Dragalia Lost – Transform into a Dragon Force

Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. First released in Japan in September 2018, it expanded to North America and Europe a few days later.

The game features anime-style graphics and combines elements of hack-and-slash combat with city-building simulation. You play as the main protagonist, whose goal is to liberate his kingdom of Alberia from the forces of darkness. Along the way, you’ll meet many memorable characters, defeat menacing foes, and unlock the mysteries of the dragon blood that flows through your veins.

At its core, Dragalia Lost provides an immersive fantasy adventure with plenty of quests to complete, enemies to vanquish, and loot to collect. But what sets it apart is the ability to transform into powerful dragon forms during battle. By mastering these transformations, you can unleash devastating attacks that can quickly turn the tide.

What are the different game modes?

Dragalia Lost provides a good mix of both single player and multiplayer content across several game modes:

Main Campaign / Story Mode – This expansive single player mode forms the core of the game. You’ll follow the main story across 16 chapters and meet heroes like Euden, Elisanne, and Ranzal. There are also optional challenge battles and side quests to complete that provide additional backstory.

Events – These time-limited activities feature raid bosses, challenge battles, and special quests. By participating in events, you can earn limited-time crafting materials, currency, and rewards. Events keep the game fresh with new stories and challenges.

Raids – These are co-op boss battles where you team up with other players to take down powerful foes. Raids require coordination to unleash force strikes and skills at the right time to inflict maximum damage. They provide rare crafting materials for upgrading gear.

Astral Raids – Introduced in 2019, these upgraded raid battles offer a supreme challenge for high level players. Astral Raids feature extremely tough bosses and require very specific team builds and strategies to complete.

Mercurial Gauntlet – This challenging solo mode pits you against an ever-changing gauntlet of enemies. As you progress further each month, enemies get stronger while your options become more limited. It tests the very limits of your roster and strategy.

Alliance – Join up with other players to form Alliances for cooperative play. Alliances can assign Support characters to help you in battle, and work together to complete Alliance goals.

Player vs Player (PvP) – In the Arena, you can battle against other players’ AI-controlled teams. Climbing the Arena ladders earns you Wyrmite currency and rare crafting materials. Limited-time events also feature live head-to-head PvP battles.

What makes Dragalia Lost unique?

While the core mechanics may seem familiar, Dragalia Lost stands out in several ways:

Dynamic action combat – Positioning and movement matter in this real-time combat system. You need to nimbly dodge out of the way of enemy attacks while maneuvering into position to unload your skills. The dynamic chaining of force strikes with normal attacks and skills makes combat feel fluid and impactful.

Dragon transformations – At a key point in every battle, you can transform into a powerful dragon form for a limited time. Each dragon has their own unique abilities and playstyle, from flaming breath attacks to destructive beams. Chaining these massive attacks with your human form abilities is crucial for taking down tough bosses.

Co-op play – Joining forces with friends or other players adds great replay value. Cooperating to take down challenge battles and raids requires true teamwork. Support abilities like heals and shields really shine in co-op.

Robust team building – With dozens of unique adventurers and dragons, you have extensive options to form creative, synergistic teams. Different resistances, buffs, statuses, and combo potentials allow for deep, strategic party compositions tailored for each battle.

Nintendo polish – As a Nintendo-published title, Dragalia Lost shines in terms of presentation and production values. The anime-inspired graphics and music are top notch. Combined with full English voice acting, the production quality is a cut above most mobile RPGs.

Generous free-to-play model – While microtransactions exist for those who want to speed up progress, there is no stamina system limiting your playtime. You can experience all the story content for free without unreasonable grinding. Cygames is also generous with free currency to summon additional heroes.

With its mesmerizing dragon transformations, heart-pounding co-op boss battles, and robust party customization, Dragalia Lost offers a uniquely fun and social take on mobile fantasy RPGs. If you enjoy anime-style graphics and deeply strategic real-time combat, it’s an easy recommendation to check out.


