Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Guide For Beginners And Pros 2023

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) is a free-to-play mobile role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Based on the popular Final Fantasy franchise, FFBE features characters, locations, and lore from across the Final Fantasy series while telling an original story set in the world of Lapis.

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A Mobile Final Fantasy RPG

As a mobile RPG, FFBE brings the gameplay and storytelling of classic Final Fantasy titles like Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X to smartphones and tablets. Players assemble a party of heroes to explore dungeons, battle monsters, and complete quests. The game features turn-based combat, expansive skill trees to customize characters, and equipment and magicite systems reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

While optimized for mobile devices, FFBE retains the grandeur and strategic depth expected from a Final Fantasy RPG. Players can enjoy over 50 hours of story content as well as side quests and special events.

Your Favorite Final Fantasy Characters

One of FFBE’s biggest draws is its massive cast of characters from throughout Final Fantasy history. Players can recruit and collect iconic heroes like Cloud, Tifa, Squall, Lightning, and Noctis. Not only can you add them to your party, you can fully customize their roles and abilities. Turn Cloud into your party’s tank or make Tifa your healer – the choice is yours!

In addition to classic heroes, FFBE also introduces plenty of new characters designed exclusively for the game. These original characters expand the world of Lapis with their own stories and motivations.

The World of Lapis

While featuring characters old and new, FFBE crafts an original world known as Lapis. Split into multiple islands, kingdoms, and continents, Lapis is full of diverse locales to explore. Players will journey across grassy plains, scorching deserts, frigid tundras, and teeming jungles on their quests.

Lapis is under threat from an evil empire and an encroaching darkness. As the story unfolds over 50+ hours of gameplay, players will unravel mysteries and fight to bring light back to this vibrant world.

Customizable Gameplay

FFBE gives players the freedom to craft their party and abilities as they see fit. With millions of equipment, materia, and ability combinations, you have extensive control over your lineup. Tailor your party to your playstyle by customizing roles, resistances, equipment boosts, and more.

The strategic depth goes beyond individual characters. Chaining abilities, managing buffs/debuffs, elemental weaknesses, and turn order all impact your success in FFBE’s challenging battles.

Free-to-Play with Premium Options

As a free mobile RPG, FFBE can be downloaded and played for free without any upfront costs. Players receive in-game currency and items from completing quests, daily rewards, and events. Of course, additional currency and items can be purchased if desired.

FFBE finds a great balance between rewarding free players while offering optional purchases. Paying players gain some advantages but are by no means necessary to enjoy everything FFBE has to offer.

Join the Adventure!

With its deep RPG gameplay, cast of legendary heroes, and free-to-play accessibility, FFBE delivers an engaging mobile Final Fantasy experience. If you crave classic FF job systems, expansive ability customization, and turn-based combat in the palm of your hand, FFBE is a must-play mobile RPG.

Getting started in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) only takes a few steps, but mastering the game requires dedication and strategy. Here is a guide to help you hit the ground running in this expansive mobile RPG.

1. Creating an Account

The first step is downloading FFBE from the App Store or Google Play and creating an account. The sign-up process is quick and easy. You’ll need to enter your age, pick a screen name, and create a password.

Once your account is created, you can link it to Facebook or Google to sync your progress across devices. Linking your account is highly recommended to prevent losing your save data.

2. Choosing Your Starting Unit

After making your account, you’ll be prompted to choose your starting unit from one of three options:


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Rain
  • Role: Balanced physical attacker
  • Trust Master Reward: Sword with good ATK
  • Rating: Decent starting unit but outclassed later


  • Role: Physical damage dealer
  • Trust Master Reward: Katana with good ATK
  • Rating: Strong starting unit who remains viable for a while


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fina
  • Role: Healer/support
  • Trust Master Reward: Rod with good MAG
  • Rating: The best starter unit – useful healer throughout early game

While all three units will serve you well early on, Fina is generally regarded as the best choice for new players. Having a dedicated healer makes the beginning much smoother.

3. The Summoning Tutorial

After selecting your starting unit, you’ll be guided through a tutorial summon. This provides another free unit to round out your initial party.

The units available in this summon are outdated, so don’t worry too much about who you get. Focus instead on amassing lapis (the premium currency) from early quests to summon better units later.

4. Equipping Your Units

Once your starting party is assembled, take time to outfit them with the best gear available. Even basic equipment makes a noticeable difference.

