Dragon Ball FighterZ – Unleash Your Inner Saiyan with This Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D fighting game based on the iconic Dragon Ball anime franchise. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, it was released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is regarded as one of the best Dragon Ball games of all time due to its impressive visuals, smooth gameplay, and faithfulness to the source material.

The game allows players to form teams consisting of 3 characters and battle it out in high-octane 3vs3 tag-team fights. It features a wide roster consisting of many fan-favorite Dragon Ball characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Cell, Frieza, Android 16, Android 18, Majin Buu, and more. Each fighter is lovingly crafted and animated to mirror their anime counterparts.

Dragon Ball fighterz

Dragon Ball FighterZ utilizes a simple yet deep combat system that is inviting to newcomers while still providing hardcore fighting game enthusiasts with ample techniques and strategies to master. Special moves like the Kamehameha are simple to perform, giving novice players a sense of pulling off iconic Dragon Ball attacks. Yet there is a complex layer of combo strings, cancels, ki management, and other mechanics to provide competitive depth at high levels of play.

Key Features of Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • 3vs3 Tag-Team Fighting: Form teams of 3 characters from a vast roster of Dragon Ball fighters and battle it out in iconic locations from the anime
  • Spectacular Graphics and Animations: Experience Dragon Ball combat come to life in smooth 60 FPS 2D visuals and effects mirroring Akira Toriyama’s anime art style
  • In-Depth Combat System: Easy to learn inputs for special attacks open the game to casual fans, while hardcore players can explore vastly deep mechanics and competitive elements
  • Varied Game Modes: Story Mode retells events from the anime, Arcade lets players gauntlets against AI, and Online enables fighting players from around the globe
  • RPG-Inspired Progression: Unlock alternative colors, titles, avatars, special trophy Z-stamps and background Z-capsules to customize the look and abilities of fighters
  • Iconic Sounds and Music: Familiar voice-overs from Dragon Ball’s original English and Japanese casts, hard-hitting sound effects, and a rocking soundtrack worthy of epic anime clashes

Critical Acclaim and Awards

Dragon Ball FighterZ received overwhelming universal acclaim upon its launch, praised for capturing the look and feel of the Dragon Ball universe within an exceptionally well-crafted fighting game.

It won numerous Game of the Year awards in 2018 from gaming publications such as Game Informer, GameSpot, and The Game Awards. It was also nominated for Best Fighting Game at both The Game Awards and the D.I.C.E. Awards.

Fans and fighting game commentators noted how Dragon Ball FighterZ represented a rare alignment of anime-licensed game done incredibly well. It made hardcore fighting game mechanics accessible in a way that both casual Dragon Ball fans and seasoned fighting game veterans can pick up a controller and have an absolute blast.


3vs3 Tag-Team Fighting System

The foundation of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s gameplay is its 3vs3 tag-team fighting system. Players form a team of 3 fighters from the roster and battle it out in one-on-one combat. However, the on-screen character can be switched out with any of the other 2 characters on the team according to the player’s strategy.

This enables compelling team synergy tactics, akin to the character assists found in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. With the right combination of fighters, players can create effective mixes of melee brawlers, tricky teleporters, and fierce projectile users to control the flow of combat.

For example, a player can choose Android 16 to beat down the opponent with strong arms combos. When the opponent least expects it, 16 can be switched out with Hit to attack from strange angles with his teleporting Time Skip ability. This mix of ground pressure and unpredictable offense can overwhelm unprepared opponents.

Game Modes

Story Mode: Relive Epic Battles from the Dragon Ball Anime

Dragon Ball FighterZ features an expansive story mode spanning 3 arcs that covers the main sagas every fan knows – the Saiyan arc, the Frieza arc, and the Android arc. Players battle through recreations of the anime’s most iconic fights while unlockingAndroid 16 as a playable character.

The story opens with Goku persevering through an epic beam struggle against Vegeta, accurately recreating their first fight upon the Saiyan prince’s arrival on Earth. Players then fight their way through Nappa and the Ginyu Force before taking down Frieza himself on planet Namek.

What sets Story Mode apart from other fighters is how it utilizes the in-game engine to create dramatic anime cutscenes in between fights – lending familiar story beats refreshed life. Signature attacks like Goku’s Spirit Bomb are visualized in-game with cinematic flair true to the anime.

These dramatic story sequences combined with accurately playing through the major fights of early Dragon Ball Z make for wonderful nostalgia for longtime fans. It also serves as a fun history lesson for those less familiar to experience firsthand.