Battle System

Combat in Dragalia Lost is real-time and action-oriented. As opposed to turn-based systems, you directly control your character and must actively move, dodge, and attack. Mastering the battle system is key to progressing through the game’s many quests and challenges.

How to control your characters

You control your team of 4 characters (and 4 backup members) by touch. The virtual joystick on the left side of the screen moves your character. You can also tap anywhere on the screen to dash in that direction.

On the right side are 4 buttons – standard attack, force strike, skill 1, and skill 2. Tapping the standard attack button performs a basic 3-hit combo with your equipped weapon. The force strike button unleashes a slower, more powerful attack that fills your skill gauge faster.

Tap and hold a skill button to charge up a skill. Skills have cooldowns before you can use them again. You can swap between your main and backup teams at any time by tapping their portraits. Mastering movement while unleashing combos and skills is key.

How to use skills and abilities

Each adventurer has two main skills that unlock as they level up. These skills provide powerful effects like damage, healing, buffs, or debuffs.

Some skills charge up over time automatically, while others require you to attack enemies first. Knowing when to unleash skills is important. Use buffs before your team unleashes big attacks. Time heals when health bars dip low. Inflict debilitating debuffs on bosses before going all out.

In addition to skills, every character has a second basic ability that confers passive benefits. These include increased damage, critical hit chance, status resistance, and more. Setting up skill rotations and combinations is part of the strategy.

How to defeat enemies

Against normal foes, using your standard 3-hit combo and force strikes while avoiding attacks via dashes and rolls is usually sufficient. But bosses and challenge enemies require more thoughtful strategy.

Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to enemy attack patterns – Many enemies telegraph their attacks with visual or audio cues before striking. Recognizing these patterns lets you anticipate and dodge these attacks.
  • Inflict status effects – Abilities that can poison, freeze, stun, or bog down enemies are very useful for controlling the flow of battle. Stopping a boss’s ability to attack gives you time to regroup and go on the offensive.
  • Activate buffs – Certain skills give your team offensive and defensive buffs like increased strength, elemental damage, critical rate, defense, etc. Use these before unleashing your strongest attacks for maximum effect.
  • Heal at the right times – Don’t waste your invaluable healing skills at the start of a battle. Wait until health bars dip below 50% before triggering heals. Manage your skill rotations and cooldowns effectively.
  • Unleash team combos – Chaining your team’s skills and force strikes together builds combo meters faster, allowing everyone to hit harder. Communicating and coordinating is key, especially in co-op.
  • Make good use of your AI teammates – In single player, you can rely on your AI partners to use their skills effectively and avoid damage. Leverage their support abilities.

Mastering these battle techniques requires practice, but that knowledge will carry over to all of the game’s challenges.

Character Progression

In order to defeat Dragalia Lost’s menagerie of enemies, you need a capable and powerful team. Leveling up your adventurers and equipping them with new gear is crucial.

How to level up your characters

Adventurers gain experience points (EXP) from completing quests, and from using certain items. When they earn enough EXP, they level up, raising their stats and power.

Here are ways to level up faster:

  • Complete daily quests using that character in your party.
  • Use EXP crystals, which provide a large amount of EXP. Farm these by replaying early stages on Very Hard difficulty.
  • Participate in limited-time events that provide EXP bonuses.
  • Play stages with 2x EXP modifiers active.
  • Make sure to feed your characters food for incremental EXP gains.

In addition to raising their level cap, advancing your adventurers to higher Circles via Eldwater unlocks new skills and ability bonuses.

How to equip characters with new weapons and gear

As your characters level up, you can craft them stronger weapons and gear to raise their attributes. Early on, equip anything stronger than your current gear. But later you’ll want to tailor gear to characters’ strengths.

Here are some tips:

  • Weapons boost offense while wyrmprints increase HP/defense. Balance both to avoid glass cannon builds.
  • Match weapons and gear to your adventurer’s element for extra synergy and damage.
  • Later weapons gain bonus effects and skills that synergize with specific adventurers.
  • Wyrmprints confer powerful passive effects that complement playstyles (skill haste, buff time, etc).
  • Upgrade weapons and gear by feeding them enhancement items to bolster their attributes.
  • Unbind equipment duplicates to increase level caps and unlock extra skills.

