The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Brawl Stars Characters

Brawl Stars is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Supercell. In this fast-paced game, players battle against each other using a variety of unique characters called Brawlers. With over 50 Brawlers to choose from, each with their own attack styles and Super abilities, it can be overwhelming for new players to know which ones are the best to use. In this article, we will count down the top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars and provide tips on how to pick the right characters for your playstyle.

Choosing the right Brawlers to play is crucial for succeeding in Brawl Stars. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses based on their rarity, attack range, damage output, health, and more. For example, legendary Brawlers like Crow are very powerful but difficult to unlock while trophy road Brawlers like Shelly are easier to get but not as strong in competitive play.

When selecting your team, you need to consider the game mode, map, and your teammates’ picks. The optimal team composition will vary drastically depending on if you are playing Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist or other modes. Some Brawlers excel in close quarters combat while others thrive when they have room to keep their distance. The layout of the map also impacts which Brawlers perform the best.

Additionally, you want to pick Brawlers that complement each other and cover any weaknesses. Having a balanced team with long range damage dealers, close range fighters, and a healer or tank is usually the best approach. Keeping all of these factors in mind will help you counter the enemy team and give you the best chance of securing victory.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to pick the top Brawl Stars characters, let’s count down the 10 best Brawlers in the current meta. We’ve based these rankings off of criteria like a Brawler’s damage, health, utility, ease of play, and how often they are used in competitive play. Make sure to keep reading to see detailed explanations of each character’s strengths!

Top 10 Best Characters in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has a diverse cast of over 50 Brawlers, each with their own playstyle and mechanics. But some Brawlers stand above the rest in terms of overall viability in competitive play. Here are the top 10 best Brawlers currently in Brawl Stars.

A. Fang

Fang is one of the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars right now due to his high health, high damage output, incredible movement speed, and versatile playstyle. Here’s a deeper look at why Fang is so powerful:


High Health

Fang has a massive 7000 health at max level, which is on the higher end for an Assassin class Brawler. This allows him to take more hits before going down. Combined with his healing Star Power, Fang can sustain in combat better than most other Assassins.

High Damage

His main attack throws out quick spinning kicks that deal high damage both up close and at range. Each individual kick deals 720 damage at max level, allowing Fang to chip away at enemies. His Super kicks out a flurry of tornadoes that can hit multiple times for 3360 damage per strike.

High Movement Speed

Fang’s Super gives him a huge mobility boost, allowing him to quickly engage or escape unfavorable matchups. His Super Kick Star Power makes him even faster during his Super. This speed allows Fang to be an unpredictable threat.

Versatile Playstyle

Unlike some Assassins that only work on certain maps, Fang can adapt to many situations. He can play aggressively and assassinate low health Brawlers with his high damage potential. Or he can keep his distance and whittle down tanks from afar. This versatility makes Fang a great pick in nearly any battle.

Overall, Fang’s combination of survivability, damage, mobility, and flexibility make him one of the most complete Brawlers in Brawl Stars currently. He excels in a variety of modes and maps. Any player looking to push trophies should strongly consider mastering Fang.

B. Bonnie

Cute and cuddly Bonnie packs a huge punch with her rocket launcher and surviving her Super lets her transform into a towering monster with a bullet chain gun. Here’s what makes Bonnie one of the best:


High Damage

Bonnie’s main attack lobs rockets that explode for high area damage. Each rocket deals 1680 damage at max level and the blast can hit multiple enemies. Bonnie’s Super form, Big Baby, has insane DPS with bullet chain damage exceeding 5400 per second up close.

High Mobility

Her Star Power, Rocket Fuel, gives Bonnie a huge speed boost after her Super charges. This allows her to reposition and chase down enemies. Big Baby can also advance quickly with bullets pushing him back.

Unique Super Attack

Bonnie’s Super transforms her into the hulking Big Baby with a whole new kit. This gives her two lives and a devastating Super form to overwhelm enemies. It’s a creative mechanic that no other Brawler has.

Effective Against Tanky Brawlers

Thanks to Bonnie’s high damage output, especially in her Big Baby form, she shreds through heavy tanks and chunky fighters like Frank, Rosa, and Ash. The rocket splash damage and Big Baby’s massive DPS make Bonnie excellent at countering popular tanks.