The wealth of single-player content expands through completing character-specific arcs in Story Mode. These showcase their personal histories, like Krillin’s growth through his training under Master Roshi, or Android 18’s initial activation by Dr. Gero.

Those yearning for more canonical Dragon Ball battles after finishing Story Mode can unlock Hard difficulty to challenge their skills. Or a second playthrough allows swapping teams to see how the combat unfolds with different combinations of heroes and villains.

Overall, Story Mode is a loving tribute that blends accurate anime homages with new in-engine content expanding on backstories and histories – creating a polished single-player experience fans will cherish.

Arcade Mode: Challenge Yourself with Increasingly Difficult Opponents

For those seeking solo challenges, Dragon Ball FighterZ includes a classic Arcade Mode with some unique twists. Pick a team and battle through a series of fights culminating in an epic showdown versus either Goku or Android 21 depending on narrative choices.

During character select, fighters are categorized under Saiyans, Aliens, Earthlings, Androids or Majins as an homage to key races within the Dragon Ball universe. Selecting certain team compositions may trigger dialogue cameos from notable members like Bulma cheering on Earthling representatives.

The AI difficulty gradually increases with each consecutive match. Players face opponents like Krillin, Kid Buu and Janemba who are themed to their selected team. For example, a Saiyan team would face the brother duo of Android 17 and 18 as a nod to their anime rivalry.

These themed bouts paired with increasing challenge make Arcade feel like true test of skills in the Dragon Ball world. Post-victory, players receive EXP used to unlock alternative colors to customize their chosen fighters. These color variants reference their pallet swaps seen in older Dragon Ball Z fighters.

Dedicated players can invest time to not only beat Arcade with multiple teams on Normal, but also cycle through unlocking colors on Hard. Completionists will put their skills to the test tackling Arcade on Hardest against the smartest AI for bragging rights.

With fun themes, nods to unlockables in classic Dragon Ball games, and genuinely tough higher difficulties – Arcade Mode hits the right notes to excite fans of single-player content.

Online Modes: Battle Players from Around the World

The limitless fun in honing one’s skills in Dragon Ball FighterZ comes from testing them against human opponents online. Ranked Matches automatically pair players with similar skill levels for intense fights with ranking points on the line.

Meanwhile, Casual Matches offer stress-free environments for friends to battle online or to meet and face-off against new rivals. Customizable Arena Match lobbies also enable groups to hang out online and rotate through 1-on-1 fights complete with spectating capabilities for those awaiting their turn.

Dragon Ball FighterZ truly shines when connecting people from all over to share their passion for the series through competitive play. Making clever assists, landing high-damage combos, or making unbelievable comebacks feel extra special when experienced in player versus player showdowns.

The online infrastructure also holds its own even in major worldwide tournaments hosted by EVO, Combo Breaker, and more. Top professional players praise Dragon Ball FighterZ’s netcode stability even at the highest levels of competition.

Bandai Namco also supported online events with in-game tournaments. These limited-time challenges let players embody favorites like Goku and Piccolo to compete for exclusive rewards using pre-made teams. Special stamps and icons were up for grabs, encouraging community participation.

Moving forward, more online game modes and custom lobbies designed around 3 vs 3 team fights would further enhance connected play. But the foundations are solid for battling friends or total strangers in matches that emulate the tense back-and-forth exchanges the Dragon Ball anime is beloved for.

The tag system also opens up opportunities for clutch saves and comebacks. A fighter on the verge of being KO-ed can be tagged out to allow a fresh ally to regain control of the match. Managed wisely, the tag system adds a thrilling layer of strategy unique to team fighters.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master Mechanics

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a 6-button fighting system consisting of light, medium and heavy variations for both punch and kick attacks. There is also a dedicated button each for throwing, using special moves, calling assist characters, and switching characters.

This simple control scheme allows anyone familiar with fighting games to quickly pick a character and start dishing out signature ki blasts and melee combos. At the same time, the mechanics provide immense combo possibilities and mastery for advanced players.

Some examples of advanced techniques include:

  • Dragon Rush – A powerful grappling move akin to throws in other fighters executed by pressing light and medium attack buttons together. Can be combined with air combos for flashy, high-damage takedowns.
  • Vanish – Spend 1 ki gauge to instantly teleport behind the opponent and launch an unblockable attack. Crucial for continuing combos in the air or catching evasive foes.
  • Sparking – Activate this power-up for enhanced speed and damage, at the cost of gradually draining the Sparking Blast gauge. Time this wisely to turn matches around at critical moments!

