Boom Beach – The Ultimate Guide To Dominating The Tropics

Boom Beach is one of the most popular mobile strategy games available today. Developed by Supercell and released in 2014, this free-to-play game has garnered over 100 million downloads across iOS and Android devices. So what makes Boom Beach so addictively fun and widely loved by players around the world?

At its core, Boom Beach is a combat strategy game that involves attacking enemy bases to free enslaved islanders. Gameplay revolves around training an army of troops like riflemen, heavies, and zookas, sending them into battle against the Blackguard forces, and seizing resources to upgrade your base.

The tropical island aesthetic and immersive gameplay keep players engaged in this real-time battle game. As you progress, your home base evolves from a fledgling outpost into a thriving beachfront fortress, unlocking new defenses, buildings, and troop types along the way.

One of the key aspects that sets Boom Beach apart is the sheer variety of gameplay modes. Single player campaigns let you take on fearsome enemies like the notorious Dr. T, Colonel Gearheart, and War Lord Hammerman. Task Forces allow cooperating with others to take down high level Operations bases. Special Events bring unique challenges, like the tropical storm-summoning Mega Crab. And the competitive Warships mode pits your naval strategy skills against players around the world.

This diversity of combat experiences is bolstered by steady updates that introduce new features and fresh Content. Seasonal events like Crab Island keep the game exciting for veterans, while new Headquarters levels give long-time players something to strive for. And with special hero characters like Captain Everspark and Private Bullit joining the fray, there’s always new troop strategies to master.

For casual gamers, Boom Beach offers laidback resource collecting and base upgrading fun. Meanwhile, the PvP and cooperative play modes provide deeper challenges for more competitive strategy fans. This broad appeal is enhanced by the ability to seamlessly switch between leisurely building sessions and intense warfare skirmishes.

Playing Boom Beach is easy to pick up, but has the depth to keep players engaged in the long term. Exploring picturesque tropical islands while training an amphibious assault force makes every battle exciting and no two games feel quite the same. With so much vivid combat action and compelling gameplay variety, it’s no wonder Boom Beach has become an essential strategy game on mobile.


Boom Beach offers a variety of combat experiences across single player and multiplayer modes. Mastering troop coordination, resource management, and base layout optimization are key to success.

How to Play Boom Beach

The core Boom Beach gameplay involves building up your home base and attacking enemy bases to earn resources. Here’s an overview of the main gameplay components:

  • Home Base – This is your own island, where you place buildings like resource generators, troop training facilities, and defensive structures. Upgrade buildings to unlock better capabilities.
  • Troops – Train riflemen, heavies, zookas and more using your base’s buildings. Combine them into landing craft flotillas to attack.
  • Battles – Send troops from landing craft to attack enemy bases. Earn resources by securing victories. Lose troops that perish in attacks.
  • Resources – Gold, wood, stone and iron are used to upgrade buildings, train troops, and research technologies.
  • Power Stones – These special stones provide boosts like increased troop damage or health. Attach them to your statues.
  • Statues – Build statues that give permanent boosts to offense, defense, resources, troops and more.
  • Headquarters – Upgrade your HQ to increase your experience level and unlock new buildings, troops, and upgrades.
  • Task Force – Join a task force to take on cooperative Operations and earn bonus rewards.

So a typical Boom Beach session involves collecting resources from your base, training troops, and launching attacks against enemy bases. Multiplayer modes and events add extra depth.

Different Types of Battles

There are a wide variety of PvE and PvP battle experiences to master:

  • Single Player – Take on NPC bases across your Archipelago and events.
  • Dr. T – This nefarious villain launches attacks on your base. Defeat his bases to earn Resources.
  • Operations – Task forces launch coordinated attacks on high level NPC bases.
  • Mega Crab – This colossal Crab arrives for special monthly events with unique rewards.
  • Warships – Battle against players in this competitive multiplayer mode with season rankings.
  • Player Bases – Raid other players’ home bases to steal resources and trophies.

Each battle type requires different strategies and troop combinations. Dr. T and Mega Crab encourage offensive upgrades to defeat their powerful defenses. Warships and multiplayer emphasize balanced offense and defense. Operations reward teamwork.