Bonnie is one of the most unique Brawlers in Brawl Stars. Her dual-character design andVersatile attacks make her viable in nearly every game mode. Bonnie is especially powerful in the meta right now to counter prevalent tanky team comps.

C. Sam

Don’t underestimate this sneaky ambusher! Sam has incredible damage potential with his exploding case attacks. Let’s examine why Sam is so effective:


High Damage

His main attack lobs briefcases that explode for 1680 damage and can hit enemies around corners. Sam’s Super is a triple briefcase barrage that deals devastating 5040 damage if all hit. This burst potential can quickly assassinate weaker Brawlers.

Long Range

Sam has one of the longest ranges in the game, out-ranging many snipers. He can chip down enemies from safety or check bushes from a distance. His Super also has incredible 10 tile range, allowing him to snipe enemies from across the map.

Unique Super Attack

Sam’s Super Briefcase Rain allows him to unleash an aerial bombardment, carpet bombing a huge area of effect. It’s excellent for zone control and can hit hiding enemies. No other Brawler has this ability.

Effective Against Squishy Brawlers

With his ranged poke damage and huge Super burst potential, Sam dominates fragile fighters. Brawlers like Tick, Barley, and Bea get demolished by Sam before they can react. He counters popular mid-range fighters extremely well.

Overall, Sam has versatile abilities that make him powerful in nearly any mode or map. But he truly shines when taking out low health mid to long range Brawlers. His unique briefcase bomb mechanics give him one of the highest skill ceilings in the game.

D. Piper

Piper maintains her reputation as one of the top snipers in Brawl Stars. Let’s break down why she continues to excel as a long range threat:


High Damage

Piper’s main attack deals 2520 damage per shot at max level. She can quickly two or three shot most Brawlers. Her Super shells out 5280 damage in a huge area. This burst potential is devastating.

Long Range

With a massive 10 tile range, Piper outranges every Brawler except Brock, Belle, and Colette. She can siege enemies from safety and control huge swaths of the battlefield. Piper forces enemies to avoid open areas she’s watching.

Piercing Attacks

Both Piper’s main attack and Super are piercing, allowing them to hit enemies lined up behind each other. This makes her excellent against grouped up teams. Her shots get double or triple value easily.

Effective Against Groups of Brawlers

Thanks to Piper’s extremely long range and piercing attacks, she thrives when facing grouped up teams. Her shots pass through multiple enemies to get excellent value. Snipers like her counter heavy clumping.

Piper continues to dominate long range interactions in Brawl Stars. Newer snipers have not dethroned her as one of the best damage threats from a distance. Piper forces unique gameplay and her versatility allows her to work in nearly any team comp. She continues to be an excellent choice in competitive play.

E. Gale

Don’t underestimate the power of wind! Gale has incredible pushing and repositioning abilities thanks to his wind-based attacks. Here’s why he’s so disruptive:


High Damage

Gale’s main attack shoots out a triple shot burst that deals 1512 damage per bullet at max level. His Super launches a tornado that can deal 3920 damage and boops enemies far away. This combination of poke and burst damage makes Gale dangerous.

High Mobility

Gale’s Super gives him unparalleled repositioning power, able to launch himself and enemies across the map. He can also use it to boop enemies into disadvantageous spots. This mobility lets Gale control the flow of battle.

Unique Star Power

His Star Power, Spring Ejector, allows him to bounce over walls with his Super. This gives Gale unprecedented mobility, able to go where no other Brawler can. It enables extremely aggressive plays.

Effective Against Brawlers with Low Mobility

Immobile Brawlers like Frank and Jessie struggle against Gale since they rely on walking to engage. Gale can keep blowing them away with his Super while peppering them with damage. He counters popular low mobility picks in the current meta.

With excellent damage and disruptive Super abilities, Gale remains one of the most potent support Brawlers. His ability to control enemy movement and positioning enables him to shine in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball especially.

F. Ash

Ash brings the heat to every battle with his high health pool, flaming attacks, and devastating Super. Here’s a closer analysis of why Ash is top tier:


High Health

Ash has a whopping 6720 base health at max level, one of the beefiest in Brawl Stars. This huge HP pool combined with his healing Star Power allows Ash to sustain and soak up damage for his team.

