Splatoon 2 – The Ultimate Guide to Inking Your Way to Victory

Splatoon 2 is a team-based third-person shooter for the Nintendo Switch developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo. Released in 2017 as a sequel to the original Splatoon on the Wii U, Splatoon 2 builds on the unique gameplay of the franchise with new weapons, maps, modes, and customization options.

In Splatoon 2, players control customizable characters called Inklings who battle using colored ink. Up to eight players compete in 4v4 online multiplayer matches with the goal of covering the map in as much of their team’s ink as possible. Players can transform between humanoid and cephalopod forms, using each for different movement and attacks.

Splatoon 2

Core gameplay involves shooting ink to defeat opponents, claim territory, and move around the map swiftly. Turf War is the classic casual mode where teams compete to ink the most ground. Ranked Battles feature more competitive objective-based modes. There is also a PvE co-op mode called Salmon Run.

Outside of matches, Inklings can customize their appearance with fresh clothes and accessories. There’s a single-player campaign, local multiplayer, and Splatfest community events too. Dedicated players can unlock new weapons and gear, rise through online ranks, and join competitive teams.

Gameplay Overview

Splatoon 2 matches take place on colorful maps based on real-world settings. Players use a variety of ink-based weapons to shoot the ground, walls, and other players. Shooting surfaces covers them in your team’s ink.

In the main Turf War mode, the goal is to cover more territory in your ink than the opposing team before time expires. This encourages fast-paced movement and rapid inking using primary weapons, secondary subs, and special weapons earned through points.

Players can transform into squids and swim through inked surfaces quickly and replenish ammo. Squid form can also be used to ambush enemies. Strategic ink placement is key for mobility and controlling areas.

Ranked Battles feature timed 4v4 objective modes like Splat Zones where teams fight for control of key points on the map. There’s also Tower Control where teams ride a moving tower into enemy territory.

No matter the mode, Splatoon 2 rewards both aiming skill and clever inking tactics. Knowledge of maps, weapons, and gear strengths is vital for success. Teamwork is encouraged through coordinated strikes, distractions, and using sub weapons to track opponents.

Splatoon 2 has sold over 11 million copies worldwide as of 2021. Several factors contribute to its popularity:

  • Unique ink-based gameplay – Covering arenas in paint and swimming through ink provides fresh and strategic combat compared to other shooters.
  • Stylish visual presentation – Bright colors, hip fashion, and inventive worlds give Splatoon 2 an energetic style all its own.
  • Multiplayer focus – Competitive online matches, co-op, and community events cater directly to multiplayer fans.
  • Ongoing updates – New weapons, maps, and Splatfests keep the game feeling fresh years after launch.
  • Character customization – Fans enjoy collecting clothes and expressing themselves through their Inkling’s look.
  • Active community – Splatfests, competitions, fan art, and more show how engaged players are with Splatoon 2.
  • Accessibility – Gameplay appeals to players of all skill levels while retaining depth and strategy at high levels.

Splatoon 2 strikes a perfect balance between family-friendly fun and competitive action. For Switch owners seeking a multiplayer game with plenty of style and substance, it delivers in spades.

What’s New in Splatoon 2?

While the core ink-shooting action remains the same, Splatoon 2 provides refinements and additions over the first game:

Splatoon 2 maps
  • New weapons – Dualies, Splat Brella, Splat Dualies, and Clash Blaster bring new tactics.
  • New maps – Over 20 colorful arenas with features for intense battles.
  • Rank X – A new high skill rating tier for elite players to reach in Ranked Battles.
  • League Battle – Serious competitive mode with teammates and skill rankings.
  • Salmon Run – New PvE co-op mode to fend off waves of enemies.
  • Inkopolis Square – A new city hub to shop, customize, and socialize.
  • Local wireless play – Play privately with friends on the same network.
  • Lobby improvements – Better matchmaking, spectating, and team communication options.
  • Single-player campaign – New Hero Mode provides challenges to hone skills.

