The Seven Deadly Sins Game – Guide for Newcomers

The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime-inspired fantasy RPG game developed by Netmarble. It is based on the popular manga and anime series of the same name by Nakaba Suzuki. The game allows players to control characters from the Seven Deadly Sins universe and features a deep story mode that follows the plot of the anime.

The Seven Deadly Sins Game

The Seven Deadly Sins game stands out for its high quality 3D graphics and large roster of playable characters from the show. Players can build their own team composed of characters like Meliodas, Elizabeth, Ban, King, Diane, Merlin, and Escanor. Each fighter has their unique abilities and fighting styles.

There are several key reasons why The Seven Deadly Sins game has become so popular among anime and RPG fans:

  • Immersive story mode with cutscenes and voice acting that retells the anime’s epic Holy War storyline. Fans can experience the anime’s narrative woven into an interactive game.
  • Variety of ways to play including real-time co-op and PvP modes. Players can team up with friends or battle each other.
  • High production value with colorful 3D visuals and animations that capture the look and feel of the anime. The game stays true to the original style.
  • Addictive progression system with equipment crafting and upgrades to constantly improve your characters. There’s deep RPG customization.
  • Collectible characters to recruit, with over 50 playable fighters from the Seven Deadly Sins universe to unlock.

What Makes The Seven Deadly Sins Game Stand Out?

The Seven Deadly Sins provides a console-quality experience on mobile through high quality 3D graphics, immersive art direction, and fast real-time combat. The game brings together fan-favorite characters with deep RPG systems and multiplayer modes.

Unlike many mobile RPGs, The Seven Deadly Sins avoids overly complex menus and mechanics common in the genre. The controls are intuitive and optimized for touchscreens. Combat is exciting thanks to responsive controls, vibrant effects, and quick skirmishes.

For fans, it’s a dream come true to control characters like Meliodas, Merlin, and Escanor in battle. The game translates their signature abilities seen in the anime into rewarding gameplay mechanics. Overall, it’s an faithful adaptation that lives up to the anime’s adventurous spirit.

How to Play

The Seven Deadly Sins game features simple and accessible touchscreen controls optimized for mobile. Players tap on the screen to move characters around the 3D arenas. There is also a virtual joystick to control movement if preferred.

Basic attacks are performed by tapping enemies. Players can tap a special ability icon to unleash more powerful skills. Managing the timing and combos of standard attacks, skills, and evasive maneuvers is key to mastering combat.

Outside of battles, players can explore towns, progress story missions, and manage their teams. There is plenty to do from upgrading equipment and characters to unlocking cosmetic costumes.

Different Game Modes

There are a variety of single player and multiplayer modes in The Seven Deadly Sins:

The Seven Deadly Sins story mode

Story Mode – The main campaign follows the anime’s storyline across over 100 story missions. Cutscenes and voice acting from the show’s cast bring the epic adventure to life. Players battle through iconic fights against villains like the Ten Commandments.

Boss Battles – Take on giant boss enemies in special challenges that test skills. Epic boss fights include massive demons and creatures like the Demon King.

Knighthood – Join guilds with other players to cooperate and compete for ranks on the leaderboards. Work together to take down powerful raid bosses.

PVP Arena – Assemble the ultimate team of fighters and battle other players in 3v3 real-time matches. Climb the competitive ranks for glory.

Deathmatch – Face off in 6 player free-for-all battles. This mode is perfect for quickly jumping into casual real-time brawls against other players.

Co-op – Replay story missions collaboratively with friends or matchmade teammates. Co-op provides rewards and allows players to take on challenges together.

Controls and Mechanics

The Seven Deadly Sins has responsive touchscreen controls that are easy to pick up but take time to fully master:

  • Movement – Virtual joystick or tap to move around the 3D arena. Positioning is critical during fights.
  • Basic Attacks – Tap enemies to unleash combos of sword slashes, punches, whacks from a pillow, or magical blasts depending on the character. Chaining basic attacks is essential to maximize damage.
  • Skills – Tap character portraits to unleash unique special moves with cool animations and big damage. Managing skill cooldowns is key.
  • Evasion – Swipe to dash and avoid enemy attacks. Timing dodges well can leave enemies open to counterattacks.
  • Ultimates – Charge up the Ultimate gauge to unleash each character’s most devastating skill. Ultimates can change the tide of battle if used wisely.
  • Weak Points – Enemies glow red right before an attack. Hit them with a skill during this window to inflict increased damage and interrupt their action.
  • Counters – Tap counter icons as enemies attack to counterattack. Counters dispel damage and leave the enemy vulnerable.
  • Synergy – Manage your team lineup to maximize combos between characters. The right team synergies can dominate in battle.

