Dreamlight Valley – Tips and Tricks

Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game developed by Gameloft and published by Disney. It was released in early access on September 6, 2022 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The game allows players to customize their own avatar and build a new life in a forgotten valley filled with Disney and Pixar characters and locations. Players can decorate their house, cook recipes, farm crops, fish, mine for valuable gems, and go on quests with beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, Wall-E, Remy from Ratatouille and more.

The art style of Dreamlight Valley is inspired by Disney and Pixar animation, with bright, cheerful colors and charming character designs. The soundtrack features instrumental renditions of iconic Disney songs, adding to the magical atmosphere.

Overall, Dreamlight Valley aims to provide a wholesome experience suitable for all ages, allowing players to live out their childhood Disney dreams in a beautiful interactive world.

Why is Dreamlight Valley so popular?

There are several key factors that have contributed to Dreamlight Valley’s incredible popularity:

dreamlight valley
  • Nostalgia: The game taps into millennials’ and Gen Zers’ nostalgia for classic Disney and Pixar characters and stories. It allows them to interact with beloved characters from their childhood in new, exciting ways.
  • Customization: Players can deeply customize their avatar, house, and valley layout, sparking their creativity. There are tons of clothing, furniture, and decoration options to unlock.
  • Relaxing gameplay: Farming crops, fishing, and cooking are calming activities players can do at their own pace. The cheerful music and cute visuals create a soothing experience.
  • Social experience: Playing with friends makes the game even more enjoyable. Players can interact with each other’s avatars and work together on tasks.
  • Regular updates: The game receives frequent content updates adding new characters, quests, clothing, furniture sets, seasonal events, etc. This keeps the experience feeling fresh.
  • Accessibility: It’s available on multiple platforms like PC, consoles, and mobile. The gameplay is also casual and family-friendly.

What are the key features of Dreamlight Valley?

Some of the major features that make Dreamlight Valley an engaging life sim are:

  • An expansive, customizable valley to explore and shape as you see fit
  • Ability to befriend and interact with Disney and Pixar characters like Mickey, Moana, Wall-E, Scar from The Lion King, and more
  • Different biomes like the Peaceful Meadow, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands to adventure in
  • Gardening, fishing, mining, and cooking activities for gathering ingredients and completing quests
  • Crafting system to create items and clothes using materials collected in the valley
  • Player housing with hundreds of furniture and decor pieces to express your style
  • Multiplayer mode allowing you to play with 7 other friends and visit each other’s valleys
  • Ongoing events and challenges like the Star Path with themed rewards to earn
  • Regular updates adding fresh storylines, lands, outfits, furniture sets, critters and secrets

With its beautiful world, relaxing gameplay, deep customization, and mouse-overs with Disney icons, Dreamlight Valley provides a magical experience for all ages.

How to play Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley offers a relaxing and open-ended gameplay experience. Here’s an overview of the core gameplay loop:

Customize your character

  • First create your custom avatar choosing from a variety of hairstyles, skin tones, outfits etc.
  • As you progress, you can acquire gems to purchase more customization options from clothing shops.

Explore the valley

  • Journey through locations like the Plaza, Meadow, and Forest biomes.
  • Unlock new areas by spending dreamlight to clear the night thorns blocking the way.
  • Forage for ingredients like vegetables, fruits, fish, mushrooms etc as you explore.
  • Discover hidden treasure chests and complete quests from Disney characters.

Do activities

  • Care for crops and gardens using seeds and watering cans.
  • Go fishing using different rods and baits.
  • Cook recipes you’ve learned or discovered at the stove.
  • Mine rocks for valuable crafting materials like gems and ore.
  • Chop down trees for wood using the axe.
  • Craft furnishings, decorations, and clothing using materials gathered.

Complete quests

  • Take on quests for Disney characters to progress the story.
  • Quests range from fetching items, collecting ingredients, defeating enemies, and more.
  • You’ll unlock new areas, features, and customization options as rewards.
  • Build friendship levels with characters by gifting them their favorite foods.

Decorate your house

  • Customize your own house with hundreds of furniture items and decor.
  • Express your style by combiningItems like rugs, wallpapers, and lighting.
  • Expand your home by upgrading to bigger spaces as you progress.

