Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tips And Tricks For Beginners and Pros

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It is a spin-off of the popular Animal Crossing game series. In Pocket Camp, you manage a campsite inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The relaxing gameplay involves decorating your campsite, completing requests for animals, crafting items, catching bugs and fish, gardening, and more.

Pocket Camp brings the charming world of Animal Crossing to your smartphone or tablet. With its cute animal characters, upbeat music, and colorful graphics, Pocket Camp provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life. It’s easy to get absorbed into the addictive gameplay loops of collecting materials, crafting furniture, and designing your ideal campsite.

Why is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp so popular?

There are several reasons why Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has become so popular:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
  • Portability: As a mobile game, Pocket Camp can be played anywhere, anytime. The pick-up-and-play gameplay is perfect for gaming on the go.
  • Relaxing gameplay: Decorating your campsite and interacting with adorable animals is simply fun and relaxing. The game provides a calming experience.
  • Social features: You can visit your real-life friends’ campsites and see how they have decorated. The social features foster a sense of community.
  • Free-to-play: As a free download, Pocket Camp is accessible to all mobile gamers. The optional in-app purchases are not required to progress.
  • Cute aesthetic: The game’s cute art style and endearing animal characters have strong appeal. Pocket Camp is downright adorable.
  • Accessible gameplay: With its simple controls and objectives, Pocket Camp is easy to pick up for gamers of all levels. Yet it remains engaging for long-time Animal Crossing fans.

What are the key features of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Some of the key features that make Pocket Camp fun and addictive include:

  • An expansive catalog of furniture and decorations for your campsite
  • Charming animal friends to meet and build relationships with
  • Relaxing activities like fishing, bug catching, gardening, and fruit gathering
  • Crafting system that allows you to build amenities for your camp
  • Customization options for your avatar and campsite
  • Multiplayer mode to visit friends’ campsites
  • Special events like fishing tourneys and seasonal celebrations
  • Goals and quests to complete to earn rewards
  • Daily missions and tasks to accomplish

Who should play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Pocket Camp appeals to a broad audience, but is especially perfect for:

  • Animal Crossing fans who want the world of AC on mobile
  • Casual gamers who enjoy relaxing, “sandbox-style” games
  • Those looking for a calming escape or creative outlet
  • Mobile gamers who appreciate cute art styles
  • Players who like collecting items and building their virtual space
  • Anyone seeking non-violent, family-friendly entertainment
  • Fans of simulation games and virtual worlds
  • Those who like completing objectives at their own pace

With its mellow pace and whimsical aesthetic, Pocket Camp delivers all the core charms of Animal Crossing in an accessible mobile experience. It’s easy to lose hours happily developing your campsite in this pocket-sized world.

How to download and install Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Downloading and installing Pocket Camp is quick and easy. The game is available for free on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

To download Pocket Camp on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the App Store app.
  2. Search for “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”.
  3. Tap “Get” to download the game.
  4. Once downloaded, open the Pocket Camp app from your home screen.

For Android devices:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”.
  3. Tap “Install” to download the game.
  4. Once installed, open the Pocket Camp app.

Pocket Camp requires 163 MB of storage space on iOS and 74 MB on Android. It’s compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets running iOS 10 or later and Android 5.0 or later.

Once you launch the app for the first time, the game will download additional data and assets. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi for the fastest download speed.

Creating your character

After installing Pocket Camp, you’ll first create your player character. You can fully customize your character’s:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character
  • Hairstyle: Choose from a variety of trendy, cute, or stylish hairdos. Both masculine and feminine styles are available.
  • Facial features: Select your character’s eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and more. Add glasses or freckles if desired.
  • Skin tone: Adjust the hue and saturation of your character’s skin.
  • Clothing: Dress up your character with tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, and accessories.

Start with the default clothing selections. You’ll acquire more fashion options as you play.

The extensive customization options let you create a character that represents your unique style. Your character will be shown in your campsite and during multiplayer adventures.

Choosing your campsite

After finalizing your character’s look, you get to pick the theme and location for your campsite.

