Summoners War Unleash Your Strategic -Prowess And Dominate the Monster

Summoners War is a popular mobile RPG developed by Com2uS that has garnered a massive global following. First released in 2014, the game has consistently remained one of the top-grossing apps with over 100 million downloads worldwide.

At its core, Summoners War revolves around summoning and collecting various monsters to assemble your ultimate monster army. With over 1000 unique monsters to collect, each with their own elemental properties and skills, the process of summoning and enhancing monsters is incredibly engaging and strategic.

The diverse gameplay features of Summoners War, including turn-based combat, dungeon crawling, competitive PvP, and massive guild wars, provides endless hours of entertainment. Players must utilize skill synergy and elemental advantages to defeat enemies in various PvE and PvP battle scenarios.

Popularity and Significance of the Game

A key factor behind the rampant success of Summoners War is its social dynamics. Joining guilds and engaging with the massive global community enhances the overall gameplay experience. The competitive guild wars and Arena battles foster a thriving eSports ecosystem around the game.

As one of the pioneering gacha RPG titles, Summoners War demonstrated the viability of the gameplay format on mobile. Its runaway success paved the way for many other successful gacha game franchises. Even after almost a decade, Summoners War continues to have a dedicated playerbase and remains hugely popular worldwide.

Engaging Gameplay and Diverse Features

Summoners War offers engaging gameplayhooks through its diverse features and modes. The process of strategic team building by synergizing different elemental monsters provides great depth. Players must balance resource management, turn-based combat tactics and monster progression.

The vast PvE and PvP content, ranging from scenario zones, dungeon crawling, boss raids and competitive Arena, provides endless gameplay variety. Regular content and balance updates by Com2uS ensure longevity through ever-evolving meta and new gameplay experiences.

Overall, Summoners War has set the benchmark for deep, strategic and community-driven RPG gameplay on mobile. Its engaging qualities and diverse content has established itself as one of the most prominent RPG titles worldwide.

The Essence of Summoning in Summoners War

The core of the Summoners War gameplay revolves around the strategic collection and utilization of monsters. Players can summon and collect over 1000 unique monsters in the game, with each monster having distinct attributes and skills.

The summoning system relies on scrolls, which can be acquired through various means in the game. Scrolls have different rarities, with Mystical Scrolls being the most common and Legendary/Transcendence Scrolls having the rarest monsters.

Strategic summons are key, as players aim to summon more powerful natural 4 or 5 star monsters. Light and Dark attribute monsters are exceptionally rare and powerful. Getting the monsters you want relies partly on luck, which makes summons incredibly exciting.

Building a robust roster of monsters in different elements is crucial for tackling the game’s varied content. Monsters can be summoned at various evolution stages from 1 to 6 stars, with higher stages requiring substantial investment to reach.

Different Types of Monsters and Their Roles

The 1000+ monsters in Summoners War fulfill different combat roles and possess varied attributes. These include:

Attack Monsters

These monsters specialize in dealing high damage. Attackers like Lushen, Teshar, Alicia and Perna are valued for their devastating damage potential. Attackers shine in PvE content like dungeons and scenario zones.

Defense Monsters

Defense monsters form the sturdy frontline thanks to high base HP and Defense. they soak up damage and shield allies. Examples include Fire Panda, Wind Druid, Water Dragon and Light Golem.

Support Monsters

Supports provide sustain and utility through heals, buffs, debuffs, crowd control etc. They include Colleen, Fran, Belladeon, Verdehile, Galleon. Supports enable and augment your main damage dealers.

HP Monsters

Monsters with exceptionally high HP can fulfill multiple roles. Vigor, Jultans, Khmun and Molly excel in PvP through sheer tankiness and disruption.

CC (Crowd Control) Monsters

Despair runes enable CC monsters to stun and disable enemies. Tyron, Verad, Rica, Poseidon, Hathor specialize in CC through freeze, sleep, stun, ATB pushback. They disrupt enemy combos.


Nukers specialize in landing devastating single target or AoE damage on unsuspecting enemies. These glass cannons aim to quickly defeat opponents before they can respond.