Relax and unwind

  • Go at your own pace – there’s no pressure or timers in this calming experience.
  • Admire the charming scenery and soundtrack as you explore and complete tasks.
  • The cycle of exploring, gathering, crafting and decorating is intrinsically rewarding.

Different activities in Dreamlight Valley

There are a diverse range of fun activities you can partake in Dreamlight Valley:

dreamlight valley Gardening


  • Grow crops like pumpkins, wheat, tomatoes, and more using seeds.
  • Water plants daily to ensure healthy growth.
  • Build fences to protect crops from hungry rabbits.
  • Install sprinklers for automatic watering.
  • Use fertilizer to increase crop quality and yields.


  • Fish in different spots using bait like shrimp and fir cones.
  • Time button presses carefully for perfect catches.
  • Collect various fish like bass, salmon, tuna, lobster and pufferfish.
  • Use fish in cooking recipes or gift them to valley residents.


  • Forage for ingredients like mushrooms, fruits, vegetables.
  • Search in forests, thickets, meadows and mining caves.
  • Ingredients respawn daily, allowing endless gathering.
  • Use foraged items for crafting, cooking and gift-giving.


  • Mine rocks in the valley or crystal caves with your pickaxe.
  • Extract iron ore, coal and rare gems like sapphires or citrines.
  • Upgrading your pickaxe allows you to mine higher level rocks.
  • Valuable for crafting, upgrading tools, and earning money.


  • Learn new dishes and desserts via quests and purchasing recipe books.
  • Craft meals, snacks, and treats using stove in house or Remy’s restaurant.
  • Combine foraged ingredients and farmed crops into delicious foods.
  • Certain meals can confer buffs like increased stamina or fishing skill.


  • Use materials gathered to craft furnishings, decor, clothing, and tools.
  • Customize style by crafting patterns, colors and upgrades.
  • Learn new crafting recipes by purchasing recipe books from Scrooge.
  • Crafting table lets you make items anywhere like fish bait or pickaxes.

Tips and tricks for playing Dreamlight Valley

Here are some helpful tips to progress faster and get the most out of Dreamlight Valley:

  • Always have crops, fruit trees or flowers growing to earn coins while you play.
  • Fishing spots replenish every 3 minutes – set a timer to regularly harvest fish.
  • Gift characters their favorite foods daily to quickly increase friendship.
  • Craft the special Essence Fountains to instantly grow all crops in their radius.
  • Dig up the sparkling dirt patches to find buried treasure chests.
  • Use the house chest to transfer items between biomes instead of carrying everything.
  • Upgrade your backpack size at Scrooge’s shop for more item carrying capacity.
  • Time skipping forward costs 100 moonstones – only do so for quests requiring an item respawn.
  • Prioritize tasks that progress the story and unlock key features like gardening, fishing etc.
  • Mix and match clothing items to create your own unique style without spending money.
  • Participate in special events and Star Path seasons to earn themed decor and outfits.

Following these tips will help you save time, optimize progression, and most importantly – have fun in this delightful land of Disney and Pixar!

Main characters in Dreamlight Valley

The main storyline of Dreamlight Valley focuses on you befriending and helping Disney characters restore the valley. Here are some of the central characters:

dreamlight valley mickey

Mickey Mouse

  • The lively and optimistic leader of the valley.
  • Recruits you to help save Dreamlight Valley from the Forgetting.
  • Appears in his classic red shorts and yellow shoes outfit.
  • Treats all residents with kindness and gives you your first quests.
  • Loves fruitcake and will gift you coins in return when given some.


  • The wise wizard from The Sword in the Stone arrives early on.
  • Has you gather dreamlight to banish the night thorns blocking new areas.
  • Can detect sources of magic, leading you to find forgotten relics.
  • His friendship level unlocks abilities like fast travel between biomes.
  • Gifted pumpkins will satisfy his taste for gardening and increase your bond.

Scrooge McDuck

  • The business-savvy Scrooge runs the shop at the valley’s central Plaza.
  • Sells furniture, clothing and helpful supplies in exchange for dreamlight.
  • You can sell foraged items to him daily for extra coins.
  • His stalls offer farming resources, crafting materials, food etc.
  • Loves being gifted lemonade to quench his thirst after a long day’s work.


  • The tiny chef from Ratatouille can cook 5-star meals in his restaurant.
  • Fulfilling his ingredient requests and cooking with him unlocks new recipes.
  • He whips up beautiful platters decorated with edible garnishes.
  • Friendship levels earn you reservations for his exclusive restaurant.
  • Gift this gourmand chocolate and other tasty treats to quickly befriend him.