Factor in ki management, feints, guards, deflects, and cancels, and competitive players find immense room for creativity and skill expression in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s mechanics.

Spectacular Visuals and Animations

While many Dragon Ball games have achieved the look of the anime via 3D graphics, Dragon Ball FighterZ stands out as an exceptional case of 2D animation bringing the fluidity of the source material to life.

Developer Arc System Works utilized cell-shaded 3D character models within a 2D fighter environment rich with dazzling anime-accurate visual effects. The result is visual chaos positively overflowing with the saturated colors, environmental destruction, and screen-filling explosions that Dragon Ball is iconic for.

Be it the electric crackling of Super Saiyan transformations, the earth-rupturing impacts of meteor smashes, or the psychedelic particle-beam struggle of colliding Kamehameha waves – Dragon Ball FighterZ is a visual feast for fans to savor like an anime in motion.

The dynamic camera constantly shifts perspectives to highlight combos and extreme closeups on landing crushing blows. Little animation details like clothes tearing from damage builds an unparalleled sense of battle progression within each fight.

Smooth 60FPS performance means every action from super-fast teleportation to bone-shattering knockbacks flows seamlessly without dropping a frame. Each fighter also has a stunning level of animation frames bringing their abilities to life just like on the small screen.

All combined, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s graphics and animations set the gold standard for anime-licensed fighters that wonderfully captures the energy its beloved source material is famed for.


Vast Roster of Iconic Dragon Ball Characters

The widespread appeal of Dragon Ball FighterZ stems greatly from its star-studded base roster collecting many iconic fighters from Dragon Ball history into one title.

Longtime fans can instantly recognize beloved heroes like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and fan-favorite side characters like Android 16, Majin Buu and Piccolo. Villains also feature strongly with ominous threats like Cell, Frieza and Vegeta’s sadistic Saiyan partner, Nappa.

Dragon Ball Characters

Noteworthy team compositions based on anime canon themes are wholly possible too. Players can revisit classic rivalries like Goku battling Piccolo or assemble Vegeta with his fellow Saiyans Nappa and Raditz. Android 18 can fight alongside brother Android 17 or link ups with Android 16 to form a triple cybernetic squad.

Part of the fun with a roster spanning various Dragon Ball eras lies in speculating fight matchups that never officially happened. What if the ancient demon Janemba fought the potara fusion warrior, Vegito? Or two enemies turned uneasy allies in Android 18 and Majin Buu teamed up?

While by no means fully comprehensive, the base roster collects enough heroes and villains from pivotal Dragon Ball story arcs to form plenty of dream tag-teams. Combined with how uniquely recreated each character plays relative to their anime abilities, even just the starting list checks off essential representation.

Diverse Playstyles and Abilities

A standout achievement with Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster lies in how differentiated each fighter feels relative to their portrayed anime abilities. Where some fighting games suffer criticisms of copying character movesets with slight variations, every single fighter here truly embodies their respective fighting styles.

Take the Goku trio as an early example. Base form Goku utilizes Kamehameha projectiles alongside his signature physical moves like the Hurricane Kick. Ascended to Super Saiyan, his Cross Rush multi-punch flurry comes to the forefront mixing uppers and gut blows. Finally, Super Saiyan Blue wraps kinetic shockwaves and teleportation into aggressive rushdown offense.

Saiyan rival Vegeta contrasts as more combo-centric with his loops and links between razor-sharp kicks and blistering palm strikes. His Final Flash beams control space differently compared to Goku’s Kamehameha approach. These nuances shine in mirror matches – a rarity amongst fighting games in investing such attention at a base design level.

Another example comes from the Ginyu Force. Burter relies on blistering movement to dash rings around opponents. Jeice peppers foes with fireball blasts before stomping them with axe kicks. Guldo literally freezes time while Recoome unleashes heavy one-hit blows. Together on a team they demonstrate Tag mechanics via synced combination attacks.

This degree of individuality given to each fighter from the smallest supporting character to the most famous headliner makes playing through the roster stay excitingly fresh. Mastering a new fighter feels properly rewarding given how uniquely tailored they handle relative to others.

DLC Characters and Guest Appearances

Expanding upon an already star-filled initial roster, Dragon Ball FighterZ continued supporting the game through adding 9 additional DLC fighters. These ranged from classic anime antagonists to guest crossover stars that wonderfully diversified the playable options.