Bombers like Malaka, Taurus, Dover use bomb debuffs to inflict huge damage after several turns. Their ignore defense bombs can wipe teams if left unchecked.

Support/Healer Hybrids

Some supports like Ariel, Praha and Atenai provide excellent healing alongside other utility like buffs, debuffs, CC etc. Their hybrid nature enables versatile use.

PvP Specialists

Many monsters like Bulldozer, Khmun, Seara, Giana etc specialize in PvP modes due to their kits countering specific meta defenses and offense teams.

PvE Specialists

Several monsters excel specifically in PvE content like dungeons, rifts and raids. These include Lapis, Kro, Spectra, Loren that are well suited for PvE scenarios.

Strategies for Effective Monster Collection and Utilization

Here are some tips for building your monster collection efficiently:

  • Prioritize versatile monsters that can fulfil multiple roles.
  • Build teams with synergy and complementary skills.
  • Balance AoE and single target damage within teams.
  • Develop supports and tanks alongside damage dealers.
  • Focus on 2A monsters – they are easy to skill up and provide great value.
  • Build elemental diversity to counter all scenarios.
  • Identify and build key PvP and PvE specialists.
  • Don’t spread resources too thin – concentrate on priority monsters.
  • Use dupes to skill up and evolve monsters efficiently.

A robust collection of specialized monsters will provide the tools to develop teams tailored for every battle scenario in Summoners War PvE or PvP. Keep summoning new monsters while judiciously enhancing existing ones.

Runes and Skill Enhancement

Importance of Runes in Strengthening Monsters

Runes are a critical component for empowering monsters in Summoners War. The rune system provides extensive scope for customization and strategic enhancement of your roster.

Through the mix-and-match rune system, players can tailor monsters to excel in specific roles. Each rune set provides unique bonuses and rune slots allow for main stat and substat upgrades.

The myriad rune effects enable fine-tuning monsters for specialized builds. You can make attackers deadlier, supports faster, tanks more durable, and customize Speed, Damage, Accuracy, Resistance and other attributes as needed.

Runes reward long-term investment. The highest tier 6* Legendary runes can be powered up incrementally to add significant substats. Grindstones and enchant gems provide further customization.

Regular Farming of Cairos Dungeons is essential to get usable runes. Prioritization of rune sets and attributes will depend on the monster and role. Rune builds form the pillar of monster enhancement.

Combat Mechanics and Strategies

Understanding the Core Combat Mechanics of Summoners War

Summoners War utilizes a turn-based combat system with teams of up to 5 monsters facing off. Understanding the core mechanics is vital to developing winning strategies:

  • Speed – Determines turn order. Faster monsters take more turns, enabling combos. Speed synergy across teams is crucial.
  • Attack Bar (ATB) – Fill up over time. Certain skills boost ATB – enables cutting in between enemy turns.
  • HP/Defense – Durability stats. High HP/DEF allows tanks to soak damage. Healers recover HP.
  • Attack/Crit Rate/Crit Damage – Offensive stats. Attackers deal damage based on ATK and Crits.
  • Accuracy/Resistance – Accuracy lands debuffs. Resistance opposes enemy debuff accuracy.
  • Skill Effects – Diverse skills have damage, healing, CC, buffs, debuffs, ATB manipulations etc. effects.
  • Elemental Advantage – Fire > Wind. Wind > Water. Water > Fire. Light/Dark are neutral.
  • Leader Skills – Provide party-wide stat bonuses. Pair with appropriate squads.
  • Runes – Rune builds customize stats and effects. Grinds further enhance runes.
  • Combat Arena – 5v5 battlefield. Backline monsters protected by frontline tanks. AoE skills hit entire enemy party.

Mastering these systems and synergizing monsters based on their attributes and skills is key to victory. Strategic speed tuning, skill rotations, elemental matching and rune builds allows players to dominate PvE and outwit opponents in PvP.