  • The brave voyager from Motunui joins your village to seek new adventures.
  • She loves farming crops, especially pineapples which remind her of home.
  • Her friendship quests have you exploring the seaside and Sunlit Plateau area.
  • She teaches you to cook tasty Polynesian-inspired meals with fish and fruits.
  • Cooked bass is her favorite gift, and increases your friendship significantly.

Supporting characters in Dreamlight Valley

In addition to the main cast, you’ll also encounter other Disney icons with their own story arcs:


  • The rusty but kind robot arrives in the valley malfunctioning and glitching.
  • You’ll need to gather spare parts like batteries to help fix him up.
  • He’ll want to set up a beautiful garden replicating scenes from his favorite movie.
  • Wall-E gifts you new emotes once you become close friends.
  • Naturally, his favorite gift is batteries which power him up happily.


  • The eternally optimistic princess invites you to restore Arendelle’s frozen realm.
  • She appoints you the royal gardener, tasking you with growing bundles of carrots.
  • Anna loves throwing parties and events, asking you to cook tasty dishes.
  • Maxing out her friendship lets you ice skate gracefully like her.
  • She enjoys receiving bouquets of beautiful flowers as gifts.


  • Anna’s sister Elsa worries about her icy powers accidentally harming the valley.
  • She asks you to forage certain items to help control her abilities.
  • In return, Elsa teaches you to harvest ice crystals and make snow-based recipes.
  • Her friendship level rewards include learning magic spells to freeze water.
  • Gift Elsa iron ore or other cold resistant items symbolic of her identity.


  • The outdoors-loving ice harvester visits the valley with Sven the reindeer.
  • He needs help gathering fruits, vegetables, fish and wood for his ice business.
  • Kristoff crafts unique ice furniture and decorations once befriended.
  • At higher friendship you can adopt Sven as a pet and keep him at your house.
  • His favorite gifts include carrots, apples, and fish reflective of his rustic lifestyle.

How to unlock new characters

You can expand the valley’s population by unlocking new residents over time. Here are some tips:

  • Progress the main storylines and complete quests to trigger new character arrivals.
  • Craft and place requested furniture items to convince characters to visit.
  • Purchase premium characters with Moonstones like Stitch, Buzz Lightyear etc.
  • Participate in limited-time events to get characters like Jack Skellington.
  • Buy character-themed bundles with furniture and outfits to invite them faster.
  • Expand and decorate biomes related to characters like Frozen Heights for Elsa.
  • Level up your player rank and friendship status to receive more character quests.
  • Finish land restoration goals by spending dreamlight to bring back more memories.

With regular gameplay, you’ll eventually be able to welcome nearly all the Disney and Pixar stars, making Dreamlight Valley feel truly magical!


Different locations in Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Peaceful Meadow

Dreamlight Valley offers a variety of realms and biomes to explore. Key locations include:


  • The central hub which you start in containing shops, stalls and your house.
  • This vibrant area with cobblestone paths and streetlamps has a European style.
  • Important amenities like Scrooge’s shop, Remy’s restaurant and Goofy’s stall are located here.
  • You return here frequently between exploring other biomes.

Peaceful Meadow

  • An open grassland perfect for farming with roaming wildlife.
  • Has buildable plots to plant crops like pumpkins, wheat, sugarcane etc.
  • Forage carrots and mushrooms in the thickets and bushes.
  • Ponds and streams provide ingredients like fish and leaks.

Forest of Valor

  • A mystical forest with towering trees, bubbling springs and adorable woodland creatures.
  • Chop down trees for wood using the axe tool.
  • Dense thickets conceal forageable items like raspberries and blackberries.
  • Magical artifacts like the Sword in the Stone await discovery.

Sunlit Plateau

  • A bright, coastal paradise with sandy beaches and ocean vistas.
  • Fish in the open waters for catches like tuna, bass and lobster.
  • Palm trees bearing coconuts line the shorelines.
  • Build vacation-style amenities like surf shacks.

Frosted Heights

  • A snow-covered, alpine realm with icy cliffs, pine trees and crystals.
  • Features Frozen characters’ homes like Elsa’s Ice Palace and Anna’s House.
  • Adds build options perfect for winter like snowflake fences and log cabin walls.
  • Gather crafting resources like snowflakes and cold-resistant plants.