Campsite themes include:

  • Natural: A lush, green campsite surrounded by trees
  • Sporty: An athletic campsite with sports gear
  • Cute: A bubbly spot decorated in pink and white
  • Cool: A campsite with city and music festival motifs
  • Rustic: A cozy, woodsy camp with forest décor
  • Historical: An elegant campsite with antique furniture

Each theme provides different default furniture and scenery. But you can ultimately customize your campsite however you like.

Next, select one of four locations around the world for your campsite:

  • Lost Lure Creek (forest)
  • Saltwater Shores (beach)
  • Breezy Hollow (fields)
  • Sunburst Island (tropical)

The location sets the backdrop environment and scenery outside your campsite.

Meeting your first animal friends

After setting up your character and campsite, you’ll meet the first two animal villagers who show up at your camp – either Celia the Eagle and Jay the Bluebird, or Jay and Ursala the Bear.

These villagers will guide you through the basics of crafting furniture to spruce up your bare campsite.

Follow their instructions to gather natural materials like fruit, bugs, fish, and shells. Then craft your first pieces of furniture at the workbench to impress them.

This initial tutorial phase introduces the core crafting gameplay loop and gets you acquainted with interacting with the animals.

With your character created, campsite ready, and first furry friends welcomed, you’re all set up and ready to start your life as a camp manager in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

The beginning of the game opens up a relaxing world of discovery as you meet more animals, gather resources, craft your dream campsite, and unfold the rich experiences Pocket Camp has to offer.


Exploring the world of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The world of Pocket Camp is yours to freely explore. As camp manager, you can wander through lush forests, stroll along sandy beaches, and visit other unique locations.

Key areas to discover include:

  • Campsite: This is your personal space to decorate. Start with a simple tent site and eventually expand it into a lavish campground.
  • Breezy Hollow: This scenic, hilly area has fruit trees, sparkling streams, and mushrooms. A great spot to forage for materials.
  • Saltwater Shores: Fish off the tropical pier or comb the beach for shells at this island getaway.
  • Sunburst Island: A vibrant, sunny oasis filled with palm trees and beach umbrellas perfect for relaxation.
  • Lost Lure Creek: A lush forest populated by frogs and dotted with fishing spots.
  • Shovelstrike Quarry: Mine precious gems and ores from the quarry’s rocky cliffs.
  • Market Place: Visit the bustling plaza to shop for furniture, clothes, and crafting materials.
  • OK Motors: Customize your camper van at this auto shop.

As you play, more areas like Rosie’s Cafe and IOCOLOGICAL Reserve will open up, expanding your world. There’s always something new to uncover!

Collecting resources

A major part of Pocket Camp’s gameplay involves collecting resources like fruit, fish, bugs, shells, and crafting materials. You’ll need these items to craft furniture and amenities for your camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp resources

Fruit grows on trees around the map. Shake trees to make fruit fall down. Collect it and sell unused fruit for Bells.

Fish can be caught by casting your fishing line into bubbly waters. Ocean fish are found at Saltwater Shores, while river fish swim in Lost Lure Creek.

Use bait like dynastid beetles to attract rarer fish. Sell extra fish for profit.

Bugs are caught with your net when they appear fluttering around flowers and trees. Bugs are needed for some crafting recipes.

Shells wash up along the beaches of Sunburst Island and Saltwater Shores. Collect them for crafting. Rare shells fetch higher prices.

Craft materials like wood, cotton, paper, and steel must be gathered in order to build furniture at the workbench.

You can also buy crafting supplies using the currency Bells.

Crafting items

Crafting is one of the most essential activities in Pocket Camp. By collecting materials, you can build furniure, tools, clothes, and amenities to enrich your camp.

To craft, visit the workbench inside your camper van. Select a recipe, and the game will show the required materials. Provide the materials, and the item will be crafted after a short wait.

Recipes for items like chairs, lamps, and beds will be unlocked as you play and build friendships with animals. More craft recipes are added during seasonal events too.

Crafting is rewarding because you get to put effort into obtaining the resources, then proudly place your handcrafted items at your campsite.

Decorating your campsite

A major part of the fun in Pocket Camp comes from decorating your personal campsite with furniture and items. With creativity, you can design your ideal camping paradise.

Place crafted chairs, tables, and beds wherever you like around your site. Mix and match items to create cozy lounge areas, dining spaces, play areas, and more.