Developing Effective Combat Strategies for Various Scenarios

Summoners War offers diverse PvE and PvP battle content, requiring tailored strategies:


  • Build team comps to counter dungeon mechanics and enemy elements.
  • Speed tune for turn order – use ATB boosters to cycle turns faster.
  • Focus fire high threat targets like boss or crstals. Use AoE for waves.
  • Include buffs, debuffs, CC, shields, heals as needed to counter dungeon threats.
  • Manage cooldowns – don’t overlap key skill effects.

Rift Raids

  • Frontline needs high HP/DEF, vamp runes, healers, cleanse. Backline provides damage.
  • Reset cooldowns before Groggys. Burst during non-Groggys. Manage debuffs.
  • Midfight evolutions like Balegyr and Eirgar shine.

PvP Offense

  • Speed tune teams for turn 1 advantage. Use buffers, CC, sustain as needed.
  • Shield/Will runes protect from enemy opener disruption.
  • Bring elemental advantage against threats.
  • Ensure accuracy for landing debuffs. Prioritize high threat targets.

PvP Defense

  • Disrupt enemy turn order – cut in with Nemesis, surprise violent procs.
  • Sustain and endure enemy burst damage. Draw out fight with healers, revivers.
  • Layer RNG – despair stuns, revenge counters, violent procs to upset enemy gameplan.

Guild Content

  • Build balanced tower offense teams – AoE, single target, bruiser, sustain, CC.
  • Tailor siege defenses to counter common attacks. Mix threats, disruptors, bruisers.
  • For labyrinth, have teams that can handle prolonged fights with sustain.

Utilizing Monster Synergy and Elemental Advantages

Success requires building synergistic teams and leveraging elemental properties:

Synergy Examples:

  • Belladeon provides heals, ATB boost + defense break for nukers to deal big damage.
  • Galleon’s AoE defense break and attack buff enables bombers and AoE nukers to devastate enemies.
  • Verdehile fills up team ATB alongside damage dealers for fast cycling turns.
  • Chasun’s fallen blossoms balances incoming damage across team while healing.
  • Delphoi cleanses team and provides immunity, smoothing overall survivability.

Elemental Advantages:

  • Use water nukers against high HP/DEF fire tanks like Kumar, Velajuel.
  • Fire bruisers like Perna, Chow can take down wind tanks like Feng Yan, Louise.
  • Wind monsters counter water threats – e.g. using Katarina into Chandra, Camilla, Ariel.
  • Light/Dark have no disadvantages. Great against opponent element teams.
  • Ensure your team has no glaring weaknesses to a single enemy element.

Proper synergy and elemental coverage allows you to maximize team capabilities while exploiting enemy elemental disadvantages.

Rune Types and Their Strategic Applications

Summoners War contains over 20 distinct rune sets, each with unique 2/4 set bonuses that can be combined creatively. The major rune types are:


Increases HP. Useful for early game progression and making tanks. Main stat focus on HP% or SPD. Beginner friendly.


Boosts Attack. Ideal for nukers and damage dealers. ATK% or CDmg as main stat. Great for PvE DPS.


Provides Critical Rate. Useful for nukers and attackers. CR or CDmg main stat. Easy to farm from scenarios.


Bonus Speed. Universal set that works on all monster types. SPD main stat gives Turn 1 advantage.


Chance to stun on attack. Enables crowd control capabilities. Works best on multi-hit skill monsters.


Improves Accuracy for landing debuffs. Useful for support monsters who need to land key debuffs consistently.


Chance for extra turn. One of the best late game sets. Shines on supports, healers, tanks, and bruisers.


Lifesteal effect. Provides sustain for tanky damage dealers. Useful for solo farming scenarios and frontline raids/rifts.


Protects from enemy turn 1 debuffs and combos. Mainly a PvP set but has some PvE uses too.


Chance to counterattack when attacked. Works well on high HP/DEF tanks and disruptors like Jultans.


Boosts ATB when hit. Enables cutting in between enemy combos. Primarily a PvP set for healers/tanks.


Deals extra damage based on enemy Max HP. Useful in long drawn-out fights against tanky targets, like high-level PvE bosses.


