Exoprimal Game: Survive Dinosaur Waves in Epic 5v5 Battles on PS5

Exoprimal Game: Survive Dinosaur Waves in Epic 5v5 Battles on PS5

In a gaming landscape saturated with cinematic cutscenes and repetitive battle royales, Exoprimal emerges as a refreshing anomaly. This squad-based multiplayer game pits players against waves of ferocious dinosaurs in a 5v5 action-packed environment, offering a unique blend of strategy and chaos. Released across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows, Exoprimal takes a bold step away from the industry’s risk-averse tendencies.

What makes Exoprimal stand out isn’t just its outlandish mechs-versus-dinosaurs premise but its commitment to delivering a genuinely engaging multiplayer experience. Despite some initial skepticism from the gaming community, I believe Exoprimal is one of the best competitive multiplayer games to hit the market in years. Its availability on Game Pass from day one only adds to its accessibility, inviting players to dive into its thrilling, dino-filled world without hesitation.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique Multiplayer Concept: Exoprimal offers a fresh take on the multiplayer genre with its 5v5 squad-based battles against waves of ferocious dinosaurs, combining strategy and chaos.
  • Variety of Missions: The dynamic Dino Survival mode features multiple objectives such as Dinosaur Cull, VTOL Defense, Data Key Security, Omega Charge, and Energy Taker, ensuring varied gameplay experiences.
  • Diverse Exosuit Roles: Players can choose from different exosuit categories—Assault, Tank, and Support—each offering unique abilities and strategic advantages, enhancing combat versatility.
  • Engaging and Adaptive Gameplay: The game’s dynamic environment and evolving mission objectives, controlled by the AI entity Leviathan, create an ever-changing battlefield that keeps players alert and engaged.
  • Positive Reception and Community Feedback: Exoprimal has received praise for its innovative gameplay and realistic dinosaur animations, with updates based on community feedback continually enhancing the experience.

Overview of Exoprimal

Exoprimal centers around intense 5v5 battles focused on dinosaur-themed objectives. Players face off in the main mode, Dino Survival. In this mode, two teams of five must race to complete tasks issued by Leviathan. This AI entity sets varied challenges, from eliminating specific dinosaurs to defending aircraft.

Key opponents include dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Pteranodon, and raptor hordes. Players also encounter mutated creatures called neosaurs, which have unique combat abilities. As players progress through objectives, they accumulate experience points, enhancing their characters and unlocking new story missions.

Dino Survival missions change dynamically, ensuring different experiences even with familiar settings. Objectives include:

  • Dinosaur Cull: Eliminate a specific dinosaur type.
  • VTOL Defense: Protect a grounded aircraft from attacks.
  • Data Key Security: Secure and transport critical data.
  • Omega Charge: Deploy a powerful device to shift the battle.
  • Energy Taker: Capture and control energy sources.

Exosuits, key to combat, are cutting-edge powered suits designed to tackle the dinosaur threat. These suits fall into distinct categories based on capabilities, providing strategic variety in gameplay.

Players occasionally need to collaborate, either with teammates or rivals, to overcome major threats. This cooperative aspect adds depth, making each match unique. Takuro Hiraoka, the game director, highlights the evolving nature of encounters and the need for adaptive strategies.

Exoprimal offers an ever-changing battlefield, challenging players to stay alert and engaged. The mix of direct combat, defense missions, and strategic objectives crafts a dynamic multiplayer experience that keeps players returning for more.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Exoprimal’s core gameplay mechanics emphasize teamwork and strategic planning. Players engage in various dynamic missions and combat scenarios.

Exosuits and Their Roles

Exosuits play a crucial role in Exoprimal. They enhance combat effectiveness and grant special abilities. There are three primary roles for exosuits:

  1. Assault: Focuses on dealing damage. Examples include the Deadeye with its precision shots and the Zephyr excelling in close quarters.
  2. Tank: Provides defense and crowd control. The Roadblock, with its massive shield, exemplifies this role.
  3. Support: Offers healing and tactical advantages. The Skywave, capable of using a gravity well, showcases this category.

Each exosuit offers unique abilities, and players can switch both exosuits and their additional rig equipment to suit different scenarios.