Change the wallpaper, flooring, and terrain to completely transform the vibe. Use landscaping items like bushes and flowers to add personality.

Getting feedback from animal visitors on your decorating always feels nice. Seeing your campsite vision come to life through decorating is very rewarding.

Completing requests for animal friends

The animals you meet in Pocket Camp will become your friends. As you build friendships by talking with animals and giving gifts, they will make special requests for you to fulfill.

Completing requests for animals helps them in various ways. For example, Jay might ask for cotton to craft a cushion for his roof.

Or Celia might request a black bass fish to cook a seaside stew. Fulfilling their requests raises the friendship level and unlocks reward items.

It feels good to help out all the different animals around the campsite. Seeing them happy because you fulfilled their request is extremely satisfying.

Visiting other players’ campsites

Pocket Camp has a multiplayer component that lets you travel to the campsites of other real-life players.

Visiting friends’ campsites provides inspiration and ideas that you can incorporate into your own. Marvel at how others use furniture and décor in creative ways.

You can leave a “kudos” on camps you enjoy. The social aspect of sharing campsites adds fun community engagement to the relaxing single-player experience.


Seasonal events

Special limited-time events are held in Pocket Camp to celebrate different seasons and holidays. These events liven up the game with fun activities, themed decor, and exclusive rewards.

For example, during the winter Frosty Fest event, your campsite gets blanketed in snow. You can catch snowflakes, craft snowman furniture, and unlock winter fashion items by completing goals.

Spring events feature pastel decor, bunny characters, and Easter egg hunt activities. Halloween events have spooky items and costumes.

The seasonal events always fit the real-world season and holiday, making the game feel connected to real life.

Special events

In addition to seasonal celebrations, you might find other surprise events happening like Plumeria Prize Fishing Tourneys and Bright Nights Gyroidite Scavenger Hunts.

Fishing tourneys challenge you to catch as many fish as possible within a time limit to earn prizes. Bug catching contests have you hunting for rare insects.

Scavenger hunts task you with locating and collecting Gyroidites, a special type of crafting material, around the map.

These special events add variety by introducing new activities and rare rewards. They provide a break from the everyday gameplay.

Fishing tournaments

Fishing tournaments occur periodically as limited-time events. During these tourneys, you’ll need to catch as many fish as possible from the event location within a 3-minute time limit.

The sizes and types of fish caught determine your score. Earn a high score by reeling in rare fish like tuna and marlin before time runs out.

Submit your scores, then return and try again to beat your own record. By participating in the fishing tourneys, you can win prizes like outfits, trophies, and furnishings.

Fishing tourneys provide a thrilling challenge for seasoned anglers. They also give new players a chance to quickly build their fish collection.

Bug-catching tournaments

If fishing isn’t your forte, bug-catching tournaments offer similar competitive thrills for hunting insects.

During these timed events, scour the event island for rare bugs like emperor butterflies, agrias butterflies, and horned dynastids. Catch as many different bugs as you can to maximize your score.

Trade your catches for points and climb the leaderboards for rewards. Bug catching tournaments offer prizes like bug cages, butterfly backpacks, and honeybee furniture.

These tournaments are fun opportunities to expand your bug encyclopedia while showing off your skill at catching quick critters.

Garden events

Garden events are focused on growing and crossbreeding flowers. During these events, special flower seeds are available to plant in your campsite garden.

Plant the event flowers and crosspollinate them with friends’ flowers to produce rare hybrid breeds. Keep growing generation after generation to unlock gardening rewards.

The hybrid flowers generated can be used as crafting materials for unique event items. You can also share the flowers with friends who missed the event.

For those who enjoy the pastoral gardening aspects of Animal Crossing, the periodic garden events are sure to provide happy hours of crossbreeding relaxation.


