Conquer the Open World – Your Ultimate Guide to Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG developed by Hotta Studio that features anime-inspired graphics and exciting action combat. Since its release in 2022, the game has become hugely popular thanks to its vast open world, deep character progression systems, and flashy combat.

As an open-world game, Tower of Fantasy gives players an incredible amount of freedom to explore its post-apocalyptic world as they see fit. The land is filled with mysteries to uncover, territories to conquer, and fearsome enemies to defeat. Players can traverse flooded cities, vast deserts, and lush forests seamlessly without any loading screens. The anime aesthetic combines beautifully with the Sci-Fi setting, creating a visually stunning game world.

This guide aims to help both new and experienced players on their journey through the towering world of fantasy. It will cover everything from the basics of character creation, combat mechanics, and equipment systems to advanced tips for progression, activities, and end-game raids.

Character Creation

When first starting Tower of Fantasy, players will create their own unique character. There is deep customization available – you can choose from presets or individually customize features like hair style & color, eyes, face shape, body type and more.

There are three character classes available, each with their own combat style:

  • Swordsman – Masters of powerful melee weapons like greatswords. They have good defense thanks to their shields.
  • Gunslinger – Ranged weapons experts that blast enemies from afar with guns and rockets. Very high damage output.
  • Simulacra – Specializes in controlling Simulacrum (robots) to fight for them. Greatutility through heals, buffs and damage over time.

Think carefully about which class suits your preferred playstyle. While a character’s class and appearance can be altered later on, their background story stays fixed.

With deep customization and three unique classes that play entirely differently, Tower of Fantasy encourages creating a character you connect with. One that will lead you on an unforgettable journey through a fantastical world filled with secrets to uncover and challenges to overcome.

Character Creation

Creating your character in Tower of Fantasy is the first step on your journey. Customizing your appearance and selecting your class is important, as it determines your play style and aesthetics. There is great depth available when making characters, so let’s break the process down step-by-step.

Customizing Appearance

Tower of Fantasy provides excellent appearance customization with a wide range of options. You can choose a preset face and body type, which is useful for getting started. However, far deeper personalization is possible by individually customizing:

  • Hairstyle & Color – Lots of unique hair options, from short pixie cuts to long flowing hair. Unnatural colors like pink and green are available too.
  • Eyes – Several eye shapes and colors to choose from. Anime-style big glittering eyes are very popular.
  • Face Shape – Determine the shape of your face from rounder to more chiseled.
  • Body Type – Slider system that changes height, muscle tone and other aspects.
  • Cosmetics – Extensive makeup and face paint options. Tattoos also available.

Spend time perfecting your ideal look. Remember you can alter appearance later on using special items. But your backstory stays fixed forever.

Selecting Simulacrum

An important choice is which Simulacrum (robot companion) to pick as they aid you in combat:

  • Nemesis – Attacker that unleashes devastating laser beams from a distance.
  • Samir – Unloads continuous volleys using dual pistols by your side.
  • King – Tanky protector that draws aggro and shields allies.

Their abilities complement different playstyles. For example, new players may prefer King to soak damage. While veterans lean towards Nemesis or Samir for aggressive strategies.

You unlock more Simulacrums later on, but the initial choice is still meaningful. So pick the one that best matches your preferred combat style.

Choosing Weapon Style

There are three distinct weapon styles to choose from, which dictate your primary attacks:


Wields heavy melee weapons like greatswords for devastating single strikes. Defends using shields. A beginner-friendly class which promotes a balanced playstyle.


  • Simple melee attacks
  • Strong defense
  • Solid damage


  • Short attack range
  • Lower mobility


Unloads continuous ranged attacks from dual pistols or long rifles. Fragile without defense, so they have to evade enemy blows.


  • Long attack range
  • Extreme damage output
  • High mobility


  • Squishy without defense
  • Ammo management


Controls robots called Simulacrum to fight instead of attacking directly themselves. Focuses on providing heals, buffs and controlling the battlefield.


  • Indirect combat
  • Support abilities
  • Damage over time


  • Mana management
  • Lower solo carry potential

Think carefully about your playstyle preferences when selecting a weapon style. Remember you can switch between them later on to find the one you enjoy most!

Background Story

Finally, you must select your character’s background story which involves:

  • Childhood Environment – Lived on the icy Frostpeak Mountain or the scorching Warren Desert.
  • Meaningful Object – Cherished item like a compass, pocket watch or torch.
  • Markings – Tattoos representing criminal upbringing or scientific experiments.

The background combinations provide depth to your character. While appearance and class can be altered later, your origin story sets forever!