The arrival of movie villain Broly captured his overwhelming brute force from fan-favorite film appearances by emphasizing super armor and massive struck damage. Gogeta (SSGSS) marked the first proper integration of the Goku/Vegeta potara fusion as a playable fighter utilizing dazzling kicks and show-stopping energy beams.

Super Baby 2 recreated how the parasitic Tuffle hijacked Vegeta’s body to become an agile trickster manipulating his corrupted slave warriors. Master Roshi as the venerable Turtle Hermit brought wise martial arts mastery powered by the realm-shaking Kamehameha Max technique.

For crossover appeal, separate Trio de Dangers and FighterZ Pass 3 packages added foes and heroes from Dragon Ball GT and Super into the mix. Super Baby 2, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and more injected iconic yet underrepresented Dragon Ball eras to round out the full anime timeline.

Adding long-requested movie characters like Broly and Gogeta (SSGSS) demonstrated Bandai Namco’s commitment to fan service post-launch. Their stylish transformations, brutalizing throws and spectacular cinematic techniques left strong impressions. Similarly, enigmatic picks like Master Roshi and Super characters expanded roster personality.

Smart post-release support combining heavy-hitter SDragon Ball icons, offbeat wildcards and multiple crossover cameos kept already amazing roster options feeling continually fresh over years. This backlog of DLC means any new player jumping in now gains dozens of hours mastering the complete cast!


Personalize Your Team with Assist Characters

A unique way Dragon Ball FighterZ encourages personalizing playstyle lies in its Assist system. This lets players assign members from their 3-fighter team to provide unique support abilities that activate by expending a gauge meter.

Smart assist selections become pivotal in amplifying strengths, covering weaknesses or adding surprise factors into your core fighter choice. For example, picking Krillin as the point character means his lack of projectiles can be offset by assigning Tien’s Dodon Ray beams as an assist. Or having Nappa’s Saibamen burst up from underground can throw off opponents while Android 18 pressures from the front.

Much skill goes into mastering both offense and defense rotations around assist cooldowns. Chaining Bardock’s Rising Rush hold to pin opponents so 16 can land his self-destruct command grab requires strict timing but massively worthwhile when it clicks. Defensively, having the right assist bail fighters out of corners builds comeback potential.

Beyond technical play benefits, assists also enable fans to add in signature attacks from beloved fighters not part of their current team of 3. Wish Ultra Instinct Goku was here but your squad is full? At least keep his unique dodging counter as an assist! Nail may be absent but his piercing energy drill can make the cut. This gives every character custom utility.

Fundamentally, the Assist mechanic becomes key for self-expression in playstyle strategy. Teams who learn to harmonize assist calls into ideal attack flows gain huge offensive momentum rewards with levels of flexibility on par with true tag-teams.

Equip Z Capsules for Unique Effects

Further enhancing customization, Dragon Ball FighterZ introduces a collectible inventory of Z Capsules that provide unique supplemental effects. These disposable single-use items provide bonuses ranging from healing damage, conferring stat boosts, triggering special techniques or even summoning objects like the Flying Nimbus or Senzu Beans.

Capsules are earned as loot drops from Arcade and Story Modes alongside other cosmetic customization rewards. They come categorized as Status Boost, Ability Unleash or Support types with varying grades demonstrating their effectiveness potency.

Some noteworthy examples include:

  • Kamehameha Water EX – Activates a one-shot spread Kamehameha beam attack in front of your fighter without needing to charge it up
  • Glorious Crystal EX – Massive damage boost for your next combo, great for optimizing damage from Super attacks
  • Yujo Friendship Band S – Forms a ki barrier preventing deadly hits that could otherwise KO your fighter
  • Room of Mental Time EX – Slows opponent movements in a zone around you to land combos against slowed foes

Skilled players learn to utilize these as needed match advantages when the stakes are high. Turn an unfavorable health disadvantage around via a pocket Senzu Bean recovery flask or get yourself out of a tight corner using Hercule’s Dynamite Kick jet boots as an escape tool.

Their disposable nature means Capsules see niche rather than frequent use – making successful employment feel extremely rewarding. Overall, they make wonderfully wacky callbacks befitting of signature Dragon Ball antics translated rightly into a competitive fighting scope.

Express Yourself with Player Cards and Avatars

Letting players customize an in-game persona goes beyond just player names. Dragon Ball FighterZ introduces collectible Player Cards and tiny super-deformed Avatar icons as neat extensions for self-expression.

Player Cards serve aesthetic functions in showing them off before fights commence and during loading screens. More cards get awarded completing single-player Arcade ladders alongside complementary profile borders and backgrounds. Cards featuring iconic scenes from Goku powering up to Frieza’s infamous finger flick really let fans highlight favorite moments.