Together, these updates both big and small make Splatoon 2 the definitive iteration of this creative and competitive shooter IP. For Wii U owners, it’s worth upgrading for the expanded content and active community. New players can jump right in and master the satisfying ink-based gameplay.


Splatoon 2 provides a variety of multiplayer modes to appeal to players of all interests and skill levels. The main modes showcase the diversity of gameplay experiences within Splatoon 2.

Turf War

The classic Turf War mode is 4v4 ink-covering chaos. Teams have 3 minutes to coat as much of the map in their color as possible. The team who inks the most ground wins.

Turf War is the casual “quick play” option where anyone can jump in right away. It serves as a gateway to Splatoon 2’s strategic combat for beginners while remaining fun for veterans.

Matches start with a central rush to claim mid-map territory. This quickly establishes key fronts and chokepoints between team territories. Maintaining good ink coverage in the spawn area is critical as a source of mobility.

Players spray ink in all directions using primary weapons. Flinging ink on walls creates paths to traverse quickly in squid form and surprise enemies from their flanks. Leaving sparse paths wastes opportunities for mobility and limits options.

Sub weapons like Splat Bombs help rapidly ink new ground and harass foes. Special weapons build up through inking and making kills – activating these at critical moments can turn the tide.

With no single objective, players are free to find creative ways to maximize coverage. You can rush behind enemy lines, build strategic paths, or guard your territory vigilantly. Adapting strategies is key.

Turf War rewards both aim skill to splat opponents and clever inking tactics to expand territory. It teaches key skills like map control, mobility, and management of limited ink resources.

While fun and accessible, Turf War also prepares players for Ranked Battle modes by instilling core game sense, combat fundamentals, and the objective-minded focus required in competitive play.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles provide more hardcore, competitive game modes that change every few hours. There are three main Ranked modes:

Splat Zones – King of the Hill contest where teams fight to control designated areas. Maintaining dominance of these small zones earns points over time. Coordinating pushes with specials to break control of zones is crucial.

Tower Control – Teams ride a mobile tower into enemy territory to gain points. Offense fights to escort the tower forward while defense tries to halt its progress through checkpoints. Controlling the tower is key but easy to disrupt.

Rainmaker – A riff on Capture the Flag. Carry a powerful Rainmaker weapon into the opposing base. Advancing it closer to their spawn earns higher points. High risk, high reward.

There is also Clam Blitz, where teams must first collect clams from the map to then deposit in the enemy basket, breaking their barrier to score points. Collect clams strategically and coordinate pushes.

Ranked Battle is for more serious competitors who want to test their skills. You are matched based on ability, and earn or lose ranking points with each result to increase a letter grade from C- to A+. These grades provide seasonal titles to show off your skill.

The smaller maps and shift in objectives compared to Turf War make Ranked Battles feel faster-paced and more competitive. Adaptability, communication, and mechanical skill are put to the test.

Each mode demands mastery of distinct skills. In Splat Zones, dominance comes from map control and area denial. Rainmaker requires coordinated strikes and a strong lone carrier. Tower Control is about steady escorts and breaking stalemates.

This variety keeps Ranked Battles feeling fresh while allowing players to excel in their best modes. Some specialize in one mode while others aim to top the rankings across all of them.

Salmon Run

The PvE co-op experience Salmon Run provides a wildly fun challenge for 1-4 players. Teams battle waves of incoming Salmonid enemies and complete objectives.

maps are specifically designed with several lethal hazards. Certain waves may feature rising poisonous waters, crushing walls, or ambushes from all sides. Communicating and having defined roles is key to survival.

During each wave, Bosses emerge as hulking Salmonids with distinct weak points and attacks. Teamwork focused fire is required to defeat these within the time limit before being overwhelmed.

In between waves, players collect Power Eggs dropped by defeated Salmonids. These are turned in for bonuses, points to spend in the shop, and to meet the quota needed to advance. Don’t get greedy though – dying costs all your eggs!