The combat system has depth through the timing of combos, counters, and skill chains. Mastering movement and positioning is also key as enemies unleash wide area attacks. No single fighter can win alone, so players must learn to synergize their team effectively.

Main Characters

The Seven Deadly Sins game allows players to control the main cast of characters from the anime. Each fighter has their own playstyle and abilities:


The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas

The leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and captain of the titular knights. In combat, Meliodas wields broken sword pieces with swift slashes. As a demon, he enters rage mode to unleash devastating barrages. His skills include Full Counter to reflect damage and Revenge Counter to obliterate groups of enemies.


The Seven Deadly Sins Elizabeth

The third princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She helps Meliodas reform the Seven Deadly Sins to take on the Commandments. In battle, she provides healing and support skills to aid the team. Her abilities like Protective Bubble shield allies from harm.


The Seven Deadly Sins ban

The Fox’s Sin of Greed. Ban is an immortal bandit who can conjure specters and absorb damage. His Snatch ability allows him to steal items and buffs from enemies. Ban can extend his arms to deliver far-reaching punches and swipes with his three-section staff.


The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth. He is a fairy and ruler of the Fairy King’s Forest. King commands the Sacred Treasure Chastiefol in battle which transforms into various forms like a pillow, spear, or wings. His Chastiefol Formation unleashes a barrage of deadly projectiles.


The Serpent’s Sin of Envy. A giantess with unmatched physical strength and mastery of heavy weapons. She creates earthquakes and fissures with her war hammer Gideon. Diane’s skills like Ground Gladius cause eruptions of rock blades to skewer groups of foes.


The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony. An enigmatic wizard well-versed in ancient magics. Merlin wields elemental spells to destroy enemies from afar. She disables foes using Absolute Cancel and can prevent death with Resurgence. Her illusions confound enemies.


The Lion’s Sin of Pride and the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins when the sun rises. His burning pride and axe Rhitta incinerate enemies with scorching hot attacks. Skills like Cruel Sun and Pride Flare unleash the full might of his powers.

Supporting Characters

Key allies and supporting characters join players on their quest:


A talking pig and Elizabeth’s pet. He serves as a mascot for the Boar Hat tavern. Hawk’s abilities in battle lower enemy defenses and provide buffs. His Rolling Attack barrels over enemies.


The Goat’s Sin of Lust. An eccentric doll mage who manipulates memories and minds. Gowther confuses foes with skills like Nightmare Terror and boosts stats with Ten Commandments.


The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony. An enigmatic wizard well-versed in ancient magics. Merlin wields elemental spells to destroy enemies from afar. She disables foes using Absolute Cancel and can prevent death with Resurgence. Her illusions confound enemies.

Arthur Pendragon

The king of Camelot wielding the legendary sword Excalibur. Arthur’s sword skills cut through groups of enemies with honed finesse. His Excalibur ultimate unleashes a storm of rapid slashes.


A Holy Knight and ally encountered during the story. Gilthunder calls down lightning against foes using electrified spear skills like Piercing Lightning and the ultimate Electrocution.


Sinister villains serve as deadly foes in The Seven Deadly Sins game:


A former Great Holy Knight corrupted by dark power. Hendrickson mutates into increasingly grotesque forms. His skills Acid and Dark Snow spread chaos across the battlefield.


The previous Great Holy Knight driven by his hatred of demons. Dreyfus is armed with the demonic Breaker and utilizes skills like Gray Demon to petrify enemies.


A Ten Commandments member embodying the commandment of Selflessness. Fraudrin is a dangerous shape-shifter who copies enemy skills and appearance. He unleashes the ultimate Genesis to replicate and overwhelm.


The Truth Ten Commandment renowned as the strongest physically. Galand wields a vicious spear and utilizes abilities like Critical Over to inflict instant death upon enemies. His Commandment petrifies liars.


The Repose Ten Commandment wielding mastery over nature and a giant spirit spear. Gloxinia entangles enemies in vines with Basquias and overwhelms them with Heavy Metal. He reflects damage with Pollen Garden.