Attack Strategies

Choosing your troop combination and approach is key to defeating enemy bases:

  • Rush Attacks – Swarm inexpensive fast troops like Riflemen to crush defenses through sheer numbers.
  • Tank Push – Use heavy Scorchers as damage soaking “tanks” while fragile Zookas deal massive damage.
  • Smokey Zookas – Hide Zookas in Smoke Screens to avoid defenses and snipe key targets.
  • All Scorcher – These flamethrowing juggernauts can incinerate bases single-handedly.
  • Hooka – Combining Heavies and Zookas gives a balanced and beginner friendly army.
  • Skirmish – Alternate between multiple landing crafts deploying different troop types.
  • Critter Swarm – Distract defenses with critters, then sweep up with main forces.
  • Grenadiers – Bombard from long range with these explosive troop’s Rolling Thunder.

Choosing the right heroes like Sergeant Brick and Private Bullit can give your troops crucial advantages too through abilities like Battle Orders.

Defense Strategies

In addition to offense, arranging your base’s defenses is vital:

  • Layers – Force invaders into overlapping fields of fire from defenses.
  • Mines – Plant hidden mines to maim incoming troops.
  • Prototypes – Boost defense with powerful experimental defenses like the Laser Beam and Grappler.
  • Traps – Shock, doom and freeze invaders using strategically placed traps.
  • Task Force – Learn defensive tactics from how other players design their bases.
  • Beach Control – Pin down landing crafts with flanking Sniper Towers, Cannons and Boom Cannons.
  • No Frontline – Avoid frontal assaults by forcing troops to trickle through openings.
  • Mortars – Punish tightly grouped troops with these long range splash damage explosives.
  • Shock Launchers – Disable chunks of enemy armies with these paralyzing energy projectors.
  • Shield Generator – Prevent barrage and artillery strikes with this domed shield.
  • Weapon Lab – Upgrade devices like Flamethrowers, Boom Mines, and Machine Guns to boost your firepower.

Combining complimentary defenses and leaving no weaknesses prevents all but the most cunning invaders from conquering your base and stealing your hard-earned resources.

Troops and Heroes

Boom Beach offers a diverse array of offensive and defensive military units. Mastering the strengths and roles of these troops and heroes is key to dominating on the beaches.

All Boom Beach Troops and Their Abilities

Boom Beach has 15 unique troops, each with their own combat roles. Learning to combine them into effective landing craft flotillas is crucial.

Boom beach troops types


  • Role – Cheap versatile frontline infantry.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Very fast.
  • Attack – Low area damage at close range.
  • Strengths – Sheer numbers. Fast movement.
  • Weaknesses – Very low durability. Short range.

Riflemen are your basic swarming infantry, sent in en masse due to their low cost and fast speed. They soak up mines and draw fire from defenses. Combos well with Zookas and Tanks.


  • Role – Devastating long range damage dealers.
  • Health – Extremely low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Very high single target damage at long range.
  • Strengths – Highest DPS(damage per second) in game. Long range.
  • Weaknesses – Fragile. Low speed. Short attack range.

Zookas are your elite glass cannon troops. Position them behind tanks and smoke screens to snipe vital targets like Headquarters.


  • Role – Hit and run raiders.
  • Health – Moderate.
  • Speed – Very fast.
  • Attack – Low melee damage.
  • Strengths – Extreme speed lets them blitz buildings and retreat.
  • Weaknesses – Low durability under fire. Short attack range.

Fast, sneaky Warriors dash into bases, demolish isolated buildings, then quickly retreat. Their speed allows hit and run tactics.


  • Role – Damage soaking frontline juggernauts.
  • Health – Extremely high.
  • Speed – Very slow.
  • Attack – Low area damage at short range.
  • Strengths – Tons of health to absorb punishment.
  • Weaknesses – Slow. Low damage.

With their abundant health, Heavies spearhead advances and draw fire away from fragile troops behind them.


  • Role – Heavily armored assault beasts.
  • Health – Highest in game.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Moderate area damage. Incendiary attacks.
  • Strengths – Nearly unstoppable with massive health pools.
  • Weaknesses – Slow speed makes them vulnerable to mines.

These lumbering flaming rhino-tanks are nearly unstoppable juggernauts, capable of shredding bases single-handedly.


  • Role – Armored support gunners.
  • Health – Very high.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Low area damage at long range.
  • Strengths – Durable support gunners. Long range attacks.
  • Weaknesses – Low DPS. Vulnerable to swarms.

Tanks provide ranged fire support behind Heavies. Their long range and high health make them excellent support.


  • Role – Frontline healers.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Moderate.
  • Attack – None. Area healing aura.
  • Strengths – Keeps troops alive with passive healing.
  • Weaknesses – Helpless in combat. Priority target.

These unarmed support units follow your troops and heal nearby damaged soldiers with their medic packs.