High Damage

His main attack deals 1400 damage per hit, building up rage with each swing. When fully enraged, Ash deals 2800 damage per swing, enough to shred tanks. His enraged Super deals 7000 damage if he connects the whole thing.

Unique Super Attack

Ash’s Super charges up a massive 360 degree spin attack. Upon activating, Ash rages forward, dealing massive damage to any enemies he contacts. It’s an excellent initiator and game changer in team fights.

Effective Against Tanky Brawlers

Thanks to his enormous health pool and high damage output, especially when enraged, Ash melts through thick tanks and fighters like Frank, Rosa, and Jacky. He’s currently one of the best tank counters.

Ash continues to be a top pick in Brawl Stars thanks to his survivability through huge health and lifesteal healing, big damage when enraged, and devastating team fight-winning Super. He’s easy to play yet has a high skill cap. And Ash dominates the current tank-heavy meta.

G. Belle

The Beautiful Belle lives up to her name as one of the deadliest Brawlers in Brawl Stars currently. Let’s break down why she’s so dominant:


High Damage

Belle’s main attack deals 1408 damage per shot, allowing her to chip down enemies extremely quickly. Her Super shells out 3520 damage in a huge area of effect. This combination of ranged poke and AoE burst gives Belle excellent damage potential.

Long Range

With 9 tiles of range, Belle outranges many mid to long range Brawlers, allowing her to siege enemies from safety. She excels on open maps where she can take full advantage of her range.

Unique Super Attack

Belle’s Super locks onto enemies with her drone, markIng them to receive +35% damage from all sources. This utility makes it invaluable during teamfights and enables allies to quickly burn marked targets.

Effective Against Squishy Brawlers

Since Belle has very long range and consistent damage, she dominates fragile Brawlers who rely on low health pools like Tick, Barley, and Bea. She can chunk them before they ever get in range to retaliate.

Belle continues to be one of the top damage threats in Brawl Stars, with versatile abilities that make her powerful in nearly any mode or map. Her long range, high damage, and damaging Drone Super give her potent poke, burst, and utility. Belle should be strongly considered in any competitive team composition.

H. Byron

Byron does it all, able to heal allies, chip down enemies, and lock down areas with his wide variety of attacks. Here’s what makes him so versatile:


High Healing

Byron’s main attack splits into healing for allies and damage for enemies. He can output 1820 healing per second on allies, giving him incredible sustain for teammates. His Super concentrates this into an enormous burst heal.

High Damage

Despite being a healer, Byron has great damage too. His main attack and Super both deal 1400 damage to enemies. He can defend himself while also supporting allies. Byron enables aggressive team playstyles.

Unique Super Attack

Byron’s Super throws out a potion that splashes in a huge area, healing allies inside for 5280 health while damaging enemies. It’s an invaluable tool for teamfights, healing your team while damaging the enemy team.

Effective Against Brawlers with Low Mobility

Since Byron’s attacks have such massive area of effect healing and damage, he counters Brawlers with low mobility who can’t dodge his attacks as easily. Enemy tanks get melted while being unable to reach Byron’s slippery allies.

Byron continues to enable hyper-aggressive team comps thanks to his immense healing potential coupled with solid damage. He truly does it all, with versatile area healing and damage attacks. Byron will likely remain a top pick unless his unique mechanics get changed.

I. Edgar

Very few Brawlers can match Edgar’s sheer assassination potential. He excels at ambushing lone enemies and quickly annihilating them before they can react. Let’s examine Edgar’s strengths:


High Damage

His main attack deals 1680 damage at point blank range. Once his Super charges, Edgar can leap on enemies for 5040 damage. With his healing Star Power, this damage quickly executes lone Brawlers.

High Mobility

Edgar’s Super gives him incredible mobility, launching him at enemies for a deadly ambush. He can quickly leap between targets or use it to engage and escape. This makes Edgar an extremely elusive threat.

Unique Super Attack

Edgar’s leaping Super enables devastating ambush potential, allowing him to quickly hop on an unsuspecting enemy and shred them with his high close range damage. No other Brawler has this initiation threat.

Effective Against Squishy Brawlers

Since Edgar wants to fight up close where he deals massive damage, he devastates low health Brawlers like Tick, Barley, and Bea who rely on range as a safety net. Edgar deletes them before they can react.