  • Weapons – Increase attack power
  • Armor – Increase defense
  • Accessories – Provide various bonuses

Check back often as new equipment becomes available. Even small upgrades add up, especially for your damage dealers.

5. Enhancing Your Units

Your initial units start at their base rarity of 3*. To make them viable long-term, you’ll need to increase their rarities to 6* through awakening.

Here are the steps to awaken units:

  • Level Max: Reach max level (20 to start)
  • Ascend: Use awakening materials to increase rarity
  • Level Up: Max level new rarity
  • Repeat: Ascend and level until rarity cap (6*)

Ascending requires rare materials rewarded from events and trials. Save them only for units you plan to use long-term.

6. Assembling Your Main Team

Your starter units will quickly become outclassed. Use lapis acquired early to summon better options that can anchor your team moving forward.

Aim to fill key party roles:

  • Physical damage – Wields katanas, greatswords, etc.
  • Magic damage – Wields rods, staves, etc.
  • Healer – Restores HP and removes debuffs
  • Tank – Soaks damage and protects allies
  • Support – Applies buffs, imperils elements, etc.

Having at least one of each role sets you up for success. Never neglect upgrading your main party!

7. Following the Story

FFBE’s story provides tons of lapis, gear, and growth opportunities. Push the story whenever you hit a wall grinding events or the vortex.

Important story milestones include:

  • Unlocking espers – powerful beings that augment your team
  • Accessing new areas and quests
  • Raising your account rank for more energy

8. Using Your Resources

As a free-to-play gacha game, managing resources efficiently is crucial in FFBE.

Prioritize expanding slots:

  • Friends – essential for chaining and bonuses
  • Units – house duplicates to expedite TMR farming
  • Items – hoard event/trial currency and materials

Conserve lapis for:

  • Daily discount summons
  • Slots and inventory expansions
  • Energy refills (only for time-limited events)

Patience and perseverance will take you far in FFBE! Completing the story, events, trials, and daily quests will steadily strengthen your team.

9. Joining the Community

FFBE has a massive global community on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and beyond. Joining FFBE groups helps with:

  • Strategies – Tips for challenging content
  • Friends – Strong bonus units and chainers
  • Communication – Organizing for raids and events

The community keeps the game thriving years after launch. Participate to get the most out of this beloved mobile RPG!

Now that you’ve begun your journey in Lapis, it’s time to assemble your elite party to vanquish darkness! FFBE offers years of content – take it at your own pace and enjoy the adventure.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Mastering Final Fantasy Brave Exvius requires learning its many intricate systems and mechanics. Here are some key tips and tricks for playing FFBE like an expert:

Understanding the Game’s Systems

FFBE has more mechanics than can be covered in one guide. Focus first on grasping these core systems:

Trust Master Rewards (TMRs)

  • Overview: Powerful equipment unlocked by maxing a unit’s trust.
  • Tips:
    • Farm TMRs for your main party first.
    • Fuse duplicates to accelerate trust gains.
    • Prioritize versatile, universally useful TMRs.


  • Overview: Summonable beings that provide passive buffs.
  • Tips:
    • Level espers by “feeding” them magicite.
    • Match espers to characters bolstering their strengths.
    • Complete the main story to unlock all espers.

Brave Shifts & NV Awakenings

  • Overview: Unlocks a unit’s alternate form and powered-up abilities.
  • Tips:
    • Brave Shift supports and healers first.
    • Save transcension pearls for meta NV damage dealers.
    • Level both base form and brave shift/NV equally.

Building a Balanced Team

battle is won before it’s fought.” This saying encapsulates party-building in FFBE.

Strive for balance across these three roles:


  • Overview: Deal massive damage by chaining abilities together.
  • Tips:
    • Friend duplicate chainers for maximum damage.
    • Stack chainers of the same element when possible.
    • Use external imbues/imperils to boost damage.


  • Overview: Provide buffs, debuffs, MP restoration, etc.
  • Tips:
    • Always bring both a buffer and a breaker.
    • Prioritize units with on-demand 60-100% buffs/breaks.
    • Include an entruster for limit burst strategies.


  • Overview: Restore HP/MP, cure ailments, and revive.
  • Tips:
    • Choose healers with barriers, mitigation, and status immunity.
    • Back up with units that provide off-healing.
    • Bushido Freedom is great for esuna and dispel needs.

Using the Right Abilities

Abilities make or break battles in FFBE. Analyze enemy intel to respond with the best skills:

Know Enemy Resistances

  • Bring diverse damage types to counter resistances.
  • Imperil resistances you can’t avoid.
  • Defend against status effects you’re vulnerable to.