The Faith Ten Commandment who devours souls using her snake familiar. Melascula steals HP using abilities like Soul Snatcher and Life Leech. She unleashes the ultimate Soul Extinction to cripple enemies.

Together, the villainous Ten Commandments and Holy Knights serve as deadly adversaries and boss battles in the game. Their diverse powers and skills force players to utilize the full range of every Sin’s abilities in order to prevail. Mastering the unique abilities of each Sin is the key to overcoming these sinister foes.


The Seven Deadly Sins game features an in-depth story mode that follows the epic narrative of the anime. Players experience the full Holy War saga woven into over 100 story missions.

The story begins in the kingdom of Liones which has been taken over by the Holy Knights. Princess Elizabeth sets out to find the disbanded Seven Deadly Sins and reform the knights to help take back the kingdom from this tyrannical order.

The Seven Deadly Sins soon find themselves embroiled in an escalating Holy War against the demonic Ten Commandments who have been unleashed upon the land. Meliodas and the other Sins must join forces with the Holy Knights to face the Commandments and stop their demonic plans.

Along the way, the deeper secrets and backstories of characters like Meliodas, Merlin, and Escanor are revealed. The story expands the lore of the Seven Deadly Sins fantasy world across various kingdoms. Epic clashes occur and allies are forged in order to prevail.

Key Moments

The story mode contains many pivotal cutscenes and boss fights:

  • Meliodas vs. Twigo – Meliodas reveals his broken sword skills against the arrogant Holy Knight.
  • Meliodas vs. Gilthunder – Meliodas overpowers Gilthunder and learns of Hendrickson’s plans.
  • Armor Giant – Diane gets a power boost fighting the giant golem.
  • Meliodas vs. Hendrickson – Meliodas defeats the corrupt Holy Knight’s dark powers.
  • Ten Commandments Appear – The demonic Ten Commandments are resurrected, led by Zeldris.
  • Seven Deadly Sins vs. Galand – All seven Sins unite to battle and defeat the Ten Commandments’ Galand.
  • Escanor vs. Estarossa – At high noon, Escanor unleashes his full might against the villain.
  • Assault Mode Meliodas – A possessed Meliodas nearly kills all the Sins in an epic clash.
  • Seven Deadly Sins vs. Chandler – The Ten Commandments’ Chandler forces the Sins to their limits.
  • Meliodas vs. Zeldris – Meliodas battles the Demon King’s loyal follower Zeldris.
  • Demon King Possessed – The resurrected Demon King possesses Meliodas leading to a climactic showdown.

Themes and Symbolism

Several recurring themes and symbols run throughout the The Seven Deadly Sins story:

  • Sins and Virtue – Each of the titular Sins represents a cardinal sin, but demonstrates virtue in their actions.
  • Redemption – Former enemies find redemption allying with the Sins against greater threats.
  • Love – Meliodas and Elizabeth’s bond drives the story forward. Their love remains constant despite past lives.
  • Prophecy – Merlin and Arthur play key roles in fulfilling prophecy surrounding the Holy War.
  • Unity – Factions come together against threats. Cooperation between Sins, Knights, and even demons occurs.
  • Hope – Despite loss and tragedy, the Sins cling to hope of victory. Light overcomes darkness.

By experiencing these story moments and themes first-hand rather than just watching passively, players gain a deeper connection to the characters and lore of the Seven Deadly Sins world. Controlling the characters in battle as the story unfolds makes the stakes feel real and engaging.



The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in the medieval fantasy world of Britannia which is inhabited by humans, giants, fairies, goddesses, and demons. The game brings this setting to life in vivid detail:


The central kingdom of Liones serves as a hub and features landmarks like the royal castle and villages. Surrounding kingdoms include Camelot, Danafor, and more, each with distinct cultures and architecture.


Deep magical forests like the Fairy King’s Forest and the Druids’ hometown. These woodlands are filled with mystical creatures and natural wonders.


Remnants of fallen kingdoms attacked during the ancient Holy War like the demonic Edinburgh Castle and ravaged Danafor.

Boar Hat

Meliodas’ wandering tavern that serves as a mobile home-base. This giant, ornate pig helmet on chicken legs provides inns, shops, and quests.


The hellish demon realm filled with monsters. Certain episodes take place in bleak, ominous areas of Purgatory.

Battle Arenas

Unique arenas for major story battles like Hendrickson’s castle or Galand’s cave. Each location is vividly brought to life.