Custom profiles can also be elevated through unlocking illustrated SD Avatar icons ranging from popular picks like Vegeta’s first Super Saiyan form to more absurd and comedic ones like Bulma taking a bath! Avatars also feature strongly as visual elements when collecting daily login bonuses.

Besides flaunting cards and avatars in online multiplayer lobbies, they also feature within the single-player Hero Town area. This hub zone allows going on RPG-lite adventures sending SD Avatars on timed dispatch quests to progress story threads centered around new original characters like Android 21 and the Candy Beam attacks infecting fighters.

So beyond competitive merits, acquiring and equipping cards, avatars, backgrounds and other cosmetics offers plenty incentive for the completionist collector! Expressing fandom through your multiplayer profile while showing off hard-earned rewards taps into core progression motivations fighting games continue improving on.

Competitive Scene

Thriving Esports Community

A remarkable achievement given its anime licensed roots, Dragon Ball FighterZ successfully built itself into a mainstay title within the global fighting game esports scene today. This is evidenced through both its common feature presence in high-profile tournaments and the respected talents who deeply specialized with the game at elite levels of competition.

Major tournament organizers like EVO, Combo Breaker and CEO quickly incorporated Dragon Ball FighterZ within their headline event lineup upon launch. The game’s essential inclusion is set to continue into 2023’s EVO calendar serving as the closing main game for the Friday finals day.

This exposure alongside world-class talents helping elevate match excitement translates to DBFZ boasting over 15,000 participants entering its bracket categories across tracked tournaments in 2022. Compare this to longstanding community favorites like Street Fighter V (19,000+ entrants), Tekken 7 (11,000+) and even crossover behemoths like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (13,000+).

In terms of professional talents specifically dedicated to pursuing Dragon Ball FighterZ as their career game, FOX|SonicFox and GD|Tachikawa stand out as consistent championship performers. Their successive reigns as perennial top placers season over season demonstrates the viable skill ceiling allowing such specialization. Legendary fighting game pioneer Justin Wong even names the game as one of his serious competitive focuses constituting its modern relevancy.

The growth also echoes at regional tournament levels through the passionate efforts of community organizers. Europe’s Dragon Ball FighterZ scene stays thriving thanks to the dedicated support efforts by tournament organizer DBFZEU. Such localized support structures serve the cornerstones for new waves of rising talents to gain competitive experience before facing international talents atop global Summit of Power-equivalent majors.

High-Level Tournaments and Prize Pools

The competitive validity of Dragon Ball FighterZ gets demonstrated through wowing live on-stage at peak championship events like EVO finals. Nail-biting climactic game 5 situations showcasing extreme execution from the world’s best create unforgettable moments.

A classic series in 2019 between GO1 and SonicFox unfolded with such fast-paced intensity that commentators struggled keeping up! The pure visualization of their perfect reactions, guard cancels and sparking blast management rightfully cemented GO1’s Genesis championship victory amongst most viewed fighting game tournament highlights online.

Another all-time great Grand Finals bout from early 2022 saw Dogura defeat fellow elite Japanese peer Kazunoko through a commanding display of rushdown pressure, optimal combos and iron-clad mental composure. Such exceptional match footage immortalizes why Dragon Ball FighterZ’s frenetic tag team dynamics captivate at the highest levels after over 4 years since launch.

Top players elevate the game both through their diverse talents and unique personality strengths. Dominique “SonicFox” McLean channels his trademark overly-theatrical showboating perfectly for a game bearing the Dragon Ball name. Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue’s stoically-precise technical perfection contrasts SonicFox’s flamboyance but proves equally compelling to watch perform.

Owing to its prestige as a main draw title, major Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments also feature sizeable prize pools exceeding $50,000 for winners. The 2022 World Tour Finals held at Red Bull Final Summoning saw Japanese fighting icon GO1 clinch the lion’s share of $250,000 rewards cementing his second championship title. These sums keep elite talents motivated honing their skills – leading to ever-escalating heights of competition.

With more cross-regional league collaborations planned conveying domestic champion talents like Team Japan’s Fenritti and USA’s Dekillsage, Dragon Ball FighterZ continues shining as a premier fighting spectacle fans globally anticipate.

Watch Top Players Compete in Live Streams

The memorable moments that engraved Dragon Ball FighterZ’s prestige within competitive fighting game history fortunately live on viewable through abundant tournament footage online. Major events receive extensive streaming coverage that fans can revisit as post-hoc video-on-demand (VOD).