Dispel/Reapply Buffs

  • Time your dispels properly.
  • Reapply buffs immediately after enemy dispels.
  • Use units with undispellable buffs when possible.

Break Enemy Defenses

  • Focus on ATK/MAG or DEF/SPR breaks depending on threat.
  • Keep breaks active throughout the fight.
  • Break gauge skills help enable damage dealers.

Mitigate Damage

  • Use general and typed mitigation together.
  • Refresh mitigation every turn if needed.
  • Shields and barriers add yet another damage layer.

Proper ability timing and combinations can make teamwide damage feel like a gentle breeze!

Managing Resources

No resource in FFBE should be wasted. Follow these tips to use them effectively:


  • Daily discount summons offer the best bang for lapis.
  • Expand inventory slots before spending on continues.
  • Only refresh energy for time-limited events.


  • Give most gear to damage dealers first.
  • Prioritize weapons with rare weapon masteries.
  • Combine duplicates to quickly get + versions.

Event/Raid Currency

  • Buy limited gear first.
  • Spend on 6* awakening materials next.
  • Convert excess currency to Gil/exp or save for next event.


  • Grind story stages during 1/2 energy events.
  • When not grinding, use energy on daily quests and trials.
  • Adjust playtime to keep energy near cap.

Conserve lapis, but go all out with other resources – they won’t carry over!

Taking Advantage of Events

Logging in daily is critical to reap rewards from frequent events:

Raid Events

  • Provide awakening materials, currency, mega-bonus cactuars and more.
  • Farm raid orbs continuously to earn individual and ranking rewards.

Story Events

  • Offer gear, enhancement materials, and leveling opportunities.
  • Craft unique equipment from event currency.
  • Bring bonus units to maximize currency gains.

Dark Visions

  • Compete for high scores against boss-rush challenges.
  • Study feedback and guides to optimize damage.
  • Aim for EX levels to gain exclusive items.

Trials of Mana

  • Take on difficult battles versus espers and scorn-tier bosses.
  • Check mission objectives – they provide rare rewards for clearing certain ways.
  • Use friend units to cheese trials you can’t survive legitimately yet.

Stay vigilant for any new events or updated past events. They provide valuable opportunities!

By mastering FFBE’s core systems, assembling a well-rounded team, using abilities wisely, managing resources, and taking advantage of events, you’ll progress swiftly. FFBE offers years of content – enjoy the journey!

Game Modes in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius contains a variety of game modes catering to different playstyles. Whether you crave story immersion, competitive action, co-op challenges, or grinding for sweet loot, FFBE has engaging content waiting to be conquered.

Story Mode: The Journey Through Lapis

FFBE’s expansive story mode comprises the bulk of PvE content. Spanning multiple story arcs and over 50 hours of gameplay, the rich narrative hooks players into the world of Lapis.

Paladia Arc

The initial chapters establish the peaceful kingdom of Grandshelt and the encroaching Veritas empire. This arc explores Rain and Lasswell’s origin and growth while introducing key characters like Fina, Lid, Nichol, and more.

After 30+ chapters, the story expands into the Global-Exclusive Arcs…

Aldore Arc

Rain discovers he hails from Aldore, an advanced civilization locked in conflict with the Sworn Six of Paladia. This arc reveals more of Rain’s backstory through encounters with both enemies and allies from his past.

short story arcs

Between major arcs, FFBE intersperses mini-arcs focusing on other characters like Fina, Sakura, and the Sworn Eight. These provide lore and backstories for secondary cast members.

Main Story

Currently unfolding, Season 4 picks up after Aldore but holds many secrets yet to be revealed!


Completing story quests grants all kinds of valuable rewards:

  • Lapis – The premium currency for summoning units/items.
  • Gear – Equipment rewards help gear up your party.
  • Espers – Unlocking these summonable avatars takes time.
  • Exp – Story quests provide excellent rank exp to raise your max energy.

Even when you out-level the content, the story is worth completing for these permanent rewards.

Tips For Story Mode

Approach the expansive story mode wisely by:

  • Following or Skipping Cutscenes – Toggle these on/off based on your immersion preference.
  • Leveling Bonus Units – Bring underleveled units to story quests to power them up.
  • Macro Farming – Set macros to farm story events for rank exp, even while sleeping!
  • Asking For Carries – If stuck, request overpowered friend units to cheese battles.