  • Role – Devastating long range bombers.
  • Health – Very low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – High area damage at extreme range.
  • Strengths – Outranges even Sniper Towers. Hits clusters of buildings.
  • Weaknesses – Extremely fragile. Short attack burst. Poor accuracy.

Grenadiers bombard bases with a salvo of explosives. They outrange defenses but lack durability.


  • Role – Precision aerial bombers.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Very high single target damage at long range.
  • Strengths – Accurate surgical strikes. Ignores terrain.
  • Weaknesses – Low durability. Short attack bursts.

Bombardiers precisely air drop bombs on strategic targets. Excellent for Operations and Warships.


  • Role – Support troop freezers.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Freezes defenses at moderate range.
  • Strengths – Disables threat priority defenses.
  • Weaknesses – Low DPS. Fragile. Short range.

Cryoneers disable dangerous defenses like Boom Cannons and Flamethrowers with freezing beams.


  • Role – Base saboteurs.
  • Health – Moderate.
  • Speed – Very fast.
  • Attack – Disables and sabotages defenses.
  • Strengths – Disrupts enemy bases from inside.
  • Weaknesses – Low combat ability.

Engineers infiltrate behind enemy lines and sabotage defenses. They disable traps and reveal mines.


  • Role – Flame spewing walkers.
  • Health – Very high.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Continuous area flamethrower damage.
  • Strengths – Bulky frontline damage dealers. Easy to upgrade.
  • Weaknesses – Lack long range capability. Vulnerable to swarms.

These crude bipedal flame robots are slower but cheaper alternatives to Scorchers. They burn through swarms.


  • Role – Rapid fire siegemortars.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Slow
  • Attack – High area damage at long range. Quick rapid fire bursts.
  • Strengths – Devastates dense clusters of buildings. Long range bombardment.
  • Weaknesses – Low health. Short range blindspot.

Bombardiers unleash waves of explosive carnage from long range, but are vulnerable at close quarters.


  • Role – Anti-air/anti-swarm cryo artillery.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Freezes air units. Continuous slowing fields.
  • Strengths – Neutralizes Medics, Cryoneers, Bombardiers. Slows swarms.
  • Weaknesses – Low durability. Short range.

Versatile Cryobombers freeze airborne enemies and drastically slow swarming ground troops with ice barrage projectiles.

All Boom Beach Heroes and Their Abilities

In addition to troops, heroes like Captain Everspark and Sergeant Brick can provide clutch advantages in battle.

Sergeant Brick

  • Role – Frontline troupe buffer/healer.
  • Health – Moderate.
  • Speed – Fast.
  • Attack – Short range splash damage.
  • Strengths – Battle Orders buff. Shell Shock debuff. Iron Will healing.

Sergeant Brick’s Battle Orders greatly boosts nearby troop attack and speed. She also reduces enemy defenses with Shell Shock and can self-revive using Iron Will.

Captain Everspark

  • Role – Supporting saboteur.
  • Health – Moderate.
  • Speed – Very fast.
  • Attack – Average at short range.
  • Strengths – Disables defenses. Unstable Concoction area damage.

Everspark disables and sabotages defenses. Her Unstable Concoction ability inflicts area damage, making her excellent for Operations.

Private Bullit

  • Role -Damage soaking heavy frontline melee brawler.
  • Health – Extremely high.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Very high short range cleave damage.
  • Strengths – Taunt draws fire. Energy Drink speed boosts. Massive health pool.

The mighty Private Bullit has tons of health to draw fire with his Taunt ability, and can inject allies with Energy Drink to speed them up. His hammer crushes buildings.

Major Azuma

  • Role – Long range sniper support hero.
  • Health – Low.
  • Speed – Slow.
  • Attack – Extremely high single target damage at huge range.
  • Strengths – Outranges even Sniper Towers. Piercing Shot penetrates targets. Camouflage stealth.

Major Azuma hangs back and snipes priority targets like Headquarters with pinpoint accurate railgun shots, even outranging defenses. Her Camouflage lets her reposition stealthily.