Bandai Namco directly supports the DBFZ World Tour global circuit providing live broadcast streams for each Opening, Regional and LCQ qualifier event. Their post-produced recap packages masterfully compile event highlights ranging from pop-off moments to breaking down critical game-changing interactions using slow-motion effects.

Generous usage of replay spectator tools grant invaluable perspective into the blink-and-you-miss split reactions separating elite players from aspiring contenders. Getting insight into SonicFox’s otherwise hidden visual cues anticipating Kazunoko’s left/right mixing tactics proves as entertaining as their climactic clashes.

For third-party tournaments like EVO Japan and Canada Cup, dedicated hobbyist streamers ensure ongoing scene coverage for international fans. Popular community figures like Tyrant and Jako Man build followings commentating match perspectives with balanced insights explaining nuanced interactions without overdrowning their personalities.

The helpfulness of multiple viewpoints thus enables appreciating top-flight DBFZ across gameplay intricacies, personality matchups and building storylines. Hearing veteran ally and former champion HookGangGod break down Dogura’s spacing tactics offers deeper engagement for learning. This enriches the entertainment beyond the usual who won versus lost.

Accessibility to digest high-level Dragon Ball FighterZ footage hours after events conclude supplements its enduring popularity as thrilling to watch years later. Compelling rivalries, awe-inspiring individual skill caps and pure spectator fun shall electrify worldwide audiences for tournaments ahead as the game continues evolving in intriguing directions.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Master the Basics of Fighting

Dragon Ball FighterZ serves wonderfully as an inviting introductory title for newcomers to pick up core fighting game fundamentals. While enhanced mobility options like air dashes and double jumps may seem overwhelming initially, the basics around grounded normals, basic specials and simple combos make immediately rewarding starting points.

New players will find value first focusing on nailing down the input timing for special attacks like Kamehameha fireballs, Galick Gun beams or Destructo Disc projectile slashes. Since the dedicated special button greatly reduces input difficulty, novices can feel properly authenticated launching iconic moves on demand.

Next comes chaining into target combos and simple links hitting confirm buttons in sequence. Nearly every character features an easy combo string akin to Goku’s auto combo launching knee, backfist, palm strike and elbow jab reliably performed just mashing light attack. Varying last hits using medium or heavies help players manually confirm improving reactions.

Things like blocking high and low attacks then becomes the next essential lesson for defense. Pay attention to overheard strikes versus low sweeps and react accordingly rather than guessworking. Gradual muscle memory towards effectively blocking crossups, throw tech and deflects builds crucial foundations.

Wrapping up core competency means getting comfortable with basic movement. Navigate the stage with intention using grounded dashes, varied jump heights and crisscross hop approaches. Simply running away Activating Sparking then raw rushing the opponent or attempt basic mixups makings things less predictable.

Building up these key abilities engrains fundamentals applicable to any fighting game. Over time, execution and reactions improve allowing warmer welcomes towards more advanced lessons!

Learn Advanced Combos and Techniques

Upon establishing core foundations around execution and reactions, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s next lessons cover developing advanced combos and technical tactics that form crucial competitive skills. These range from continuing air juggles with Vanish supers to mastering corner carry setups using assist extensions.

For example, many fighters can link their special beam attack like Goku’s Kamehameha into a short hop double air dash overhead punch. This swaps high/low attack timing while the blast’s recovery frames make the dash jump briefly harder to react to. Improving combo ingenuity unlocks similar microscopic mental mixup advantages.

Using Assist attacks either to extend air juggles or provide pressure during an opponent’s knockdown recovery also creates pivotal opportunities. Controlling knockdown timing to deny chances for wakeup reversals keeps your fighter’s offense stronger. Additionally, calling well-timed Assists grants chances stealing turns back during risky situations – great for long-term strategy.

Vanish attacks lend huge corner carry and combo benefits when used mid-air as they alter aerial momentum. Chaining Vanish into a beam super knocks opponents further towards screen corners compared to letting the initial launcher special move rock uncancelled. Carrying towards walls opens more eventual mix-ups.

Maximizing combo damage through meter management also deserves attention. Should you spend one EX bar on a Super Special beam? Save 2 bars for a cinematic Hyper Special which usually inflicts more damage? Or bank all 3 for a Sparking Blast power-up later? Making the right choices per scenario improves tremendously.