With the extensive customization systems, you really can create your ideal avatar that feels personalized. So take your time, mix and match all the options until you have exactly the look and feel you want as you set off on your adventure!

Gameplay Basics

Tower of Fantasy provides players with an open world full of possibilities. There are many gameplay systems to learn, from fighting enemies to exploring expansive areas. Let us cover the absolute fundamentals below.

Combat Basics

Combat in Tower of Fantasy is snappy and responsive using an action system. Attacks vary based on your weapon – Swordsmen perform heavy melee strikes, while Gunslingers blast away with ranged firearms. Some key controls:

  • Basic Attack – Default attack depending on weapon. Builds up your ability gauge.
  • Dodge – Evade enemy attacks. Some attacks cannot be iframed!
  • Ability – Activate your chosen abilities that expend your ability gauge.
  • Weapon Swap – Switch between two equipped weapons.
  • Block (Swordsman) – Mitigate damage using shields. Does not negate everything.
  • Aim Mode (Gunslinger) – Precision aiming for more accurate shots.

As you fight enemies, pay attention to their attack patterns so you know the appropriate times to strike, dodge or deploy shields/abilities. With practice, combat becomes almost rhythmic and intensely satisfying.

Later on, using aerial combos, discharge effects and switching between three weapons makes battles even more spectacular. But focus first on grasping the fundamentals before executing flashy moves!

Traversal Methods

Exploring the huge open world requires various methods to get around efficiently:

  • Sprint – Use stamina to sprint faster on foot. Toggle walk/run speeds.
  • Climb – Scale cliff faces and tall structures using stamina. Some surfaces cannot be climbed.
  • Glide – Leap off heights and glide through the air to safely descend. No stamina consumed.
  • Mounts – Unlock mounts like hoverbikes to quickly traverse land faster without tiring.
  • Grapple – Use grappling points to latch onto surfaces and swing long distances.
  • Fast Travel – Instantly move to activated Echo points that serve as checkpoints.

Learning these traversal mechanics is key to exploring effectively. Tower of Fantasy wants players to climb every mountain and explore every corner without limitation. So master the movement methods to bound freely across the world!

Interacting with the World

Aside from fighting enemies and platforming around, interacting with the world itself is a major part of the experience:

  • Conversing with NPCs – Chat to expand lore and receive quests.
  • Investigating Objects – Examine points of interest for items and clues.
  • Opening Chests – Find precious loot inside normal and luxurious chests.
  • Foraging Resources – Harvest plants, mine ores, gut animals for materials.
  • Cooking Food – Prepare stat-boosting meals using various recipes.
  • Completing Puzzles – Decode glyphs, arrange tiles and more to unlock secrets.

Make sure to thoroughly scour every location as there is so much to discover! No inch of ground is wasted in terms of gameplay opportunities in the towering world of fantasy.

With combat, traversal and world interaction basics understood, you are now ready to properly embark on your journey! Fearlessly venture forth into the unknown and make your mark on this expansive open world. The next steps are strengthening your character, forming bonds with companions and confronting mighty adversaries that lurk in the fantastical land.

The ultimate goal? Ascend all the towering heights – both literal and figurative!

Weapons and Equipment

When it comes to progressing your character in Tower of Fantasy, strengthening your weapons and equipment is essential. There is a vast arsenal featuring unique properties and playstyles to uncover. Let us explore all the gear available to warriors in Tower of Fantasy.

Weapon Types

There are five core weapon classes. Within each exists numerous named weapons with random bonuses and effects.


Massive two-handed blades wielded by Swordsmen. Deliver slow, crushing single strikes that stagger foes. Some greatswords transform into even larger powered-up forms!

  • Pros – Extreme damage, defense piercing
  • Cons – Slow attack speed, short range

Quick polearms utilized by Swordsmen to rapidly poke enemies. Charge attacks pierce defenses and reposition swiftly using the powerful dash stab.

  • Pros – Fast combos, high mobility
  • Cons – Short reach, lower damage

Sharp throwing rings that quickly boomerang between multiple foes when thrown by Gunslingers. Utilize elementally-imbued variants for additional reactions.

  • Pros – Multi-target, elemental reactions
  • Cons – Slow charging speed, ammunition management

Precise longbows allowing Gunslingers to snipe distant enemies or charge up devastating volleys. Different arrow types provide utility.

  • Pros – Extreme range, high burst potential
  • Cons – Charge times, weak to interruption

Mystical rods providing Simulacra wielders bonus effects to their abilities. Heal allies, freeze foes and more with enhanced spells.