Provides a shield upon turn start. Stack shields with multiple sets for protection. Works in PvP and PvE.


Reduce damage taken. Main use is early game. Largely replaced by Shield runes in mid-late game.


Survive fatal damage once. Can clutch some fights but mostly a early game set.


Increase ally Attack Power. Support set for Raid/Rift monks and PvP attack buffers.


Increase ally Accuracy. Support set for units who need to land debuffs.


Boosts ally HP Recovery. Can provide sustenance but niche support set.


Improves Accuracy like Focus but less efficient as 2 set. Rarely used.


Boosts ally Resistance. Mediocre as a 2 set – mainly used for broken sets.


Boosts Critical Damage. Rage/Blade standard nuker combo. Rage/Will also sees some PvP use.


Reduces damage from one element. Very niche PvP use. Stat inefficient.


Increases damage against one element. Also a poor rune set – rarely used.


Can be forged from Symbols in Steel Workshop. Stats depend on quality of rune crafted.

C. Skill Enhancement Techniques for Maximizing Monster Potential

To fully utilize monsters, players need to enhance their skills and combat capabilities:

  • Increase Skill Levels using duplicate monsters as sacrifices. Higher skill levels reduce cooldowns and strengthen effects.
  • Use Devilmons to skillup 4*/5* monsters. Devilmons are rare, so use carefully on priority nat 5s.
  • 2A Awakening provides a major boost by enhancing S1/S2 skills and adding extra effects. Highly farmable way to strengthen key 2/3* monsters.
  • Runes and Grinds – Efficient rune builds that maximize desired stats are key. Grindstones to further enhance rune subs.
  • Use Glory Towers and Guild Flags to add extra stats. Max out important towers like Speed, CDmg, Atk, Elemental ATK/HP first.
  • Set Leader Skills for extra bonuses in battle. Pair leaders with appropriate squads.
  • Artifacts provide substats and some unique effects. Useful addition but requires extensive farming.
  • Respect 2/4/6 main stats – they contribute significant raw stats. Overall synergy > set bonuses.
  • Enchant Gems to directly boost subs on 6* runes. Enchants are endgame rune optimization.

By combining all these advancement methods, players can take their monsters to new heights and tackle the most extreme PvE and PvP content in Summoners War.

PvE Content and Progression

A. Exploring the Vast PvE Content, including Scenarios, Cairos Dungeons, and Rift Dungeons

Summoners War contains a massive amount of PvE content for players to explore. Mastering PvE progression is crucial for powering up your monsters. Major PvE elements include:

Scenario Zones

  • Scenarios are the initial PvE areas unlocked. Mt. Siz to Faimon Volcano across 8 regions.
  • Farm scenarios for low runes, 2/3* monsters, and evolve fodder. Faimon 1 normal is popular for XP.
  • Hell mode scenarios drop 4* runes. Chiruka Remains is great for XP and 4* rune farming.
  • Special side-stages unlock key monsters like Belladeon, Kro, Raoq, Fran etc.

Cairos Dungeons

  • Cairos contains elemental and essence dungeons for awakening monsters.
  • Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Necropolis and Punisher’s Crypt drop 5/6* runes vital for progression.
  • Labyrinth of Ancient Ruins opens on Sundays – raid for grinds, gems and immemorial/ennobling gems.
  • Dimensional Rift grants symbols for crafting/reappraising runes in the Steel Fortress.

Rift Dungeons

  • Elemental rifts provide craft mats for Fight, Tolerance, Enhance, Determination rune sets.
  • Complete rift objectives by dealing damage and clearing debuffs during groggy state.
  • Farm homunculus materials – these artificial monsters have strong AOE skills.

Other Major PvE Content

  • Raid for artifacts in the Ancient Labyrinth. Grind artifacts for stat boosts.
  • Defeat Tartarus hell bosses using strategic team comps and mid-fight evolutions.
  • Clear TOA(H) for juicy rewards every reset. Floors test roster depth with unique stage mechanics.