Forgotten Lands

  • A twisted realm corrupted by the Forgetting’s dark magic.
  • Has eerie sights like a warped Fantasia-themed land and broken Ferris wheel.
  • Rich in valuable but dangerous resources – proceed cautiously.
  • Must save Owen from the Lone Labyrinth here.
  • Atmospheric realm with pumpkin fields, graveyards and murky swamps.

How to unlock new locations

New realms can be unlocked by:

  • Spending dreamlight to clear away the thorns blocking access to biomes.
  • Progressing the storylines of characters associated with that realm through quests.
  • Building certain items they request like Remy’s restaurant in the Plaza.
  • Leveling up your player rank and friendship status to fulfill requirements.
  • Purchasing some locations with moonstones like Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands.
  • Participating in limited-time events which may open special areas.
  • Adding more memories held by forgotten relics found across the valley.
  • Raising the valley’s overall dreamlight level by completing tasks and requests.
  • Buying realm-themed packs which instantly open new areas.
  • Beautifying realms by planting items residents love like banana trees for Moana.

It’s exciting to watch the valley continuously expand and transform as you restore its magic!

Secrets and hidden treasures in Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley loves rewarding curiosity with secrets for explorers to uncover:

  • Dig sparkling dirt patches with your shovel to unearth buried chests.
  • Mine glittering gem nodes in caves for rare crafting materials.
  • Locate relic fragments and reassemble them to form relics.
  • Wish upon certain wells and fountains for surprise gifts.
  • Discover mockup camps and spaceships alluding to more potential characters.
  • Find magic doors that open at special friendship levels with characters.
  • Stumble upon mystical rock circles which can change the valley’s weather.
  • Photograph costumed characters on Halloween for treats.
  • Light fireworks found around New Year’s Eve for a celebration.
  • Stand on floor buttons to reveal hidden underground chests.
  • Interact with rustling bushes and hollow logs to flush out critters.
  • Wake up sleeping animals for useful forage items or cute photos.
  • Cross rainbow bridges to reach secret islets with treasures.

Let curiosity and wonder guide you – the valley hides amazing depth for those who exploration!


Different types of items in Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley has a vast assortment of items you can find and utilize:


  • Plant and grow foods like pumpkins, wheat, sugarcane, tomatoes, okra, lettuce etc.
  • Use to craft dishes, fulfill quests, gift to residents or sell for profit.


  • Catches like salmon, tuna, lobster and pufferfish pulled from fishing spots.
  • Can become ingredients in seafood recipes or gifted to village friends.

Foraged Items

  • Mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and herbs found around biomes.
  • Used for crafting, cooking, quests, and gifting characters their favorites.

Cooking Ingredients

  • Food items like eggs, milk, spices and baking goods bought at the store.
  • Allow you to cook from your recipe book’s appetizers, meals and desserts.


  • Gathered supplies like wood, stone, gems and ore for crafting tools, furniture etc.
  • Also includes reagents like seeds, watering cans and fishing bait.


  • Chairs, tables, decorations and lighting to design interior spaces.
  • Placeable outdoor items like flowerbeds, streetlamps, and fences too.


  • Outfits, shoes, hats, glasses and other accessories to customize your style.
  • Certain pieces have fun effects like disguising or sparking reactions.


  • One-use items like energy-restoring coffee and buff-granting dishes.
  • Also includes fireworks and transient things like holiday candy.

With such variety, you’ll never run out of items to find and functions to fulfill!

How to obtain items

There are numerous methods for obtaining the items you need:

  • Forage biomes for wild ingredients, materials and treasures.
  • Fish at spots around the valley for aquatic catches.
  • Grow crops on garden plots using harvested seeds.
  • Cook dishes using the stove after learning or buying recipes.
  • Mine ore, coal and gems using the pickaxe on rocks.
  • Chop trees with the axe for wood resources.
  • Complete requests for residents to earn item rewards.
  • Fulfill quests which grant equipment, recipes and outfits.
  • Purchase supplies at Scrooge’s shop with star path tokens or moonstones.
  • Craft furnishings, tools and clothing at crafting benches.
  • Open treasure chests found by exploring or during events.
  • Time-limited events like Halloween allow acquiring special items.
  • Purchase DLC packs which contain unique furnishings and clothing.
  • Level friendship with characters who gift you at relationship milestones.