Arena: Players Vs. Players

FFBE’s player-vs-player Arena lets you test your team against others’ defenses. Climbing the brackets earns arena medals and arena summon tickets for unique rewards.


  • Each player assembles a 5 unit Arena team.
  • You attack opponent defenses in 5 consecutive 1-turn battles.
  • Rewards come from total points based on win streaks.
  • Point thresholds promote you to higher rankings with better weekly rewards.


Due to the mechanics of 1-turn fights, Arena favors AoE attacks and abilities that trigger on being targeted.

  • Use AoE chainers like Elena to quickly defeat teams.
  • Equip passive provoke gear to bait enemy attacks.
  • Focus on speed and burst damage over tankiness.
  • Refresh orbs often to increase your chances at a high ranking and maximum rewards.

Events: Challenges With Great Rewards

Time-limited events add variety to the gameplay and provide great rewards.

Raid Events

Raids pit the entire FFBE playerbase against ultra-powerful bosses. Though too strong to defeat solo, players can slowly whittle down raid bosses by fighting them repeatedly. Raid battles cost raid orbs that regenerate over time.

Successfully clearing raids requires cooperation to maximize damage. Players bring bonus units that increase their personal contribution to the total damage dealt. The higher the total damage, the more rewards everyone gains!

Raid reward highlights:

  • Crafting Materials – Used to forge event-exclusive equipment
  • Gil Snappers – Sell for tons of gil
  • Cactuars – Give a huge amount of unit exp
  • Trust Moogles – Help grind trust master rewards faster

King Mog Events

These events have players fighting event stages and collecting currency to spend at the King Mog shop. Shop offerings include:

  • Equipment – Often best-in-slot gear
  • Materials – Awakening crysts, enhancement crysts, etc.
  • Tickets – Rare summon tickets, UoC tickets, etc.
  • Items – Potions, elixirs, megacite, and more

Strategy focuses on bringing bonus units that multiply currency drops. Grind hard during the 2-week events to buy all the rare goodies.

Dark Visions

DV challenges players to achieve high scores against a series of powerful bosses. You must strategize to deal as much damage as possible within the 5-turn limit. Beyond bragging rights, reaching score thresholds earns:

  • EX Coins – Exchange for ability awakening materials
  • Dark Matter – Craft super weapons like Squall’s STMR
  • Transcension Pearls – Extremely rare but awakens NV rarity units

Study feedback, adapt party builds, and push the limits of your damage dealers in this challenging bi-monthly event.

Raids: Cooperative Boss Battles

Raids are co-op events where all players work together to defeat bosses with billions of HP. By coordinating and chipping away over 2 weeks, raid bosses can be slain for awesome rewards!


  • Uses raid orbs that regenerate over time.
  • Bring bonus units that increase your personal contribution.
  • Repeatedly fight the raid boss to slowly deplete its HP.
  • All players’ damage contributes to the total HP drain.


In addition to personal milestone rewards, all players gain rewards based on the total raid damage dealt:

  • Crafting materials
  • Trust moogles
  • Gil snappers
  • Cactuars
  • Equipment pieces

Raids test the community’s ability to cooperate. Make friends and be ready to grind hard!

Which Game Modes to Focus On

With so much to do, prioritizing your playtime is crucial:

New Players

  • Story – Unlocks key rewards and espers. Provides easy exp.
  • Events – Farm for time-limited gear, currency, enhancments, etc.
  • Daily Quests – Complete these for resources, even using lapis refills.

End Game

  • Dark Visions – Compete and push for high scores.
  • Trials – Take on scorn-tier bosses and espers.
  • Raids – Farm raid orbs for rare summon tickets and other prizes.
  • Trust Master Farming – Macro farm to optimize characters.

FFBE’s wealth of content caters to all commitment levels. Enjoy it at your own pace!

The journey through Lapis is filled with stories to experience, challenges to overcome, and prizes to earn. With so much depth across various game modes, FFBE offers endless adventures.

Units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The expansive roster is one of Brave Exvius’ biggest appeals. With hundreds of unique units from throughout the Final Fantasy series, team building offers unlimited possibilities. Here is an overview of FFBE’s unit types, rarities, customization, and key characteristics.

Unit Roles

FFBE units fill various combat roles:

Physical Damage Dealers

Wielding swords, greatswords, katanas, and more, these units unleash devastating physical attacks. Their skills chain together to multiply damage.