Best Troop and Hero Combinations

Choosing complementary troop and hero combinations is crucial for victory. Here are some top tier army compositions:

  • Hooka – The classic Heavy, Zooka and Brick Battle Orders combo remains reliable and effective.
  • Tank Medics – Tanks with Medics and Everspark’s Critter Swarm makes a durable pushing force.
  • Riflemen and Bullit – Swarms of Riflemen backed by Bullit’s tanking are cheap and effective.
  • All Scorchers – An nearly unstoppable deathball, enhanced by Private Bullit.
  • Cryobombardiers – These airborne riflemen pair perfectly with Cryobomb disables and Azuma’s sniping.
  • Smokey Bombardiers – Bombardiers and Everspark under Smoke Screens dominate Operations.
  • Cryoneers and Tanks – Cryoneers enable vulnerable Tanks to crush bases underfired.
  • Scorchers and Cryoneers – Freezing ray Cryoneers allow Scorchers time to torch bases undisturbed.
  • Heavy Warriors – Warriors + Heavies/Scorchers draw fire allowing hit and run attacks.

With a vast range of troop types and heroes offering diverse bonuses, the player has tremendous strategic flexibility to crush enemy bases in this addictive combat game. Experimenting with new army compositions is key to tackling the different challenges posed by each island and enemy base.

Base Building

Designing a formidable base layout with upgraded defenses is crucial for protecting your resources from invaders.

A. Best Base Layouts

Carefully planning your base layout can make the difference between defeat and victory. Here are top tips for base design:

  • Layers – Use multiple layered lines of defense to create a maze loaded with overlapping fire. This divides enemy forces.
  • No Frontline – Avoid a predictable row of defenses easily targeted. Spread out defenses to hit troops from all sides as they trickle through openings.
  • Mines – Place mines unpredictably within base interior to maim enemy troops as they advance.
  • HQ Protection – Keep your Headquarters central with high level defenses like Boom Cannons nearby. It must be the last building to fall.
  • Flanking – Position Sniper Towers, Cannons, and Boom Cannons to enfilade advancing troops from angles. Crossfire is deadly.
  • Splash Damage – Mortars positioned centrally can hit grouped up troops anywhere within your base. Their long range bombardment cripples tight formations.
  • No Hiding – Leave no blindspots or hiding places for Invaders to avoid fire. Eliminate gaps with revealing Traps if needed.
  • Troop AI Manipulation – Funnel troops into confined killzones by creating openings in walls. Some areas can be intentionally left weak to pull troops into traps.
  • Task Force Feedback – Get layout tips by looking at how successful task force member bases are designed from defense replays.

With good base design, advancing enemy troops get progressively weakened from multiple angles, allowing your defenses to gain the upper hand. Never leave weaknesses that give Invaders an easy path to your vital buildings.

B. Defensive Buildings and Their Upgrades

Upgrading key defenses using your Armory and Weapons Lab boosts their power exponentially:

boom beach base building

Sniper Tower

  • Role – Extreme long range anti-infantry defense.
  • Stats – Damage: Very high. Range: Extreme.
  • Targets – Prioritizes low health troops first.
  • Upgrades – Increase range. Higher damage, especially versus Riflemen and Zookas.

Sniper Towers should be placed centrally to cover entire bases with withering sniper fire eliminating medics and heavies.


  • Role – Long range area damage bombardment.
  • Stats – Damage: Very high splash. Range: Very long.
  • Targets – Tightly packed troops.
  • Upgrades – Extended range. Increased blast radius. Faster reload speed.

Mortars cripple clustered troops anywhere in their long range area of effect. Upgrade for heavier damage barrages.


  • Role – All-purpose short range rapid fire defense.
  • Stats – Damage: Moderate. Range: Short. Rate of Fire: Very high.
  • Targets – Default priority.
  • Upgrades – Increased damage, range, and accuracy.

Cannons provide cheap general purpose defenses that rapidly blast troops at close range. Upgrade to enhance their versatility.

Machine Gun

  • Role – Short range anti-swarm rapid fire defense.
  • Stats – Damage: Low. Range: Short. Rate of Fire: Extremely high.
  • Targets – Groups of weak troops.
  • Upgrades – Improves ranged damage, especially versus swarm units like Warriors. Faster spinning barrels also increase rate of fire.

Shred tightly packed swarms of weak troops at close quarters with these ultra high rate of fire defenses.

Boom Cannon

  • Role – Short range high damage blaster.
  • Stats – Damage: Extremely high. Range: Short. Rate of Fire: Slow.
  • Targets – Strong individual units like Tanks.
  • Upgrades – Massive damage increase, especially versus high health troops.

Boom Cannons hammer durable troops like Tanks at close range. Their slow rate of fire is offset by tremendous damage.


  • Role – Close range incendiary defense.
  • Stats – Damage: Very high over time burn. Range: Very short.
  • Targets – Groups of biological troops.
  • Upgrades – Increased flame range and greater burning damage over time.