Practicing these elevated techniques trains towards tournaments while keeping gameplay fun through self-improvement. Insights into their competitive applications keeps single-player content interesting beyond superficial wins. Seek and try advanced lessons expanding deeper into Dragon Ball FighterZ’s mechanically rich systems!

Utilize your Assist Characters Effectively

While Dragon Ball FighterZ’s frenetic 3v3 team battles may seem overwhelming for beginners at first, learning to apply assist characters effectively alleviates a lot of perceived chaos positively. Even simple coordinated attacks involving assists make footholds into tremendously powerful team strategies.

Fundamentally, view assists as supplemental attacks that support the point character currently in play. Use them to accomplish key jobs like extending combos, disrupting opponent pressure or safely tag switching your main fighter. Their availability on temporary cooldown means assistants cannot win matches alone – so make the most from limited windows assisting your main fighter!

A common starting example would be having beam assists like Goku’s Kamehameha blast or Vegeta’s Galick Gun to projectile cover an advance attack. The extra threat makes opponents less likely attempt interrupts allowing more safety closing distances or jumping in.

Later down the road, creative assist applications add exciting dimensions with practice. Setting up Krillin’s Scattering Bullet barrage to limit sideways movement can bait side switches vulnerable to hits from 18’s Accel Dance dashes from the opposite side. Or use Piccolo’s Hellzone Grenade to force air blocks so Nappa can land a sneakySaibaman grab unimpeded.

One tip is paying attention to assist cooldowns shown by their slowly refilling DHC gauge. Since most recharge over 10+ seconds, bait opponents wasting meter on Sparking Blasts first before deploying assists. Surprise backup attacks feel extremely advantageous when the opponent lacksRemaining Sparking time to retaliate strongly.

Remember assists exist supporting roles your currently controlled fighter. But with clever timing, team combos, fakeouts and rotations, they become invaluable assets bringing commanding presence through numbers three versus one!

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Different Platforms

Nintendo Switch: Portable Dragon Ball Action

Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 marked a significant occasion making the acclaimed fighting game widely portable for the first time. While graphically toned down from other console counterparts, the integrity of combat and content remains wonderfully intact for gaming on the go.

Notable handheld optimizations include dialing down texture detail and background animations to preserve performance stability. However the smooth 60FPS fighting retains its polished feel alongside the complete roster, modes and DLC support. Local wireless play also means only one Switch console copy is needed for friends to battle!

The Switch version does see account-specific online servers separate from crossplay pools on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. But popular Discord groups like DBFZ Switch still arrange international matches showcasing platform representation. Hybrid console control options also means playing wireless on Switch screens or hooking up to bigscreen TVs via docked mode remains comfortable.

While high-level tournament players tend to favor PS4 or PC versions for wired consistency and familiarity, the Switch edition still delivers faithful competitive play fundamentals. Many find joy practicing combos or even unwinding online during commutes or vacations thanks to unrestricted portable accessibility.

For reference, even prodigal community icon SonicFox warms up by grinding ranked sets on his Switch before competing on PS4 during major tournaments! This demonstrates even the FGC’s most elite still value keeping fighting game skills sharp on Nintendo’s screen. Casual and competitive users alike find super saiyan thrills condensed ultra-portably with Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Enhanced Console Experience

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s home lies on modern HD displays where Arc System Works’ trademark fluid 2D visuals truly shine brightest. Thus the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One served as its quintessential platform homes capturing a wealth of enhanced graphical details beyond resolution specs.

Buttery smooth 60FPS combat conveys seamless motions completely absent of lag or drops on console. This allows savage fights flow free of technical distractions so one can simply enjoy responsively dishing out epic Dragon Ball attacks amidst destructible environments drenched in dazzling particle effects.

Stable connections for local and online battles stay consistently optimized over WiFi or ethernet on both Sony and Microsoft’s leading platforms. Their processing capabilities minimize risks of detrimental frame delay fluctuations or lag spikes throwing off precise attack rhythms.

Both PS4 and Xbox One controllers too offer great ergonomic comforts for executing the numerous directional inputs and button combinations high-level play demands. Their modern dual analog sticks, pressure-sensitive triggers and enlarged shoulder buttons lend natural precision. Familiar console peripherals mean focusing play skills rather than adapting hardware.

Thanks to a shared userbase pool, online population numbers also thrive matching players across the Sony and Xbox online networks. This enables consistently quick matchmaking to sample favorite characters or test skills against different regional metas. Friendly rivalries can develop freely spanning across competing console families.