Take time to study each piece of gear to determine optimal loadouts for your heroes.

How to unlock new abilities

As adventurers gain Mana Circles, you unlock spaces for new weapon-specific abilities. These provide game-changing benefits tailored to their fighting style.

For example, swords gain enhanced combos, lances get buffs after force striking, axes unleash whirlwind counters, etc. Investing materials in these passives creates powerful builds.

In addition, once fully leveled, characters can be promoted into their finalPrestige form using Champion’s Testaments. This confers a new ability, unlocking their full potential.

So leveling up not only raises stats, but unlocks new powers that dramatically improve your team’s capabilities. Invest wisely in your favorites.

Dragon Forms

A major unique feature in Dragalia Lost is the ability to transform into dragon form. Mastering these powerful transformations is key to completing the later challenges.

What are Dragon Forms?

After building up your Dragon Gauge by attacking, you can transform into a Dragon for a limited time by tapping your portrait.

Dragons have extremely high attack power and defense. In this form, your normal attack becomes a powerful breath attack, while your skill changes to a massive Dragon-specific skill with a huge area of effect.

You can inflict tremendous damage while nigh-invincible in your dragon form. Transformations only last around 20 seconds, so make them count!

How to transform into a Dragon

You need to fill your purple Dragon Gauge by attacking enemies or getting hit. Once full, you can transform by tapping on your character portrait.

Certain buffs like Dragon Claws can charge your gauge faster. Skills like Dragonprep give you a head start on your gauge at the beginning of a quest.

Since transformations are so powerful, managing your Dragon Gauge is important. Don’t waste it on normal enemies. Save it for bosses.

How to use Dragon abilities

Each dragon has their own distinct playstyle and abilities. For example:

  • Midgardsormr does massive burst damage with his Meteor Breath skill.
  • Jeanne d’Arc heals your entire team with Glorious Life.
  • Leviathan can inflict bog status with Tidal Call, slowing enemies.
  • Cupid boosts your team’s strength with Love’s Embrace.

Make smart use of your dragon’s skills. Burst down bosses with attacks, support your team with buffs or heals, or control enemies with status effects.

The dragon you equip determines your team’s playstyle. Their availability is limited by element, so choose wisely!

Team Building

With dozens of unique adventurers and dragons, assembling your dream team is an engaging meta-game. Careful team building enables you to counter specific threats.

How to create a balanced team

Strive for balance across these areas when forming your team of 4:

  • Elements – Use a mix of elements to maximize coverage of enemy weaknesses. Don’t rely too heavily on just one.
  • Weapons – Each weapon type plays differently. You want at least one sword for mobility, a lance for reach, etc.
  • Roles – Bring at least one healer, and balance between melee damage dealers and ranged support units.
  • Buffs/Debuffs – Make sure your team has skills that can increase your own strength while decreasing the enemy’s.
  • AI Compatibility – Understand how the AI utilizes each character so your team works while auto-battling.
  • Co-op Viability – If playing co-op, ensure your team provides utility for partners too.

As you progress, build multiple teams covering different scenarios. Maintain balance while catering to specific threats.

How to choose the right characters for the right battles

Dragalia Lost encourages you to switch up your team to counter each new challenge:

  • Check suggested elements and bring appropriate counters. Fire vs. wind enemies, etc.
  • Bring area of effect skills for mobs, and single target attacks for bosses.
  • Equip status infliction skills to disable certain enemies.
  • Use buffs/debuffs to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Have a healer to stay alive, and defensive characters to soak up damage for glass cannons.
  • Ensure you have the mobility, reach, and combos needed for the battle’s arena.

Take time before each quest to consider your opposition and choose appropriately. Part of the strategy lies in your preparation.