Types of animals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp is inhabited by a wide variety of cute anthropomorphic animals who become your camping neighbors.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp animals

Popular species include:

  • Dogs: Like Butch the bulldog, Cookie the poodle, and Lucky the dog. Man’s best furry friend!
  • Cats: Such as Kid Cat the superhero kitty, Kiki the black cat, and Tom the tomcat. Cool and cute.
  • Wolves: Including Chief the cranky alpha wolf, Audie the perky wolf, and Lobo the rough-and-tumble wolf.
  • Bears: Grizzly the grumpy grizzly and Groucho the groovy bear cub bring bear necessities.
  • Birds: Early bird species like Jay, Celia, and Sparro. Robin and Piper represent songbirds.
  • Rabbits: Cute long-eared rabbits like Bunnie, Chrissy, Francine, and O’Hare.
  • Deer: Beau the laidback deer and Fauna the sweet and gentle doe.
  • Hippos: Bubbly hippos like Bitty and Bertha bring cheerful energy.
  • Alligators: Delightful alligators like Alli, Boots, and Gayle.
  • Horses: Including Buck the stallion, Clyde the easygoing horse, and Rosie the peppy pony.

With nearly 200 potential animal campers, the diversity keeps your campsite lively.

How to attract new animals to your campsite

As camp manager, part of the fun is meeting new animals and convincing them to visit your campsite. Here are some tips for attracting animals:

  • Craft and place their favorite furniture – Each animal has preferred furniture items that will entice them to stop by if displayed.
  • Build and upgrade amenities – Constructing amenities like pools satisfy animal requests and demonstrates your excellent camp management!
  • Invite them to camp – Use the Invite feature to request specific animals visit your campsite.
  • Fulfill requests – If you complete requests for animals, they’ll be more likely to invite friends.
  • Link Nintendo account – Linking your Nintendo account attracts special visitors.
  • Host animals at your campsite – Animals you host will invite a friend to replace them when they leave.

With the right furniture, fulfilled requests, and invitation persistence, you’ll have a bustling campsite in no time!

How to befriend animals

Befriending visiting animals is one of the most rewarding parts of the game. Some tips for getting animals on your friend list include:

  • Talk to them often and give thoughtful responses during conversations.
  • Give them gifts like fruit, bugs, fish, furniture they like – this raises friendship fast!
  • Check their profile and fulfill requests for items or favors.
  • Let them “tutor” you to level up – they’ll become quick friends.
  • Invite them to your campsite and host them for a vacation.
  • Check back daily – friendship increases when you interact consistently.
  • Link Nintendo account for special friend powder gifts.

Building trust and helping animals will make you the most popular camp manager with all the furry friends!

Giving gifts to animals

You can rapidly raise friendship levels with animals by giving them gifts they love. Each animal’s profile shows their favorite and disliked items.

Good gift ideas include:

  • Fruit – Non-native fruit is always appreciated. Perfect treats!
  • Bugs/Fish – Higher value species make better gifts. Check their favorites.
  • Furniture – Crafting furniture they “love” gets a huge boost.
  • Clothing – Gift clothes matching their style and color preferences.

Always gift perfect fruit, rare bugs/fish, and +level clothing for the biggest friendship gains. Birthdays and holidays are also perfect times for oversized expressions of your friendship!

Animal requests

Once you build relationships, animals will periodically make requests for you to complete. Fulfilling these requests helps them out in various ways while rewarding you with sweet friendship XP.

Examples of animal requests include:

  • Asking for fruit, bugs, fish, shells or craft materials
  • Crafting a piece of furniture for them
  • Sharing creatures for them to display
  • Letting them tutor you to share knowledge
  • Watering their flowers or sharing crossbreeds
  • Picking event flowers from your garden
  • Giving them clothing items
  • Changing their catchphrases or greetings
  • Sharing photos taken together

Completing requests always feels good. It’s very rewarding to help out your animal friends!

How to craft items

Crafting is how you make furniture, tools, clothing, and amenities in Pocket Camp. Follow these steps to craft:

  1. Collect the required crafting materials through gathering, fishing, etc.
  2. Visit the Craft section inside your camper van.
  3. Select a recipe to craft. You’ll see the needed materials listed.
  4. Provide the materials from your inventory if sufficient.
  5. Wait the specified time while the item crafts.
  6. Your crafted item will go into your inventory for use!

Recipes require common materials like wood and cotton early on. More elaborate items need rarer materials found through gameplay and events.


Recipes enable you to craft items and are unlocked through gameplay progression, friendship levels, completing animal requests, and via events.