Examples: Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, Tidus, Lightning

Magical Damage Dealers

These casters wield staves, rods, and books to decimate foes with powerful magic. Their spells chain together for maximum destruction.

Examples: Terra, Golbez, Exdeath, Ace, Circe


Providing life-sustaining support, healers restore HP/MP, remove debuffs, raise KO’d allies, and shield the party from harm.

Examples: Ayaka, Folka, LM Fina, Aerith, Yuna


Drawing enemy ire, tanks soak damage so the rest of the team survives. They also provide defensive support.

Examples: Sieghard, Charlotte, Galuf, Basch, Awakened Rain


No team is complete without a support providing buffs, debuffs, imbues, barriers, MP refresh, and more.

Examples: Sylvie, Ignis, Zargabaath, Yuraisha, Lunafreya

Unit Rarity

Units come in various base rarities with different max levels:

RarityMax Level

Higher rarity units have better stats and abilities. Evolving units to 7* or NV rarity vastly increases their power.

Acquiring Units


This gacha game has players spending lapis or summon tickets to randomly acquire units of various rarities. Amass tickets from events, daily logins, etc and use wisely!

Rare 5*/NV units can also be obtained from:

Limited Guarantees

Occasional banner step-ups guarantee a 5*/NV unit after a certain number of summons. Plan your hoarding and budget these guarantees into your spending.

Select Tickets/EX Tickets

These special tickets allow picking or guarantee a 5*/NV rarity unit from a limited pool. Excellent for targeting key roles.

Gate Shards & Transcension Pearls

When summoning duplicates of 5*/NV units, you obtain shards and pearls. These help unlock potential and save your rare resources.

Enhancing Units


Units earn exp from battles, fusing cactuar cards, and consuming gigantaur pouches. Maxing their current level cap unlocks evolution.

Awakening Potential

Using rare awakening materials, units can be ascended to higher rarities with increased level caps and new abilities.

Taking a unit to 6*/7* unlocks immense power. NV enables brave shifting.

Brave Shifts & NV Awakenings

Upgrading NV base units into their NV Awakened forms requires both transcension pearls and unit shards. This strengthens them tremendously.

Brave Shifts give 7* units access to another form with alternate skills. Combine both forms for maximum potential.

Pot Enhancements

Using HP/MP/ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR pots can increase those stats up to 300 each. Fully enhancing key units boosts their capabilities.

Trust Master Rewards

Maxing a unit’s trust mastery via battles, duplicates, and trust moogles will earn you its Trust Master Reward – often a powerful piece of equipment or materia.

Super Trust Master Rewards

Further increasing a 7* unit’s trust earns their Super Trust Master Reward, a stronger version of its TMR.

Key Unit Abilities

Chaining Families

Chainers unleash massive damage when using abilities of the same chaining family in quick succession. Top families include Divine Ruination, Bolting Strike, Aureole Ray, and more.


By decreasing enemy ATK/MAG or DEF/SPR by 50% or more, breakers amplify damage significantly. On-demand breaks are ideal.


Imperils reduce enemy resistance to an element, amplifying subsequent damage of that element. Imperils above 100% boost damage further against neutral enemies.


Imbues infuse a unit’s normal attacks with an element. Great for taking advantage of enemy weaknesses and matching imperils.


Stat buffs improve ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR/HP/MP/LB fill rate. Good supports provide 60-100% buffs on demand.

The myriad unit types, abilities, enhancements, and customizations are what give FFBE incredible strategic depth. Assembling the perfect team for each challenge is endlessly engaging!

Equipment in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Proper equipment makes a huge impact in Brave Exvius. Outfitting your units with weapons, armor, accessories, and materia tailored to their roles and abilities is crucial. Here is an overview of gear types, how to obtain them, and how to maximize their potential.

Weapons – Boosting Attack

Weapons come in all varieties and primarily boost the ATK or MAG stat:


  • Boost ATK
  • Often enable sword masteries


  • Provide highest ATK boosts
  • Enable doublehand builds


  • Strong ATK boosts
  • Critical hit passives


  • Moderate ATK
  • Accuracy boosts


  • ATK with range flexibility
  • Chain with other gunners


  • Enable ranged physical attacks


  • Major MAG boosts
  • Often boost specific elements


  • Good MAG/SPR
  • Some enable dualcast


  • Moderate MAG boosts
  • Grant performance effects

Obtaining Weapons

Weapons come from:

  • Trust Master Rewards
  • Trials and events
  • Crafting recipes
  • Series boss battles
  • Fat Chocobo shop
  • Sufficiently advanced story stages

Armor – Boosting Defense

Armor increases units’ DEF and SPR stats:


  • Solid DEF boosts
  • Resistance to status ailments


  • Minimal defenses
  • Focus on MP and magical eHP

Light Armor

  • Moderate DEF/SPR balance
  • Specialized resistances

Heavy Armor

  • Huge DEF boosts
  • Vulnerability to status effects


  • Massive SPR boosts
  • High elemental resistances

Obtaining Armor

Armor comes from:

  • Crafting events
  • Trials and vaults
  • Fat Chocobo
  • Early story stages
  • Special logins/giveaways

Accessories – Specialized Effects

Accessories provide a wide variety of beneficial effects:

Increase ATK/MAG/HP/MP

  • Direct stat boosts

Ailment Immunity

  • Prevent paralysis, poison, etc

Status Resistance

  • Improve odds of resisting debuffs

Elemental Resistance

  • Reduce damage of certain elements


  • Boost damage against certain races


  • Increase physical evasion

Obtaining Accessories

Accessories come from:

  • Events and trials
  • Story stages
  • Expedition rewards
  • Arena rewards
  • Fat Chocobo
  • Trust Master Rewards

Making Equipment Excel

Rank Up

Using material items, equipment can be ranked up to +1, +2, and +3 for stat boosts. Maximize your best gear!

IW Enhancements

The Item World randomly grants small boosts to equipment stats each run. Optimizing boosts takes luck and persistence.

STMR Equipment

Use trust coins to purchase prisms and awaken 7* units to NV. This unlocks their powerful STMR equipment.

Twist of Fate

This rare item rerolls any equipment’s bonuses, including IW enhancements. Use to gamble for ideal boosts.

Gearing up your units effectively is a never-ending process. But the payoff for your effort is tremendous, so keep acquiring and enhancing!

Abilities in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Abilities define each unit’s role in Brave Exvius. Mastering the myriad active and passive skills is key to strategic success. This guide covers ability types, customization, and how to use them effectively.

Active Abilities

Active abilities must be manually used in battle and often have a cooldown. They deal damage, heal, apply buffs/debuffs, and more.

Damaging Attacks

  • Physical attacks use ATK to calculate damage.
  • Magical attacks use MAG to determine damage.
  • Hybrid attacks use average of ATK/MAG.


  • Restore lost HP and remove debuffs.
  • Some grant barriers that absorb damage.
  • Full heal and full life revives KO’d allies.


  • Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR and other stats.
  • Strong supports buff 60% or more.
  • Break resistance prevents debuffs.


  • Reduce enemy ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR.
  • Breaks above 50% significantly increase damage.
  • Imperils reduce resistance to magic attacks.


  • Chain together abilities to multiply damage.
  • Elemental chains increase damage further.
  • Finish chains with strong final hit.

Passive Abilities

Passive abilities provide constant effects without needing activation.

Stat Boosts

  • Directly increase ATK, HP, MP, etc.
  • Percentage boosts are based on base stats.


  • Reduce damage taken from certain elements/races.
  • Ailment immunity prevents associated status effects.


  • Increase physical damage against certain races.
  • Types include beast, demon, dragon, and more.

Weapon/Armor Masteries

  • Boost ATK/MAG when equipping associated gear.
  • Allow specializing units for maximum damage.


  • Grant buffs/regen/refresh automatically at battle start.
  • Very convenient for set-up.

Enhancing Abilities

Leveling Up

  • Use crysts and gil to level up abilities.
  • Priority goes to chainers and healers/tanks.
  • Check recommended builds for guidance.

Latent Abilities

  • 7* units get upgraded skills and passives.
  • Requires keys from events and trials.
  • Often enables chaining or boosts modifiers.

NV Awakenings

  • Use pearls and fragments to awaken NV units.
  • Unlocks brave shift forms and huge stat boosts.
  • Additional abilities become available.

Esper Grids

  • Espers learn new skills and boosts on their grids.
  • Use megacite to activate nodes.
  • Tailor espers to roles they’re equipped on.

Using Abilities Effectively


  • Chain similar families together for huge damage.
  • Take advantage of chains with finishers.
  • Target weaknesses and imperils for maximum pain.


  • Always heal to full when possible.
  • Remove debuffs ASAP.
  • Shield against incoming damage spikes.