Strategies for Efficient Progression and Resource Acquisition in PvE

Here are some tips for quick PvE progression:

  • Prioritize making your initial Giants team – units like Shannon, Bernard, Belladeon, Darion, and Konamiya are great early options.
  • Build key support units like Fran, Loren, Kro from secret dungeons. Fuse Sigmarus, Veromos.
  • Farm scenarios efficiently. Make Vero, Bella 6*. Target GB10 next. Establish rune foundation.
  • Assemble reliable Dragon, Necro and Rift teams next. Farm Violent, Vamp, Will, Fight runes.
  • Expand your monster box by collecting key elemental nat 3*s. Fuse skillups like Baretta, Mikene, Jeanne.
  • Build 2A dungeon units – Kro, Raoq, Belladeon, Bernard etc. Farm 2A skillups during events.
  • Don’t neglect PvE content – complete TOA, Tartarus, guild content for premium rewards.
  • Keep grinding runes! +15 crucial runes. Gem, grind, and enchant late game. Incremental upgrades add up.

Efficient resource utilization lets you maximize PvE farming. Continually strengthen teams to tackle higher dungeon levels for better rune quality and income.

Importance of PvE Content in Overall Game Progression

PvE content unlocks essential progression and resources:

  • Scenarios provide starter Swift runes and fodder.
  • Cairos Dungeons enable access to crucial Vio, Rev, Will, Despair runes.
  • Raids grant grindstones/gems to enhance runes.
  • Rifts give fight runes and homunculus.
  • TOA provides monthly leg scrolls and crystals.
  • Events like 2A provide skillups for key support units.
  • Labyrinth drops immemorial gem quality upgrades

By building teams to clear PvE areas, you acquire the necessary runes, monsters, and upgrades to strengthen your overall account. Prioritizing PvE efficiency generates long-term dividends.

The PvE treadmill is endless – there will always be higher B10 dungeon levels to farm, new Homunculus skills to craft, faster raid teams to build. Maintaining PvE progression gives you an edge in PvP.

The Thrill of PvP Combat and Competitive Gameplay

Beyond its expansive PvE content, Summoners War thrives on PvP gameplay. Matching wits against fellow players provides an exhilarating competitive experience. Key PvP elements include:


  • Fight rival players in the Arena. Climb ranks for glory points and crystals.
  • Stay in higher tiers for increased weekly rewards. Shoot for Guardian rank.
  • Tailor Arena Defense to disrupt enemy offenses. Seek a high success rate.

World Arena

  • Special PvP format with pick/ban phase. Fight opponents in real time.
  • Rewards include Medals, Auras, special transmog skins, and balance patches.
  • Utilize wider monster pool. Adapt picks and bans to counter enemy drafts.

Guild Content

  • Coordinate guild wars and sieges versus rival guilds.
  • Contribute points in wars/sieges to earn guild currency for shop purchases.
  • Lab allows guilds to team up and explore a huge map battling monsters.

Real-time Arena

  • Live PvP battles. Select 5 monsters with no dupes. Fight enemies in fast-paced combat.
  • Climb ranks against others. Participate in special seasonal cups for rewards.
  • Brand new RTA content that relies heavily on real-time decision making.

Different PvP Modes and Their Unique Challenges

Each PvP mode requires specialized units, strategy and rune builds:

Arena Offense

  • Use shield/will and speed leader to ensure first turn
  • Bring AoE cleave or bruiser sustain teams to counter defenses
  • Lushen teams speed clear single threat defenses
  • Copper/bulldozer cleaves take out tanky sustain teams
  • Tiana, Galleon enable AoE cleave nuker offenses

Arena Defense

  • Disrupt with Nemesis healers, fire threats like Perna, Rakan
  • Fast strip into CC units like Chiwu, Triton, Giana
  • Tanky sustain and reviver units like Psamathe, Taranys to stall
  • Hide threats in storage for surprise factor when hit

Siege Defense

  • Balance disruptor/threat/sustain towers to defang attacks
  • Pair fire and wind threats to prevent easy counters
  • Deceptive defenses bait incorrect attacks