  • Pros – Support focused, ability amplification
  • Cons – Indirect combat, long cooldowns

With five distinct weapon types boasting unique identities, there is something to suit every playstyle. Continuously collecting and upgrading new weapons expands your strategic options exponentially.

Obtaining Weapons

Loot Drops

Defeated enemies have a random chance to drop weapons and weapon upgrade materials. Early on, farming mobs is an efficient way to initially gear up.

Chest Rewards

Precious and luxurious chests discovered across the world contain guaranteed weapons matching your current level. Search thoroughly to not miss these great upgrades.

Special Events

Time-limited events will gift event-exclusive weapons and upgrade items. These often provide themed cosmetics and buffs.

Later on at higher levels, additional avenues open for obtaining weapons like crafting, weekly raid rewards and PvP exchanges.

Upgrading Gear

As you accumulate weapons, you can invest precious materials to upgrade them:

  • Level Up – Uses weapon batteries to increase gear level cap.
  • Ascend – Requires rare stellar shards to boost base stats significantly.
  • Augments – Applies modifiers using augment cores that add new properties.
  • Resonate – Unlocks additional perk slots for set bonuses using dust.
  • Refine – Further amplifies existing effects to push gear to its ceiling.

While upgrading gear takes farming, the payoff is extremely rewarding. A fully enhanced epic weapon feels incredibly powerful and makes your heroes essentially demigods!

Gear Progression

Here is the standard gear progression path to pursue as you continually strengthen your armory:

Tier 1 (1340 →)

  • Farm overworld enemies
  • Open blue/purple chests
  • Craft low level gear
  • Goal → Hit max level

Tier 2 (1540 →)

  • Clear void rifts
  • Attempt joint ops
  • Unlock weapon resonance
  • Goal → Ready for hard raids

Tier 3 (2040+ →)

  • Farm wormhole/frontier hard
  • Clear dimensional trials
  • Attempt PvP for seasonal gear
  • Goal → Push to max gear score

With smart upgrading processes, perseverance in advancing through content, and some luck with drops – your warrior will wield a mighty arsenal befitting the most legendary heroes of the fantasy realm.

Now equipped to the teeth with mythical arms, it is time to test your mettle against the most fearsome foes found in this untamed world…

Progression Systems

In Tower of Fantasy, continuous progression across various systems is crucial for taking on tougher challenges. By increasing your character level, weapon grades, talents and more – you transform from zero to hero! Let us break down all the key progression elements integral for growth.

Character Levels

Defeating enemies grants EXP to level up your character, which bolsters attributes. Push beyond the initial cap by ascending using rare items at max level. Growth continues well into the hundreds!

  • Vitality – Increases max HP.
  • Strength – Boosts melee damage output.
  • Fortitude – Reduces damage taken by increasing defense.
  • Endurance – Determines max stamina for traversal activities.
  • Agility – Improves attack speed to unleash combos faster.
  • Logic – Allows equipping higher grade weapons and matrices.
  • Luck – Useful for better loot quality drops.

Advancing these core stats by gaining EXP levels long-term is pivotal. It takes huge investment, but the payoff creates tremendously mighty heroes!

Weapon Grades

The grade of a weapon determines just how powerful its base effects are. Common goes up to Standard → Advanced → Epic with each bump bringing major stat improvements.

Weapons also have a level associated with them that can be increased independently using batteries. Getting both high grade and level is ideal for damage dealing potential.


Equipping matrices (chips) into your armor provides massive attribute bonuses. Advanced matrices also impart incredibly strong effects that amplify playstyles.

  • HP Matrices – Flat boosts to max health.
  • Strength Matrices – Percentage/direct increases to attack.
  • Defense Matrices – Reduces incoming damage taken.
  • Support Matrices – Grants utility effects like lifesteal, damage reflection etc.

Matrices allow tremendous scaling in power by stacking their effects. Eventually you become an unstoppable heroic force steamrolling any opposition!


Suppressors are equipped to provide direct buffs to your weapons, such as extra damage, charge speed or elemental bonuses. The effects grow by upgrading suppressor grade and level similar to weapons.

Mixing suppressors and matrices creates insane multiplicative scaling. You can tailor builds around specific weapons or elements. Customization is endless!

With dedication towards multi-axis progression across attributes, gear grades, talents and supplements – your warriors will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most legendary heroes of this fantastical realm!

Social Features

While much of the Tower of Fantasy experience involves battling enemies and overcoming challenges solo, there are ample social features to bond with others. Joining forces with allies makes all victories sweeter and endgame trials possible!