These devastating short range flamethrowers shred fleshy troops like Riflemen, stopping rushes dead in their tracks through sheer incinerating power.

Shock Launcher

  • Role – Crowd control defense.
  • Stats – Damage: None. Range: Long. Disables troops.
  • Targets – Large groups within area of effect.
  • Upgrades – Wider area of effect. Longer disruption duration. Lower cooldown.

Shock Launchers disable huge swathes of troops, leaving them helpless against area attacks. Enhances other defenses.

Doom Cannon

  • Role – Long range area denial siege weapon.
  • Stats – Damage: Very high splash. Range: Extremely long lobbed projectiles.
  • Targets – Clusters of buildings and troops.
  • Upgrades – Extended range. Larger blast radius. Increased building damage.

Doom Cannons are the ultimate area denial weapons, bombarding huge sections of the battlefield from massive range to flatten enemy offensive forces.

Upgrading key defenses like these via the Weapon Lab and Armory vastly boosts their power and transforms them into frightening threats for invaders.

C. Resource Buildings and Their Upgrades

Economic upgrades are just as vital as military ones for victory. These resource generators fuel your base growth:

Gold Storage

  • Role – Stores gold looted from battles.
  • Upgrades – Greatly increased storage capacity. Better gold production over time.

Gold is essential for offensive military upgrades like troops, landing crafts, gunboat abilities, and armory technologies.

Wood Storage

  • Role – Stores wood collected on your home island.
  • Upgrades – Vastly boosted storage capacity. Faster passive wood generation over time.

Wood is crucial for building and upgrading all base structures for both offense and defense.

Stone Storage

  • Role – Stores raided stone resources.
  • Upgrades – Massively increased storage capacity. Heightened stone generation over time.

Stone is vital for important defensive buildings and upgrades like Weapon Lab technologies and some walls.

Iron Storage

  • Role – Stores iron mined from home island and multiplayer raids.
  • Upgrades – Greatly enlarged storage capacity. Significantly faster passive iron production over time.

Iron is required for advanced defensive upgrades in the Weapon Lab and Armory like Shock Launchers, Doom Cannons, and defensive abilities.


  • Role – Converts stone into statues that provide boosts.
  • Upgrades – Creates more statue slots to build additional morale boosting and base enhancing totems.

More slots mean more powerful boost statues can be created simultaneously for major enhancements.

Regularly upgrading these economic buildings ensures you have ample resources to spend on vital upgrades and unhindered base expansion. An overflowing coffers fuels victory.

Other Features

Beyond basic combat and base building, Boom Beach offers exciting cooperative and competitive gameplay modes.

A. Task Forces

Task Forces allow cooperating with others to take on Operations, coordinated attacks against deadly high level NPC bases.

Joining a Task Force

Players can browse open Task Forces and join one via the Task Force panel. Look for a good fit based on:

  • Operation level – Task Force Operation difficulty. Higher is better for stronger players.
  • Intel generation – How much Intel the Force generates to start Operations. More is better.
  • Membership – Join Forces with many members to have active Operations and donations.
  • Operation participation – The percentage of players that participate in each Operation. Aim for 100%.

Contributing to your Task Force

Being an active member of your Task Force is important:

  • Donate Intel – Regularly donate Intel to allow starting challenging Operations.
  • Participate in Operations – Join and complete Operations often to earn rewards.
  • Chat and share replays – Chat to coordinate during Operations. Share replays to help others learn.
  • Build your base – Upgrade your base so you can contribute more during Operations.

Task Force Operations

Operations are special PvE raids against enemy bases.

  • Intel cost – Each Operation requires Intel to start. More difficult ones require more Intel.
  • Attack phases – An Operation has multiple phases allowing several attacks against the base.
  • Coordination – Players plan attacks via the chat and share replays.
  • Rewards – Completing an Operation earns each player bonuses like resources, tokens, and intel.

Operations encourage cooperating with your Task Force to defeat tough enemies using skillful coordinated strikes for big rewards.

B. Events

Boom Beach frequently runs limited-time Events that introduce special challenges and gameplay mechanics.

Dr. T Events

The nefarious Dr. T arrives periodically with new island bases and unique mechanics to attack. Defeating Dr. T targets earns Resources, Stones, Intel, and Prototype parts for crafting super defenses. Dr. T Events usually last 4-7 days.

Mega Crab

This is a monthly weekend-long Event where a colossal Crab with a huge amount of Health spawns. The Mega Crab has increasing difficulty stages that get progressively harder. Players must repeatedly attack the Crab across multiple sessions to deal maximum damage and earn milestone rewards and exclusive Crab Statues for their base. The Crab has special traits that change each event, forcing players to adapt their strategies, like only being vulnerable to certain troop types or having regenerating health.