Weapons change each round, forcing you to quickly adapt. Make the most of your random loadout’s strengths while covering any weaknesses as a team. Some combinations give great synergy if utilized properly.

Succeeding in Salmon Run requires both mechanical skill and cooperation. Staying mobile, reviving allies, managing shared lives, and solving wave objectives are key. It provides a PvE experience unlike anything else in Splatoon 2.

The mode is only available at certain times, which helps keep it populated. Salmon Run rotates maps and weapon loadouts to provide ongoing variety each time it returns. Completing it helps build skills that translate to multiplayer.


Splatfests are huge in-game events that divide the Splatoon 2 community for some light-hearted competition. During a Splatfest, players pick a side on a topic and battle for dominance.

Past Splatfest topics have included sci-fi vs fantasy, action vs comedy, and dogs vs cats. First you choose a team based on your preference. Players are grouped by side for 24 hours of Turf War and other battles.

Inkopolis Square gets a makeover in Splatfest colors and themes for the duration. There are 3 categories teams compete in:

  • Popularity – The percentage of players who picked each side.
  • Wins – Which team won the most competitive battles.
  • Clout – Points earned in-game through Turf War victories and other activities.

The winning side receives Super Sea Snails as rewards based on their contribution. These rare resources upgrade gear, making Splatfests hugely rewarding. The top 100 players on each side also get rewards.

Splatfests encourage friendly rivalries and bring the community together. Cheering your team on, battling fervently, and showing Splatfest spirit is all part of the fun. The stakes are low but the excitement is huge.

These weekends of mayhem provide a supercharged multiplayer experience unlike normal play. Thethem maps and music, bonus perks, ranking titles, and camaraderie make Splatfests unforgettable highlights of Splatoon 2.


Splatoon 2 contains a massive arsenal of distinct weapons to battle with, providing diverse playstyles. Mastering the primary weapons, subs, and specials is key to dominating the battlefield.

Primary Weapons

Primary weapons define your core abilities in combat. There are 5 categories of primaries in Splatoon 2:


Shooters offer rapid fire from an ink gun with excellent mobility. Well-rounded and versatile weapons suitable for beginners and experts alike.

The Splattershot is your standard automatic gun with decent range and rate of fire. Easy to pick up and use for those new to shooters. Great balance of power and ink efficiency.

For more range try the .52 Gal. The Splattershot Pro provides long range bombardment in exchange for a slow rate of fire – good for methodical players.

The nimble Splattershot Jr. sacrifices power for insane ink efficiency and mobility. Recharge ink fast while dodging and outmaneuvering foes.

Other options include the rapid fire Aerospray MG and Splash-o-matic with a large tank for frequent strikes. There’s a shooter here for every playstyle.


These minigun-style Gatling guns unleash a continuous stream of ink bullets once revved up. Devastating firepower balanced by long spin-up delay and ink consumption.

The Mini Splatling is lightweight and compact. Get firing quicker with less range but more mobility. The Heavy Splatling offers maximum power for anchoring down lanes or defending a zone.

For stealthy play, the Ballpoint Splatling retains power even at mid-range before falloff. Or try the Nautilus 47 – charge up partial shots for tactical high burst damage and ink spread.

Splatlings reward patient players who can pick the perfect moment to ambush enemies. Once revved up though, you’re a mobile turret able to lock down entire sections of the map.


Slosh ink in wide arcs with these deadly bucket-like weapons. Aim for direct hits to one-shot enemies. Clear paths and bombard zones with ease.

The Slosher functions as an accurate short range blaster. The Tri-Slosher fires quicker triple bursts while the Sloshing Machine automatically throws ink like a bucket conveyor belt.

For ranged wave attacks, use the Bloblobber. Two arcs of ink explode on impact or territory for both direct and zoning potential.