How to use team buffs and debuffs

Support skills that buff your squad or debuff enemies are extremely valuable. Here are some tips for using them effectively:

  • Time offensive buffs to align with your team’s biggest attacks for maximum effect.
  • Apply defensive buffs preemptively before big enemy attacks rather than reactively.
  • Focus on amplifying your team’s strengths rather than covering weaknesses.
  • Layer multiple buffs together for big stat boosts (strength + critical chance, for example)
  • Inflict debuffs on enemies to impede attacks, reduce their stats, or enable stunning them.
  • Manage buff/debuff durations so they don’t wear off at the wrong time.

Proper coordination of your team’s skills separates average teams from elite ones. Practice rotating buffs and debuffs seamlessly.

With practice, you’ll be able to assemble formidable teams capable of tackling any opposition. Understanding strengths, weaknesses, and team dynamics is key to mastering Dragalia Lost’s strategic combat.


Story Mode

The Main Campaign provides dozens of hours of story content to play through. This expansive single player mode should be your initial focus.

What is the story of Dragalia Lost?

You play as Euden, the 7th prince of the kingdom of Alberia. When you return home from training one day, you find your kingdom shrouded in dark mists and your family gone.

Your father made a pact with the Dyrenell Empire, summoning fiends who took over the kingdom. To liberate Alberia, you must gather the lost shards of the dragon pact and awaken the ancient dragon allies of legend.

But you can’t do it alone. Along your journey, you meet colorful heroes like:

  • Elisanne, your stalwart companion who sees your noble spirit.
  • Ranzal, a carefree mercenary who loves fighting and freedom.
  • Luca, a streetwise informant whose knowledge aids your quest.
  • Cleo, a kind researcher searching for her lost sister.

Together, your group travels across Alberia, helping commoners plagued by fiends unleashed by the pact. Side stories reveal more about companions’ pasts and motivations.

The scope of the main story expands as you reforge bonds with legendary dragons like Midgardsormr the wind dragon, Brunhilda the flame dragon, and Mercury the water dragon.

Over 16 sweeping chapters, you’ll experience conspiracy and betrayal even within your own family. The key to salvation lies buried in Alberia’s deep history…

How to progress through the story

The story is told across over 200 stages through 16 main chapters and many side story chapters:

  • Play through stages in order to advance the story.
  • Cutscenes play before, during, and after stages revealing plot details.
  • Important dialog is fully voiced in English or Japanese.
  • Side stories dive deeper into your companions’ backgrounds.
  • Character bond stories further expand on relationships between heroes.
  • Difficulty scales from Normal to Extreme as you progress.

Take time to appreciate character banter during stages and side content. Optional vignettes collectively form an expansive narrative.

What rewards can you earn from Story Mode?

Completing story chapters and character stories provides important rewards:

  • Wyrmite – This premium currency is used for summoning heroes. Story completion gifts piles of Wyrmite.
  • Crafting materials – Essential for making weapons and gear. Farm these by replaying stages.
  • Summon vouchers – Given alongside Wyrmite, these allow free summons for new heroes.
  • Augments – Permanently boost your heroes’ HP and strength.
  • Endeavors – These milestones award tons of prizes and Wyrmite for story progress.
  • Character upgrades – Progress bond stories to boost your companions’ potential.

The sheer volume of Wyrmite and items you get from the story makes it very rewarding to play through.


Temporary events help keep Dragalia Lost fresh with fun new activities and exclusive rewards. Check these often for new content.

What are Events?

Cygames adds new events almost weekly, often tied to themes around newly released characters or campaigns.

Some examples of recurring event types:

  • Facility events – Build special structures by collecting event materials through quests. Upgrading facilities confers permanent bonuses such as boosts to your teams’ stats or abilities.
  • Raid events – Battle challenging raid bosses and earn components to craft exclusive weapons and gear.
  • Defense battles – Protect townspeople by constructing defenses and defeating waves of enemies.
  • Astral Raids – Take on powered-up versions of high dragons with special weekly restrictions.
  • Story events – Brand new self-contained adventures featuring unique characters and stages.
  • Elemental events – Earn materials and summons focused around specific elements or characters.
  • Crossover events – Special quests featuring characters from other games like Fire Emblem.