Warships is an ongoing competitive multiplayer PvP mode where players battle on a periodically resetting global battlefield. Offense and defense are equally important as you fight to rank highly on the global Warship Season leaderboard.

Monthly Events

A different limited Event occurs each month, featuring unique mechanics, enemies, and rewards. Past Events include:

  • Gearheart Strikes Back – Dr. Gearheart attacks your base directly.
  • Hammerman Strikes Back – Defend against Hammerman’s amphibious assaults.
  • Crab Island – Floating mines and island Cannons protect the Crab.
  • Tribal Turmoil – Attack and be attacked by other players’ Tribal Chiefs.
  • Mega Turtle – Assault a colossal turtle fortress.

Events keep gameplay fresh and exciting by introducing a steady stream of new activities and challenges to overcome.


Operations are special Task Force collaborative raids against high level enemy bases. Multiple players make coordinated sequential attacks during the Operation to maximize damage and earn rewards.

Starting an Operation

Operations require Intel to begin:

  • Intel cost – The amount of intel needed depends on the difficulty level chosen. Easier ones require less.
  • Difficulty – Higher difficulty Operations have tougher enemy bases but give better rewards.
  • Intel Sources – Intel is earned from events, daily victory bonuses, and 3rd party sites. Players donate Intel to a communal pool to start Ops.

Participating in an Operation

Teamwork is key during an Operation:

  • Communication – Players plan attack strategies via Task Force chat.
  • Teamwork – Members make sequential attacks that support each other.
  • Continuous – An Operation has 4-5 phases allowing players multiple attacks to deal damage.
  • Challenge – Ops have unique rules that encourage strategic variety like restricting troop types allowed.

Coordinating skills and specializing is optimal for maximizing destruction during an Operation.

Completing an Operation

The Operation ends when the base is destroyed or the timer expires.

  • Victory – Completely destroying the Operation base rewards maximum bonuses.
  • Defeat – Partially damaging the base still rewards some bonuses.
  • Rewards – All participating players receive Operation bonus loot regardless of personal performance. Rewards improve the higher the difficulty completed.

Operations reward teamwork, communication, and overcoming a challenge. Even a defeat grants useful resources, encouraging trying again.

Mega Crab

The colossal Mega Crab arrives monthly during this grueling weekend Event.

Mega Crab Details

  • Health – The Crab has an enormous amount of hitpoints that must be whittled down.
  • Damage – Players must repeatedly attack the Crab over an entire weekend to deal maximum damage.
  • Stages – Higher stages have exponentially more difficult Crab bases but offer better rewards.
  • Traits – Each Mega Crab Event has unique traits that alter playstyle like restricting troop types.
  • Loot – Damaging the Crab earns Resources, Prototype parts, Power Stones, and unique Crab statues.

Mega Crab Strategy

Patience and persistence are key to success:

  • Troop combinations – Use the most effective combos for the Crab’s specific traits.
  • Resource management – Carefully plan attacks around your resource and troop training limits.
  • Prototype defenses – Equip super defenses like the Laser Beam and Shield Generator.
  • Power Stones – Boost troop stats using Power Stones for maximum damage each attack.
  • Endurance – Keep attacking consistently over the entire weekend to deal the most damage possible.

Pacing attacks and not wasting offensive capabilities is vital to inflict maximum damage across dozens of attacks on the mountainous Mega Crab.


Warships is an ongoing competitive multiplayer mode where players battle on a periodically resetting global battlefield.

Warship Basics

  • Layout – Players design their own Warship base layout with buildings, defenses, and tech.
  • Progression – Using resources earned in battles to upgrade buildings and abilities.
  • Battles – Challenge other players’ Warship bases to earn Ranking points and resources.
  • Seasons – Every few months the battlefield resets allowing everyone to re-progress.

Warship Combat

Offense and defense are equally key for victory:

  • Attack – Carefully dismantle enemy Warship weapon systems using skillful troop deployment.
  • Defend – Design a formidable Warship base layout and equip abilities that thwart attackers.
  • Balance – Upgrade both offensive and defensive technologies evenly. An imbalance leads to defeat.
  • Ranking – Earning ranking points increases your global leaderboard position. Climb as high as possible each Season before reset.

With unique progression and perfectly balanced offense and defense, Warships provides competitive and strategic long term play.