Overall, Edgar remains one of the best Brawlers at ambushing and assassinating lone enemy Brawlers who wander away from their team. His incredible burst damage and mobility with his Super make him a constant danger. Edgar thrives when facing squishy enemies.

J. Stu

Stu makes up for his modest health pool with insane mobility, high damage, and a game-changing Super. Let’s examine why Stu continues to be top tier:


High Damage

Stu’s main attack deals 1400 damage per hit. His Super charges up a powerful dash that deals 3360 damage and knocks back enemies. Combined, Stu has lethal burst potential.

High Mobility

His base movement speed is Very Fast, and his Super gives him a long range charge attack that enables repositioning and engaging abilities. Stu is extremely slippery.

Unique Super Attack

Stu’s Super enables him to charge forward, damaging and knocking back enemies hit. This allows him to quickly initiate teamfights to his advantage. No other Brawler can quickly engage like Stu.

Effective Against Groups of Brawlers

Thanks to Stu’s high damage and ability to charge through teams, he excels when facing grouped up enemies like in Brawl Ball. He can damage and displace multiple enemies at once with his Super.

Despite his modest health, Stu’s overwhelming mobility, high close range damage, and unique charge Super make him one of the most potent fighters in Brawl Stars currently. He charges into battle and devastates enemies before escaping again. Stu will likely remain top tier for quite some time.

Other Notable Characters

While the previous top 10 Brawlers stand above the rest, Brawl Stars has many other powerful and viable characters that are still excellent choices depending on your playstyle, the game mode, and team composition. Let’s take a look at some other notable Brawlers that have their own strengths and utility:


Perky Colette deals modest damage with her main attack, but has brutal burst potential thanks to her Super mechanics. Here’s how she works:

  • Her main attack marks enemies with a hit, slowly increasing damage on them by 20% per hit up to 1000% increased damage. This ramping damage increase allows her to shred tanks.
  • Her Super deals 18% of the enemy’s MAX health, executing low health Brawlers and severely damaging tanks. Combined with her ramping main attack, Colette can burst down any Brawler.
  • Her Star Powers give her a damage shield when using her Super, allowing her to tank hits while unloading big bursts of damage.
  • Colette is strongest against high health Brawlers since her percentage health damage melts tanks. But she can be weak against long range poke.

Overall, Colette has a very unique damage ramping mechanic that allows her to seriously threaten any Brawler, especially tanks. She enables burst comps focused on blowing up key targets.


Lola brings her shadow friend alongside her into battle with a creative duo attack mechanic! Here’s how she functions:

  • Lola’s main attack throws a card forward, and her shadow companion throws another card at a different angle, allowing wide spread damage.
  • Her Super spawns a clone of herself that mirrors her main attacks, essentially doubling her damage output. The clone lasts 10 seconds.
  • Her Star Power gives her clone life leech, healing Lola for 16% of her clone’s damage. This gives her solid sustain.
  • With her clone active, Lola can pump out tremendous damage to shred enemies from odd angles and sustain herself through healing.

Lola thrives when she has her clone active and can flank enemies from multiple angles with the double attacks. Overall, Lola brings unique duo mechanics that enable hyper-aggressive poke and burst playstyles.


Spike is a well-rounded mid-range fighter who excels at area control and zone denial with his spiky projectile attacks. Here’s how he functions:

  • Spike lobs exploding cactus spikes that deal 1440 damage on hit and 800 in a small area. This allows him to hit enemies behind cover.
  • His Super drops spikes in a wide area, dealing 2480 damage per spike. It provides excellent area denial, zoning enemies.
  • Spike has decent health and his Star Power Fertilize allows him to heal himself and allies inside his Super radius.
  • Spike is strong against grouped up teams where his AoE damage gets maximum value. But very mobile or long range Brawlers can avoid his attacks.

Overall, Spike continues to be one of the best Brawlers at controlling space and denying areas with his AoE spike attacks. He provides excellent zone control for his team.