Support Buffing

  • Have both a buffer and a breaker.
  • Refresh when buffs/breaks expire.
  • Time it between enemy dispels.

Burst Damage

  • Unload strongest skills on key thresholds.
  • Plan big limit burst turns.
  • Finish chains for overkill damage.

Abilities truly define each unit. Master them to assemble an unstoppable team!

Resources in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Resources are the lifeblood of progress in Brave Exvius. Lapis, energy, tickets, trust moogles, and more are all precious commodities. Using them wisely unlocks new units, gears up your party, and advances you through the game’s challenges. Here’s a guide to FFBE’s key resources and how to maximize them.

Lapis – The Premium Currency

Bright blue lapis shards serve as the game’s premium currency. With lapis you can:

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lapis
  • Perform rare summons
  • Expand inventory and unit slots
  • Refresh energy
  • Revive during battles
  • Continue after losing battles
  • Restore arena orbs

It can be purchased with real money or accumulated slowly through gameplay. Here are tips for managing it:

Daily Discounts

  • Always do half-price daily summons – huge savings over 10+1 pulls.
  • Even bad pulls gain trust % and net you unit shards.

Step-Up Summons

  • Do full lapis step-ups with guaranteed 5*/NV units at the end.
  • Be selective based on current powercreep and your roster holes.

Slot Expansions

  • Prioritize expanding unit slots and item slots first.
  • More space future-proofs you for omniprisms, trust moogles, event currency, etc.

Refilling Energy

  • Don’t blow lapis on continues. Just reset tough battles.
  • Refill energy only for time-limited events and if you can commit the time to grind.

Saving Lapis

  • Don’t pull on every banner. Study up on meta units and plan your hoarding.
  • Have a hoard minimum you don’t dip below. Willpower!

Lapis gains are slow but steady. Spend carefully and only on high-value investments.

Summon Tickets

Tickets allow players to perform rare summons without spending lapis. Stockpile them from logins, events, milestone rewards, etc.

Types include:

  • Rare summon tickets
  • 4* guaranteed tickets
  • 5* EX tickets
  • 10+1 tickets
  • 5* 10+1 tickets

Strategic tips:

  • Use regular tickets for daily summons.
  • Target time-limited banners first.
  • Use EX and 10+1 tickets on banners with multiple top-tier units.
  • Save guaranteed 5* tickets for when you really need a role filled.
  • Never use lapis to summon if you have tickets!

Summon tickets are best used when the available units strongly benefit your roster needs.


Energy is required to undertake quests and events. It replenishes at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes up to your current max.

You can increase your max energy by gaining player rank. Rank exp comes from completing story quests primarily.

Energy Management Tips

  • Use lapis refills sparingly – only for time-limited events.
  • Let energy recharge naturally as much as possible.
  • Macro farming overnight is OK if done in moderation.
  • Buy the monthly fountain of lapis for gradual energy potion restores.
  • Prioritize events over story/vortex when low on energy.

The key is avoiding energy waste. Any spare energy should go towards some form of progression.

Trust Master Rewards

Trust Mastery Rewards (TMRs) are powerful pieces of equipment and materia unlocked by maxing a unit’s trust mastery percentage.

Obtaining TMRs

  • Gain 0.1% trust per quest by fielding units.
  • Fuse units together – 5% for same unit, 1% for different.
  • Use trust moogles earned from events on desired TMRs.
  • Macro farm Earth Shrine overnight for quick gains.

Prioritizing TMRs

  • Focus on damage dealers first. Their TMRs provide the biggest power spikes.
  • Look for TMRs that benefit multiple units to maximize value.
  • Prioritize time-limited TMRs before units leave the pool.
  • Set up a TMR farming party based on priorities.

TMR gear is a huge driver of progression. Carefully choose which to pursue based on your party composition and needs.


Leveling units requires copious amounts of experience. Cactuars offer a fast-track by providing set amounts of XP when fused into units.

Obtaining Cactuars

  • Raid coin exchanges
  • Logins, missions, and trophy rewards
  • Bundle purchases
  • Story events
  • Friend point summons

Cactuar Tips

  • Save king metal minituars for efficiently maxing 6* units.
  • Use king/metal gigantuars to instantly boost new 7* units.
  • Fuse cactuars during success rate-up events.
  • Bring unleveled units on cactuar dunes weekend for power leveling!

Cactuars remove the grind of manually leveling units. Stock up from every source possible.