Real Time Arena

  • Draft flexible boxes with sustain, CC, and damage
  • Adapt picks/bans to enemy drafts on the fly
  • Act decisively in the moment to disrupt and control the fight

Strategies for Building Successful PvP Teams and Dominating the Arena

Here are tips to excel at PvP:

  • Meticulously tune PvP unit speed for ideal turn order. Small differences matter.
  • Will runes protect from initial CC. Shield runes provide layer of protection.
  • Build units with PvP-specific kits – strip, CC, sustain, damage, utility.
  • Include a mix of threats, tanks, supports, and disruptors in team comps.
  • Take elemental matchups into account. Avoid easily countered teams.
  • Rune PvP units with high efficiency – prioritize SPD, CR, CD, ACC, HP, DEF.
  • Pick leaderskills to complement your strategy – SPD, HP, ATK, ACC leads.
  • Analyze defenses to identify weak points. Formulate offense gameplans.
  • Ensure accuracy on key debuff units. Enhance with artifacts.
  • Know your outs against meta defenses. Customize specific counter units.

Dedication and the right PvP-centric strategy enables you to crack high tier PvP content, collect glory points, climb Arena ranks and stand atop the RTA leaderboards.

The Significance of Guilds in Summoners War

Guilds form a major social element in Summoners War. They enable cooperative play with fellow summoners to take on guild-oriented content. Major benefits include:

Progression Help

  • Get guidance from experienced guildmates on progression, priority units to build, optimal rune builds.
  • Receive farmer reps and other key units to clear scenarios and dungeons.
  • Guildies can carry you through higher level dungeons and raids early on.

Guild Content Rewards

  • Earn guild points and crystals from successful guild war and siege performances.
  • Guild shop contains valuable items – legendary pieces, rainbowmon, Ifrit pieces.
  • Clear Tartarus for craft materials and cosmetic skins. Explore the huge Guild Labyrinth.
  • Share strategy for guild content. Coordinate guild defenses.


  • Engage in discussion about game updates, events, new units.
  • Share luck in summons, celebrate milestones, enjoy fan art. Fosters camaraderie.
  • Find like-minded players passionate about the game.
  • Filled with players actively invested in the game long-term.

Competitive Play

  • Allows more serious players to compete at the highest Siege/Guild War levels.
  • Plan siege and war attacks and defenses at an advanced strategic level.
  • Be part of an elite guild pushing for top Global or Regional placements.

B. Benefits of Joining a Guild and Participating in Guild Activities

Here are major benefits of active guild participation:

Progression Help

  • Getting early game tips from veterans helps build foundational teams faster.
  • Farmer reps speed up leveling fodder and farming. Friends reps also useful.
  • Veterans can carry you through higher level PvE areas you can’t yet clear solo.

Social Interaction

  • Having fellow players to discuss the game with increases enjoyment.
  • Share strategies, lucky summons, achievements, progress checkpoints.
  • Creates a community experience beyond just playing solo.

Guild Content Rewards

  • Guild shop mystical and legendary pieces enable extra summons.
  • Ifrit pieces leading up to Theomars provide milestones. Guild flags enhance stats.
  • High participation in guild wars and siege earns crystals, points for contribution.
  • Labyrinth completion and Tartarus kills earn guild cosmetics, materials.


  • Pushing for top Guild War and Siege ranks requires coordination.
  • Gives long-term players motivation to build the best defenses and plan attacks.

Finding an active guild matching your playstyle opens up significant benefits. The social aspects enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Engaging with the Summoners War Community for Enhanced Gameplay Experience

The Summoners War community provides:

Game Knowledge

  • Reddit, Discord channels with detailed game guides and unit reviews.
  • YouTubers showcase unit builds and team ideas. Streams explain techniques.
  • Community runes optimizers help refine PvE/PvP builds.


  • Reddit, Discord servers with large active discussions on all aspects of the game.
  • Share ideas on meta units, comps, and strategies.
  • Memes and humor help the community bond.

Competitive Scene

  • Tournament streams feature high level guild wars and RTA. Watch top players compete.
  • Community tournaments for all server regions and players.