Some examples of recipes you can acquire include:

  • Furniture like chairs, tables, sinks, plants, and more for your campsite
  • Amenities such as pools, merry-go-rounds, and cafes
  • Tools and equipment like nets, fishing rods, axes, and shovels
  • Clothing and accessories for your character
  • Special event items, holiday items, and theme decorations

New recipes are constantly being added through updates too. There’s always more creative items to craft for your camp!


Crafting materials are the lifeblood of crafting furniture, clothes, tools, and amenities in Pocket Camp. Materials can be obtained through various gameplay activities:

Bugs – Catch bugs like butterflies, beetles, and grasshoppers by sneaking up and swinging your net. Bugs appear on flowers, trees, and the ground.

Fish – Fish can be caught by casting your line into bubbling waters. Reel them in before they escape! Fish have sizes like small and large.

Fruit – Fruit grows on the trees around the map. Shake trees to make fruit fall down to collect. Each fruit has a common and perfect variant.

Shells – Beautiful seashells wash up along the beaches. Pocket them for crafting. Look for rare giant shells too.

Wood – Chop down trees with the axe to acquire wood, softwood, and hardwood for rugged crafts. Trees respawn after several hours.

Cotton – Harvest puffs of cotton from plants found in Breezy Hollow and Sunburst Island. A light, airy material.

Paper – Crinkly paper is gathered from the bushes in Breezy Hollow. Used for paper crafts.

Steel – Mine sparkling silver steel nodes at the Shovelstrike Quarry. Smelt it into plates, beams, and bars.

Gemstones – Precious stones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are mined at the quarry. Used for fancy furniture.

Gyroidites – Rare crafting materials that appear during special events. Collect and trade them for prizes.

Essence – Earn essence crystals by completing requests for animals to fuel amenity crafting.

Sparkle stones – Rare stones awarded during events or bought with Leaf Tickets. Used to craft premium items.

Cookies – Acquire cookie crafting ingredients from Timmy with Bells, or stamp cards. Make yummy furniture.

With so many options, you’ll never run out of crafting materials for your campsite creations!

Crafting at the workbench

The workbench inside your camper van is where you’ll do all your crafting of items and goodies in Pocket Camp.

First, select the item you want to craft from the Craft menu. You’ll see the required materials and crafting time.

For example, building a simple log stool may need 10 wood and take 1 minute. An elaborate giant teddy bear requires far more materials and 6 hours to craft!

Provide the needed materials by selecting them from your inventory at the top. If you have enough, the Create button will highlight. Press it!

Now you must wait the specified real time while the item is crafted. Come back when it’s done to add it to your inventory.

For long crafts, you can still play, gather materials, and fulfill requests. Just set a timer to remember when it finishes! Crafting offline still counts down.

Ordering items from the market

An alternative to crafting furniture yourself is ordering pre-crafted items from the Market Place shopping plaza.

The Market Place stocks an ever-changing selection of craftable items. To buy, you spend Bells instead of materials.

Ordering from Market Place lets you obtain items without having to first collect their materials. It’s great for rare items or to save time.

However, ordering items is usually more expensive than crafting yourself. There are some Market Place exclusives though!

It’s a trade-off – spend your hard-earned Bells to immediately acquire items, or be patient and craft them from scratch.

Having both options allows you to progress through the game at your own pace. Mix up buying and crafting for variety!

Crafting clothes

In addition to furniture, you can craft clothing and accessories for your character by following clothes recipes.

Acquire materials like cotton, paper, and steel from nature. Then visit the Crafting menu to build shirts, dresses, shoes, and hats.

Mix and match crafted clothes with purchased items to create your unique looks. Change your outfit seasonally or for events!

Craft a wooly sweater and cozy boots when snow falls in winter. Cool off with a breezy tropical shirt and sandals in summer.

Express your style through clothing. And admire cute handmade fashions on your animal friends too!


Amenities are special structures like pools, cafes, and merry-go-rounds that can be crafted for your campsite once unlocked.

Building amenities requires not just materials, but also essence crystals earned by completing animal requests.

Amenities start as small and humble. But you can upgrade them to larger, fancier versions that give more rewards.

Having the highest tier amenities demonstrates your skills and hospitality as a stand-out camp manager!