Events provide fun distractions from normal gameplay while rewarding participation.

How to participate in Events

When new events become available under Summon on the main screen, simply navigate to their banner icon.

  • Read announcements and notifications to understand the event’s activities and rewards. New events may have unique mechanics to learn.
  • Progress through the event by participating in quests, battles, and other activities.
  • Keep an eye on daily bonuses and milestones, which provide valuable rewards.
  • Events are on a limited schedule, typically 1-2 weeks. Participate regularly before they expire.
  • Many events feature Treasure Trade, where you can exchange event-exclusive currencies earned through quests for prizes.
  • Have fun! Events allow you to experience unique content outside the main story.

Check events frequently for fresh gameplay opportunities.

What rewards can you earn from Events?

Event participation rewards a wealth of rare loot:

  • Wyrmite and Summon Vouchers for new heroes
  • Rare crafting materials for gear/weapons
  • Unique structures that provide team bonuses
  • Powerful event-exclusive gear and weapons
  • Upgrade materials for strengthening gear
  • Limited time upgrade materials for characters
  • Unique event currencies for Treasure Trade
  • Limited edition characters available during certain events

The prizes from events help strengthen your entire team. And the fun, stories, and unique battles provide entertaining diversions from normal questing.


Raid bosses pose special cooperative challenges that test your skills while rewarding rare loot.

What are Raids?

Raids feature superpowered bosses designed to be taken down by teams of 4 players. By cooperating, players can take on formidable foes beyond what any one person could defeat.

There are several categories of raids:

  • Story Raids – These recurring beginner raids allow you to farm crafting materials. Cyclops, Hypnos, and Phraeganoth were some of the first raids.
  • Event Raids – Special limited-time raids that provide rare crafting materials exclusive to that event.
  • High Dragon Trials – Epic battles against powerful elemental dragons like Midgardsormr, Brunhilda and Jupiter. They push your skills to the limit while providing stellar weapons.
  • Agito Uprising – Endgame-level raids added in 2020 that require expert coordination. Grant materials to craft six star weapons.

Raids range from easily farmable to extremely challenging. But the rewards are universal in their usefulness.

How to participate in Raids

Raids can be accessed from the Quests menu when available. Here are some tips:

  • For beginner raids, you can use getherwings to host your own instance, or join others in progress. Bring strong elemental counters.
  • For tough High Dragon and Agito raids, you’ll want to join pre-made teams in Discord to coordinate roles and strategies.
  • Prepare your best characters and gear ahead of time. Elemental weapons, high HP/defense, and key co-op abilities are mandatory.
  • Understand the boss’s attack patterns and tells. Knowing when to stack versus spread out is vital.
  • Time your force strikes and skills together with teammates to break parts and activate statuses on bosses. Communicate and react quickly!

With skill, you can farm events and story raids solo. But the endgame peaks of the raid challenge require true teamwork.

What rewards can you earn from Raids?

The main incentive for undertaking these cooperative challenges is the exclusive loot:

  • Rare crafting materials to make unique weapons, wyrmprints, and gear found nowhere else.
  • Treasures to upgrade your facilities like the Halidom minigame.
  • Limited supplies of rare items like twinkling grains, consecrated waters, and golden fragments for upgrading your best gear.
  • Unique status resistance weapons that provide an edge in certain fights.
  • Powerful 5-star elemental weapons capable of endgame content.
  • Agito Tier 6 weapons representing the pinnacle of crafting power.

The gear crafted from raid drops allows you to tackle future challenges. Raids put your skills to the test while rewarding your efforts.

Player vs Player (PvP)

Test your team against other players in limited time PvP events and game modes.

What is PvP?

Player vs Player (PvP) allows you to compete directly against other players’ teams. Instead of fighting predictable AI foes, you must face the innovative strategies of human opponents.

