Genshin Impact – A Complete Guide to Everything

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG developed and published by miHoYo. First released in September 2020, it has quickly become one of the most popular gacha games globally, with over $3 billion in revenue and more than 60 million players worldwide.

Genshin Impact is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which is home to seven nations, each modeled after real-world cultures like medieval Germany, imperial China, and ancient Egypt. Players take on the role of the mysterious Traveler, who has become separated from their twin and now journeys across Teyvat in search of them.

The game features a massive open world with diverse environments to explore, from sprawling grasslands and windswept deserts to freezing mountains and mystical forests. Players can traverse Teyvat on foot, swim across bodies of water, climb almost any surface, and even glide through the air.

There are several key factors behind Genshin Impact’s runaway success:

  • Accessibility – It’s free-to-play and available on multiple platforms like PC, mobile, and PlayStation. This makes it easy for a wide range of gamers to try it out.
  • Anime aesthetic – The anime art style gives it mass appeal, especially among fans of Japanese media. The charming characters and beautiful world draw players in.
  • Satisfying combat – Battles are fast-paced and feel impactful, with combos and elemental reactions that keep fighting fresh and exciting.
  • Breath of the Wild inspiration – It takes inspiration from Nintendo’s open-world legend, including gliding, cooking, and environmental mechanics. This gives a familiar yet fresh experience.
  • Constant updates – miHoYo frequently adds new characters, storyquests, regions, and seasonal events, giving players reasons to keep coming back.

What makes it different from other gacha games?

While Genshin Impact uses the popular gacha monetization system, several aspects set it apart from other mobile RPGs:

  • The massive open world with free Exploration lets players enjoy much of the game without spending.
  • Production values like anime cutscenes, voice acting, and an orchestral soundtrack make it feel like a AAA console/PC title.
  • The story and lore have greater depth and care put into worldbuilding compared to typical gacha games.
  • Frequent major content updates add substantial new areas and gameplay systems, exceeding the trickle of new characters in most gachas.
  • Skill-based action combat creates more engaging gameplay compared to auto-battling turn-based systems common in the genre.

Overall, Genshin Impact brings a level of quality and passion to the gacha format that has resonated with gamers worldwide. Its success has shown that mobile RPGs can be so much more.

Open-world exploration

One of Genshin Impact’s defining features is its massive open world. The continent of Teyvat is rendered in stunning detail, with a wide variety of diverse biomes to explore. Players can wander freely across grassy plains, fiery volcanoes, misty forests, and more without any loading screens.

The open world is packed with things to discover and interact with. Chests containing loot are tucked away across the landscape. Puzzles and platforming challenges put navigation skills to the test. Enemy camps and wandering monsters populate the wilds for players to battle. Resources like plants and ore deposits provide crafting materials.

There is a constant sense of wonder and surprise as players climb a mountain to uncover a hidden ruin or follow a distant plume of smoke to a new settlement. The world feels alive and inviting to roam.

Some key aspects that make exploring the world of Teyvat so engaging:

  • Verticality – Climbing and gliding up cliffs and peaks reveals new perspectives and hidden secrets.
  • Environmental mechanics – Elements interact with the world, such as lighting grass on fire or freezing bodies of water to walk across.
  • Dynamic weather/time – Cycles between day and night or clear and stormy affect certain gameplay mechanics.
  • Regional diversity – Distinct areas like Mondstadt’s rolling fields and Liyue’s bamboo forests provide visual variety.
  • Mysteries – Strange mechanisms, lost ruins, and hidden chests create a sense of wonder.

No matter where players journey, Teyvat offers rewarding sights and surprises around every corner. The freedom to explore deeply enhances the gameplay experience.

Elemental combat

Combat in Genshin Impact revolves around the Elements. There are currently seven Elements – Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo, Anemo, Geo, and Dendro. Each character has a Vision that allows them to control one of the Elements.

During combat, players can switch between a party of four characters to utilize their Elemental abilities against a wide array of enemies. Mixing and matching Elements adds complex layers of strategy.

Here are some key aspects of Genshin Impact’s Elemental combat system:

  • Elemental Skills – Each character has a unique Elemental Skill on a short cooldown for regular use.
  • Elemental Bursts – Ultimate abilities that unleash powerful Elemental attacks or support effects.
  • Elemental Reactions – Combining two Elements triggers amplified reactions like Vaporize, Shatter, and Swirl for big damage.
  • Elemental Resonances – Having two party members of the same Element provides team-wide buffs.
  • Counter elements – Enemies are often weak to particular Elements while being resistant to others.
  • Environmental reactions – Interacting with the world such as burning grass or freezing water opens up combat tactics.
  • Element-infused attacks – Many characters can confer their Element onto their normal attacks for a period.