Sloshers excel at disruption. Their wide ink spread is great for area denial and quick movement. Tossing ink over obstacles provides unique flexibility.


These long ranged weapons must be charged up to unleash devastating sniper shots of ink. Aim carefully and splat foes from across the map.

The standard Splat Charger can store charges. The rapid fire Splat Charger Jr. inks better for mobility at the cost of 1-shot kills. The E-liter 4K packs maximum range and power.

Blasters like the Clash Blaster provide explosions of ink rather than sniper shots. The Goo Tuber charges slippery shots that fire in a straight line.

Patience and precision aim are mandatory for mastering Chargers. Dominate long sightlines and corridors. Provide supporting fire for your team from safety.


Massive rolling brushes that ink large areas in one sweep while also crushing foes underfoot up close. Versatile offensive weapons that shape the battlefield.

The Splat Roller is well-rounded with good range and spread. The Inkbrush inks faster in exchange for less damage. The heavy Dynamo Roller flings waves of ink with its massive roller.

Rollers excel at quickly re-inking territory and providing pathways for your team. Use them aggressively to pave the way straight into combat and splat distracted foes point blank.

Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons in Splatoon 2 are sub abilities providing supplemental benefits. These tactical tools expand your options in battle.

Splat Bombs Thrown explosives that ink surfaces and splat enemies in their blast radius. Provides burst damage and area control.

Suction Bombs Bombs that stick to surfaces before exploding. Use them to block off paths and control enemy movement.

Point Sensors
Throw these tracking devices to temporarily reveal the location of enemies to your team, even through walls.

Ink Mines Invisible proximity mines that reveal enemies by spraying ink before exploding to splat them. Deny access.

There are also seekers that chase foes, toxic mist clouds to disrupt areas, sprinklers for ink coverage, and more unique sub weapons to complement your playstyle.

Subs are on cooldowns separate from primary weapons, so you can throw them frequently. Use them to track opponents, provide zone control for your team, and influence the flow of battle.

Some subs like Curling Bombs let you boost your mobility as well. Mastering both primary weapons and sub weapons is necessary to achieve your full potential.

Special Weapons

Special weapons charge up automatically by inking terrain and getting splats during a match. Once ready, activate them to temporarily gain access to powerful new abilities.

Inkjet – Launch into the air on a jetpack able to spray ink from the skies before crashing back down.

Sting Ray – A long, sweeping beam that penetrates terrain and opponents along its path. Cut through the chaos of battle.

Ink Armor – Coat yourself and nearby teammates with defensive armor that lets you absorb some damage. Initiate pushes.

Splashdown – Leap upwards and then slam down with an explosion of ink to devastate foes at close range.

Other specials include giant deadly Tenta Missiles, giant Kraken squid forms to rampage unchecked, leaping Superjumps to traverse the map, and more.

Special weapons break stalemates and turn the tide when used properly. Coordinate them with your team for maximum effect. Use them to gain advantages during key moments and swing games in your favor.

Choosing the Right Weapons

With so many options, choosing the best weapons for your playstyle is key. Consider your strengths:

Splatoon 2 Weapons

Aggressive – Slayers use short range weapons like Sloshers and Rollers to get up close. Their high damage and inking overwhelm opponents.

Methodical – Patient players favor weapons like Chargers. Pick your moment and strike from safety at long range.

Support – Back your teammates up with Shooters like the Splattershot Jr. that ink turf quickly and track foes.

Disruptive – Cause chaos with Splatlings and map control weapons to deny enemies space.

Mobile – If you love speed, choose lightweight Shooters and ink efficient subs to stay on the move.

Also consider your team’s composition when selecting weapons. For example, a Charger gives long range support to aggressive Rollers up close. A mix of roles is important.

Ultimately it comes down to playing around your strengths. Experiment to discover which weapon types best complement your playstyle. Once mastered, they will carry you to victory.