Squad Play

Grouping with other warriors for adventures out in the open zones is simply a case of sending squad invites. Up to four players can band up to take on powerful elite enemies and clear dungeons more efficiently.

Playing in a squad has many advantages:

  • Clear tougher enemies through coordination
  • Revieve fallen teammates
  • Share rewards after victory
  • Utilize squad buffs and combo abilities

Overcome world bosses, push deeper into gauntlet modes and defeat dimensional trials as a tightly knit team. Bonds forged in battle last a lifetime!


Joining guilds allows making new friends enmasse to regularly play with. Guilds provide buffs, resources and progression opportunities.

As guilds level up, additional benefits unlock:

  • Guild shop for unique items
  • Guild resource generation
  • Guild tech tree buffs
  • Guild housing area to customize
  • Guild vs Guild PvP battles

The guild mechanic encourages forming large communities. Coordinate to unlock all guild features then represent your colors proudly!


Crews are smaller tight-knit groups that share progression daily for rewards. Up to four crew members can be registered to gain bonuses by completing trials together.

  • Share vitality to help each other progress
  • Complete crew missions for chests
  • Clear crew bounties
  • Crew training for varied rewards

Crews help advance your team rapidly early on. Ride together until you reach the endgame summit!


Players can marry their partners with wedding rings! While largely symbolic, it cements bonds between beloved partners. Married couples gain small stat buffs and additional interaction emotes to flirt with their lover while adventuring.

Share your destiny with another brave soul in Tower of Fantasy through marriage. A lover in arms is the most precious gift!


Emotes allow players to express themselves creatively using different poses, dances and gestures. Unlock wackier emotes from the Prodigy Pass or style on foes after an intense PvP duel!

Wave, clap, play music or have a seat with friends. Emotes encourage community engagement socially through lighthearted self-expression rather than just combat!

While strength of arms alone can take you far on this solo journey, it is the bonds forged along the way that linger most precious in memory. Tower of Fantasy offers ample social features – so reach out and connect with others!

PvE Content

Tower of Fantasy has a thriving PvE landscape spanning various modes. These challenges test a player’s combat abilities against hordes of enemies or solo against towering bosses. Let’s explore all the PvE content available.

Open World Enemies

The expansive open zones are populated with enemies to fight. Dispatch them for EXP, loot drops and clearing the area. Great for initial leveling.

  • Overworld Enemies – Standard mobs scattered around for new players.
  • Elites – Stronger enemies that require skill to defeat. Drop better loot.
  • World Bosses – Epic battles against towering behemoths. Require teamwork.

Roam regions to grind any flavor of enemy you wish. The world is your battlefield!

Simulation Room

Special solo challenges that come in varieties focusing on battles, platforming, mechanics and puzzles.

  • Fightcontinuous waves in cube simulations
  • Time your traversal skill in parkour challenges
  • Solve puzzles for rewards

Sharpen skills by taking on these mini-games in the simulation room.

Void Rifts

Enter random portals that manifest to clear procedural dungeons. Fun mix of enemies and bosses. Great for leveling from 15 → 40.

  • Random layouts
  • Themed enemies
  • Bosses with mechanics
  • Special challenge conditions

No two rifts are alike – so dive in for surprises!

Joint Operations

8 player raids that cycle between volcanic, frozen and desert biomes. Farm for materials, leveling, ability upgrades and gear.

  • Role select forces balanced teams
  • Early taste of raid-style team play
  • Three distinct boss fights
  • Daily/Weekly rewards

Test skills in a party setting before endgame.

Frontier Clash

Two teams of 15 players battle giant creatures in a competitive mode to deal highest damage for seasonal prizes.

  • Compete with other players
  • Burst down gigantic hp bars
  • High difficulty and coordination required

Not for the faint hearted!


10 player “cube” style dungeons with three floors getting progressively harder. Random modifiers push adaptability.

  • Weekly lockouts
  • Raid-level difficulty
  • Distinct boss fights
  • High level (80+) gear drops

The ultimate PvE challenge!

With limitless enemies in the open world combined with instanced modes of all varieties – Tower of Fantasy delivers action-packed PvE content for all appetites. Battle on for glory!

Life Skills & Activities

Amidst all the fighting, exploring dungeons and competing against others, Tower of Fantasy offers more casual life skills and hobbies to enjoy at your leisure. Take time to smell the roses by trying activities like fishing, cooking, music and more!


Fishing is a relaxing activity that has you venturing to water bodies located all over the map to catch various species using rod and lure.