Mastering Genshin’s Elements provides a very deep and strategic layer to combat. Carefully constructing a party and utilizing Elemental Reactions is vital to defeating powerful enemies. The variety of options keeps fights engaging.

Character progression

There are currently over 60 playable characters in Genshin Impact, each with their own backstory, personality, abilities, and playstyle. New characters are regularly added through limited-time event banners.

Leveling up, Ascending, and powering up characters forms the core progression system. Here are some key aspects:

  • Leveling – Players earn EXP books to increase a character’s level cap up to 90, boosting their stats.
  • Ascension – Requires spending materials to “Ascend” a character at key milestones, further enhancing stats.
  • Talents – Level up characters’ skills and passive talents for bonus effects.
  • Weapons – Equip weapons that grant powerful stat boosts and passive effects. Level up weapons to increase their power further.
  • Artifacts – Equip 5-piece artifacts sets that provide targeted stat boosts and set bonuses.
  • Constellations – Getting duplicates of characters unlocks their Constellations for bonus effects and functionality.

There is great depth in optimizing characters – hunting specific artifacts, combining weapons and artifact sets, min-maxing stats through Ascension. Building up a diverse roster of leveled characters is critical to tackle the array of challenges in Genshin Impact.

Gacha system

Genshin Impact is free-to-play, but uses a “gacha” monetization system for players to obtain new characters and weapons.

The Wish system allows spending two currencies:

  • Primogems – The premium currency. Used for Wishing on limited event banners. Can be purchased or earned in-game.
  • Acquaint Fate – The non-premium currency. Used for Wishing on standard banners. Earned through gameplay.

Wishing involves spending currency for a random chance at characters, weapons, and other loot. Some key gacha components:

  • Event banners – Feature limited characters and weapons alongside rate-up odds.
  • Epitomized Path – Allows guaranteeing the featured 5-star weapon after multiple non-featured 5-stars.
  • Pity system – Guarantees a 5-star item within 90 pulls. Carries over between banners.
  • 50/50 – Only a 50% chance of the featured 5-star; otherwise it’s a standard 5-star character.

While the gacha system is central for obtaining characters, Genshin remains very enjoyable for primarily free players as well. Spending money just enables more rapid progression and character variety.

Playable characters

The wide cast of playable characters is one of Genshin Impact’s biggest draws. Let’s take a look at some of the key playable characters:

5-Star Characters

These rare and powerful 5-star characters are the most coveted by players:

  • Zhongli – An adeptus and the Geo Archon. He excels as a shielder and burst damage dealer.
  • Ganyu – A Half-Qilin secretary for Liyue’s Qixing. She is arguably the game’s strongest DPS with her Frostflake charged shots.
  • Raiden Shogun – The Electro Archon and imposing ruler of Inazuma. She recharges ally bursts quickly and unleashes devastating attacks with her own.
  • Hu Tao – The eccentric director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She converts HP to massive Pyro damage with her skill.
  • Yelan – A mysterious emissary for Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs. She provides great off-field Hydro application and damage buffs as a support.
  • Itto – The boisterous leader of the Arataki Gang. He deals huge Geo damage through charged attacks.

4-Star Characters

Prominent and easily-obtainable 4-stars include:

  • Xingqiu – A studious Hydro swordsman who enables powerful reaction comps with his rain swords.
  • Bennett – An unlucky adventurer but incredible support who provides healing, buffs, and Pyro application.
  • Xiangling – A masterful chef of Wanmin Restaurant who excels at dealing big off-field Pyro damage.
  • Fischl – An eccentric investigator from the Adventurers’ Guild who summons Oz to constantly apply Electro damage.
  • Sucrose – A timid alchemist researcher who gathers enemies together and buffs Elemental Mastery through Swirl.

There are over 30 playable 4-star characters in total, providing excellent variety and options for team building on a budget.


As the main protagonist, the Traveler is a truly F2P-friendly character obtained for free. Their Element can resonate with Statues of The Seven to swap between:

  • Anemo – Crowd control and grouping
  • Geo – Construct creation and crit buffing
  • Electro – Off-field damage and energy generation

The Traveler provides beginner-friendly support and fits into various team comps.