How to use items

Items serve a delightful variety of uses in Dreamlight Valley:

  • Gift items to Disney characters to raise friendship levels.
  • Cook or consume food and dishes for energy and buffs.
  • Equip tools like fishing rods or watering cans for activities.
  • Wear clothing and accessories to change your style.
  • Place furniture indoors and outdoors to decorate spaces.
  • Craft items into furnishings, decorations, outfits and tools.
  • Fulfill requests from residents who need specific items.
  • Complete quest objectives by delivering requested items.
  • Sell foraged items for profit to spend on other things.
  • Use materials to upgrade tools and make amenities.
  • Grow and harvest crops for ingredients or sale profits.
  • Use special reaction items like face paint to trigger character responses.
  • Make aesthetically pleasing designs using flowers, paths, fences etc.

With so many options, your creativity is encouraged to run free using items to enhance the valley!


What is crafting?

Crafting allows you to create new items in Dreamlight Valley using materials gathered during your adventures.

  • You can craft tools like pickaxes and watering cans to aid activities.
  • Furnishings like chairs, lamps and rugs can be crafted to decorate indoor spaces.
  • Outdoor decorations from flower beds to streetlamps are craftable too.
  • Outfits ranging from t-shirts to wizard robes can be customized through crafting.
  • Even consumables like baked goods and potions are craftable recipes.
  • Upgrades like strengthening tools or adding house storage are done via crafting.

Crafting offers an incredibly diverse range of objects you can design, letting imagination and creativity shine.

How to craft items in Dreamlight Valley

Crafting is straightforward using the following steps:

1. Gather materials

  • Forage, fish, mine, chop trees and farm to collect crafting ingredients like fiber, ore etc.
  • Purchase materials from Scrooge’s Construction Stall if needed.

2. Select recipe

  • Open recipe book and select item you want to craft. See required materials.
  • Recipes learned from quests, purchased or discovered by trial and error.

3. Add materials

  • Add required materials from your inventory into the crafting UI.
  • Amount needed for each material is listed in the recipe.

4. Review and craft

  • Preview the item’s appearance, color scheme and quality.
  • Press craft when ready to create the item from added materials!

5. Find in inventory

  • The crafted item will now be available in your inventory.
  • Equip, place, wear or gift the item to utilize it.

With the right materials and recipe, you can craft amazing things!

Recipes and crafting materials

Some top examples of craftable items and where to find their recipes include:

Fishing pole

  • Materials: Wood, fiber
  • Recipe Source: Starting quests

Watering can

  • Materials: Ore, rubber
  • Recipe Source: Starting quests


  • Materials: Wood, stone
  • Recipe Source: Upgrade stall at Scrooge’s


  • Materials: Wood, iron ore
  • Recipe Source: Purchase at Scrooge’s

Chairs, lamps, rugs

  • Materials: Wood, fabric, stone, glass
  • Recipe Source: Purchase furniture recipe books


  • Materials: Fibers, fabrics, gems, seeds
  • Recipe Source: Sewing stall at Scrooge’s


  • Materials: Crops, fish, foraged ingredients
  • Recipe Source: Learn from Remy or cookbooks

The possibilities are endless when you utilize the valley’s bountiful resources!


Different types of quests in Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley offers engaging quests across main storylines, character-specific ventures and optional tasks:

Main storyline quests

  • Multi-part quests progressing the valley’s core narrative.
  • Given by Mickey and other primary characters.
  • Unlock major features and new realms when completed.
  • Reward gems, dreamlight and magic materials to restore the valley.

Friendship quests

  • Quests specific to befriending each Disney character.
  • Have you partake in their hobbies, interests and daily lives.
  • Will test your farming, fishing, foraging and crafting skills.
  • Completing them is key to learning these characters’ backstories.

Resident quests

  • Smaller favors requested by NPC valley residents.
  • Ask you to find lost items, fulfill shipments, defeat enemies etc.
  • Rewards include useful supplies, recipes and small amounts of coins.
  • Great way to boost affinity with the quirky supporting cast.

Optional challenges

  • Special one-off tasks like catching rare fish, baking cook-offs etc.
  • Participating isn’t required but offers trophies, decor and coins.
  • Limited-time events feature exclusive challenges with themed rewards.
  • Provides goals for those looking to dive deeper into activities they enjoy.

