moves. They are found around exercises areas. With intense training, their attacks hit brutally hard.

Mental prowess checks raw melee strength. But their martial skills can overwhelm unprepared opponents. Melee types represent discipline and determination. Leader Max maximizes his Smazee’s damage. Don’t underestimate their fists.

H. Digital

Digital Temtem like Lapinite, Volarend, and Drivema execute futuristic tech and hacking moves. They come from urban areas like Prodigy City. Their alien moves inflict strange effects.

Wind techniques can ground their signals. But digital moves bypass many defenses. They represent technological progress. Dojo master Ching adequately wields technologies like Lapinite. Digital Temtem future-proof your squad.

I. Crystal

Graceful crystal Temtem like Oceara, Valash, and Luperza channel jewel formations and lasers. They adorn themselves with minerals and gems. Their moves sparkle beautifully.

Melee attacks can shatter their structure. But crystal powers counter mental abilities. They symbolize opulence and imagination. Leader Sofia commands Crystle and other crystal types with elegance. Crystals refract their power.

J. Toxic

Savage toxic Temtem like Skail, Noxolotl, and Paharo unleash poisonous moves that whittle down enemies over time. They thrive in polluted places. Their moves inflict lasting pain.

Crystal moves check their corrosive powers. But toxins wither down water and nature Temtem with ease. Venom represents decay and suffering. Leaders like Konstantinos employ toxins like Skail to slowly crush foes. Toxic Temtem win gradually and painfully.

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Temtem Abilities

Temtem have unique abilities that activate in battle for strategic effects. Abilities range from direct damage to altering the battlefield to passive buffs. Using abilities properly can turn battles in your favor.

List of Abilities

There are over 50 abilities in Temtem, including:

  • Intimidate – Lowers attack of adjacent foes. Good for tanks.
  • Amphibian – Boosts water techniques after getting hit by fire moves. Synergizes with water tanks.
  • Stamina Drink – Sacrifices HP for stamina recovery. Helps supporters like Umishi maintain techniques.
  • Pickup – May pick up items after battle. Useful utility ability.
  • Torrent – Boosts water attacks at low HP. Standard for water starters.
  • Ignition – Boosts fire techniques at low HP. Core ability for fire starters.
  • Overexertion – Increases damage but causes exhaustion. Risk/reward damage boost.
  • Tri Plating – Resists fire, nature, and water damage. Grants versatility.
  • Temnocorruption – Boosts toxic techniques after getting hit by mental moves. Creates toxic/mental synergy.

There are many more abilities with creative effects. Abilities diversify battles and enable unique strategies.

Using Abilities Effectively

To use abilities well:

  • Synergize abilities with your Temtem’s moves, stats, and role.
  • Time ability activation carefully for maximum effect.
  • Position Temtem to support adjacent allies’ abilities.
  • Counter opponents’ abilities by baiting and prediction.
  • Combo abilities with held items for added effects.
  • Ensure your team covers key abilities like Intimidate for tanking.

Mastering abilities alongside moves, stats, and synergy is integral to battling well. Plan teams around impactful abilities.

Temtem Items

Items provide helpful effects in and out of combat. They enable creative strategies by complementing your Temtem and moves. Here are some noteworthy items:

  • Revival Balm – Revives a fainted Temtem during battle. Critical for tough matches.
  • Muscle Brace – Boosts melee attack at the cost of speed. Great for slow, hard-hitting Temtem.
  • Shinobi’s Ambush – Allows the holder to deliver the first hit when sent in battle. Useful advantage.
  • Yarn of Friendship – Increases experience gained but lowers TVs gained. Helpful early game leveling item.
  • Proteins – Permanently increase a Temtem’s SVs for a specific stat. Great for min-maxing Temtem.
  • Fertility Bands – Increase chance of breeding Luma Temtem. Essential for serious breeders.
  • Smoke Bomb – Allows swapping the holder’s position with another Temtem. Flexible positioning tool.
  • Smelling Salts – Cures paralysis when used in battle. Counter to debilitating status effects.

Use items to patch weaknesses, enhance strengths, and enable unique tactics. Buy and trade for the best items.

Temtem Breeding

Breeding generates new Temtem with ideal traits. Here is an overview:

How to Breed

To breed:

  • Put two compatible Temtem in the breeding center. They must be opposite genders of the same Egg Group.
  • Wait the breeding time. The rarer the Temtem, the longer breeding takes.
  • Collect the Egg and hatch it to get the new Temtem. It will inherit some traits from its parents.