Non-playable characters (NPCs)

Beyond the playable cast, Teyvat is brought to life by a diverse array of NPCs. They provide services, guidance, lore, and personality across the land. Here are some prominent ones:


The Traveler’s constant companion. She provides tutorial guidance, colorful commentary, and emergency food jokes. Behind her cutesy facade may lie a more mysterious origin…


As the Geo Archon, he knows more history and secrets than anyone in Liyue. His wisdom and connections are invaluable despite his poor finances.


Xiangling’s adorable Pyro slime companion. He acts as the mascot for Wanmin Restaurant and assists in cooking.


The overworked yet ever-patient secretary of the Adventurers’ Guild. She provides guidance to adventurers and manages Guild affairs.


An erudite but lazy librarian who studied at Sumeru Akademiya. She enjoys teasing and flirting with the Traveler.


A mysterious figure wrapped in bandages who opposes the gods. He provides cryptic clues regarding the Traveler’s forgotten past.

There are far more NPCs than listed here who bring Teyvat to life in unique ways, from quirky characters like Hu Tao to villains like Signora. They make the world feel rich and lived-in.


The Seven Archons rule over each nation of Teyvat, each commanding a different Element as granted by Celestia. They are key figures in Genshin Impact’s lore.


The carefree Anemo Archon in the guise of a bard. He has largely stepped back from ruling Mondstadt, letting its people govern themselves.


The stoic Geo Archon who shed his divine identity to retire in Liyue Harbor. His contracts establish firm order.

Raiden Ei

The Electro Archon who enacted the Sakoku Decree to isolate Inazuma from the outside world. She seeks Eternity through unchanging divinity.


The Dendro Archon also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali. She is a young but wise deity who rules Sumeru from Akademiya.

Upcoming Archons like the Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo gods governing Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya will likely play pivotal roles in later chapters of the story.

The Archons provide fascinating insights into Genshin’s lore and history. Their ideals may align with the Traveler’s journey, or directly oppose it.

The Traveler

The story of Genshin Impact follows the journey of the Traveler, who arrives in Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. They are a being from another world beyond Teyvat.

The Traveler awakens in Teyvat without memories of who they are or why they’re there. They encounter their twin sibling briefly, who warns them to leave Teyvat before disappearing.

With no other leads, the Traveler decides to travel across Teyvat in hopes of finding clues to reuniting with their sibling and recovering their lost memories. Their journey has only just begun.

The Traveler’s backstory and origins are slowly uncovered via story quests. Details known so far include:

  • The sibling pair have the power to channel Elements without Visions.
  • They may not be from Teyvat originally but another world beyond it.
  • Their constellation marks them as an “error” in the eyes of Heavenly Principles.
  • They may have had a role in destroying an ancient civilization called Khaenri’ah 500 years ago.

The Traveler serves as the audience perspective into the new world of Teyvat. As more layers of their history and nature are uncovered, it may irrevocably tie them to the fate of this world.

The Seven Nations

Teyvat is comprised of seven distinct nations, each tied to an Element and Archon. The Traveler journeys through these realms over the course of their quest.


Mondstadt is the city of freedom and wind. Located in medieval-inspired western lands, it worships Barbatos as the Anemo Archon. Mondstadt is the Traveler’s entry point into Teyvat.

Key figures:

  • Venti – The carefree, bard-disguised Anemo Archon.
  • Diluc & Kaeya – Adoptive noble brothers who secretly safeguard Mondstadt.
  • Jean – The stalwart Dandelion Knight acting as Mondstadt’s Acting Grand Master.


As the nation of contracts, Liyue Harbor draws inspiration from ancient China. Home to the Geo Archon Zhongli and the Adepti. It is Teyvat’s greatest center of commerce.

Key figures:

  • Zhongli – The mysterious consultant formerly known as the Geo Archon.
  • Ningguang – The resourceful Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing who governs Liyue Harbor.
  • Keqing – A workaholic Qixing member seeking to guide Liyue into an era of Rex Lapis-less prosperity.


An isolationist nation seeking Eternity, Inazuma takes cues from feudal Japan with Electro as its Element. It is ruled by the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun.

Key figures:

  • Raiden Shogun – The stern deity enforcing her vision of Eternity upon Inazuma via the Vision Hunt Decree.
  • Yae Miko – An enigmatic kitsune and close confidante of Raiden governing the Grand Narukami Shrine.
  • Kazuha – A wandering samurai and free spirit who seeks to follow his own vision of Eternity.


The nation of wisdom, drawing from ancient Egypt, Persia, and the rainforests of central Africa. It is home to the Dendro Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali.