How to start and complete quests

Here is the process for taking on quests:

1. Get an assignment

  • Chat with characters for new friendship and storyline quests.
  • Check the quest board for villager assignments.
  • Note quest objectives in your journal.

2. Gather requirements

  • Review what items, ingredients or tasks are needed to complete the assignment.
  • Use your compass to locate


Different types of events in Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley features exciting regular events with unique rewards and gameplay:

Seasonal Events

  • Major holidays like Halloween and Christmas are celebrated valley-wide.
  • Decorations, themed craftables, costumes and activities fill the lands.
  • Special guests like Jack Skellington arrive for the festivities.
  • Complete event quests and challenges to earn exclusive items.

Star Path Seasons

  • Multi-week progression rewarding cosmetics through mission tiers.
  • Paths feature special themes like “royal” or “witchy”.
  • Grants clothing, emotes, furniture not obtainable otherwise.
  • Requires completing daily and weekly challenges to progress.

Villager Birthdays

  • Every resident has a birthday which unlocks festivities.
  • Unique birthday-themed quests allow you to celebrate with them.
  • Gift them birthday cake and their favorite items as presents.
  • Piñata mini-game and birthday outfits add to the fun.

Real World Holidays

  • Some real life occasions like New Year’s are celebrated.
  • Activities include lighting fireworks or sharing themed meals together.
  • Special holiday decor and clothing fill the valley.
  • Provides a nice sense of time’s passage and realism.

Limited Events

  • From launch events to collaborations, the schedule is packed.
  • Recent examples include the Encanto, Turning Red and Toy Story events.
  • Bring themed furniture and outfits for a limited time.
  • Have exclusive challenges with prizes you can’t get elsewhere.

How to participate in events

Taking part in Dreamlight Valley’s events is easy:

Check the calendar

  • Open calendar to see upcoming events marked with badge icons.
  • Hover over icons to learn more details about specific events.

Complete event quests

  • During events, characters offer themed quests to complete.
  • Quest steps could include crafting holiday items, catching event fish etc.
  • Completing all quests unlocks all rewards so don’t miss any!

Do daily and weekly tasks

  • Events have daily and weekly challenges on the Star Path to finish.
  • These grant progression tokens to unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Challenges range from catching certain fish to giving specific gifts.

Buy themed items

  • Shops sell limited-time event content like furniture sets, clothing etc.
  • Purchase these to collect exclusive items before the event ends.

Enjoy decorations

  • Admire how biomes are decorated with lights, trees, scene changes etc.
  • Take fun photos with characters amidst the seasonal makeovers.

Experience changes

  • Enjoy gameplay tweaks like spooky music during Halloween or fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
  • Limited events modify certain features like adding themed fishing holes.

Rewards for participating in events

Events offer enjoyable prizes not obtainable normally:

  • Themed furniture – Matching tables, chairs, bed sets etc. with the season.
  • Unique outfits – On-theme costumes, hair and accessories.
  • Seasonal recipes – Exclusive dishes and desserts to craft.
  • Special guests – Some events feature character visits like Jack Skellington.
  • Rare fish & forage – Temporary event-exclusive fishing and foraging.
  • Fun decorations – From wreaths to a New Year’s countdown stage.
  • Building motifs – Wallpapers, floors and fences with seasonal motifs.
  • Trophies & titles – Earned by completing certain challenges and quests.
  • Customization options – Face paint, skin tones, hair colors etc.
  • Stickers & emotes – Thematic stickers for your journal and emotes.
  • Event currency – Redeemable for special rewards in events shops.

The creativity and variety of Dreamlight’s events keep the experience ever-delightful!


How to play Dreamlight Valley in multiplayer

Dreamlight Valley allows exploring the valley with 7 other friends through multiplayer. Here’s how it works:

Enable multiplayer

  • From game settings, toggle multiplayer mode on. This makes your valley open to visitors.

Set permissions

  • Configure multiplayer permissions on who can visit, modify items etc.

Invite or join friends

  • Friends can visit if added through your games platform (Steam, PlayStation Network etc).
  • Directly invite friends to join via the in-game friends list.

Meet up in valley

  • Once in a multiplayer session, you’ll see each other’s avatars.
  • Open map to track friends’ locations and fast travel to them.
  • Voice and text chat are available to communicate.
  • Sync sleep to instantly become night for synchronized play.