Crafting tips

Here are some helpful tips for mastering crafting in Pocket Camp:

  • Keep materials stocked by checking supplies before playing sessions
  • Always have long crafts going like clothing and amenities
  • Fulfill animal requests to unlock more craft recipes
  • Craft multiples of cheap items to quickly raise friendship
  • Prioritize amenities and “dream” items you really want
  • Use extra materials to build items to sell for Bells
  • Buy more material storage if you’re low on space
  • Use Leaf Tickets to instantly finish long crafts
  • Craft rare event items even if you won’t use them

With the wide range of craftables available, you’ll delight in expressing your creativity through crafting in Pocket Camp!


Types of furniture in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

One of the joys of Pocket Camp is collecting and decorating with the enormous variety of in-game furniture. Furniture types include:

Campsite furniture – Chairs, tables, beds, rugs, lamps, plants, etc. Decorate your personal camp area.

Amenities – Pools, playgrounds, cafes. Build fun attractions at your camp.

Camper van decor – Outfit the interior of your mobile camper with furniture, flooring, and wallpaper.

Clothing – Customizable shirts, dresses, shoes, and hats for your character.

Handheld items – Instruments, balloons, glow wands. Equip these fun items.

Backdrops – Trees, flowers, butterflies, and other scenery items to add personality.

Event/holiday furniture – Seasonal items, party decorations, costumes exclusive to events.

With thousands of furniture pieces spanning so many categories, you’ll never run out of ways to customize your camp!

How to obtain furniture

There are a few primary methods to obtain furniture pieces in Pocket Camp:

Crafting – Make DIY furniture at the workbench from materials. Unlocks more recipes by befriending animals.

animal Requests – Fulfilling requests will gift special furniture unique to each animal.

Market Place – Buy directly from the shop using Bells. Daily selections refresh.

** Fortune Cookies** – Trade Bell cookies for random premium furniture pieces.

Event Prizes – Earn exclusive event furniture by completing goals.

Leaf Tickets – Instantly buy premium, limited cookies for guaranteed items.

Gardening – Crossbreed flowers to get flower furniture ingredients to craft.

With smart use of these options, you can curate an amazing furniture collection.

Placing furniture in your campsite

The fun of collecting furniture comes from being able to creatively place it in your campsite.

Press and hold any furniture item in your inventory, then drag and drop it into the desired position on the ground.

Use the preview outline to ensure there’s space and adjust the angles. Release to secure it in place.

Mix, match, and arrange all types of items to make lounge spaces, dining areas, play spaces, and more.

Redesign anytime by picking up items and rearranging or storing them. Let your imagination run wild!

Selling furniture

When your campsite and inventory fill up, you can choose to sell unwanted furniture and clothing items.

This turns them into Bells you can use to buy new items from Market Place. It’s the main way to profit.

To sell, select the item and pick the “Sell” button. You’ll be shown the sell value in Bells and can confirm.

The sell price depends on the original value – expensive items like cookies sell for more.

Carefully consider if you really want to part with rare items. You may want to just store extras in your inventory.

Selling duplicates, common items, and gifts from animals you dislike can be a great way to fund your campsite vision!

Furniture requests from animals

Building friendships by fulfilling furniture requests is a key part of gameplay.

When at your campsite, animals may ask you to craft specific furniture they want. Fulfilling these requests raises their friendship level.

Each animal has their own unique furniture requests tailored to their personality and style. For example:

Curt the cranky bear may request a wooden chair to relax in.

Bunnie the peppy rabbit might ask for a cotton candy stall for the camp.

Checking animals’ profiles shows their favorite styles and colors to inform furniture gifts.

The special request items also unlock unique craft recipes you can remake anytime. It always feels great to deliver custom-ordered furniture to delighted animals.

Bells and Leaf Tickets


Bells are the main currency earned through playing Pocket Camp. Just about everything you do will reward some Bells:

  • Completing quests, requests, and stretch goals
  • Selling craft materials, fruit, shells, bugs, fish
  • Selling unwanted furniture, clothing, and items
  • Helping animals
  • Talking to animals and building friendships
  • Leveling up your character
  • Finishing daily check-in goals
  • Event participation

Save up Bells to spend at Market Place on:

  • Furniture
  • Craft materials
  • Clothing
  • Crafting slot upgrades
  • Inventory upgrades
  • Terrain and wallpaper/flooring
  • Cookies from Timmy

Bells let you progress by buying items you’re missing for craft recipes. The more you play, the more bells you can invest back into your campsite!

Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency in Pocket Camp used to purchase special items. Ways to earn Leaf Tickets include:

  • Leveling up your character
  • Completing stretch goals
  • Daily login bonuses
  • Purchasing with real money -Receiving them as gifts

You can redeem Leaf Tickets for:

  • Premium event item cookies
  • Exclusive crafting materials like sparkle stones
  • Speeding up crafting time
  • Additional crafting slots
  • Unique terrain options
  • More inventory space
  • Reissue craft items from past events
  • Customization options

Leaf Tickets allow you to shortcut some of the grinding, so use them wisely on your most desired items and upgrades.

How to earn bells

Here are some tips for earning bells quickly in Pocket Camp:

  • Check in daily for bonuses
  • Fulfill animal requests
  • Build lots of cheap items to raise friendships
  • Focus on completing stretch goals
  • Sell extra bugs, fish, fruit, shells
  • Craft multiple hot items to sell
  • Buy low, sell high with Market Box
  • Actively participate in events
  • Link Nintendo account for rewards
  • Host animals at your campsite

Maximizing these options will have you ringing the bell of your campsite ATM in no time!

How to earn leaf tickets

Leaf Tickets can be earned for free in small amounts, or bought with real money for more. Here are tips:

  • Level up your character for tickets
  • Complete stretch goals
  • Check in daily for bonus tickets
  • Participate actively in events
  • Link a My Nintendo account
  • Invite friends back to the game
  • Buy special offer packs
  • Consider the occasional $0.99 sale
  • Check the notice board
  • Don’t waste free tickets on speeding every craft

While buying tickets progresses you faster, staying patient with free methods will pay off over time.

Spending bells and leaf tickets

With two forms of currency, it’s good to have spending strategies in Pocket Camp:

Bells are very plentiful, so use them freely on:

  • Market Place furniture orders
  • Craft materials from Market Place
  • Timmy’s cookies
  • Upgrading storage
  • Ordering reissues of old items
  • Listing rare items in your Market Box

Leaf Tickets are limited, so reserve them for:

  • Timed event item cookies
  • Premium craft materials like sparkle stones
  • Special terrain and sky options
  • Unique costumes and clothing
  • Speeding up final amenity crafts
  • Inventory upgrades as absolutely needed

Focus bells on progress and convenience. Limit leaf tickets to your must-have items and cosmetics to maximize both currencies.

Tips and Tricks

How to level up quickly

Leveling up your character in Pocket Camp will unlock rewards like crafting slots, Leaf Tickets, and more. Here are tips for fast leveling:

  • Talk to every animal at your camp frequently
  • Check in daily for bonus XP
  • Fulfill as many animal requests as possible
  • Over-build cheap items to gift for XP
  • Host animals at your campsite for friendship boosts
  • Participate actively in events and contests
  • Connect your My Nintendo account for rewards
  • Purchase and use XP boosting items
  • Invite new animals to visit your campsite
  • Replace hosted animals with new visitors
  • Complete stretch goals for huge level bumps
  • Catch lots of bugs and fish to build inventory

With smart play, you can level up quickly and reap all the rewards!

How to earn more bells

Here are pro tips for raking in the bell profits:

  • Check in daily, never missing a bonus
  • Fulfill every animal request possible
  • Always have maximum various fruit trees
  • Plant many blooming flowers to spawn bugs
  • Focus on catching expensive bugs and fish
  • Use fertilizer to grow giant vegetables to sell
  • Plant bell-producing fruit like perfect cherries
  • Collect shells and crafted items to list in Market Box
  • Buy low from others’ Market Boxes, sell high
  • Craft and sell multiples of hot high-value items
  • Only speed craft with free friend powder

Honing your fruit-catching-crafting skills will stuff your bank account!