Key figures:

  • Lesser Lord Kusanali – The mysterious Dendro Archon and youngest of the Seven ruling from Sumeru Akademiya.
  • Cyno – A dutiful guard captain in Sumeru City known as the Judicator of Secrets and Mysteries.
  • Alhaitham – An Akademiya scholar with great wisdom who hides his true depth beneath a carefree facade.

The remaining nations of Fontaine, Natlan, and Snezhnaya have yet to appear but will likely play pivotal roles. The diverse cultures and ideals of the Seven Nations deepen the worldbuilding.

The Archon Quest

The main story is told through the Archon Quest series, which spans multiple chapters focused on each nation.


Chapter I – Act I covers the Traveler awakening in Teyvat up through liberating Mondstadt from Stormterror’s threat.

Chapter I – Act II focuses on Liyue Harbor and the crisis surrounding Rex Lapis’ death.

Chapter II – Act I details the Traveler’s journey to Inazuma and confrontation with Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt Decree.

Chapter II – Act II explores the backstory of Raiden and her sister Makoto, introducing the concept of Eternity.

Chapter III – Act I brings the Traveler to Sumeru to uncover the truths behind the Akademiya and the Dendro Archon.

Chapter III – Act II continues the Sumeru story.

Further Chapters will presumably explore the remaining nations as the Traveler pursues the truth of this world and their lost sibling.

Archon Quest Impact

Each Archon Quest chapter delivers major revelations and shifts for the overall narrative. For example:

  • Rex Lapis’ true identity and faked death are uncovered in Liyue.
  • The Raiden Shogun’s origins andideal of Eternity are expanded on in Inazuma.
  • The Akademiya’s suppression of knowledge is revealed in Sumeru.

Through the Archon Quests, the veil over Teyvat’s true nature is steadily lifted. The Traveler’s role in the fate of nations also comes into question.

Side quests

Beyond the main story, there are many optional World Quests and Story Quests fleshing out characters and lore.

World Quests

These quests are unlocked by exploring and provide local lore and stories. Examples include:

  • Uncovering a Hilichurl camp’s cultural practices.
  • Helping a struggling new restaurant attract customers.
  • Discovering the tragedy behind a vengeful spirit.
  • Reuniting a young Flower Sprite with her lost seeds.

They provide fun narrative vignettes brought to life by Teyvat’s characters and environments.

Story Quests

Each playable character receives their own Story Quest focusing on their backstory and personality. For instance:

  • Venti’s carefree outlook stems from failures in protecting his people as an Archon.
  • Eula’s ancestors founded the Lawrence clan of knights, which she struggles to redeem the reputation of.
  • Yoimiya seeks to preserve Inazuman culture through vibrant fireworks displays despite the Vision Hunt Decree suppressing creativity.

Story Quests make characters feel vividly real and human rather than just anime gacha tropes.

From worldbuilding to characterization, Genshin Impact’s extensive range of story content brings Teyvat to life across many layers. The main Archon Quest ties everything together toward an epic narrative scale.


Genshin Impact constructs a richly detailed world in Teyvat thanks to thoughtful worldbuilding across many aspects.


Teyvat boasts sprawling, varied landscapes and intricate environments. Each area has a strong sense of place.


Rolling green hills, farms, and windmills establish Mondstadt’s pastoral European charm. The city itself is built with cobblestone plazas, gothic architecture, and romantic cafes.

Landmarks include:

  • Stormterror’s Lair – A mountaintop castle wreathed in wind and ruin.
  • Windrise – A grassy hill with ancient monoliths honoring the thousand winds.
  • Dawn Winery – The Favonius Order’s sprawling vineyard.


Liyue Harbor evokes ancient Chinese cities with its bustling ports, bamboo forests, and sprawling palaces. Jade-colored vistas stretch across its lands.

Landmarks include:

  • The Golden House – An opulent palace built into a coastal mountainside.
  • Guili Plains – Tranquil ruins dotted by bamboo groves and shallow ponds.
  • Mt. Aozang – A treacherous peak inspired by Huashan Mountain.


Each of Inazuma’s islands has distinctive cultures tied to Japanese roots reflected in the scenery.

Landmarks include:

  • Narukami Island – Home to the Grand Narukami Shrine and imposing Tenshukaku palace.
  • Yashiori Island – A scene of devastation from the Thunder Manifestation.
  • Watatsumi Island – An idyllic resistance haven built amidst pearlescent coral.


Sumeru encompasses vast deserts and lush jungles. Architecturally it blends ancient ziggurats, universities, and grand libraries.