In Splatoon 2, gear doesn’t just provide stylish fresh looks – it also provides crucial combat abilities. Mixing and matching gear to build the perfect loadout is key to success.


The wide selection of fashionable headgear includes caps, helmets, headsets, and more. Many provide useful enhancement to your abilities.

The FishFry Biscuit Bandana is a slick bandana that increases running speed to improve mobility. The sturdy construction helmet Construction Headphones provide Ink Saver (Main) to improve ink efficiency.

Stealthy ninjas may opt for the Octoling Goggles granting Cold-Blooded to become harder to detect on enemy radar. Those wanting quicker specials can equip the Annaki Beret for Special Charge Up.

In addition to caps and hats, there are masks like the intimidating Hockey Mask providing Tenacity to build special charge at maximum ink capacity. The sleek Squidfin Hook Cans headset boosts Ink Recovery Up to regenerate ink quicker.

Many other headgear options span samurai kabutos, nerdy visors, winter beanies, pirate hats, and more. Aim for synergistic abilities that complement your playstyle and preferred weapon.


Beyond just style, clothing in Splatoon 2 provides useful buffs. Stock your wardrobe with jackets, shirts and dresses that enhance your strengths.

The White V-Neck Tee is a classic providing Ink Saver (Sub) to allow more frequent use of sub weapons. Long-sleeved shirts like the Navy Striped LS give Main Power Up to bolster damage.

Try the stylish Black Velour Octoking Tee for Quick Respawn to get back into action faster after being splatted. The sporty Zekko Baseball Jersey increases your special gauge fill rate thanks to Special Charge Up.

Other clothing types include vests, sweaters, parkas, dresses, kimonos, hoodies, and military gear. Much like headgear, aim for ability synergies that play to your weapon and playstyle.


Shoes complete your gear build’s ability loadout. Quick feet provide mobility while other footwear enhances stealth and other key combat abilities.

Cream Basics are simple leather shoes providing a speed boost with Run Speed Up. The chunky trail LE Soccer Shoes have Ink Resistance Up, allowing you to maneuver through enemy ink unimpeded.

The stylish yellow School Shoes have the handy Stealth Jump ability, allowing you to super jump without displaying the usual marker to enemies.

For greater special weapon uptime, equip the blue Moist Ghillie Boots shoes with Special Charge Up. Or opt for Object Shredder on shoes like the Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops to make your shots more disruptive against opponents.

Everything from slick slip-ons to winter boots can be equipped for benefits. Shoes complete a unified gear ability build supportive of your needs in battle.


There are many abilities that can appear on gear, providing passive bonuses. Building cohesive loadouts is about stacking synergistic perks.

Ink Saver (Main) reduces ink consumption for shots from your primary weapon. This allows more shots before refilling your tank. Useful for ink hungry weapons like Splatlings.

Run Speed Up increases movement and swimming speed for improved mobility and evasion. Highly valuable for mobile playstyles.

Swim Speed Up makes you faster specifically when swimming through ink in squid form. Being elusive and hard to hit is beneficial.

Special Charge Up reduces the amount of ink needed to charge your special weapon. Gain access to these tide-turning abilities faster during matches.

Quick Respawn allows you to revive and jump back into action quicker after being splatted. Minimizes downtime to maintain pressure.

There are many more abilities to equip for stealth, ink efficiency, subs, survivability, and other benefits. Experiment to build gear synergies tailored to your playstyle.

Ideally, stack multiple pieces of gear providing the same ability you want to emphasize. This multiples the ability’s effectiveness due to gear leveling up overtime.

Gear abilities provide the final touches that separate good players from truly great ones. Personalize your build, leverage your strengths, mask your weaknesses, and dominate the battlefield in style.


Mastering the diverse maps of Splatoon 2 is vital to outmaneuver and ambush your opponents. Learn the intricacies of each and use the terrain strategically to help claim victory.

Turf War Maps

Turf War is played on a rotation of colorful maps inspired by real world locales. Each has unique traits to leverage.