Dinosaur Encounters and Survival Strategies

Players face various dinosaurs in Exoprimal, each requiring unique strategies. Encounters include:

  1. Tyrannosaurus: Strong and deadly. Team coordination is vital to evade its powerful attacks.
  2. Triceratops: Charges and disrupts formations. Tanks like Roadblock can mitigate its impact.
  3. Pteranodon: Aerial threats. Long-range exosuits like the Cannon-equipped Zephyr handle these efficiently.
  4. Neosaurs: Modified dinosaurs with unique abilities. Examples include explosive gas Neosaurs that Zephyr can slam into walls for maximum effect.

Players must adapt strategies, leveraging their exosuits’ capabilities to survive and complete Leviathan’s objectives.

Game Features

Exoprimal offers an array of game features designed to keep players engaged and challenged. The blend of cooperative and competitive elements, coupled with advanced armament and technology, makes the gameplay experience unique and immersive.

Cooperative and Competitive Elements

Each match in Exoprimal combines cooperative teamwork with competitive challenges. Players work in two teams of five to complete objectives faster than their rivals. Challenges like Dinosaur Cull and VTOL Defense require teams to eliminate specific dinosaurs or defend critical assets. Occasionally, teams must join forces to defeat a powerful foe. Competitions intensify when players face direct combat scenarios against opposing teams, adding another layer of strategic depth.

Advanced Armament and Technology

Equipping advanced exosuits enhances the gameplay experience. These exosuits fall into three main classes: Assault, Tank, and Support. For instance, the Assault class specializes in dealing damage, while the Tank class, like Roadblock, uses defenses such as energy shields. Support characters, like the Witchdoctor, offer healing and tactical aids. Players can switch classes during gameplay to adapt to the dynamic combat scenarios.

Exosuits also come with rigs—additional pieces of equipment granting new abilities. For example, equipping Zephyr with the Cannon rig provides long-range laser attacks despite its close-quarters combat specialization. These flexible loadouts allow players to experiment and find their ideal playstyle, adjusting on the fly to the evolving battles against both dinosaur and human opponents.

Plot and Setting

Exoprimal transports players to a future where an AI entity named Leviathan creates vortexes that unleash dinosaurs onto the world. These prehistoric creatures, including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, and Pteranodon, wreak havoc and challenge humanity’s existence. I navigate through this chaotic world, donning various exosuits to combat these threats and complete objectives.

The game’s primary setting is a blend of urban landscapes and natural environments. Cities feature towering skyscrapers, while rural areas showcase dense forests and rugged terrains. These diverse backdrops not only enhance visual appeal but also influence gameplay strategies. I often find myself adapting tactics based on the environment, whether it’s utilizing buildings for cover or leveraging open spaces for mobility.

Leviathan, the enigmatic AI, orchestrates the Dino Survival mode, pitting two teams of five players against each other. Objectives are varied, ranging from Dinosaur Cull, which requires eliminating specific dinosaurs, to VTOL Defense, where we defend aircraft from relentless dinosaur attacks. Characters face not just dinosaurs but also neosaurs, mutated prehistoric creatures with unique combat abilities. This dynamic setting ensures every match feels distinct and engaging.

In addition to the hostile fauna, the plot also integrates human conflict. Sometimes, players must fight against or cooperate with rival teams, adding an extra layer of strategic depth. This aspect keeps players on their toes, as alliances can shift and objectives can change rapidly.

The game’s storyline unfolds progressively, with players completing missions and gaining experience points to unlock new story segments. This progression system hooks me, providing motivation to delve deeper into Leviathan’s mysteries and the world it controls. The combination of intense dinosaur battles, varied objectives, and rich settings makes Exoprimal’s plot and setting compelling for any player seeking a thrilling experience.

Development and Release Insights

Exoprimal’s development began under the direction of game director Takuro Hiraoka. Focused on creating a unique multiplayer experience, the team at Capcom designed the gameplay to offer both cooperative and competitive elements. Capcom’s aim was to harness the power of the PS5, delivering high-quality graphics and seamless gameplay. The decision to feature dinosaurs stemmed from their universal appeal and dynamic combat potential.

The game integrates PS Plus for online play, accommodating up to 10 players in its team-based modes. Only subscribers to the Premium tier can stream Exoprimal on PS5. While ingame purchases are optional, they add customization options for exosuits and other game elements. Capcom paid particular attention to balance, ensuring each exosuit type—Assault, Tank, and Support—played a critical role in team dynamics.

Exoprimal’s release was strategically timed to capture the gaming community’s interest in multiplayer action games. Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Capcom provided early access and beta tests to gather player feedback. This feedback loop helped refine gameplay mechanics and fix bugs, leading to a polished final product.