Whether following the story or exploring on side quests, players experience diverse, colorful regions of Britannia fully realized in 3D graphics. The level of detail from fluttering banners in castle courtyards to magical particle effects in forests and ruins brings the fantasy world to life.


Central groups and factions shape the course of the story and gameplay:

Seven Deadly Sins

The disbanded order of knights representing the seven cardinal sins, each immensely strong. Despite their checkered pasts, they unite to save Liones.

Holy Knights

The order currently controlling Liones through force. Corrupted by Hendrickson, they antagonize the Sins until an alliance forms.

Ten Commandments

10 elite demon clan members named for commandments they embody. Resurrected after seal breaks, they seek to continue the ancient Holy War.

Kingdom of Liones

The central kingdom from which Elizabeth and other royals hail. The Sins fight to liberate it from the Holy Knights.


Led by the Demon King, this faction seeks to conquer Britannia and defeat the goddesses. Their previous war ravaged the land.

Goddess Clan

The supreme goddess race and counterparts to the demons. Elizabeth is revealed to be part goddess. The goddesses sealed away the demon clan long ago.


Towering beings with immense strength like Diane who live simple lives. They are pulled into the Holy War despite non-violent ways.


Mystical clans aligned with giants and goddesses who inhabit enchanted forests. King hails from this faction as the Fairy King.

The contrasting motives, powers, and roles of factions like the Sins, Holy Knights, Demons, and Goddesses drive the escalating Holy War story arc forward. Tensions and unlikely alliances between factions shape the narrative.

Monsters and Creatures

The fantasy realm of Britannia is filled with menacing monsters and magical creatures that serve as enemies and allies:

  • Demonic beasts – Brutal monsters spawned from Purgatory and the demon clan.
  • Holy Knights – Corrupted knights serve as early foes until they redeem themselves.
  • Giants – Hulking giants act as mid-bosses. Some are allies like the kind-hearted Diane.
  • Alioni – Bird-like sentries created by Merlin to gather information.
  • Helbram – A manipulative fairy mage who controls lesser fairies as minions.
  • Armor Giant – An enormous golem piloted by ambitious Holy Knights.
  • Boar Hat – The giant pig helmet structure housing Meliodas’ tavern that walks and fights.
  • Red and Gray Demons – Vicious demon clan footsoldiers.
  • Prankster Imps – Mischevious fairy creatures who play tricks on travelers.
  • Chimera – Grotesque mutant beasts that hybridize different animal parts.

The array of sinister monsters and legendary beasts encountered, both as enemies and allies, help realize the fantasy setting. Battling a diverse bestiary and wielding fantastic creatures as allies enhances gameplay variety.

Graphics and Sound

Visual Style

The Seven Deadly Sins game brings the anime’s artwork to life through high quality 3D graphics and polished visual effects. The game stays faithful to the anime’s signature style:

Character Models

The 3D character models accurately resemble anime designs down to outfits and weapons. Small details like Meliodas’ facial expressions and Ban’s spiky hair capture the spirit of the 2D art.


Combat moves, cutscenes, and character animations mimic the exaggerated, dynamic motions seen in the anime. Meliodas’ acrobatics, Ban’s flexible body, fire effects, and more look hand-drawn.


Colorful, fully 3D environments create an immersive fantasy world. Lush forests, gloomy caves, quaint villages all match analog settings in the anime.


Magic spells, fiery explosions, and energy blasts pack visual punch through particle effects and camera shakes. These cinematic effects energize combat.


Thick outlines, speedlines, dramatic angles, and vivid colors recreate the stylized look of the anime. The game evokes this recognizable hand-drawn aesthetic in 3D.

The developer, Netmarble, clearly took great care to translate the imagery of the 2D anime into a living 3D world. The result is a game that Seven Deadly Sins fans can instantly connect with on a visual level.

Music and Sound Effects

The original Japanese voice cast from the anime reprise their roles in the game’s story mode cutscenes. Hearing these iconic voices during pivotal scenes heightens immersion for fans.

Epic orchestral music frequently punctuates story sequences and combat. The sweeping arrangements create urgency and grandiosity fitting climactic battles and revelations. Music plunges into ominous dark tones when villains like the Ten Commandments appear.

Crisp, visceral sound effects add satisfaction to combat through clangs of steel, bursts of magic, and crushing blows. Landing crits and combos is extra gratifying when paired with meaty impact audio. The whooshing of Escanor’s massive axe swings and piercing clangs of Meliodas’ sword skills stand out.