There are a few ways to engage in PvP:

  • Arena – This permanent mode allows you to set up a defense team other players must fight to climb the ranking ladders. You then attack other players’ teams to advance.
  • Event Competitions – Some events feature live head-to-head battles between players instead of raids or quests. These provide a fun chance to test your abilities.
  • Alliance Battles – Alliances can fight amongst themselves for record times or high scores through co-op quests and bosses. Friendly competition between alliance members drives engagement.

PvP requires very different tactics compared to fighting AI enemies. You must balance offense and defense strategically.

How to participate in PvP

To excel against other players:

  • Build a robust defense team with high HP, defensive support skills, and force strike disruption to thwart attackers.
  • Bring a balanced offense team with force strike and skill combos tailored for breaking through defenses.
  • Study meta strategies used by top ranked players and adapt your teams accordingly.
  • Take advantage of type and elemental strengths when attacking specific defense units.
  • For live PvP events, remaining adaptable to your human opponent’s strategies is key.

PvP gameplay can be daunting as a new player, but becomes more approachable as you gather resources and characters. Start by focusing on your defensive squad, then expand your options for offense. Playing against others provides a fun test of abilities.

What rewards can you earn from PvP?

Succeeding in competitive PvP earns prestigious rewards:

  • Unique crafting materials and valuables to unlock endgame gear.
  • Promotion items to upgrade your characters to max potential.
  • Wyrmite and summon vouchers for pulling limited heroes.
  • Rare collectibles like epithet medals to show off achievements.
  • Special events may offer gameplay-altering bonuses and customizations.
  • Leading alliances can unlock special team bonuses.

While challenging, excelling at PvP provides both tangible loot and bragging rights alike. Testing your squad against fellow players is the ultimate barometer of success.

PvP modes enhance the enjoyment of growing stronger over the long term. Friendly competition drives you to build the very best team with the resources you’ve acquired.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering Dragalia Lost requires learning many nuanced strategies over time. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of everything the game has to offer.

General Tips

These tips will enhance your overall Dragalia Lost experience:

How to manage your resources

Proper resource management ensures you can expand your adventurer roster and gear steadily over time:

  • Wyrmite – The premium currency. Use it sparingly for targeted summons on 6% Gala banners or limited characters you really want. It takes patience, but you’ll build up a stockpile over time through play.
  • Eldwater – Save to promote your favorite characters. Don’t overinvest in low-rarity characters you’ll replace later.
  • Mana – Prioritize building a primary team of 5-star adventurers first. Get them to max level and 40 mana circle before working on the rest of your roster.
  • Summon Tickets – Use these to supplement your Wyrmite on worthwhile showcases. Tickets allow more pulls.
  • Draw Tickets – Use them during Galas or limited events for that extra chance of something good.
  • Steel bricks – Valuable for crafting 5-star weapons. Save them for your primary team. Use lower rarity bricks for others.
  • Champion’s Testament – Extremely rare, these fully unlock a character’s true power. Invest them only in favorites you’ll use long-term.
  • Getherwings – Use these liberally to replay quests for crafting materials and building up your facilities in the Halidom. No reason to let them cap out.

How to use the gacha system effectively

These tips will help ensure you use your hard-earned Wyrmite wisely:

  • Save for Gala banners featuring 6% SSR rates – much better odds.
  • Never do single pulls. Always do tenfolds for the cost reduction and guaranteed 4-star.
  • Target limited characters you really want over general summons. They may not return for a long time after their featured gala ends.
  • Dragons are important too. Having full elemental teams of dragons unlocks bonuses.
  • Wyrmprints fill out over time. Don’t chase specific ones unless they’re limited.
  • Stop summoning if you get the featured unit(s) you want early. Save the rest of your stash.
  • (Event tip) – Daily summons during galas provide massive cumulative value if you can be patient.

Avoid temptation and splurge smartly during peak banners. Your patience will be rewarded.