Toxic Crow specializes in slowly wearing down opponents over time with his poison dagger attacks while staying elusive. Here are Crow’s mechanics:

  • Crow’s daggers deal moderate damage, but apply a strong poison DoT effect, dealing 336 damage per second for 5 seconds. This can chunk enemies.
  • His Super launches a flurry of 12 daggers outward, applying his poison debuff to any enemies hit.
  • His Star Powers give him a shield when at low health and increase his poison tick speed, enabling more damage over time.
  • Crow excels at poking and whittling down healthier Brawlers slowly with his DoTs while avoiding damage himself.

Overall, Crow brings a unique DoT poison playstyle that enables him to wear down even tanky Brawlers over time while staying safe. He provides potent utility.


Mystic Gene controls the battlefield with his wide variety of magical attacks that reposition enemies and provide massive burst potential. Here are Gene’s tools:

  • His main attack charges up and shoots out a magic lamp shot that deals moderate damage. Landing shots charges his Super.
  • His Super hooks and pulls the closest enemy to him, dragging them into danger. This sets up kills for his team. It charges fast with hits.
  • His Star Powers increase his lamp shot range after using his Super and give him healing for every enemy pulled by his Super.
  • Gene excels at singling out enemies with hooks to blow them up quickly with his team’s help. Squishy Brawlers suffer the most from his displacements.

With field control tools like his Super hook and solid mid-range poke damage, Gene continues to enable devastating combo bursts with his team. Displacing a key target at the right time wins games.


Throwable Sprout overruns the battlefield with walls, turrets, and ranged attacks to control space. Here are Sprout’s tools:

  • His main attack lobs seed bombs that deal 1400 damage at range and explode to hit enemies behind walls. The shots bounce off walls once.
  • His Super throws down temporary 3000 health walls that block paths and shots. These walls deny enemy engage options.
  • His Super walls deploy a turret when broken that fires down lanes, providing additional map control.
  • Sprout dominates throwers with over-the-wall shots and tanks with his persistent field control through exploding shots and Super walls. But melee assassins can exploit his slow speed.

Overall, with persistent map control tools, Sprout continues to enable area denial playstyles focused on controlling the battlefield. His seeds and walls force enemies into bad positions.


Chilly Lou dominates close range interactions with his freezing main attacks and devastating stun Super. Here is how Lou functions:

  • Lou’s main attack shoots a cone of ice forward that deals 1408 damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.
  • His Super shoots forward a massive wave of ice that freezes enemies for 4 seconds, stunning them in place. This enables huge burst setups.
  • His Star Power gives Lou boosts to his main attack speed, range, and Super radius based on his remaining ammo. More ammo equals bigger boosts.
  • With his CC abilities, Lou dominates low mobility melee Brawlers who rely on walking up to enemies to engage. Once frozen, they are vulnerable to burst damage.

Lou continues to enable lockdown team comps focused on chaining stuns and disabling targets for combos. Freezing the right enemy at the perfect time swings teamfights tremendously.


Mecha pilot Meg builds up her mech mode piece by piece through scrap before eventually transforming into a hulking death robot. Here are Meg’s mechanics:

  • In base mode, Meg has low health and moderate damage with her scrap gun. Killing enemies drops scrap to charge her Super.
  • Her Super initially provides Meg with 4000 added health, evolving her mech further each time she dies and respawns until fully charged.
  • In her final mech form, Meg has 10,000 health and increased damage, making her nearly unstoppable in small areas. But she’s vulnerable to percent health damage enemies.
  • Transforming into her massive mech enables Meg to barrel through enemies and chokepoints, but focus fire can quickly take her down. Meg dominates when ignored.

Overall, Meg enables snowball playstyles where she grows continuously stronger in prolonged fights, but is vulnerable to being countered by tank shredders before transforming. Evolving Meg’s mech is crucial for taking over games.


Chaotic Squeak overwhelms enemies with his sticky explosive attacks that bounce and splatter over terrain. Here are Squeak’s tools:

  • His main attack lobs a bouncing blob that sticks to terrain, enemies, or walls, exploding after 1.5 seconds for 1680 damage.
  • His Super lobs a huge explosive blob that splatters everywhere, dealing massive damage. Enemies hit are also stuck with his main blobs.
  • His Star Powers give his blobs a slow field and extra explosion range, increasing his area control.
  • With his floor and wall coating attacks, Squeak dominates grouped up teams where his splashing explosive shots get maximum value.