  • Over 50 fish species to catch
  • Elemental fish provide resources
  • Legendary fish are rare trophies
  • Purchase rods, lures and bait
  • Great source of cooking ingredients

Reel in that big catch while admiring tranquil waterscapes.


Combine harvested ingredients through cooking to prepare meals providing powerful buff food. Craft at restaurants in major outposts.

  • Food buffs attack, hp or stamina
  • Advanced dishes require mastery
  • Additional seasoning adds variety
  • Feed pets special dishes
  • Master all recipes for achievements

Bon appetit – combat readiness starts from the stomach!


Keep an eye out harvesting the environment for valuable resources through mining, logging and gutting creatures.

  • Ores for smithing gear
  • Plants for potions
  • Animal parts for cooking
  • Random yield qualities
  • Foraging mastery line

No part of natural bounty left unused!

Musical Performances

Compose melodies by tackling tricky rhythm minigames then perform complete symphonies across various public stages located in major outposts when in a group. Other players can listen in or even join your impromptu concert!

  • Complicated rhythm input
  • Stage aerial stunts
  • Up to four performers
  • Solos, duets or bands!
  • Cosmetic musical instruments

Be a rockstar and put on a show!

Exploring a few life skills and casual activities here and there makes the open world feel rich with options beyond just combat. Tower of Fantasy has hobbies for all interests – now go enjoy some well deserved R&R, brave warrior!

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Tower of Fantasy involves learning many subtle combat nuances, obscure progression tricks and utilizing all systems synergistically. Here are tips and tricks accumulated from top players for newbies.


  • Enemy attacks have telltale windups – observe and dodge reactively.
  • Utilize weapon swapping combos for non-stop aggression.
  • Manage your limited ability gauges carefully!
  • Use consumables like grenades and weapon buffs.
  • Fight enemies near your level – avoid punching high above your weight early on.
  • Dash cancels and jump cancels are essential for smooth combos.

Master the action combat fundamentals, and you can topple any colossal foe eventually.


  • Sprint and climb everything to fully uncover map fog and gather collectibles.
  • Glide from great heights to traverse vast distances quickly.
  • Invest in mounts for accelerated overworld travel.
  • Activate Echo waypoints whenever you encounter them for quick fast travel.
  • Solve those cube puzzles!

Traversing the open world fluidly makes all activities easier.


  • Level up your character as top priority.
  • Only invest gear upgrade materials at higher rarities.
  • Balance offensive and defensive matrices.
  • Match suppressor and matrix effects to strengthen your weapons.
  • Push byond the level cap by ascending once eligible.
  • Participate in limited events for exclusive progression items.

Optimize scaling your heroes to demigod status!


  • Increase maximum vitality via the Aida Cafe.
  • Crews are invaluable for early advancement.
  • Interact with random wanderers for goodies.
  • Bygone Phantasm for post-level cap upgrade materials.
  • Vince districts have valuable weekly reputation offerings.

And there you have – tips and tricks that accelerate your warrior toward the pantheon of the greats. Now dare to climb the towering fantasy!

And so we have covered the full gamut – from creating your ideal hero, learning basics to take down colossal beasts, growing strength to legendary status through deep progression, and bonding with allies to form unbreakable bonds. Everything you need to embark on an unbelievable journey in the Tower of Fantasy!

This guide illuminated the main mechanics and systems. But there remains far more to uncover yourself first-hand by directly diving into the game. The feeling of fresh discovery wandering through dangerous frontier regions, joy of overcoming challenges in dungeons or thrill of dominating intense PvP battles. Such moments must be experienced personally!

For those still hesitant, allow me to give some final encouragement to take the leap into this incredible open world MMORPG.


Few other games provide the sheer level of freedom given here. Traverse towering cities, searing deserts and frigid tundras unhindered entirely by your own whims. Write your own story through the world.


Global and regional chats are bustling with players chill to befriend. Find belonging among like-minded warriors or friendly guilds aplenty. Cooperation makes victory sweeter.


Generous compensation keeps you adequately armed for greater challenges. Dedicated effort never feels wasted when upgrades are tangible. Growth feels meaningful long-term all the way to endgame.


Mysteries and adventures lurk around every corner if you veer off beaten paths. Take your time uncovering vistas and appreciate both grand scales and tiny details crafting this utopian vision.

What more can be said? The decision lies solely in your hands now, brave warrior. This fearless guide already lifted the veil of uncertainty on what awaits below the gleaming spire. Will you answer the call? Reach out to grasp your destiny!

I will be eagerly expecting news of your exploits the day I too set foot Aida to take up arms alongside legends in the making such as yourself…

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