Landmarks include:

  • Sumeru City – Built around the imposing grand Akademiya headquarters.
  • Mawtiyima Forest – A vibrant jungle dripping with tropical waterfalls.
  • Vanarana – A village neatly built amidst Sumeru’s giant mushrooms.


Genshin reveals its history in bits and pieces across item descriptions, books, and character profiles.

The Archon War

This great conflict 2000 years past led the Seven Archons to ascend after defeating ancient gods. Decarabian ruled as Anemo Archon before Venti. Havria was the original Geo Archon prior to Zhongli.

The Cataclysm

A massive event 500 years ago that sunk entire landmasses and civilizations like Tsurumi Island and Khaenri’ah respectively.

The Lawrence Clan

Eula’s ancestors established the Lawrence clan who loyally served Mondstadt for centuries until their rebellion against aristocracy tarnished their reputation.


Raiden Shogun isolated herself in Plane of Euthymia 500 years ago while Makoto ruled. This caused Inazuma to stagnate before the Vision Hunt Decree.

Teyvat’s history enhances immersion in its cultures. It also raises many mysteries yet to fully come to light.

C. Culture

Every nation boasts unique cultural traits expressed through its people, food, pastimes, values, and myths.


  • People embrace freedom and individuality in everything from fashion to lifestyles.
  • Favorite pastimes include drinking, dancing, and embracing the outdoors.
  • Dandelions represent the hopefulness and perseverance of its culture.
  • Specialties include sweet wines, juices, and windwheel asters used as ornaments celebrating the winds.


  • Society values contracts, commerce, and achievement above all else.
  • They enjoy regional opera performances, fireworks displays, and historically strategic boardgames.
  • Adepti folktales about mythic yakshas and illuminating jade are commonly cherished.
  • Specialties include Silk Flowers made into garlands, famed Liyue rock sugar, and the bright light of Manifold Lanterns.


  • Cultural focus rests heavily on duty, loyalty, and honor.
  • Kabuki theater, poetry, and martial skills like kendo are honored creative forms.
  • Myths about the Sangonomiya goddess who calmed Watatsumi Island’s torrential rains with Orobashi’s sacrifice are still told.
  • Specialties range from Sakura blooms made into dyes to hand-formed Wagashi sweets.

Immersing in Teyvat’s cultures makes its nations spring to vivid life. Shared customs unite people, while competitions like Liyue’s Rite of Descension pass on values.


A rich trove of folktales, myths, and legends are entwined into Genshin’s worldbuilding.

Some prominent examples include:

The Legend of Vennessa – The tale of a young girl able to ride the winds who later ascended to Celestia to become one of The Four Winds.

Prinzessin der Verurteilung – A condemned princess made a flower that absorbed sin to avoid her own wrongdoings according to Mondstadt legend.

The Seven Ideals – Philosophical concepts like love, contracts, and eternity as told in the Field Tillers folk art compendium.

Enkanomiya Lore – Legends of an ancient sunken civilization are recorded extensively in Evernight scrolls discovered beneath Watatsumi Island.

Through folklore, the beliefs and creativity of Teyvat’s cultures across generations is given life. Their myths help shape an understanding of the mystical world.


Genshin Impact has inspired a massive and passionate fan community across the globe. Players express their love for the game in many creative ways.

Fan art

Vibrant works of fanart help fans visually imagine characters and stories. Popular subjects include:

Character Art

  • Drawings depicting characters in alternative outfits, genres, or situations like modern AUs.
  • Portraits capturing a character’s essence through styling, poses, and backdrops.
  • Comics expanding on character relationships and backstories.

Landscape Art

  • Scenic vistas realistically capturing a specific location’s beauty.
  • Environments fused with imagery from other games, anime, or fantasy worlds.
  • Travel posters advertising Teyvat’s majestic mountain peaks, ruins, and cityscapes.

Narrative Art

  • Dramatic story scenes bringing impactful quest moments to life.
  • Visualizing theories about lore reveals and future events.
  • Crossover concepts blending Genshin characters into other fictional universes.

Many fan artists even have dedicated social media presences with thousands of followers. Their fanart spotlights Genshin’s characters and world from fresh perspectives.


Cosplaying as favorite characters is a popular way fans physically emulate Genshin Impact. Common cosplays include:

Playable Characters

  • Kamisato Ayaka’s ornate white and blue kimono.
  • Raiden Shogun’s otherworldly purple gaze and twin braids.
  • Hu Tao’s whimsical hat and red-black funeral attire.
  • Keqing’s intricate purple Liyue outfit with golden ornaments.