Play together

  • Explore the valley, gather materials, and decorate together.
  • Complete quests and unlock areas cooperatively.
  • Build awesome combined builds not possible solo!
  • Take fun group photos with characters at landmarks.
  • Have dance parties, fun emote conversations and adventures!

Leave session

  • When done, open menu and select ‘Leave Multiplayer Session’ to depart.
  • Items collected and quest progress remains after leaving.

What can you do in multiplayer mode

Dreamlight Valley’s multiplayer offers tons of cooperative fun:

Explore and forage

  • Journey across biomes together gathering ingredients
  • Forage prickly bush fruits friends can’t reach
  • Show off discoveries like mining rare gems


  • Relax and fish together on the beaches and docks
  • Compete in fishing challenges with friends
  • Gift each other your excess fishing hauls


  • Cook meals together and host dinner parties
  • Combine ingredients more easily with shared hauls


  • Tackle quest steps cooperatively to finish faster
  • Split up fetching tasks based on location


  • Construct buildings, bridges and areas combining skills
  • Have friends water plants while you harvest crops
  • Give instant feedback on house decoration ideas


  • Join seasonal events like Halloween for 2x fun
  • Group costume dress-up for themed photos
  • Build awesome holiday areas only possible together

Hang Out

  • Introduce your Disney besties to your real besties!
  • Attend in-game birthday parties and celebrations
  • Explore friends’ villages and meet their Disney BFFs

Photo Mode

  • Set up and snap cute group photos anywhere
  • Use stickers, poses and props for amazing shots

Tips for playing Dreamlight Valley in multiplayer

Here are helpful tips to maximize the multiplayer experience:

  • Voice chat with friends while playing for easy communication
  • Setup clothing coordination or costume themes
  • Split ingredient gathering tasks by biome
  • Build recreational areas like parks together
  • Create a neighborhood by building homes near each other
  • Agree on a consistent valley style so builds match
  • Visit dream addresses to get inspiration for valley layouts
  • Set sail together from docks to reach new secret areas
  • Sync in-game sleep schedules to enjoy day/night together
  • Unlock abilities like fast travel to easily meetup
  • Set bountiful plants like Okra at a central community garden
  • Establish a trading area to easily exchange gathered items

Playing with friends makes Dreamlight Valley even more magical! Form lasting memories exploring the valley together.

How to stay up-to-date on the latest Dreamlight Valley news

Here are tips for following Dreamlight Valley updates:

  • Check the in-game Notice Board which outlines updates.
  • Follow the game’s official Twitter account for developer tweets.
  • Join the game’s Discord community to discuss latest changes.
  • Read the Dreamlight Valley subreddit to see what fellow players report.
  • Watch update trailers released on YouTube.
  • Bookmark the Dreamlight Valley patch notes page.
  • Subscribe to enthusiast content creators who cover news.
  • See what’s coming soon on the public content roadmap.
  • For major updates, launch game to trigger patch installation.

Staying engaged with the fan community ensures you always know what’s next for Dreamlight Valley!

Summary of the key points of the article

In summary, this guide provided an in-depth overview of Dreamlight Valley’s magical world:

  • A relaxing life sim filled with questing, crafting, decorating and befriending Disney characters.
  • Beautiful realms with biomes full of ingredients to gather through fishing, foraging and farming.
  • Customize your own avatar before moving into a cozy new home to furnish.
  • Cook delicious recipes after learning or discovering them by trial and error.
  • Explore mysteries like the nature of the Forgetting curse afflicting the valley.
  • Restore forgotten memories and missing regions via magical Dreamlight.
  • Experience charming events and activities in tune with the real world calendar.
  • Multiplayer mode allowing adventures with 7 friends at a time.
  • Frequent updates introducing fresh storylines, gameplay features and more.

Final thoughts on Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley delivers a wholesome experience sure to delight Disney fans. It taps into our nostalgia and sense of wonder with charming style.

No matter your playstyle – be it collecting cute outfits, meticulously decorating, optimizing valuable gem yields or building majestic castles – there is fun to be had.

At its core, Dreamlight Valley aims to capture the best essences of Disney and Pixar magic: warm-heartedness, adventure, joy and most of all, friendship. Suffice to say, it succeeds marvellously!

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