How to build a strong team

Assemble a robust core team that can tackle most content:

  • Promote one main damage dealer of each element to max (fire, water, etc).
  • Pick a versatile support like Grace or Patia as your AI healer.
  • Choose a skill damage dragon of each element like Konohana Sakuya or Daikokuten. Prioritize leveling these.
  • Give your mains a 0UB Agito weapon in their element. Farm Chimera for the rest.
  • Focus mana circle investments on your core team first before spreading out.

Having one built up character of each element gives you flexibility and power. Expand your options gradually over time.

Battle Tips

Master combat with these battle-tested tips:

How to use your skills and abilities effectively

Managing skills separates average players from experts:

  • Know which of your hero’s abilities grant buffs, and time those skills to align with big attacks from your team.
  • Pay attention to the exact values and percentages of buffs and debuffs when considering your rotations.
  • Let your AI teammates use their buffs, heals, etc automatically first before you manually activate skills. This prevents overlap.
  • Abilities that energize your skill gauge or hasten cooldowns enable more frequent skill use. Take advantage with those heroes.
  • Position yourself so that your skills hit the maximum number of enemies, or focus on the boss.
  • Don’t just spam skills off cooldown. Intelligently stagger your rotations to maintain buffs and HP.

Making informed decisions about when to use skills and aligning them with your team’s attacks is key.

How to dodge enemy attacks

Dodging is critical for melee heroes reliant on force strikes and combos:

  • Many enemies telegraph their next attacks with visual tells or windup animations. Recognizing these helps you anticipate when to dodge.
  • Step out of red zone indicators that mark where AOEs will hit. These warn you of big attacks.
  • Some enemies can’t be interrupted once they start an attack animation. Know when to stop attacking and be ready to evade.
  • Don’t just dodge randomly. Remain close enough to resume attacking once the enemy whiffs their attack.
  • Time your dodges to avoid big attacks, but withstand weak combos to conserve stamina for attacking.
  • Equip wyrmprints that grant skills like Slayer’s Strength to boost offense after dodging.

Smart dodging improves survivability while letting you punish missed enemy attacks. Learn when to take hits versus when to dodge.

How to counter enemy attacks

Beyond dodging, certain skills allow you to directly counter or punish enemy attacks:

  • Abilities that grant Super Armor or Shield Stance prevent flinching and allow you to tank hits. Use these to withstand bossattacks.
  • Counterskills inflict damage automatically in response to getting hit. Use these to turn enemy hits into your advantage.
  • Many swords and axes have skills that grant counter damage or strength buffs after successfully dodging attacks.
  • Parrying enemy hits at the perfect timing with shields like Lowen’s grants Energized defense buffs.
  • Taunting or baiting enemies away from teammates provides a useful diversion when needed.

Smart use of counter abilities expands your defensive options. Take action instead of just avoiding hits to turn the tide.

Dragon Form Tips

Optimizing your dragon play improves survivability and burst damage:

How to use your Dragon abilities effectively

Each dragon has a different style. Use their skills wisely:

  • Offensive dragons like Marishiten excel at nuking bosses when transformed at pivotal moments.
  • Healing dragons like Phoenix can provide emergency sustain if your team is about to wipe.
  • Debuffing with dragons like Fatalis to lower strength, inflict paralysis, etc can hobble enemies.
  • Buffing dragons like Cupid can provide a decisive edge with their supportive abilities.
  • Use dragon skills the instant they charge up for maximum effect. Don’t waste precious transformation time.

Choose which dragon you need based on your current team and the challenges ahead.

How to manage your Dragon Gauge

Having dragon form ready when you need it is key. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Skills that raise your dragon gauge like Dragon Claws or Dragon Bash are extremely useful.
  • Equip Wyrmprints that start battles with boosted dragon gauge like Dragon’s Nest.

-Shapeshifting ends when timer expires or your HP hits zero. End safely to conserve gauge.

  • Let your gauge fill during early waves. Save dragon form for when bosses appear or your team is in peril.
  • In co-op, coordinate so your whole team doesn’t dragon at the same time. Stagger transformations.
  • Utilize dragon to break boss overdrive phases. This topples them for huge damage.