Capcom leveraged a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, trailers, and influencer collaborations. The extensive marketing ensured that Exoprimal reached a broad audience, generating buzz ahead of its release. The game has since received updates based on player input, introducing new objectives and dinosaur types to maintain player interest.

The development team utilized motion capture and advanced AI to create realistic dinosaur behavior and movements. This attention to detail added to the game’s immersive experience, making each encounter with a dinosaur unique and challenging. The AI Leviathan also plays a significant role, adapting mission objectives based on player performance and team dynamics, adding replayability.

Exoprimal’s development journey reflects a commitment to innovative gameplay and community-driven improvements. By blending cutting-edge technology with engaging content, Capcom managed to create a dynamic, enduring multiplayer experience.

Critical Reception and Player Reviews

Exoprimal has garnered significant attention from both critics and players. Critics applaud the game’s unique blend of cooperative and competitive elements. The strategic depth offered by the diverse exosuit roles—Assault, Tank, and Support—has been a particular highlight. Many reviews mention the exhilarating experience of battling against hordes of dinosaurs, likening it to a high-octane Monster Hunter.

Players have been vocal about the game’s dynamic objectives and varied missions. Many appreciate the ability to change exosuits mid-battle, which allows for flexible strategies. Feedback often praises the realistic dinosaur animations and the seamless integration of cooperative gameplay with AI-directed objectives. This adaptability keeps matches fresh, even on familiar maps. The game’s graphics, powered by the PS5, have also been a strong point in reviews, contributing to an immersive experience.

However, some critiques focus on the game’s early stages, where the learning curve for mastering various exosuits can be steep. Several players mention a desire for more customization options without resorting to in-game purchases. Despite this, updates based on player feedback have addressed many concerns, introducing new dinosaur types, balance adjustments, and additional objectives.

In player forums, discussions often highlight the game’s replayability. The dynamic mission objectives and the AI entity Leviathan’s adaptability are commonly praised. Many players share their thrilling experiences of completing last-minute objectives and intense 5v5 battles. This community-driven feedback loop has fostered a dedicated player base, ensuring that Exoprimal remains engaging long-term.

Review aggregators show mixed-to-positive scores, with an overall positive trend as more updates and content roll out. The development team’s commitment to addressing feedback and improving gameplay continues to receive commendation.


Exoprimal stands out as a thrilling multiplayer experience that masterfully blends cooperative and competitive gameplay. The game’s strategic depth, driven by diverse exosuits and dynamic objectives, ensures each match feels fresh and engaging. Capcom’s commitment to updates and player feedback demonstrates their dedication to refining the game and expanding its content. For those seeking an adrenaline-pumping battle against prehistoric threats, Exoprimal offers a unique and rewarding adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to squad-based shooters, the world of Exoprimal is worth diving into.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is Exoprimal available on?

Exoprimal is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam.

What is the main objective in Exoprimal?

The main objective is to complete various tasks such as eliminating specific dinosaurs, defending aircraft, and capturing energy sources in intense 5v5 squad-based battles.

How does the game integrate strategy with exosuits?

Exoprimal features advanced exosuits like Assault, Tank, and Support, each with unique abilities. Players must strategically choose and utilize these suits to successfully complete objectives and battle dinosaurs.

Is PlayStation Plus required to play Exoprimal online?

Yes, PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer modes on PlayStation consoles.

What unique features does Exoprimal offer?

Exoprimal offers dynamic objectives like Dinosaur Cull and VTOL Defense, diverse environments that affect gameplay tactics, and ongoing updates introducing new missions and dinosaur types based on player feedback.

Does Exoprimal support in-game purchases?

Yes, Exoprimal includes in-game purchases that allow players to customize their characters and exosuits.

How has the player feedback impacted the game?

Player feedback has led to updates that introduce new objectives, dinosaur types, and other enhancements, improving the gameplay experience and addressing concerns.

Can you play Exoprimal solo?

While Exoprimal is primarily a multiplayer game, some objectives and missions can be completed solo, but the game is designed for team-based play.

What roles do human conflicts play in the game?

Human conflicts add strategic depth by integrating competitive elements within the cooperative gameplay, requiring players to balance battling dinosaurs and competing squad objectives.

Who developed Exoprimal?

Exoprimal was developed by Capcom under the direction of game director Takuro Hiraoka.

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