Impactful NPCs

  • Yun Jin’s beautiful fan dance costume.
  • Dainsleif’s iconic bandaged look.
  • Madame Ping’s elderly yet powerful adeptus garb.

Cosplayers recreate costumes, props, make-up, and poses to embody characters with care and skill. Many share their excellent craftsmanship through photos at conventions and on social media.

C. Fan fiction

Genshin’s characters and relationships drive the creation of fan fiction stories. Popular genres include:

Plot Exploration

  • Alternative outcomes to quests where story events play out differently.
  • Developing side characters more deeply like the backstories of organization members like Arlecchino.
  • Next generation tales focusing on original characters like the children of current characters.

Romance – Relationships between:

  • The Traveler and popular characters like Ayaka or Nilou.
  • Supportive character pairs like Bennett x Fischl or Chongyun x Xingqiu.
  • Rarer couples such as Eula x Amber or Yoimiya x Yae Miko.

Fan fiction allows writers to creatively expand characters and stories in Teyvat. Short works on Tumblr and dedicated chapter fiction bring new depth to the world.


Genshin Impact’s fan community also connects through relatable memes poking fun at the game’s quirks. These meme trends include:

  • Keqing Banner Jokes – Keqing’s repeated appearances on character event banners has become an infamous joke about her banner never arriving.
  • Qiqi Fallen Jokes – Many bemoan getting the undesired 5-star healer Qiqi frequently, with images of her collapsed from overwork.
  • Signora Mains – Jokes about maining the now deceased Crimson Witch Signora as a playable character that will never come to pass.
  • Build Pics – Images mocking damage showcases using food buffs, Bennett’s ult, and Abyss blessings to inflate damage to absurd degrees.

Memes showcase the more amusing sides of the Genshin community, highlighting fun game experiences players bond over through humor.

The passion and dedication of Genshin Impact’s global fanbase is a testament to how it has resonated with millions of players. Their creative works expand the vibrant world of Teyvat well beyond the game itself.

New characters

miHoYo regularly adds new characters through update banners to keep gameplay fresh. Upcoming characters include:


The mysterious Wanderer arriving in 3.3 wields the rare Anemo Catalyst. As the first Catalyst Anemo character, he will likely enable new team compositions and mechanics. Early testing suggests he focuses on mass Crowd Control through his skills.


This upcoming 4-star Dendro polearm user trains as an attendant at Yujing Terrace in Liyue. She is said to excel in healing and defensive support. Her connections to immortal beings like Xiao and Ganyu imply an interesting backstory as well.


A confident, fashionable Sumeru architect who cares deeply about his work. Kaveh has already made an impression through his bold attitude in the Archon quests. As a Claymore Dendro character, he may fill the role of a powerful offense-oriented Dendro character upon release.


The mysterious owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor who always seems to know more than he lets on. Very few Dendro characters exist currently, so the eventual release of Baizhu as a Dendro Catalyst user will offer new options.

Scarlet King

Scaramouche has left the Fatui Harbingers to pursue a new identity as the Electro Archon’s emissary, the Wanderer Scarlet King. His playable release will likely tie closely to the main story direction. He may shake up gameplay as an Anemo Catalyst user applying Electro.

New regions

Beyond characters, entire new nations await exploration in future updates. The roadmap includes:

Chasm Subterranean Area

This vast underground region connected to Liyue featuring ancient ruins, mineral extraction, and dangerous phenomena has already had sections teased and should fully release soon. It may further develop lore related to Khaenri’ah and the Abyss Order.


The pyro-aligned nation of war and honor draws inspiration from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations like the Aztecs. Natlan may provide new rainforest and volcanic environments along with the Pyro Archon, Murata.


As the steampunk hydro nation modeled after France, Fontaine promises sprawling elegant cities, stormy seas, and the secretive Hydro Archon known as the God of Justice.


The final Tsarita-ruled nation presents harsh frozen landscapes reflecting Russia. The secretive Cryo Archon and Fatui Harbingers originating from Snezhnaya will likely play pivotal roles in the story’s climax.

Each remaining nation adds more cultures, characters, and stories for Genshin Impact to explore over its planned multi-year lifespan.

New events

Recurring seasonal events help keep gameplay fresh in the short-term as well:

Windblume Festival

Mondstadt’s lively springtime event celebrating flowers and freedom through activities like treasure seeking, challenges, and team battles.

Golden Apple Archipelago

A temporary summer island area perfect for swimming, sailing, and uncovering pirate treasures and lore.