Friends and Guilds

  • Use community hubs to find guilds matching playstyle, experience level.
  • Add fellow enthusiasts in-game. Use reps and friends for progression.

Tapping into the collective knowledge and connecting with fellow summoners enriches the overall experience. The SW community keeps players engaged for the long haul.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Essential Tips for Beginners to Kickstart Their Summoners War Journey

Starting Summoners War can feel overwhelming. Here are tips to set new players on the path to success:

Scenario Progression

  • Progress scenario zones till Faimon Volcano on normal difficulty. Clear Faimon for Lapis.
  • Farm scenarios for EXP, evolving fodder, and entry-level Swift/Energy runes. Purchase expansion packs.
  • Make Lapis 6*. Give her vampire runes from Chiruka Hell scenario. She can farm Faimon Hell.

Save Resources

  • Don’t spend crystals on premium packs. Refill energy to farm runes and EXP instead.
  • Save devilmons for sigmarus and other key nat 5s.
  • Be selective in 6* choices. Focus on progression units first before PvP toys.

Runes Over Monsters

  • Focus on making a GB10 team, not just collecting monsters. Runes make the biggest impact.
  • Prioritize GB10 over other PvE initially. Swift, Despair, Blade sets are foundational.
  • Don’t spread runes too thin. Concentrate sets on primary dungeon units.

Support Units

  • Fuse Veromos ASAP. Farm Belladeon on Sunday. Both key starter GB10 units.
  • Get Fran, Loren, Kro from secret dungeons. Fuse Sig. Build Shannon/Bernard.
  • 2A units like Kro, Raoq, Spectra provide amazing progression value.

Progression Checkpoints

  • Clear GB10 manually, then auto. Farm for Swift/Despair sets.
  • Assemble starter ToA team using Vero, Bella, Sig, Loren, CC units. Clear toa 1-100 monthly.
  • Make initial raid and rift teams. Homunculus provides valuable leader skill.
  • Build Tricaru for NB12/DB12. Farm Rage, Will runes.

Resource Management Strategies for Efficient Progression

Here are tips on managing resources as a beginner:

  • Energy should be spent in scenarios early. Refill with crystals for EXP and fodder.
  • Prioritize XP and evolving fodder first before rune farming. You want 6* units.
  • Save crystals for energy refills. Use daily on EXP boosters once you have max energy.
  • Devilmons are precious. Reserve for Sigmarus, Veromos and other key nat 5s.
  • Don’t waste mana on shop refreshes. Focus on rune upgrades for progression units.
  • Glory points buy Devilmon weekly. After max Energy buildings, max Speed tower first.
  • Ancient coins buy 4* rainbowmon every week. Use Guild Points for Ifrit pieces.
  • Farm 2A skillups during free energy events. Six starred 2As push progression.
  • Focus on completing content over getting S ranks at first. Clear ToAN before farming Homunculus.

Efficient resource planning prevents new players from spreading themselves too thin. Be patient – steady progression is key.

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a New Player

Here are common new player traps:

  • Trying to rush PvP before finishing PvE progression. PvE enables PvP rune quality.
  • Splurging premium packs trying to summon a game-changing nat 5. Runes matter more.
  • Upgrading mediocre runes early on. Be selective on units and sets to upgrade.
  • Wasting devilmons and six stars on units that don’t help progression.
  • Using crystals for shop refreshes and energy on lower dungeons with poor ROI.
  • Spreading runes thinly across too many units instead of focusing on key teams.
  • Not utilizing 2A units enough. Kro, Raoq, Belladeon 2A are cheap to build.
  • Forgetting to farm artifacts, grinds and enchants in late game. They provide big stat boosts.
  • Trying to force PvP too early. Things like RTA require extensive PvE grinding first.

Avoiding common pitfalls allows new players to maximize early progress. Focus on PvE milestones and essential units in the early game.