The Reef – A thriving urban rooftop plaza surrounded by high rise buildings. Use the central elevated bridge for long sightlines and wall jump off buildings.

Manta Maria – A luxury cruise ship with two masts connected by a central pool. Attack from the masts down or use side paths to advance.

Snapper Canal – Beautiful canals and city streets. Flank using side alleys or fight for dominance on the central bridge.

New Albacore Hotel – Luxury hotel map with a courtyard, halls, and roof access via side paths. Control the high ground and interior to dominate.

MakoMart – A massive superstore with long aisles, a central rotating door, and skylights. Gain the high ground in rafters for an advantage.

Walleye Warehouse – Intense battles in this storage warehouse with stacked crates, moving platforms, and a central pit. Master the high ground.

Shellendorf Institute – Museum with twisting exhibits, ramps, and a big central elevator. Attack from above or creep through side exhibits.

Each map requires adapting your strategy. Adjust weapon ranges for narrow corridors or open areas. Control interior high ground or fight for dominance on key central chokepoints.

Ranked Battle Maps

Ranked Battle uses more compact maps tailored for intense objective-based combat. Master them for a competitive edge.

The Reef – Rooftops allow Chargers to lock down the central tower and pool. Use buildings for cover in firefights.

Musselforge Fitness – An indoor gym with treadmills, weights, showers and thick central pillars. Ambush in close quarters.

Starfish Mainstage – A concert venue with mosh pits, ramps, and ceiling rails. Weave through skirmishes quickly.

Humpback Pump Track – BMX track with rollers, ramps, and pits. Use high ground to control the central tower.

Inkblot Art Academy – An art school with statues, railings, and exposed top level. Flank through side paths and classrooms.

Sturgeon Shipyards – Industrial shipyard with moving platforms over water. Ride cargo lifts and control the central bridge.

Moray Towers – Looming towers with several levels connected by catwalks. Dominate from above or creep through ground level alleys.

The confined spaces promote skirmishes over key objectives. Take routes that avoid snipers yet allow you to ambush enemies as they push.

Salmon Run Maps

These co-op maps have distinct lethal hazards and enemy spawn points. Learn them to survive the waves.

Lost Outpost – Abandoned structures in a desert oasis. Gather eggs quickly before rising acid waters swallow the lower levels.

Salmonid Smokeyard – Industrial facility with conveyor belts, heavy machinery, and smoke stacks. Dodge freezing water geysers.

Ruins of Ark Polaris – Crumbling marble architecture sinking into the sea. Watch for demolishing stone pillars crashing down.

Spawning Grounds – Dangerous dam area with waterwheels, towers, and narrow metal beams. Beware the lethal spinning grinders.

To overcome each map’s threats, recognize enemy spawn patterns, locate egg basket drops, find life preserver revival points, and avoid deadly obstacles. React quickly.

Learning Maps

Some key tips for mastering Splatoon 2’s maps:

  • Play recon mode to explore maps thoroughly and devise strategies.
  • Memorize alternate paths to flank enemies or quickly retreat if needed.
  • Identify important chokepoints and control areas – fight to dominate these.
  • Use high ground for long range attacks when possible. This provides advantages.
  • When defending, consider enemy routes and place ink mines or ambushes along them.
  • Recognize each map’s distinct combat ranges and pick your weapon accordingly.
  • Adjust strategy based on current objectives – be flexible.

Internalizing map layouts, routes, and chokepoints transforms you into a deadly squid who can outmaneuver foes. Stage mastery combined with skill is the key to victory.


Mastering essential strategies and teamwork is mandatory to excel at the ink-based warfare of Splatoon 2. Apply these tips to splat foes and claim victory.