While tournament standard lies with PS4, players on Xbox lose nothing transitioning over as fundamentals stay transferable. Overall for spectacle visuals and versatile online connectivity, DBFZ on leading HD consoles makes the quintessential modern format welcoming all to experience anime battles as they were meant to be portrayed!

PC: Customizable Graphics and Mods

Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC unlocks coveted options customizing graphical settings paired with community fan mods that let both visuals and gameplay be tailored towards personal preferences. This makes the PC platform ripe for getting creative enhancing aspects or even transforming DBFZ through player-driven passion projects!

Pushing adjustable graphics settings to their limits sees Dragon Ball combat achieve buttery smooth 4K resolution or uncapped 120+ FPS fluidity on sufficiently robust hardware. Getting matches to play faster than official specs while retaining effects in Razer sharp clarity makes tangible gameplay differences perfect for hardcore fanatics.

The flexibility PC platforms enable also give rise to fan mods creatively altering playable content. Costume mods allow new skin variations like farmer overalls Goku, Halo armor Piccolo or bath towel Android 21! Visual swaps even extend to full model replacements via mods turning SS4 Vegeta’s assist beams into Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black’s elegant sickle blades of judgment for interesting team combinations.

More advanced community projects like hooking up Tekken-style analog directional movement opens up new styles of play too. Such deep mechanical modifications simply aren’t possible on locked console formats. Fan passion fills gaps on PC pushing past perceived limitations in wonderfully creative directions!

While online anti-cheat protections understandably restrict running gameplay mods during ranked ladder climbs, private friend battles pose no issue having silly fun with swapped assets. Similar to Super Smash Bros custom Jamaica stages, tailoring DBFZ using fan mods makes wonderful personalized playgrounds appreciating Dragon Ball that much more!

Enduring Appeal of Dragon Ball FighterZ

Looking back across the storied legacy of Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball FighterZ stands monumentally as the quintessential video game distillation of everything fans love about the explosive anime and manga series. Blazing fast combat, over-the-top special attacks, charismatic heroes and villain – no stone goes unturned checking the list of ingredients diehard followers crave.

Yetunning achievement lies in its universal accessibility welcoming fighting game newcomers and hardcore tournament veterans alike to share space enjoying the experience. Simplicity in initial execution gives way to tremendous underlying competitive depth mastered gradually without overwhelming initial barriers.

This delicate balance combined with strong stylistic reverence towards Akira Toriyama’s trademark character design and storytelling explains huge contributing factors behind DBFZ’s enduring crossover mass appeal after over 4 years since launch.

Of course developer Arc System Works rightfully deserves immense credit as well continually supporting new features tuning gameplay balance while expanding content options tremendously post-release. Sustained DLC character packs spanning movie icons, classic era favorites and intriguing original additions like Android 21 persistently breathe additional longevity into amazing launch foundations.

Altogether DBFZ gets so much right amidst modern fighting game landscape managing engaging casuals seeking single-player challenges against dangerous AI foes while retaining mechanics necessary pushing pros towards absolute skill ceilings during intensely close tournament sets. It stands remarkable overcoming perceived limitations facing many traditional niche genres today.

Future of the Dragon Ball Fighting Game Franchise

Dragon Ball FighterZ raising the franchise bar so phenomenally high does brew eager curiosity imagining what could follow next. Among speculation categories, the safest bet leans towards a direct sequel addressing feedback since the original’s life cycle to build upon whatever gets carried over into future game engines.

ArcSys dev teams probably monitor fan requests very closely helping inform roster expansion picks beyond predictable candidates like movie villain Janemba or miniseries lead Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Android 21’s breakout popularity as an original creation also helps supporting further exploring new lore frontiers.

Perhaps just as importantly, developers likely watch tournament trends anticipating directions further optimizing competitive integrity at high levels. Mechanics around Sparking Blast timings, super dash approach angles or defensive guard cancel techniques seem ripe examination targets towards promoting balanced adjustment.

Of course, the Dragon Ball IP could also take fighting games an entirely revolutionary direction as demonstrated by past experiments like card battler Super Dragon Ball Heroes bringing worlds together. Goku trading fisticuffs against Yu-Gi-Oh’s Egyptian God Cards may seem ridiculous but perfectly on brand embracing weirdness!

Ultimately Dragon Ball FighterZ raises halls of fame bars so phenomenally high that Bandai Namco can approach sequel options without excessive deadline pressures. But whenever curiously awaits around the bend, one feels overwhelmingly confident it shall arrive demonstrating equally refined care, passion and execution worthy upholding its predecessor’s fighting spirit.

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