Overall, Squeak brings persistent area control and denial through his sticky explosive blobs that bombard the battlefield. His attacks force enemies to constantly reposition, giving Squeak’s team map control.

There are many other strong contenders like Buzz, Leon, and Frank who could make cases in the top 10 best Brawlers conversation as well. The key is identifying their strengths and how those align with your own playstyle and the needs of your team comp. A Brawler’s power level is not one-dimensional, but rather depends on how synergistically their toolkit interacts with the chosen game mode, map, team strategy, and counters on the enemy team. This list provides a guide of many strong characters to consider which each enable unique playstyles and utility.

How to Choose the Best Characters for You

While some Brawlers seem to consistently perform better than others in competitive play, there is no definitive ranking of the “best” characters in Brawl Stars. The optimal Brawler picks depend heavily on your own personal playstyle and strengths, as well as coordinating with the chosen game mode, map, and your teammates’ selections. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding which characters to play:

Consider Your Playstyle

The most important aspect when picking your Brawler is playing someone that matches your own natural strengths and preferences as a player. For example:

  • If you excel at close range interactions, Brawlers like Mortis, Bull, and El Primo allow you to dominate up close battles.
  • If you’re great at hitting shots from a distance, long range snipers like Piper, Brock, and Belle maximize your poke damage potential.
  • If you prefer support play, then Poco, Byron, and Pam enable you to heal teammates and control areas from safety.
  • If you succeed through careful ambushes, melee assassins like Buzz, Darryl, and Edgar allow you to burst down unsuspecting enemies.

Take time to identify your own strengths. Are you an expert sharpshooter? A pro at juking shots up close? Or do you enable your teammates to pop off through healing and other utility? Pick Brawlers that accentuate your natural talents.

Consider the Game Mode

The game mode you’re playing has a massive influence on which Brawlers perform the best. When selecting characters, consider how their kits interact with the mode win conditions:

  • Gem Grab rewards controlling the center and area denial. Throwers like Barley and Tick who can bombard the gem mine excel here. Tanks like Frank and Rosa also thrive with grabbing gems.
  • Bounty favors long range poke chip damage and survival. Long range sharpshooters like Piper and Brock who can safely deal damage work very well. Avoid fragile Brawlers.
  • Heist emphasizes high burst potential to quickly destroy the enemy safe. Hyper carries like Colt and Rico who deal massive damage output fit best.
  • Brawl Ball requires versatile brawlers who can pass, score, and defend. Mortis is a top pick for scoring while tanks like Bibi work for defending.

Think about the win conditions required for the mode and pick Brawlers that enable those conditions. Your choices will vary widely across Gem Grab vs Heist for example.

Consider the Map

The layout of the map is another key consideration when selecting your Brawler. Analyze the types of interactions the map will promote and pick accordingly:

  • On more open maps, long range Brawlers like Piper and Brock dominate since they can bombard enemies from safety across long sightlines.
  • On closed quarter maps with lots of walls, short range fighters like Shelly and Bull thrive because enemies are forced into close range interactions around corners.
  • More chokepoint heavy maps enable throwers like Barley and Sprout to thrive since they can bombard enemies as they funnel through tight areas.
  • Bushy maps favor ambushers like Bull and Darryl who can hide and use bushes to suddenly burst enemies.

Always analyze the types of brawlers who will excel on the map you’re playing. For example, avoid a short range Edgar on a wide open map where he’ll get shredded before reaching anyone. Map layout dictates optimal picks.

Consider Team Composition

The final major factor is which Brawlers your teammates pick. Strive for a cohesive team comp with defined roles covered instead of a random assortment of characters. Things to look for in your team:

  • Having a solid balance of damage types – a sharpshooter for long range, fighter for mid, and assassin for close range engage. This gives you options.
  • Pick Brawlers that cover each other’s weaknesses and enable combo plays. For example, Gene’s hooks pair perfectly with short range burst from Shelly who can capitalize on displaced enemies.
  • Ensure you have traits like healing and tanks covered as needed. If your random teammates lack a healer, consider filling that void.

Ideally you want to form a well-rounded comp of brawlers that handle every range and role needed to succeed. Duplicating roles like having 3 snipers leaves major gaps in your coverage.