Advanced Strategies for Experienced Players

Insights into Advanced Gameplay Mechanics and Strategies

After reaching mid-late game, there are further depths to explore:

Summoners War Speed Tuning

Speed Tuning

  • Precisely tune unit speeds for ideal turn order. Understand breakpoints that allow cutting in.
  • Use fight runes and towers to enable units to move before enemy teams.
  • Build multiple speed tuned teams to counter enemy comps.

Rune Efficiency

  • With B12s, focus on only keeping hero 6* runes, or legend 6* with high efficiency subs.
  • Grind runes to maximize efficiency. Use enchanted gems to directly boost key subs like speed.
  • Build units on unbroken offset rune sets if they provide superior overall stats.

PvE Team Compression

  • Consolidate PvE content into fewer core teams. Build multi-purpose units.
  • Example: Tricaru works in DB12, NB12, some lab levels and raid rifts.
  • Reduce total 6* requirements by making versatile teams.

RTA Drafting

  • Understand unit synergies. Draft cores that work well together.
  • Know your opponent’s playstyle and likely picks. Anticipate and counter picks.
  • Hide surprise counterpicks in storage to reveal only in RTA.

Siege Defenses

  • Create synergistic defenses that counter current meta offenses. Force bad attacks.
  • Use scattering defenses across multiple towers to absorb attacks.
  • Build defs to deter Lushen cleaves or other common offenses.

Optimizing Rune Builds and Team Compositions for High-level Content

Late game strategies to push content:

R5 Team

  • Frontline: Fire panda, Darion – high DEF, HP, resist. Cleanse, heal.
  • Backline: Colleen, Hwa, Xiao Lin, Kro – Damage dealers with debuffs, Brand.
  • Tolerance sets offset low RES. Fight sets enhance damage.

BJ5 (Bale Janssen)

  • Synced team to spam Balegyr S3 nuke every turn. Allows fastest R5 runs.
  • Requires Will, Fight sets and proper speed tuning.


  • Triple Icaru + Verde team can farm DB12, NB12, some lab levels.
  • Needs Damage/CC builds on Icaru. Verde on Damage build.

B12 Speed Teams

  • Matches wave clear, bombs, CC, dots to clear waves and boss fast.
  • Examples: Tricaru (DB12), twins (NB12), Rica dot team (GB12).
  • Shield sets protect from boss counterattacks after wave clear.

Maximizing Efficiency and Resource Management in Late-Game Progression

Late game revolves around optimizing rune quality and PvP units:

  • Only farm B12s. Use crystals for energy. Stop buying premium packs.
  • Grind, gem, and enchant runes to maximize efficiency.
  • Craft Fight, Tolerance sets in rifts. Farm Determination and Enhance from lab.
  • Use Dimension Hole energy for ancient crystals and grindstones.
  • Keep farming artifacts – get key PvP units on multiple sources of additional stats.
  • Stay on top of 2A units. Use free energy events to farm skillups.
  • Keep glory points flowing into buildings. Max all PvE towers first.
  • Keep clearing ToA Hell for extra leg scrolls. Clear Hell labyrinth stages.
  • Only build PvP toys after completing core PvE teams. Prioritize guild war and siege units.

Endgame progression requires diligence in grinding for incremental upgrades. But the long-term rewards enable you to compete at the highest level of PvP.

Summoners War: A Captivating Mobile RPG with Endless Possibilities

With over 1000 unique monsters, vast PvE content and diverse PvP experiences, Summoners War delivers an incredible amount of depth and engagement for a mobile RPG.

The steady sense of progression as you clear scenarios, assemble dungeon teams and enhance your rune quality provides long-term motivation. Unlocking new content and hitting milestone achievements rewards your time investment.

The competitive guild sieges, intense Arena rush hour, and high-stakes RTA matches satisfy the desire for PvP testing your skills against fellow summoners. Thriving community hubs keep players invested and involved.

With regular balance patches and new content updates, the game remains fresh years after release. The rune depth and monster variety enables creativity in team building.

Whether you enjoy the steady PvE progression or the cutthroat PvP, Summoners War has endless gameplay possibilities. The polished graphics, gameplay and balance has established Summoners War as one the most prominent mobile RPG experiences.

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