Subtle ambient sound effects like wildlife sounds in forests, rain, crackling flames, and gusts of wind also help realize diverse environments. The layered audio creates an atmospheric, immersive experience.

Overall Presentation

Clean menu interfaces provide quick access to characters, quests, upgrades, and rewards. Loading screens feature colorful art and characters. Though dense with options, menus are streamlined for mobile.

Cutscenes range from simple dialogue exchanges to fully animated CGI movies during pivotal events like Meliodas battling Hendrickson. Lengthy story sequences have multiple cutscenes to keep players engaged.

Live2D character animations add flair to menu interactions. Characters blink, breathe, and react to pokes giving them charm outside of combat. Small touches like this enhance overall polish.

While staying faithful to the anime, the game also maximizes production value with cinematic flourishes possible in 3D. Dramatic camera angles, stylish scene transitions, and slick UI create a premium feel that stands above average mobile visuals.

Crisp, detailed graphics and environments paired with epic orchestral music gives The Seven Deadly Sins game major big-budget appeal. The high quality presentation matches the anime’s prestige.

Criticisms and Praise

Positive Reception

The Seven Deadly Sins game has garnered an overall positive reception, especially among fans of the anime series. Reviewers commonly praise the following aspects:

  • Faithful adaptation of the anime with fan-favorite characters and memorable story arcs adapted into engaging gameplay.
  • High production value from visuals to voice acting that captures the style and spirit of the source material.
  • Accessible but deep real-time combat system that’s easy to play yet challenging to master.
  • Varied game modes from story quests to PvP and co-op that provide extensive content.
  • RPG progression from upgrading gear and abilities gives a satisfying sense of growth.
  • Controlling favorite characters like Meliodas, Merlin, and Escanor in combat through their signature moves and abilities.
  • Overall polish from intuitive interface to fun fanservice like outfits and collectible cosmetics.

Negative Feedback

While mostly positive, some common criticisms include:

  • Repetitive combat encounters and environments during prolonged play sessions.
  • Aggressive monetization with multiple forms of premium currency and items used to incentivize spending.
  • Occasional balance issues with certain characters feeling overpowered or weak.
  • Technical issues at launch like long loading times, connectivity problems, bugs, and crashes.
  • Story presentation spread thinly through numerous disjointed cutscenes.

How the Game Has Improved Over Time

The developers Netmarble have consistently supported the game since launch by:

  • Adding new story chapters and playable characters like Zeldris to expand content.
  • Improving game balance through tweaks and reworks for underpowered characters.
  • Smoothing technical issues and bugs to improve stability and performance.
  • Introducing variety through new battle modes and events to reduce repetition.
  • Increasing rewards and reducing certain upgrade costs to ease late game grinding.

Through updates and communication with players, Netmarble continues improving The Seven Deadly Sins game. While not perfect, the developers show commitment to building on a solid foundation.

The Seven Deadly Sins game stands out as one of the best anime to game adaptations available on mobile. It vividly brings the fantasy world and characters of the popular anime to life in slick real-time 3D. Controlling the fan favorite Sins in action-packed battles and reliving the holy war story as an interactive experience is a dream come true for fans.

While staying true to the source material, the game also maximizes production value with movie-quality cutscenes, effects, and voice acting. This gives story moments gravitas while the responsive controls and combos bring satisfying combat depth. The RPG progression provides long-term motivation to keep enhancing characters through unlocking abilities and gear.

Co-op, PvP, and other modes add multiplayer dimensions that let players interact beyond the story. Events and updates keep the game feeling fresh while expanding on an already substantial base experience spanning hundreds of quests and missions.

Despite some repetition setting in over long play sessions, The Seven Deadly Sins remains one of the most content-rich and polished anime adaptations on mobile. The tactical combat, progression treadmill, and social features can keep players engaged for hundreds of hours.

For fans, no other game captures the essence of The Seven Deadly Sins’ characters and world as faithfully. And for non-fans, it serves as an appealing entry point into the franchise with an interactive take on the story.

Overall, The Seven Deadly Sins succeeds by sticking closely to the source material while leveraging the interactive strengths of gaming. The high production values enhance rather than distract from what makes the anime compelling. While inspired heavily by the anime, the game stands on its own merits as a showcase mobile RPG.

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