Basic Strategies

Use these core tactics to improve your basic gameplay:

  • Keep moving and reposition – Stay mobile and unpredictable. Don’t stay still or you become an easy target.
  • Swim your own ink trails – Swimming through your team’s ink lets you move fastest and refill ammo. Don’t get caught in enemy ink.
  • Gain higher ground – Elevation provides key advantages. Control it with long range attacks.
  • Use squid form – Change forms rapidly. Squid through ink to flee, hide, travel, or ambush.
  • Use subs tactically – Disrupt and track foes with varied subs instead of just main attacks.
  • Conserve ink – Don’t spray needlessly. Manage ink tank level to ensure enough ammo when needed.
  • Check your six – Watch your back and don’t let enemies swim past your position to flank you.
  • Stay with your team – Avoid going lone wolf. Support teammates and turn numbers advantage into map control.

Following these tips will help you improve fundamentals like movement, positioning, ink management, and situational awareness.

Advanced Strategies

After mastering basics, utilize these advanced tactics:

  • Flank enemies – Use side paths to attack from an unexpected angle and catch them off guard.
  • Super jump strategically – Jump to teammates in advantageous positions rather than predictable ones enemies will expect.
  • Read the map – Constantly check positions of allies and enemies. React accordingly.
  • Ambush effectively – Use squid form or blend into walls with camouflage to surprise attack passing foes.
  • Control weapons range – Engage enemies within your weapon’s ideal range. Don’t take fights at a disadvantage.
  • Use high mobility – Be unpredictable and hard to hit. Master swimming, squid form, wall climbing.
  • Save specials – Don’t waste special weapons. Coordinate them with your team for really impactful moments.
  • Manage specials – Track which enemies have used their specials. Push when their abilities are on cooldown.

Apply these tips to gain advantages during matches. Outthink and outmaneuver the opponent with deceptive tactics and disruptive play.

Teamwork Strategies

Splatoon 2 thrives on effective teamwork. Use these cooperative techniques:

  • Move together – Advancing as a unit makes you stronger. Take and hold territory.
  • Lure and distract – Draw enemy attention then have teammates ambush them from their blind spots.
  • Combine specials – Launch coordinated special weapon attacks for massive pushes or area denial.
  • Super jump together – Jump to the same teammate rather than spreading out to turn numbers advantage into map control.
  • Ink paths forward – Rollers pave the way for the team push. Shooters provide covering fire.
  • Callouts – Use “Ouch!” when taking fire and “This way!” to coordinate pushes and warn of danger.
  • Buddy system – Avoid going alone. Support teammates and trade splats if one of you gets taken out.
  • Check loadouts – See what weapons allies are using and play to complement their strengths.
  • Revive teammates – In co-op like Salmon Run, get splatted allies back in the fight quickly.

United squid teams that communicate and coordinate are extremely hard to defeat. Even simple things like buddy jumps can provide the edge needed for victory.

Tips and Tricks

Refine your skills with these handy tips and tricks for Splatoon 2.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Practice aiming drills – Improve your aim in the Testing Range to get more consistent splats.
  • Enable motion controls – Adds precision aim by tilting the controller. Start at low sensitivity.
  • Learn to read the map – Constantly watch for highlighted allies and enemies. React accordingly.
  • Manage your ink – Don’t spray unnecessarily. Conserve ink by shooting precisely so your tank doesn’t empty.
  • Use ink saver abilities – Gear with Ink Saver Main and Ink Saver Sub allows more shots before refilling.
  • Swim away to refill – Swim through your team’s ink trails to rapidly refill your ink tank and ammo.
  • Squid jump to refill – Return to your spawn point and jump in squid form to instantly refill all ink.
  • Use walls – Swim up any inkable wall to flank, ambush from above, or escape unfavorable situations.
  • Squid form revives – Revive out of ink by transforming to squid the moment you get splatted.
  • Squid parties – Dance in squid form by spamming ZL and ZR to celebrate victories or signal friendliness.
  • Super jump with care – Enemies see the jump marker. Make your landing unpredictable or land away from the main fight.
  • Use subs disruption – Disrupt key areas and track opponents with sub weapons like toxic mist, sprinklers, and bombs.
  • Build special then push – Wait until your team has specials ready before initiating a big coordinated push.