Key Takeaways

  • Play to your personal strengths and preferences first when selecting Brawlers to maximize your impact.
  • Always consider how a Brawler aligns with the win condition and interactions promoted by the specific game mode. Certain characters excel in some modes over others.
  • Analyze the map layout and don’t pick Brawlers who struggle on that terrain. Understand how the map enables different types of interactions.
  • Communicate with teammates and aim for cohesive team comps with every needed role covered instead of overlapping picks.

While some characters seem objectively more powerful than others, optimal picks depend heavily on how their toolkit aligns with your own playstyle, the game mode strategies, map layout, and team composition needs. Consider all these factors holistically when selecting your Brawler to maximize your potential and help your team win.Copy


Picking the right Brawler to play in Brawl Stars is crucial yet complex. There are many factors that determine how effective a character will be, including your own personal strengths, the game mode, map layout, team composition, and evolving meta. Let’s summarize key lessons:

The “Best” Brawlers Depend On You

While some Brawlers seem objectively more powerful than others, a character’s effectiveness ultimately comes down to how well their mechanics match your own specific playstyle. For example:

  • If you excel at landing long range poke shots, Piper will enable you to dominate through her extreme range.
  • If you’re great at assassinating lone enemies up close, Edgar allows you to capitalize on ambush solo kills.
  • If you prefer supporting your team, Pam provides excellent healing to keep teammates alive.

The “best” Brawler for you utilizes your strengths. Take time to identify your natural talents and pick characters that accentuate those talents.

Game Mode and Map Dictate Optimal Picks

You can’t just blindly play the same Brawler across every mode and map. Analyze how your character fits into the mode win condition and map interactions:

  • In Gem Grab, area control Brawlers like Tick and Bo thrive off bombarding the mine. Don’t bring a short range fighter.
  • On more open maps, long range snipers like Belle and Piper will dominate fights from safety. Avoid melee only Brawlers.
  • In Heist, prioritize high burst damage like Colt and Rico to quickly shred the enemy safe.

Always think about how your character enables the win condition needed for that particular mode and map. Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Build Synergy With Your Team

Instead of just instinctively picking your favorite Brawler, take time to build team synergy. For example:

  • If your team lacks healing, choose Poco or Pam to sustain everyone. Filling missing roles is crucial.
  • If allies pick close range assassins, grab a sniper like Brock to handle distant threats they can’t reach. Cover weaknesses.
  • If allies have knockbacks from Gale and Gene, pick burst damage like Shelly to capitalize on displacing enemies. Combine your abilities.

Cohesive team comps have all bases covered across ranges and roles. Make picks that directly support allies too. Teamwork wins games.

The Meta Always Evolves

Today’s top tier Brawlers can easily become bottom feeders after balance changes shift the landscape. For example:

  • Buzz dominated on release due to his absurd damage potential, but got repeatedly nerfed into obscurity.
  • Gale used to be considered weak until several buffs brought his disruptive abilities into the spotlight.
  • Meg struggled until changes helped her Mech transform faster, pushing her into viability.

No Brawler remains the “best” or “worst” forever in Brawl Stars. The development team constantly tweaks abilities to shift metas. Stay adaptable.

Focus On Mastering A Small Roster

Instead of jumping between every character each match, focus on mastering 2-3 Brawlers for your main role:

  • Really learn a sniper like Piper inside and out as your long range specialist.
  • Master a fighter like Bibi to dominate mid range interactions.
  • Perfect an assassin like Mortis to maximize ambush kills.

Being extremely skilled on a small roster is better than being mediocre with everyone. Specialize based on your role.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal picks depend on your personal playstyle and preferences. Play to your strengths.
  • Analyze how Brawlers align with the current mode win condition and map interactions. Counter the situation.
  • Build team synergy through hero pools instead of randomly choosing. Cover all necessary roles.
  • The meta is always evolving via tweaks and reworks. Adapt accordingly.
  • Master a small roster of 2-3 characters for your preferred role rather than jumping randomly. Specialize.

While some Brawlers seem stronger than others in the current meta, there are no universally “best” picks. The optimal choice requires analyzing your own talents, the mode and map dynamics, team composition needs, and evolving balance changes. Take all these factors into account when picking your Brawler! You can read more about brawl stars guide here.

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