The FF staple currency of gil is used for awakening units, enhancing abilities, crafting equipment, expeditions, and more.

Gil Sources

  • Selling unused equipment and materia
  • Raid coin exchanges
  • Gil snapper towers
  • Daily quests
  • Story events
  • Fortune hunt event

Maximizing Gil

  • Sell unused event crafting material for gil.
  • Bring Xon for his gil doubling ability.
  • Buy gil tower monthly bundles.
  • Enhance abilities only as needed.
  • Craft spare event gear to sell for gil.

Gil constantly drains away, so take advantage of every source and stay efficient with spending.

NRG Pots

These consumable items restore your energy, allowing you to play beyond the natural regeneration rate.

Types include small, medium, large, x-large, and max NRG pots. Using them wisely maintains play momentum.


  • Logins, missions, trophies
  • Raid rewards and KM shops
  • Story events
  • Bundle purchases

Usage Tips

  • Don’t waste small pots – use medium and higher.
  • Chug pots during MK and raid events to grind.
  • Save some for when you pull key units to power level.
  • Refill to max NRG before rank ups for overflow.

With so many events and so little natural energy, NRG pots are a godsend.

Mastering FFBE requires efficient resource management. Follow these tips to get the most from your lapis, energy, tickets, trust moogles, gil, cactuars, and pots. Use them wisely on your journey through Lapis!

 Raids in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Raids are special limited-time co-op events where the entire FFBE playerbase bands together to take down colossal bosses. By coordinating and chipping away at bosses with billions of HP, the community can earn awesome rewards over the two-week duration.

Raid Rules

Raids have a few key mechanics:

  • Uses raid orbs that regenerate over time to fight boss
  • Deal as much damage as possible before timer expires
  • Bring bonus units for increased personal contribution
  • Total damage dealt by all players reduces boss HP
  • Boss HP is global across all players

The more damage everyone deals overall, the more milestone rewards all players earn. It takes cooperation and persistence to fully defeat these epic bosses!


Optimizing your personal contribution is key to maximizing raid rewards. Ways to improve contribution include:

  • Fielding bonus units that increase damage
  • Chaining properly to maximize damage per orb
  • Refreshing orbs with lapis to fight boss more
  • Having friends with useful bonus lead units
  • Equipping plant/stone killer to further boost damage

Make lots of active player friends to access useful friend units. Chaining together with them hugely amplifies the damage you deal each fight.

Raid Rewards

In addition to personal milestone rewards, all contributors earn community rewards based on total damage dealt. These include:

Event Currency

  • Exchange for rare equipment and awakening materials
  • Craft powerful event-exclusive gear

Trust Moogles

  • Increase trust % to unlock TMR rewards faster
  • Help acquire top damage dealer TMRs

Gil Snappers

  • Sell for tons of gil
  • Level 7* units’ high enhancement costs


  • Grant massive unit experience
  • Power level bonus event units quickly

Equipment Pieces

  • Upgrade to +1/2 versions
  • Provide strong weapons, armor, accessories

The gil, trust moogles, cactuars, and currency are invaluable. Raid hard to collect them all!

Raid Strategy

A few tips for contributing as much as possible:

  • Study boss patterns to respond with proper breaks/buffs/heals
  • Unload damage on turns where breaks are active
  • Make chaining partners to maximize damage each orb
  • Maintain hit combos and element chains for bonuses
  • Use limit bursts if able to kill from 10% threshold for extra coins

Read boss guides, prepare your units, fight diligently for two weeks, and together we can conquer these challenging raids!

Raids are intense events that build community and provide awesome rewards. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius offers one of the most comprehensive mobile RPG experiences available. With its expansive roster of legendary heroes, myriad battle strategies, and wealth of content, FFBE delivers endless adventures for all types of players.

Whether you enjoy the sweeping storylines, challenging event battles, competitive PvP, or just collecting and customizing iconic characters, FFBE has something for you. Its strategic depth and social gameplay foster a thriving community years after launch.

Newcomers will find a welcoming Final Fantasy experience packed with nostalgia. Veterans continue striving for high-score glory and rare rewards. However you play, Lapis provides a home for all fans.

If turn-based combat, job classes, magicite, intricate equipment, and Limit Breaks are your jam, dive into FFBE’s world of wonder. Just pace yourself, play smart, and have fun on your journey while making plenty of companions along the way.

The light always overcomes darkness with perseverance, courage, and friendship. Wherever your airship takes you, lasting memories await in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

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