Events, Operations, Mega Crab and Warships add exciting variety beyond the core archipelago combat. These special modes provide unique gameplay mechanics, cooperative team challenges, competitive rankings, and exclusive rewards that keep the experience fresh and engaging in the long term.

Tips and Tricks

Use these expert strategies and tips to gain advantages in resources, upgrades, and battle.

A. How to Get Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency used to instantly finish building and research tasks. Here are tips for getting free diamonds:

  • Achievements – Earning all one-time achievement rewards gives a steady supply of free diamonds.
  • Daily Victory – Score 3+ victories per day to earn free daily diamonds.
  • Events – Participating in Events like Mega Crab and Warships awards diamonds through milestones.
  • Obstacle clearing – Clearing foliage obstacles has a random chance of rewarding diamonds.
  • Task Force bonuses – Join a high level Task Force to receive extra diamonds and tokens from Operations.
  • Trader – Sometimes the Trader boat offers deals exchanging resources for diamonds.
  • Tree and Bush regrowth – Re-clearing regrown Trees and Bushes also provides a small random diamond chance.
  • Supply Chest – Opening the daily free Supply Chest has a chance of diamonds.
  • Dr. T – The Dr. T island Events and War Factory provide diamonds upon completion certain stages.

With effort and patience focused on objectives like achievements and Events, a player can slowly accumulate a steady income of free diamonds over time.

How to Upgrade Quickly

Here are tips for fast progression:

  • Offense over defense early – Focus on offense upgrades like troops, gunboat, and landing crafts before defenses. This allows raiding more resources to fuel further upgrades faster.
  • Prioritize economy – Regularly upgrade resource buildings and storages to maximize your income generation.
  • Aid Task Force Operations – Participating in high level Operations rewards tons of resources for spending.
  • Clear map – Take every non-player base and always keep your map clear for big rewards.
  • Raid player bases – Don’t just clear your map once. Raid player bases anytime they have large resources available.
  • Events and daily victory – Never miss an Event or daily victory for big resource hauls.
  • Boost Resource Reward masterpiece – Crafting a masterpiece statue that boosts raiding rewards accelerates economy exponentially.
  • Go offensive for Mega Crab – Focus all boosts and upgrades before a Mega Crab on offense to maximize damage and rewards.

Prioritizing economy and offense allows snowballing upgrades at an accelerating rate.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

It’s easy for newcomers to make some crucial strategic errors:

  • Attacking high level opponents – When matched against a much higher level player base during a raid, retreat rather than waste troops attacking an impossible opponent.
  • Ignoring offense – Don’t make the mistake of only upgrading defenses. Regularly improve offense as well to progress.
  • Not boosting statues – Boost your best statues during crucial Events and battles for major performance enhancements. Don’t let Powder go to waste.
  • No prototypes – Equip amplified prototype defenses to make Campaigns and Events much easier.
  • Upgrading everything evenly – Upgrade the most important offenses and economies first before less useful ones.
  • Wasting diamonds – Never waste diamonds speeding up upgrades. Save them for builders, troop reload discounts, and critical needs.
  • Disorganized base – Design a purposefully structured base layout rather than placing buildings randomly.
  • Ignoring Trader – Check the daily Trader boat offers for deals on valuable items like Resources, Intel, Wood, and Stone.

Avoiding these pitfalls allows swift advancement. Patience and focus on efficient progression is key.

A. How to Build the Perfect Base Layout

best layout

Follow these essential tips for an impenetrable base:

  • Layers and compartments – Use walls to create sequential layered lines of defense that segment your base into compartments. This prevents troops from easily swarming all defenses at once.
  • Eliminate frontal assault – Don’t create an obvious central front row of defenses. Instead force troops to trickle inward through openings from all sides toward your well protected center.
  • Overlap firing lanes – Position defenses so their fire overlaps to trap advancing troops in dangerous crossfire. Never leave blind spots.
  • Mortars centrally placed – Put mortars near your base center so they can hit every area with long range bombardment.
  • Flanking weapons on side – Position Boom Cannons, Cannons, and Sniper Towers on the edges to enfilade troops from multiple sides.
  • No ground approach – Ensure defenses cover every inch of ground around your Headquarters so there’s nowhere for melee troops like Warriors to safely approach from.
  • Traps at openings – Fill narrow gaps in Walls with hidden mines and flank them with Shock Traps to devastate troops attempting to trickle through.
  • Prototypes protect HQ – Place powerful prototype defenses like Shield Generators, Doom Cannons, and Shock Launchers near your Headquarters for last line protection.