Proper management of your dragon gauge separates quick runs from failures. Have it ready for key moments.

How to avoid dying in Dragon Form

Dragons provide a huge offensive boost, but you’re not invulnerable:

  • Time transformations so that the gauge empties before deadly attacks hit you. The HP reset when reverting can save you.
  • Equip HP boosting wyrmprints to give more breathing room for mistakes.
  • With practice, you can learn to dodge certain attacks even in dragon form. But you have fewer invincibility frames.
  • Be ready to tap your dragon skill the instant you transform. Don’t waste precious seconds.
  • Transform mid-combo so your standard attacks continue in dragon form. This optimizes damage.
  • Keep camera control in mind when transforming. Charging off a ledge by accident is common.

While powerful, dragon form still requires care to use effectively. Master the intricacies to maximize your rampages.

With hundreds of quests and activities to undertake, Dragalia Lost always provides new lessons to learn. Continually refining your strategies and skills allows you to conquer every challenge. Reach new heights alongside your favorite characters!

With so many mobile games vying for your free time, why should you give Dragalia Lost a shot? Here are some compelling reasons:

Satisfying action combat – Few mobile games deliver combat as responsive, nuanced, and impactful as Dragalia Lost. The real-time battles reward skillful play with dodging, combo chaining, and skill rotations. Boss fights in particular feel frantic yet fair.

Dragon transformations – Turning into powerful dragon avatars adds an exhilarating layer of strategy unique to this game. Timing the huge dragon skill attacks just right against bosses is immensely rewarding. The transformations keep combat fresh and varied.

Robust party customization – With dozens of distinct adventurers and dragons plus grid-based skill upgrades, you have extensive options for building creative dream teams tailored to each challenge. Experimenting with team synergies and roles gives you pride of ownership.

Beautiful presentation – While many mobile games phone it in visually, Dragalia Lost stands out with gorgeous art, fluid animations, endearing music, and excellent English voice acting bringing characters to life. The production values match Nintendo’s high standards.

Cooperative play – Joining forces with friends or random players against imposing raid bosses tests your coordination and provides a social element lacking in most solo mobile RPGs. The community is also generally positive and helpful.

Story and characters – The expansive story fleshes out a detailed fantasy world with engaging characters to meet and mysteries to uncover across many hours of campaign content. You’ll grow attached to the colorful cast.

Free-to-play friendly – While microtransactions exist, you never feel pressured to pay up just to progress at a reasonable pace. You can experience all the permanent story and event content as free-to-play. The game is very generous with summon currencies.

For fans of action RPGs or the Nintendo aesthetic, Dragalia Lost is an easy recommendation with plenty of content to sink your teeth into.

What are the pros and cons of the game?


  • Satisfying real-time combat system
  • Cool dragon transformation mechanic
  • Hundreds of quests and missions to complete
  • Robust summoning system with tons of heroes and dragons
  • Excellent presentation with gorgeous graphics and music
  • Tons of limited time events and updates
  • Cooperative multiplayer boss battles
  • Crafting system allows extensive gear customization
  • Strong free-to-play model


  • Story is a bit sparse early on before picking up
  • Menus and systems can be overwhelming at first
  • Getting into late game requires lengthy gear grind
  • High Dragon Trials have high entry barrier for new players
  • Duplicate weapons and dragons can clutter up storage
  • Requires frequent play to not miss limited events
  • Multiplayer relies on Discord server for coordination

On the whole though, Dragalia Lost’s positives far outweigh any shortcomings. For those seeking an immersive and strategic mobile RPG, Cygames created a real gem. The game constantly improves over time with new content and quality of life updates based on player feedback.

Give the free download a shot to experience the dragon-shifting action yourself. You just may find a new recurring adventure to enjoy on your phone for years to come. With engaging characters, tactical co-op battles, and fun real-time combat, Dragalia Lost is easy to recommend for any RPG fan.

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