How to attract more animals to your campsite

To attract a steady flow of animal visitors, try these tricks:

  • Keep their favorite foods ready – check profiles
  • Craft and display their favorite furniture items
  • Adopt colors and themes they like for your campsite
  • Build and upgrade amenities they are excited for
  • Raise friendship by fulfilling requests promptly
  • Send invitations manually to animals you want
  • Host as many animals as possible and let them invite
  • Link your My Nintendo account to attract special visitors
  • Display fish, bugs, and furniture that gives them Goals
  • Be strategic when animals suggest playing a game

With persistence and hospitality, your camp will be bustling with furry friends!

How to get the most out of events

Limited-time events add lots of enjoyment to Pocket Camp. Maximize them with these tips:

  • Review event details carefully so you’re prepared
  • Log in frequently during the event for bonuses
  • Set timers/notifications to never miss a cycle
  • Always have the max event flowers planted
  • Keep crossbreeding and sharing flowers with friends
  • Buy special event furniture with Leaf Tickets
  • Use Leaf Tickets to speed through flower goals
  • Use the rest of the event to stockpile flower food /seeds
  • Prioritize rare one-time items before common rewards
  • Buy extra event items to trade later for new items
  • Take advantage of Honey used to catch more creatures

Being strategic with events will net you tons of limited-time loot!

How to find rare items

Certain items are harder to come by in Pocket Camp. Here are some places to uncover rare gear:

  • Host the maximum number of different animals. Their gift rewards unlock exclusive furniture.
  • Fulfill all villager requests thoroughly – these reward their unique items.
  • Check Market Place daily for special items like reissued event gear.
  • Craft and openCOMMON cookies for chances at uncommon cookie furniture.
  • Splurge Leaf Tickets on premium cookie sets containing rare guaranteed rewards.
  • Grind Shovelstrike Quarry diligently to gather top-tier craft materials like sparkle stones.
  • Crossbreed masses of flowers during gardening events to get exotic hybrids.
  • Shoot up to the top of fishing and bug catching tourney ranks for uncommon prizes.
  • Participate intensely in Scavenger Hunt and Gyroidite events.

Persistence, events, and friends are key to collecting Pocket Camp’s rarest gear!

Why Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a great game

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp captures the relaxing magic of the beloved franchise in a free mobile package. Playing Pocket Camp is enjoyable for so many reasons:

Portability – It fits in your pocket! Play anywhere, anytime. Perfect for busy lives.

Peaceful gameplay – Decorating and interacting with cute animals is simply calming. An antidote to stress.

Customizability – Endless campsite design options give you freedom. Tailor your personalized paradise.

Friendship – Helping quirky animal pals feels good. Seeing them thrive because of you is rewarding.

Progression – There’s always a new reward, recipe, or friend on the horizon to discover.

Changing seasons – Special events and seasonal decor keep things fresh.

Community – Visiting friends’ creative campsites inspires. Sharing flowers and creatures engages.

Approachability – With its pleasing art style, simple controls, and mellow pace, anyone can unwind with Pocket Camp.

For a relaxing escape filled with rewarding goals, creative expression, and

charming characters, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp delivers an engaging experience you can return to day after day. It’s a spirited virtual getaway available whenever you need to get away.

With so much to do from collecting bugs to crafting the perfect campsite, Pocket Camp’s diverse gameplay provides hours upon hours of entertaining adventures. Going on quests for adorable animals is a nice distraction, while the freedom to design a personalized camp creates a digital space that is truly your own.

Whether you play for a few minutes here and there, or get absorbed completing every task on your daily checklist, Pocket Camp captures Animal Crossing’s signature charm in bite-sized mobile bursts. It’s the perfect portable presence of community and campsite coziness.

From relaxing fishing trips to creative campground construction, Pocket Camp makes it easy for anyone to step into the shoes of camp manager. As you attract new animal friends and continually upgrade your humble tent to a glamorous grounds, progression is always on the horizon.

While the in-app purchases for Leaf Tickets are optional, you can play at your own pace and style without them. Core rewards come through patience. The journey of building your dream camp never really ends!

For franchise fans or those just discovering the peaceful world of Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp provides the core elements that make the series special in an accessible free-to-play package. Manage your campground from anywhere, bond with endearing animals, and express your creativity through charming customization.

Pocket Camp translates the magic of Animal Crossing into the perfect casual mobile experience – the cozy community you can carry anywhere.

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