With meticulous layout leveraging layers, crossfire, traps, and proper prototype placement, your base becomes an impenetrable fortress.

Winning Warship Strategies

Master Warships with these key tips:

  • Balance offense and defense – Seamlessly switch between upgrading offensive and defensive abilities each season. Lopsided upgrades leads to failure.
  • Maximize progression – Only upgrade abilities that enable your next desired upgrade goal. Avoid non-critical upgrades that don’t open new options.
  • Rush troop training – Getting a second or even third Brick as soon as possible is extremely useful for many attack strategies.
  • Imitate winners – Study the base layouts and upgrade orders of top ranked players and replicate their successful designs.
  • ** Scout intelligently** – Carefully analyze enemy layout weaknesses before attacking. Look for isolated clustered defenses to barrage and gaps for deployment.
  • Smokey heavies – Using Smokey Heavies or Zookas is a reliable way to dismantle bases and get engine room destruction victories.
  • Save energy – Try to preserve as much Gunboat energy as possible for Barrages by avoiding using it on flares and shocks.
  • Retreat when needed – Don’t waste offensive units trying to force an attack that clearly won’t succeed. Retreat and reassess.

With skillful progression choices, intelligent scouting, and masterful battles, you can climb the global Warships leaderboards each season.

How to Crush the Mega Crab

Beat the dreaded Mega Crab using these essential tips:

  • Train troops ahead – Stockpile a full army and replenish Landing Crafts between sessions. Never attack without a full contingent.
  • Boost statues – Boost your strongest Resource Reward, Troop Damage, Troop Health, and Gunboat Energy statues for every attack. The Powder is well spent.
  • Attack consistently – Make multiple focused attacks during each session throughout the entire weekend to deal maximum damage.
  • Take breaks – When you start losing battles, take a break to avoid frustration Rather than wasting attacks, recuperate and wait for statue boosts to renew.
  • Manage resources – Don’t deplete resources cracking open Mega Crab stages you can’t defeat yet. Be patient and build up your capabilities first.
  • Keep Protoypes boosted – Maintain Shield Generators, Doom Cannons, and Damage Amplifiers constantly boosted.
  • Use instant training – Use Diamonds to instantly replenish troops between sessions. This allows more attacks over the course of the weekend.
  • Max offense – Offense is king. Make sure Gunboat, Sculptor, Armory, and Landing Crafts are fully upgraded.

Pace yourself, attack intelligently, and boost your offensive power as much as possible to inflict max damage over the entire Mega Crab event.

With knowledge of these expert tips and tricks, you can avoid pitfalls, build impenetrable bases, and dominate Events and competitions. Use this hard won wisdom to conquer the tropical islands and become the ultimate Boom Beach war chief!

Boom Beach offers one of the most polished and deep strategic combat experiences available on mobile devices. The addictive gameplay has earned it a reputation as one of the best free-to-play games across the App Store and Google Play.

With regular content updates and events, beautiful tropical aesthetics, and balanced yet deep progression, it’s easy to see why Boom Beach has flourished for over 8 years since its 2014 debut.

The steady drip of new features continues keeping the gameplay experience feeling fresh. Recent additions like the competitive Warships mode add even more longevity for dedicated players. And the friendly cooperative play available through Task Forces encourages teamwork rather than isolation.

But the rock solid core gameplay established early on remains as engaging as ever. The compelling loop of raiding enemy bases to earn resources which fuel progression into upgraded offenses and defenses is immensely satisfying. Slowly evolving from humble island outpost into an unassailable beach fortress through strategic upgrades never gets old.

And the battles themselves require real strategic nuance. There is no one size fits all approach to dismantling bases. Different combinations of troops, heroes, and abilities all have strengths and weaknesses to leverage in different situations. Adapting your tactics to each unique enemy layout tests intellectual flexibility.

Events add spice by providing periodic limited-time new challenges and enemies to overcome using novel approaches. And the charming tropical aesthetic makes Boom Beach feel bright and relaxing despite the intense conflicts.

For both casual gamers wanting laidback base building fun and hardcore strategists seeking nuanced combat challenges, Boom Beach delivers. It walks the fine line of being easy to initially pick up yet hard to completely master.

If you’ve always wanted to command armies of riflemen, tanks, zookas, and more against nefarious enemies upon the tranquil shores, Boom Beach can fulfill that fantasy in spades. Just be prepared to sacrifice more free time than expected – it’s hard to put down once you become immersed in the gripping gameplay progression loop. The beaches are calling. It’s time to answer the call and lead your troops to victory.

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