Moonchase Festival

A culinary battle between Liyue’s best restaurants judged by the adeptus. Players can earn rewards through cooking challenges and moonlight exploration.

Lantern Rite

The grand Liyue Harbor new year festival allowing players to partake in traditions like crafting lanterns, watching fireworks, and earning prosperity through minigames.

Events like these add limited-time stories and minigames reflecting Teyvat’s diverse cultures on a more regular cadence compared to massive new regions.

New story content

As the overarching narrative continues, upcoming Archon and Story Quests further the lore.

New Archon Quests

Further main story chapters will explore the fates of nations like snezhnaya while gradually revealing the truth behind The Heavenly Principles restricting Teyvat.

New Story Quests

Pending Story Quests will spotlight characters like Cyno, Nilou, and Alhaitham while providing insights into factions like Sumeru’s Akademiya and the wandering ~Dehya.

Smaller World and Hangout Quests also continue examining side figures and stories across Teyvat.

Between vast new explorable regions, frequently rotating seasonal events, and steady releases of new story quests, Genshin Impact strives to provide a lively stream of meaningful new content over each update version. This keeps the gameplay experience perpetually fresh.

Tips and Tricks

For newcomers, Genshin Impact provides a deep RPG experience that can feel overwhelming at first. Here are some key tips and tricks to progress smoothly as both a casual and competitive player.

A. How to get started

For new Travelers arriving in Teyvat, focus first on exploration and enjoying the story. Here are some starting tips:

  • Explore in any direction that seems interesting – climb, swim, wander off the main path. Discovery is rewarding.
  • Fight enemies you come across for loot, EXP books, and ascension materials to naturally progress your Adventure Rank.
  • Pursue Archon and World Quests to unlock more gameplay features while experiencing the lore and characters.
  • Talk to every NPC – they offer valuable quests and insight into the world.
  • Only spend Primogems on the limited character event banners to gain new characters over time.
  • Play at whichever pace feels enjoyable – there’s no rush to see everything. Teyvat will still be there to discover.

Remaining curious, taking detours, and gradual character growth will provide a comfortable on-ramp to liftoff.

How to progress quickly

For players craving faster progression, here are some tips:

Upgrade Priorities

  • Focus on leveling 2-3 damage-dealing characters as opposed to everyone.
  • Level weapons to max ascension for huge damage boosts.
  • Talents significantly grow stronger at levels 6+ for main talents.

Artifact Farming

  • Target sets that boost key stats like Critical Rate/Damage. Noblesse and Heart of Depth are versatile early options.
  • Start by getting proper main stats on artifacts, then focus on great substats.
  • Use leftover artifacts as EXP fodder instead of selling them.

Team Building

  • Combine elemental reactions like Freeze and Vaporize for amplified damage.
  • Mix weapons and elements to counter enemy defenses. Shield-breakers like claymores help greatly.
  • Include fundamental roles like a healer, crowd control, and damage amplifier like Bennett.

Efficient investing in the right characters, weapons, artifacts sets, and team comps can accelerate progression to comfortably crush later challenges.

F2P vs. P2W

A major advantage of Genshin Impact is that spending money is not at all necessary to enjoy everything the game has to offer. Every system and character is obtainable for free with enough time invested. You can play as either:


  • Complete daily commissions and events for primogems.
  • Explore thoroughly and grind quests for one-time primogems.
  • Unlock new characters through Free Acquaint Fates rewarded from playing.
  • Craft weapons like Prototype Rancour and Crescent for your characters.
  • Use resin wisely focusing on guaranteed progression like talent books rather than RNG artifacts.


  • Purchase monthly subscriptions (Welkin/Battle Pass) for major primogem boosts over time.
  • Buy Genesis Crystal bundles for 10-pulls on banners targeting desired characters.
  • Get 5-star weapons through the Epitome Invocation weapon banner.
  • Use fragile resin to rapidly farm artifacts, talent books, ascension materials.
  • Crowd-fund progression by co-op grinding domains with resin refreshing.

Skill and knowledge can offset spending, but money accelerates pulling new characters and gear considerably. Ultimately both playstyles can viably experience all Genshin content.

Team building

Assembling a strong party of four characters is pivotal for success. Here are tips to build great teams:

  • Bring a healer like Bennett or Kokomi for sustainability.
  • Add a shielder like Zhongli for resistance interruption.
  • Include amplifying supports like Xingqiu to enable DPS characters.
  • Mix elements to trigger amplifying reactions – x2 Vaporize or Melt damage enables big numbers.
  • Combine weapon types for breaking shields – Claymores crush Geo, Catalysts shred Pyro, etc.
  • Check that your team covers key roles needed for the given challenge like healing, DPS, reactions.