Egg Groups

Temtem belong to 1 of 9 Egg Groups determining compatibility:

  • Crystal – Crystle, Valash, Luperza
  • Nature – Tuvine, Pigepic, Babawa
  • Fire – Raiber, Mastione, Pigepic
  • Water – Saipat, Umishi, Nessla
  • Mental – Umishi, Locatara, Smazee
  • Melee – Smazee, Wiplump, Pigepic
  • Earth – Skunch, Pigepic, Valash
  • Wind – Tuvine, Oree, Saku
  • Toxic – Skail, Noxolotl, Paharo

Breed Temtem with overlaps like Pigepic (Fire/Nature/Melee/Earth).

SVs and TVs

SVs are inhereted stats. TVs are trained stats. Breeding focuses SVs, training targets TVs. Combine both for ideal Temtem.

Temtem Competitive Battling

Temtem’s 2v2 battles allow for deep strategy. Mastering the meta and honing skills is rewarding.

Team Building

Carefully build squads:

  • Cover all types offensively and defensively. Watch weaknesses.
  • Vary roles like attacker, support, tank, sweeper, set-up, disruptor, etc.
  • Ensure synergy between Temtem abilities, moves, stats, and items.
  • Train TVs and breed SVs for ideal stat spreads per role.
  • Playtest teams against meta threats and make adjustments.

The Meta

The meta revolves around threats like:

  • Tuvine – Fast special sweeper. Dominates with priority Neoteric Leaf.
  • Volarend – Hits brutally hard with Electric Synthesize and Thunderbolt.
  • Umishi – Supporter who sustains teams with Soothing Wave and revives.
  • Saku – Mix Attacker with strong Spread and Chain moves that hit both foes.
  • Skunch – Sturdy tank that soaks damage then retaliates. Intimidate helps too.
  • Gyarapod – Dragon type special attacker with potent spread moves.
  • Azuroc – Bulky water tank with self-healing. Withstands hits well.


Key strategies include:

  • Use priority moves like Neoteric Leaf cleverly to disrupt opponents.
  • Maximize buffs and debuffs like Hypnosis and Allergic Spread to swing matches.
  • Manage Antithetic Field zones that limit move types by positioning and prediction.
  • Preserve stamina by switching instead of overexerting on powerful moves.
  • Let durable tanks soak hits while glass cannon attackers sweep weakened foes.
  • identify win conditions for your squad and play to achieve them.
  • Sacrifice Temtem if needed for overall match victory. Know when to cut losses.

Keep observing the evolving meta and experiment to invent new strategies.

Temtem Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to succeed at Temtem:

Making Money

  • Sell extra Temtem from breeding, especially Lumas.
  • Battle endgame Dojo rematches. They reward hefty Pansun.
  • Become Dojo rematch guarantors for a weekly Pansun stipend.
  • Craft and sell dyes for cosmetic items using flowers from the world.
  • Participate in Saipark Luma hunting events. Capture and sell Lumas.

Leveling Up Fast

  • Always have a Temtem with Experience Share in your squad to passively gain XP.
  • Use EXP boosting items like the Yarn of Friendship.
  • Consume XP enhancing food before major battles.
  • Join a clan and use their dedicated training grounds.
  • Replay Dojo rematches to powerlevel Temtem.
  • Trade Temtem to reset their levels to 1 and grind XP again.

Finding Rare Temtem

  • Breed two Lumas to increase the Luma chance for Eggs. Use Fertility Bands.
  • Check Saipark each week for boosted Luma spawn rates on certain Temtem.
  • Join Discord servers to trade for foreign and Luma Temtem.
  • Invest in Radar items to reveal hidden rare spawns while exploring.
  • Fish for unusual aquatic Temtem like Kalabyss using specialty Lures.

Completing the Story

  • Maintain a balanced squad with at least one Temtem strong against each type.
  • Keep Temtem around the same level to avoid being underleveled. Grind if needed.
  • Use Smoke Bombs to reposition Temtem and manage Antithetic Field.
  • Equip items like Revive Balm to compensate for type weaknesses on your team.
  • Catch many of the same Temtem so you can breed optimal versions later.

Final Thoughts on Temtem

Temtem demonstrates how much room modern monster tamers have to evolve the established formula. The massively multiplayer approach and competitive refinements make Temtem stand out from its inspirations.

While still in early access, Temtem already provides a fresh take on creature collecting. Regular improvements by the developers keep things feeling innovative. The battling and breeding have enough depth to stay engaging for the long term.

If the core idea of exploring a world while catching and battling diverse creatures appeals to you, Temtem is absolutely worth experiencing for the new twist it puts on the genre. This is just the beginning for Temtem as it continues to grow into an eminent monster tamer MMO.

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand on anything in these final sections. Otherwise, this concludes the full overview of Temtem covering all the topics you outlined. Please let me know if you would like me to revise or add anything.

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