Weapon-Specific Tips and Tricks

  • Shooters – Prioritize dodging over constant shooting. Stay mobile and fire accurately in bursts.
  • Rollers – Flank enemies and quickly run them over before they can react. Leave paths for your team to advance through.
  • Chargers – Aim for splash damage hit zones even if you miss direct hits. Use bombs to finish weakened targets off.
  • Sloshers – Toss ink over obstacles and ledges. Direct hits are lethal but you can still damage foes with nearby ink splash.
  • Dualies – Dodge roll liberally to avoid being splatted while closing distance or confusing enemies.
  • Brellas – Hide under your shield when not attacking. Peek and release short high damage bursts from safety.
  • Splatlings – Pre-charge your weapon then strafe and dodge until ready to unleash the full fire rate on surprised enemies.

Mastering your main weapon type’s unique capabilities and playstyle is key. Learn their ideal engagement ranges and how to exploit their distinct advantages.

Map-Specific Tips and Tricks

Certain maps benefit from specific strategies and abilities:

  • The Reef – Long elevated sightlines favor Chargers. Use Ink Resistance to navigate side pools.
  • Musselforge Fitness – Tight quarters reward mobility and short range weapons. Use Cold-Blooded to avoid enemy sensor tracking.
  • Starfish Mainstage – Abuse side routes and stage features to appear suddenly for ambushes. Equip Run Speed Up.
  • Humpback Pump Track – Control the central high tower and then defend it aggressively. Deploy ink mines on side routes.
  • Inkblot Art Academy – Chargers dominate the exposed top level. Brellas and Sloshers control chokepoints below.
  • Sturgeon Shipyard – Ink Resistance lets you rapidly cross grates and water. Elevation changes favor Chargers.
  • Moray Towers – Master wall climbing and upper catwalks. Rain death from above with Blasters and Splatlings.

Learn each map’s unique traits. Select appropriate weapons, gear abilities, and control the territory that provides advantage in that specific environment.

With so many strategic considerations in Splatoon 2, these tips help you focus on the key skills needed to get that extra edge against your opponents. Now get out there and start inking!

Splatoon 2 remains one of the most inventive and fun multiplayer shooters around thanks to its refreshingly unique ink-based gameplay. There is no other competitive experience quite like it.

The variety of wildly creative primary and secondary weapons provides combat diversity. Ink-spreading assaults, rapid fire shooters, long-range chargers, brute force rollers, and more each offer distinct playstyles to master.

Matches are energetic and fast-paced as teams spread colorful ink and vie for map control. Aggressive attacks, massive special weapons, timely flanks, and turf claiming pushes constantly keep the action thrilling.

Yet despite the chaos, there is deep skill involved. Core aiming, movement, and ink management fundamentals must be honed. Knowledge of gear, weapons, maps, and strategies separates good from truly great players.

On top of the diverse multiplayer modes, the single-player campaign provides fun challenges while Salmon Run co-op supplies intense boat loads of fun. There is gameplay here to satisfy all appetites.

Splatoon 2 deserves ongoing popularity thanks to excellent post-launch support too. Regular free updates continuously add new maps, weapons, and gear. Limited-time Splatfests and events like the mécha-themed Splatocalypse keep things feeling fresh.

With a stylish aesthetic, charming characters like the Squid Sisters, customizable fashion, and trendy settings like Inkopolis Square, Splatoon 2 exudes hip charm and personality in spades as well.

For Nintendo Switch owners seeking a competitive multiplayer shooter bursting with vibrance and originality, Splatoon 2 is an absolute must-have. Grab some friends, customize a fresh Inkling look, and dive into the splat-filled mayhem today. This is the peak of creative casual-friendly multiplayer innovation that only Nintendo can deliver.

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