Adjusting your team to address the enemies faced makes challenging content far more manageable. Picking characters that synergize well together is more important than rarity or tier lists alone.

Genshin Impact provides a wide range of strategic freedom in how to gather resources and strengthen your account. Focus on enjoyment first, then optimization to accelerate progression smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

For new Travelers, Genshin Impact can seem full of convoluted systems and mechanics that raise questions. Here are answers to some common FAQs:

What is the pity system?

Pity guarantees a 5-star item within 90 pulls on character event banners. The odds gradually raise beyond 75 pulls without a 5-star. Pity carries over between banners.

This ensures players can reliably obtain 5-stars through enough wishes rather than purely luck. It is separate for the Weapon and Standard banners.

The 180th pull guarantees the featured limited character/weapon if the previous 5-star was not featured. This is called the 50/50 – you have a 50% chance of the banner character.

How do I get Primogems?

Primogems are the premium currency used for Wishing:

  • Complete daily commissions (60 daily).
  • Clear domains, world bosses (60 weekly per type).
  • Explore and find treasure chests.
  • Complete achievements.
  • Finish quests and events.
  • Purchase Genesis Crystals to convert to Primogems at a ratio of 1:1.

Playing consistently, especially doing daily activities, produces a stable primogem income. Achievements and new quests provide large one-time chunks.

What are the best characters?

Tier lists favor high-damage characters like Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Raiden Shogun for clearing end-game content quickly.

However, any character can be viable with proper investment and team building. Focus on those you enjoy playing rather than chasing the meta exclusively.

Supports that amplify reactions like Xingqiu and crowd control like Venti also make combat dramatically smoother.

How do I beat the Spiral Abyss?

Some tips for tackling Genshin’s toughest end-game challenge:

  • Form two powerful, synergistic teams of 4 characters each.
  • Level characters, weapons, artifacts, and talents as high as possible.
  • Counter enemies by bringing the right elements and weapon types.
  • Healers and shields prevent the attrition of Corrosion damage.
  • CC enemies to prevent being overwhelmed by large groups.
  • Utilize amplifier reactions like Freeze and Vaporize for huge damage.

With enough gear investment and the right team compositions, the Abyss becomes very manageable. Co-op can also ease the difficulty substantially.

The key is addressing the various challenges of each floor with your available roster.

What’s the future of Genshin Impact?

Given its explosive popularity, Genshin Impact is sure to have a very bright future ahead as miHoYo continues expanding the world of Teyvat over the years to come.

Massive new explorable regions like Sumeru, Natlan, and Fontaine will gradually release, each bringing fresh cultures, characters, and stories to experience. small, lively events like Windblume and Moonchase will reappear annually as well.

Expect a regular cadence of 5-star and 4-star character releases to provide new team-building options, along with recurring revenue for miHoYo through wishing. New elemental reactions and weapon types could also emerge in time to deepen combat complexity even further.

As the primary Archon Quest story progresses, more revelations surrounding The Seven, Celestia’s divine laws, Khaenri’ah’s destruction, and the Traveler’s origins will unfold. The stakes for Teyvat’s fate will grow more dire, building towards an epic climax.

While the central plot moves forward, there remains room for countless side stories and character explorations through Story and World Quests as well. The community’s passion for fanart, cosplay, and theorycrafting will surely spread the game’s influence far outside the game itself.

Genshin Impact has already cemented itself as a titan of the gacha gaming genre, but it’s truly only just getting started on its journey. The adventures in store for Travelers promise to make Teyvat feel like a second home for years upon years to come.

Why should you play Genshin Impact?

In summary, here are the core reasons Genshin Impact is worth becoming invested in:

  • A massive, beautifully rendered open world that’s simply joyful to freely explore.
  • An appealing anime aesthetic with catchy music bringing the world to life.
  • A story holding epic promises of gods, nations, and lost twins.
  • Fun, fast-paced combat that only grows deeper the more you play.
  • Engaging characters with moving backstories revealed through quests.
  • Regular major content updates providing an endless adventure.
  • A welcoming fan community always happy to help new players.
  • Completely free-to-play friendly while retaining full access to everything.
  • Customizable gameplay from ultra-casual relaxation to intense optimization.

At the end of the day, Teyvat is a world that’s effortlessly easy to get lost in. Let the winds guide you on a journey filled with exploring, questing, and gradual growth. Your travels have only just begun, Traveler.

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